You’re the story of my life

There’s somebody waiting alone in the street
For someone to walk up and greet
Here you are all alone in the city
Where’s the love that you took to your side
Lonely faces will stare through your eyes in the night
And they’ll say
Woman sweet woman
Please come home with me
You’re shining and willing and free
But your love is a common occurrence
Not like love that I feel in my heart
Still you know that may be what I need
Is someone to lay down beside me
And even though it’s not real
Just someone to lay down beside me
You’re the story of my life
Someone to lay down beside me
And even though it’s not real
Just someone to lay down beside me
You’re the story of my life
The morning is breaking
The street lights are off
The sun will soon share all the cost
Of a world that can be sort of heartless
Not like love that I feel in my heart
Still you know that may be all you’ll get
Is someone to lay down beside you
And even though it’s not real
Just someone to lay down beside you
You just can’t ask for more

In this incarnation Leila and Ra Ta were brother and sister. Her name was Nimmuo and his was Lucius. Both were prominent members of the church at Laodicea. The setting, as many of us know, was the Holy Land during the occupation of the Roman Legions. That particular portion of Asia had been under the control and supervision of the Roman Empire for a very long time, their presence and power permeating every aspect of life in these regions.

Nimmuo’s father was of Roman descent and had two wives, one Grecian and one Jewish. Nimmuo was the child of the Greek mother while her brother Lucius was the son of the Jewish mother. Since the Romans always made attempts to put in authority any locals who showed the potential for having sympathy with the needs and demands of the Empire and who could be helpful in making activities with the local people more harmonious, her Roman-born father and, therefore, she and her family, enjoyed the support of Rome. For very practical reasons the armies of Rome did not want trouble with the people they conquered; they simply couldn’t afford to keep expending any more of their resources governing these distant lands. Because of these practical needs and their policy of working with and supporting local people who showed signs of peaceful co-existence with them, Nimmuo’s family was given many financial and personal freedoms that were rare in those times. Her father, with his Jewish wife and close connections with the Jewish churches in the North, was considered to be of great benefit to the Empire as a friend so that even their Jewish church profited. Nevertheless, Nimmuo and her family held tightly to the tenets and morals of their Hebrew faith, and though they interacted with the Roman leaders, shunned the lewdness and immorality the Romans brought to the Holy Land.

As the activities and teachings of Jesus reached their homeland in the North, the family began to come under their influence. To the Children of the Law of One, Jesus’ teachings were a balm to their weary souls and a beacon pointing the way to a forgotten consciousness and life. And when his blossoming ministry abruptly changed during the periods of Jesus’ trial and the Crucifixion, and then the subsequent reports that spread across the land as to what actually happened in the last hour of the Crucifixion – the reports of His rising again three days later and meeting with the disciples at the Sea of Tiberius – the entire family was caught up in wonderment and interest.

So Nimmuo, then barely sixteen years old, and her brother, who was now a leading minister in their church, set off to the south to learn everything they could about these reports. Nimmuo wanted to meet and talk with everyone who had come in contact with the Master. Because she and her brother traveled under the protection and support of the Romans, many along the way were skeptical of their true faith and loyalty to Israel and the Master’s teachings. However, the sincerity and faithfulness of these two northerners was genuine and quickly perceived by the people they visited who shared with them the many stories about the Master’s life and teachings.

They journeyed through the Holy Land, across the Sea of Galilee, down to those lands in Jordan through Perea to Bethany and the house of Martha, Mary and Lazarus, and then into the City of Jerusalem itself. They met Mary the Mother of Jesus and the rest of the family that had gathered under John’s roof as he had been instructed from the Cross.

In Bethany they heard the story about Mary Magdalene’s cleansing from her sins and Martha’s devotion and tireless efforts to care for everyone’s needs. Straight from Lazarus himself they heard about his death and his feelings and consciousness during the four days that his dead body lay in the tomb. He shared what it was like in the realms between Earth-life and Spirit-Life – how he had heard and felt the movement within himself when the Voice called, “Lazarus, come forth!”

All this affected Nimmuo to her very soul, making contact with those old sensations when she had been so close to her Creator, and leaving an imprint on her soul-memory forever.

