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A new physical form that would allow the companions of the Creator to sojourn in the Earth

August 29, 2010

At college campuses during the 1960s, some people demonstrated for world peace by carrying a Flag of the Races (also called the Flag of the Human Race) with five horizontal stripes (from top to bottom they were red, black, brown, yellow, and white, representing respectively the American Indian race, the Black race, the Malayan race, the Mongolian race, and the Caucasian race).

In five different regions, in five different races, in five different nations the souls entered.

Conditions in the Earth had changed dramatically. En masse the souls had entered, preparing for generations of incarnations that were to be a part of this new world; a joyful solution, it was hoped.

In five different regions, in five different races, in five different nations the souls entered, each group manifesting a unique characteristic of their celestial nature and each responsible for maintaining and enlightening the physical world with that celestial aspect while the cycles of Earth-life moved toward their destiny.

Leila was among those souls charged with developing the white race. Their original center was in the Caucasus Mountains, though many of them migrated into what today would be called northern Africa, Egypt, eastern Asia and Europe.

In Egypt, the high-priest Ra Ta, and several others working closely with him, were preparing for Leila’s entry.


As mentioned briefly, the celestially aware companions entered in five different races. This was originally accomplished more in consciousness than in form, for their bodies did not immediately reflect true, pure human qualities but had to be developed toward this aim.

At this early stage in man’s entry into the Earth, human qualities were more mental images than physical forms, and in order to convert them into physical reality, it was essential to work within the laws of evolution and genetics native to the earth.

Ra Ta and his companions had finally achieved the perfected white body (originating in the Caucus and Carpathian areas, perfected in Egypt).

The red had already been perfected (Atlantis and North America), as well as the brown (Lemuria and the Andes), the black (Sudan and Congo) and the yellow (Gobi area).

Leila had been the soul that entered this first purely Caucasian body. Her new name, appropriate, was Tar Ello, “body of light.” It was a high achievement for Leila. She gave hope and inspiration to many through her beautiful reflection of one of the five aspects of the heavenly “form.”

Man was no longer a beast of the world, but a descendant from another world above; a beautiful descendant. Now the work of the ascension was ahead of them, the return to their life “before the world was.”

Though Tar Ello had accomplished much in achieving her first flesh body, it would prove to be a very difficult incarnation for her.

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For those unfamiliar with the word pentatonic, the prefix ‘penta’ is a Latin term for five: i.e. pentagram, Pentagon, pentagonal.

Origins Of The Five Races

Question: Did the appearance of what became the five races occur simultaneously?

Answer Cayce: Occurred at once.

Question: Describe the earth’s surface at the period of the appearance of the five projections.

Answer Cayce: This has been given. In the first or that known as the beginning, or in the Caucasian and Carpathian, or the Garden Of Eden, in that land which now lies much in the desert, yet much in mountain and much in rolling lands there.

The extreme northern portions were then the southern portions, or the polar regions were then turned to where they occupied more of the tropical and semitropical regions; hence it would be hard to discern or disseminate the change.

The Nile entered into the Atlantic Ocean.

What is now the Sahara was an inhabited land and very fertile.

What is now the central portion of this country, or the Mississippi basin, was then all in the ocean; only the plateau was existent, or the regions that
are now portions of Nevada, Utah and Arizona formed the greater part of what we know as the United States.

That land along the Atlantic seaboard formed the outer portion then, or the lowlands of Atlantis.

The Andean or the Pacific coast of South America occupied then the extreme western portion of L em u r i a.

The Urals and the northern regions of same were turned into a tropical land.

The desert in the Mongolian land was then the fertile portion.

This may enable you to form some concept of the states of the earth’s representations at that time.

The oceans were then turned about; they no longer bear their names, yet from whence obtained they their names? What is the legend, even, as to their names?

Question: Are the following the correct places? Atlantean, the red race?

Answer Cayce: Atlantean and American, the red race.

Question: Upper Africa for the black?

Answer Cayce: Or what would be known now as the more western portion of upper Egypt for the black.

You see, with the changes, when there came the uprisings in the Atlantean land, and the sojourning southward, with the turning of the axis, the white and yellow races
came more into that portion of Egypt, India, Persia and Arabia.

A crop circle at Barton le Clay in Bedfordshire

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Edgar Cayce’s Story of the “Temple of Sacrifice” and the “Temple Beautiful”

August 18, 2010

Egypt: Next to biblical times, the most significant era for the “life readings” was a pre-dynastic Egyptian civilization consisting of Atlantean refugees.

Cayce purported to have been an Egyptian priest named “Ra Ta” who built a spiritually based healing center (the “Temple of Sacrifice”) and educational institution (the “Temple Beautiful”).

