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Chem Trails White Peak Vistancia Peoria Arizona America Friday, October 28, 2011 Benevolent Patrol Dark Star

October 29, 2011

Benevolent Trinity

This is rather temporary, I’ve been saying that a lot lately.  I can’t seem to catch up.

But it doesn’t matter.  Focus on the here and now.

Please find (7) folders (I’ll be posting them one at a time until all are posted.)

These are raw images, for the time being.  I wanted to get them up while still fresh.

All images are from yesterday, Friday.

Which occurred after I posted this:

I can only speak to what is happening here.  Here in the Valley of the Sun, I believe we are being sprayed so as not to be able to see or image at least one heavenly body which is headed our way.

And I believe Benevolents are patrolling our skies, cleaning up aerosol toxins and unobstructing our view.

I have arrived at these conclusions after months and months of paying attention and looking closely at images I’ve been able to capture.

One more thing, I believe my Friends not only guide and encourage me, but let me know when I’m on the right track.

So here are the (7) folders.  The chem trail images speak for themselves.  But the focus should be on our star, the Sun, whose light reflects upon bodies allowing us to see and image.

Think on this.  Who are the Manipulators?  The Controllers?  The Deceivers?

The Emancipators Will Win!

Honest Abe will be proud.

Mary image:

White Peak Coordinates:

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1 of 7

Tweaked 1 (hopefully easier to see what I was focusing upon)


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2 of 7

I believe the trail on top is being laid to mitigate the effects of toxic Chem Trails laid by [ … ]

Tweaked 2


3 of 7

4 of 7

5 of 7

6 of 7

7 of 7




The (3) Benevolents gradually formed a triangle which may represent the (3) familiar stars of the handle of the Big Dipper.

ALKAID — “chief of the daughters of the bier”

MIZAR — “wrapping” (loincloth)

ALIOTH — “goat”



Honestly, I don’t know exactly what it is I’m imaging.  I do know this is what my Friends wish me to do.

I believe this was taken yesterday, Saturday.



Last night, Sunday night, I browsed images taken Saturday and Sunday.

I’ll take a closer look at all images eventually, but this folder represents a good example of the process.

I hear a sound which prompts me to go outside. The decibel level depends on how loud the sound needs to be for me to hear it.

Sometimes I see the “plane” sometimes I don’t. I’m taking fewer images now of the planes, etcetera, as I don’t believe this should be my focus.

If we are being sprayed, I focus on Chem Trails and also trails laid down by the Benevolents. That is my theory.

I also believe that the same Benevolent craft are pointing me in the right direction. If I were a better telepath, I believe I would hear in my head,

“Hey, take a picture of the Sun, NOW!”

– or –

“Look over here, you’re being sprayed RIGHT NOW!”

The sounds and the craft work together, I hear, then I see, then I know what to do.

BTW I cannot say why aerosol crimes occur in all places at all times. But I suspect that here, in the aptly named Valley of the Sun, the powers that were don’t wish us to see or image our Second Sun, accompanying planets, huge craft, etcetera.


Book Photo Image:

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sun 10 30 white peak Benevolent pointing the way


These are raw images from Saturday. I wanted to get up while still fresh.

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sat 10 29 white peak raw


These are raw images from Sunday. I wanted to get up while still fresh.

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sun 10 30 white peak raw


Here is another good example of the process, and also why I really need to go back and look closely at every single image.

I hear a sound, usually a plane or jet engine. I go outside, see what I believe is a Benevolent spraying. Snap. Okay, I don’t see any of the type of Chem Trails that linger and sicken.

So must be time to image the Sun, again.

And, voila!

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sun 10 30 flotilla


These were taken yesterday, Monday.

Not too far from here:

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mon 10 31 surprise az Benevolents 2nd Sun I think


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Here is the full video of the lights over Scottsdale.

