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We will NOT be here physically on Earth on the 3rd Dimension after this year, because those of us of the Light will have Ascended into the Higher 5th Dimension by the end of this year – Michael Ellegion

January 12, 2012

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From: Michael Ellegion

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Subject: This Interview was conducted 30 years ago!

This is very interesting about this French psychic’s Predictions from over thirty years ago,in 1980, and how all his other various predictions have occurred, His last prediction for this year, 2012, is also very interesting, in that he strongly predicted that we would indeed have a mass Extraterrestrial Contact this year.

But what is obvious is that it is of such momentous nature and so “mind blowing” to him on his more mundane “earth psychic” level, that he has trouble attempting to accurately and fully describing it

(of these Higher Dimensional & Intergalactic realities & such things as “Elohim Consciousness Technologies”, etc),

and for this particular prediction, I sense him misinterpreting exactly what he has viewed back in these earlier years.

That the reason he said that it was “good for some and bad for others” was that he was describing it being great and wonderful for those of us of the Light, while it was bad for the cabal, as in them being totally defeated & out of the way by the time these beings

[Galactic Federation of Light]

actually openly Lands all over the planet, and

his words or expression of him“not being able to see past 2012” and of “not seeing anyone still on Earth after 2012” was because

we will NOT be here physically on Earth on the 3rdDimension after this year, because those of us of the Light will have Ascended into the Higher 5th Dimension by the end of this year,

but it is still very interesting that he was able to so clearly predict all those other various predictions leading up to this time.


[Me: All I can say, good people, is that I am getting the same message, FWIW. A bit overwhelming, No?! So the same message as before. Yes, by all means, prepare materially. But more important to prepare spiritually, mentally. And remember, you chose to be alive at this TIME. You must be very special. Rose]

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From: Michael Ellegion <federation@…>
Date: 10 January 2012 02:09
Subject: Michael Ellegion plans to do “Webinar” Workshops over the Internet

Webinar Workshops for 2012:


I have Connected with many fellow Light Workers this last year all over the planet, who have asked me about sponsoring or hosting me for Workshops, both here in the U.S., as well as in other countries.  


Because of the “challenges’ of attempting to travel to these various locations, not only other locations here in the U.S., but in other countries (such as the 20-50 times the actual amount of radiation being emitted by those new X-ray scanners at the airports than what the officials have claimed, and/or being molested by those security people), I have decided to begin to do a series of Workshops over the Internet, using Skype, for this year of 2012.  “Time grows short” before so many of the upcoming dramatic events are soon Destined to occur (such as the new N.E.S.A.R.A. world wide economic system being implemented, E.T. Discloser & mass planetary Divine Intervention by the Galactic Federation of Light, that will begin shortly [maybe within the next few months—maybe alittle sooner or alittle later this year]).  But these changes are indeed imminent.


And because of my passion to fulfill my own mission for being here in Earth embodiment, of doing Workshops to help Prepare everyone else about what is to soon occur—with what “little time is left” until the moment that Divine Intervention does, indeed, occur, and I am standing before the Higher Councils of light, reviewing my life on Earth of what I, myself, did prior to and up to that moment, before I returned back aboard the Mothership (since as stated, the “challenges” of traveling are not something that I feel I need to subject myself to, to still be able to fulfill my mission), I have decided to utilize the much more available & convenient means of doing as many Workshops as I can, over the Internet, using video Skype conferencing.


For those of you who have already contacted me this last year, and were interested in Sponsoring or Hosting me for a Workshop in person, in your area or location, I am still definitely interested in doing these Workshops, as I had been planning to do.  But instead of going to all the extra expense, time and those “challenges” I just mentioned, of physically traveling to where you are (until, that is, I have regained my former ability that I had off the planet, to just teleport wherever I want to go!!!!), now I can do them right over the Internet.


Here are examples of two of my more popular Workshops, as well as the shorter “Introductory Lecture” presentation that I usually do on a Thursday or Friday evening right before I do the three hour Workshops on Sat. & Sun. afternoons:


Thurs. or Fri. Evening, 7:30 – 9:00 P.M.

Introductory Lecture: “Prepare For The Landings! ….Are YOU Ready?!”  Connect with Author, Contactee and Direct-Voice Channel Michael Ellegion, at this Introductory Lecture, and about the Book you’ve been waiting for….What the government doesn’t want you to know–the cover-up on Human-Appearing ET’s. (This Introductory Lecture, when Michael has done it in the past in person, has also included a Book Signing.  Michael can still personally sign & autograph copies of his book and send then to each person who would want a personally signed & autographed copy).  Also, check out Michael’s web sites, (which describes how Michael was first trained through the “Edgar Cayce” method of Channeling & also shows images of just a few of the many Higher Beings of Light that Michael has been Channeling most of his life) and Michael is also a Radio Talk Show Host of the “Cosmic Connection” Show–Listen Worldwide on


Sat. or Sun., 2:00 – 5:00 P.M.

Workshop + Power Point Presentation:

“Who’s Who In the Cosmic Directory” Beautiful Images of the Spiritual Hierarchy. In this fascinating and informative presentation learn “Who’s Who” in the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation of Light.  Examples of their Intervention in Earths’ past history and more recently, and their roles in our future affairs–as they Prepare for more mass planetary Divine Intervention!  Learn about the Masters connections with fellow Light Workers; Volunteers in Earth embodiment from more advanced worlds, also known as the “Wanderers”, “Walk-ins”, “Indigos”, “Crystal Children.” and “Star People” (Check out the “NASA Star People Characteristics List” at—and see how many of these Traits that YOU also have!) Connect with your Intergalactic origins and your “Cosmic Extended Family” as you Cosmically Awaken to Higher Consciousness. Get in touch with the Masters on a conscious level and find out how to have their assistance in your life.


Sat. or Sun.,  2:00 – 5:00 P.M.

Channeling Workshop “Dynamics of Cosmic Telepathy”

In this powerful experiential workshop you will learn The 4 main “Key Principles”, techniques and tools, such as Color Chakra Aligning & Balancing, Dietary info., along with many other insights that will enable you to attune to the Spiritual Hierarchy and even channel yourself!  These techniques also help you to be much more in touch with your own Higher God Self/I Am Presence.  Michael will channel one or more members of the Spiritual Hierarchy for the group.  The title of Michael’s workshop is in honor of a very famous Channel named Tuella, who Michael personally knew from the 80s, and it was also the title of one of her several major books that she published, which Michael will also he referring to during the workshop.


Michael will also be available for appointments for his personal 90 min. Transformational Channeled Readings from the Masters, before and after these  weekend events (while Michael does these sessions in person, he also tends to do many more over the phone and/or Skype over the Internet).


Costs for each person: Introductory Lecture, $5

Sat. & Sun. Workshops, $35 for each day

Pre-register for all three events, $60


For those of you who would be interested in Hosting or Sponsoring these “Webinar” Workships in your area, Michael would like to have a minimum of at least 10 –12 people who would be interested in attending. Please contact Michael at 480-888-6548 (this is his cell#, so if you are attempting to call him from another country, it is better to e-mail him at: vortexnetwork@…).  Thanks!

UFO Intervention – Michael Ellegion

by The Cosmic Preachers

by SisterRosetta’s channel