A Romeo and Juliet story of two lovers turned into volcanoes by the gods

Southwest Pietà, the colossal sculpture placed in the plaza just east of the ASU Art Museum

Jimenez defines the piece in his own words:

“The archetypal image is based on the popular Mexican myth of the origin of the two volcanoes Popocatepetl and Ixtaccihuatl in the Valley of Mexico. It’s a Romeo and Juliet story of two lovers turned into volcanoes by the gods: The active one is the grieving man, the dead woman is the dormant one.

While the image has its origins in Mexico, it is the most common image, along with the Virgin of Guadalupe, and can be seen on low-rider vans and on restaurant and barrio murals.

The elements that are usually depicted with it also have iconographic value in the Southwest and continue to be important to the native community: the woman as a mountain, the rattlesnake, the prickly pear, and the mescal or maguey cactus.”

— From the dedication of Southwest Pietà, Arizona State University, May 12, 1994.

Luis Alfonso Jimenez, Jr. (1940-2006) was born in El Paso, Texas, and died in his studio in Hondo, New Mexico.

Sculpture that caused artist’s death to be installed at Denver

August 16, 2007, DENVER — A 32-foot sculpture of a rearing horse that friends say acclaimed artist Luis Jimenez was working on when a piece fell and killed him is being completed and could be installed at Denver International Airport by the end of this year…..

Airport spokesman Steve Snyder said Jimenez’s family worked to finish the fiberglass structure, though it was unclear whether family members did the work themselves or hired another artist.

“We’re in final negotiations right now with the family to try to get it here,” Snyder said. “We think it should be here by the end of the year.”

The Mustang was commissioned in 1992 at a cost of $300,000. Over the years, there had been several arguments and lawsuits over the pace of the work. In June 2006, Jimenez died at his Hondo, N.M., studio when a section of the sculpture came loose from a hoist and pinned him against a steel support beam. He was 65…..



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  1. blessedistruth Says:

    I needed to get something up quick cause I’m kinda in the middle of something …

    I photographed the sculpture at the top in black & white shortly after its dedication.

    I was looking for photo of the artist when I chanced upon the circumstances of his untimely demise.

    I’d heard about this sculpture, but hadn’t seen an image of it.

    And I sure didn’t know what had caused the artist’s death.

  2. blessedistruth Says:

    Elisa, his daughter.


  3. blessedistruth Says:


    sisterrosetta wrote:

    The person who posted this believes the subject’s involvement in Benazir’s assassination is implicit. I don’t know, but this is strange behavior, indeed.

    Fox minding the hen

    “A Don named Khalid Shahenshah, trusted aide of Dawood Ibrahim, the notorious Don of Karachi and South Asia Underworld was also the security team member (a very important one), who accompanied Ms. Benazir Bhutto from Dubai and remained with her on her campaign trail all over Pakistan. This clip is taken from the video of Ms. Bhutto’s last public address in Rawalpindi on 27th December 2007. The signals, Khalid Shahenshah is making in the video is self-explanatory. Khalid Shahenshah can be spotted wearing half sleeves sweater standing just beside the dice.” (dais)

    Tarja Turunen – Music of the Night

    “From MTV3 50 years Anniversary” (50?)


    caspa wrote:

    Unofficial comment: I don’t know, it’s something I maybe overheard but I can’t remember where.

    We know who killed her and why. We’re at the stage where we’re following the money and tracing the finance routes to organization routes and back to people.


    Mon Jan 07, 2008 8:51 am

    Uncle John here: Well, well well, you can never tell what sneds will come up with.

  4. blessedistruth Says:

    Keeping tabs on Dan and Don:

    Sun Feb 17, 2008 8:27 pm

    That’s a good line about all “CAPS”, UJ.

    My take:

    It isn’t a question of any here asking for “forgiveness”; if it were about “forgiveness” then the truly humble act for forgiveness by asking to be forgiven first, rather than ask that others beg for it.

    But “forgiveness” isn’t even the issue; the real issue is understanding. I don’t need an “apology”, I need an “understanding”.

    And I bet I speak for most that have expressed some degree of cynicism, because none of this took place in a vacuum.

    Alan and Sandy did not suddenly decide to be ‘cruel’;

    Winston may have suggested he could deliver more than he could actually get a commitment for, but he wasn’t demanding percentages or advances for a project that he only provided a camera and introductions for.

    Ron Garner may have dragged his feet somewhat, may have been angling for more of a percentage of any profits, but in actuality he was closer to Majestic’s desire to “sweep the Warning under the rug” when he was suddenly eliminated from his position;

    Dan Burisch was supposedly angry

    (being present, I can vouch for his anger at the time he met with Paola Harris and Bill Hamilton and heard about this)

    at this “sweeping under the rug”, not to mention that Ron was going about acting as Dan & Marci’s “representative” when in fact it was D&M themselves that had to a large degree allowed that perception.

    Which brings me to my own situation.

    Never once did Dan apologize – provide an UNDERSTANDING – to me for allowing me to think that “telling the world!” meant warning them about a probable poleshift; neither did Marci.

    He never once apologized – or provided an UNDERSTANDING – during the time I was discussing our case (mine, his, ours) on different radio stations and interviews about the “nearing arrival of Nibiru” and preparing for said event; in fact, Marcia even acknowledged this by suggesting that, instead of hoarding, we learn from each other how to make jerky.

    Never once, during the entire time we stayed with them, did they follow-up on promises made over the phone while we were in Canada to

    “tell you when we meet in person”

    about the exact identity of “COMMAJ17” and “K”,

    or the particulars about the meaning of “for the sake of humanity, tell the world!”,

    or more details about the supposed “T-2 timeline” that calculated the numbers of human dead from the various continents following the ‘Catastrophe’.

    The litany could go on and on, but one other little thing:

    Dan never DID get around to playing me in chess, though he DID provide a HINT of an UNDERSTANDING…….

    Dadmiral (and Marcia for that matter) didn’t want me coming over to his bedroom office period!

    He was finally allowed to do so, but Marcia professed a headache after a short time so we had to leave before considering a game of chess.

    (He initially claimed he didn’t like the idea of playing chess online via Yahoo, as he wanted to “see the whites of his opponents’ eyes”.)

    He never even suggested a game even at Marci’s, where he would come virtually every day in the late afternoon or evening.

    Of course, the matter of finally playing Dan Burisch in chess is a minor one, but the experience shows that he may have been afraid of being beat, and what a disgrace that might be to him (I was a county champion in high-school).

    More important is the fact that not only myself, but A&S G. and Ron G., Boomer and Harry, and a whole host of others that have wished him well and tried to assist over the years have had their friendship maligned and misrepresented by The D&M Show simply because……..

    The D&M Show have made an almost-conscious attempt to derail their own PR by their attitudes and actions.

    Continuing: never once did Marcia apologize – or provide an UNDERSTANDING for – the disruptive antics “Ann” (and by instigation Dan) caused on this forum back when we were hosted on Boomer’s “danburisch.forumup.org” site.

    Dan apologized, then claimed to have fired “Ann”, but then “Ann” was soon back in the fold as usual, just as happened with “Sentry”, another sock-puppet from SNEDs.

    Speaking of which – while Dan “apologized” for “Sentry”s hurtful, cruel, venomous and slanderous attacks on Starry and myself, he gave no UNDERSTANDING of how this “Sentry” used information that had only been given to Dan and Marcia themselves;

    gave no understanding of WHY this “Sentry” even made the attack in the first place, and waited until the nasty job was done before weighing in and banning said “Sentry”.

    Neither Dan nor Marcia has ever apologized – or given an UNDERSTANDING – of exactly WHY Dadmiral felt it was necessary to instigate a “throwing leaves” psy-op in order to engineer them off this forum and into one they controlled totally.

    Never once did D&M apologize for – or give an UNDERSTANDING about – chasing “K” off both the Think Tank forum as well as SNEDs, when all he asked was that Dan come clean about some kind of “prophecy” regarding either myself or this Golden Thread.

    Dan has never even admitted to the time he was shown certain “prophecies” on parchment, kept under glass at the Majestic Consistory, which he was shown prior to his “Flight To Brussels”.

    (Dan HAS admitted to what his ‘letter’ to the gathered Illuminati on that trip said: “Fuck Off”, though he never has explained what they wanted from him.)

    Continuing,…….never once did Dan or Marcia apologize – or give an UNDERSTANDING about – why they conducted surveillance on our apartment when Tex and Arizona stayed overnight, when Dan had only a couple of weeks or so before apologized on surveillance camera for Majestic surveillance!!!!!!

