Tom Bearden Cancer and “Scalar Electromagnetic Healing”


The following sentence piqued my interest … 

“Scott Stevens is an award winning television weatherman who, a decade ago, began investigating the claims of Lt. Col Tom Beardenthat North America was being subjected to full time weather modification.”

Then I read this: “Cancer: Cause and Cure” — Of course I wanted to find out what that was all about.  Unfortunately, we cannot trust those in positions of trust any longer.  So I gather this together in the hopes of learning more. — Rose

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Tom Bearden Cancer “Scalar Electromagnetic Healing”

Tom Bearden’s classic lecture “Cancer: Cause and Cure” delivered at the 1990 Brain/Mind convention in Los Angeles, California


“If Tom Bearden had his way, he would cure us of disease, including cancer, solve the energy crisis and protect us from the horrors of mass … “

Tom Bearden 0.0 : Wizard of Zero Point

Posted by: Olav Phillips January 25, 2013

Iona Miller




“Healing powers of longitudinal waves”


Excerpt 1

Nesting the patterns in the proper context on EM field carriers can cure diseases such as cancer and leukemia …

In the first edition we accented the hyperspatial aspects of the problem, but also

pointed out that higher dimensional spaces and deeper nested levels of virtual state are

in fact one and the same thing. The reader should keep in mind that when we “internest”

vector zero systems, we are performing direct engineering in hyperspace.

Let me be more specific. When you zero sum a group of EM force vectors, you

place those component vectors “inside the zero,” so to speak. In modern language you

have placed ordered patterns directly inside the violent flux of virtual particles comprising

the vacuum. The modern concept of the vacuum is that it is like a seething

plasma or gas. However, it’s a very strange gas, for each particle arises spontaneously

out of nowhere (according to quantum mechanics), and almost immediately turns into

something else and/or disappears. Thus the vacuum plasma or gas is rather peculiar;

the particles comprising it appear and disappear so rapidly that they cannot individually

be detected. However, while a virtual particle exists, it is in motion, and so a violent

flux of these “phantom particles” comprises the vacuum/spacetime.

However, just as many fleeting particles in the vacuum are moving backward in

observer time as are moving forward in it! So this wild “vacuum gas” of ghost particles

exists in both positive and negative time at once!

Anyway, when we make a zero vector EM system, each component force in the

summation represents a gradient in this virtual particle flux. That is, we have “patterned”

and organized the flux—polarized it, so to speak. And that now overturns one

of the fundamental assumptions of quantum mechanics.

Quantum mechanics assumes that the violent flux of vacuum ghost particles is

totally randomized. That is, no deterministic pattern exists in the flux. These virtual

changes collect or cohere statistically, not deterministically, in the standard assumption.

When they happen to collect/cohere sufficiently, the threshold of an observable

quantum change is breached, and a quantum change occurs.

It can readily be seen that, in the ordinary view, the occurrence of these quantum

changes is totally statistical. And indeed it is, so long as the virtual particle flux is randomized.

However, with zero vector summation (or multiplication) we have produced

deterministic patterns in the flux—and hence in the cohering and collecting of this flux

on observable charged particles. Therefore, these deterministic “virtual state” ordered

patterns will result in the appearance of deterministic patterns in the occurrence of observable

quantum changes.

Now we have begun to engineer physical reality directly; that is, one can now

begin to pre-determine which statistical change shall be favored, or in the extreme

case, which one shall occur, and whether or not it shall even occur at all.

The renowned physicist, David Bohm, has written a theory of “hidden variables”

which could fit and describe all of physics (nothing out there contradicts it). It has

largely been ignored, and will continue to be ignored unless it can show appreciable

application that normal theory cannot cover. With the scalar EM approach, we can now

directly provide hidden EM force field vectors, ordering the virtual state vacuum flux,

and we may vary these ordered virtual patterns at will to produce startling new results

in charged particle systems. So now we can directly engineer Bohm’s “hidden variables,”

and the vacuum itself—something ordinary theory cannot cover. Drastic

changes in the physicist’s view of fundamental physical reality, and of what he can do

about it, now result

But to return: We wish to engineer additional hyperspaces. (The first zero-vector

summation places the component vectors in the fifth dimension.) If we take one of the

component EM vector forces in the first zero vector summation, and we then take a

point on it as yet another “reference zero”, we may encapsulate a second series of

zero-system summation vectors into and within that zero-point. In this case we have

placed these second vectors into yet a deeper level of virtual state vacuum. That is, we

have reached into yet another hyperspace with our engineering and control. Indeed, we

have placed the second system EM vectors into the sixth dimension. So we have become

true hyperspace engineers.

