Qué Onda? Be The Equal and Opposite Wave Sean David Morton Sands Of Time

By guyhomme


As the author states up front, this is a fictionalized story of a scientist who spent most of his life in this world, and who reached out to Sean years ago and started leaking some of the stories in this novel.

When he retired, and either disappeared or died, the man known in this novel as Ted Humphrey, Jr., had attorneys for his estate approach Sean with his complete journals, with one stipulation: Sean would have to agree, and sign many non-disclosures, to only use these journals in fictional form

(Most historical names, such as Presidents and certain scientists, are accurate).

Now we have the Sands of Time. And I, for one, am grateful.

Sean David Morton – Predictions & Operation Unified Vision

by VERITAS with Mel Fabregas


Published on Aug 1, 2012 by 

31 July 2012, Sands Of Time, Sean David Morton, Predictions of 2012 Explained Full Episode

Listen to Sean trash the bizarro-world Opening Ceremonies. Among other topics Sean explains his raison d’etre. Namely, to be the equal wave in opposition to the Illuminati or Controllers of this world. More precise – To Help US to become aware that WE are the wave.

El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido!

Hour 1 & Hour 2


Hour 3

Published on Aug 1, 2012 by 

Broadcast Date July 31 2012





(I couldn’t help but notice the similar user names — Sean & Roxy Lopez http://www.youtube.com/user/roxy777lopez777/videos )


p. 64

Morton credits at least some
of his divinatory skill to some
very unique training. In 1986,
after having obtained a B.A. in
Political Science, and a B.F.A. in
Drama, both from the University
of Southern California, and
a doctorate in Theology from
the Beracah Church in
Houston, Texas, and having
completed post graduate
studies in Arabic and Egyptology
at the British University
of Cairo in Egypt, he says he decided
to seek entrance to a
Tibetan Lamasary in Nepal. The
monks at the T’ang B’oche
Monastery in the Mount Everest
Valley are the so-called “Black
Hat” monks, and the disciplines
they study and practice are far
in advance of the lesser orders
of Tibetan Buddhist monks.

Admission to this lamasary
is rarely granted to Westerners,
and we were not able to confirm
Morton’s account. Apparently
he was able to demonstrate to the
Grand Lama his sincerity of purpose,
and his readiness for such training.

While there for seven months, he says
he studied such subjects as ancient history,
prophecy, astral travel, planetary
healing, tantric yoga, ceremonial dance
and powerful Tibetan chanting which
puts him in a meditative state wherein
he is able to imagine himself above the
planet and in a timeless place. From
there, under intelligent direction, he
can, he says, sense the stressful energies
and can zero in on the time and
place and get the specifics. He can
move his hands over maps and sense
the events that will happen at various
places. But this is just one technique.

He also claims to receive direct information
from the “Angel of the Creator”
while in meditation, which he says is
always accurate. He is also accomplished
in Remote Viewing, and in fact
teaches RV to selected students.

Surf’s Up!


Illuminati Interference

Waves that coincide with the same phase will add to each other while two waves that have opposite phases will cancel each other out. 

The Future Is In YOUR Hands.

Main Entry: infinity

Part of Speech: noun

Definition: endlessness


beyond, boundlessness,

continuity, continuum ,

endless time, eternity, expanse, extent,

immeasurability, immensity, infinitude,




sempiternity, space,

ubiquity, unlimited space,

vastitude, vastness



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  1. blessedistruth Says:

    Qué Onda? Be The Equal and Opposite Wave Sean David Morton Sands Of Time


  2. blessedistruth Says:

    Qué Onda? Be The Equal and Opposite Wave Sean David Morton Sands Of Time #seandavidmorton Strange Universe #Illuminati https://blessedistruth.wordpress.com/2012/08/03/que-onda-be-the-equal-and-opposite-wave-sean-david-morton-sands-of-time/

  3. blessedistruth Says:


  4. blessedistruth Says:

    Sean David Morton Radio Thursday, August 2, 2012


  5. blessedistruth Says:

    Sean David Morton Radio Thursday, August 2, 2012 #cropcircle #illuminati #ronpaul #barackobama #mittromney #billoreilly http://rosettasister.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=1

  6. blessedistruth Says:

    NO CHANGE from a year ago.

