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Nanoethics: The Ethical, Social Implications and Legal Aspects of Nanotechnology Dr. Hildegarde Staninger™, RIET-1 Guests: Dr. Daniel F. Moore Patrick M. Boucher Wednesday Airdate: 9/28/11 1:00PM Pacific

September 28, 2011


Nanoethics: The Ethical, Social Implications and Legal Aspects of Nanotechnology

1st hour — Nanoethics: The Ethical and Social Implications of Nanotechnology
Guest:   Dr. Daniel F. Moore

2nd hour — Nanotechnology: Legal Aspects
Guest:  Dr. Patrick M. Boucher
Author – Patent Attorney – Nanotechnology

This week on One Cell One Light™ Radio, Dr. Staninger welcomes in the first hour Dr. Daniel Moore, co-author of Nanoethics: The Ethical and Social Implications of Nanotechnology and member of the Hybrid Reality Institute, a think-tank that explores human-technology co-evolution and its implications for society, business and politics.

In the second hour, Dr. Staninger will be joined by Dr. Patrick Boucher, author of Nanotechnology: Legal Aspects and intellectual property attorney focusing on patent law at Marsh, Fischmann and Breyfogle Law Firm. These two experts in the field of nanotechnology will offer their own views on the present and future of nanotechnology and the implications of its use in our society.

This is something I had previously put together in an attempt to understand the underlying cause(s) of Morgellons or GMOD.


Fungi grow all over this planet. They are found in the soil, on trees and in water. Their spores travel throughout the lands by the winds from the four corners of our world.

Biosensor testing conducted by the U.S. military has resulted in an increase population of Aspergillus niger on homes, trees and other materials in various areas of the United States of America.8

Over the last decade, starting in the 1990’s, research has implicated many toxin-producing fungi, such as Stachybotrys, Penicillim, Aspergillus and Fusarium species, to indoor air quality problems and building related illnesses.

Inhalation of mycotoxin producing fungi in contaminated buildings is the most significant exposure, however, dermal contact form handling contaminated materials and the chance of ingesting toxin containing spores through eating, drinking and smoking is likely to increase exposure in a contaminated environment.

Recent advances in technology have given laboratories the ability to test for specific mycotoxins without employing cost-prohibitive gas chromatography or high performance liquid chromatography techniques.

Currently, surface, bulk, food and feeds, and air samples can be analyzed relatively inexpensively for mycotoxins.

Homes that have been damaged by water or have had improper construction of ventilations systems have become infected with fungal overgrowth and biofilms, which resulted in bacteria, algae and fungi growing together as a communal colony with microtubules connecting to each other to exchange nutrients.

Thus, creating the most toxic forms of mycotoxins, endotoxins, and exotoxins with the potential of forming DNA plasmids in mycoplasma, with mutated RNAi sub-mutated forms of fungi genes.9, 10

The most toxic forms of fungi, mycotoxin is coming from our food itself, which is characteristically present in stored and fermented food.

Pesticides used on cereals as a fungicide, such as benomyl have potentated the mycotoxin in selective genes.

In 1987 at Yale University, Karl Hager and Mike Plamann performed a very important study, which was based on the plasmid pH303 and its derivatives integrated at his-3 by a single crossover.

When introduced to benomyl, the mutant allele of his-3(1-234-723) was present in the genome, and its mutation was mapped to be somewhere downstream of the Sall restriction site.

A cloningwill occur at a higher transformation frequency using linearthan using circular DNA, and the transformation frequencies are independent of the mating type of the host.11

[I have read there is a “frequency”connection to Morgellons, so this caught my eye. Mostly, I am trying to understand the science underlying this syndrome.]

If food is loaded with fungi, then the mycotoxin concept is fully operative and the disease-producing potential is more than obvious.

This important question of how much fungal colonization of food exists is answered by the most recent reported mycological study of some quite representative foods; corn kernels, peanuts, cashew nuts and copra (dried coconut).

Table 3-3 demonstrates the remarkable degree of fungal colonization of the interior of corn kernels and peanuts.12

Humans who eat these foods are ingesting both the toxicogenic fungi and their mycotoxins.

These fungi are capable of surviving in the intestinal stream where they may continue to produce their toxins.

Similarly, animals fed fungal colonized/mycotoxic feed are not only at risk of developing mycotoxicoses, their meat and their fat, constitute another vehicle for human exposure to excessive mycotoxin intake.

Animal fat is increasingly being documented to be a major risk factor for a number of human cancers and atherosclerosis.

It must be noted that fat, stores polycyclic organic xenobiotics and they are highly lipid soluble. They concentrate in fat depots, which results in low plasma levels and extended half-lives.

These same compounds are known to cause distinct mutations.

When cattle were accidentally fed contaminated feed in Michigan by PBB’s in 1973, these compounds became stored first in fat deposits of the cows and then, via milk fat, bioaccumulated in fat stores of the people of Michigan, where PBB’s can still be detected.

While there is no known effect of PBB’s at the storage site, this store is a potential hazard since mobilization during starvation or other stress could lead to efflux into the bloodstream with subsequent redistribution and toxicity.

Similarly, patients treated for acute exposure to organophosporous pesticides may be released from the hospital and later suffer a relapse due to mobilization of the insecticide from fat stores.13

Mycotoxins have been documented to cause a number of specific types of diseases and very specific organ lesions both in animals and in humans.

8. Chemtrails and Barium.
9. U.S. Patent 4,530,834 (Bayer). U.S. Patent Office. Washington, D.C. “Biological Pesticides: Fungi to the Rescue, “ Research: The Bayer Scientific Magazine, 1989, pgs. 22-31.10. Lau, Nelson C. and David P. Bartel. Censors of the Genome. Scientific America. New York. August 2003, pgs. 35-41.11. Vogt, Donna U. Congressional Research Service Report for Congress. The Delaney Dilemma: Regulating Pesticide Residues in Foods – Seminar Proceedings, March 6, 1993. Science Policy Research Division. The National Council for Science and the Environment. Washington, D.C. May 19, 1993.12.© 7/16/2002.13. Hascheck, Wanda M. and Colin G. Rousseaux (Eds.). Handbook of Toxicologic Pathology. Academic Press, Inc. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers. © 1991, pg. 54.






One could test the validity of how poisonous mycotoxins are by eating a handful of poison mushrooms, a species of fungus.

However, it would be less fatal to realize that many forms of fungus produce mycotoxins, which are chemical substances that are toxic to man and other life forms.

In addition, fungi produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which may bind to fat within in your body and cause internal re-exposure to the toxic effects of these compounds.