His diagnostic readings and narratives about the past and future were supposed to be a continuation of his ancient work.

This civilization also built monuments on the Giza plateau, including the Great Pyramid, and left records of Atlantis in a “hall of records” located somewhere beneath the Great Sphinx of Giza.

Locations Of The Records Of The Atlantean Civilization And Its Firestone

Hall of Records in Egypt

We turn now to the deeply interesting reading for a man who in an Egyptian incarnation was Hept-supht, the sealer of the Great Pyramid. Not only does this reading explain what the records of Atlantis contain, it covers where the records lie, and who might appear to help find them.

Edgar Cayce:

Yes, we have those experiences of the soul-entity, the activities in the material, [378] – Hept-supht, in Egypt.

Much might be given respecting the activities of the entity who sealed with the seal of the Alta and Atlanteans, and the aid given in the completion of the pyramid of initiation as well as in the records that are to be uncovered.

At the completion of that called Gizeh, there was the mounting of that which completed the top, composed of a combination or fluxes of brass, copper, gold, that was to be sounded when all the initiates were gathered about the altar or the pyramid.

And the sounding of same has become, as given, the call – in the varied lands – to prayer, or to arms, or to battle, or to service in any of the activities that became the guiding of influencing the masses in activity.

In describing, then, the ceremonies of dedication or of the activities that began with the keeping of the lines of the priests and the initiates in the order according to their adherence to the law of one that was initiated in the activities of Hept-supht in this period, the sounding of the head or the top was given to one that acted in the capacity of the headsman – as would be termed in some of those activities of such nature in other portions of the country, or as nations rose in their service of such natures.

And the Priest, with those gathered in and about the passage that led from the varied ascents through the pyramid, then offered there incense to the gods that dwelt among those in their activities in the period of developments of the peoples.

In the record chambers there were more ceremonies than in calling the peoples at the finishing of that called the pyramid.

For, here those that were trained in the Temple of Sacrifice as well as in the Temple Beautiful were about the sealing of the record chambers.

For, these were to be kept as had been given by the priests in Atlantis or Poseidia (Temple), when these records of the race, of the developments, of the laws pertaining to One were put in their chambers and to be opened only when there was the returning of those into materiality, or to earth’s experience, when the change was imminent in the earth; which change, we see, begins in ’58 and ends with the changes wrought in the upheavals and the shifting of the poles, as begins then the reign in ’98 (as time is counted in the present) of those influences that have been given by many in the records that have been kept by those sojourners in this land of the Semitic peoples.

Then, the SEALINGS were the activities of Hept-supht with Ra-Ta and Isi-so [Isis and Iso. See 294-152, Par. 3] and the king Araaraart, when there were the gatherings of all the peoples for this record sealing; with incense from the altars of the Temple and altars of the cleansings that were opened for their activities in the grounds about this tomb or temple of records; and many were the cleansings of the peoples from those things or conditions that separated them from the associations of the lower kingdoms that had brought those activities in all lands of the worship of Baalilal [?] [Belial?] [Deut. 13:13] and of the desires as from carnal associations and influences.

The entity Hept-supht LED in the keeping of the records and the buildings that were put in their respective actions or places of activity at this time.

This was in the period, as given, of 10,500 years before the entering of the Prince of Peace in the land to study to become an initiate in or through those same activities that were set by Hept-supht in this dedicating ceremony.


Edgar Cayce on Atlantis

The Great Crystal, Or “Firestone


3. (Q) Give an account of the electrical and mechanical knowledge of the entity as Asal-Sine in Atlantis.

(A) Yes, we have the entity’s activities during that experience. As indicated, the entity was associated with those that dealt with the mechanical appliances and their application during the experience. And, as we find, it was a period when there was much that has not even been thought of as yet in the present experiences.

About the firestone that was in the experience did the activities of the entity then make those applications that dealt with both the constructive and destructive forces in the period.

It would be well that there be given something of a description of this, that it may be better understood by the entity in the present, as to how both constructive and destructive forces were generated by the activity of this stone.

In the center of a building, that today would be said to have been lined with non-conductive metals, or non-conductive stone – something akin to asbestos, with the combined forces of bakerite [bakelite?] or other non-conductors that are now being manufactured in England under a name that is known well to many of those that deal in such things.

The building above the stone was oval, or a dome wherein there could be or was the rolling back, so that the activity of the stone was received from the sun’s rays, or from the stars; the concentrating of the energies that emanate from bodies that are on fire themselves – with the elements that are found and that are not found in the earth’s atmosphere.

The concentration through the prisms or glass, as would be called in the present, was in such a manner that it acted upon the instruments that were connected with the various modes of travel, through induction methods – that made much the character of control as the remote control through radio vibrations or directions would be in the present day; though the manner of the force that was impelled from the stone acted upon the motivating forces in the crafts themselves.

