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Michael E. Salla — The next window for disclosure

July 28, 2010

Mr. Salla talked about the Washington Post’s recent series of articles on US government secrecy, and suggested that classified UFO technology is being handed over to corporations, taking it out of citizen oversight. He commented that Stephen Hawking’s recent pronouncement that we should be wary of making contact with aliens was a positive development in that it turned the subject into a legitimate scientific debate. Salla believes the next window for govt. disclosure will be after the 2010 elections, and it may take the initial form of something far from Earth, such as related to exoplanets or a SETI signal, rather than a direct admission of ET visitations to our planet.

Washington Post report supports accounts of military personnel keeping UFO secrets from commanders.


According to a 22 year veteran of the U.S. Army, he was regularly called away for above Top Secret (i.e., compartmented programs) assignments involving the recovery of UFO crashes or artifacts. Clifford Stone claimed that he was instructed not to reveal anything to his regular army commander about his special training and/or assignments involving UFO technology and extraterrestrial life.


Another serviceman who was secretly trained and instructed not to disclose anything to his regular military commander is Dan Sherman. Sherman served for 12 years in the US Air Force. Alongside his regular military training as an electronic intelligence (ELINT) analyst, Sherman was secretly trained to be an “intuitive communicator” – someone trained to conduct telepathic communications. The Above Top Secret or compartmented program was called Project Preserve Destiny (PPD).  When Sherman was subsequently assigned to the NSA, he worked on a specially designed computer where he could perform both his normal ELINT work, and also work as an intuitive communicator when required with a group of extraterrestrials. The individuals responsible for Sherman’s training and subsequent covert work within the NSA were officers with the rank of Captain who would not operate through the normal chain of military command either within the USAF or within the NSA. The responsible organization appeared to be a parallel system that operated through but was not part of the NSA. He worked on PPD for almost three years.

The problem of personnel being ordered to keep secrets from commanders extends to the highest ranks of the military.

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Pioneer in the development of ‘Exopolitics’, Michael Salla discussed disclosure, secrecy, and changes in the way science and religion views ET contacts.

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“Life like ours is very difficult to find.”

July 17, 2010


“There is an extremely classified document dealing with religion, and it’s extremely thick. [It says] that we’re ‘containers.’ That’s supposedly how the aliens look at us; that we’re nothing but containers–maybe containers of souls.”

An excerpt from the book “UFOs and the Alien Presence” (1991 by Michael Lindemann ISBN 0-9630104-0-9)

BL = Bob Lazar
GH = Gene Huff
ML = Michael Lindemann
PH = An anonymous physicist
RS = Ralph Steiner

RS: “Bob, you said you read in the document room some rather strange references to human evolution and the aliens’ role in human genetics. How did that come up, in what context? What was it you saw?”

BL: “I hate to repeat this stuff. I say this every time I mention it, because I have no other proof it’s true, other than the fact that I read it; and I always follow that up by saying, yes, everything I read about the propulsion system turned out to be fact.

But it’s really far-fetched, and even though I did work with alien technology on flying saucers, I still find it difficult to come to grips with the physical alien thing in itself.

But as far as where that came from, yes, there was a book that was almost like a history of the development of the human race. It was written from a different point of view.

I don’t think that particular thing had a title to it. But that’s where we were referred to as ‘containers.’

Any time the word ‘human’ came up, it was always replaced with the word ‘containers.’ Earth was referred to as Sol 3 instead of earth. It was a strangely written report.”

ML: “What do you think the word ‘containers’ referred to?”

BL: “That referred to people. Now, containers of what, I don’t know. You can speculate on that until you turn BLUE.”

ML: “This book you’re referring to — are you saying this book was of alien origin?”

BL: “I’ll tell you exactly how it looked. It was certainly odd, in that it was written from another point of view. It was like a history book of us, like someone had been looking at the earth and written a brief history of what had happened, and how everything living here looked, so on and so forth.

If you remember the old Collier’s encyclopedias, in the section on anatomy they had the clear pages that you could turn, and there’s the circulatory system, the organs, and so forth. OK.

This was one of the most fascinating things in the briefings, other than the information itself.