Current, integrative technologies in the health care area have produced far infrared MPS Capsules and Kuh Sung YLS-95 (Trade Mark Bio-Oaky & Oaky Smoky) that will kill fungus and neutralize VOC’s in other tissue organs within the human body respectfully.

These technologies may be the answer to current biological weapons of mass destruction and the risk of exposure to biological pesticides by killing these microorganisms at micron (0.000,001) and nano (0.000,000,001) levels within our human body.

Cellular detoxification and its remediation are on the break of a new horizon through terahertz, far infrared and subnano technologies.

[Please see Dr. Staninger’s more recent writings and findings.]


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frequency filetype:pdf


staninger implant

Secretly forced implanted targeted man, James Walbert.



U.S. state sponsored secret brain implants with U.S. RFID chips is now for the first time in U.S. history in the courts.–1200—Cash_Flow.mp3


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Chem Trail Chemtrails Fake Planes & Other Assorted Flying Machines & Friends — White Peak Vistancia Peoria Arizona

September 27, 2011

I thought it might be a good idea to have all these image folders together in one place.

I’ll update this page each time I add a new folder.

My apologies, these are not chronological.

Years ago, when I was here:

I used to look around at the others nearby and wonder what was wrong with them. Sometimes there’d be a lone plane doing acrobatics right above us.

And I was the only looking up. And it was so cool!

For the longest time, this was a secret I shared with no one. I assumed whatever it was was meant for my eyes only.

But then the chem trails started and they were really bad. I couldn’t keep this to myself any longer.

What I found was that, if I pointed to whatever it was I was seeing, whoever was around could see it, too.

If anything, I can “hear” these planes or helicopters or whatever when others can’t.

And when I do, of course I look up. And sometimes I take pictures.

It took awhile, but eventually I figured out that this “noise” I was hearing was trying to get my attention so I’d look in the right direction to spy the enemy tankers spraying us.

So, I thank my Creator and His Viceroys, my Savior, my Heavenly Mother, my Angels and my Friends.

I can honestly say my cup is filled with miracles and mine is a magic life.


White Peak Coordinates:


Update 6

Three days worth of … I don’t know what.

I can tell you my Friends are still here, coaxing me to come out and “play.”

Be sure to click “SlideShow”

fri sat sun oct 7 8 9 natural star gate white peak ?

(Please see images here also:


Update 5

These are from yesterday, Thursday and today, Friday.

I honestly don’t know what I’m capturing here. Not as crisp as earlier images, but something.

This morning, I felt guided to point my camera just below the sun, but I believe that changes by the hour, by the minute.


Be sure to click “SlideShow”

thu 10 06 11 fri 10 07 11 natural star gate _ plane friend


Update 4

Heavy chem trail spraying continued from Wednesday. Once I heard James Gilliland say that there’s probably more than one group spraying, each with their own agenda.

Well, this day, I believe whoever was spraying wanted to white out the sky so us folks couldn’t photograph a natural star gate opening. That is my theory, anyway.

And they failed.

Be sure to click “SlideShow”

wed 10 05 11 heavy spray cathedral natural star gate


Update 3

wed 10 05 11 heavy spray contd friendly planes & beauty in spite of artificial clouds

Be sure to click “SlideShow”

There’s more from yesterday, Wednesday.

Yesterday was one of those days – chasing the enemy tankers.

Today – incredibly beautiful sky!

But stay tuned for Update 4.



Update 2

These are from this, Wednesday, morning.

I didn’t take the time to tinker with these too much, as I wanted to get them up fresh.

Later I’ll post heavy spray images from this past Saturday.

Can you blame us for not trusting those who govern us?


Again, these are my coordinates.

White Peak Coordinates:

wed morn 10 05 11 heavy spray white peak Vistancia Peoria, AZ

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Be sure to click “SlideShow”

mon 10 03 11 cathedral plane friends natural star gate

Please see also:


Update Contd

Saturday, White Peak, Vistancia, Peoria, Arizona

sat 10 01 11 heavy spray white peak

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rosecupo” folders

Please click “Date Added” to see most recent folders first. I have gotten better at this over time.

“rosettasister” folders

Please click “Date Added” to see most recent folders first. I have gotten better at this over time.


“rosettasister” October 2011 (so far)

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“blessedisthetruth” folders

Please click “Date Added” to see most recent folders first. I have gotten better at this over time.


“blessedisthetruth” October 2011 (so far)

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Having trouble with these three main folders displaying images, so I’ll add new folders and copy images, then update this page.


Mostly older and non chem trail related, but there’s a gem or two.

new rosecupo images folder 09 30 11

Be sure to click “SlideShow”


This “SlideShow” doesn’t work too well, but these are some of the earliest, and also some of the best, chem trail images I’ve taken.

new rosettasister image folder 09 30 11


I copied “blessedisthetruth” images into this folder:

Be sure to click “SlideShow”


In Memory of Rosalie


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One Cell One Light™ Radio Dr. Hildegarde Staninger Artist Rick Dubov Michael Edward Bobby Thollander Portals and their relevance through the dimensions of time and space — Wednesday September 21, 2011 @ 4PM ET / 3PM CT / 2PM MT / 1PM PT

September 21, 2011


One Cell One Light™ Radio with Dr. Hildegarde Staninger™

by LivingLightNetwork

Call in number to speak with the host

(424) 258-9302

1st Hour:  Custom Portals through the Dimensions of Time and Space —

Guests:  Rick Dubov and Michael Edward

2nd Hour:  Custom Portals:  A New Ingredient for Nano Vector Pie and the Big Lycan Gene —

Guests: Rick Dubov, Michael Edward and Robert J. Thollander, Jr.

I’ll be listening and taking notes, God Help me!

And adding to this post later, as I’d already put something together.

Please listen. When time permits, also listen to Roxy Lopez interviewing Caroline Carter.

Regarding Chem Trails, Morgellons, Nano, GMOD (Genetically Modified Organism Disease).




Have you ever wondered where the cover art on Dr. Staninger’s book Portals to Destiny came from? It is the work of artist Rick Dubov; a custom portal he created specifically for her.

This week on One Cell One Light™ Radio, Dr. Staninger sits down with Mr. Dubov and is joined by returning guests Michael Edward and Bobby Thollander, to discuss the portals and their relevance through the dimensions of time and space.


In the second hour, the conversation will include how these custom portals can be used to express an individual’s present and ancient DNA (as discussed on the August 31st show), and delving more into the topic of artificial DNA. Can nano gene therapy be used to bring out dormant genes, such as the biglycan (werewolf gene), vampira or “demon gene”? Can DNA be reprogrammed through linguistics?