    How much more ironic can you get! How much more hypocritical!!!!

    (Excuse the excessive ‘bling’ use of exclamation marks.)

    From what I’m told, this was technically allowed because they were surveilling Tex and Arizona, whereas Starry and I were supposedly not to be surveilled anymore following a vote by the Majestic 12 themselves.

    And another related issue; despite Dan’s pronouncements on the subject, why has he never explained how it was that Marcia felt her opinion on “whackos” like Arizona, and Starry’s alleged dislike of her, was so important that she had to email it to Dan, rather than leaving that to her daily face-to-face tete-e-tetes with him?

    Furthermore, why did Dadmiral insist he email it to me, knowing that to fully explain to Starry the disconnect between Marci’s public position and private position I would have to comment on what was said in that email?

    Thus leading her to find that email?

    (My reference to this in the past as a “gun/knife under the pillow”, placed there by Dan though possibly unknowingly.)

    Later on, when Dan chimed in too following first “Ann”s then Marcia’s false claim that I “pestered” them about “Nancy Lieder” and “Planet X” during my stay there, was there any apology – or UNDERSTANDING – of why they had lied so baldly?

    That was a bald-faced lie, which they committed knowingly.

    The astute observers that have read all of this took that as a singular piece of corroboration that indeed there probably IS a ring of truth to the rumors of said “Planet X” and that what said ZetaTalk says probably IS true;

    otherwise why would they try to smear by pre-emptively by saying I “pestered” them about it when they know such a claim was an outright lie?

    Furthermore, when has Dan ever asked for forgiveness for – or given us an UNDERSTANDING about – accusing me of “dishonesty”?

    On the matter of being “dishonest” about publishing the casualty numbers provided PageMarker and myself in that Jan 2006 chat we had, I make no apologies.

    In actuality, the previous committment made by Dan to carry the ‘Warning’ said casualty calculations implied to the nations of the world turned out to be a hollow promise now mired in feel-good generalities.

    Therefore, I have no apology to make, as I am doing what the good doctor said he would do himself, but has apparently been precluded in doing by Majestic 12

    (or its successor group, who pressured him to ‘sweep the Warning under the rug’, in effect.)

    And last but not least (the litany could go on and on, but this is enough for now), have D&M ever apologized – or provided an UNDERSTANDING about – for ordering his legal thugs to shut down this very forum not once but TWICE?

    As soon as censorship enters the picture, the average citizen knows they are being BAMBOOZLED.

    No, the shoe is not on the foot of this forum, though it could be argued that it’s our mocassin that must be walked in by he who would demand we request “forgiveness”. Oh, the arrogance of it all!

    All we want is UNDERSTANDING. From bottom to top. Left to right. Front to back.

    Once we have UNDERSTANDING, provided in a forthright manner, there will be no need for “apologies” and “forgiveness”.

    “AMNESTY” is something We the People will grant to those who have bamboozled us; NOT the other way around.

    And BTW; Love is followed by humility, not forgiveness. A humble heart asks for forgiveness; an arrogant one asks others to ask for forgiveness.


    None of us is perfect. And we all need to pray for our Father’s forgiveness.

    Also to pray that others are forgiven.

    Give us this day our daily bread,
    and forgive us our trespasses,
    as we forgive those who trespass against us,
    and lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil.

  5. blessedistruth Says:

    A lot has transpired since Feb 17, 2008.

    I’m sticking with my Creator, my Savior and His Mother.

    And with Edgar Cayce.

  6. blessedistruth Says:

    This was on top of a pile of books on my nightstand.

    Great cover!

  7. blessedistruth Says:

    It’s good to see Hitch back on his feet, again.

    “It’s those who would have kept a cannibal and a Caligula and a professional sadist in power who have the explaining to do.”

    Christopher Hitchens vs. Tony Blair: the full transcript


    RUDYARD GRIFFITHS: So Christopher, the natural follow-on question to you is how did you square the circle, maybe you didn’t, between your support for the Iraq war and the current then president, George W Bush, in his very public evocation of faith in terms of his rhetoric around the invasion.

    CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS: Well, I don’t remember, in fact I don’t think you can point out to me any moment where George Bush said he was under divine order or had any divine warrant for the intervention in Iraq.

    In fact, I’m perfectly certain — he might not have mind at some points giving that impression, he wanted to give that impression about everything that he did.

    George Bush is someone who, as with his immediate predecessor, after various experiments in faith, ended up in his wife’s church, most comfortable place for him to be, she’s after all the one who said to him, if you take another drink, you scum bag, I’m leaving and taking the kids, which is his way of saying he found Jesus and gave up the bottle.


    We know this to be true. And like a good Methodist, I was in Methodist school for many years myself, he says the following … from now on, all is in God’s hands.

    That’s quite different, I think. It would have made him a perfectly good Muslim, as a matter of fact.

    A combination of fatalism with a slightly sinister feeling of being chosen.


    Surely what is strike most to the eye of those who … agree to call the liberation of Iraq is

    the unanimous opposition of the leadership of every single Christian church to it, including the president’s own and the Prime Minister’s own, the Methodist church of the United States adamantly opposed,

    the Vatican adamantly opposed, as it had been to the liberation of Kuwait in 1991, not the first time in the world that a sickly Christian passivity has been preached in the faces fascist dictatorship,

    and of course I was very surprised by the number of liberal Jews who took the same about a regime that harboured genocidal thoughts towards them,

    and if it comes to that, although I’m not …

    given the number of Muslims put to the sword by Saddam Hussein’s regime, quite extraordinary to see the extent to which Muslim fundamentalists flocked to his defence, but I don’t expect integrity or consistency from those quarters.

    But those of us who worked with people with

    — with Iraqi intellectuals, with the Kurdish leadership, the secular left opposition of the popular —

    excuse me, the patriotic union of Kurdistan, the Iraqi Communist Party, you have to give it credit for this …

    very proud of our solidarity with those comrades, those brothers and sisters, we are still in touch with them, we have nothing to apologise for.

    It’s those who would have kept a cannibal and a Caligula and a professional sadist in power who have the explaining to do.

    Thank you.

  8. blessedistruth Says:


    Here’s why property taxes are soaring …
    States forced to increase burden on taxpayers to cover added costs


    Get free weekly insider briefing from Jerome Corsi

    E-mail newsletter covers economics, politics, financial advice


    How would you like a free weekly insider briefing from No. 1 best-selling author and WND senior staff writer Jerome Corsi?

    Is that a no-brainer?

  9. blessedistruth Says:

    FR’s Jim Robinson needs an intervention!


    To: neverdem

    Amen. God bless America, pass the ammunition.

    2 posted on 12/25/2010 5:28:35 PM PST by Jim Robinson (Rebellion is brewing!! Nuke the corrupt commie bastards to HELL!!)

  10. blessedistruth Says:

    Thursday, December 23, 2010

    M. Zuhdi Jasser: U.S. wrongly sides with Muslim teacher


    The Justice Department, and now its choir of Islamist groups, has deceptively positioned that Muslims such as Khan “should not have to choose between their religious practice and their livelihood.”

    Contrarily, I believe that employers should not have to choose between the threat of intimidation from Islamists or the federal government and honoring the onerous demands of any single faith group or individual as a privileged class.

    The practice of Islam is central in my own life, but I have never demanded that others give it special consideration on my behalf.

    To me, my devotional Islam is between me and God and I fear that any government intrusion ultimately fuels theocrats and their movements.

    Khan was not given what she wanted and made a personal decision to resign.

    It is exceedingly difficult to prove that “Islam” demanded that she perform her Hajj in December 2008.

    The faith only asks that once in her life she perform the pilgrimage.

    By refusing her leave of absence, the district did not force her to choose between faith and employment.

    We cannot continue to allow political correctness to set us down a path that promotes isolation versus assimilation and leaves liberty in a vacuum while Islamism thrives.

    The framers wanted justice to be blind to faith to avoid creating special rights for a select few.


    Amen, Brother!

  11. blessedistruth Says:

    Starve the Beast: The Republican Plan to De-Fund the Health Care Law
    by Jim Angle | December 27, 2010


    So the Republican strategy seems clear.

    They say their hope is to defund and stall the health law’s implementation, at least until they have more power to stop it.

    Brad Blakeman says Republicans are taking the long view,

    “Hopefully we’ll be able to defund and stall enough of the implementation that we’ll make it into 2012, hopefully with a new president and perhaps take the majority in the Senate.”

