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August 31, 2012

9/11 Lügen

26 | April | 2012 | Terraherz
Apr 26, 2012 – LONDON – Keine Frau der Welt wurde in den 90er Jahren so oft in den Medien erwähnt wie die …. 9/11 Realität.  Hier ein Beitrag von Mr Fernsehkritik, wo man sogar eine Aufnahme sehen kann, dass in die WTC Türme überhaupt kein Flugzeug reingeflogen ist. Fakt!

26 | April | 2012 | Terra heart /
April 26, 2012 – LONDON – No woman in the world was in the 90s so often mentioned in the media as the …. 9/11 reality.  Here is a post by Mr television criticism , where you can even see a picture that in the WTC towers at all no aircraft is purely flown.Fact!
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The Unmentionables

Marvin Pierce Bush (born October 22, 1956) is the youngest son of U.S. President George H. W. Bush and Barbara Pierce, and brother of President George W. BushJohn (Jeb)Neil andDorothy.

Bush was on the board of directors of Securacom from 1993-2000, which maintained security for the World Trade Center Towers up until September 11, 2001. He is a former director of HCC Insurance Holdings.  HCC, formerly Houston Casualty Company, is a publicly traded insurance company on the New York Stock Exchange.

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Las Vegas Report 2012 Big Holograph Planes Then and Now 9-11 We Don’t Get Fooled Again

MAJESTIC Dr. Dan Burisch Crain and 9/11

Financial draw downs and insider trading by companies resident within the former WTC7 were conducted with prior knowledge that an attack was imminent — Dr. Dan Burisch Crain


Thus far I have indicated

(1) they let it happen…which is supported by evidence not required to even come from me…but nevertheless….and

(2) they made the wrong decision to allow it to happen,picking “it” (9/11) over a “worse possibility.”

I have never defined the “worse possibility” as having anything to do with the transition from Timeline #1 to Timeline #2.

So, at the risk of appearing as though I am defending against someone fiddling with my words, may I ask you from whence you derived the opinion?

Did their decision allow them to fill their pockets? Sure!

I think we’ve all figured out that no matter how they decide, they opt for financial increases. That’s not new.

The decision to allow the other option may have done the same, albeit offering much less financial structural support.

A careful read of my response about 9/11 shows that I state openly that

I have been made aware of the other option, will not disclose it,and that they should have chosen to defend the U.S. and pushed for a third “undeclared” path.

“beaten to a pulp”


See also:



Not Everything Is What It Seems!

We should remind ourselves that the essence of a successful deception is that something appears to be what it is not; or conversely, that something is not what it appears to be.




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August 13, 2012

Fifteen in Hawaii, 1978

File Under: One Thing Leads To Another

Introduction to WingMakers Project sunmoonvirgo Fifteen Sean David Morton Mark Hempel James Cassidy Camelot Ascension

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An Introduction to the WingMakers Project sunmoonvirgo

Mr. Penre explains this a lot better than I can:

Ashayana Deane Guardian Alliance Fifteen Dr. Neruda Blank Slate Technology WingMakers Mahu Nahi of the Corteum Project Camelot Kerry Cassidy Wes Penre


In summary, what the Labyrinth Group is trying to do is to catch the first thought from the Animus, where they decided to invade Earth and redirect that thought through an intervention point in vertical time. When the most well-suited intervention point is found and decided upon, ENS (people using the advanced avatar based remote viewing technology) will use BST, creating a “blank memory slate” of the whole race at the moment of the exact thought, and then insert a new thought, perhaps saying something to the effect, “Earth is not a good planet for us, let’s move elsewhere and never come back.” This, in spite of how dangerous it sounds, is the plan in a nutshell.

So why not just trust the WingMakers/Central Race to have installed defensive weapons good enough to keep the Animus away?

This was exactly the point Dr. Neruda made in a session with Fifteen[29]. Fifteen, however, doesn’t trust the Central Race in this respect. Through RV sessions, his group of ENS have discovered Animus activity in many galaxies; even as near as the Andromeda, which is our closest neighbor galaxy, aside from the Magellan Clouds. Did they invade all these planets despite precautions made by the Central Race? If so, what stops them from invading us? These were the questions Fifteen asked himself. Instead of waiting to see what will happen once they have found all the seven WingMakers sites, he decided to develop BST to eliminate the threat once and for all.

After had RV’d the Central Race back in time when they were about to create Earth, Fifteen knew that they would never allow Fifteen to develop and use BST against the Animus or for any other reasons either, for that matter; BST being the most guarded technology, once developed by the Central Race. Fifteen is aware of that BST can be used both for benevolent purposes and for evil, and this is exactly the reason why the Central Race don’t want anyone to have access to it without their direct permission. The risk that this technology falls into the wrong hands are great. And of course, there are organizations, like S.A.A.L.M., who are doing all they can to try and infiltrate both LPG-C and the Labyrinth Group; both working on developing BST, separate from each other.