9/14/11: What do Weather Modification, Hedge Funds, and Derivatives Have in Common?

This week on One Cell One Light™ Radio, Dr. Staninger welcomesRosalind Peterson, California President and Co-Founder of theAgriculture Defense Coalition (ADC), and California Skywatch.  Formed in 2006, the ADC is dedicated to protecting agriculture, our water supplies, trees, and pollinators from a wide variety of experimental weather modification and atmospheric testing  programs, toxic chemicals, geo-engineering, and other experiments.



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Financial draw downs and insider trading by companies resident within the former WTC7 were conducted with prior knowledge that an attack was imminent — Dr. Dan Burisch Crain

September 9, 2011

The following is a continuation of something I started over at RosettaSister. Please go here:

And scroll down to below the peace sign to see what I posted previously.


Don Deppeller


[One cannot tell the Dan Burisch story without including a whole cast of characters, especially Don. I almost never agree with Don, but he seems to genuinely care about others and, in his own way, is a patriot. At times he seems to suffer from melancholy. Who doesn’t?! If the truth about the attacks is ever told, it will be in large part due to Don’s tireless efforts.]


Sat May 19, 2007 3:14 pm

dan wrote:

To the Public:

What will soon follow (within 24 hours or so) is a very short, to the point, summary of findings over an investigation I conducted in the wake of claims being made in numerous locations on the internet, as well as here, concerning the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

The origin of this investigation occurred at the end of March, 2007 with posts by “Machobird” on the Eagles Forum.

I can assure all the readers that I have fully evaluated the contents of the 911 thread –

and its helper thread –

I have further evaluated numerous timelines, videos by academicians on both side of the aisle, scholarly papers, and the entire 9-11 Commission Report, including references.

The webpages attached to

(higher caliber than the pages listed next) and

have also been closely examined.

In determining the relevant facts, I am doing so as an individual citizen and not as a Corporate Officer of Eagles Disobey, Inc.

Insofar as the physics and chemistry are applied, my determinations should not be considered expert findings, nor could I testify as an expert witness to such relevant scientific data, as I am a professional biologist (appointed and retained in that capacity in industry), not a professional chemist, nor a metallurgist.

Insofar as my determinations are made to relevant facts to which I was a witness and how those facts correspond to other issues of the 9/11 timeline of events, all statements written by me should be considered as my publicly stated willingness to testify to the facts therein contained, should I be called before a trier of fact – U.S. Federal Court or other tribunal.

During the course of the investigation, I decided to rate my assessment of the facts by other than nebulous statements of belief.

I therefore set about the assignment of numerical values, rating from 0 to 4, with “0” indicating a claim that can be entirely “discounted” to “4” being a claim which was (in my opinion) “certain” to be true.

Until I next write…


dan wrote:

When first engaging this investigation, an investigation started at the behest of the certainty of “Machodbird” that the tragic attacks on September 11, 2001 was an “inside job,” my first feelings were that of strong skepticism.

Skepticism is a good thing, but as we walk through life, the wise understand that cynicism is not. I recognize that I will be verbally attacked, no matter what I say.

That’s why I don’t pay real attention to those who make daily use of cynicism and anger.

One day this world may deposit me in a trash can, or I may find myself in an alley or a ditch, as so many people have had happen to them in the past – such as those who have been oppressed by Racism, Fascism, Socialism under the banner of Communism, etc.

I am no better than anyone else, and as I could have that happen to me, I just see no reason to deposit myself in the filth.

During this same general timeframe, of Machobird’s statements, I became aware of information from Dr. McDowell’s sister (presently being protected and in hiding out of fear for her life) that as early as the middle 1990’s, the former MJ1, the Looking Glass Staff (then at S4-2) were aware that a coming war with Islamic Extremists was in the offing.

[the former MJ1 – Not sure if Dan is referring to McConnell here – See: ]

The resulting dust up between the former MJ1 and myself has since been interpersonally, satisfactorily, resolved. [Definitely McConnell – also referred to as Dadmiral]

The resolution is short of the multiple layers which come in to play involving Dr. McDowell’s sister as the person who disclosed the information which was the proximate cause of the (albeit temporary) rift.

The assignment of numbers to the scale, from 0-4 holds, with “0” being “discounted” and with increasing probability from 1-3, until I reach the term “certainty” with “4.”

The questions/claims are put to the evidence:









The angled cuts are representative of the removal and storage process of material and the cutting of the steel has been reproduced.

The MIT report is more conclusive than the allegations of Thermite by the BYU retired professor, as the quality control over the origin of the material (which tower, etc.) is lower than the quality of evidence by the MIT stress/strain analysis (including floor sagging proof).

The claim that the jet fuel + the available air was not capable of producing structural failure has been ruled out by scholarly analysis.

If this looks like straight pancaking…?



By 2pm that day, the Fire Department was announcing the expected collapse. That information spread to the news agencies. Conspiracy? That statement is to come.

Conspiracy involving feeding News Agencies with scripts? No.

They (news agencies) kept their mouths moving and did on the spot analysis consistent with honest reporting…including what they got right and what they got wrong.



Correlations of military aircraft positions v. weapons stocks compare positively. That, and given standing orders, no certain 76104J it would make no sense that a shootdown would have occurred.



As the aircraft struck it was, by definition, a missile. Multiple resources have been examined…including the famous video.

Comparisons indicating that it was too small to be an aircraft are inconsistent with the actual size of the Pentagon.

Analysis of the crushing of the Pentagon’s structure is consistent with an aircraft of reported size striking it.



Since the start of this investigation, I have been personally informed by a CIA operative I personally know, whom it would be a crime for me to identify without being compelled by a court, that financial draw downs and insider trading (stock sell-offs) by companies resident within the former WTC7 were conducted with prior knowledge that an attack was imminent.

At least one of those companies has since left the U.S. and the security company also involved with such trading has direct ties to the Bush Family.



Mil BlkOps did it, and fed it to the Administration, via “The Company” (GT) with the VPOTUS and the former POTUS GHWB (41) knowing it.

[Is Dan suggesting that George W. Bush was lied to by his own VP and his own father?!]

The sense at the time was that CIA was aware that UBL was behind the ops and in fear that such a disastrous attack couldn’t be tied to him, which later proved wrong (he tied it to himself), they violated United States Code and their oaths of office to allow the manufactured evidence into the public. (The origin of this information falls into the same category as the CIA operative’s identity.)