    Which would be well ahead of 2014, when the health care law would take full effect.

    Many Republicans, of course, would like to repeal it right now, but the Senate could block that and even if it didn’t, the President would veto it.

    So conservatives are using the only tool at their disposal — trying to stop or slow the law’s implementation.

    (Is it not possible to find a veto-proof “happy medium” in both chambers? Perhaps it’s not.)

  12. blessedistruth Says:

    47% — 51%

    Rasmussen Obama Approval

    This surprises me. I thought his approval would remain higher, at least until we see if Obama has really pivoted to the center.

  13. blessedistruth Says:

    December 28, 2010

    19% Get Regular News Updates Via Phone or Other Devices

    Voters Still Pin Bad Economy More On Bush Than Obama

    (I know I’ve said this a trillion times, but Bush & Repubs suck at defending his record. A fair-minded person would look objectively at the numbers and conclude that, as bad as Bush was, Obama is the worse offender and made things worse.)

    Just 21% Want FCC to Regulate Internet, Most Fear Regulation Would Promote Political Agenda

    December 27, 2010

    Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 43%, Democrats 38%

    Fewer Voters Expect Tax Hikes Under Obama Following Deal

    73% Fear Terrorists More Than Nuclear Attack

    Support for Health Care Repeal At 60%

  14. blessedistruth Says:

    Obama and Democrats’ Health Care Plan CNN/Opinion Research For/Favor 43, Against/Oppose 54 Against/Oppose +11

  15. blessedistruth Says:

    Chris Matthews: Why Doesn’t Obama Just Release The Birth Certificate?


    On Monday night’s edition of “Hardball,” host Chris Matthews talked about putting the birth certificate controversy surrounding President Obama to rest.

    “Why has the president himself not demanded they put out the original documents?” Matthews wonders.

    “If it exists, why not put it out?” Chris Matthews asks.

  16. blessedistruth Says:

    Norm Coleman: Don’t Limit Small Government Movement To Tea Party


    “I think you’re limiting it by saying ‘just the tea party.’ I think the American public across the board, I think independents are the key to elections, independents move[d] massively away from the Democratic party in this last election. I think the tea party reflected a voice in America that said ‘we have had enough,'” former Senator Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) said on FOX News.

  17. blessedistruth Says:

    Mark Steyn’s Christmas with the Clapper


    HH: I talked to John Burns about it at length, and John Burns had already talked to everyone in the BBC, talked to everyone at Scotland Yard, at MI6 and MI5, and figured out exactly what was going on, and yet our top guy doesn’t know it. It’s a scandal, but we’ll come back to it.

    I want to get another story that surface in the Israeli press, Mark Steyn.

    Jonathan Pollard is the subject of a personal and formal appeal from Benjamin Netanyahu to President Obama for a commutation.

    I’ve talked with Ambassador Michael Oren about it on the program yesterday. What do you think about Netanyahu doing that?

    What do you think Obama will do? And what about the merits?

    MS: Well, I think this is consistent with Netanyahu’s view of the world. It’s not consistent with Obama’s.

    And I would be very surprised if we were to go along with this at all.

    I mean, I don’t think there’s any doubt that when you look at Barack Obama, who is undoubtedly, I think, the most antipathetic president toward Israel in the last half a century…

    I mean, even Jimmy Carter has become, in many ways, a vicious anti-Zionist, and borderline anti-Semite in many of his pronouncements in recent years.

    But when he was in office, it was all slightly more nuanced.

    But I think there’s no doubt that the Israelis were the first to pick up on the fact that Barack Obama is an American leader for a post-American world,

    that he has a different view of American power, and he has a different view of Israel’s relationship with the United States.

    So I would absolutely say that there is no chance of this happening.

    I cannot see any reason why Obama, who dislikes Netanyahu personally, with an amazing intensity, why he would go along with this at all.

    “Jonathan Pollard is the subject of a personal and formal appeal from Benjamin Netanyahu to President Obama for a commutation.”

    Maybe Obama can get something in return.

  18. blessedistruth Says:

    Fox News Dominates Cable News Ratings In 2010, Beating CNN And MSNBC Combined


    According to Nielsen, the top five cable news programs in terms of total viewers and viewers 25-54 (the metric used by advertisers and considered the most important by networks) were all on Fox:

    The O’Reilly Factor (781,000 viewers 25-54);

    Hannity (585,000);

    Glenn Beck (572,000);

    On the Record (481,000); and

    The O’Reilly Factor repeat (447,000).

  19. blessedistruth Says:

    “Boo Boo” Hobbs

    US embassy cables: US anger over Fahrenheit 9/11 screening at New Zealand Labour Party fundraiser


    Friday, 30 July 2004, 05:53
    C O N F I D E N T I A L WELLINGTON 000647
    EO 12958 DECL: 07/30/2014
    Classified By: DCM David R. Burnett

    1. (SBU) Embassy Wellington learned July 30 that GNZ Cabinet Minister for the Environment Marian Hobbs was reportedly hosting a special screening of Michael Moore’s controversial movie “Fahrenheit 9/11” as a local Labour Party fundraising event.

    DCM contacted the Prime Minister’s office to ask whether it could shed some light on the matter and was told by PM office staff that they were not aware of the issue but would look into it.

    DCM then contacted Minister Hobbs’ office but the Minister’s office declined to make her available to discuss the matter.

    Hobbs’ staff later informed Embassy that Hobbs would not be hosting the fundraiser. However, she would be attending the event.

    2. (C) COMMENT: There’s a reason this particular Minister is nicknamed “Boo Boo” Hobbs.

    That said, it is probable that this potential fiasco may only have been averted because of our phone calls –

    it is apparent to us that neither the Minister nor anyone else in the Labour government seems to have thought there was anything wrong with a senior Minister hosting such an event.

    Ambassador will use a scheduled meeting with the Prime Minister to tell Clark of the near instantaneous press queries for USG comment in this matter and remind her that we would really rather not get dragged into internal NZ political issues, such as Ministerial fundraising events for Clark’s Labour Party.


    “Boo Boo” gets the “What a Maroon! What an Ignoranimus!” award.

  20. blessedistruth Says:

  21. blessedistruth Says:

    The Hit Parade



































  22. blessedistruth Says:

    Keeping Tabs on Dan and Marcia

    Eagles Disobey
    « Reply #1 Today at 9:41am »

    Hours ago, M walked into the Grotto and had a conversation with D.

    It appears that some of that conversation may be made public VERY SOON?

    The subject?


    Could the FINAL DOOM be spelled out for those who made fun of it?

    Could it be that the Eagles just waited enough time to draw out the negatives so the negatives would make fools of themselves and so the public could spot them?


    Stay tuned to this BAT CHANNEL!

  23. blessedistruth Says:

    « Reply #21 Today at 2:34pm »

    Danny, buzz, LJ here and fearing that you could send me to the land of ice and snow I want to pull unofficial rank on you as the man who first swore you in nearing a quarter century ago.

    We have not seen an internal blog on the Kim situation and have been wondering about the concessions short of the Genie issues?

    Also I’ve noticed you have barely taken notice of the Dental plan. By now you can have porcelains or full implants?

  24. blessedistruth Says:

    Dr. Dan
    « Reply #23 Today at 2:57pm »

    You may never have fear!

    If you were stupid enough to make me watch those boring vids, watch my reaction, and STILL SWEAR ME IN…I couldn’t do it to you!

    How are you, my friend? Call me at the Desk whenever you like. You’ll be busy as hell when 2013 arrives; don’t worry over that either!

    No, no I haven’t blogged on it yet. I will, later today.

    No, Mother Maj makes NO CONCESSIONS relative the “deity” issue, but recognizes the social importance of a portion of a population which regards him as such. That is the way the subject will remain. (His family is PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN!)

    For the rest, regarding them, you’ll have to check with the SecState. As for the South, their antagonism isn’t helping, either.

    Dental? Via Marcia, I’ve hit it pretty hard! Porcelains and implants?

    Well…I have had one implant done, and everything is filled and healthy.

    We are taking them slow. If you are concerned about me smiling, remember to what Desk I am seated!

    (You know my feelings about smiling too much, and people who do and practice their smiles. Any betting that I’ll ever mix up right from left or up from down,…well…I want in on some of that action, on my side. )

    Say “Hi!” to the Old Man for me. Advise him that M and I had a Filet O’Fish, yesterday! DANNY (NOT DANIEL)

  25. blessedistruth Says:

    « Reply #25 Today at 3:14pm »

    HAHAHA! WTF? Yep! Kim Jong-Il’s Great-Grandfather and earlier! What an angle Dan! Bravo! Braaaaaaavo!