She listened to the reports of how people had been healed by the laying on of His hands or merely His word spoken; how they had eaten bread that had been created by the word of the Teacher. She and her brother were forever changed by the recounting of these experiences, which kept them in rapt attention over and over again. Hearing these reports first-hand meant that Nimmuo and Lucius would be able to share these reports in great detail with their family, friends and church members back in Laodicea who until now had had to settle for translations through many tongues – meaning that much was always lost in the process.

However, these times of enlightenment and awakening were not to pass peacefully. The Romans began to move against this growing new group that they considered to be nothing more than troublemakers. Nimmuo was present at one such event when James, the brother of Jesus, was chosen as head of the new church along with Peter. She witnessed how the other James and his brother John, the sons of Zebedee, had so stirred the spirit of the crowds that the Romans became afraid of the mass meeting and attacked with swords drawn, killing James and many others during the riot, and eventually exiling John to Patmos. These two sons of Zebedee had long been called “the Sons of Thunder” and the Romans had had enough of them. From this moment on the followers of the humble Nazarene would be persecuted by the authorities.

With the scattering of the disciples and friends, Nimmuo and her brother returned to Laodicea and the other churches of the north. Here they both grew in power and position because of their travels, knowledge, and understanding about this great event. Deep within Nimmuo she felt the essence of those things she heard in the homes of Mary, Martha, Lazarus and the Mother. As so often in her previous lives, her soul yearned for the Spirit, for that soothing sense of the Divine Presence that she had always loved. Now, amid all the daily activities of this world and its limited perspective on life, she applied herself to the work that had begun many thousands of years earlier in that lost and forgotten land of Atlantis.

Remember,everyone with whom she presently associated had been involved with her in Atlantis and Egypt, and several lifetimes in between. Amilius, that soul who had been so attuned in the early periods that he committed himself to the rescue of the lost souls, was the very person they now called Jesus. In this Divine incarnation He prepared the final phase of salvation for all Earth-bound souls. He and the heavenly Father were one throughout this life; not separate. This showed to all who could still see with their spiritual, celestial eyes that reunion with the Creator could be done, thereby making it easier for others to do also. His words came from beyond the present world from the Universal Consciousness, our heavenly Father who created us in the very beginning:

“You are not of this world.” (John 3:12)

“Is it not written in your laws that you are gods? Yet you say… ‘Thou blasphemest’ because I say I am the Son of God.” (John 10:30-36)

“In my Father’s house are many mansions… I go to prepare a place for you…And where I go you know, and you know the way.” (John 14:2-4)

“I came forth from the Father and came into the world, now I leave the world and go to the Father.” (John 16:28)

“No man has ascended up to heaven but he that came down from heaven…” (John 3:13)

These words and the stories she heard on her journey through Jesus’ homelands filled Nimmuo’s soul with a new fervor and determination to continue with the work. Along with her brother and many others, she ministered to the needs of the people, particularly those involved in the church at Leodicea. And when the church was nearly destroyed from within by a severe difference of opinion on how best to judge what was right and what was wrong, Nimmuo’s serene and patient counsel kept the church from dividing in two. She seemed to sense the inner meaning of the teachings and never got lost in the many surface interpretations and dogmas to which man so often binds others once they are created.

This was not an easy time for this soul. She was surrounded by the very same souls who had seen her fall in Egypt, and many of them doubted her new-found inspiration, suspecting she would once again let them down. But they underestimated her determination to make things right with all those souls she had once failed. This was her opportunity and she seized it, snatching victory from out of the mouth of defeat. With all the wisdom and strength within her, she rose to the occasion and many other souls rose a little higher because of her. This was her soul’s finest hours.

She lived a long and fulfilling life and withdrew to the peace of the heavenly environs for a lengthy period of meditation, letting the truths of that incarnation permeate deeply into her consciousness.


Edgar Cayce’s ARE – Under the direction of a High Priest named Ra Ta, Egypt began to lead the world in social programs aimed at equality, personal transformation, and moral responsibility to others. Eventually, the Egyptian civilization was considered unsurpassed in the scientific history of the world and given credit for introducing the world to writing, medical science, irrigation, architecture, and nationalism.

Edgar Cayce stated that records of this once glorious civilization would one day be discovered in Egypt. In addition, the Edgar Cayce readings suggest that between 1958 and 1998 the world would again be presented with many of the same opportunities and challenges that faced the Atlanteans, eventually requiring humankind to remember its true spiritual nature as we head toward a new millennium of peace and hope.