To be continued…

dan wrote:




the recollections and testimony of those in the WH-PEOC with VPOTUS,

the engagement of Vigilant Guardian VO-CPX, WH-PEOC realtime commo with ADOC-CMOC (NORAD-NORTHCOM, Cheyenne Mountain), and

the changing story of VPOTUS’s orders v. military response v. timeline

are compared, glaring and unresolved disparity dominates the equation.

The testimony of the former MJ7 (RBM) and N. Mineta highlights the disparity and creates the determination of a likely purposive response delay.

The United States Military is not responsible for the delay, even given the alert status, and positive TPDR: clear and concise – we had positive vectors and locations and sufficient hot fighters available on alert to have shot down one or more of the highjacked aircraft.

If the United States Military had been ordered to shoot, they would have shot.

The changing testimony of the WH-PEOC timeline v. military response indicates that the likely order…

(“Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary!??”)

…to which VPOTUS was referring, was a “no shoot” order.



While no affirmative evidence tracks directly to him, concerning plotting the 911 attacks, and while he is (by all internal accounts and many public ones) of low intelligence and selfish demeanor, the actions of those around him in the time period previous to the attacks, points to the reasonable assumption that he would have at least known that the attacks were imminent.

Further, addendum to number 10 (just above), the “Say nothing yet!” allegation points to complicity with delay, during the fact.

[The above is rather vague, is this conjecture or something more? Also, what was POTUS told exactly? And what was President Clinton told? And others “in the know.” i.e., did POTUS believe he was doing the right thing by “allowing” attacks? Remember, he was shown two probable scenarios, attacks being the lesser of two evils. How does one defend a sin of omission? How defend acting or not acting based on foreknowledge one should never have possessed? Rose]



* As the VPOTUS acted in a manner which indicates he slowed the response to the attacks;

* Given the information provided to me concerning the former MJ1’s mid-1990’s LG knowledge of an attack;

* Given the former MJ3’s admission of the immediacy of UBL as the primary suspect during his recent “60 Minutes” interview;

* Given the internal operative’s information about the VPOTUS and the hoaxed UBL tape;


* Given that the VPOTUS was in the immediate echelon loop involving the 12 –

The first part of the question can be worked out during an investigation to Impeachment, as the answer to the second part of the question appears to be “yes.”

Dadmiral” with President George W. Bush

[Did VPOTUS know ahead? Since “We The People” are not in the immediate echelon loop, it’s impossible for us to know details which we would need to know in order to accuse anyone of anything. Based on what I’ve read so far, the most damning seems to be Number 8 above. Still, how to bring the guilty to justice, when that would require disclosure of time-traveling future human lineage? No wonder Dan and Marcia tell us disclosure not going to happen. I don’t know if these ETs or offworlders told us the truth. But those “in the know” on that terrible day in September 2001 believed they hadn’t been lied to. Can it be true that governments around the world have been in contact with a certain group of extraterrestrials since at least the Truman administration? One thing I know for sure, some humans have been contacted by other groups of offworlders who do not deceive. Rose]

[Something to consider: If sitting presidents are made aware of “what the future may bring,” then just what has President Barack H. Obama been told?]

More Dr. Dan Burisch Crain on September 11, 2001

Dan Burisch 5/26/2007 neweaglesforum [Dan & Marcia created forum]


” … Behind the scenes, on my end…all hell has been breaking loose (but not with Marcia), in response to my “so far sealed” humble recommendations……so…the more scientific evidence…the better.

What do I think? I don’t believe it [WTC7] was brought down by charges…but given the construction of the building (alleged stability even with floor removal)…plus the movement of monies and companies…?




Dan Burisch 5/27/2007 neweaglesforum (Dan, Marcia & hounddog created forum)

” … Papa T, may I ask you something? Who has ever claimed that the so called “powers” let 9/11 occur to keep us on Timeline 1?

Thus far I have indicated

(1) they let it happen…which is supported by evidence not required to even come from me…but nevertheless….and

(2) they made the wrong decision to allow it to happen, picking “it” (9/11) over a “worse possibility.”

I have never defined the “worse possibility” as having anything to do with the transition from Timeline #1 to Timeline #2.

So, at the risk of appearing as though I am defending against someone fiddling with my words, may I ask you from whence you derived the opinion?

Did their decision allow them to fill their pockets? Sure!

I think we’ve all figured out that no matter how they decide, they opt for financial increases. That’s not new.

The decision to allow the other option may have done the same, albeit offering much less financial structural support.

A careful read of my response about 9/11 shows that I state openly that

I have been made aware of the other option, will not disclose it,and that they should have chosen to defend the U.S. and pushed for a third “undeclared” path.

Dates? The operative ones, on my end, are these:





Concerning the seals and what they may offer…that would depend on who is in control of them. That information (“precisely who?”) is not available.

Papa T: “If we were able to see that 9/11 would take place and did nothing to warn the public then how much better are we than they in looking after this technology. Who are the keepers of this Technology and how am I to trust them in doing the right things with it? My trust has been broken.”

The seals and the technology are not being watched by the Administration. The decision to do/not do and what to do, for 9/11, was taken by the Administration.

I expect that Majestic, meaning the Committee of the Majority (CotM), may have informed the Clinton Administration, but I have not been allowed to peruse the CotM records.

I have perused the Maj12 records and found no related decisions based by vote of the body.

(I indicated this in my summary as well.)

Therefore, it is from

the records of those watching the LG [Looking Glass] and its probabilistic inferences,

the actions which have been documented surrounding the occurrences of 9/11,

the information which I have been passed by operatives and another former seated member, and


from whence I have based my opinions.

Papa T:”Who are the keepers of this Technology and how am I to trust them in doing the right things with it?”

That information (” precisely who?”) is not available to the public. Why? Well…let me ask you this… Who would you vote to take care of it?

Bush? Putin? Jintao or Jiabao? Elizabeth II or the UK PM? Kim Jong-Il? Maybe the United Nations? (They can sure be counted on! …and that would sure keep it out of the wrong hands! )

Truth be told…the prohibited technology is composed of 3 parts…

(1) an energy projection unit,

(2) a “barrel focus,” and

(3) a set of electromagnetic rings.

No one group has more than 1 part.

But, that’s all I can say pending an interview where I have promised to speak more about it.

Unfortunately, that interview was cancelled for a few weeks due to hitherto unforeseen circumstances.

Your trust has been broken? My bones have been broken.

That said…I am not waiting to hear how people feel after T2 doesn’t happen. That’ll be about the time when they all say it could never have happened anyway.