    “Kim was raised in a Presbyterian family; his maternal grandfather was a Protestant minister, his father had gone to a missionary school and was an elder in the Presbyterian Church, and both his parents were reportedly very active in the religious community. Kim was an accomplished church organist.”

    1 music dedication for D on that one! (And I caught the Danny reference. The “Grassy” reference! Well played!) BC

  26. blessedistruth Says:

    Sat Aug 29, 2009 9:44 am

    J-Rod corroboration?
    From LMH:

    Sgt. Jim Penniston’s 1994 Hypnosis:
    “They are time travelers.”.

    In 1997, Jim Penniston gave me permission to share some of his December 26, 1980, Rendlesham Forest experiences in my third book, Glimpses of Other Realities: Vol. II – High Strangeness. After his and John Burroughs’ encounter with the lights and craft, Sgt. Penniston told me he received a call to report on December 30, 1980, to the Orderly Room at the head of the 81st Security Police Squadron at RAF Bentwaters. From there, Major Malcolm Zickler ordered Penniston to report to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) for a meeting to tell his story to an AFOSI Special Agent and a US Air Force Major.

    Back in 1997, Penniston told me that he deliberately left out the most significant part about reaching out to touch the symbols on the glowing, triangle-shaped craft and receiving information in his mind. Apparently the intelligence agents knew Sgt. Penniston wasn’t telling the full truth and gave him a release to sign so he could be given sodium pentothal. Sodium pentothal is a barbituate that induces unconsciousness smoothly and rapidly and has been called “truth serum” when used with hypnosis.

    After the Bentwaters sodium pentothal hypnosis session was over, no one told Penniston what he had said. Finally fourteen years after the Bentwaters events, on September 10, 1994, Jim Penniston underwent hypnosis on his own with a hypnotherapist to see if he could penetrate more details about haunting dreams he was having and his worry that the military’s sodium pentothal hypnosis might have been done to purposefully erase part of his memory.

    I was given an audiocassette of that 1994 session to transcribe. The transcription is included in my 1998 book, Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol. II: High Strangeness. [ See: Earthfiles Shop.] Jim Penniston’s Bentwaters interrogators asked about the glowing lights and craft he had earlier refused to describe.

    September 10, 1994
    Sgt. Penniston Hypnosis Excerpts



    Penniston explained he received information after touching the craft’s symbols that chromosomes were gathered for different reasons, particularly to help the time travelers because they have a “physical problem” and Penniston felt sympathy for them. Penniston said the time travelers have Quote: “been coming here for a long time, at least thirty or forty thousand years, trying to sustain their children in the far distant future of Earth.




    “QUESTION: Does this account of the RAF Bentwaters/Rendlesham Forest case corroborate Burisch’s PK 40 J-Rod physical health degeneration problem and subsequent cultivation of present-time DNA via alleged abductions?”

  27. blessedistruth Says:

    There Be Time Travelers


    UFO occupants may be no more trustworthy then your average politician, but it is interesting to note that time travel often comes up in what they say and do.

    Abductee Betty Andreasson told author Raymond Fowler, “Time to them is not like our time . . . they can reverse time.”

    In the famous Rendlesham Forest case — the so called, British Roswell — Staff Sergeant Jim Penniston recalled receiving a message from a landed UFO outside RAF Woodbridge, indicating that the occupants were time travelers from the future who had come for our DNA.

    According to John Keel, one fairly credible witness in the Point Pleasant Mothman case was approached by some rather strange looking men who asked her repeatedly, “What is your time?”

    Elsewhere I have noted the apparent preoccupation with our DNA and the future of the planet — which makes perfect sense if you are human descendants and your DNA needs to be restored.

    While this body of evidence does not prove that UFO occupants are time travelers from the future, I believe that it makes a good case.

    (And some say it isn’t our bodies they’re interested in, but our souls. I guess that would depend on which “they” we’re talking about.)

  28. blessedistruth Says:

    Rendlesham File: A Triangle-Shaped Aerial Craft – Sgt James Penniston


  29. blessedistruth Says:

    Youtube video of Sgt.Penniston describing the event might be found here:

    Sgt. James Penniston USAF @ NPC 11 Nov 12 , 2007

  30. blessedistruth Says:

    Air Force servicemen drugged after UFO sighting says retired Colonel

    Alejandro Rojas | Dec 01, 2010


  31. blessedistruth Says:

    Charles Halt discusses the Rendlesham Forest incident | Open Minds Radio

    Colonel Charles Halt, USAF, retired, is the highest ranking U.S. military officer speaking out about his personal UFO experiences while in the military.

    In December of 1980, while the deputy base commander at the Bentwaters Royal Air Force base in England, he took a crew out into the Rendlesham forest to investigate mysterious lights that were seen in the forest.

    He was skeptical of the claims of other security personnel who said they had witnessed the lights the night before.

    After his experience this night, he was skeptical no longer.

  32. blessedistruth Says:

    James Penniston – May 17 2010


    James Penniston was an Air Force Staff Sergeant at a joint US Air Force and Royal Air Force base at Bentwaters.

    On December 26th, 1980 he was sent to investigate strange lights on the forest.

    In the forest he came up to a triangular craft that was able to examine up close.

    This was part of one of the most well document UFO sightings in history, referred to as the Rendlesham Forest Incident.

  33. blessedistruth Says:

  34. blessedistruth Says:

    Hawaii guv suddenly ‘mum’ on Obama birth ‘certificate’

    After blizzard of attacks on ‘birthers,’ Abercrombie now avoids interviews

    Posted: December 28, 2010

    By Jerome R. Corsi


    (You know, I really have come to dislike the “birther” issue, but if anyone has a right to post on this, Mr. Corsi does.)

    Listen to MommaE Interview Jerome Corsi on Corsi’s Kenyan Caper “It was Odinga who made the call to get you apprehended.”


  35. blessedistruth Says:

    Freeper Phobe Jim Robinson


  36. blessedistruth Says:

    Will DADT repeal cause problems for American troops serving in Muslim countries?


    The burden on our guys – to gain confidence and provide security – is increased many-fold by having to overcome the Muslim intolerance of homosexuality,” wrote Babbin to TheDC.

    Indeed propaganda is something to keep in mind, according to Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, president and founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD).

    Jasser told TheDC that, while the AIFD did not take a position on the repeal of DADT, there is a good probability that jihadi propagandists will likely use the presence of gays in uniform against the United States.

    “It will be used in order to paint American secularism as against their Islamic values, so it will be no different than other stereotypes about the West –as being anti-religious, anti-Islam — that have been used in the past to feed the anti-American military propaganda,”

    Jasser said, noting that the real world impact will be unknown until the policy is actually implemented.

    Jasser added that demonstrating cultural openness might be a good thing in the long run.

    “the Muslim intolerance of homosexuality”

    This may be what they want the world to think, but this is NOT what they practice behind closed doors.

    And Muslims who are hell-bent on killing and dying have already justified their actions in their own minds.

  37. blessedistruth Says:

    48 — 51

    Overall, 48% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president’s performance. Fifty-one percent (51%) disapprove.

    Rasmussen Obama Approval

  38. blessedistruth Says:

    Obama and Democrats’ Health Care Plan Rasmussen Reports*

    For/Favor 38, Against/Oppose 60

    Against/Oppose +22

  39. blessedistruth Says:

    AZ State Sen. Battles CNN Reporter On Constitutionality Of Illegal Immigration


    Epic, to say the least. CNN reporter/anchor Jessica Yellin was certainly not ready for Arizona State Sen. Russell Pearce’s (R) extensive knowledge of the constitution and Supreme Court rulings to support his position against illegal immigration.

    Yellin started by quoting the Constitution to support birthright citizenship (the 14th Amendment), however Senator Pearce easily rebutted her claims with several Supreme Court cases that beg to differ.

    “We’re talking about children who were born here and didn’t themselves break the law, they came here through no fault of their own,” CNN’s Yellin argued.

    “That doesn’t matter. You still broke the law. It was never intended to be used that way. So again, lets go back to original intent. It’s a violation of the constitution,” Sen. Pearce responded.

    “That’s the myth that keeps being purported by the open-border Arizona Republic, whose never seen an illegal alien they didn’t like,” Pearce said in response to the newspaper’s concern that this will take focus away from the state’s budget shortfall.