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  1. blessedistruth Says:

    Music for falling in love

    Worked for me!

  2. cynkading Says:

    Enjoyed this post very much!!

    Thank you Rose!!!

  3. sisterrosetta Says:

    Thank you cyn!

    I’ve been a member of are since 1984

    If you get a chance check out the kenny rankin playlist at grooveshark


    Don’t forget I’m ten days older than you!

  4. sisterrosetta Says:

    WALLACE: The other big story this week, of course, is the signing of the new nuclear arms treaty with Russia in Prague this week. Senator Lieberman, you say you may vote against it, depending on whether President Obama will modernize our nuclear arsenal. But the administration issued a Nuclear Posture Review this week in which it explicitly said it does not intend to build new nuclear warheads or to engage in underground testing. Is the president going to have to back off that strategy to win your vote for the treaty? LIEBERMAN: Not just my vote. I think that this — look, let me say first about the START treaty that any time we’re working on something with our old Cold War enemy Russia cooperatively, it’s a good sign. And anything we can do to reduce the number of nuclear warheads in the world is a positive development. But in my opinion, as we reduce the number of nuclear warheads America has in a world that is still dangerous, very dangerous, and in which the threat of the spread of nuclear powers, particularly Iran, grows every day, we have to make darn sure that our nuclear warheads are capable, are modern. And a lot of them are decades old. So I feel very strongly that I’m going to be — I’m going to be real hesitant to vote for this treaty unless we have a commitment from the administration that they’re prepared to modernize our nuclear stockpile. I want to go one step further based on conversations I’ve had over this break with some of my colleagues. I don’t believe that there will be 67 votes to ratify the START treaty unless the administration does two things — first, commit to modernize our nuclear stockpile so as we have less nuclear weapons we know they’re capable, if, God forbid, we need them; and secondly, to make absolutely clear that some of the statements by Russian president Medvedev at the signing in Prague that seem to suggest that if we continue to build the ballistic missile defense in Europe that they may pull out of this treaty — they’re just unacceptable to us. We need that defense to protect our allies and ourselves from Iran. WALLACE: Senator Alexander, the president’s going to need eight Republicans to vote for the treaty to get the super-supermajority of 67 votes. And if Lieberman is gone, then he’s going to need nine Republican votes. What are the chances for that kind of bipartisan support for this treaty? ALEXANDER: Well, it depends on how the questions are answered. The treaty is a step — it’s a modest step in a direction that goes all the way back to President Nixon, President Reagan, the first President Bush, the second President Bush with the Moscow treaty. I mean, reducing the number of nuclear weapons that are deployed to 1,500 gives us plenty to blow everybody to kingdom come if that’s what we choose to do. But the questions are some of the ones mentioned by Senator Lieberman, and we need to take plenty of time to answer them. Will we at the same time modernize our own force? Can we still verify as well as we did in the first START treaty? There is new technology. Will we be able to build our missile defense systems? And then while the treaty may be in the right direction and the nuclear summit that’s coming to town may be an impressive group of people, the nuclear posture statement that the president put out is troublesome to me. I mean, it takes away the ambiguity about our use of nuclear power. Ambiguity in foreign policy is sometimes very useful, as we’ve found…

    Senators lieberman and Alexander on likelihood of obama getting 67 votes to ratify start treaty

  5. sisterrosetta Says:

    But Coburn, long a leader of the Senate’s fiscal hawks, said the political winds are shifting in his favor. “We can’t wait anymore. Every day we don’t start taking care of this problem makes it worse,” Coburn said, suggesting that the United States could one day share the fate of economically embattled Greece. Coburn vowed to try to block any spending bill the rest of the year that isn’t offset, which will include the $33 billion supplemental measure the Pentagon has requested to pay for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Although he is unlikely to succeed in blocking the military measure, Coburn said he hopes his stand draws increased attention to the deficit issue. Both the House and Senate have passed jobs bills with longer-term extensions of jobless benefits, but now the two chambers must reconcile their versions of the measure.