You snip the elastic bands so the blinders will come off, and they pass around the glue amongst themselves, lest a little light creep in.



  • April 22, 2011 at 11:18 pm (506) dondep 11/24/2003 4:02 am EST[….]

    THIS IS TOO IMPORTANT. I think this is a smoking gun from the hand of Rancher (Dubya) regarding Dr. Burisch;


    DATED ORDER: MAY 18, 2003



    [signed by G. W. Bush]

    [Then another snippet, which has a bit more on the last line….]



    DESTROY UPON READING [it was shredded]

    [bottom of page shows trans time of 21:04:54]

    MJ-12 Majestic, Rancher, Burisch


    You are hereby directed to immediately remove project

    Lotus and Staar Flower from Majestic Twelve Oversight

    And place same under authority of the Committee. The

    Committee will directly oversee all future actions

    Relating to the bird and clock issues.

    Drs. Burisch and Severs will continue in their capacity

    Until further notice.



    Bird: in documents, MJ-12′s use of the word ‘BIRD’ refers to EBEs (extraterrestrial biological entities).

    Clock: in documents, MJ-12′s use of the word ‘CLOCK’ refers to the Time Line Paradox.

    (According to Dan and Marcia, this “Time Line Paradox” is no longer an issue, at least we are out of danger.)

    (But not out of danger from aerosol crimes.)


More later.



Peter A. Gersten, Esq.
Attorney for Plaintiff
Arizona Bar #016925
Sedona, Arizona 86351


7349 Via Paseo Del Sur #515-194 
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258 
(602) 818-8248



) CIV98-0538PHXROS

I, Col. Philip J. Corso, (Ret.) do hereby swear, under the penalties of
perjury, that the following statements are true:

That at all times hereinafter mentioned, I was a member and officer of
the defendant.

That during my tenure with the defendant I was a member of President
Eisenhower’s National Security Council and former head of the Foreign
Technology Desk at defendant’s Research & Development department.

That on or about July 6, 1947, while stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas, I
personally observed a four-foot non-human creature with bizarre-looking
four-fingered hands, thin legs and feet, and an oversized incandescent
light bulb-shaped head. The eye sockets were oversized and almond
shaped and pointed down to its tiny nose. The creature’s skull was
overgrown to the point where all its facial features were arranged
frontally, occupying only a small circle on the lower part of the head.
There were no eyebrows or any indications of facial hair. The creature
had only a tiny flat slit for a mouth and it was completely closed,
resembling more of a crease or indentation between the nose and the
bottom of the chinless skull than a fully functioning orifice.

That in 1961, I came into possession of what I refer to as the ‘Roswell
File.’ This file contained field reports, medical autopsy reports and
technological debris from the crash an extraterrestrial vehicle in
Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

That I have personally read the medical autopsy reports which refer to
the autopsy of the previously described creature that I saw in 1947 at
Fort Riley, Kansas.

That said autopsy reports indicated the autopsy was performed at Walter
Reed Hospital, which was under the authority of the defendant at the
time of the autopsy.

That said autopsy report referred to the creature as an
extraterrestrial biological entity.’


Colonel Philip J. Corso (ret.)

Sworn before me 
this day of ___ May, 1998.


The 9 Major Admissions


Selene, I actually had a very cordial conversation on the phone with Dr. Salla in the wake of the April 2005 Request To Admit; out of all the ‘ufers’ I talked to at that time, he was the most courteous.

Most of them acting indignant, even angry, that I had the temerity to be making the claims I was making, and tried to distance themselves,

but Dr. Salla appears to have recognized the ‘real deal’ and understood it was more complex than most people seem to think.

I’ve kept abreast of many of his later postings and IMHO, he’s incorporated the essential truth of it in his over-view.

Just because Dan Burisch and his hired thugs tried to fashion an Absurd Action-Figure Hero out of himself it doesn’t mean that the 9 major admissions (not including the transcript) in that document aren’t truthful.

Dr. Salla seems to be one of the few people in the ‘field’ who acknowledge it.

YOU ARE REQUESTED TO ADMIT, for the purposes of this proceeding only, the truth of the following facts:

1. You were made aware by Mr. Deppeller that he and his family were placed under surveillance, by persons unknown in early 2002, and that such surveillance continued until the Deppeller family moved to Canada in early 2003. You have personally heard allusions by individuals with which you have associated, that the allegations in the aforementioned statement are a fact.

2. You have been allowed online (over the internet, using text and webcam) conversations with Don Deppeller, known by his public internet moniker “DonDep”, and other apparently similarly-interested individuals, representing that they were from various locations from around the globe. Said internet personalities represented themselves as separate individuals, giving the public internet monikers: “Human Subject”, “Boomerang”, “Crackajack”, “PageMarker”, “Seion9”, “Harrdrawk”, “WhiteRabbit”, (and others), at various times during 2003 and 2004.

3. The facts relevant to the subjects in this document, as stated by you during the conversations recalled at the time of signing this document were then true and correct to the best of your knowledge, and were not conveyed with the intention to deceive. This includes the handwritten statement “For the sake of humanity, tell the world”.

4. You have been formally associated with the group known as Majestic 12, since 1986, were formally dissociated from the public on June 8, 2004 (then at the instruction of Majestic 12), and were professionally dissociated from Majestic 12, albeit under emeritus status, on March 21, 2005, at 05:00 hours (Greenwich Mean Time).

5. Some of the projects you have worked on have been named “Preserve Destiny”, “Aquarius”, “Lotus”, and “Preserve Mother”.

6. You state to the best of your belief that some implications of these projects (listed above as “5.”) are of such a grave nature that, were the general world human population to know the entirety of the information contained within them, the resultant reactions of portions of the present human population may vary from “no reaction” to potential “panic.”

7. You have also been a party during the negotiations of a treaty known as the “Tau-9 Conference for the Preservation of Humanity”, between present human authorities and certain individuals representing themselves as extraterrestrial peoples, with their origin alleged to you as the star constellations “Reticulum” and “Orion.” You have had physical interaction with at least one such extraterrestrial.

8. The normally required secrecy for these issues, as a consequence of the gravity contained within the aforementioned statement (“7.”), stipulated that individuals entrusted with such relevant information – including yourself – must swear a secrecy oath upon pain of death. You are not currently under such an oath, the previous one having been discharged by the issuing authority.

9. Individuals that receive such information, from sworn agents of Majestic 12, but who have not been sworn to secrecy – including the principal Applicant – could possibly be subjected to many forms of harassment, by non-Majestic agencies that have been requested or otherwise authorized by that group.