    Sen. Russell Pearce is the author of SB1070, which was the Arizona bill that enraged people this summer. Pearce will now offer legislation that will end birthright citizenship.

  40. blessedistruth Says:

    Arizona lawmaker set to ramp up fight against illegals


    Also on Mr. Pearce’s agenda is beefing up border security.

    Given that the Border Patrol is a federal agency, he wants to see the state step in by deploying more troops from the National Guard, the state Department of Public Safety or even citizen militias.

    “Put them under the National Guard or Homeland Security so they can get proper training,” Mr. Pearce said.

    “Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution gives states the right to declare war. If this isn’t an invasion, I don’t know what is.”

    The right to declare war is generally held by Congress as one of its enumerated powers in Article 1, Section 8.

    However, the later section cited by Mr. Pearce, which lists powers specifically denied to states, has one little-used caveat.

    “No State shall, without the Consent of Congress … engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay,” it says.

  41. blessedistruth Says:

    MP Brooks Newmark: Council chiefs should take pay cut


    Mr Newmark said: “Our view is everybody should be feeling the pinch equally and cuts should be across the board.

    “If it is true no savings have been made in the chief executive or cabinet members offices, it’s wrong. It’s important leadership starts at the top and an example should be set by officers.

    “Our ministers are going to see a five per cent pay cut. I would hope Essex County Council are doing the same.”

    (Heard Mr. Newmark on Hugh Hewitt yesterday. Legislators and Executives at every level should take their cue from him. He said its the overpaid bureaucrats who should be getting the axe, not front line services.)

  42. blessedistruth Says:


    Other top searches from various categories include:

    Personality – top 5 people searches

    1. Kim Kardashian 4. Miley Cyrus
    2. Oprah 5. Glenn Beck
    3. Rush Limbaugh

    LOL! (I’m in library so CTM! Chuckled to Myself)

  43. blessedistruth Says:

    States to follow Arizona on immigration law


    Get ready for some states to try for Arizona-style immigration laws.

    Gov.-elect Nikki Haley, R-S.C., is among the state chiefs who want to crack down on illegal immigration with legislation that is similar or tougher than Arizona’s statute, which allows law enforcement to check on legal status if there is reason to believe someone is in the U.S. illegally.

  44. blessedistruth Says:

    Maricopa County — Never a Dull Moment


    Former County Attorney Andrew Thomas’s efforts to stop the crooked Supervisors are gradually being vindicated.

    One by one, the Supervisors are losing their attempts to thwart prosecution and investigation.

    The Supervisors have tried as hard as they can to stop the prosecution of Don Stapley and Mary Rose Wilcox, by conjuring up imaginary conflicts everywhere, but they’ve run out of fake excuses to disqualify prosecutors, and those prosecutions are now being handled by Gila County Attorney Daisy Flores.


    Supervisor Files Lawsuit Against County


  45. blessedistruth Says:

    ‘Gregg for president’ buzz falls on deaf ears

    Local observers doubt he’ll run


    Bonnie Newman, a longtime friend of Gregg, who managed his first congressional campaign, then served as his chief of staff.

    “He’s one of the few people in Congress who really understands the fiscal challenges the country is facing,” Newman said.

    (Well, if Gregg doesn’t want to be Prez, maybe Vice-Prez? We sure need his continued service in some capacity.)

  46. blessedistruth Says:

    Two of my favorite people!

    Senator Barrasso on “Hannity” with Mark Steyn guest hosting 12-21-10

  47. blessedistruth Says:

    111th Congress Accumulates More Debt Than First 100 Congresses Combined


    PERINO: And let me add one other thing.

    You have a bunch of new committee chairman coming in, Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin who wrote the road map for a better economic future for America.

    He came out a year ago, he had this road map.

    Immediately, people from the left and the right started criticizing him for wanting to privatize Social Security.

    CARLSON: Right.

    PERINO: He got ridiculed. He took a lot of beatings. And, you know what?

    He came out of that stronger.

    And so, I think that in some ways, that third rail of politics, the Social Security and entitlements, has been touched, starting in that 2005 with President Bush in an effort that did not succeed, it failed to try to reform Social Security.

    But now, I think people realize that we’re going to have to do it.

    So, what I would say to everybody is as soon as these House Republicans put something on the table that is going to be drastic cuts, don’t immediately freak out.

    Listen to them.

    And let them have a little bit of time to show us what their ideas are.


    Amen, Sister!

  48. blessedistruth Says:

    Leonard Corwin Jr.

    World War II veteran honored 65 years later


    On Thursday, more than 65 years after he was wounded in action, a surprise medal presentation was held for the Marine Corps veteran at the local office of Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Bakersfield.

  49. blessedistruth Says:

    Aretha Franklin: I Can’t Wait (Until I See My Baby’s Face)
    From Runnin Out of Fools (Columbia, 1964)

  50. blessedistruth Says:

    — Sent from my Palm Pre

  51. blessedistruth Says:

    S&P To Hit 1400 Next Year, Says Hilary Kramer

    Wednesday, December 29, 2010


    HUDSON: Let`s look at your 2010 picks for this year and how they performed.

    December 30th you liked Teva Pharmaceuticals (TEVA), down 7 percent, GeoEye (NASDAQ: GEOY) (GEOY) up almost 54 percent.

    You also were in technology with Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) (AAPL) up 54 percent and Goldman Sachs (GS) essentially the same price it was a year ago.

    Do you like this quartet?

    KRAMER: They are still excellent.

    You should also be buying some Teva right here, it`s only down simply because of concerns that their big blockbuster MS drug could go off patent in 2014.

    You`re looking at an under valued generic drug company.

    And all of them are buys, and Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) as you may know I see going above $400 a share.

    HUDSON: Just a minute left and I want to get to a couple of e-mail questions, the first one from Jim, talking about Zales (ZLC).

    This was a pick of yours a few weeks ago. How do you know when to sell a stock like Zale (NYSE: ZLC)?

    It has skyrocketed up on holiday sales with jewelry very hot. Are you selling it yet?

    KRAMER: Well, if you had bought it when I recommended it three weeks ago you`d be up 62.6 percent on Zales, and it`s also in my portfolio, in my newsletter.

    What you want to do here is take your money off the table, if you`re happy you`ve made a nice pop in less than a month, but I`m sticking with Zales because I see an opportunity here.

    This is a retailer that could return to prominence.

    HUDSON: How about disclosures for these stocks Hilary, ownership positions still?

    KRAMER: Yes. I own all these stocks going into 2011.

    Our guest this evening, “Street Critique” is with Hilary Kramer with gamechangerstocks.com.


  52. blessedistruth Says:

    0:00A few years ago Pedro Avila recorded some objects
    or lighting beings in the sky

    0:07some have said they were little angels, actually the images are amazing

    0:12and unexplainable, recently Arturo Robles Gil recorded the same,
    what do you think watch these images

    0:20open your mind and try to give us an
    explanation, the full information with Fernando Correa

    0:28have you listen about the non identified aerial phenomenons?

    0:34watch this video carefully, appears strange shapes amazingly
    seems to be made of light

    0:43and overflew Mexico city on September 29th 2010, at
    18:45 Arturo Robles Gil recorded this

    0:54non identified aerial phenomenon, at least during five minutes,

    0:59watch carefully how the enlightened figures, moved organized

    1:07as changing positions, as an intelligence manifestation, we may
    say they coincide with some demonstration,

    1:19of angels appearances

    1:22What could be these enlightened shapes, of extraordinary look?

    1:27their presence can’t be explained easily, and actually
    they don’t have a rational explanation

    1:37if we consider their organized motion, this non identified aerial phenomenon

    1:43challenges the logic,

    1:52we were searching at Tercer Milenio’s files, and we
    found another non identified aerial phenomenon

    1:58very similar occurred on March 27th 2010 in Mexico city, watch it carefully

    2:09the UFO hunter Pedro Avila, achieved this extraordinary evidence
    about this non identified aerial phenomenon

    2:15something awesome,

    2:24a similar aerial phenomenon, also non identified occurred on February 1st 2009

    2:31above La colonia del valle at Mexico city, an evidence
    recorded in video by Arturo Robles Gil

    2:35although aerial phenomena is quite far, from the recording spot

    2:41we may appreciate a movement, among the enlightened shapes,

    2:47watch them carefully,

    2:51another non identified aerial phenomenon, similar, notwithstanding, is much spectacular

    2:57occurred on 27th November 2005 also in Mexico city,
    when the UFO hunter Pedro Avila

    3:05achieved this evidence in video,

    3:10is this a enlightened beings manifestation? maybe this manifestation
    has been related in holy Chronicles

    3:20when angelical beings are mentioned? perhaps this demonstration is a sign or message?