    Romney not making a dent — I fear he’s losing Independents — Lose the Bush NeoCons !!!

    Romney should be courting Ron Paul supporters.

    Obama Approval Index History




  7. blessedistruth Says:

  8. blessedistruth Says:

    Congressman Ron Paul’s Speech Against Iran Sanctions August 1, 2012: youtu.be/Bn1o2p9VBiw via @youtube

    — Rose Cupo (@rosettasister) August 4, 2012


  9. blessedistruth Says:

    Not the most recent pics I’ve taken, but the most recent I’ve uploaded to my hard drive.

    These are images I took yesterday, Friday & the first few from this morn, Saturday.

    I’m trying to publish these in a timely manner, then I go back in time to get the goodies.


  10. blessedistruth Says:

    musica e poesia

    visual poetry photography

  11. blessedistruth Says:

    Not the most recent pics I’ve taken, but the most recent I’ve uploaded to my hard drive.

    These are images I took yesterday, Friday & the first few from this morn, Saturday.

    I’m trying to publish these in a timely manner, then I go back in time to get the goodies.


    musica e poesia visual poetry photography http://www.kizoa.com/partage.php?diaporama=3038997&keycode=5419028 http://8tracks.com/sisterrosetta/untitled-mix

  12. blessedistruth Says:

    Images Fri & first few Sat morn #Nibiru ? #planetx #Sun Twin Dark #Star Brown Dwarf August 2012 #Peoria #AZ #ronpaul http://rosettasister.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=general&thread=2

  13. blessedistruth Says:

    I’m watching NASAJPL’s live broadcast on @Ustream! Come join me http://ustre.am/25IX !

  14. blessedistruth Says:

    2 bloggers have picked up Kerry’s article

    “I have now spoken with Mike Harris’s foreign intelligence source and verified that he has a scientific background and that he is convinced that the moon-sized object is headed this way and will pass as close as 1/3 the distance from the Earth to the Sun (if I understood this correctly) sometime between August 17 and September 26th.”



    Pls see here for more on Mike (Michael) Harris


    [Me: I’m just sharing, but I KNOW I’ve been imaging an object(s) for some time now. Rose]