If you wish to read both both sides of this correspondence, please see:

“Dear Robert”

[This is between Don Deppeller and Robert Collins and is about Dr. Dan Burisch Crain. I include for this reason and also because it is scarce online.]

On 12/16/05,


Dear Don


Robert C

Don Deppeller wrote:

Dear Robert;

I’m taking the liberty of copying our ongoing debate with the rest of the ‘list’ that brought the Serpo story to my attention, and my subsequent replies that contrasted that story (which Dan has gone on record to describe as a disinfo op “dress rehearsal”) with Dan’s Affidavit, which we are currently wrangling over.

I think you have raised the sorts of questions which many in the ‘mainstream’ will raise when they are confronted with Dan’s debriefing and Disclosure announcement next year, and so this is an opportunity for others to weigh in (hopefully with courtesy) and also learn from.

Even if our dialog ends with today’s responses, I trust they have been illustrative to the list.



Dear Robert,

The many that know about the “Clean Sphere” and how it was constructed (I myself have seen a huge and detailed diagram/”artist’s rendition” notated by those familiar with it) will be involved in Dan’s ongoing debriefing.

There will be quite a bit about the “Clean Sphere” not only in the debriefing but in the documentary that will be focusing on Dan’s time with the J-rod.

I’m not going to force Dan’s hand here; he has a specific timetable, and the world will find out together.

When it does, it will have more than enough corroborative information that it won’t need anyone to ‘investigate’; all of that will have been done to the nth degree. Hence the long delay.

As for whether an Affidavit demonstrates sincerity; legally, an affidavit is ‘presumptively correct’.

That means that it is considered absolutely true until someone can come along and disprove it, which would warrant legal charges of perjury on the person swearing to the Affidavit.

Dan alludes to this in his response to Rick. So yes, it demonstrates sincerity.

Dan is and was fully prepared to be cross-examined by the Crown or Congress, depending on where the Affidavit ends up.

One of the reasons for having 2 former members of Majestic there as secondary witnesses to the signer of the Affidavit during cross-examination is in the event the one tack is used that could undercut such an historic statement, which is that the deponent is ‘insane’ or otherwise too mentally ill to swear to a truthful statement.

The additional 2 witnesses will attest to Dan’s “sanity, sobriety, efficacy, authenticity, honesty and truthfulness”.

We also have a copy of Dan’s psychiatric evaluation, just as the Court had asked for mine.

Seemingly-fantastic claims require equally-demonstrative sanity and sobriety; hence the Dept of Justice’s squirming to avoid having to cross-examine Dan.

Hope that helped.



Dear Robert,

Let me emphasize that Dan’s debriefing will have copious amounts of data regarding the “Clean Sphere”.

Mr. Knapp has attempted to force the issue by running his first show on Dan recently, but as you’ve heard Dan won’t be forced to reveal these things before the right time.

Because all of the data along with the personnel allowed to speak openly will be included in the debriefing, there’s no need for Rick or anyone else to try to ‘investigate’ that which will be fully and thoroughly vetted with all manner of corroboration when the job is complete.

Again, on the matter of the Affidavit; American jurisprudence contains the concept of ‘presumptively correct’ when it comes to oaths made in affidavits.

That is, you can run from it, hide from it, and shrilly pout ‘it can’t be true’, but an affidavit is indeed “presumptively correct” and accepted as truthful until tested.

The same holds true in Canada, but up here there is a more selective application of precedence; here, the concept is known as ‘fundamental justice’, whereby an eyewitness who swears to a fact or set of facts is presumed truthful (until proven perjurious) simply because without that assumption, swearing a legal oath would mean nothing.

Sorry, that IS the law.

People may not like it because of the implications, but the flip side of that coin is that if you are able to prove that the facts sworn to are fraudulent, that the oath was made with intention to deceive, then the original deponent is up for some SERIOUS charges of perjury.

Dan would not have agreed to the terms I outlined in that first Form 255 if he were lying, knowing that he could be jailed for up to 20 years for perjury if a skillful lawyer was able to prove he lied.

You may want to check with a good lawyer friend to ask about the concept of ‘presumptively correct’, since without that concept, no eyewitness evidence would hold water in any civil OR criminal proceeding.



Dear Robert;

Then let me parse it for you. You’ve heard what “same type of stories”? About a J-rod? Hadn’t you just asked me about who else is talking about J-rods and a “Clean Sphere”?

Or simply that the truth would come out at the “right time”?

Yes, it’s frustrating, but I know for a fact that over 100 hours of video has been taken of Dan telling in explicit detail and methodically virtually every facet of his time working for Majestic and in particular the J-rod.

I know that Dan and his ‘team’ (not to confused with those of us ‘outsiders’ who are merely following the ‘saga’) have been gathering tons of corroborative data, setting up meetings with the relevant folks who can validate Dan in virtually every walk of life, collecting the flotsam and jetsam that puts flesh on the whole thing

( e.g. spare parts for the enclosed ‘scooters’ that were used to transport the ET dignitaries from their flying craft to the inside of the facilities where the treaty negotiations took place), etc.

There is a definite date for the Disclosure announcement during 2006, and a not-so-definite time- frame for the release of the contents of the debriefing

(Dan thinks it can be accomplished fairly early, say even February, whereas his team members feel that it may take until April or May).

In fact, this is even recounted in general terms on at least one surveillance tape of their meetings held in Las Vegas that was sent to me.

So, to answer your allusion, it will NOT be as vague as “sometime in the future”.

It’s my understanding too that there will be a number of earth changes and related phenomenon that will aid in validating the timing.

As for the Affidavit, once again; the challenge is for others to take up the gauntlet and press the issue upon the relevant authorities.

That Affidavit is only ‘presumptively correct’ in a court of appeal for my personal immigration case;

the appeal to the Supreme Court will also show the wider public interest that is reflected in the admission of the facts alleged;

the next step is to have Intervenors then go to the legislature and demand that

if this document is allowed to stand, then the implications demand that they ‘open an investigation’,

and by the time a responsive legislature initiates a hearing as to the facts, well let’s just say that a LOT will happen.

Also; why would “debate over aliens” get “laughed out of court”? Because the subject is too complex for some of the simpletons on the bench to understand?

Why does it alwys have to be the subject of ridicule?

That’s how they reinforce our discussion, by playing up to our naivete and reacting negatively against anything that actually WOULD suggest aliens seriously.