Strange lights over Scottsdale , Arizona FULL VIDEO 10/28/11 OCTOBER 2011




Jesus and Mary Plane — Lucinda Williams Born To Be Loved — James Gilliland The Shift Project Erez Ro ETs UFOs and Israel

October 22, 2011

Had you encountered this soul, then you would know James is filled with Light.

A Bringer of Light.


Fri Oct 21, 2011 9:24 pm

9th Wave, Unity Consciousness and the Return of the Ancients

By James Gilliland

We have spoken often of the 9th wave and Unity Consciousness. It began March 9th

this year and is increasing exponentially. There is a time compression in which

evolution goes into hyper-speed and things you thought would take years, decades

are happening in hours and days. All that does not align with Unity

Consciousness will be shaken at its very core. The separation game is over.

Scientists tell us about the unified field in which everything exists and is

connected. There are many planes and dimensions within this field existing upon

which are extremely advanced civilizations. This consciousness and energy on

high is pressing in on this 3rd dimensional reality creating enormous changes.

There are cycles and grand cycles all coming to a close making it exciting

times. These are the underlying forces behind many of the events now unfolding

as we speak. The cry for peace, universal love, the ending of the war and

disease racketeers, corporate greed and actions out of alignment with universal

law are coming to the light and the karmic consequences or action/reaction is

taking its course faster than anyone ever believed. The unprecedented increase

in volcanic and earthquake activity, erratic weather, super storms etc are all

part of this process. Masters don’t do boring things and there is a master

within everyone waiting to step up to these challenges or you would not have

chosen to incarnate at this time. We can greet these changes with wisdom as

Gods/Goddesses or as victims. We are all children of the most high, divine

expressions of the source and it is time to awaken and stand tall in our true


There is one thing the controllers did not factor into their programs for world

domination and that is the soul awakening from within. The big oops. They also

did not factor in divine intervention thinking one being was going to step up to

the plate and save all humanity. They have no idea of the spiritually and

technologically advanced civilizations some of which are our ancient ancestors

returning to reset the Earth on its original course. Unseen entities to those

who do not have the eyes to see or have not the consciousness to engage waiting

in the wings observing their every move. There is a limit to allowing, time and

a half is over and now the awakening from within and the help from on high is on

the move.

We can each play a major role in this process first by awakening and healing

second by helping others in this process. We can also initiate help from on high

for free will is honored and the more that ask the more assistance we are

granted. Many are having dreams and visions of beings some much like us and some

very different in outer appearances. This is where inner sensitivity and

discernment are in order. You cannot judge a book by its cover. There are

low-level influences in the lower astral planes coming into play as the veils

become thinner in the awakening and healing process. This is why I put the

healing unseen negative influence techniques in both books, Reunion with Source

and Becoming Gods.

It is imperative to keep ones energy clear and do clearings first before

connecting with unseen entities. There are certain greys and reptilians along

with discarnate beings; which are self-serving, parasites and tyrants. Although

some have had experiences with different elements of these groups ;which were

not malevolent if you do not know what you are doing you can be easily tricked.

These unseen negative entities have had their day with the powers that be. The

N.W.O. and controllers call upon them in ceremony for power over others rather

than empowering others. God is love and love serves. Never forget this love is

the ultimate power in the multiverse and it is love that is bringing tyranny to

a close.

So when a strange entity comes into your dreams and visions clear the energy

first. Invite a master you feel comfortable to act as your guardian. Sense the

energy and intent of these beings. Does their message separate, put you in a

superior role; does it serve humanity and the earth? Is it a unifying message of

love and peace working in harmony with others and nature? Does the message

empower you to make your own personal God, Creator, Spirit connection? These are

tools for discernment. If the ego is running the entitlement, superior,

separation game at the expense of humanity or nature with unseen assistance odds

are your are in the wrong camp in the days to come. The call for unity, freedom,

the end of corporate greed, war and disease profiteering is global sponsored on

high by the beautiful many multidimensional beings pressing hard on humanity and

the earth to redirect evolution back on course; the original intent. A paradise

or Eden where people live in harmony with each other and nature evolving to

their highest potential. The right to live a thoroughly loving, joyous,

abundant life in peace and freedom are divine rights not to be trespassed on by

any institution. These trespasses will be addressed in the days to come on high

and by the masses. Time to get right with yourself, your God, and your neighbor.

