Dear SkizitGesture — Morgellons is much more complex than the problem of Gulf War Illness that we previously worked on. — Prof. Garth Nicolson

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Dear SkizitGesture;

Unfortunately, I do not know of someone with the broad background necessary to crack this problem.

It does have features of existing diseases, which I presume is caused because of multiple infections that go along with the Morgellons.

Thus we can see elements of Lyme Borrelia, Mycoplasma and other microorganisms that could cause some of the systemic signs and symptoms, but this does not explain the extruded fibers and hook-like structures found on skin and other signs and symptoms that to me suggest a subcutaneous parasite, one that may have some elements of insect origin

(because of the chitinous nature of some of the extrusions).

This is much more complex than the problem of Gulf War Illness that we previously worked on

(see Project Day Lily,,

From what I know, such chimeric creatures could have been created using elements of genetic engineering plus old-fashioned combinations in culture, but what relationship this could have to Morgellons remains elusive.

We do know the following from patients that we have been in contact with over the last few years and from their responses to advice that we have tried to give them.

First, there are elements of bacterial infections in Morgellons.

In some cases they can be identified

(such as the microorganisms listed above)

and treated with appropriate antibiotics, but that is only part of the equation, and although helpful, this does not completely solve the problem.

Second, an important structural element of Morgellons appears to be biofilm, a mainly polysaccharide matrix used for survival, protection from host response and movementof some complex families of microorganisms and parasites.

When Morgellons patients are given some very effective biomatrix-busters, such as Detoxamin, they have tremendous Herxheimer Reactions, which one might expect if biomatrix was an important element of the process.

Parasites often extrude such matrix material to protect themselves from host responses and to provide a suitable microenvironment for their survival, movement and growth.

Breaking down the biofilm matrix, I believe, is one part of solving the problem.

Third, anti-parasite drugs, such as Allnia (nitrazoxanide) or other drugs, might be effective, but only if used in combination with antibiotics, biofilm busters and immune support.

I have tried to get treating physicians to try combinations of antibiotics plus anti-parasite drugs along with the biofilm busters, but none seem to be brave enough to try this without supporting lab evidence, which is difficult to come by.

While it is relatively routine to find, for example, single bacterial, viral or fungal contaminants of foods, finding complex mixtures of organisms in skin samples of Morgellons has been difficult.

What I believe is needed is to put together a team of microbiologists, parasitologists, biochemists and pathologists to work together on this problem, but no one seems to have the resources to do this.

Finally, I do not believe that this disease is caused by delusion or hysteria.

I believe that it is a real problem that will eventually be identified, and appropriate treatments will be forthcoming.

But the problem won’t be solved by taking simplistic approaches and assuming that this is a simple problem containing one simple element that will eventually be identified.

Prof. Garth Nicolson

(Professor Emeritus of Laboratory Medicine)

The Institute for Molecular Medicine


Calcium Disodium EDTA Chelation Suppositories: a novel approach for removing heavy metal toxins in clinical practice, by R. Ellithorpe, T. Jimenez, B. Jacques, R. Settineri, L. Calpp and Garth L. Nicolson, In: Anti-Aging Therapeutics, R. Klatz and R. Goldman, eds., vol. 11, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, 2009: 107-118.

Dr. Nicolson mentioned these “suppositories” in videos posted below:

Uploaded by  on Jun 26, 2011

Listen to Stan Monteith talk with Dr Garth Nicholson on the dreaded Morgellon's Disease. This broadcast took place on June 16th 2011. Parts 1-4:

Nanotechnology and Its Unknown Impact On The Environment

Robert Thollander, Jr., Molecular Biologist, IEIA

It’s those unintended uses, though, that can become problematic. Thollander cites DDT as an example.

It wiped out mosquitos and malaria and helped improve crops; however, it destroyed most bird populations.

Nanotechnology is kind of like DDT – it may have unintended side effects.”

Thollander uses Morgellons Disease, a skin disease where fibers come out of the skin, and other new viral diseases as illustrations.

I don’t think the effects are widely known,” he said.

It may be the interaction of different elements. It could be triggered by chemicals, nutrition, different lifestyle patterns.

If the CDC (Center for Disease Control) would look into it, they would look at these things.

When HIV first surfaced, it took at least a decade for people to realize there was a blood-borne disease that was killing people.”


Thollander mentions California as having a high level of technology industry where there is frequent use of nano.

Hence,” he says, “California harbors the most cases of Morgellons Disease.”

And he reasons:

If nano is in pesticides, then nano could be in food. Our food has plastic particles, a host of other chemicals and antibiotics (in it).”

Uploaded by on Jun 14, 2011



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    Tuesday, September 6th : Contact Has Begun

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    Project Camelot Productions

    Kerry Cassidy is the spirit behind Project Camelot Productions. She is a researcher, writer, speaker, radio show host, and a pioneer of interviewing whistleblowers, researchers, and cutting edge individuals in order to connect the dots and distill an ever clearer understanding of who we are, where we came from and what is really happening on planet earth and beyond.

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    Marcia Schafer | The Awareness Switch & Seeded Technology, September 4, 2011

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    Re: — I am In The US Navy Space Command And I Have Been To Elenin — Ask Me A Question

    This is the real OP checking in from Key West. I’d ask that you do not post Bluecoats msgs here. While its interesting reading its all fiction. I am making. serious attempt at giving real information but it seems to be getting interwoven and mixed up with what this fellow Bluecoat is saying on some other forum.

    By posting Bluecoats sci-fi tail here muddying the waters

    I will post from the original OP acct on Wednesday night or at the latest Thursday so hold tight until then.

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