The mind of the surviving soul at death

Levels of Consciousness

Cayce identifies three levels of consciousness or dimensions of mind: conscious, subconscious, and superconscious.

The subconscious is that part of our minds that bridges the outer self with the spiritual self.

According to Cayce, the subconscious is both in the body, through the autonomic system, and beyond the body, in the soul realms of telepathy, non-physical life, and timelessness.

This mind is the mind of the soul, says Cayce.

As the mind of our outer self is the conscious mind and that portion containing our personality, so the subconscious mind contains our developing “individuality,” which Cayce identifies as our true self.

To know the superconscious, Cayce says that one must learn to achieve deep levels of meditation.

He said that if a dream feels more like a vision than a dream, then it most likely originated from this highest level of consciousness.

At death, the conscious mind is gradually absorbed into the subconscious (the mind of the surviving soul), and the subconscious becomes the operative mind, with the super-conscious now in the position the subconscious held while we were incarnate.

Later, upon reincarnation, the subconscious projects another portion of itself into the newly developing outer, three-dimensional mind.

Intuitions, “knowings,” and psychic perceptions come from the projected subconscious.

Cayce explains that not all of the subconscious is projected; some of it remains in very high levels of perception and activity.

But the portion that is in the body maintains the autonomic systems of the body (respiration, circulation, digestion, etc.) and the seven spiritual centers or chakras, which correspond with the seven endocrine glands.

We may feel that we do not know our subconscious soul-self, but we do, and we are comfortable with it.

“He came from heaven to help us. Those tyrants and jailers have now been routed. In their place has come Jesus Christ, Lord of life, righteousness, every blessing, and salvation. He has snatched us poor, lost creatures from the jaws of hell, has won us, has made us free, and has brought us again into the Father’s favor and grace. As his own possession he has taken us under his protection and shelter, so that he may govern us by His righteousness, wisdom, power, life, and blessedness.”

Quote on the 2nd Article from Luther’s Large Catechism (para. 27-31)

The answer is simply that there are no dead, despite
our common belief. There is no death and the “dead” are
actually alive. Therefore, God is not the God of the dead
but of the living.
This phrase is found in the Gospels and in Exodus 3:6.

In each rendering in the Gospels, Jesus is trying to

convey to his listeners that the dead are not dead but

alive, and that God is the God of the living. The situation

is this; some people had been trying to trick Jesus with

a question about the resurrection of the dead, asking

who in heaven would be the husband of a woman who

had had two husbands on Earth. Jesus answered that

there is no marrying in heaven, and then he turns his

attention to the question about resurrection after

death. At that time there was a belief that the dead

were actually dead, even to the point of being located

in their graves – completely unconscious – until the final

trumpet sounded, and only then did the dead awake.

Jesus counters this by saying, “But as touching the

resurrection of the dead, have you not read that which

was spoken to you by God, saying, ‘I am the God of

Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob?’

God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.”

(Matthew 22:31-32) This scene and the comment are

also recorded in Mark 12:27. But in Luke 20:38 Jesus

adds a little closing comment to the phrase: “Now he is

not the God of the dead, but of the living: for all live in


The Cayce reading is simply picking up on this idea,

saying that our “dead” relatives are not dead but are

alive and are affected by our prayers for them. These

mediums you see on TV are not connecting with a dead

being on the other side but a live one, who is

communicating in real time. Your dear wife is as alive as

she was when she was in this world, and your prayers

for her are as important now as they were when she

was here.


A.R.E. Video series, Is there life after death. Life after Death series host Mark Thurston, produced by Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.

Edgar Cayce on Life After Death Part 2

Musica for Rosalie

Symphony No. 7 In A Major, Op. 92_II. Allegretto


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  1. blessedistruth Says:

    To: Jet Jaguar

    A drowning man will clutch at a straw; A drowning man grabs at a straw; A drowning man snatches at straws, etc.

    Dr Conspiracy

    “He (Adams) got it off the Internet”

    Dr. Conspiracy 29. Jun, 2010 at 12:27 pm

    James (quoting, WND, quoting Tim Adams): “I had a secretary, private office, two assistants and about 50 temp workers [under me].”

    He also notes he had access to numerous government databases, including police, Social Security, driver’s license bureau and voter’s registration, not to mention “unfettered Internet access, something else the workers didn’t possess.”


    Well that explains totally how Adams knew that the hospitals had been contacted and no birth certificate was available for Obama. He got it off the Internet, such as from a web page like this one from the Gina Cobb site:

    “All of these were called or visited from November 20 – December 2nd 2008. It is confirmed, Obama not born in any hospital in Honolulu County! NONE! The main two hospitals claimed are below, and neither have a record of Obama or Mother Ann in either of them. Hospital employees bribed, some gave info for free. All to be released on video shortly.”

    17 posted on Tuesday, June 29, 2010 10:45:37 AM by rosettasister

  2. blessedistruth Says:

    Hawaii elections official victim of vicious smears

    Honolulu clerk alleging cover-up: ‘They have failed quite miserably’

    Adams, did, however, initially make his allegation June 5 on a show hosted by James Edwards of WLRM Radio in Memphis, Tenn.

    The show’s website describes Edwards – not Tim Adams – as having an “unapologetically pro-white viewpoint.”

    But if anyone is racist against blacks on this issue, Adams says it is those who suggest Obama is not eligible to hold office.

    “They don’t like having someone who’s not white,” he told Kentucky’s WBKO-TV, “or they don’t like someone who’s from such a different heritage as President Obama, because his family has ties to Africa.

    His family also has ties to middle America, so to me it’s also a non-issue.”

    “I’m hardly the typical paleoconservative,” he now tells WND.

    “Things have reached the point in our society that anyone who is seen as supporting conservative, traditional or Christian views is immediately painted as either an extremist or racist.

    I find it strange no one complained about my supposed radicalism for talking with and doing research on the Native Hawaiian Secessionist Movement, or La Raza, or when I hung out with members of the Vicelords or Latin Kings.

    Only when I appeared on a pro-white political activism site was I suddenly suspect.”

    Regarding his attackers, Adams says,

    “They have failed quite miserably, despite some going so far as too attempt to backtrack blog entries attributed to me from several years ago in other states and lacking my name.

    Others have looked at my small amount of undergraduate work, and since they could find no racist or other derogatory statements there, simply tried to denigrate the material.

    They, too, have failed.”

  3. blessedistruth Says:

    “They don’t like having someone who’s not white.”

    I see Adams graduated from the Michael Medved School of Pompous Asses.

  4. blessedistruth Says:

    To: Danae

    every Court is more or less going to punt until it gets to SCOTUS.

    Justice Thomas said that SCOTUS was “evading that one.”

    8 posted on 06/29/2010 2:27:01 AM PDT by Beckwith (A “natural born citizen” — two American citizen parents and born in the USA.)

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    To: Beckwith

    Justice Thomas said that SCOTUS was “evading that one.”

    And most probably the SCOTUS will quietly decide not to hear the case with no reason given. Still it’s critical that every effort be made to expose the massive fraud going on and I admire Kerchner and Apuzzo for keeping this going. They are true patriots.

    9 posted on 06/29/2010 6:27:17 AM PDT by Menehune56 (“Let them hate so long as they fear” (Oderint Dum Metuant), Lucius Accius, (170 BC – 86 BC))

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    To: Beckwith

    You bet they are. They could have addressed it already. They won’t hear it until they have no choice. It isn’t going ot be easy.

    It also shows them to be traitors to their oath and to our Nation as well as the constitution.

    You might not be able to remove a SCOTUS judge, but they can be still be tried for Treason.

    10 posted on 06/29/2010 9:29:06 AM PDT by Danae (If Liberals were only moderately insane, they would be tollerable. Alas, such is not the case.)

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    See also:

  5. blessedistruth Says:

    I know I shouldn’t let this Adams fellow bother me.

    But how can he not see his own hypocrisy?!

    He knows what it’s like now to be labeled a racist when he’s not a racist.

    And yet he isn’t willing to give any of us the benefit of the doubt.

    I guess Adams believes his is the only pure soul with good intentions.

  6. blessedistruth Says:

    Wowie Zowie!

    Democrats Consider Changing Financial Bill

  7. blessedistruth Says:


    There’s a strong sense of confusion coming from the Democratic leadership on how to move forward.

    Barney Frank seems to be leaning toward re-opening the conference committee and “tweaking” the revenue offsets.

    David Dayen

  8. blessedistruth Says:

    48% — 51%

    Rasmussen Obama Approval

  9. blessedistruth Says:

    June 29, 2010

    Administration Apparently In No Hurry, but 54% Still Oppose Closing of Guantanamo

    Election 2010: New York Governor: New York Governor: Cuomo Still Far Outpaces GOP Rivals

    Louisiana Senate: Vitter (R) 53%, Melancon (D) 35%

  10. blessedistruth Says:


    Ohio Governor – Kasich vs. Strickland Quinnipiac Strickland 43, Kasich 38 Strickland +5

    Ohio Governor – Kasich vs. Strickland PPP (D) Strickland 41, Kasich 43 Kasich +2


    Louisiana Senate – Vitter vs. Melancon Rasmussen Reports Vitter 53, Melancon 35 Vitter +18

    Real Clear Politics

  11. blessedistruth Says:

    File this under: “Bite Me, Biden!”

    “Everybody is a wimp.”

    GLENN: I know. He said — oh, he was very nice. Do you know why? Because everybody’s a wimp. Everybody is a wimp.

    STU: Are you calling the custard shop owner a wimp?

    GLENN: Get the hell out of my shop! Who the hell do you think you are?! Yeah, if I wasn’t a smart ass — when did the Declaration of Independence become a smart ass comment, King George?

    PAT: That was priceless. That should go down in history.

    GLENN: I would love some of these people — I would love the opportunity to be the custard store owner that day.

    STU: Well, he just — he said afterwards he came up and said he was just joking and it was a nice little warm exchange.

    GLENN: Oh, okay. Biden wasn’t joking.

    STU: That guy, like that time he told the joke about the Indians, that was hilarious.