    3:30now watch with full attention this comparison of
    the four presented non identified aerial phenomenons

    3:41phenomenons at Mexico city’s sky, that are similar

    3:48motion that seems to be ordered, a true
    mystery, at non identified aerial phenomenon

    3:57that will continue,

    4:03these non identified aerial phenomenons, are a true mystery
    and their presence can’t be usually explained

    4:12because they challenge all human logic, informed to Tercer Milenio Fernando Correa

    enlightened beings, overflew above Mexico city’s skies

  53. blessedistruth Says:


  54. blessedistruth Says:

    World Net Daily still obsessed with sodomy.

    Expert: Open homosexuality in military being ‘rushed’

    ‘It’s like Pelosi saying we have to pass this bill so people can find out what’s in it’


    In Jan. 2010 the Military Culture Coalition, of which Donnelly is a leader, issued a report asking the CRWG to address difficulties that would be encountered by allowing homosexuals to serve in the military openly.

    MCC’s document featured a list of 23 bullet-pointed items, ranging from threats to unit cohesion and combat readiness, to the necessity of rewriting portions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice to permit consensual sodomy, to determining how same-sex couples would be housed on military bases.

  55. blessedistruth Says:

    Freeper Phobes — i got my eye on you



    lewd and lascivious adj., adv. references to conduct which includes people living together who are known not to be married, entertainment which aims at arousing the libido or primarily sexual sensation, open solicitation for prostitution, or indecent exposure of genitalia (which is itself a crime). Due to the tendency of judges to be overly careful in writing about moral and/or sexual matters the definitions have been cloaked in old-fashioned modesty. Today the term usually applies to pornography, prostitution, and indecent acts.

    lewd and lascivious conduct is illegal no matter one’s sexual orientation. homophobes cite such examples because they’d like to see sodomy recriminalized and they’d like to stoke tensions in order to create more paranoia.

  56. blessedistruth Says:

    Kudos to the NY Post!

    Why Muslims must look in the mirror



    Unfortunately, political correctness still too often dominates incidents involving Islamists.

    This year, the Pentagon released a report on Maj. Nidal Hasan’s Fort Hood attack, titled “Protecting the Force: Lessons from Fort Hood.”

    The report was intended to convey to military commanders whatever lessons were learned from the incident, so as to prevent similar attacks in the future.

    Yet it never mentioned the word Islam or Muslim.

    Nowhere to be found was any dissection of Hasan’s slide into militant Islamism or of his relationship with his homegrown jihadist mentor, Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki.

    Meanwhile, President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg used the Ground Zero mosque controversy to tell the more than 70 percent of Americans who oppose the mosque that they were either wrong or confused.

    Discourse over recent arrests of jihadists in Portland and Baltimore focused on Islamist claims of FBI entrapment, rather than overdue introspection and calls for reform.

    Worries of Muslim victimization still rule the day.

    Our national inability to discuss religious issues honestly is keeping American Muslims from having to accept the reforms needed to defeat political Islam and bring our faith into modernity.

    The victimization mantra feeds more Muslim isolation and radicalization.

    A recent global study by the Pew Research Center showed that Muslims are aligning themselves more and more with Islamism.

    Of course, most major American Muslim groups, such ISNA, CAIR and MPAC, were built on some strand of that ideology.

    But knowing where most American Muslims fall in the spectrum of Islamism-vs.-liberalism, as King hopes to find out in his hearings, would be a key step toward counterradicalization.

    The fact is, we can’t go into 2011 without a discernable strategy on how to defeat Islamist radicalization.

    House hearings on Muslim radicalization would only be the first step toward finally crafting a US offensive against political Islam.

    Again, only liberty-minded Muslims working from within Muslim communities can counter the narrative of Muslim victimization.

    But America needs to be unashamed of taking the side of those Muslims who advocate reform against political Islam.

    In 2011, more Americans need to understand that jihadism is a natural by-product of a political Islam that is incompatible with Western secular democracies based in liberty.

    America is at war with theocratic Muslim despots who seek the imposition of sharia and don’t believe in the equality of all before the law, blind to faith.

    They detest the association of religious freedom with liberty.

    We need a coordinated national strategy of offense that gives Muslim youth an Islamic counternarrative, that defends liberty and that separates mosque and state.

    The idea of the Islamic state must be left for history. It is time to help usher in a modern era for Islam and Muslims.

    Our national security depends on it.


    Dr. Jasser is not only very human, he’s also a very good writer.

  57. blessedistruth Says:

    Heading south.

    46% — 53%

    Rasmussen Obama Approval

  58. blessedistruth Says:

    December 30, 2010

    Tax Cut Bill Makes Headlines, But Many Still Not Sure How Their Congressman Voted On It

    For All Americans, Ground Zero Mosque, Oil Leak Were Tops In Interest

    December 29, 2010

    31% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

    Most Will Be Home to Ring in the New Year

    Voters See Obama As Less Partisan Than Those in Congress

    Voters See GOP As Winner of New Census Findings

    Unemployment, Jobs, Gulf Oil Leak Were Year’s Most Closely Watched Stories

  59. blessedistruth Says:

    DECEMBER 30, 2010.

    Popes, Atheists and Freedom

    Secularists should recognize that the pope’s fight is their fight.



  60. blessedistruth Says:


  61. blessedistruth Says:

    Keeping Tabs on Dan and Marcia

    « Reply #29 Today at 8:44am »

    Dan and Marci have approved a video clip from inside the Grotto I want to use as a teaser for the coming Q94-109A publication.

    Now that it’s appoved, I will render it for the public to see.

    Also, we’ve been asked if Dan has had any time to work on Lotus? In between, yes. The Theory is reported to be coming along nicely.

    Here is an image from him, “for demonstrational use only” (per Dan, I had to write that because it doesn’t have sizing bars and such on it).

    His lab is using Fluorescent studies to ID “Margarita-Lotus-Trace-Fossils” (MLTF’s) inside of mm size fragments of 95 (plus or minus) million years old Amber.


    (I placed a new label on it, with the name everyone knows him and Marci under.)

    Here is the world this particular amber came from:

    ……….and Dan and Marci are finding the preserved evidence of LOTUS!


  62. blessedistruth Says:

    Dr. Dan
    « Reply #31 Today at 11:36am »

    Marcia and I have been advised that if we wish to make any kind of New Year’s 2011 wish public, now is the time to do it.

    Given our present occupational status, and the defense posture of the United States, as we move into the New Year, she and I will be at (for the purposes of the public) undisclosed location(s).

    We are presently in Las Vegas, Nevada; but as of this time tomorrow night…well…who knows?

    (I will be back at my private email on Sunday, 01/02/2011, for personal replies.)

    In any case…

    Marcia, the whole Eagles Team, the Group, and myself wish EVERYONE a HAPPY, HEALTHY, AND BLESSED NEW YEAR!

    May we find in 2011 a renewed sense and reality of PEACE across this world of ours.

    (We promise to continue doing everything we can, to help in that regard.)

    May G-d Bless each and every one of us, and all life on this wonderful planet, and beyond!


    (together with Marcia, and the Team and Group)

    (p.s. Fran’s publication of the “teaser” for “Q94” is expected sometime tomorrow, with a posting of some video from a recent Angel Eagles operation (“Operation Dr. Miller”), soon thereafter.)


  63. blessedistruth Says:

    « Reply #35 Today at 1:11pm »

    Buzz Danny, on behalf of the Consis, to you and M, thank you both for taking on this very hard role this year, standing between the people and THEM, and until the contract ends.

    We’ll ALL be so sorry when that day arrives.

    May I be bold and say you didn’t comment to what Fran wrote, above? If you didn’t see it, please take a moment? LJ

    Forgot to add: I noticed something in that Lotus image Fran stuck here. I know we are outsiders but I have seen many Kirlian photogs in my day.

    Any chance you are tinkering? No offense if no comment.

  64. blessedistruth Says:

    « Reply #40 Today at 3:30pm »

    We have read the regs and we are prepared to begin following them now.

    Dear Dr. Marci, does Operations see the subject of inevitability of a one world government in the same way as those who have held your position in the past?

    Dear Dr. Dan, is the Compass in agreement with the answer of the Lady to the Desk of the Keystone for the question?