    Pearls of Wisdom


    “The Cyclic Cross at Hendaye” is the
    next to last, or penultimate, chapter of
    Fulcanelli’s masterpiece. After wading
    through thickets of erudition and punning
    slang in the rest of Le Mystere, this
    chapter feels awash with the bright
    sunlight of its Basque setting. The description
    of the monument and its location
    is seemingly clear and direct. Even
    the explanation of the monument’s apparent
    meaning is simple and virtually
    free of the Green Language code used
    throughout the rest of the book. Or so
    it appears on the surface….
    We can date Fulcanelli’s visit to Hendaye
    to the early 1920s because of his
    comment on the “special attraction of a
    new beach, bristling with proud villas.”
    H. G. Wells, Aldous Huxley, and the
    smart young London set discovered
    nearby St.-Jean-de-Luz in 1920 and by
    1926 or so the tourist villas had spread
    as far south as Hendaye. Today, Hendaye-
    Plage, Hendaye’s beachfront addition,
    bustles with boutiques, dive
    shops and surfboard emporiums,
    having become a popular stopover for
    the young international backpacknomad
    Although Fulcanelli declares, somewhat
    disingenuously: “Hendaye has
    nothing to hold the interest of the
    tourist, the archaeologist or the artist,”
    the region does have a rather curious
    history. A young Louis XIV met his
    bride on an island in the bay below
    Hendaye, along the boundary between
    Spain and France. Wellington passed
    through, making nearby St.-Jean-de-Luz
    his base of operation against Toulouse
    at the close of the Napoleonic Wars.
    Hitler also paid a visit during World
    War II; in 1940 he parked his train car
    within walking distance of the cross at
    “Whatever its age, the Hendaye
    cross shows by the decoration of its
    pedestal that it is the strangest monument
    of primitive millenarism, the
    rarest symbolical translation of Chilaism,
    which I have ever met.” Coming
    from Fulcanelli, this is high praise indeed.
    He goes on to tell us “that the unknown
    workman, who made these images,
    possessed real and profound
    knowledge of the universe.”
    The cross sits today in a very small
    courtyard just to the south of the
    church. There is a tiny garden with a
    park bench nearby. Standing about 12
    feet tall, the Cyclic Cross at Hendaye
    looms over the courtyard, a mysterious
    apparition in the clear Basque sunlight.
    The monument is brown and discolored
    from its 300-plus years. The stone
    is starting to crumble and it is obvious
    that air pollution—the cross sits a few
    yards from a busy street on the main
    square—is speeding its dissolution. The
    images and the Latin inscription on the
    cross have no more than a generation
    left before pollution wipes the images
    clean and the message disappears
    The base of local sandstone sits on a
    broad but irregular three-step platform,
    and is roughly cubic. Measurement reveals
    that it is a little taller than it is
    wide. On each face are curious symbols,
    a sun face glaring like some ancient
    American sun god, a strange
    shield-like arrangement of A’s in the
    arms of a cross, an eight-rayed starburst,
    and most curious of all, an oldfashioned
    man-in-the-moon face with a
    prominent eye. Rising from this is a
    fluted column, with a suggestion of
    Greek classicism, on top of which
    stands a very rudely done Greek cross
    with Latin inscriptions. Above the sun
    face on the western side can be seen a
    double X figure on the top portion of
    the cross. Below that, on the transverse
    arm, is the common inscription, O
    Crux Aves /Pes Unica, “Hail, O Cross,
    the Only Hope.” On the reverse side of
    the upper cross, above the starburst, is
    the Christian symbol INRI.
    In “The Cyclic Cross at Hendaye”
    Fulcanelli gives us a guided tour of this
    monument to the alchemy of time. He
    begins with the Latin inscription,
    which he interprets, in French from the
    Latin letters of the original, as: “It is
    written that life takes refuge in a single
    space.” Following this rendering, he
    casually suggests that the phrase means
    “that a country exists, where death
    cannot reach man at the terrible time of
    the double cataclysm.” What is more,
    only the elite will be able to find “this
    promised land.”
    Fulcanelli moves on to the INRI,
    concluding that: “…we have two symbolic
    crosses, both instruments of the
    same torture. Above is the divine cross,
    exemplifying the chosen means of expiation;
    below is the global cross, fixing
    the pole of the northern hemisphere
    and locating in time the fatal period of
    this expiation.” His esoteric interpretation
    of INRI, “by fire is nature renewed
    whole,” goes directly to the issue of
    chiliasm and a
    cleansing destruction
    as a prelude to a recreated
    and Edenic
    world. Alchemy, according
    to Fulcanelli,
    is the very heart of eschatology.
    Just as
    gold is refined, so will
    our age be refined—by
    Fulcanelli concludes
    the chapter
    with a series of metaphors:
    “The age of
    iron has no other seal
    than that of Death. Its
    hieroglyph is the
    skeleton, bearing the
    attributes of Saturn:
    the empty hourglass,
    symbol of time run
    out, and the scythe,
    reproduced in the
    figure seven, which is
    the number of transformation,
    of destruction,
    of annihilation,”
    Fulcanelli instructs
    us. “The Gospel of
    this fatal age is the
    one written under the
    inspiration of St. Matthew…
    It is the
    Gospel according to
    science, the last of all
    but for us the first, because
    it teaches us
    that, save for a small
    number of the elite,
    we must all perish.
    For this reason, the
    angel was made the
    attribute of St. Matthew,
    because science,
    which alone is
    capable of penetrating
    the mystery of
    things, of beings and
    their destiny, can give
    man wings to raise
    him to knowledge of
    the highest truths and
    finally to God.”
    Because Fulcanelli
    so openly connected
    alchemy and the apocalypse,
    the true nature
    of a very specific
    Gnostic astroalchemical
    emerged into public
    consciousness. This
    meant that the secret
    was no longer contained
    among the
    elect societies. For
    the first time since
    the age of the Gothic
    cathedrals, the meme
    had broken out of its incubational
    In a way, the cross and its message
    serve as proof that there are such
    things as secret societies. Found
    throughout history, these societies preserve
    and present the secret of the
    cross in various ways. The Kabbalah in
    Judaism, Sufic Islam, esoteric Christianity,
    Gnosticism, and the Hermetic
    tradition have been the keepers of
    these ideas. The central message of the
    three main Western religions, that of an
    eschatological moment in time, is the
    secret that also lies at the heart of the
    cross at Hendaye. The meme, the
    ability to understand the myth and its
    metaphors, seems to have survived only
    through the actions of these secret and
    insular groups.
    The Cross at Hendaye stands today
    at the southwest corner of Saint Vincent’s
    Church, the busiest street corner
    in town. No one notices the ordinary
    looking monument with its message of
    catastrophe; perhaps it was intended to
    be that way. The secret hides in plain