    GLENN: If you weren’t such a smart ass, that was such a joke.

    STU: I mean, that guy is just filled with comedy. Just go into a Dunkin’ Donuts and a 7/11. You’ve got to have a —

    PAT: Those racist jokes are always so good.

    STU: That’s just hilarious. So, the guy is filled with comedy. Why wouldn’t it be —

    GLENN: Oh, he is comedy. He’s filled with something else which I think the reason why maybe the President has flies swarming his mouth.

    VOICE: In Delaware, the largest growth in the population is Indian Americans moving from India. I cannot go to a Seven 11 or a Dunkin’ Doughnuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.

    GLENN: Oh, my! That is so good.

    PAT: He was just joking when he said this.

    VOICE: You’ve got the first sort of mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and (inaudible.)

    PAT: That’s a story book.

    GLENN: That is a story book, a clean African-American. It’s a story book.

    PAT: Man.

    GLENN: If he wasn’t such a smart ass — I mean, if you want you know, maybe we’ll call it even if you just cut our taxes. That’s not a smart ass comment. That is your employer telling you what to do, Joe.

    (That is EXACTLY what my husband said!)

  12. blessedistruth Says:

    Published: June 29, 2010

    Larry Elder: Angst over Arizona law crosses the line


    U.S. Attorney General Holder says the Arizona law “has the possibility of leading to racial profiling.”

    To repeat, racial profiling – using race or ethnicity as the sole criterion – is illegal under U.S. and Arizona law.

    Seventy-three percent of Americans approve of “requiring people to produce documents verifying legal status.”

    Sixty-seven percent approve of “allowing police to detain anyone unable to verify legal status.”

    And 62 percent believe in “allowing police to question anyone they think may be in the country illegally” – which goes even further than does the Arizona law.

    Yes, illegal aliens are humans. They also broke the law and cut in front of others who are trying to come here legally.

    Most illegal aliens from south-of-the-border countries are “unskilled.”

    They compete against unskilled Americans – often while taking advantage of taxpayer-provided education, health care and other benefits.

    Many Americans are open to increasing legal immigration and to a temporary worker program – but the debate is pointless without secure borders.

    The Arizona-Mexico border remains porous and dangerous.

    And nearly half of illegal aliens enter legally but overstay – with little or nothing done to keep track of them.

    How does Mexico treat illegal immigrants in its country from Central American countries?

    The president of Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission once said,

    “One of the saddest national failings on immigration issues is the contradiction in demanding that the North (the United States) respect migrants’ rights, which we are not capable of guaranteeing in the South.”

    Where’s Guatemala’s lawsuit against Mexico?

  13. blessedistruth Says:

    “Where’s Guatemala’s lawsuit against Mexico?”

    And where’s Arizona’s lawsuit against the United States of America for negligence?

    Do you think any of the other 49 states would put up with this?!

  14. blessedistruth Says:

    “Governor Brewer shows the futile attempt by the federal government to placate Arizona citizens. Brewer calls it an outrage. These signs do nothing but demonstrate the unwilingness of the President and his staff to protect American citizens in Arizona.”

    LA Conservative Examiner Larry Hart

  15. blessedistruth Says:

    Sheriff: $250K, AK-47 Found On Illegal Immigrant

    AK-47 Assault Rifle Among Firearms

    PHOENIX — Sheriff’s deputies arrested an illegal immigrant after they seized about $250,000 in cash and three firearms during a traffic stop, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Tuesday.

    Adolfo Beltran, 20, was placed in custody at the 4th Avenue Jail after the incident Saturday.

    Detectives said he is from Mexico.

    Sheriff’s detectives were watching a residence in the block of 7200 W. Montecito after a neighbor complained of a possible “drug house.”

    As two vehicles left the home, detectives said they made contact with the drivers.

    Inside one of the vehicles, deputies said they found a large amount of cash.

    The traffic stops lead to a search of the Montecito residence where more money and guns were found inside, including an AK-47 assault rifle and two handguns.

    Arpaio said this type of arrest shows the connection between the financial side of drugs and illegal immigration.

  16. blessedistruth Says:

    Sound the Alarm Bell

    Senator Kyl’s Quiet Warning

    Posted by: Hugh Hewitt

    The prospect of a repeal of the filibuster in order to impose the wildly unpopular cap-and-tax, either before the election or in a lame duck session after a pounding at the polls in November

    *** should alarm the handful of moderate Democrats left ***

    and could become an issue in places like Wisconsin and Washington State and possibly even New York,

    where should-be-safe Democratic incumbents ought to be pressed on their willingness to use radical tactics to rewrite the rules of the Senate in order to impose

    *** their hard-left vision ***

    on American government.

    Thus far the demand for the radical breaking of Senate rules has been a feature of the far left blogs and a handful of senators.

    Kyl is warning that Democrats seeing the approach of the end of their 60-40 majority

    *** are tempted to do whatever is necessary ***

    to rewrite the fundamental rules of the American economy.

    No wonder the recovery is running out of gas.

    The private sector has much to fear between now and next January, especially from the lame duck Congress of November and December.

    MSM should be demanding of candidates across the country specificity on

    how they would conduct themselves during a lame duck session

    after an obvious repudiation of their party’s agenda.

    Democrats are trying to paint Rand Paul and other Republican candidates as “radical,” but the real radicals are inside the Beltway, and specifically within the Senate, at work on

    *** deeply destructive plans to fundamentally alter how the Senate governs ***

    in order to jam through even more job-and-freedom destroying

    visons of government-by-the-left-for-the-left.


    Arizona Senator Jon Kyl on the specter of filibuster rules changes with the passing of Robert Byrd, and the Kagan hearings

    (Well said, Mr. Hewitt!)

  17. blessedistruth Says:

    Now TARP will pay for FinReg? Maybe we should follow Cosmo Kramer’s advice and “just write if off.”

  18. blessedistruth Says:

    McCain, Once More

    … taken together, these considerations move us to suggest that Arizona Republicans nominate Senator McCain. If ever we needed legislators who favor a resolute foreign policy and budget restraint, that time is now.

  19. blessedistruth Says:

    Democrats, Obama willing to scale back energy and climate change bill

    Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman Jeff Bingaman confirmed on Monday that he’s drafting legislation to cap greenhouse gases just from power plants.

    Republican Sens. Lamar Alexander, Susan Collins, Judd Gregg, Richard Lugar, Lisa Murkowski, Olympia Snowe and George Voinovich also attended the White House meeting,

    but left with a very different message than their Democratic counterparts.

    “We’ve got to take a national energy tax off the table in the middle of a recession,” said Alexander, chairman of the Senate GOP Conference.

    Gregg, who previously has backed emission limits just on power plants, urged Democratic leaders to focus solely on an energy bill that includes incentives for renewables,

    *** but no price on carbon emissions ***

    “Our goal should be reducing our dependence on oil from people don’t like us,” he said.

  20. blessedistruth Says:

    John Boehner: Raise Social Security Retirement Age to 70

    House Republican Leader John Boehner said in an interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review out today that he would back raising the Social Security retirement age to 70

    for those who will not retire for another 20 years.

    Privatize Social Security and Medicare?

    The budget of Representative Paul Ryan (R – Wis.)

    (Republicans are quick to note that while Ryan’s “blueprint” for the future has advocated such measures, he has not put them forward as the House Republican budget.)

    (All these Dems do is criticize any Repub ideas. Dems are like ostriches with their heads stuck in the sand.)

  21. blessedistruth Says:

    Second Amendment Wins Big in the Highest U.S. Court

    Senator John Barrasso

  22. blessedistruth Says:

    Liza Minnelli — Results

    All songs written by Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant, except where noted.

    1.”I Want You Now” – 4:41
    2.”Losing My Mind” (Stephen Sondheim) – 4:11
    3.”If There Was Love” – 6:47
    4.”So Sorry, I Said” – 3:14
    5.”Don’t Drop Bombs” – 3:39

    6.”Twist in My Sobriety” (John Kander, Fred Ebb, Tanita Tikaram) – 4:51
    7.”Rent” – 3:54
    8.”Love Pains” (Steve Barri, Michael Price, Dan Walsh) – 4:10
    9.”Tonight Is Forever” – 5:04
    10.”I Can’t Say Goodnight” – 4:52


  23. blessedistruth Says:

    Kenya PM Odinga admitted to hospital with fatigue

    Together with President Mwai Kibaki, Odinga leads the grand coalition government that was formed in 2008 to end weeks of bloodshed that followed a disputed presidential election.

    Both leaders are backing the new constitution.

    Voters go to a referendum on August 4 to decide whether to adopt the proposed new constitution, which is seen as important to securing investor confidence in the region’s largest economy.

    Opposition to the draft is led by Higher Education Minister William Ruto, several lawmakers and church leaders who are unhappy over two clauses in the draft that will

    enshrine Muslim Kadhi courts in the constitution and

    legalise abortion under certain circumstances.

    kadhi courts = sharia courts

  24. blessedistruth Says:

    Sharia Courts in Kenya just fine with

    (This is not reporting. This is editorializing.)


    The Battle Over Kenya’s New Constitution,8599,1999746,00.html

    Much of the debate has focused on church groups’ opposition to two things.

    One is the Muslim courts that rule in matters of marriage, divorce and inheritance for believers.

    “They are also enshrined in both the current constitution and the new draft, leading to opposition from Christian church groups playing on the fears of greater Muslim dominance in Kenya.”


    This is a blatant lie.

    Please see the following:

    Kenya Christian Leaders Forum

    Frequently Asked Questions on Contentious Issues in the Constitution Review Process

    8. Why are Christians opposed to Kadhis courts yet they have not harmed any body?

    The fact that the Kadhi Courts did not harm non-Muslims does not mean it was right for them to be included in the Constitution.

    It was wrong and discriminatory against the people of other faiths from the beginning.

    Kenyans’ patience since independence must not be taken for granted.

    It is time to correct all wrong things.

    Muslims should by now be an integral part of the Kenyan community not requiring special treatment or protection!

    The constitution must not divide the people along religious or other lines.