    Would either of you be entitled to act in a viceroy capacity to the other’s Desk if required?

    With deep respect,
    Mark D. and Kirstin H., Cdrs. O.S., Eii, EU W, Maj

  65. blessedistruth Says:

    Keeping Tabs on Don

    Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:51 pm

    Happy holidays everyone, though I use the term ‘happy’ guardedly.

    This time of year has always been a time of tragedy in my life, and I usually can’t wait until it’s over, but I’m relieved that

    the “shock” of the “7 of 10”

    won’t hit during 2010 but will (allegedly) reach fruition in “2 to 3 weeks”.

    Those cagey zetas; getting away with a technicality but one which we can all be thankful for

    (that is, if we’ve been preparing and found out we weren’t quite ready – not to mention all the usual demands that the holiday season brings with it).

    Despite the rash of huge quakes, and the abnormal one that hit Indiana earlier today

    (only 3 miles depth, near the PTB bastion of Kokomo, and downgraded from the original 4.2 to a 3.8, as per usual for the USGS),

    there’s been a paucity of information on the ‘sinking’ – until now.

    Here’s what I’ve sent ’round to a few friends to encourage them to step up their preps if they haven’t already, but I thought I’d share it here because many of you probably haven’t heard these media reports either and don’t read the poleshift ning.

    What’s amazing is how none of this has made it into the ‘western media’, except for the massive flooding of evacuations going on in 12 towns in Australia

    (hey fr33kSh0w, are those towns anywhere near you? Have you been hearing about it locally?


    Here’s what we’re not being told in the US (courtesy of diju on the poleshift ning at


    {NOTE: My intro notice is based on food prices locally in Wash. DC today, and may not reflect prices in your neck of the woods.}

    Before reading below, for those who might still be in denial and thinking surviving what’s coming is too arduous a task, here’s a short list of foodstuffs that can feed one person for a month:

    Oatmeal – 42 oz. container, 30 servings, $3.69 at Giant Food
    Dark Brown Sugar for above – $1
    Salt (enough for both morning oatmeal and evening ramen noodles) – $0.69
    Ramen Noodles soup packs – 3 dozen, $1.98 per dozen at Wal-Mart
    Vienna Sausages – 50 cents per 5 oz. can, $7.50 for 15 cans (1 can every other day)
    Tuna fish – $1 per 6 oz. can, $15 for 15 cans (1 can every other day)
    Ritz crackers – $2.50/box of 28 servings
    Peanut butter – $4 for jar of 30 servings

    Total without meat: $23.76
    Total with meat (Vienna sausages and tuna): $46.26

    Average: ONE DOLLAR A DAY

    Add $12 for a bottle of multi-vitamins for such a cheap diet, multiply by 3 – 6 months

    (time between when TSHTF and the first vegetables in your garden can be harvested)

    and number of mouths in your family, and you get:



    The question remains will earth changes come suddenly or gradually.

    Better safe than sorry. Good list.

    Holy Mary, Mother of God. Pray for us sinners!

  66. blessedistruth Says:

    No Soul Left Behind: The Words and Wisdom of Edgar Cayce By Robert Smith

    Does it help to pray for those who have passed over?


    Jesus, the Man and the Christ

    Page 152

  67. blessedistruth Says:

    Once I was reading this book on a flight from Phoenix to Islip, NY.

    The steward liked the cover and gave me a free glass of wine.


    Main Entry: juju

    Part of Speech: noun

    Definition: charm

    Synonyms: amulet, fetish, good-luck piece, lucky piece, madstone, mascot, periapt, phylactery, rabbit’s foot, talisman, trinket, zemi

  68. blessedistruth Says:

    Happy 2011, good people! So far, we made it.


  69. cynkading Says:

    Happy New Year dear Rosie!!!

    I pray that this year will bring a reawakening of others to turn back to our Creator and Lord and for those who do not know him a relationship that will last for an eternity….

    I also pray for all good things for you and your family….


  70. blessedistruth Says:

    Hey, Eudes!


    In the United States we work in two cities


    St Jerome Catholic Church

    San Diego: we have been entrusted with two Parishes

    St James in Solana Beach.

    St Patrick in Carlsbad.

    St. Jerome Church
    10815 North 35th Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ 85029
    (602) 942-5555

  71. blessedistruth Says:

    Cultural Diversity in the Church

    Native American Affairs





    USCCB Catholic Cultural Diversity Convocation 2010

    Native American Witnesses – Presentation Outline


    Saint Peter (Native American Catholic Communities)

    Administrator: Rev. Dale Jamison, O.F.M.

    P.O. Box 545 (Mailing Address)
    Sacaton, AZ 85247
    Tel: (928) 562-3716

  72. blessedistruth Says:


  73. blessedistruth Says:

    Serialization Of Saint John Eudes’ The Admirable Heart Of Mary






  74. blessedistruth Says:

    Good site for prayers.

    Feast Of the Sacred Heart Of Our Lord


  75. blessedistruth Says:



    A Cayce reading explaining the biblical book of the Revelation helped me understand the nature of our spirit.

    In his explanation Cayce noted that twice in the revelation the disciple John saw an angel appear, whom he bowed down to worship.

    But the angel would have none of this, saying, “Do not do that. I am one of your brothers in this work. Worship God.”

    Cayce explained that that godly-looking being, that angel, was in fact the spirit-self of Peter, who had promised John that he would endeavor to contact him after his demise.

    If we could see one another in our true spirit-self, we would appear so godly that we would bow down and worship.

    Yet, our spirit-self would retain enough of its individualness to speak to and guide us, as Peter did to John.

    Amazing, isn’t it?

    Of course, it is just this kind of talk that gets the evangelical Christians upset with us.

    We are saying that some aspect of us is in the image and likeness of God and is a godling within the one Most High God.

    The subtle but key point here is that we are not saying that we are God.

    Rather, we are a portion of God, our Creator.

    Cayce put it this way for Mort: “Know that not only God is God, but self is a part of that Oneness.”

  76. blessedistruth Says:

    Keeping Tabs on Dan and Marcia

    « Reply #48 Today at 5:42pm »

    Thanks, Andy.

    I advised Brian to cease any conversation with him, because SESQ advised me that traps revealed details that more than one of GN’s “audience” wants to cause problems for D&M as they approach their appearance at Ft. McDowell.

    GN’s dry well is only the tip of a really pssed-off iceberg of former professional disinfo people and frauds who are now the parasites on ufology.

    The Aviary is upset because the information has spread about what they really are, and thanks to OMtv, many people are waking up about them (Aviary) as the disinformation people that they are.

    Consequently, this is throwing a wrench into their (Aviary’s) plans to put out more crap like Serpo, Planet X and such via their willing puppets, because most people are just not buying it anymore.

    It is costing the fraudsters money, and the disinfo people their kickbacks.

    Nobody ever said that Eagles Disobey’s holding to the truth for the public would be easy.

    Please call me later this evening on another matter? I have a personal legal issue I would like to brief you on, and listen to what you have to say. F


    This may seem unimportant, but I guess it’s important to EDO.

    I pay such close attention because I want to know what Dan will reveal, and what will remain hidden.

  77. blessedistruth Says:


    Sure thing. It’s a pity for them really. Doesn’t D start writing the report on Monday? What a poor choice of timing they have. A/M

    All this reminds me: William A. and I have to ready D and M for their appearance. We both don’t agree with them appearing, as you know, but being that they are we’ll coach their legal positions to get through this as smoothly as possible. A/M

    (Unless D & M are going to help abductees, or prepare us for something we need to be prepared for, what will be new? I guess it will be beneficial to know who the DisInformers are.)

  78. blessedistruth Says:

    More from Helvetic

    Sat Jan 01, 2011 5:17 am

    The Rulers of the World | A new Project Avalon Video Interview

    Source: projectavalon.net


    In the summer of 2010 I was approached by a very unusual man. The story of that contact is described by him in this interview. I’ve called him ‘Charles’.

    He’s spent many years working for the elite group that considers it their responsibility to run the planet.

    He’s not an academic, a historian, or a scientist. But he wanted to communicate some important information: about the worldview and philosophy of this group — from their point of view: what they’re trying to achieve, why, and how. What he wants to see is what he calls a ‘Fair Contest’.

    There’s a great deal of material that was not covered in this interview. It is, to some degree, the start of a dialog. The group of 33 that ‘Charles’ works with is indirectly using this opportunity to communicate. I’ve reported this communication as accurately as possible.