    Vincent Bridges is co-author with
    Jay Weidner of the newly published
    Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye:
    Alchemy and the End of Time
    (Inner Traditions, 2003, new edition
    The Cross at Hendaye to Monument to the End of Time).

    [Me: Perhaps The End of Time as we know it, BUT … I’m being told there is a Continuum of Time — as we don’t know it ? Rose]

  15. blessedistruth Says:

    Rose Cupo ‏@rosettasister

    LiborGate dwarfed by geo-engineering of entire planet –


    via @economicvoice.com

  16. blessedistruth Says:

    Mike Harris foreign intelligence source moon-sized object pass 1/3 distance Earth Sun August 17 September 26 #Nibiru ? http://www.facebook.com/rose.rosetta.96/posts/3957881919795

  17. blessedistruth Says:

    “a large tsunami hitting the East Coast” ?


    Update 2 @ 11:15pm from another Source:

    “Last weekend, a source went to a Gun Show in Eastern Tennessee. While there, he was talking to a friend who was with the National Guard. After a long conversation, this friend said that his Guard unit was being called up on August 15 to help deal with an imminent “Natural Disaster” and it was his understanding that this “natural disaster” would include a large tsunami hitting the East Coast.”




    Published on Aug 4, 2012 by TerralO3

    8/17 – 9/26 Moore, Harris, Deagle Black Star Warning



    Mike Harris — “Willing to take the hit”


    Kerry Cassidy interviews John Moore & Mike Harris

    [audio src="http://www.americanfreedomradio.com/archive/Project-Camelot-32k-072512.mp3" /]