    Kenyans want one nation, one land, one law that caters for all irrespective of religious affiliation.

    This is the practice in stable democracies around the world.

    We should not let a new constitution to perpetuate past injustices.

    Christ said: “And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, he pours new wine into new wineskins” (Mark 2:22).

    Inclusion of Kadhis Courts in the new constitution is like pouring new wine into old wineskins.

    It will burst the skins.

  25. blessedistruth Says:

    “Kenyans want one nation, one land, one law that caters for all irrespective of religious affiliation.”

    Kenyan Muslim women must have the same rights as Kenyan non-Muslim women.

    It doesn’t matter what came before.

    Odinga has long tried to make a deal with the devil on this. And everyone who speaks out is labeled anti-Muslim.

    Women all over the world should be united in stopping sharia in its tracks wherever and whenever it rears its ugly head.

  26. blessedistruth Says:

    “butterdezillion” contd

    To: butterdezillion

    Last week I found out that within days of a private mail I sent here on FR discussing a particular issue, the Veterans Administration and Social Security Administration both altered their records

    Best to not spread your research findings to everyone. Find people you trust. That means by national reputation or people you have met in person. The damning evidence is never shared on FR on the board or via FReepmail. The case build behind the scenes. When it’s done and the time is right it will be exposed.

    45 posted on 06/29/2010 9:30:34 PM PDT by mojitojoe (When crisis becomes opportunity, crisis becomes the goal.)

    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 34 | View Replies | Report Abuse ]


    To: mojitojoe

    I don’t know if there’s any way I can communicate without Obama’s thugs knowing what I’ve said anyway. They have access to everything in a sick, Big Brother type of way.

    Part of me figures if they’re gonna rape me anyway I may as well scream loud so everybody can watch as it happens and know exactly what we’re dealing with.

    The danger with that, though, is that after a while we’re like a frog in a pot; the corruption becomes the new “normal” and nothing stands out above the din. I think that’s kind of where we’re at right now. We’ve already watched the nation be raped out in the wide-open so many times that it’s all just a haze of stench hovering over everything. Can’t single out any particular atrocity because that’s just how EVERYTHING is. Eventually you give up on fighting it.

    It actually reminds me of chopping thistles as a kid. We lived downwind and downstream from a family with an alcoholic dad. We’d sweat up a storm chopping all those thistles – and then look right across the fence and see nothing but a sea of purple musk thistle blooms just waiting to blow onto our land. What choice did we have? Futile as it seemed, we couldn’t just let the neighbor’s noxious weeds take over our land. It would have been all over and left nothing for our cattle to feed on.

    WE can’t let these lawless thugs take over. We can’t get bored or discouraged by the sea of filth around us. If we give up we’re dead. Sort of like hypothermia. If you let yourself fall comfortably asleep in a snowdrift you’ll never wake up.

    We’ve got to find a way to chop each thistle as it appears. Then each new one we see won’t be just another cause to feel hopeless but another piece of work to finish.

    49 posted on 06/29/2010 10:54:04 PM PDT by butterdezillion (.)

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  27. blessedistruth Says:

    Sins of Omission

    To: curiosity

    …In short, don’t believe anything a birther says unless he provides documentation.

    double ditto for the anti-birthers; so far, the reality painted by the Obama/DNC/HIDH omissions has a stronger foothold.


    97 posted on Wednesday, June 30, 2010 3:31:37 AM by 1234

  28. blessedistruth Says:

    To: LorenC; rxsid; LucyT; null and void; Fred Nerks; P2; pissant; ExTexasRedhead

    Another example of using the word, forensic scientist, without understanding its meaning.

    Your question is oh-so typical of the liberal duplicity and hypocricy.

    When I posted my first report, “Was Obama’s birth certificate manufactured?” on June 13, the libs then were also clamoring for my research to be peer-reviewed.

    Was Factcheck peer-reviewed? Was Politifact peer-reviewed? Was Hawaii peer-reviewed? Was Krawetz peer-reviewed (besides by me)?

    No, of course not. Whatever they said, it was golden.

    It’s funny how many libs tout Krawetz as an expert but have no idea as to what are his actual credentials and what he can and cannot do.

    They never bothered to read his website.

    If they had, then they would have known that Krawetz has made some very good points that are applicable to using image analysis software:

    Krawetz said that the software he uses can easily be fooled by sharp contrast areas, like black and white text, image artifacts, and heavily reduced and compressed JPG’s (which perfectly describes the Fight The Smears image).

    In other words, the software is easily fooled by intentional artifacts, which is what is on the COLB scam image.

    His buddy, Chris Hansen, also took a software approach to analyzing the FTS image using Principle Components Analysis (PCA, a statistical methodology) and failed to find anything.

    No surprise here given that the whole idea of making the FTS small and highly compressed was to confound image analysis.

    Relying on software is also the reason they missed the most obvious sign of Photoshopping (besides the text) on both the “high-res” Kos and the “crap-res”: FTS, namely the “bleeding date stamp” on the front.

    Getting back to your revised question, back in October 2008, I did an extensive search for anyone having done forgery analyses on images and photos who could peer-review my research.

    But, wouldn’t you know it, some Einstein on one of the lib blogs attacking me, took my question, totally out of context, that I had asked the website owner who seemed to have done some image forgery analyses.

    The lib poster mocked me by saying, “Look, here’s Polarik asking for help on image analysis; and this is at the height of his research!”

    My search was in vain, however, because, according to Krawetz, “digital forgery forensics” is a new field with very few people who are expert it.

    There is no accreditation for this field.

    None of the people in that category I contacted had any experience in spotting document image forgeries without having the original with which to compare.

    I also contacted the guy who basically invented the entire field of ditigal forgery forensics, Professor Hany Farid, and asked him if there were any programs that could identify a JPG image made from Photoshop layers, and he said there were none.

    Now, in my post, “What do these things have in common?”

    I listed twenty image anomalies identified by a dozen members of the Hot Air blog on June 12, 2008, that were in reaction to seeing the Kos image.

    All of these anomalies are covered in my research.

    John C. Sweeney, a professional photographer, of the Post & Email did a peer-review of my research and said it was right on target.

    Both the scam image and the object in Factcheck’s photos are Photoshop composites and the only way to validate that theory is by recreating the images from scratch.

    In the past two years, nobody else has done the level of research that I have and nobody else has even attempted to replicate the border, let alone the forged scam image and the forged document object.

    Watch an example of what you called my “amateur-hour” analyses:

    589 posted on 06/29/2010 1:47:31 PM PDT by Polarik

  29. blessedistruth Says:

    I finally got a response out of the US Department of State about when I might expect a response to my January 2009 Freedom of Information Act request.

    “they are aware of your request. At this point I have nothing new to report”


    I asked the US Department of State for details of all the passports issued to Stanley Ann D. Obama/Dunham/Soetoro.

    This is requested under the US Freedom of Information Act.

  30. blessedistruth Says:

    By Linda Bentley | July 15, 2009

    According to Allen, Indonesia has not allowed dual citizenship since 1945 and, therefore, Soetoro’s mother Stanley Ann Soetoro would have been required to relinquish her son’s American citizenship and any other citizenship he might have held, in order for him to become an Indonesian citizen, which school records confirm he became.

    So, Allen modified his request to ask for an original copy of the immigration records pertaining to Barry Soetoro, circa 1971, when he returned to Hawaii, along with documents indicating whether or not Soetoro is still an Indonesian citizen.

    If not, Allen asked for documentation as to when he became a naturalized citizen.

    Allen requested

    copies of Soetoro’s passports for the years 1979 through 1982,

    including his Indonesian passport for the years 1979 through 1982,

    a copy of his passport and

    documented history of travel to Pakistan and

    nationality contained therein for the years 1981 and 1982.

    He also requested

    a copy of Stanley Ann Soetoro’s (Dunham and Obama) passport and

    travel history for the years 1959 through 1987

    along with the same for Lolo Soetoro,

    citing the requests were not subject to 6 CFR § 5.21(f), which requires permission from the individual, because both subjects are deceased.

    Citing the Privacy Act’s laudable goals of protecting sensitive information, Allen said it only protects U.S. citizens and permanent resident aliens and “does not apply not foreigners, unions, collective associations or corporations.”

    Allen asserts Barry Soetoro is neither a citizen of the United States nor an alien with permanent residence and said

    “… we know Barry Soetoro was an Indonesian citizen at the age of 7 and that he had ties in Hawaii,” noting Soetoro would have had to have gone through immigration and customs at some point between 1961 and 2009.”

    The information requested by Allen could prove Soetoro is in violation of a number of laws under the Immigration and Nationality Act,

    including falsely claiming citizenship.


    I know this is “old” news, but this FOIA request is NOT old news.

  31. blessedistruth Says:

    Mrs. Rondeau replies:

    Yes, Ken Allen’s FOIA lawsuit was filed over that exact matter.

    The DOJ has been ordered by a judge to produce it, and the DOJ continues to stall.

    They have until June 30 to release Stanley Ann’s information and Lolo Soetoro’s.

    We’ll see if that happens.


    “June 30” that’s today

  32. blessedistruth Says:

    Page 18 of 47

    No records have been located where Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama went through U.S. Immigration in 1971 when he was ten [10] years old, upon his return to the United States, which would be required to assume United States “naturalized” citizenship status and therefore, the lack thereof, he would be an “illegal alien”.

    In addition, absolutelyno records have been located showing where Barry Soetoro legally changed his name back to Barack Hussein Obama.

    Even if Appellee could have regained any United States Citizenship status upon his eighteenth [18th] birthday, he would have been required to file a sworn Affidavit with the Indonesian Government relinquishing his Indonesian Citizenship, and taking the Oath of Allegiance in the United States, which would be recorded.


    Again, I know this is “old” news. But I am curious about this FOIA request.

  33. blessedistruth Says:

    Selective Service fails to answer additional FOIA requests


    by Sharon Rondeau

    (Jun. 30, 2010)

    Is Obama’s purported registration even valid, given that the social security number entered into the Selective Service database was apparently issued in Connecticut, where Obama never lived or worked?