    Repubs want to pay for it

    Dems want to go deeper into debt

    If memory serves Reid had a deal with repubs but pelosi said no

    Reids approval of pelosi must be even lower than Americans approval of her

  6. sisterrosetta Says:

    Paul Ryan on true health care costs as enacted

  7. sisterrosetta Says:

    Pdf link mentioned in above article

  8. sisterrosetta Says:

    Paul Ryan the un progressive

  9. sisterrosetta Says:

    48% 51% 4/12

    Rasmussenreports obama approval

  10. sisterrosetta Says:

    Eighty-eight percent (88%) of Republicans and 54% of voters not affiliated with either major party favor repeal. Sixty-one percent (61%) of Democrats are opposed.

    54 percent of independents favor repeal that number needs to be higher

    So does this mean 39 percent of dems favor repeal?

    That’s good

    I’m not alone!

    Repubs need to stop being wishy washy

    What exactly can be repealed?

    Defunded if repubs take house?

    Replace with what?

    Will repubs be the party of yes?

    Hell no! Not helpful

  11. sisterrosetta Says:

    Paul Ryan on repealing hcr

    I pray repubs are smart enough to get behind rep Ryan or another man or woman with the plan

    But I have my doubts

    Like I said

    Dumber than a bag of hammers

  12. blessedistruth Says:

    After his health care bill was passed, President Obama mocked the fears of conservatives because no one had yet “pulled the plug on Granny.”

    But it’s a very short distance between pulling a plug and denying a pacemaker.

    Without that pacemaker, Mom would have died nine years ago.

    I realize that it’s way past time for us to grapple with the difficult issues of the expense and allocation of our health care resources.

    (For myself, I like what Congressman Paul Ryan is proposing, along with tort reform.)

    But nine years ago, the decision to get that pacemaker was made by Mom, her doctor, and her family.

    In a few years, barring repeal of health care reform, we’ll all be objective data on an approved health plan spreadsheet.

    No more diagnosing or prescribing. Data in, decision out.

    Here’s your painkiller. RIP, status quo.

    Carol Peracchio is a registered nurse.

  13. blessedistruth Says:

    “Many of Sarah Palin’s ardent fans don’t see her as a candidate for president.”

    That’s true, I think.

  14. blessedistruth Says:

    Rep. Paul Ryan: The Way Forward on Health Care Reform

    Repealing the breathtakingly sloppy legislation passed by Congress last week should remain a priority for proponents of true health care reform.

    Rep. Ryan’s rallying cry reminds us that “[t]he opposition must always speak with vigor and candor on the need for wholesale repeal and for real reform to fix what’s broken in health care.”

    Heritage analyst Nina Owcharenko further explains here how Congress can achieve successful health care reform with bipartisan support.

  15. blessedistruth Says:

    Is Glenn Beck The Next Bozo The Clown? by Pejman Yousefzadeh

    (No, he’s just plain wrong about Paul Ryan. And repubs need to unite now more than ever. And if you’re not a repub, like me, then proponents of smaller govt need to unite.)

    “The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.”

  16. blessedistruth Says:

    okay, then.

  17. blessedistruth Says:

    Glenn Beck replay 12 noon Pacific

  18. blessedistruth Says:

    Kenny Rankin Playlist

    (I love saying “grooveshark.”)

  19. Troy Says:

    Hi Rosie!!!

    New Post

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    hello, troy!

    how are you, sweetie?!

  21. blessedistruth Says:

    My 4shared playlists still not playing, but you can double click on any song and it will play.

    Also, you can click on green arrow at end of each line to get link.

  22. blessedistruth Says:

    I heard this on Glenn Beck radio show and wondered what it was.

  23. blessedistruth Says:

    Reminds me of Nightwish a little

  24. blessedistruth Says:

    And Tarja Turunen of course

  25. blessedistruth Says:

    One of the topics Chris Edwards will be discussing with Glenn Beck this evening (5:00 EST, Fox) is the “Not-So-Great Depression” of 1920-21.

  26. blessedistruth Says:

    This blog ran with this:

  27. blessedistruth Says:

    My Big Fat Greek Budget

    So what do we do? There’s no sure-fire solution.

    Congressman Paul Ryan has a reform plan to reduce long-run federal spending to less than 20 percent of GDP.

    This “Roadmap” plan is excellent, though it is marred by the inclusion of a value-added tax.

    Bill Shipman of CarriageOaks Partners put forth a very interesting proposal in a Washington Times column to make the federal government rely on states for tax revenue.