In addition, the remote viewers, such as Samantha, are not part of the Labyrinth Group, and in cases as such when she remote viewed the Central Race, Fifteen afterwards authorized his staff (in most cases Dr. Neruda provided the correct coordinates so they knew where to erase) to use MRP# on the remote viewer, so she would forget everything that had to do with the ENS sessions. This, naturally, kept both Dr. Neruda and other Labyrinth Group member in constant anxiety of having their memory erased. That’s a lot of power assigned to Fifteen. I am certainly glad that I am not in the position Dr. Neruda and others were (and those who have stayed within the group still are).

I get the impression that Fifteen is jumping the gun because things are taking longer than he feels comfortable with, but it was no accident that the Ancient Arrow site in New Mexico was found, and our DNA seems to be programmed to find these sites when the time is right. Thus, to me it seems logical to wait it out. Still, I can see Fifteen’s concern when he finds out how widespread this synthetic race is; this being the main reason why he wants to bypass the WingMakers technology and develop his own version of BST. And of course, in the middle of this is the ignorant human race. Now, however, the cat is out of the bag, but if Dr. Neruda hadn’t defected, it’s doubtful that anyone outside the Labyrinth Group would know anything about this.

Speaking of knowing and of memory; it’s known and acknowledged that Marduk rewrote history and erased our memories once upon a time and started a brand new Era, where humans had no knowledge of any previous “gods”. Instead he implanted new, false memories of Earth’s history. Whether he used the same Blank Slate Technology that the Labyrinth Group and LPG-C now is developing or not, is more than I can tell, but this all makes me wonder how many times in the past the Anunnaki have erased the memory of the human population. How many times in the Wars of the gods have they wished for their human slaves to remember a “new” history, a new made-up past?

Alien contactees say that the Vegans, Lyrans and the Pleiadians are here to set the record straight and give us our real history back, and that is exactly what I see and hear them doing. The Fallen Ones are losing this battle, at least against some of us, because we refuse to fight with weaponry anymore; we simply leave them behind and pass them on our spiritual path. To where we are going the gods can’t go, because they don’t know how. Perhaps in the future, it will be our task to help them evolve, if possible.


Interesting also is to read Mark Hempel’s and Mahu Nahi’s reaction to Mrs. Deane’s statements about the WingMakers she made in the Kerry-Lynn Cassidy interview.

Shortly after the videos had been uploaded to the Internet, Mark Hempel sent a very threatening email to Kerry, saying that Mrs. Deane is wrong and is misleading her listeners by spreading misinformation about the WingMakers. He makes sure to Kerry that he and James are not taking this lightly and are ready to sue both Project Camelot Productions and Ashayana Deane if the misinformation of this specific information is not edited out from the video.

Kerry got pretty shaken up by this; I can imagine especially as she and Bill Ryan, her former interview partner, had just split up due to indifferences. Kerry probably felt quite vulnerable and alone, because Project Camelot Productions was her new project, now working pretty much on her own.

James/Mahu Nahi then sent an email himself to Kerry in form of an open letter to Mrs. Deane, emphasizing that the names in the WingMakers story are not real names, and the Corteum was a fictional name, so how can the Guardians use these terms as if they were real? He soothed down the energies a bit with his email and asked Mrs. Deane to consider a cooperation with him rather than opposing him, but the underlying seriousness in this matter was present throughout his email. Mrs. Deane responded, and this whole conversation back and forth is posted underneath the videos on the Camelot Productions page[34].

For a while, Kerry considered following Hempel’s advice to edit out the section of the interview in question, so she removed them for a while, but then seems to have made some kind of agreement with all parties that the video could remain in unedited form if the correspondence back and forth was included on the page.

I find it quite interesting, though, that Hempel reacted like he did and was supported in this by Mahu. What they are suggesting, both of them, is pure censorship. That goes against the teachings of the James who is presenting himself on his websites, so this was apparently a hot potato for one reason or another. I have reasons to return to Ashayana Deane in additional papers. I have read both of her books, Voyagers I & II, and I find her information both extremely interesting and consistent. She and the Guardian Alliance, with their tremendous wealth of information, have helped me a lot in my own research. I used to be skeptic of her and her sources before I actually read the books. My attitude changed 180°.

Here is the interview which apparently upset some:

Additional Wes Penre Links:


(Here beneath is the message to all humankind, from King Nannar of Nibiru (SAM is short for Ša.A.Me. [Nibiru] and Ša.A.Mi. [the inhabitants of Nibiru]):


The work done by Mr. Penre is surprisingly accurate regarding SAM and its inhabitants.

SAMs are not invading the planet. SAMs are returning to what once was a planet they inhabited in greater numbers than human, until humans began to outnumber SAMs. This asymmetry continues today.

Those SAMs who returned and those who stayed behind are subject to the King, but reject royal authority and stand against the Kingdom as enemies in kind and in fact. This will be realigned properly on return, and those who stand with them will be eliminated as pawns and as proxies which is what they are in hopes that the power and position now held will continue with the victory of their patrons.