    What number did Obama use in 1980, if he in fact registered?

    Wouldn’t it have raised flags that a young man registering for the Selective Service in Hawaii with a Hawaii address

    (as shown on the recipient in Debbie Schlussel’s article)

    and supposedly submitting proof of his birth in Hawaii

    *** was using a social security number issued in Connecticut and apparently assigned to someone born in 1890? ***

    Good question!

  34. blessedistruth Says:

    45% — 54%

    Rasmussen Obama Approval

  35. blessedistruth Says:

    June 30, 2010

    Just 23% Say Deficit May Be Cut In Half by 2013

    Missouri Senate: Blunt (R) 48%, Carnahan (D) 43%

    Hawaii Governor: Democrats Remain Far Ahead

  36. blessedistruth Says:

    Ohio Senate – Portman vs. Fisher Quinnipiac Fisher 42, Portman 40 Fisher +2

    Missouri Senate – Blunt vs. Carnahan Rasmussen Reports Blunt 48, Carnahan 43 Blunt +5

    California Senate – Boxer vs. Fiorina Reuters/Ipsos Boxer 45, Fiorina 41 Boxer +4

    California Governor – Whitman vs. Brown Reuters/Ipsos Brown 45, Whitman 39 Brown +6

    President Obama Job Approval Marist Approve 44, Disapprove 45 Disapprove +1

    Real Clear Politics

  37. blessedistruth Says:

    David Dayen’s FinReg Histrionics

    This basically means that Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Maria Cantwell and Chuck Grassley would all have to vote for cloture in order to pass it this week. And that’s just unlikely.

    The House is poised to pass the conference report today, so opening it up for changes is not really an option.

    The nation will have to wait

    until Scott Brown puts on his kerchief and lights a candle by his bedside

    (That I’d like to see!)

    and painstakingly pores over the details word-by-word to see if the legislation meets with his high standard.

    Failing that he can call a bank lobbyist and say, “We cool?”



    1648, from L. histrionicus “pertaining to an actor,” from histrio (gen. histrionis ) “actor,” said to be of Etruscan origin. Online Etymology Dictionary

  38. blessedistruth Says:

    Obama’s Idea of Leveling the Playing Field

    Tuesday , June 29, 2010

    By Glenn Beck,2933,595582,00.html

    Understand one thing: Historically, the norm is poverty. The exception is prosperity. Now why would you want to hold that back?

    But this happens every time there is a financial crisis:

    Progressives call for more government taxes and more government spending.

    Barack Obama is out there yelling at Germany and others in the EU, telling them they need to spend more.

    But political support for big government spending is dead.

    Socialist parties in almost every election have lost to conservatives and even liberals.

    In Europe they are actually cutting entitlements, raising retirement ages — and Obama is asking them to spend more?

    Tim Geithner told the G20 to boost spending for as long as necessary to counter a severe financial crisis.

    George Soros told Germany to spend more or else it risked triggering a deflationary spiral and may ultimately endanger the European Union as a whole.

    The Europeans declared the welfare state dead.

    The Royal Bank of Scotland is now advising its clients to prepare for monster money printing by the Federal Reserve.

    But it’s the same story over and over throughout history. The socialist advisers of FDR said the same thing.

    Henry Morgenthau, Jr. — FDR’s secretary of the treasury, good friend and key figure in designing the New Deal — appeared before the House Ways and Means committee in 1939 and said:

    “We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work.

    And I have just one interest, and if I am wrong… somebody else can have my job. I want to see this country prosperous.

    I want to see people get a job. I want to see people get enough to eat….

    I say after eight years of this administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started… and an enormous debt to boot.”

    The key sentence here is: “I want to see this country prosperous.”

    That’s the difference between then and now:

    These days the global elites and this administration want to see the wealth spread and they also want to devolve the country.

    They want to see the globe equal.


    “I say after eight years of this administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started… and an enormous debt to boot.”

    See also:

    ‘The Forgotten Man’ Demands Unfavorable Comparison Between Obama And FDR

  39. blessedistruth Says:

  40. blessedistruth Says:

    What’s this all about?!

    Hey Lefty Journos, Sell Out Your Friends For Big Money: Andrew Breitbart’s Intriguing Offer

    Journolist, the brainchild of obnoxious leftist partisan dweeb Ezra Klein, was in the news recently when the secret, unvarnished thoughts of my friend then-Washington Post blogger David Weigel were leaked to another friend of mine, Jonathan Strong of the Daily Caller.

    Weigel tendered his resignation to the WaPo and it was accepted.

    Sooooo I think you can see –nervous laugh– why I haven’t written much about this topic except for some Twitter posts.

    I should say, though, that Weigel is constitutionally skeptical, which makes him a natural as a journalist.

    To the extent that he has political beliefs he’s kind of, sort of, in a way, arguably a left-leaning libertarian as opposed to the somewhat doctrinaire socialist some have painted him as, or at least that’s my impression.

    (Strong’s a great reporter too and I’m sure we’ll hear from him again, especially if he keeps breaking huge news stories.)

    Klein has reportedly killed Journolist but Breitbart wants to know just how deep the rot goes.

    “$100,000 is not a lot to spend on the Holy Grail of media bias when there is a country to save,” Breitbart says.


    Unfortunately there are still a lot of Americans out there who aren’t aware they’re being manipulated.

    If the MSM doesn’t cover it, it’s not news.

    Basically we’re being treated like children.

    I do not trust what I’m being told, which is why I went in search of the truth.

    Which is why I started RosettaSister and this blog.

    But the danger is these very same people who’ve been making these editorial decisions for you, are big government types.

    If we allow them to succeed, you will not be able to recognize these United States.

    It won’t be the United States you were born in.

  41. blessedistruth Says:

    Keith Olbermann has a 1 day tantrum where he quit DailyKos and the downloading of his talking points from them. But that was kind of a problem and he had to come crawling back….

    All part of the close-rank-lets-all-get-on-the-same-message behind the scenes effort to manipulate how stories get reported and get oxygen.

    It been know for quite sometime that there is a closed backdoor communication path between red-in-the-face bloggers, mainstream op-ed and straight news reports in the form of Townhouse/journolist mail list with the intention of shaping how stories are reported.

    Weigel got fired because his nasty emails on journo-list came out and made him look bad.

    There obviously was a leak. So Ezra Klein responded by closing down journolist and suggested vaguely that “maybe someone will start up another”- with the obvious intention of making a new mailing list but squeezing out the leakers.

    In an refreshing development, Andrew Breitbart is offering a $100,000 reward for some civic minded person to give him the full JournoList archives. Should be quite a public service. urnolist-archive-source-fully-protected/

    4:00 pm, Jun 29, 2010

  42. blessedistruth Says:

    Financial reform meltdown

    1) Lobbyists who started the July 4 holiday early following last week’s congressional compromise are probably regretting it.

    2) Scuttling a major piece of legislation over such a trivial sum may seem unlikely in an era of trillion-dollar budget deficits.

    Then again, a similar fiscal debate is preventing the Senate from approving a new jobs bill despite high unemployment.

    3) If reaching 60 proves impossible, the calculus will change.

    There’s an existing Republican counter-plan, and the party is apt to increase its ranks in the next Congress.

    The GOP reform plan isn’t all that different from what Democrats have put forward, but the banks consider the changes less onerous.

    4) But 2011 Republicans, infused with Tea Party populism, might be a more combative lot.

    The House-Senate conference committee offered a preview.

    Conservatives tried to force banks to pay for the wind-down of $140 billion bailout recipients Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    Incoming Republicans might also be more amenable to shrinking the banks as the only way to prevent the problem of “too big to fail.”

    5) At the very least, the messy process would generate vast, new uncertainly for industry executives and investors.

    No wonder banks’ shares rose on news of the compromise agreement, despite its potentially heavy costs.

  43. blessedistruth Says:

    Tempe, AZ, June 30, 2010

    During the wake of media news expressing trouble for the Roswell UFO Festival, Open Minds Production and the International UFO Congress have come forward to help sponsor the 2010 festival.

    The event will take place July 1-5th in Roswell, New Mexico and will feature guest speakers, authors, live entertainment, a costume contest, parade, family-friendly activities and more.

    New events this year include the Aliens in Cinema Film Festival and the first Alien BBQ & Brew.

  44. blessedistruth Says:


    Here is a quote from the person interviewed in this video:

    “Taken By The Greys – Abductions: UFOs / ET / MIBs

    My close encounters – A true life story

    Jeff Rense and Brian Vike invited me on to their / Radio Show, Friday June 18. 2010.

    I went through about the first half of my personal UFO sightings.

    I talked about my abductions with MIBs and greys..

    I also talk about while I was on board with them.

    Check out my blog for all my latest close encounters!!

  45. blessedistruth Says:

    More Like This:

  46. blessedistruth Says:

    The Canadian UFO Report: The Best Cases Revealed

    Chris Rutkowski, Geoff Dittman – 2006 236 pages

    Drawn from government documents and civilian case files — many previously unpublished,+Geoff+Dittman&source=bl&ots=bw5fWgHCUd&sig=ZGlUfcndyyQR5YOUqn4B7JDWVec&hl=en&ei=3JsrTObZNYaFnQf0zOXTCQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CBIQ6AEwAA

  47. blessedistruth Says:

    Made some changes.

    You can click “Play” button for a particular song

    – OR –

    You can click on the green button which will link you with page for that song

    4shared “Playlists”

  48. blessedistruth Says:

    Lost, But Not Forgotten

  49. blessedistruth Says:

  50. blessedistruth Says:

    Judy Collins — Jerusalem

  51. blessedistruth Says:

    I guess I’m not the only one curious about this:

    Tom the veteran says:
    Wednesday, June 30, 2010 at 2:05 PM

    He should be classified as 4-C and carted off to jail for treason!

    Any word whether or nor the DOJ released Obama’s mama’s passport info?


    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I haven’t heard anything yet.