    And I’ve been an avid proponent of tax competition as a strategy to curtail the greed of the political class since it is difficult to finance redistribution if labor and capital can escape to jurisdictions with better tax law.

    Any other suggestions?

  28. blessedistruth Says:

    A mini-documentary by Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation that explains how international tax competition has led to better tax policy and better economic performance, but also warns that international bureaucracies are trying to rig the system against taxpayers by creating “an OPEC for politicians.”

  29. blessedistruth Says:

    I, for one, do want to see Glenn Beck’s plan.

    I thought I heard him say it is Cato’s plan.

    Not sure.

  30. blessedistruth Says:

    Tarja Turunen Playlist

  31. blessedistruth Says:

    BTW the Tarja playlist is great for keeping house.

    When we built this house we had it wired for sound, but never really did anything with that … until now.

    Tomorrow we’re finally doing something about that.

    I have a gentleman coming all the way from Prescott to install something with all these goddam speakers we have inside and out.

    Why he’d want to waste his time on us is beyond me.

    Lord knows he doesn’t need the money.

    I guess it’s because my husband is “in the business.”

    Anyway I’m looking forward to meeting this legend and conversing with him.

  32. blessedistruth Says:

    From one teacher to another:

    Mr. Beck

    So much of what passes for “news” these days is canned.

    But you get up there and let it all hang out live.

    I don’t yet if I share your vision, but I’m so impressed with your delivery.

    It’s almost inhuman.

    May God grant you the strength to continue.

  33. sisterrosetta Says:

    The vote to end a Republican fillibuster was 60 to 34, with Republicans Scott Brown of Massachusetts, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine, and George V. Voinovich of Ohio siding with Democrats. Six senators did not vote. The Senate is now free to take up the actual measure this week, although the final vote could still be days way. There is no guarantee that all who voted to end debate will support the bill itself. The entire measure is estimated to add $9 billion to the deficit. Republicans argued that the funds for the benefits should be designated before the extension is passed, while Democrats said the unemployment situation amounts to an emergency. The flood insurance program has been unable to issue new policies for two weeks when Congress adjourned without passing the extension.

  34. sisterrosetta Says:

    KRMG’s Nicole Burgin reports Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom Coburn stands his ground, but his fight loses four Republicans when they sided with Senate Democrats in breaking a GOP filibuster. The filibuster was holding up debate on extending unemployment benefits for hundreds of thousands of people. Coburn supports the extension, but wants Senators to pay for it instead of adding the $10-billion cost to the deficit. Coburn said, “We all think our Americans in need of financial assistance are worth the nine billion cost. But do we think our children and grandchildren are worth paying for these costs up front, rather than passing the cost to them?” A vote on the 30-day extension is expected later this week.

    Paying for these costs up front

    I agree but if this passes wo coburn getting what he wants

    They should have just passed this before recess

  35. sisterrosetta Says:

    Media matters on Glenn Beck the man with the plan

    Always like to see the oppositions propaganda

    Paul Ryan is also the man with the plan

    I will listen to anyone who is serious about solving our fiscal crisis

    And when half the country is footing the Bill for the other half

    Somethings gotta give!

  36. sisterrosetta Says:

    This week on his Fox News program, Glenn Beck is laying out “The Plan,” a series of proposals he has developed with the assistance of conservative think tanks for “slashing the budget,” which he claims is necessary for the United States “to survive.”  Today, Beck signed off on Reagan administration economist Art Laffer’s proposal to: • Replace all personal federal taxes with an 11 percent flat tax on personal unadjusted gross income, and an 11 percent Value Added Tax (VAT).

    Contd below

  37. sisterrosetta Says:

    Laffer told Beck that these taxes would “match the total revenue we collect today.” Laffer based this figure on his theory, the Laffer curve

    Contd below

  38. sisterrosetta Says:

    Beck also teased other parts of “The Plan,” which he will fully unveil later in the week. These included “massive budget cuts all across the board” and Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security “going away.”

    I’m all for no more govt run hc like they have in Switzerland

    Ss going away?

    Does Beck mean privatizing SS?