The process is repeatable as desired. We may reach any hyperspace we wish, as our

technology and control develop.

Now we see the impact In modern Kaluza-Klein geometry, one needs about 11 or

so dimensions if one is to account for quarks, charm, etc. Now we have a direct tool to

reach into any one or all of these hyperdimensions and affect the exact particle or component

desired. We will be able to engineer matter—including the nucleus, and including

inside the proton and neutron—in almost any way we wish. It all follows from

scalar electromagnetics, which allows the direct engineering of hyperspace in all its dimensions.

Remember, engineering in hyperdimensions is just the engineering of nested levels

of vacuum potentials. Even more startling, we can also place “thoughts” and effects

directly in the mind itself, including the unconscious mind.

As we stated in the first edition of this book, we may model the mind as simply an

objective 3-space, three turns away from the 3-space of the ordinary physical world.

If we nest two or more additional zero-vector systems in our first one, then we have

placed affects (“vectors”) directly inside the mind itself. If we know the code of the

human brain-tuner, we can now manipulate the mind directly. Electromagnetically, by

scalar EM. And it appears that the Soviet Union has begun to reach this frightening


Disease patterns may be induced upon ordinary EM carriers in the same manner,

by nesting the zero-vector systems. That is, of course, if one has measured the scalar

patterns evident in the induced disease, say, in the Kaznacheyev-type experiments

with the desired disease patterns. The reverse is also true: Nesting the patterns in the

proper context on EM field carriers can cure diseases such as cancer and leukemia, as

evidenced by the Priore device.

One can also make a practical “free energy” device by setting up a standing scalar

wave resonance in a localized region or device. From the “high stress” point to the

“low stress” region of vacuum formed by such a standing scalar wave, a literal “river

of energy” is flowing in the vacuum itself. Once the river is established, only the “leakage”

need be replenished. Hence, if one builds a special sort of “paddle wheel” to react

with the river and turn in it, one obtains shaft power freely from the localized curvature

of spacetime. In that case, an ordinary generator can be driven by the shaft torque to

provide very cheap, or”free,” electrical energy.

Several inventors—three of whom I work with in one respect or another—now

have demonstration models of such machines, which take diverse forms.

Because of the extreme importance of these emerging potentialities, in recent years

I’ve concentrated intensely upon the properties of the vacuum as spacetime, and uncovered

shortcomings (and downright errors in many cases) in ordinary physics and

electromagnetics. Slowly the scalar EM picture has emerged, and a series of papers has

been written and published to develop the concepts of the new approach.

The scalar approach also includes the ability to engineer negative energy and negative

time flow. The reader is referred to Chapter 4, “Extraordinary Physics,” of my

forthcoming book, AIDS: Soviet First Strike, Tesla Book Co., P.O.Box 1649, Greenville,

Texas 75401 for a summary of the vast importance of the time-reversed EM

wave (phase conjugation).

Let me here just accent a rule of great importance: It is actually the key to negative

energy, negentropy, antigravity, free energy, transmutation, Tesla’s wireless transmission

of energy at a distance without loss, Tesla’s original magnifying transmitter, and

many other things.

First we need the expression CPTEGS, where C is charge, P is parity, T is time

flow, E is energy, G is gravity, and S is entropy. We shall be concerned with the algebraic

sign of each term in the expressioa The rule deals with photon interaction with a

charged particle inside an atom. Normally, incident photons interact with an electron in

the electron shells, so C is normally negative. This produces normal parity, and causes

the normal or positive flow of time, s T is normally positive. The normal kinds of

energy, gravity, and entropy are experienced, so energy is positive, gravity is positive

(attraction), and entropy is positive (progressive interactions in a system tend to more

and more disorder).

The astonishingly powerful rule is this: In a photon interaction with a charged particle

in an atom, if any one of the terms of the expression CPTEGS is reversed in algebraic

sign, all the other terms are reversed in algebraic sign.

Thus if one makes scalar EM, the wave (and its photons) passes through the electron

shells and interacts with (is absorbed in, and raises to an excited state, which then

decays to emit a wave and photons) the highly nonlinear, positively charged nucleus.

This represents a reversal of C, hence a reversal of P, T, E, G, and S also.