Be well.

Pass it on.

James Gilliland

Station 1 – Saturdays 8:00 – 9:55 PM (PST)

11:00 – 12:55 AM (EST)


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  • or –

Mary Image:


Jesus and Mary Plane Images

This is how my Friends let me know they are near. Or that they wish me to come out and photograph … whatever.

I call the white plane my “Jesus” plane because it’s always near.

The small white plane with the blue undercoating I call “Mary” because these are Mary’s colors.

These assorted flying machines come in all sizes and configurations.

But the planes are always all white or white and an indigo blue.

When I first noticed them, I thought them sinister. But they’re not.

They do show up when I’m distressed and are a comfort to me.

For all I know, the same intelligence could be behind ALL of these … whatever they are.

While I suspect most of what I capture are holograms, not all are.

Also, these images of the sun captivate and draw me in, like an optical illusion.

They seem almost alive.


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Most recent image folder: 


See this shit coming.” (Update 1 of 2)

Dan Burisch Crain said this to me in a dream. An imperative. So that is what I am doing.

That’s the way God planned it. I am a Dreamer.

The latest on Dan and Marcia McDowell Crain can be found here:

For the record, I abhor secrets and do not approve of Majestic or Majic or Maj bloodlines.

To justify one’s own secret society due to its opposition to another secret society …

Taxpayers are unknowingly paying to have the truth withheld from themselves.

They say they keep us safe. Maybe they do. Maybe they don’t.


Note: At times when I am summoned to go outside and take pictures, one thing leads to another.

There’s my Jesus plane, snap … There’s a craft spraying (hopefully friendly), snap … And there’s the Sun, snap …

In the beginning, I believe I was supposed to image malevolents spraying. That still happens occasionally.

But, I have dreams, visions, voices.

“Every day I have to look to the sun To see where it was that I have come from”

Now I believe I am supposed to focus on what shows up in these Sun images – flotillas, heavenly bodies, clear intent or … to see this, whatever it is, coming.

What is coming is coming … And doesn’t frighten me.

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I also included image from here:

Uploaded by  on Dec 29, 2006


Update 2 of 2

What have they done to my Sun, Ma?

I cannot say for sure, but if I had to guess, I’d say this morning we were sprayed, prevailing winds blew trails in this direction (NW Valley, south of Lake Pleasant), then chem clouds mixed with natural cloud cover.

I can only conclude that the intent was to obscure the Sun. And it worked, but not before I got off a few good shots.


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Divine Mercy


Other recent image folders:






Crop Circle Connector


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Many Morgellons patients have displayed unusual markings in the whites of their eyes – Dr. Hildegarde Staninger™, RIET-1 and Veronica Hendricks, Filmmaker.

October 20, 2011

If you suspect you have Morgellons (or GMOD or Advanced Nano Materials Syndrome), then I highly recommend you listen carefully to the second hour of this podcast.


10/19/11: The Eye of Horus from Egypt to Quantum Dots

1st hour: The writings of Manly P. Hall on The Soul in Egyptian Metaphysics and the Book of the Dead; The Pineal Gland: The Eye of God; and Melchizedek and the Mystery of Fire

2nd hour: Discussion of these ancient mysteries as related to Egyptian Mathematics and “The Eye of Horus Effect” paper by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1



Dr. Hildy asked Veronica about a documentary she is making scheduled for release November or December 2011.

Not sure, but this may be Ms. Hendricks.