    Found at ThePostEmail

  52. blessedistruth Says:

    I was able to find the following Kenneth Allen quote regarding his Allen v. DHS FOIA Joint Status Report:;page=8951

    To: penelopesire; Fred Nerks; El Gato; Red Steel; BP2; rxsid; butterdezillion; MissTickly; All

    Forget to include Allen’s last update:


    Kenneth Allen’s remarks regarding his recent Allen v. DHS FOIA Joint Status Report:

    Just thought I would update everyone on the conference meeting with the Department of Justice. Mr. Bowen from the DOJ and I talked about the existing FOIA case, he informed me that I would be receiving documents with regard to Stanley Ann’s passport information and other records within a few weeks as soon a 3 weeks and as late as 6 weeks.

    The search by the DHS turned up not(h)ing on Stanley ANN?

    But the DOS has a lot of documents, as for Lolo Soetoro they will be releasing everything.

    I have reserved my rights to further discovery and a possible deposition of Maya Soetoro should they redact more than necessary.

    I’ve reserved all my rights because I’m at a disadvantage, not having enough information to make a correct decision.

    We will be setting a date certain in August for a briefing date, August was my idea because it gives me enough time to study the document and decided if more discovery is needed.

    8,951 posted on Saturday, March 27, 2010 9:33:06 AM by STARWISE


    And this:


    And this:


    Still don’t know about the June 30 deadline. But several have asked ThePostEmail for an update.

  53. blessedistruth Says:

    Freeper thread on ThePostEmail article

    To: Red Steel

    According to Allen, the judge “dismissed the FOIA complaint with regards to Barry Soetoro and Barack Obama; they have never given a reason to this date. What that told me was the Judge knows that Barack Obama is in fact Barry Soetoro.”

    Very interesting —

    24 posted on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 5:40:14 AM by Uncle Chip

  54. blessedistruth Says:

    Also found at ThePostEmail

    Kenneth Allen says:
    Sunday, June 6, 2010 at 7:57 PM

    Someone doctored Obamas records that’s for sure. All of congress and the Senate know who Obama is, you can bet on that.


    I guess I’ll just have to be patient. I didn’t know about any of this until I saw a reply at FR and then I saw Dr Conspiracy’s posts about his own FOIA request.

  55. blessedistruth Says:

    Look what they found near the Texas and Mexico border

    2010 June 30

  56. blessedistruth Says:

    44% — 55%

    Rasmussen Obama Approval

  57. blessedistruth Says:

    July 1, 2010

    48% Oppose U.N. Involvement in Offshore Drilling Debate

    42% Still Oppose Kagan’s Confirmation, but 87% Expect Her to Be Confirmed

    Arizona Governor: Brewer (R) 53%, Goddard (D) 35%

  58. blessedistruth Says:

    Pennsylvania Senate – Sestak vs. Toomey Rasmussen Reports Toomey 45, Sestak 39 Toomey +6

    Oregon Governor – Dudley vs. Kitzhaber Magellan Strategies (R) Dudley 41, Kitzhaber 40 Dudley +1

    Direction of Country Rasmussen Reports Right Direction 28, Wrong Track 66 Wrong Track +38

    Arizona Governor – Brewer vs. Goddard Rasmussen Reports Brewer 53, Goddard 35 Brewer +18

    Real Clear Politics

  59. blessedistruth Says:

    @taxplaya CBO also said a return to high productivity levels reduces long-term deficit problem by 25 percent. Cut and grow!

    5 minutes ago via TweetDeck in reply to taxplaya

    Try recalculating WH deficit forecasts, but add in a mild double-dip recession =$2 trillion deficit

    10 minutes ago via TweetDeck .

    Recovery Summer: JPMorgan just cut its 2Q GDP forecast from 4% to 3.2% AND 3Q GDP forecast from 4% to 3%

    24 minutes ago via TweetDeck

  60. blessedistruth Says:

    Lots of Nothing [Mark Krikorian]

    And what was the news that came out of it?

    Nothing. Bupkes. Zilch.

    Sure, I expected most of it to consist of the usual clichés, and I wasn’t disappointed:

    “false debates that divide us,” we can’t deport 11 million people, illegals will be “required to register” (in the new, focus-grouped terminology),

    and even Emma Lazarus (who, it turns out, wasn’t all that keen on the wretched refuse, after all).

    But news? Nope.

    No announcement of a new legislative package.

    No details on a bill about to be dropped.

    No unilateral grant of amnesty.

    The speech was just one more effort at stringing the open-borders folks along while trying to blame the Republicans for not helping the Democrats pass an amnesty.

    (Wait, don’t the Dems have majorities in both houses?)

    In a kremlinological sense, you might infer

    *** White House openness to a piecemeal approach to amnesty ***

    since the only actual piece of legislation Obama mentioned was the Dream Act, but even that is pure speculation.

    We watch so you don’t have to.

  61. blessedistruth Says:

    Things That Make You Go ‘Hmm’

    Wednesday, June 30, 2010

    By Glenn Beck,2933,595707,00.html

    Another story this week that no one is paying attention to: the financial regulation bill.

    The news today is that Obama did the right thing and took those evil taxes out of the bill.

    And to make up for the lost money, they’ll end TARP a few months early, “saving” the American taxpayer $11 billion.

    Do you remember how I told you TARP was going to be a giant slush fund?


    BECK: The $700 billion for TARP that we had to pass right now — it’s an emergency or the whole thing is going to collapse.

    There is still $212 billion that we’ve never touched, just sitting there — just sitting there.

    Why did we need $700 billion? That’s where they want this money going.

    They want it in there in a giant slush fund.


    First, Geithner and Obama extended TARP to October 2010.

    Hmm, what’s going on around that time? The midterm elections.

    Convenient don’t you think?

    But now, TARP is being used to pay for this financial reform bill.

    We can’t get a budget — it’s the first time in 30 years the House didn’t even produce a budget to consider — but we’ve got this bill that’s supposed to solve all of the problems on Wall Street.

    But meanwhile, guess who’s being called to Capitol Hill? AIG’s products leader, Joe Cassano.

    He’ll be answering questions in front of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.

    So the commission is still trying to get to the bottom of what happened to cause the meltdown, but we’re already saving the day with the financial reform bill!

    Isn’t that kind of like putting the cart before the horse? It’s like having a court sentencing before the trial.

    Why would we pass the bill before we have answers?


    There is a pattern here — it’s the same thing with the oil spill. Obama has started investigating to find out what caused the explosion.

    Here’s what he said:


    PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: The purpose of this commission is to consider both the root causes of the disaster and offer options on what safety and environmental precautions we need to take to prevent a similar disaster from happening again.


    We have no answers yet, but we do have a fix-it bill ready to go. Obama is hard at work getting to the bottom of this.

    Here’s the White House report from his meeting Tuesday:

    “The president told the senators that he still believes the best way for us to transition to a clean energy economy is with a bill that makes clean energy the profitable kind of energy for America’s businesses by putting a price on pollution.”


    It’s almost like the progressive agenda is more important than the issue at hand.

  62. blessedistruth Says:

  63. blessedistruth Says:

    Climate bill gets GOP cold shoulder

    Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), who has previously supported carbon limits on power plants, told reporters last week, “Nothing is going to go anywhere in this climate, as we go toward an election, that involves cap and trade.”

  64. blessedistruth Says:

    Senator Gregg appears on Bloomberg Television

  65. blessedistruth Says:

    Senator Gregg speaks with Fox News’ Jim Angle

  66. blessedistruth Says:

    Found at Hugh Hewitt

    Why we need the rich: A message to Americans – and our leaders in Washington DC – on wealth creation by a wealth creator.

    By Ziad K. Abdelnour, President & CEO Blackhawk Partners, Inc.

    On 23 Jun 2010

    (Why do we need the rich? Because we are all inextricably tethered to one another. And if we throw the rich from the precipice, down we all go.)

  67. blessedistruth Says:

    Growth only way to avoid U.S. economic collapse


    But here’s the thing: To keep scary debt scenarios at bay, the more growth the better.

    If labor productivity, for instance, increased like it did in the 1960s — or 50 percent faster than CBO’s dreary forecasts — the debt load in a quarter century would be 25 percent less.

    Or this:

    If the economy were to grow a bit faster than its 20th-century average, about 3.5 percent, a much wealthier America would be able to afford projected spending without raising taxes.

    The long-term budget gap would vanish.

    So growth helps a lot.

    Indeed, some 30 debt-plagued nations since 1980 have tried to reduce their indebtedness through such austerity measures.

    In practically all cases, according to a study by financial giant UBS, the increase in national debt was only slowed, not reversed, by such policy pain.

    After all, it wasn’t just spending cuts that helped Canada — a favorite example of successful austerity — escape its 1990s debt trap.

    An export-led boom also helped grow the debt-GDP denominator.

    That would be a tough path for America to follow, but it can follow some other Canadian examples such as cutting taxes on companies and capital low.

    Spending cuts also seem to hurt growth less than tax hikes.

    There really is no other path.

  68. blessedistruth Says:

    “The President is not interested in learning from economic mistakes; but rather is set on repeating them.”

    Congressman Ryan on President Obama’s Visit to Racine, WI

    WASHINGTON – After President Obama’s Town Hall meeting in Racine, WI, First District Congressman Paul Ryan offered the following reaction to the visit:

    “I’m pleased the President came to Racine today, but I was rather shocked by the harsh partisan tone the President brought with him.

    The very real challenges facing Southern Wisconsin cannot be met by Washington’s failed economic policies.

    Wisconsinites understand that you can’t take money from the productive sector of our economy, funnel it through Washington, and create jobs.

    His speech sounded more like a campaign speech by a divider, not a uniter; by a partisan, not a President.

    It tells me that the President is not interested in learning from economic mistakes; but rather is set on repeating them.

    The President told a city with an unemployment rate over 14%: ‘The stimulus worked. You just don’t know it.’

    That is out of touch and it encapsulates the frustrations I hear every week in Wisconsin.

    The President told Wisconsinites that if the Federal government hadn’t taken over two auto companies, workers at Chrysler and General Motors would have lost their jobs.

    These comments are hardly a comfort to the thousands of former auto workers in Janesville, Kenosha, and Oak Creek.