As you turned the page — it would be a picture of, for instance, an old adobe house — and as you moved the page up, you’d see through the different levels of the house, almost like those little 3-D things you bend and see different views, but it was very smooth and clear, much higher resolution. I’d just never seen anything like that.

I don’t know if it actually exists anywhere, or if we’re talking about something of alien origin, but as you turn the page, you can see the superstructure, and then down to the wood itself, then the foundation.

There again, there were no references to people. Everything was ‘containers.'”

ML: “But it was clear from the context that the word container referred to people? [BL: Right.]

What kinds of things did they say about the people? Did they talk about how people behave, what the historical development was?”

BL: “What they were talking about was the desirability of containers, and that the containers were not damaged.

Now, people speculate on containers. Are they talking about containers of souls, something bizarre like that; or is it the opposite?

Is the container the soul, and it contains the body?

That’s too far out really for me to grasp, but they were talking about the preservation of the containers, and how unique they are.

Extremely, extremely unique…”

GH: “That life like ours was very difficult to find.”

BL: “Very difficult to find.”

BL: “By the way, the book, if flipped over, is two books put together. One’s upside down.

This way, it’s kind of the basic history of earth.

You flip it over and read it the other way, and it has to do with Reticulum Four, as they called it, which dealt with the alien civilization.”


Bob Lazar stated that the “Sport Model” Flying Disc amplified the “Strong Nuclear Force” of Element 115 (UnUnPentium or UUP) to generate the gravity field for “Space-Time Compression.”  Bob also stated that the U.S. Government had 500 pounds of Element 115 in their possession.  The raw Element 115 was given to the U.S. Goverment at S4 by the Reticulan EBEs in the form of discs.  The scientists at S4 sent the Element 115 discs through Groom Lake to Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, to be milled for use in the Anti-Matter Reactor.  The Los Alamos personnel were told it was a new form of armor.  They simply followed orders, milled it in accordance with the following steps, and sent it back to Groom Lake.  It was during this process that some of the Element 115 turned up missing. 

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Interview with Gordon Cooper – Michael Lindemann

What about bodies?

Maybe, yes. But I think there were better ones than Roswell,” he said. “We got some live ones.

Live ones? Live aliens? Of course one hears all the rumors and wild tales. Did Gordon know for sure that there were some live aliens?

I knew a guy who brought one in,” he said.

What? Brought one in? What did that mean, exactly?

It was back in the mid-1950s, at White Sands Proving Ground in the middle of the New Mexico desert.

His friend — Gordon called him Moser, and said that Moser had passed away just a few years ago — was a rocket scientist. He was working by himself on a rocket engine test bed, getting ready for a test the next day.

Suddenly, without warning, he heard a voice say his name. He didn’t know where it came from. He looked around, saw no one. The voice said his name again.

“Then the voice said, ‘Don’t worry, I’m above you in a craft a few miles up.’

Gordon said the voice belonged to a person who wanted Moser to provide lots of basic information about earth and humans, so that this visitor could begin to adjust to living here.

An arrangement was struck whereby Moser would bring the visitor library books, the visitor would read them at incredible speed, then Moser would go get some more.

On more than one occasion, Moser went aboard the visitor’s craft.

The visitor looked human enough to pass on the street, but he was not used to earth gravity and had a hard time breathing our air.

It took him five years to acclimate to earth conditions. Then he started living on the surface. Moser stayed in close touch with him.

I asked Gordon if he ever met the visitor. “No. I hinted around again and again, but Moser never introduced us.

Where is the visitor now? Gordon said he doesn’t know. The visitor learned to blend into human society and became a businessman, Moser said.

Why was the visitor here?

Gordon said Moser told him the visitor’s people had been in space a long time.

They were a very old race, and their planet had died when their sun died. They didn’t want to invade or change our society. They just wanted to live on solid ground.

Earth took some getting used to, but Moser’s visitor friend had adjusted well. Presumably there were many others, but Gordon didn’t claim to know about that.


I asked him if he thought there had been any technology transfer.

He said it was quite possible that the story told by Bob Lazar about saucers at a secret base in Nevada was true; and that wreckage had probably been recovered at Roswell and elsewhere.

I asked him if he thought the rumors about a landing at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico were true, and he said he thought perhaps they were.