MEMS: From Micro Devices to Wireless Systems

Vol. 7, Special Issue, October 2009, pp.191-202


Magnetic Bead and Fluorescent Silica Nanoparticles Based Optical Immunodetection
of Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B (SEB) in Bottled Water


and A. Larry BRANEN

Biosensors and Nanotechnology Application Laboratory, University of Idaho


October 5 & 6, 2009

The Eye of Horus Effect After Exposure to Aerial Biological Pesticides by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger™, RIET-1:

Slides from The Eye of Horus Effect PowerPoint Presentation:

See also:

January 2 & 3, 2010

See also:

Original article posted here.


Dr. Staninger has further determined that Texas chemtrail fibers show a match with chemtrail fibers from Italy.(14)

The chemtrail fibers are a kind of infant, “pre-Morgellons” fiber. The Morgellons fibers are more developed, but the fibers are related to the type of nanotechnology that assembles nanowires. From online radio host and Peabody award winner, Jeff Rense, we learn that Morgellons is:

A communicable (nanotechnology triggered?) invasion of human tissues in the form of self-assembling, self-replicating visible tubes, colored fibers, wires, arrays with what seem to be sensors or ‘antennae’, and other visible configurations, some carrying what may be genetically-altered and spliced DNA/RNA. These (nano-triggered) ‘machines’ thrive in alkaline ph conditions and use the body’s bio-electric energy, its minerals and other unidentified elements for power.

Remember these key terms: “self-replicate, sensors, alkaline, minerals, and bio-electric energy.” There is more from the Rense definition of Morgellons:

There is some evidence suggesting these tiny machines possess their own internal ‘batteries.’ They are also believed to possibly be able to receive specific tuned microwave, EMF and ELF signals and information. . . . It is reported by nearly all afflicted that Morgellons nano machines seem to have some kind of hive or ‘group intelligence.(15)

Can the chemtrail nano fibers breakup to become nano particles? Dr. Staninger seems to think they might.(16) Nano particles can pass through the blood barriers in the lungs, enter the bloodstream, and travel to the brain or other parts of the body. In the online journal “Nature,” Jim Giles had this to say:

Nanoparticles – tiny lumps of matter that could one day to be used to build faster computer circuits and improve drug delivery systems – can travel to the brain after being inhaled, according to researchers from the United States.(17)

Dr. Staninger thinks that these nano particles may be able to self-assemble into full-grown nanowires once they are in the brain or other organs.(18) She says we eat this nanotechnology; it is in our food – the plants and animals. She says it copies the DNA of germs or certain other cells that it is in contact with on the inside of our bodies. It makes more germs, more cancers. One kind of nanowire is implicated in the creation of pseudo-hair and pseudo-skin. One woman with Morgellons has tested positive for the pseudo-hair. These self-replicating proteins even create chimeric forms that look a lot like insects or parasites. Babies are being born with these nano machines in them. This is proof that this nanotechnology can pass through the protective barriers in the body.

Dr. Castle has stated that he believes that at least one to twenty Americans have these sensors, antennae, wires, and arrays inside of their bodies. Morgellons is spreading at the rate of a 1,000 victims a day. That rate will increase because with each year there will be more and more victims to spread it. People who do not outwardly exhibit Morgellons symptoms can still have the nano disease on the inside of their bodies. It is thought that the ones with the symptoms are the ones whose bodies are rejecting the fibers. No symptoms? Your body might be adjusting to the infestation.(19)

14. “Texas Chemtrail Samples Compared To Samples From Venice Italy,” by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger RIET-1, November, 27, 2007,, website, 1997 – 2008.

15. “Morgellons Defined,” December 5, 2007,, website, 1997 – 2008.

16. “Rense Special Morgellons Broadcasts,” No. 7 & No. 11.

17. “Nanoparticles in the Brain,” by Jim Giles, January 5, 2004,, website, News@Nature section, Nature Publishing Group, 2008.

18. “Rense Special Morgellons Broadcasts,” No. 7 & No. 11.

19. “Rense Special Morgellons Broadcasts,” No. 7 and No. 11.