    Clearly we have to do something

    I’d have a look at Paul Ryan’s roadmap

  39. blessedistruth Says:

    America’s Path to Restoration

    By Glenn Beck,2933,590802,00.html

  40. blessedistruth Says:

    Glenn Beck Daily Radio Thread

  41. blessedistruth Says:


    Tarja Turunen Playlist

  42. sisterrosetta Says:

    Paul Ryan on painful choices ahead

  43. sisterrosetta Says:

    ‘Benefits are popular’ Previous fiscal commissions produced reports that are gathering dust on government shelves. There were panels on entitlements in 1994, Medicare in 1999, Social Security in 2001, taxes in 2005. Their recommendations ranged from rational to radical; none was implemented. The 1994 panel led by Democratic Sen. Bob Kerrey of Nebraska and Republican Sen. John Danforth of Missouri laid out the problems facing Medicare, Social Security and other benefit programs, replete with glossy charts. But in the end, no more than six of the 32 members agreed on any one solution. “Benefits are popular. Paying for benefits is extremely unpopular,” says Danforth, who left the Senate in 1995. For deficit reduction to succeed, he says, “the public has to get in front of the politicians.” Kerrey, a 1992 presidential candidate and now president of The New School in New York City, says panels such as the Bowles-Simpson commission can help to create that scenario. “What you could get is support among the populace for the exceptionally unpopular things you need to do to solve this problem,” he says. Bowles has been in touch with Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer about creating a deficit-reduction video game that would enable anyone with a computer to take a stab at balancing the budget, much like the 1994 commission did. Updated for 2010, Kerrey says, such a game could “go viral.” Some analysts say that educating voters isn’t enough. At Third Way, a left-of-center think tank, President Jon Cowan draws on his experience from 1992, when he helped start a Generation X group called “Lead … or Leave.” More than 100 congressional candidates, as well as presidential hopeful Ross Perot, signed on to the group’s challenge to halve the federal deficit in four years or retire from Congress. The federal deficit was an issue in several campaigns that year. The key now, Cowan says, is to tell lawmakers: “You are in political trouble if you do not deal with it.”

    From article linked above

  44. sisterrosetta Says:

    Representative Jason Chaffetz, Republican of Utah, said lawmakers were in the same boat as many Americans, trying to figure out what the new law meant for them.”If members of Congress cannot explain how it’s going to work for them and their staff, how will they explain it to the rest of America?” Mr. Chaffetz asked in an interview.The provision governing members of Congress can be traced to the Senate Finance Committee. When the panel was working on the legislation last September, Senator Charles E. Grassley, Republican of Iowa, proposed an amendment to require that elected federal officials and all federal employees buy coverage through an exchange, “rather than using the traditional Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.”A scaled-back version of the amendment, applying to members of Congress and their aides, was accepted in the committee without objection.”The whole point is to make sure political leaders live under the laws they pass for everyone else,” Mr. Grassley said Tuesday. “In this case, after the committee completed its work, the coverage provision was redrafted by others, and that’s where mistakes were made. Congress can and should act to correct the mistakes.”The federal employees program, created in 1959, now provides coverage to eight million people and, according to the Congressional Research Service, is the largest employer-sponsored health insurance program in the country.

    Imagine the backlash if dems attempt to exempt themselves!

  45. sisterrosetta Says:

    Check out the graph here

    Hugh Hewitt has turned into a deficit hawk

  46. sisterrosetta Says:

    U.S. military officials tell NBC News that the U.S. Army will court martial a lieutenant colonel who refuses to deploy to Afghanistan because he considers orders from President Obama to be “illegal.” Army doctor Lt. Col. Terry Lakin believes Obama does not meet the constitutional requirements to be president and commander-in-chief, because he believes (incorrectly) that Obama wasn’t born in the United States. Lakin refused this week to report to Fort Campbell, KY for deployment to Afghanistan, but instead showed up at the Pentagon, where he was confronted by his brigade Commander Col. Gordon Roberts, a Vietnam Medal of Honor recipient. Lakin was informed by Roberts that he would face court martial, and his Pentagon building pass and government laptop computer were seized.

  47. sisterrosetta Says:

    I’ve already said all I have to say on this

    But I will keep posting updates

  48. sisterrosetta Says:

    Let’s see the lefty spin on Glenn Beck for day 2

  49. sisterrosetta Says:

    Today, Beck looked at Medicare and Social Security: • Beck rejected Cato Institute tax policy director Chris Edwards’ proposal to privatize Social Security (because “it goes against everything [the founders] stood for”).