    The disconnect between Wisconsin and Washington couldn’t be wider.

    Those running Washington have doubled-down on a failed debt-financed spending spree.

    We need to chart a new fiscal and economic course, reform government and put in place a plan for growth – and a plan for prosperity.”


    Don’t you know how hard it is for Obama types to admit they were ever wrong about ANYTHING?!

    They’re the smartest ones in the room, doncha know?

  69. blessedistruth Says:

    President’s Health Care Law Encourages Small Businesses to Get Smaller

    A Small Business Owner in Illinois Discovers He Has to Fire Employees, Cut Salaries or Split His Company in Two to Qualify for Obama Tax Credit

    July 1, 2010

    Charles Arp, who manages Penny Printing Company in Sterling, Illinois, recently wrote a column titled ‘Obamacare’s Broken Promise: One Company’s Experience.’

    Mr. Arp wrote:

    “My firm would have to reduce its workforce and cut employee wages to benefit from the newly enacted Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Is this what the objective should be?”

  70. blessedistruth Says:

    Here is the article to which Senator Barrasso referred:

  71. blessedistruth Says:

    Premier’s headache is gone


    Doctors have made a hole in the head of Kenya’s prime minister to relieve pressure building on the outside of his brain.

    They said Raila Odinga, 65, was in a stable condition and would remain in hospital for the next five days.

    Dr Oluoch Olunya, a neurosurgeon, said yesterday: “I would like to assure the country that he is actually well.

    The headache that he had has all been cleared.”


    Raila Odinga’s headache all been cleared?

    Not likely.

  72. blessedistruth Says:

    Muslim Kadhi Courts

    Kibaki and Odinga have been campaigning for a “Yes” vote while some politicians led by Higher Education Minister William Ruto, a former Odinga ally, are against it.

    Others in the “No” camp include the Catholic church and evangelical ministers opposed to the inclusion of Muslim Kadhi courts.

    Analysts say a repeat of violence on the scale seen in 2008 is unlikely.

    Another “No” vote, following the defeat of the last charter in 2005, cannot be ruled out.

    Any turmoil in Kenya will paralyse trade and transport with its land-locked neighbours, especially Rwanda and Uganda which use the Indian Ocean port of Mombasa.


  73. blessedistruth Says:

    Nairobi Archbishop John Cardinal Njue — There is still time to amend constitution before vote

    On the proposed constitution, Cardinal Njue said there was still time to amend contentious issues.

    “There is time for dialogue, but not dialogue to buy time before the referendum,” he said.

    Cardinal Njue told the congregation that the issues of abortion, gay marriages and kadhi courts need to be sorted out.

  74. blessedistruth Says:

    ‘Lord, Save Kenya from Unjust Laws’

    Published on 06/06/2010

    Flawed document

    Those who attended the rally included

    Bob Kabugi, chairman of Kenya Christian Constitution Forum,

    Oliver Kisaka, deputy secretary general, National Council of Churches of Kenya,

    lawyer Joty Midivo, and

    Bishop Mark Kariuki (Deliverance).

    Others were

    Bishop J Likavo from Eldoret,

    Ruben Kigame (Fish FM),

    William Kubundo, (chairman Kakamega Pastors Association), and

    Bishop Nicholas Olumasai (Kenya Christian Constitution Forum, Western).

    Kariuki said Kenyans should not vote for the Proposed Constitution because some politicians have admitted the document is flawed.

    “We cannot take poison knowingly and then look for help later,” he added.

    Later in a statement, ‘Lord, Save Kenya from Unjust Laws,’ which was read to the crowd,

    Church leaders said locals switch to ‘No’ from ‘Yes’ immediately they are educated on contentious issues.

    They accused the Committee of Experts (CoE) of being hostile to the Church.

    “By joining the ‘Yes’ team, the CoE is carrying out civic exclusion and not civic education,” read the statement.

    The Church leaders urged Kenyans to get copies of the document and read it for themselves.

    “We invite them to participate in civic education organised by churches and other people who are objective,” they added.

  75. blessedistruth Says:

    Swim down!

    To: butterdezillion

    “The danger with that, though, is that after a while we’re like a frog in a pot; the corruption becomes the new “normal” and nothing stands out above the din.”

    Au contraire, mon amie BZ.

    The good news is the laboratory evidence that a frog placed in a vessel of warming fluid doesn’t accept the higher temperature and eventually jumps out.

    And, although there is no way to determine it, I prefer to believe when the frog jumps he/she will be madder than hell. All of which led me to select my screen name.

    This scam is too big and ugly.

    Even if O is eligible, the arrogant shell game and inaction of those sworn to defend the Constitution has already cut across the grain of what America stands for.

    Thank you, and keep up your good work.

    51 posted on 06/30/2010 8:28:40 AM PDT by frog in a pot (Wake up America! You are losing the war against your families and your Constitution!)

    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 49 | View Replies | Report Abuse ]


    To: frog in a pot

    I have to confess I was thinking of your name when I posted. =)

    Obama’s strategy is to move so fast and furious that it overwhelms us.

    He must be thinking it’s the tipping point; the time for absolute takeover.

    I think there’s no question that Americans are uncomfortable.

    The question is whether we have the ability to jump out of the pot we’re in.

    Right now the judiciary and all the other corrupt influences are the lid sitting on us.

    It’s going to take a rapid boil to force that lid off. Or a determined, united push by all of us.

    Reminds me of “Finding Nemo”.

    Swim down. We need everybody to swim down and break the net open.

    52 posted on 06/30/2010 8:46:02 AM PDT by butterdezillion (.)

    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 51 | View Replies | Report Abuse ]



  76. blessedistruth Says:

    Listening to an album I’ve had since I was twelve!

    From the album SEALS AND CROFTS (1969)


    Earth is my mother, no other, my sanctuary. But earth is my prison, my grave and my mortuary.

    Give me a castle in the sun where rainbows have ends and people are one.

    Show me an earth where the birth of a child disguised as the word can be recognized.

    Earth is my nation, my station, obligatory. But earth is my sorrow, my curses’ depository.

    Give me a table beyond the clouds where there’s enough food to feed all the crowds.

    Show me an earth where the birth of a child disguised as the word can be recognized.

    Let me hear my other voice who guides me now but gives me choice.

    Tell me where to find the friend should He pass this way again.

    Remember Akka for his sake, the earth is but a snake to His voice that spake.

    Earth is my mother, no other, my sanctuary. But earth is my prison, my grave and my mortuary.

    Give me a castle in the sun where rainbows have ends and people are one.

    Show me an earth where the birth of a child disguised as the word can be recognized.

  77. blessedistruth Says:

  78. blessedistruth Says:

    Song of Ocarina

  79. blessedistruth Says:

    Lover, Come Back to Me

  80. blessedistruth Says:

    “You Have Loved Enough”

    I said I’d be your lover.
    You laughed at what I said.
    I lost my job forever.
    I was counted with the dead.

    I swept the marble chambers,
    But you sent me down below.
    You kept me from believing
    Until you let me know:

    That I am not the one who loves –
    It’s love that seizes me.
    When hatred with his package comes,
    You forbid delivery.

    And when the hunger for your touch
    Rises from the hunger,
    You whisper, “You have loved enough,
    Now let me be the Lover.”

    I swept the marble chambers,
    But you sent me down below.
    You kept me from believing
    Until you let me know:

    That I am not the one who loves –
    It’s love that chooses me.
    When hatred with his package comes,
    You forbid delivery.

    And when the hunger for your touch
    Rises from the hunger . . .

  81. blessedistruth Says:

    Ram is an album by Paul and Linda McCartney, released in 1971, the only album credited to the pair.


    By Paul and Linda McCartney

    Side one

    1. “Too Many People” 4:10
    2. “3 Legs” Paul McCartney 2:44
    3. “Ram On” Paul McCartney 2:26
    4. “Dear Boy” 2:12
    5. “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” 4:49
    6. “Smile Away” Paul McCartney 3:51

    Side two

    1. “Heart of the Country” 2:21
    2. “Monkberry Moon Delight” 5:21
    3. “Eat at Home” 3:18
    4. “Long Haired Lady” 5:54
    5. “Ram On” (A continuation of the first version; shares the same audio during the fades.) Paul McCartney 0:52
    6. “The Back Seat of My Car”

  82. blessedistruth Says:

  83. blessedistruth Says:

    Santa Esmeralda – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood – Kill Bill Vol. 1 Soundtrack – 10 – Esmeralda Suite

  84. blessedistruth Says:

  85. blessedistruth Says:

  86. blessedistruth Says:

  87. blessedistruth Says:

    You can’t be nobody’s lover. Til you’re somebody’s friend.

  88. cynkading Says:


    I hope you have a very Happy Birthday and restful 4th of July!!!I still hear you saying I am 10 days older than you, cynkadinkadoo….

    I still lurk…. 🙂

    • blessedistruth Says:

      “I still hear you saying I am 10 days older than you, cynkadinkadoo….”

      And don’t you ever forget it!

      Happy Birthday to you!

      cyn ka dyn ka doo!

      On the 12th!

  89. blessedistruth Says:

    To: thecodont

    Title of full article in July 12, 2010 print edition (pp. 16-17) is:

    Hawaiian state records clerk reveals:

    No Proof Obama Was Born in the U.S.A.

    Now his critics insist his presidency is totally illegal

    This is about the recent story:

    “A former Hawaii records official is sending shock waves through Washington, D.C. by revealing there is absolutely no birth certificate for Barack Obama!

    “The bombshell revelation backs up long-standing claims that Obama–who insists he was born in a Honolulu hospital–really took his first breath in Kenya and, as a result, violates the U.S. Constitution’s requirements for the President to be a ‘natural born’ American.

    “‘I had direct access to the Social Security database, the national crime computer, state driver’s license information, international passport information, basically just about anything you can imagine to get someone’s identity,’ said Timothy Adams, who served as senior government records clerk in Honolulu in 2008. ‘There is no birth certificate. I was informed by my boss that we did not have Obama’s birth record.”