Michael Lindemann is one of America’s most active and well-known lecturers on the subject of UFOs and human-alien contact.

Since 1990, Michael Lindemann has earned national recognition for contributions to the study of UFOs. He first examined the UFO controversy from the angle of its possible connection to covert weapons development and social policy.

Finding substantial evidence in support of UFO claims, he launched the Visitors Investigation Project to conduct and publish UFO research.

In 1994, Michael Lindemann co-founded the Institute for the Study of Contact with Non-human Intelligence (ISCNI, Inc.).

The UFO publications of the 2020 Group, as well as Michael Lindemann’s many public lectures, are intended to broaden public awareness and increase the legitimacy of public discussion concerning the entire range of claims surrounding UFOs and alleged human-alien contact.

Books: 1990: “UFOs and the Alien Presence: Time for the Truth” (Out of print.), 1991: “UFOs and the Alien Presence: Six Viewpoints”, 1992: “UFOs and the New World Order”, 1992: “UFOs and the Alien Presence (Video), 1994: “UFOs and the Global Situation” (Video).

With guests: Linda Moulton Howe: Crop Circles and Michael Lindemann: who looks to the future. Military and Government disinformation, ufo’s, and more.

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The Day After Roswell by Philip J. Corso

July 6, 2010


Philip J. Corso (May 22, 1915 – July 16, 1998) was an American Army officer.

He served in the United States Army from February 23, 1942, to March 1, 1963,[1] and earned the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Corso published The Day After Roswell, about how he was involved in the research of alleged extraterrestrial technology recovered from the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident. On July 23, 1997, he was a guest on the popular late night radio show, Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell where he spoke live about his Roswell story. This interview was rebroadcast by Coast to Coast AM on July 3, 2010.

It is worthwhile to summarize some of the things Corso confirms:


– The U.S. government has been in contact with the aliens, and has negotiated an agreement with them which he describes as a kind of temporary surrender.

– Alien artifacts have been reverse-engineered to some degree, and some of the results fed to companies which have developed products based on it.

– The original ARPANET, which evolved into the Internet, was largely driven by the need to coordinate a response to the “alien problem”, and to develop a communications system that would be difficult for the aliens to interdict.

– The original “working group” was composed of the same persons listed in the “Majestic 12” documentation, although Corso did not confirm that “Majestic 12” was the name of the group, or what the present name might be. He simply refers to it as the “working group”, and apparently everyone knows what that is, if not who composes it.

– The “working group” put in charge of dealing with the “alien problem” continues, and functions as a kind of secret government, perhaps more powerful than the President. Corso intimates that not all Presidents have been told about the aliens.

– The nations of the Earth are cooperating with the U.S. in dealing with the “alien problem”, and this cooperation dominates international relations on several levels.

– The “Cold War” was ended by Reagan and Gorbachev in response to what was perceived as an alien threat. The “New World Order” should be taken as this new system of cooperation, from the viewpoint of the people working on the “alien problem”, although Corso does not use that term, and seems opposed to the unconstitutional form it is taking.

– The real Cold War, against the aliens, continues, with the Space Defense Initiative being one of its principle activities. This is the main reason for continued high defense expenditures, the excuse for defense against “terrorism”, and other programs of increased militarization of society.

– Elements within and without the official governments of the Earth have an agenda to establish a de facto world government, mainly to defend against the aliens, but one which would establish an oligarchy centered on those charged with the defense. The CIA seems to be one of the main concentrations for the implementation of this agenda.

– The propulsion, power source, and control systems of the alien craft have not yet been successfully reverse-engineered. (But this may be disinformation.)

– The aliens are responsible for most of the animal mutilations.

– The aliens are abducting people and conducting experiments on them, with the apparent purpose of developing a new, hybrid species.

In Rome, 1945

 The EBE

“We were looking at an entirely revolutionary concept of guided flight in which the pilot was the system.”

Where the possibility of some evidence about the workings of the alien brains did exist was in what I referred to in my reports as the ”headbands”. Among the artifacts we retrieved were devices that looked something like headbands but had neither adornment nor decoration of any kind. Embedded by some very advanced kind of vulcanizing process into a form of flexible plastic were what we now know to have been electrical conductors or sensors, similar to the conductors on an electroencephalograph or polygraph.