    I’d like to see what Mr Edwards has put forth

  50. sisterrosetta Says:

    • Turning to Medicare, Beck and Edwards discussed privatizing the program, with Edwards stating, “someone hits the age of 65, you give them a federal $11,000 voucher, they can go and buy health insurance on the private market if they want.  

    I think he added like they do in Switzerland

    But they do have an individual mandate

    And I think subsidization is based on need no matter the age

    And there is no govt run hc zilch

  51. sisterrosetta Says:

    Phoenix coyotes article

    Btw stuck on bberry for time being

    Needed power strip

  52. sisterrosetta Says:

    Judd Gregg on derivatives

  53. sisterrosetta Says:

    The Right Regulations As we move forward in our reform efforts, I hope my colleagues will keep in mind the important role derivatives play in our markets. Derivatives regulation should seek to foster a sound, competitive and liquid marketplace, while preserving the flexibility for market participants to hedge risks. However, if Congress does not remain focused on these worthwhile aims, we will unintentionally create global regulatory arbitrage and the flight of capital to less-regulated jurisdictions overseas. Such a one-size-fits-all mandate will draw capital away from the United States, reduce innovation and job creation, and do fundamental harm to our free market economy.

    From article linked above

  54. sisterrosetta Says:

    James pethokoukis on too big to fail

  55. sisterrosetta Says:

  56. sisterrosetta Says:

    Deficits at that level would lead the ratio of federal debt held bythe public to the GDP, already expected to be greater than 70 percent atthe end of fiscal 2012, to rise considerably further. This baselineprojection assumes that most discretionary spending grows more slowlythan nominal GDP, that no expiring tax cuts are extended, and thatcurrent provisions that provide most taxpayers relief from thealternative minimum tax are not further extended. Under an alternative scenario that drops those assumptions, thedeficit at the end of 2020 would be 9 percent of GDP and the federaldebt would balloon to more than 100 percent of GDP. Although sizabledeficits are unavoidable in the near term, maintaining the confidence ofthe public and financial markets requires that policymakers movedecisively to set the federal budget on a trajectory toward sustainablefiscal balance. A credible plan for fiscal sustainability could yieldsubstantial near-term benefits in terms of lower long-term interestrates and increased consumer and business confidence. Timely attentionto these issues is important, not only for maintaining credibility, butbecause budgetary changes are less likely to create hardship ordislocations when the individuals affected are given adequate time toplan and adjust. In other words, addressing the countrys fiscalproblems will require difficult choices, but postponing them will onlymake them more difficult.

    Ben bernanke

  57. sisterrosetta Says:

    Paul Ryan

  58. sisterrosetta Says:

    Ryan also said he’d push his roadmap proposals as part of his service on President Obama’s bipartisan debt commission. Republican leaders have backed away from Ryan’s budget plan, insisting repeatedly it’s not their official plan because they know better than to support something that’s so politically supercharged in a midterm election year. TPM has been putting GOPers on the record on where they stand, and surprisingly few of them are willing to say if they’d vote for the Ryan budget even though they supported former President George W. Bush’s privatization proposal in 2005. On Morning Joe, the congressman also knocked past Republican majorities for their spending — while needling the current Democratic majority in Congress for its spending. Spending’s the problem. Yeah, Republicans, we were the amateur big spenders when we were in charge. Now we’ve got the professionals running the place. We’ve got to focus on spending.

    Paul Ryan

  59. sisterrosetta Says:

    Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) has raised similar objections this time around, though Democrats were able to cobble together enough votes on Monday evening to move forward with the extension. Democrats, for their part, maintain the extension is emergency spending, and need not be offset with cuts elsewhere.Cantor ducked Wednesday on whether Republicans in the House would raise similar objections. He blasted Democrats’ economic policies, but stopped short of vowing GOP opposition to the bill if its spending isn’t offset.We still haven’t gotten word as to when that extension plan is coming, he said. We are continuing to be concerned about people who are out of work.