    As is normal journalistic practice, some of the information was asked to be off-record at this stage. As you watch this interview, you will see that there are a great many unanswered questions. I’d like there to be a further interview. But any decision about this isn’t mine to make.

    For me, the second half of 2010 has been an interesting time. It’s culminated in this opportunity to communicate indirectly, through this video and through ‘Charles’ himself, with the group of people who are running the planet.

    This is what I would like this opportunity to say:

    I understand the history and context that ‘Charles’ has explained — some of which is in this interview.

    But there is another way.

    If you are to be the true leaders of the planet, you can be the captains of Spaceship Earth with a responsibility for the entire Human Family.

    There can be a massive clean-up operation. You know that the technology exists. Between us all, this can be done.

    Clean water, clean air, clean oceans, free energy, abundant wildlife, health and education for every human being.

    Planet Earth could be a paradise planet — a model for this sector of the galaxy.

    The Human Race is a massive, long-term experiment.

    This information, confirmed by yourselves via ‘Charles’, will not be new to many of those watching this video.

    ‘Charles’ has explained that the extraterrestrial race who initiated this project are letting everything unfold with a philosophy of non-interference.

    It is arguable that the optimum conclusion for all — an outcome that would delight those whose project this is — would be for the Human Race to take responsibility for itself: and show just what they can do.

    Your legacy to remain for time immemorial, here and elsewhere, could be:

    We cleaned up the mess.

    We inspired and funded the world’s brightest and best from every nation to work together to solve the problems.

    We fully restored this beautiful, magnificent jewel of this solar system.

    Look what we did.

    When the entire Human Family, organized, focused, and under inspired leadership, worked together — to show just what could be done.


    Also in this interview:

    * How I was initially approached by Charles because I had become a ‘problem’.

    * The plan to create a false flag event to present the ETs as dangerous enemies.

    * The plan to reduce the world’s population through the control and distribution of food.

    * ‘Planet X’ and dangerous solar activity (both are real – but are not show-stopping threats).

    * The ET project to create and optimize a new genome – which is the human race on this planet.

    *This is the first time in the history of the human race that we have got our hands on ET technology – which was never part of the plan. There were no accidental UFO crashes: all the craft were shot down – at first by a ‘lucky hit’, and thereafter deliberately.

    * The legacy of the controlling group, and why they feel this is their responsibility.

    * The way the controlling group functions, and considers its role: some of their codes, protocols, and ‘rules’.

    Note that this group is NOT the Illuminati. This is a Council of the 33 most senior members (defined in a specific way) of each of the 33 bloodline families on the ‘inside’. The controlling group does not have a formal name.

    My intention is to suggest to the controlling group in the strongest and most courteous way I can that there is another way to go. I want nothing less than to change the timeline of the human race.

    And to do that, the shift in consciousness that will be required needs to extend from the very lowest to the very highest strata of society. Now that 2011 is upon us – and here we all are still standing (and in the process becoming wiser, more aware, more responsible, and much better informed): I ask all of you reading this, and watching the video, to join me in a vision for Planet Earth in which every human being, no-one excludes, plays their part in creating.

    Bill Ryan
    1 January 2011

    Haven’t viewed yet. BTW I do NOT believe any one individual has a monopoly on the truth, even those I adore. I don’t even trust my own interpretation.

  79. blessedistruth Says:


  80. blessedistruth Says:


    The Following Parishes have 24 hour/ 7 day a week Perpetual Adoration:

    Corpus Christi Church
    3550 East Knox Road
    Phoenix, AZ 85044
    (480) 893-8770

    Christ the King Church
    1551 East Dana Avenue
    Mesa, AZ 85204
    (Major Intersection: Broadway and Stapley Drive)

    Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church
    5614 W Orangewood Ave
    Glendale, AZ

    Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church
    7655 East Main Street
    Scottsdale, AZ 85251
    (480) 947-433

    Sacred Heart Church

    150 Fleury Ave

    Prescott, AZ 86301

    (928) 445-3141

    San Francisco de Asís Church
    PO Box 1946
    Flagstaff, AZ 86002-1946
    (928) 779-1341

    St. Anne Church
    440 East Elliot Road
    PO Box 228 (Mailing Address)
    Gilbert, AZ 85299-0228
    (480) 892-4970

    St. Anthony Church

    909 South 1st Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ 85003

    (602) 252-1771

    St. Clement of Rome Church
    15800 Del Webb Blvd.
    Sun City, AZ 85351

    St. Germaine Church

    7997 East Dana Drive
    Prescott Valley, AZ 86314-8141

    (928) 772-6350

    St. Helen Church
    5510 West Cholla Street
    Glendale, AZ 85304
    (623) 979-4202

    Saint Jerome Church

    10815 North 35th Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ 85029

    (602) 942-5555

    St. Joseph Church
    11001 North 40th Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85028
    (602) 996-5120

  81. blessedistruth Says:

    Part I – The Urgency of the Fatima Message

    Chapter 4

    In the Grip of the Godless

    by Josyp Terelya

    Our Lady Visits the Ukraine

    In 1986 there was such a situation in the Ukraine where we felt we would be devastated by the authorities.

    They were preparing for this, the newspapers were writing it openly.

    There was an explosion at the Chernobyl Electrical Nuclear Station.

    Pessimism was at an all-time high. People were very scared.

    One year after the explosion, the Blessed Mother appeared in Hrushiv.

    Hundreds and hundreds of people under the rule of the Communists would come there to pray. This was very serious for Moscow.

    Jews, Russians, the Orthodox and the Moslems all came to Hrushiv. One had to be there to see it in order to believe it.

    It is difficult to describe in words, one had to live it psychologically.

    I witnessed 52 Jewish families receiving Christ when a bishop was baptizing them. In one day 3,000 Russians became Catholics.

    Here in the West, Russians are often thought to be bad people. This is not so. The Russian nation is not a bad nation.

    The Russian nation is one that has been beaten and martyred.

    Their government is bad, but the nation itself has been looking for God and has suffered like we did in the Ukraine.

    When I speak in this manner, the nationalists do not like it.

    Ukraine (Marian Apparitions Worldwide—Part 11)

  82. blessedistruth Says:

    New Thread:

    Just a handful of spiritually dedicated people can create a peaceful, loving form of change in which all humanity will participate.


  83. blessedistruth Says:

    Top Posts for all days ending 2011-01-04 (Summarized)

    Home page 3,952

    I Like It! 399
    Whitley Strieber reacts to Stephen Hawking’s warning about alien contact 309
    A very thin veil between good and evil 308
    Inti Illimani Interpreta a Victor Jara 270

    Love is Gonna Win! 187
    A new physical form that would allow the companions of the Creator to sojourn in the Earth 170
    The God-Consciousness of Tom Sings the Beatles 148
    Kenny Rankin Inside 145
    What would Eisenhower be doing writing to an Italian contactee? 125
    the heart and soul of the andes 108
    Edgar Cayce’s Story of the “Temple of Sacrifice” and the “Temple Beautiful” 108
    Magical Child 100

    Latest UFO files released 96
    The Day After Roswell by Philip J. Corso 94
    And His Name Shall Be Called 92
    Pini di Roma 87
    A new perspective on Jesus Christ 86
    no rhyme, nor reason save love 84
    International Beatles Freak Day! 75

    Why might ETs be interested in humanity? 74
    Okay Already 74
    Malacun Wawapa 69
    Return to Eden 68
    Virgen de la Candelaria 66
    Would Rupert Murdoch let Glenn Beck say a bunch of stuff that is completely wrong and stay on Fox? 66
    Just Say No to Fatalism! 65
    Col. Steve Wilson, USAF versus Dr. Henry Kissinger Cosmic Q, level 33 64
    The Fruit of Thy Womb 64
    The arrival of the deity that comes to rule the final pagan empire By Thomas R. Horn 60

    Tweaked in the Womb 59
    I Love My Beloved 57
    Quite a unique approach to the Revelation 56
    The silence and solitude of animals 55
    The mind of the surviving soul at death 55
    Dmitri Shostakovich 55
    “Life like ours is very difficult to find.” 54
    Michael E. Salla — The next window for disclosure 51
    And the Queen of the East was Zenobia 50

    Just a note: we don’t count your own visits to your site.

    Generated 2011-01-04 15:31:03 UTC

  84. blessedistruth Says:


    New Thread:

    Just a handful of spiritually dedicated people can create a peaceful, loving form of change in which all humanity will participate.


  85. blessedistruth Says:

    New Thread:

    … until she is abducted again and the fetus removed, thus explaining my own bizarre miscarriages


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