    Pearls of Wisdom

    The American researcher
    Richard Sauder has used the
    Freedom of Information Act to
    obtain thousands of documents
    on underground and underwater military
    bases. In his books Underground Bases:
    What Is the Government Trying to Hide? and
    the sequel, Underwater and Underground
    Bases, Sauder details an astonishing amount
    of technology and activity.
    Sauder documents current tunneling
    technology, and discloses actual designs for
    underground and underwater military bases.
    On the subject of underwater bases he shows
    how flat-topped seamounts, or guyots, whose
    mesa-like tops may be several hundred feet
    below the surface, may serve as underwater
    bases that include airlocks for submarines
    that enter an oxygen-rich, rock-cut harbor
    inside the subsurface mountains. Other underwater
    installations are located near coastlines,
    and the tunneling under the seafloor
    can begin at a coastal military base which is
    on dry land.
    Either way, Sauder concludes
    that underwater bases
    have been built by various governments
    around the world—
    and they are top secret! Also, he
    suspects that some sort of craft
    that is both a USO and a UFO
    can be launched from these underwater
    Articles on UFOs-USOs appear
    consistently in newspapers
    and magazines around the
    world. On March 28, 2005, the
    India Daily ran a story entitled
    “Reverse Engineering ET Deep
    Underwater Craft.” Quoting the
    article (which contains some deviations from
    usual American-English usage): “Oceanographers
    and Naval engineers are investigating
    certain phenomena that show evidence of the
    presence of extra-terrestrial deep underwater
    crafts—the floating versions of UFOs. These
    (craft) are capable of sharp and efficient maneuvering,
    (have) the implacable stealth to
    avoid detection, can hover in the deepest
    parts of the oceans and are capable of going
    deep into the tectonic plate levels under the
    The article went on to say that “scientists
    and engineers are finding solid evidences that
    these (craft) are present in (significant) numbers
    under our oceans though undetected
    and invisible in regular human eyes… There
    are not many sightings of these craft as very
    few people really dive into the depths of the
    ocean, which is really unexplored. A computer
    model has recently revealed the possible
    propulsion systems. The same antigravity
    principles apply though the model becomes
    much more complex due to buoyancy
    and other aquatic issues.
    “Some divers in different parts of the
    world have reported sightings of strange underwater
    objects that propagate on (their)
    own but there is no real evidence that these
    are really extra-terrestrial craft. Some believe,
    there are countries (which) have the
    knowledge of these craft and are trying to reverse
    engineer their next generation submarines
    and underwater craft from these.”
    The article concluded, “The biggest
    problem of reverse-engineering these underwater
    craft is their stealth. As such deep underwater
    parts of the oceans (are) seldom explored.
    The super stealth around these
    vehicles makes them (even more) difficult (to
    detect). According to some UFO researchers,
    these extra-terrestrial craft are busy changing
    the under-ocean landscapes. The underwater
    accidents of submarines due to collision with
    unknown underwater ridges and mountains
    have increased steadily over the last five
    years. The navies of many countries have reported
    these accidents regularly.”
    It seems startling to consider that UFOs
    may be real nuts-and-bolts craft using some
    form of electro anti-gravity—hence the
    bright lights associated with most of them—
    which can dive into the water at any time and
    presumably dock in underwater installations
    that have been built, possibly, all over the
    How intriguing a hypothesis, used in a
    number of Hollywood movies, that the ultimate
    docking stations for some of the UFOs
    seen constantly around the world are deep
    within our oceans. These underwater docking
    bases, it appears, may have been built by humans
    in our distant past (and are still operational
    to this day), or built by extraterrestrials,
    or by the current post-war governments
    of Earth—or even a combination of
    the three!

    The above is an edited excerpt from the
    author’s introduction to Sanderson’s book
    Invisible Residents recently reprinted by Adventures
    Unlimited Press, and offered here
    by permission.

  18. blessedistruth Says:

    National Guard unit called up August 15 imminent Natural Disaster tsunami hitting East Coast Veterans Today Mike Harris http://www.facebook.com/rose.rosetta.96/posts/3961525010870

  19. blessedistruth Says:


  20. blessedistruth Says:

    TerralO3 8/17 – 9/26 Moore, Harris, Deagle Black Star Compelled To Warn

    These images from Mon & Tue 07 30 & 07 31

    I also incl a few images from Wed 08 01

    I mentioned last time that I’d keep trying to capture pair of Friend ETs

    That was on a Tue, the very next morning my Friends were more than happy to accommodate.

    So — either Holographic Image Artist really, really good at what he does (I know it’s a him)


    These little creatures really, really like me !!!



    National Guard unit called up August 15 imminent Natural Disaster tsunami hitting East Coast Veterans Today Mike Harris http://www.facebook.com/rose.rosetta.96/posts/3961525010870




    TerralO3 8/17 – 9/26 Moore, Harris, Deagle Black Star Compelled To Warn

  21. blessedistruth Says:

    TerralO3 Aug 17 Sep 26 Moore Harris Deagle Black #Star Compelled Warn #nibiru #planetx Friend #ET http://tinyurl.com/8lzh2gv http://tinyurl.com/8q2cvcm

  22. blessedistruth Says:


  23. blessedistruth Says:

    Thanks Ronald I can understand why what I do would be interpreted as fear porn. In spite of what may appear as negativity & darkness — I really am a happy go lucky girl & I do not live in fear. Else I wouldn’t be visited daily by such loving creatures. But … But I have been assigned a task & getting a lot of help & I pledge to stay true to that task. I believe the truth is being kept from us — Namely we live in a Binary System & Noah’s Flood was not a one time deal. Why would the Controllers of this world not want us to know what is coming? Mostly so we don’t prepare ourselves SPIRITUALLY. And so we do not unite in prayer for Divine Mercy. Rose

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