This band was fitted around the part of the alien cranium just above the ears where the skull began to expand to accommodate the large brain. At the time, the field reports from the crash and the subsequent analysis at Wright Field indicated that the engineers at the Air Materiel Command thought these might be communication devices, like the throat mikes our pilots wore during World War II. But, as I would find out when I evaluated the device and sent it into the market for reverse-engineering, this was a throat mike only in a way that a primitive stylus can be considered the forerunner of the color laser-imaging printer.

Suffice it to say that in the few hours the material was at Walker Field in Roswell, more than one officer at the 509th gingerly slipped this thing over his head and tried to figure out what it did. At first it did nothing. There were no buttons, no switches, no wires, nothing that could even be considered to have been a control panel. So no one knew how to turn it on or off. Moreover, the band was not really adjustable, though it had enough elasticity to have been one size fits all for the creatures whose skulls were large enough to accommodate them. However, the reports I read stated, the few officers whose heads were just large enough to have made contact with the full array of conductors got the shocks of their lives.

In their descriptions of the headband, these officers reported everything from a low tingling sensation inside their heads to a searing headache and a brief array of either dancing or exploding colors on the insides of their eyelids as they rotated the device around their head and brought the sensors into contact with different parts of their skull.

These eyewitness reports suggested to me that the sensors stimulated different parts of the brain while at the same time exchanged information with the brain. Again, using the analogy of an EEC, these devices were a very sophisticated mechanism for translating the electrical impulses inside the creatures’ brains into specific commands. Perhaps these headband devices comprised the pilot interface of the ship’s navigational and propulsion system combined with a long range communications device.

At first I didn’t know, but it was only when we began development of the long brain wave research project toward the end of my tenure at the Pentagon that I realized just what we had and how it might be developed. It took a long time to harvest this technology, but fifty years after Roswell, versions of these devices eventually became a component of the navigational control system for some of the army’s most sophisticated helicopters and will soon be on the American consumer electronics market as user input devices for personal computer games.

The first Army Air Force analysts and engineers both at the 509th and at Wright Field were also bedeviled by the lack of any traditional controls and propulsion system in the crashed vehicle. Looking at their reports and the artifacts from the perspective of 1961, however, I imagined that the keys to understanding what made the craft go and directed its flight lay not only within the craft itself but in the relationship between the pilots and the craft. If we hypothesized a brainwave guidance system that was as specific to the pilots’ electronic signature as it was to the spacecraft’s, then we were looking at an entirely revolutionary concept of guided flight in which the pilot was the system.

Imagine transportation devices in which the key to the ignition is a digitized code derived from your electroencephalographic signature and is read automatically upon your donning some sort of sensorized headband. That’s the way I believed the spacecraft was navigated, by direct interaction between the electronic waves generated within the minds of the pilots and the craft’s directional controls. The electronic brain signals were interpreted and transmitted by the headband devices, which served as interfaces.

Statement made to Clark McClelland, Mission Operations Monitor for NASA on 16 July 1969 at Kennedy Space Center during the launch of Apollo 11 by Senator Barry Goldwater, a long-standing member of the select committee on Intelligence, is conclusive:

“The UFO situation is at the highest level of national security. Much higher than the H Bomb.”

The implication is that the aforesaid agencies, known or unknown to the public, have used this information – and possible access – to further their goals of global domination, justified by the imperative of planning for “planetary defence” against any and all invaders from space , camouflaged as national security preparations against a foreign enemy, formerly defined as the USSR and now as China, Russia and accessorily the international Islamic threat, embodied either by an amorphous terrorist network such as Al Qaida or by a regional power like Iran.

This broadly was the initial conclusion reached by M W Cooper in his brochure “The Secret Government – the origins, identity and purpose of MJ-12.”

Philip Corso, son of Colonel Corso

Phil Corso, Jr., World Peace & Dawn of a New Age, Pt 3

[Colonel Corso] loved my 3 boys, you know, and I’m sure he would want the best for them. And that’s why the book was written, by the way. It even says that in The Day After Roswell.

He felt that young people could handle it, by knowing the truth.

I’ve got to tell you, real quick, about something.