Nothing is further from the naked truth.

Anything that is held to the contrary is contrived, dishonest, self-serving and likely the work of proxies. Believe them not, for everyone will be held contemptible by the beliefs held and by the heart that beats in their chests — this by the word of the King, my father.

SAM is near. It will shine in the southern half first and then appear to the rest of KI in a sixth of a Royal Set. The Royal Set is the number of the King.

SAM will be red in color. Much is already known and anticipated. Much more will be disclosed and known about SAM by SAMs already here. Truth will be known. Believe what you must and be responsible for what you believe, but get information from oracles, not from anyone else.

Genesis Paper #3:

Mechanics Around Entrapment of Souls in Third Dimension

by Wes Penre, Sunday, August 12, 2012

One More — Please note the image I post here — Probably I have been imaging more than one object.  But this particular image I believe depicts our Sun’s Binary Twin.  Sean David Morton calls “Nemesis” Others call “Dark Star” “Brown or Black Dwarf” Whatever name you settle upon, it has no light of its own.  Like our moon, we see it only when radiated by Sunlight.  Further I believe this Twin has its own system of planets.  Seven? These Objects may or may not include Nibiru. For all I know Nibiru may be part of our own solar system.  I’m speculating.  All I can tell you is those I call Benevolent have been guiding me to capture and share these images.  So I believe what can be seen in my images is significant.  What I don’t know is WHY it is significant. Rose

Click link below to see the image to which I refer:

Sun appears to “reach out” to Binary Twin.

Thursday, October 27, 2011 late afternoon early evening



Qué Onda? Be The Equal and Opposite Wave Sean David Morton Sands Of Time

August 3, 2012

By guyhomme


As the author states up front, this is a fictionalized story of a scientist who spent most of his life in this world, and who reached out to Sean years ago and started leaking some of the stories in this novel.

When he retired, and either disappeared or died, the man known in this novel as Ted Humphrey, Jr., had attorneys for his estate approach Sean with his complete journals, with one stipulation: Sean would have to agree, and sign many non-disclosures, to only use these journals in fictional form

(Most historical names, such as Presidents and certain scientists, are accurate).

Now we have the Sands of Time. And I, for one, am grateful.

Sean David Morton – Predictions & Operation Unified Vision

by VERITAS with Mel Fabregas

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31 July 2012, Sands Of Time, Sean David Morton, Predictions of 2012 Explained Full Episode

Listen to Sean trash the bizarro-world Opening Ceremonies. Among other topics Sean explains his raison d’etre. Namely, to be the equal wave in opposition to the Illuminati or Controllers of this world. More precise – To Help US to become aware that WE are the wave.

El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido!

Hour 1 & Hour 2

Hour 3

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Broadcast Date July 31 2012

(I couldn’t help but notice the similar user names — Sean & Roxy Lopez )

p. 64

Morton credits at least some
of his divinatory skill to some
very unique training. In 1986,
after having obtained a B.A. in
Political Science, and a B.F.A. in
Drama, both from the University
of Southern California, and
a doctorate in Theology from
the Beracah Church in
Houston, Texas, and having
completed post graduate
studies in Arabic and Egyptology
at the British University
of Cairo in Egypt, he says he decided
to seek entrance to a
Tibetan Lamasary in Nepal. The
monks at the T’ang B’oche
Monastery in the Mount Everest
Valley are the so-called “Black
Hat” monks, and the disciplines
they study and practice are far
in advance of the lesser orders
of Tibetan Buddhist monks.

Admission to this lamasary
is rarely granted to Westerners,
and we were not able to confirm
Morton’s account. Apparently
he was able to demonstrate to the
Grand Lama his sincerity of purpose,
and his readiness for such training.

While there for seven months, he says
he studied such subjects as ancient history,
prophecy, astral travel, planetary
healing, tantric yoga, ceremonial dance
and powerful Tibetan chanting which
puts him in a meditative state wherein
he is able to imagine himself above the
planet and in a timeless place. From
there, under intelligent direction, he
can, he says, sense the stressful energies
and can zero in on the time and
place and get the specifics. He can
move his hands over maps and sense
the events that will happen at various
places. But this is just one technique.

He also claims to receive direct information
from the “Angel of the Creator”
while in meditation, which he says is
always accurate. He is also accomplished
in Remote Viewing, and in fact
teaches RV to selected students.

Surf’s Up!

Illuminati Interference

Waves that coincide with the same phase will add to each other while two waves that have opposite phases will cancel each other out. 

The Future Is In YOUR Hands.

Main Entry: infinity

Part of Speech: noun

Definition: endlessness


beyond, boundlessness,

continuity, continuum ,

endless time, eternity, expanse, extent,

immeasurability, immensity, infinitude,




sempiternity, space,

ubiquity, unlimited space,

vastitude, vastness