    The story is on the front page of the Globe. I bought the next-to-last copy on the rack at the checkout stand.

    5 posted on 07/01/2010 10:11:11 PM PDT by thecodont

    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies | Report Abuse ]


    To: thecodont

    Put it back on the rack! In fact, make copies and put them on the rack, too. More people need to see it!

    12 posted on 07/01/2010 10:15:00 PM PDT by Terry Mross ( I voted for McCain and still feel like I wasted my vote. Vote third party – same results.)

    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 5 | View Replies | Report Abuse ]


    To: thecodont

    ” The story is on the front page of the Globe. I bought the next-to-last copy on the rack at the checkout stand. ”

    What does that tell us ?

    It means people are buying the magazine and buying it in sold out numbers.

    31 posted on 07/01/2010 10:50:49 PM PDT by American Constitutionalist (There is no civility in the way the Communist/Marxist want to destroy the USA)

    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 5 | View Replies | Report Abuse ]


    To: thecodont

    “‘I had direct access to the Social Security database, the national crime computer, state driver’s license information, international passport information, basically just about anything you can imagine to get someone’s identity,’ said Timothy Adams, who served as senior government records clerk in Honolulu in 2008. ‘There is no birth certificate. I was informed by my boss that we did not have Obama’s birth record.”

    This clerk is admitting to (I believe) a felony.

    Just because he has access to these records does not give him the right to access records with out an authorizing document.

    What he claims he has done is no different than an IRS clerk looking up the tax returns of celebrities with out authorization.

    But if it is true and he goes to jail for it, I personally would call him a martyr of the first order and deserving of the President’s Medal of Freedom (from whom ever would succeed President Biden in 2012).

    59 posted on 07/02/2010 12:26:04 AM PDT by Pontiac

    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 5 | View Replies | Report Abuse ]


    To: thecodont

    So… has this Timothy Adams fellow been seen or heard from lately?

    How about his family?

    Confronting the Communist revolution, the Chicago Mob, and the Islamic Caliphate all at once can, we suppose, entail a modicum of risk.

    In making this public statement, he has to be awfully brave or terribly naive, if not a bit of both.

    If this revelation somehow saves America from internal overthrow and tyranny though, he’ll be a hero.

    I just hope he doesn’t have to accept his award posthumously.

    105 posted on 07/02/2010 7:24:11 AM PDT by George Varnum (Liberty, like our Forefather’s Flintlock Musket, must be kept clean, oiled, and READY!)

    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 5 | View Replies | Report Abuse ]


    “he’ll be a hero”

    Mr Adams believes “birthers” are racists.

    As pure as the driven snow he is.

  90. blessedistruth Says:

    To: Think free or die

    Did you know they are using recordings of Obama’s speeches in mental hospitals?

    It calms the crazy people down, and puts them right to sleep.

    As far as the doctors can tell, each exposure to a long Obama speech reduces the intelligence of the listener.

    Eventually, the listeners faint, or pass out, if the speech is long enough. Apparently oxygen flow to the brain is reduced as the brain gets exhausted chasing circular logic and ancient metaphors.

    Bottom line…. the brain is trying to commit suicide.

    40 posted on 07/01/2010 2:59:20 PM PDT by UCANSEE2 (The Last Boy Scout)

    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 19 | View Replies | Report Abuse ]


    To: UCANSEE2

    ” Apparently oxygen flow to the brain is reduced as the brain gets exhausted chasing circular logic and ancient metaphors. Bottom line…. the brain is trying to commit suicide.”

    Wow . . . you learn something new every day on Free Republic. I’m glad I haven’t been listening to his blahblah; I’ve already lost enough gray matter just by being a parent of teenagers.

    60 posted on 07/01/2010 3:34:27 PM PDT by Think free or die

    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 40 | View Replies | Report Abuse ]


    Replies like these are why it’s always worthwhile lurking at FR.

  91. blessedistruth Says:

    To: justiceseeker93; i88schwartz; ml/nj; ExTexasRedhead; LucyT; Atom Smasher; Arizona Carolyn; …

    Not only is he giving the finger to Birth Warriors – we don’t use that butt-wipe, libspeak “Birthers” term – he’s taking a dump on the Constitution.

    He also just told us that he is not jus solis or jus sanguinis.

    154 posted on 07/01/2010 7:17:52 PM PDT by Polarik

    “Obama is not jus solis or jus sanguinis.”


  92. blessedistruth Says:

    To: Howie; trumandogz

    “Shutting off power to buildings in desert areas that reach 120+ degrees amounts to something akin to murder.”

    Yes, there’s no way to do this, at all. But, to turn the premise on its head, what if a utility company said we won’t turn on power to people who are in the country illegally? Would that be unconstitutional?

    A utility is a creditor. Isn’t it a fair part of the lending process to establish if the credit applicant is in any kind of jeopardy of deportation, or has other pending criminal problems?

    13 posted on 07/01/2010 7:37:17 PM PDT by OldDeckHand

    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 12 | View Replies | Report Abuse ]


    To: OldDeckHand

    You can have Wongs job then because as he phrased it even i can’t go along.

    25 posted on 07/02/2010 1:32:54 AM PDT by wiggen (Government owned slave.)

    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 13 | View Replies | Report Abuse ]

    Corporation Commission candidate Barry Wong

    “Arizona Public Service says it’s not sure how that policy would be implemented. Wong says he’s not trying to turn power company employees into immigration agents, and he’s not trying to get people arrested, he just wants their power cut off.”

    “What a maroon, what an ignoranimus.”

  93. blessedistruth Says:

    Oliver North: Now the hard part

    By: Oliver North

    July 4, 2010

    The foolhardy July 2011 “deadline” Obama has imposed for commencing U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan has emboldened our adversaries and disheartened our allies.

    Coupled with overly restrictive rules of engagement for combat operations, the pullout (troops in theater call it the “bug-out date”) threatens to jeopardize any prospect for a positive outcome in Afghanistan.

    In his confirmation hearings this week, the new ISAF commander distanced himself from the O-Team on both issues.

    Sen. John McCain, inquiring about the withdrawal date, asked, “Was there a recommendation from you or anyone in the military that we set a date of July 2011?”

    Petraeus responded, “There was not.”

    The general also told the solons he already had talked to President Hamid Karzai and other Afghan government officials about the rules of engagement and stated,

    “I want to assure the mothers and fathers of those fighting in Afghanistan that I see it as a moral imperative to bring all assets to bear to protect our men and women in uniform.”

    Abandoning a withdrawal date and revising the rules of engagement to “bring all assets to bear” are absolutely essential.

    Convincing Obama of these necessities may be the hardest task of all.

  94. blessedistruth Says:

    Friday, July 02, 2010

    Campaigning for Growth and Jobs

    Posted by: Hugh Hewitt


    … the president’s turn away from the private sector towards expansion of the federal government, and that after an era of massive expansion of state and local budgets and functions.

    The demand to shrink the government at all levels is also a demand to let the private sector grow and to allow Americans their full freedom to innovate, invent, experiment and, crucially, be left alone.

    (Amen to that!)

    Republican candidates have to find their tax-cutting voice and take a page from the late ’70s when Jack Kemp, clutching a copy of his book An American Renaissance, criss-crossed the land demanding tax cuts and preaching economic growth as the answer to Carter’s years of malaise.

    The president’s pathetic “the economy is headed in the right direction” declaration of Wednesday followed by his disconnected ramblings on immigration yesterday underscore the confusion of his message and

    *** the uncertainty even he feels about the consequences of his vast program of spending and government growth ***

    The GOP –from top to bottom– has to demand extension of the tax rates as they are and cuts where they will spur investment and job growth.

    Getting caught in what the Journal calls “Obama’s Tax Trap” isn’t an inevitability.

    That the president and his allies

    are even planning to demand more and more in taxes

    is an opportunity not to be missed

    to focus the debate and

    *** the crucial choice that will define the next quarter century ***

    even as 1978-1980 defined the 25 years that followed those crucial years.


    *** the crucial choice that will define the next quarter century ***

    the crucial choice — now, that’s a phrase that could catch on!

  95. blessedistruth Says:

    Surprise! Obama budget panel might work

    Emphasizing reduced spending over higher taxes is even one of the fiscal ten commandments of the International Monetary Fund.

    All this would, of course, require massive restructuring of social entitlements.

    In return, other panel Democrats would demand higher taxes — a supposed “no go” zone for Republicans.

    But perhaps such a heavy bias toward spending cuts could pry loose a couple of GOPers

    *** if tax increases focused on eliminating breaks rather than raising rates *** ???

    Then again, tax increases of any sort might not be necessary, assuming spending cuts.

    If the economy grows somewhat more like it has through the 20th century than what is assumed by dreary CBO forecasts, that alone would reduce projected budget deficits by 25 percent in 2035.

    Bowles is a dealmaker.

    And he’s been here before, leading political negotiations in the mid-1990s that helped create a string of balanced budgets.

    He just might pull off the trick again.

  96. blessedistruth Says:


    Should Pres. Obama’s Nose Be ‘Longer’ After Thursday’s Speech?

    State Sen. Russell Pearce, who sponsored Arizona’s controversial illegal immigration law, thinks so and held nothing back when he went ON THE RECORD last night:

  97. blessedistruth Says:


    By Dick Morris And Eileen McGann


    Amnesty presents a false choice.

    It assumes that we cannot dry up the jobs. But we can!

    Were companies to face heavy corporate fines and jail time for those who hired the illegal workers, they would stop hiring.

    If a guest worker program brought in a sufficient labor force to meet their needs – and returned them back home again – it would not be necessary to hire illegal immigrants.

    But as long as employers can get away with hiring illegals and paying them starvation wages, they will do so.

    It is only when they face the prospect of prison that they will see the light and start paying good wages as part of a national guest worker program.

    The cynicism of Obama in kindling hopes for amnesty only to see them certainly dashed is breathtaking.

    And his pushing the false choice of amnesty — when eliminating the jobs that fuel illegal immigration is a readily available solution – is revolting.

    He doesn’t want a law.

    He wants a fight and he wants the votes that a fight may bring him.