You may not have received a copy of the June 12th, 2005 Majestic session, wherein J announced

“Gentlemen, if Majestic is the brains behind the Coverup, the ufoology community is its gonads….”.

[J = McConnell]

People in that ‘community’ are so sensitized by any reference ‘out of the ordinary’ that they actually help perpetuate the loonie-bin mentality because they’re afraid of coming off just as bad by comparison.

Just some considerations; what it does show (and you had it posted on your own site, I noticed, Robert) is that, PENDING EXAMINATION (and it carries with it a ‘presumption of correctness’) the Affidavit can be safely used to account for much more than just my personal circumstances.



Dear Robert;


This is why I suggested that the ‘interested few’ join in as Intervenors in the appeal.

I mean, you would certainly want to know if they’re true, right?

Just because they may not fit your existing paradigm doesn’t preclude the possibility that what is being represented isn’t true, and as a truthseeker you should want to know if you also have been bamboozled over the years, right? Or am I wrong?

As for the videotape of ‘hundreds of others testifying before Congress’, let them fight that battle.

If you are that concerned, I would have expected to see you and others on this email list take up that fight in the legal arena just as I am doing in this case.

Personally I don’t doubt that there ARE many hours of videotaped testimony, but like the CBS story on Bush’s Nat’l. Guard (lack of) service, just because there wasn’t ‘complete authentication’ doesn’t mean that the facts contained therein are untrue (a reference to the ‘found to be lying’ inference).

Another factor is what I addressed in a previous reply, which is that a ‘Fact’, if expressed behind a gov’t. podium, carries more weight and ‘authenticity’ than if expressed by a dishevelled fanatic wearing it on a sandwich board and toting a bullhorn on a street corner.

The choice of podium doesn’t make the Fact more or less truthful, only that there is a legally unfounded level of acceptance that is therefore determined.

As to the Q94 document; I too can muster a cluster of aspiring physicists at the local junior high-school and ask them for an analysis of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and they too could quite easily claim that it’s all a “word salad”.

Face it: there ARE no peers in the field of extraterrestrial biology that are qualified to weigh in on the Q94 document.

Please find at least one that has worked with an extraterrestrial and the public would willingly consider their pronouncements of whether the Q94 is a “word salad” or not.

Furthermore, the Q94 document was never intended to be “peer-reviewed” so that it could take its place in the New England Journal of Medicine or similar publication.

You can’t continue to use metric yardsticks when either imperial is called for or no yardstick is expected, only results.

Finally, to get back to the issue of being ‘laughed out of court’; since when does fear of ridicule stymy the true researcher?

Yes, I am not only laughed at but attacked constantly, and I fully expect it to get worse before it gets better.

This is one of the primary reasons for the previous glacial pace of ‘Disclosure’; fear of ridicule.

Test the waters; don’t assume they’re too hot or cold for your liking.

And enjoy the show, always. As Dan would say, “the beat goes on”.



Dear Robert;

You said:

“Many would not agree that an Affidavit is “presumptively correct.” There are many who have done Affidavits but lied.”

My response would be that it may come down to making that argument in court. The weight of an article of currency being true is favored, versus an assumption it is not true.

Most legal scholars would agree that this basic principle is one of the foundations of the requisite faith in institutions that is required for an orderly society.

The obverse is that to have those articles proved fraudulent carries stiff penalties.

It’s true that some affidavits may be fraudulent, just as there are many checks presented for payment to merchants the world over that are fraudulent, but they are a significant minority proportionate to the total.

(In the advent of a world-wide catastrophic Depression, this may change.)

You go on to characterize my comments regarding the positioning of Facts and the telling of them as “posturing”; that is your opinion and you are certainly welcome to it.

If you insist on not recognizing the possibility > plausibility > probability that the facts as alleged in the Affidavit are true, I will not attempt to dissuade you.

I will also stand just as firmly for the reverse, as the consequences of the document have a real cost in the real world – to me and my family, personally.

You then say:

“These experts are not from a local High School. Bad comparison, the National Academy of Sciences is not a High School. Terms used in that Q94 document can be found in any Microbiology reference. They are not EBE terms. The best experts would know if the Q94 made any sense biologically since Biological Laws are universal, it didn’t.”

I demur; at this point it is merely ‘opinion’, as one man’s treasure is another man’s junk.

Until you find a qualified microbiologist that has a familiarity with an extraterrestrial physiology, the point is mute.

To use yet another crude analogy; an engineer at Ford, schooled in the classic internal combustion engine, isn’t qualified to adjudge the efficacy of Toyota’s ‘hybrid’ program.

Robert, I don’t know if you have read the following exchange with one of Dan’s actual “classmates”; a “peer” as it were.

The following synopsis is taken from the conference to be found at:

The biologist in question seems to have been a fellow student and peer of Dan during his studies (1987-1989), presumably at SUNY in Stony Brook.

Biologist X: Okay, I have been provided with a copy of the so called Lotus Protocol and the 18 page document posted on BJ’s site. I have some concerns about the protocols employed, but not because they appear wacked out, but because there appears to be multiple levels of protocols being employed simultaneously.

Throughout the work, this guy alludes to other forms and “pursuant to other protocols.” I think we are dealing with paperwork that was never meant to hit the light of day. Certainly no self respecting peer reviewed journal would publish it, under current guidelines.

This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make sense though, although I wish it made a little less sense as it is giving me some problems with cell origins theory.

His work appears to bear multiple logic levels and interdisciplinary ability on the level I figured he was bound, all those years ago…. Well, not if you take his theory into account. …. A change occurred in his ideology.

The Lotus Protocol was one of those papers that seems predicated on a set of procedures not mentioned. As I cannot independently confirm the existence of the group that he is allegedly working with, I cannot say for certain that such a set of protocols exists. However, if he does, it seems reasonable that we are dealing with what I have heard called upper-user reports. I am confused where StarFlower begins and Lotus ends?

In the Lotus Protocol, he set out to establish a longitudinal study to test the serial endosymbiotic theory of eukaryote cell origins.

BJ WOLF: George, you mentioned a change of ideology that took place with Dan back in 1987 or so. That was when he was working on something about cells in brackish water…..

[BJ WOLF = Dr. Marcia McDowell Crain]

It appears from his reports that soon after, a series of events began taking place at his research site, that swayed the procedures toward … well hold on just a second …

When I knew him, we were both graduate students taking what amounted to a structural biology course. He shared very little with me about his research intentions at that time. I will leave the institution out of this, but safe to say we were both trying to get the attention of the prof, I’ll put him to his initials WL, and roomed near each other in the Schomburg area. We (or at least I) were more concerned with getting ahead…

He seemed to have the golden spoon with all those people following him around.”

