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Had you encountered this soul, then you would know James is filled with Light.

A Bringer of Light.


Fri Oct 21, 2011 9:24 pm

9th Wave, Unity Consciousness and the Return of the Ancients

By James Gilliland

We have spoken often of the 9th wave and Unity Consciousness. It began March 9th

this year and is increasing exponentially. There is a time compression in which

evolution goes into hyper-speed and things you thought would take years, decades

are happening in hours and days. All that does not align with Unity

Consciousness will be shaken at its very core. The separation game is over.

Scientists tell us about the unified field in which everything exists and is

connected. There are many planes and dimensions within this field existing upon

which are extremely advanced civilizations. This consciousness and energy on

high is pressing in on this 3rd dimensional reality creating enormous changes.

There are cycles and grand cycles all coming to a close making it exciting

times. These are the underlying forces behind many of the events now unfolding

as we speak. The cry for peace, universal love, the ending of the war and

disease racketeers, corporate greed and actions out of alignment with universal

law are coming to the light and the karmic consequences or action/reaction is

taking its course faster than anyone ever believed. The unprecedented increase

in volcanic and earthquake activity, erratic weather, super storms etc are all

part of this process. Masters don’t do boring things and there is a master

within everyone waiting to step up to these challenges or you would not have

chosen to incarnate at this time. We can greet these changes with wisdom as

Gods/Goddesses or as victims. We are all children of the most high, divine

expressions of the source and it is time to awaken and stand tall in our true


There is one thing the controllers did not factor into their programs for world

domination and that is the soul awakening from within. The big oops. They also

did not factor in divine intervention thinking one being was going to step up to

the plate and save all humanity. They have no idea of the spiritually and

technologically advanced civilizations some of which are our ancient ancestors

returning to reset the Earth on its original course. Unseen entities to those

who do not have the eyes to see or have not the consciousness to engage waiting

in the wings observing their every move. There is a limit to allowing, time and

a half is over and now the awakening from within and the help from on high is on

the move.

We can each play a major role in this process first by awakening and healing

second by helping others in this process. We can also initiate help from on high

for free will is honored and the more that ask the more assistance we are

granted. Many are having dreams and visions of beings some much like us and some

very different in outer appearances. This is where inner sensitivity and

discernment are in order. You cannot judge a book by its cover. There are

low-level influences in the lower astral planes coming into play as the veils

become thinner in the awakening and healing process. This is why I put the

healing unseen negative influence techniques in both books, Reunion with Source

and Becoming Gods.

It is imperative to keep ones energy clear and do clearings first before

connecting with unseen entities. There are certain greys and reptilians along

with discarnate beings; which are self-serving, parasites and tyrants. Although

some have had experiences with different elements of these groups ;which were

not malevolent if you do not know what you are doing you can be easily tricked.

These unseen negative entities have had their day with the powers that be. The

N.W.O. and controllers call upon them in ceremony for power over others rather

than empowering others. God is love and love serves. Never forget this love is

the ultimate power in the multiverse and it is love that is bringing tyranny to

a close.

So when a strange entity comes into your dreams and visions clear the energy

first. Invite a master you feel comfortable to act as your guardian. Sense the

energy and intent of these beings. Does their message separate, put you in a

superior role; does it serve humanity and the earth? Is it a unifying message of

love and peace working in harmony with others and nature? Does the message

empower you to make your own personal God, Creator, Spirit connection? These are

tools for discernment. If the ego is running the entitlement, superior,

separation game at the expense of humanity or nature with unseen assistance odds

are your are in the wrong camp in the days to come. The call for unity, freedom,

the end of corporate greed, war and disease profiteering is global sponsored on

high by the beautiful many multidimensional beings pressing hard on humanity and

the earth to redirect evolution back on course; the original intent. A paradise

or Eden where people live in harmony with each other and nature evolving to

their highest potential. The right to live a thoroughly loving, joyous,

abundant life in peace and freedom are divine rights not to be trespassed on by

any institution. These trespasses will be addressed in the days to come on high

and by the masses. Time to get right with yourself, your God, and your neighbor.

Be well.

Pass it on.

James Gilliland

Station 1 – Saturdays 8:00 – 9:55 PM (PST)

11:00 – 12:55 AM (EST)


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Mary Image:


Jesus and Mary Plane Images

This is how my Friends let me know they are near. Or that they wish me to come out and photograph … whatever.

I call the white plane my “Jesus” plane because it’s always near.

The small white plane with the blue undercoating I call “Mary” because these are Mary’s colors.

These assorted flying machines come in all sizes and configurations.

But the planes are always all white or white and an indigo blue.

When I first noticed them, I thought them sinister. But they’re not.

They do show up when I’m distressed and are a comfort to me.

For all I know, the same intelligence could be behind ALL of these … whatever they are.

While I suspect most of what I capture are holograms, not all are.

Also, these images of the sun captivate and draw me in, like an optical illusion.

They seem almost alive.


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Most recent image folder: 


See this shit coming.” (Update 1 of 2)

Dan Burisch Crain said this to me in a dream. An imperative. So that is what I am doing.

That’s the way God planned it. I am a Dreamer.

The latest on Dan and Marcia McDowell Crain can be found here:

For the record, I abhor secrets and do not approve of Majestic or Majic or Maj bloodlines.

To justify one’s own secret society due to its opposition to another secret society …

Taxpayers are unknowingly paying to have the truth withheld from themselves.

They say they keep us safe. Maybe they do. Maybe they don’t.


Note: At times when I am summoned to go outside and take pictures, one thing leads to another.

There’s my Jesus plane, snap … There’s a craft spraying (hopefully friendly), snap … And there’s the Sun, snap …

In the beginning, I believe I was supposed to image malevolents spraying. That still happens occasionally.

But, I have dreams, visions, voices.

“Every day I have to look to the sun To see where it was that I have come from”

Now I believe I am supposed to focus on what shows up in these Sun images – flotillas, heavenly bodies, clear intent or … to see this, whatever it is, coming.

What is coming is coming … And doesn’t frighten me.

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I also included image from here:

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Update 2 of 2

What have they done to my Sun, Ma?

I cannot say for sure, but if I had to guess, I’d say this morning we were sprayed, prevailing winds blew trails in this direction (NW Valley, south of Lake Pleasant), then chem clouds mixed with natural cloud cover.

I can only conclude that the intent was to obscure the Sun. And it worked, but not before I got off a few good shots.


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Divine Mercy


Other recent image folders:






Crop Circle Connector


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    I’ll be listening to this later.

    Christine is a benefactor member of MUFON and was chosen as investigator of the year in 2010 at the MUFON Symposium in Denver. Since then she has moved on and is now State Director/Senior Investigator for Epic Voyagers out of Dallas Texas. Epic investigates all paranormal activity including poltergeist, big foot as well as UFOs. Epics founder is Ken Cherry formerly State Director for MUFON as well. Please go to for more information on this growing investigative group. Epic can be heard on Inception Radio Monday nights with Jim Marrs, Chase Kloetzke and Ken Cherry.


    Also, Roxy posts her interviews here:


    I think I’ll put up a post over at B.I.T. (BlessedIsTruth) of all my radio shows I missed this week.

    Please don’t lose sight of what is happening. We are being sprayed RIGHT NOW.

    And please don’t generalize about different groups.

    You may find yourself in a future life on a craft and your fellow workers are all Greys!

    I wish I could find the Edgar Cayce Reading about this.

    Jesus is Savior of Planet Earth.

    But what some call low frequency ETs — he or she may one day be Savior to his or her home planet.

    No Soul Left Behind!


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