    It is Chicago polarizing politics at its very worst.


    Dick Morris argued this last night on Greta and was very convincing.

    Obama is thinking about the Latino vote in those seven states that pushed him over the top in 2008.

  98. blessedistruth Says:

    You may ask yourself, “Which seven states?”

  99. blessedistruth Says:

    Where ‘nice’ Obama has got us

    MARK STEYN: Why would Ahmadinejad take him seriously when even Karzai flips him the finger?

    by Mark Steyn on Thursday, July 1, 2010


    Instead of being an operation to kill one of the planet’s most concentrated populations of jihadist terrorists, it decayed into half-hearted nation-building in which a handful of real allies took the casualties while the rest showed up for the group photo.

    The 2004 NATO summit was hailed as a landmark success after the alliance’s 26 members agreed to put up an extra 600 troops and three helicopters for Afghanistan.

    That averages out at 23.08 troops per country, plus almost a ninth of a helicopter apiece.

    As it transpired, the three Black Hawks all came from one country—Turkey—and within a year they’d all gone back.

    Those 600 troops and three helicopters made no practical difference, but the effort expended on that transnational fig leaf certainly contributed to America’s disastrous reframing of its interests in Afghanistan.

    And so here we are, nine years, billions of dollars and many dead soldiers later, watching the guy we’ve propped up with Western blood and treasure make peace overtures to the Taliban’s most virulently anti-American and pro-al-Qaeda faction in hopes of bringing them back within the government.

    Being perceived as the weak horse is contagious:

    today, were Washington to call Moscow for use of those Central Asian bases, Putin would tell Obama to get lost, and then make sneering jokes about it afterwards.

    Were Washington to call Islamabad as it did on Sept. 12, the Pakistanis would thank them politely and say they’d think it over and get back in 30 days.

    The leaders of Turkey and Brazil, two supposed American allies assiduously courted and flattered by Obama this past year, flew in to high-five Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    The new President wished to reposition his nation by forswearing American power: he thought that made him the nice horse;

    everyone else looked on it as a self-gelding operation

    —or, as last week’s U.S. News & World Report headlined it,

    “World sees Obama as incompetent and amateur.”

    If the Taliban return to even partial power in Afghanistan, the unctuous State Department spokesmen will make the best of it.

    But the symbolism will be profound, and devastating in what it says about American will.


    “If the Taliban return to even partial power in Afghanistan”

    Mostly I am worried about our troopers. But if this happens, I am deeply worried about the fate of women and girls in Afghanistan.

  100. blessedistruth Says:

    Banishing God From Our Classrooms

    Thursday , July 01, 2010

    By Glenn Beck,2933,595764,00.html


    “O! Lord our heavenly Father, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords… look down in mercy, we beseech thee; on these our American states who have fled to thee from the rod of the oppressor and thrown themselves upon thy gracious protection, desiring henceforth to be dependent only on thee.”

    That’s the official prayer of the first Continental Congress in 1774.

    Oh, how far we’ve come. First, not — not — mandating a specific religion; then, don’t talk about God at all. You might offend someone!

    Then a compromise: A middle school in Brooklyn is talking about religion — well, using material that compares religion to a disease.

    But don’t worry, the material also says religion may be a disease, but it’s a “noble disease.”

    What is a noble disease? A cancer that only attacks pedophiles?

    As we’ve reduced our exposure to God since the 1962 court ruling, I contend we’ve all but forgotten God.

    It’s what led us to some big problems.

    Let me show you what David Barton found when he looked into this:

    SAT scores began falling, pre-marital sexual activity among teens skyrocketed and the number of violent crimes rose rapidly. Coincidence?

    Progressives have fought this fight for decades, because the less people rely on God, it creates a dependency vacuum.

    And guess who’s there to fill the void: government and the unions. It gives them more power over you.

    And if you think they don’t want it, watch this video from NEA General Counsel Bob Chanin, who was giving a retirement speech:


    BOB CHANIN, NEA: Despite what some among us would like to believe, it is not because of creative ideas, it is not because of the merit of our positions, it is not because we care about children, it is not because we have a vision of a great public school for every child.

    NEA and its affiliates are effective advocates because we have power and we have power because there are more than 3.2 million people who are willing to pay us hundreds of millions of dollars in dues each year because they believe we are the unions that can most effectively represent them, the unions that can protect their rights and advance their interests as education employees.


    It’s about power and control.

    Progressives believe the government will make better choices than the individual.

    And a huge part of what’s allowing them to amass more power is our growing separation from God.

    At a time when we need to hear more people of faith, they are being pushed aside — all in the name of political correctness.

    Even a high school kid from Massachusetts understands it:


    SEAN HARRINGTON, STUDENT: As Ronald Reagan said, “If we forget that we’re a nation under God, then we are a nation gone under.”


    Is that not proving true?


    “Our growing separation from God” ?

    I think we have to differentiate here.

    TPB who are desperately trying to retain the power, the profit, the prestige.

    They are the ones who’ve chosen to separate themselves from their Creator.

    They are rebels — but in a negative way. In that they rebel against God.

    But the vast majority of Americans, We the People, are not with them.

    But too many of that same majority are way too malleable and too easily led astray.

    That is how we ended up with a radical in the White House.

  101. blessedistruth Says:

    “They’re drinking the juice!”

    — Barack Hussein Obama

  102. blessedistruth Says:

  103. blessedistruth Says:

    “Socialism is when you build a moat around the castle.”

    Then the conversation shifts to someone who thinks the problem with the Euro is German, George Soros, aka a socialist, according to Hendry.

    “George is someone who we’ve all aspired to match his brilliance,” he begins. “But you have to remember something: the richest people in the planet become socialists.”

    Hendry thinks that’s a bit unfair and hypocritical of Soros to become a socialist now that he’s a billionaire.

    “Socialism is a great thing for George,” he says.

    “But I want to bring George down. I want George’s reputation.

    Now, Geroge is now embracing socialism. Socialism is when you build a moat around the castle.

    I’m spending all of my time trying to decide where I’m going to live because taxes are so high in this country and less of my time trying to figure out how to surpass Soros and his reputation.”

  104. blessedistruth Says:

    Hendry Discusses Euro Outlook, George Soros, Strategy

  105. blessedistruth Says:

  106. blessedistruth Says:

    Hugh Hendry calls out George Soros, alludes to swelling populist anger in Germany


    “Great Germans want to get rid of all the political class that represent them.

    Today in Europe we have a new Axis of Financial Evil.

    It is German and French bureaucrats and politicians who are determined to destroy the wealth and the hard working entrepreneurs that we find on this continent.”

    Sound familiar?

  107. blessedistruth Says:

    “Veronique de Rugy” today at TheCorner. She is definitely one to watch.

  108. blessedistruth Says:

    Music for Making Out circa 1972

    Uriah Heep – The Magicians Birthday 1972

  109. blessedistruth Says:

    Love WILL Fly!

  110. blessedistruth Says:

    My high school graduating class is celebrating its 35th reunion this weekend in Miami.

    We had “light shows” which were very popular and I knew the band. We went to Catholic school together.

    Anyway, at these light shows, my friends would perform the entire side of this album.

    I knew what they were capable of.

    They were performing “Polk Salad Annie” when we were 8th graders!

    One of my buddies plays guitar on Eric Clapton’s album, the one with Layla on it.

    And my boyfriend at the time built all of their speakers, he was always building stuff!

    Good Miami people!

    Good to see the youth of today still performing this classic.

    The Beatles’ I Want You (She’s So Heavy) – Baltimore School of Rock

  111. blessedistruth Says:

  112. blessedistruth Says:

  113. blessedistruth Says:

    (from the album ‘SONGS OF LEONARD COHEN’)

    Suzanne takes you down to her place near the river
    You can hear the boats go by
    You can spend the night beside her
    And you know that she’s half crazy
    But that’s why you want to be there
    And she feeds you tea and oranges
    That come all the way from China
    And just when you mean to tell her
    That you have no love to give her
    Then she gets you on her wavelength
    And she lets the river answer
    That you’ve always been her lover
    And you want to travel with her
    And you want to travel blind
    And you know that she will trust you
    For you’ve touched her perfect body with your mind.

    And Jesus was a sailor
    When he walked upon the water
    And he spent a long time watching
    From his lonely wooden tower
    And when he knew for certain
    Only drowning men could see him
    He said “All men will be sailors then
    Until the sea shall free them”
    But he himself was broken
    Long before the sky would open
    Forsaken, almost human
    He sank beneath your wisdom like a stone
    And you want to travel with him
    And you want to travel blind
    And you think maybe you’ll trust him
    For he’s touched your perfect body with his mind.

    Now Suzanne takes your hand
    And she leads you to the river
    She is wearing rags and feathers
    From Salvation Army counters
    And the sun pours down like honey
    On our lady of the harbour
    And she shows you where to look
    Among the garbage and the flowers
    There are heroes in the seaweed
    There are children in the morning
    They are leaning out for love
    And they will lean that way forever
    While Suzanne holds the mirror
    And you want to travel with her
    And you want to travel blind
    And you know that you can trust her
    For she’s touched your perfect body with her mind.

  114. blessedistruth Says:

    New Thread:

    ‘To his Excellency General Washington’ By Phillis Wheatley

  115. blessedistruth Says:

    Top Searches

    condor, moon and stars, chile, gustav klimt, victor jara

  116. blessedistruth Says:

    Top Posts (the past week)

    The mind of the surviving soul at death

    Inti Illimani Interpreta a Victor Jara

    I Like It!

    Swimming in the River of Dreams

    Col. Steve Wilson, USAF versus Dr. Henry Kissinger Cosmic Q, level 33

    Kenny Rankin Inside

    Virgen de la Candelaria

    Whitley Strieber reacts to Stephen Hawking’s warning about alien contact

  117. blessedistruth Says:


    New Thread:

    ‘To his Excellency General Washington’ By Phillis Wheatley

  118. blessedistruth Says:

    Commenting over here this morning.

  119. blessedistruth Says:

    New Thread:

    The Day After Roswell by Philip J. Corso

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