    Unemployment extension

  60. sisterrosetta Says:

    50% 49% 4/14

    Rasmussenreports obama approval

    It is really up to the repubs if they hang onto the middle

    Or not

  61. sisterrosetta Says:

    And her father-in-law, octogenarian attorney and World War II vet John Hemenway, was himself involved in a well-known Birther lawsuit brought by Philadelphia activist Philip Berg. In an email to TPMmuckraker Hemenway said she is new to the American Patriot Foundation “as of a couple of weeks ago.” The group was founded back in 2003 by Hemenway’s former boss, ex-senator Bob Smith of New Hampshire, who is listed as its president on the group’s ’03 tax forms. Smith lost the GOP primary in 2002 to John Sununu, and he founded the Patriot Foundation a few months after his Senate term ended in 2003. The AP reported at the time that the group would support “the families of soldiers lost in war.” After years of dormancy, the Patriot Foundation has been repurposed. “Sen. Smith was gracious enough to turn it over to be put to a good public purpose — the immediate purpose is helping a brave officer who has not been able to get anyone in officialdom to answer his question about the President’s compliance with Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution — whether Obama is ‘natural born,'” Hemenway said in the email. The Patriot Foundation’s address is of a DC company in Georgetown that provides organizations with fully-equipped offices. Smith told Salon last week that he is not involved in the Lakin case, but “when an officer has a constitutional question I don’t have a problem with that being answered, that’s his legal right to have that answered.”

    Lakin birther case

  62. sisterrosetta Says:

    “Lakin thinks the truth matters… The problem is that a lot of powerful important people have already said ‘There’s nothing here. We don’t need to worry about this.’ And their reputations and their image are on the line. It is truly a David and Goliath story. And so, many people want to keep this swept under the rug, because it’s embarrassing to them, because frankly they should have exercised due diligence. They should have vetted this man properly. It didn’t happen. In hindsight it’s a colossal mistake that it was allowed to happen like this, and we still actually are not aware of what Obama’s citizenship status is… You’re asking some people to have egg on their face if it comes out he was not actually born in Hawaii and he was born in Kenya as many Kenyans have said he was. This is a huge problem.” Boyles said people just get “yelled at” for even asking these questions. As he did Monday, he talked about Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly who have dismissed the birther storyline. Boyles said progressives are using the Fox News rejection of the story against Boyles, to make him appear even less credible. It’s them, he said, Beck and O’Reilly, “they look like fools.” “O’Reilly lied. He said he had seen the evidence. Joe Farrah [founder of right-wing site WorldNetDaily] calls him on it. O’Reilly said Well it wasn’t him, it was his staff. Farrah calls the staff on it and then they say No, the only thing they saw was what was on the internet… They look like fools.” Lakin’s Greeley family have distanced themselves from his stance. His father told the Greeley Tribune last week that they were Obama supporters. Lakin posted a YouTube explaining his decision and he also posted his letter to Obama.

    His own father?!

    Man that is cold!

  63. sisterrosetta Says:

    None of us really know for sure what obama is hiding

    It is possible whatever it is wouldn’t make him ineligible

    And even if it did obama would still be our defacto leader

    This is a distraction

    Refuse to be distracted

    Let’s take back the peoples house in Nov

  64. sisterrosetta Says:

    If the Democratic majorities are confirmed, the GOP should not filibuster a banking overhaul or a cap-and-tax scheme, but they shouldn’t work to pas either, or “immigration reform” until the people have a chance to correct the hard-left, hyper-partisan course the president and the Congress have set.  The MSM will of course denounce this demand for a vote as “obstructionist,” to which the GOP senators should reply that they are more than willing to help tackle the deficit through the appropriations process between now and November and to engage in a thorough and fair review of the Supreme Court nominee, but that the fragile economy cannot absorb even more massive uncertainty in the form of giant bills that are not even read much less understood by the members of Congress voting on them.”Nothing New Unitl November” is a principled and crucially necessary position that the Senate GOP needs to take.  Stop bleeding the patient please.

    Hugh Hewitt

  65. sisterrosetta Says:

    The bill in some ways toughens up a situation that the Obama administration had tried to roll back. Under a program known as 287g, some local law enforcement agencies were trained to enforce federal immigration laws by checking suspects’ immigration status. Mr. Arpaio, the Maricopa county sheriff, had been one of the most aggressive enforcers of 287g. However, the Obama administration in recent months has sought to scale back that program, and had reduced the resources it made available to Mr. Arpaio’s office and others.

    Az pushback on illegal immigration

  66. blessedistruth Says:

    New Thread:

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