Chem Trail images found here:

Similar to images I’ve captured. James Gilliland of ECETI Star Gate suspects, as I do, that both malevolent and benevolent groups spraying.

James told Roxy Lopez that were it not for the benevolent, a lot more of us would have dropped dead by now.



Uploaded by on Jul 29, 2011


Update 1

Please see images of what I believe is a craft similar to those depicted above.

You may ask yourself, what has this got to do with Morgellons?

Well, everything! We are being sprayed. If you refuse to face that fact, that’s your business.

So the questions remain, what are we being sprayed with, by whom and why?

The answer is … It depends on who’s doing the spraying.

We are being harmed, but we are also being helped.

And don’t count on those who govern us, those sworn to protect us.

Don’t count on the main media outlets, either.

Note: Please forgive all the Sun images. Sometimes I get lucky. Most times it’s just pretty pictures of our Star, the Sun.


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wed thu 10 19 10 20 white peak Friends Sun etcetera


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Roxy Lopez Deborah Whitman Chem Trails Environmental Voices Smart Meters GMOD Morgellons Air Crap – White Peak Vistancia Peoria Arizona America

October 15, 2011

Deborah Whitman – Environmental Voices


Uploaded by on Oct 14, 2011

From the Desk of Roxy Lopez


The Truth Denied Talk Radio GUEST: Environmental Voices/Deborah Whitman

**Deborah produced the documentary short titled “Sky Lines”.

See her website for details

*Topics in this interview are*:

How to protect yourself from Toxic Chemical/Heavy metal exposures; Chemtrails/AAAS Conference; Chemicals of War/U.S. Navy Warfare Testing-Training Programs; SMART Meters/EMF/Microwave Towers; Morgellons, Lyme Disease, Mind Control.

Environmental Voices Mission Statement:

Our mission is to help preserve our future by providing education and research about toxic chemicals and how they affect our health and the environment


Environmental Voices is currently conducting two studies. One is on Multiple-Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and the other is about our Dead and Dying Trees.

Deborah Whitman is ALSO currently working on a book about MCS and plan to produce a documentary film about the Dead and Dying Trees. Please keep in touch with her!

Environmental Voices is also speaking out against the U.S. Navy Warfare Testing Program Expansions.

Rosalind Peterson, President of Agriculture Defense Coalition,

just spoke in a Public Meeting in December 2010 to the Director of the National Oceanographic & Aeronautics Administration (NOAA) and asked that they resend their permit granting the U.S. Navy the right to “TAKE” 32 species of marine mammals over a 5 year program.

Contact Deborah Whitman:


Phone: (916) 595-7197 (Please do not call her for minor questions, instead send her an email)

PLEASE DONATE Donations can be mailed to: Environmental Voices P.O.Box1074 Davis, CA 95617


Deborah Whitman has requested the aid of Biologists, scientist as well as anyone who wishes to contribute research to her upcoming documentary The Dying Trees, certainly a crime against humanity!

Contact Deborah at (916)-595-7187 please be respectful of her time! Step up and become a volunteer.

Sign Up for FREE Environmental Newsletter

Don’t want that SMART METER? Contact:

Need to treat a dying tree? Go to

Contact Deborah Whitman for Rainwater Testing Instructions


Also here:

These chem trail images are from yesterday, Friday, 10 14 11.

Most were taken here:

White Peak Coordinates:

Part 1 of 3

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Part 2 of 3

These planes are not enemy tankers. No, they are my Friends.

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Part 3 of 3

More Chem Trails and Friends images, continued from Friday.

Also, a few images from Saturday morning.

Be sure to click “SlideShow”


Part # of #

Monday, October 17, White Peak

This one needs some explaining.

I wanted to get this up right away because of what I believe may be a fake plane with a trail the pilot turns off.

Those of us who’ve been chasing the enemy tankers have seen this happen when the pilot is trying to hide what he or she is doing.

i.e., the pilot turns spray on and off so the trail they’re laying won’t be so obvious.