I hope this helps as we grapple with the issues.




I’ve been updating post at top of this page.


A few things the reader may not be aware of:


I first encountered Dan Burisch in a dream, still dream of him and Marcia quite often.


When I first contacted Marcia back in 2007, it was mainly because I was so distraught from multiple abductions and MILABS.


But I was incensed at an image posted at David Wilcock’s site which juxtaposed bin Laden and George W. Bush, which I interpreted as meaning that the two were of the same cloth.


I just wanted the abductions to stop and never paid much attention to the Truthers.


It’s taken me this long to find and look at what Dan had previously written all those years ago.


So now that I know, and I’ve made this my own, so to speak …


I still am not sure exactly what George W. Bush is guilty of, and no one is going to believe it, anyway.


Am I wrong in my analysis, or does Dan condemn Cheney and perhaps the father more than he does the son?


In 2007 and 2008, I commented at Dan and Marcia’s forum, and also at DonDep’s forum, although I don’t remember my moniker at the latter.


I didn’t have a clue about the history between Dan and Don.


The only record I can find is where Uncle John copied something I had posted at Dan’s to Don’s forum. It had to do with the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.


I was known as “SisterRosetta” then.


More recently I was also surprised to discover what Dan had stated about Chem Trails and HAARP and also Dan’s connection to Gulf War Syndrome.


I have been posting almost exclusively about Chem Trails and Morgellons at RosettaSister and also at BlessedIsTruth.


I know Dan and Marcia are upset with me because of what I copied from their forum(s), especially when they were seated at the head of Majestic.


Don probably doesn’t know what to make of me.






Dear SkizitGesture — Morgellons is much more complex than the problem of Gulf War Illness that we previously worked on. — Prof. Garth Nicolson

September 6, 2011

LymeBuster Chat :: Morgellons :: Morgellons – General Discussion :: Dr. Nicholson’s comments on Morgellons

Ultimate Member

« Thread Started on Jul 30, 2011, 3:06pm »

Dear SkizitGesture;

Unfortunately, I do not know of someone with the broad background necessary to crack this problem.

It does have features of existing diseases, which I presume is caused because of multiple infections that go along with the Morgellons.

Thus we can see elements of Lyme Borrelia, Mycoplasma and other microorganisms that could cause some of the systemic signs and symptoms, but this does not explain the extruded fibers and hook-like structures found on skin and other signs and symptoms that to me suggest a subcutaneous parasite, one that may have some elements of insect origin

(because of the chitinous nature of some of the extrusions).

This is much more complex than the problem of Gulf War Illness that we previously worked on

(see Project Day Lily,,

From what I know, such chimeric creatures could have been created using elements of genetic engineering plus old-fashioned combinations in culture, but what relationship this could have to Morgellons remains elusive.

We do know the following from patients that we have been in contact with over the last few years and from their responses to advice that we have tried to give them.

First, there are elements of bacterial infections in Morgellons.

In some cases they can be identified

(such as the microorganisms listed above)

and treated with appropriate antibiotics, but that is only part of the equation, and although helpful, this does not completely solve the problem.

Second, an important structural element of Morgellons appears to be biofilm, a mainly polysaccharide matrix used for survival, protection from host response and movementof some complex families of microorganisms and parasites.

When Morgellons patients are given some very effective biomatrix-busters, such as Detoxamin, they have tremendous Herxheimer Reactions, which one might expect if biomatrix was an important element of the process.

Parasites often extrude such matrix material to protect themselves from host responses and to provide a suitable microenvironment for their survival, movement and growth.

Breaking down the biofilm matrix, I believe, is one part of solving the problem.

Third, anti-parasite drugs, such as Allnia (nitrazoxanide) or other drugs, might be effective, but only if used in combination with antibiotics, biofilm busters and immune support.

I have tried to get treating physicians to try combinations of antibiotics plus anti-parasite drugs along with the biofilm busters, but none seem to be brave enough to try this without supporting lab evidence, which is difficult to come by.

While it is relatively routine to find, for example, single bacterial, viral or fungal contaminants of foods, finding complex mixtures of organisms in skin samples of Morgellons has been difficult.

What I believe is needed is to put together a team of microbiologists, parasitologists, biochemists and pathologists to work together on this problem, but no one seems to have the resources to do this.

Finally, I do not believe that this disease is caused by delusion or hysteria.

I believe that it is a real problem that will eventually be identified, and appropriate treatments will be forthcoming.

But the problem won’t be solved by taking simplistic approaches and assuming that this is a simple problem containing one simple element that will eventually be identified.

Prof. Garth Nicolson

(Professor Emeritus of Laboratory Medicine)

The Institute for Molecular Medicine


Calcium Disodium EDTA Chelation Suppositories: a novel approach for removing heavy metal toxins in clinical practice, by R. Ellithorpe, T. Jimenez, B. Jacques, R. Settineri, L. Calpp and Garth L. Nicolson, In: Anti-Aging Therapeutics, R. Klatz and R. Goldman, eds., vol. 11, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, 2009: 107-118.

Dr. Nicolson mentioned these “suppositories” in videos posted below:

Uploaded by  on Jun 26, 2011

Listen to Stan Monteith talk with Dr Garth Nicholson on the dreaded Morgellon's Disease. This broadcast took place on June 16th 2011. Parts 1-4:

Nanotechnology and Its Unknown Impact On The Environment

Robert Thollander, Jr., Molecular Biologist, IEIA

It’s those unintended uses, though, that can become problematic. Thollander cites DDT as an example.

It wiped out mosquitos and malaria and helped improve crops; however, it destroyed most bird populations.

Nanotechnology is kind of like DDT – it may have unintended side effects.”

Thollander uses Morgellons Disease, a skin disease where fibers come out of the skin, and other new viral diseases as illustrations.

I don’t think the effects are widely known,” he said.

It may be the interaction of different elements. It could be triggered by chemicals, nutrition, different lifestyle patterns.

If the CDC (Center for Disease Control) would look into it, they would look at these things.

When HIV first surfaced, it took at least a decade for people to realize there was a blood-borne disease that was killing people.”


Thollander mentions California as having a high level of technology industry where there is frequent use of nano.

Hence,” he says, “California harbors the most cases of Morgellons Disease.”

And he reasons:

If nano is in pesticides, then nano could be in food. Our food has plastic particles, a host of other chemicals and antibiotics (in it).”

Uploaded by on Jun 14, 2011