He would go into the Pentagon. And he says there was a room that they would go into, like a jail cell, and, he says, you weren’t allowed to take anything into the room. No papers, no pencils, nothing to record anything whatsoever.

And you go in there, and you come out, and whatever question you asked would be answered, and you’d come out with that question.

And I asked him, “Was that ET in there?”

He never answered me. He would never say a word. I guess it was classified, so, you know, a military man would not say anything.

I thought it was ET in there.

So, I just brought that up real quick to let you know that maybe there was one in the Pentagon. I don’t know.


[An Observation: Not all ETs are manufactured.  Not all ETs are bad.  Not all abductions are MILABs.  All experiencers only have a piece of the puzzle.  And not all memories are true, though some are.  Having said all that …]

Colonel Corso, MILABs and “False Screen Memories”

What follows is an interview with Edgar Fouche conducted by Paola Harris in 1999 and printed in her book, Connecting the Dots, pp. 84-90. It illustrates more of his views on black projects and how extraterrestrial technologies have been secretly reverse engineered.

PH: In your opinion, do these androids or manufactured beings have a program? They must have, mustn’t they, seeing as too many people continue to talk about their abduction experiences?

EF: I’m not so sure, and this is part of the current diatribe. According to Gerald and another two people I have talked to, there have been some abductions, but only a limited number. Most abductions are carried out by the government.

PH: Why on Earth would the government be involved in abductions and insert screen memories in people’s minds, making them believe they were abducted by aliens?

EF: There are several reasons. TMK is easy to use: it’s a mind control technique first used in the ‘30s and ‘40s, when the CIA used to give people large doses of marijuana extract (THC), heroin and mescaline, altering human behavior via brainwaves or ultrasound to create screen memories or to put false memories into people’s minds.

PH: In other words, you are saying that the manipulation of human beings is being carried out by the government, and not by aliens.

EF: Three people I trust swear that they are absolutely sure of this. Think about it—one of the reasons which comes to mind is that if there were some alien germ which could infect us, we could alter human genetics through injections.

But what would happen if aliens came to Earth and released microbes which could modify our atmosphere? We would have be able to adapt.

In other words, maybe we know that aliens are coming and they will settle on Earth. How can we protect our race?

PH: Is this how you explain the reasoning behind abductions?

EF: Exactly. It’s for the protection of the species. Or maybe they’ve learned how to improve our species from genetic engineering.

PH: But why abduct people, Ed? Why do we have to do it in such a violent way? Can’t we find another solution? For example, say it’s being done to fight a disease?

EF: But how would you harvest eggs?

PH: But these people truly believe that they have passed through walls and been in spaceships. Why would the government create all these false memories?

EF: Disinformation. If you plant half a dozen different versions of what is going on in people’s minds, no-one will ever believe anyone else, and that’s exactly what’s happening.

PH: It’s a worldwide phenomenon. In Italy too, really strange things are happening to people who live both in cities and in remote areas. How can it possibly be a government conspiracy?

EF: It could be a cross-section.

PH: They would have to have made agreements with Italy and all the other nations.

EF: I have never believed in the theory of aliens or the New World Order controlling minds for financial reasons.

The New World Order exists for a different reason, it’s part of a Majestic 12 plan to unite the world under a single government.

Supposing there’s an alien threat, how could we unite the world under one power? How could we all agree? We would never agree, not even through the United Nations.

Not unless a pre-existing authority imposed the terms of the future new order.

PH: So you believe that convincing people that we are threatened by aliens will unite everyone in a single world order?

EF: Yes. It would also happen in the event of a crisis. Y2K is a prime example. The world now relies on computers. There is no easier way than to crash all the computers in the world to take control and overcome those who possess all the computer-based and military power.

PH: Why would they take control?

EF: To rule the world under a single government.


Col. Philip J. Corso served in many important roles during his Army career, among those he was on the staff of President Eisenhower’s National Security Council and would brief the president personally. He also worked at the Pentagon for sometime serving as the chief of the foreign technology division. Here he says he handled debris from the crash of an alien spaceship in Roswell, and was privy to many of our government’s secrets regarding extraterrestrials. In this video he claims that he briefed then Attorney General Bobby Kennedy directly on this issue, who he believes briefed the President, JFK.

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