But, but … I do not believe the real planes really spraying waste their time laying a single trail in the middle of blue sky.

It is my theory, and I believe James Gilliland concurs, that different groups are either harming or helping, depending on their agenda.

I’ve long held that a plane like the one I imaged today is either

trying to get our attention

trying to mitigate the effects of real chem trails

or both.

One more thing. Today and on recent days, there’s also been what sounds like a low-flying large plane. But when I go outside to have a look, very loud and I believe I can discern the direction. But I see nothing. So, whatever it is is either invisible, or behind yonder hill, or is an audio recording.

BTW, I have seen and heard strange phenomena from across the canal. At times, I’ve wondered if that has something to do with why the spraying in the first place.

Recently, I was gifted with a new camera, it’s a JVC HD Everio GZ-HM50

I’ve only used once, between Las Vegas and Mesquite, NV. And I’ve yet to upload to YouTube.

I need to get my act together so I can capture BOTH the video AND the audio.


Be sure to click “SlideShow”


Part # of # contd 2

These are from this, Tuesday, morning.

I wanted to get them up while still fresh, but also because you can see a trail being laid diagonally across previously laid trails.

Like this:

=== === === / === === ===

=== === == / ==== === ===

=== === = / ===== === ===

Be sure to click “SlideShow”

tue morn 10 18 white peak chem trails


Part # of # contd 3

Please compare this folder with folder I posted yesterday, Tuesday, morning.

All of these images are from yesterday.

But the following are from much later, after my Friends were pretty persistent, i.e., making a lot of noise, that I should come out and capture these images.

I need to think on this. What it is ain’t exactly clear.

I can tell you that at times I do feel threatened by chem trails. It depends on who’s doing the spraying.

Other times, I feel I’m in good hands.

One more thing, also included a plain plane with a plain contrail, I think.

So, I believe when one sees a trail, it can be one of three things.

1 regular contrail – shorter dissipates relatively quickly

2 chem trails that kill – longer, pilot can turn on off, sloppy, linger, less precise

3 chem trails laid by benevolent ET or offworlder – longer, pilot can turn on off, do not linger, geometric precision

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tue 10 18 11 white peak Friends paint sky I think


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One Cell One Light Radio with Dr. Hildegarde Staninger Dr. Richard Young, NREP Executive Director & Special Guests – The difference between emerging nanotechnologies and established hazardous chemicals. Wednesday 10/5/11 1:00PM Pacific

October 5, 2011


Call in number to speak with the host
(424) 258-9302


10/05/11: NREP Annual Conference and Special Topics October 3-5, 2011

Guests: Dr. Richard (Dick) Young, Executive Director, NREP; and Special Guest Lecturers

This week on One Cell One Light™ Radio, Dr. Staninger will be broadcasting from the National Registry of Environmental Professionals Annual Technical Conference and Workshops in Las Vegas, NV.

An engineer by trade, Dr. Young was founding Editor/Publisher of Pollution Engineering Magazine,has written several hundred articles dealing with environmental management and pollution control, and has authored 31 books on environmental safety and engineering.

At the conference, Dr. Staninger will lecture on the topic of Nanotechnology vs. Environmental Technology, which will branch over to this week’s episode of One Cell One Light™ Radio. Continuing last week’s discussion on the ethical implications of nanotechnology, Dr. Staninger will discuss with Dr. Young the importance of health workers, environmentalists and safety workers to recognize the difference between emerging nanotechnologies and established hazardous chemicals.

Most human-made nanoparticles do not appear in nature, so living organisms may not have appropriate means to deal with nanowaste.

I’ll be listening and posting notes in the Comments Section below.

Dr. Hildy is fond of saying, “Anything goes.”

And she’s right.

But she leaves it to others to work at exposing the deception, and focuses on healing the sick.

And thank God for that!







Please see also:



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