There was the preparation so that when the dome was rolled back there might be little or no hindrance in the application direct to the various crafts that were to be impelled through space, whether in the radius of the visioning of the one eye, as it might be called, or whether directed under water or under other elements or through other elements.

The preparation of this stone was in the hands only of the initiates at the time, and the entity was among those that directed the influences of the radiation that arose in the form of the rays that were invisible to the eye but that acted upon the stones themselves as set in the motivating forces – whether the aircraft that were lifted by the gases in the period or whether guiding the more pleasure vehicles that might pass along close to the earth, or what would be termed the crafts on the water or under the water.

These, then, were impelled by the concentrating of the rays from the stone that was centered in the middle of the power station, or power house (that would be termed in the present).

In the active forces of these the entity brought destructive forces, by the setting up – in various portions of the land – the character that was to act as producing the powers in the various forms of the people’s activities in the cities, the towns, the countries surrounding same.

These, not intentionally, were TUNED too high – and brought the second period of destructive forces to the peoples in the land, and broke up the land into the isles that later became the periods when the further destructive forces were brought in the land.

Through the same form of fire the bodies of individuals were regenerated, by the burning – through the application of the rays from the stone, the influences that brought destructive forces to an animal organism.

Hence the body rejuvenated itself often, and remained in that land until the eventual destruction, joining with the peoples that made for the breaking up of the land – or joining with Baalilal [Baal? Belial?] at the final destruction of the land.

In this the entity lost. At first, it was not the intention nor desire for destructive forces. Later it was for the ascension of power itself.

As to describing the manner of construction of the stone, we find it was a large cylindrical glass (as would be termed today), cut with facets in such a manner that the capstone on top of same made for the centralizing of the power or force that concentrated between the end of the cylinder and the capstone itself.

As indicated, [See 996-12] the records of the manners of construction of same are in three places in the earth, as it stands today: In the sunken portions of Atlantis, or Poseidia, where a portion of the temples may yet be discovered, under the slime of ages of sea water – near what is known as Bimini, off the coast of Florida.

And in the temple records that were in Egypt, where the entity later acted in cooperation with others in preserving the records that came from the land where these had been kept.

Also the records that were carried to what is now Yucatan in America, where these stones (that they know so little about) are now – during the last few months – BEING uncovered.

Plato & Cayce

Cayce’s story actually extends the Plato account relating details from individual’s lives as well as giving an overview of the entire history of Atlantis. Both Plato and Cayce tell of an advanced civilization existing in ancient Atlantis, but Cayce’s description of the civilization is far more technologically advanced.

Between the timeframe of 50,000 B.C. to 28,000 B.C., Cayce describes a civilization that had developed power sources, hot-air balloons (made from skins), flying “ships,” advanced forms of communication and electronic transmission, and a mysterious laser-like “firestone” that could be tuned to various levels to produce power.

After the 28,000 B.C. destruction of Atlantis, Cayce’s descriptions of Atlantis are far less technological and in line with the descriptions Plato gave about the civilization in 9,600 B.C.: spears, bows and arrows, gardens, and sailing ships.

ISTVAN FAZEKAS has studied with yogis and Buddhist teachers for over sixteen years, melding Christian mysticism with Eastern traditions, somatic sciences, and energetic principles.

This video is an excerpt from his presentation The Three Pillars of Enlightened Consciousness: Ancient Wisdom & the Body Temple recorded at the 2009 Ancient Mysteries Conference at Edgar Cayces A.R.E. in Virginia Beach.

He is the author of Edgar Cayce and the Yoga Sutra which brings classical ancient Eastern teachings together with modern metaphysical Western tradition and includes the wisdom from the Edgar Cayce readings, and The Alkalizing Diet on achieving the acid/alkaline balance that is ideal for keeping the body more energetic and much more resistant to viruses.


Rasa — Saffron Blue

Saffron Blue evokes a sense of passion, with stunning performances by four guest vocalists that perfectly juxtapose Kim Water’s exquisite voice and Hans Christian’s virtuosic arrangements.

Latest UFO files released

August 6, 2010

Sketch showing ‘flying saucer’ sighted over cornfield at East Grinstead, Surrey.

“ufo-defe-24-1996-1-168” — Page 168

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05 August

The latest batch of UFO files has been released by The National Archives today, revealing how ‘unexplained aerial phenomena’ were taken so seriously in 1957 they were discussed by the Cabinet Office’s Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC).

The files also contain dozens of UFO sightings reported to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) between 1995 and 2003, including more than 600 instances in 1996 alone. The files are available to download for free for a month at

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