Consequently, a time-reversed wave—a phase conjugate replica of the incident

wave—is emitted by the decaying excited nucleus. In nonlinear phase conjugate optics,

this is the mechanism that produces the phase conjugate wave. This is also the

mechanism that produces a very large amplification of the incident wave when a

“pump wave” (two waves 180 degrees out of phase) are used in the nonlinear (modulating)

medium of the phase conjugate mirror.

(The reader is referred to any good book or summary paper on phase conjugate optics;

for example, see David M. Pepper, “Nonlinear optical phase conjugation,” Optical

Engineering 21(2), Mar./Apr. 1982, p. 156-183.).

When one pumps a phase conjugate mirror material sufficiently, then “tickles” the

release of the total nuclear excitation energy as phase conjugation replica waves (negative

energy), appreciable negative time is produced in the decaying nuclei of the mirror.

In negative time, gravity is a repulsion, not an attractioa The mirror thus produces

antigravity, and gets lighter. If it is forced to sufficiently high amplification, it can be

made to float in air. At higher amplification still, it will accelerate upward.

Bearden - Excalibur briefing 2nd Edn

Excerpt 2

“a cancer-extinguishing type of radiation” ?


Inducing psychotronic signals into mass populations or audiences can influence

or control the behavior of large numbers of persons. As these words are being

written, such a psychotronic test is apparently being conducted by the Soviets with

Eugene, Oregon as a target; previous tests were conducted in Canada.

Psychotronic signals and the patterns they carry can be, and are, modulated

upon electromagnetic carriers — in fact, that is one way they are transmitted

through the human body and nervous system. When a television camera picks up

the photon field impinging on it from a human body or other biosystem, weak

psychotronic patterns are also picked up, since the paranormal time quenching

mechanism (by visible light) is never quite 100 percent effective. These patterns are

riding then as a special kind of modulation on the radiofrequency or electromagnetic

carrier — however, they are not modulated the same way as are ordinary signals.

Ordinary signals gate the number of photons per second (amplitude modulation),

or change and control the frequency of the carrier photons (frequency

modulation), or change and control the phasing (phase modulation). However,

psychotronic modulation rides on each individual photon, on its time portion (a

photon consists of action — energy x time — and it is the time portion on which

the psychotronic modulation is riding.)

Thus psychotronic modulations can ride on the transmitted television carrier

frequency. The psychotronic modulations are processed through the television receiver,

and a small component is emitted as a weak modulation riding on the

photon signals emitted from the television picture tube. Along with the light from

the tube, these psychotronic modulations enter the eye of the human observer and

are demodulated by the retinal interface, thus introducing weak psychotronic signals

into the observer’s central nervous system. Given sufficient repetition time

(say two to four hours), the kindling effect can cause the human nervous system to

be profoundly affected. Any disease or death pattern known to man (and some that

are not known to him) can be transmitted and kindled in the target population


In fact, depending on the sophistication of the coded psychotronic signals, it is

probable that the modulation patterns can be targeted against a specific racial type,

since there are certain genetic differences between races.


So the type of truck that roams the streets of a city, silently monitoring which

television channel the viewers are watching, could be modified slightly to induce

specific psychotronic disease or death vectors onto the television receivers. Or it

could simply modulate the television transmitters. (A very obvious way is to modulute

or pump psychotronically the ground of the electrical power supply, and in

most cases this can directly pump the transmitters.)

Or the kindling signal can come from satellites, which radiate weak radio frequency

signals down toward the target population. Here economy of force can be

applied; the same type of kindling that induces electron current quenching is usable

as a satellite dudder or killer in an antisatellite role, or is usable as a paralysis and

death beam weapon against target populations. It is also useful as a killer of other

electromagnetic sensors by either jamming their circuitry or simply wiping out

(quenching) their emissions which impact on the satellite, preventing any reflected


By this effect, UFO tulpoids often prevent a radar from tracking them, even

though the tulpoids are visually sighted.

There are literally thousands of applications; these are just a few to give an idea

of the overall effect and its usefulness.

And the psychotronic signals can be modulated onto almost any kind of carrier

— telephone, television, radio, the magnetic field of the earth, the Schuman resonance

of the earth’s magnetic field, the ordinary sixty hertz electrical power system,


We might have an entirely different idea of the potency of the Russian trawlers

if we appreciated what their use can be in the psychotronic mode.

We can also understand why a television broadcast of Uri Geller in the act of

binding metal stimulated both the ability in other persons and the effect in other

equipment across England. And also how the effect has been duplicated — at least

so far as stimulating other persons to psychokinetic ability — in this country. A

direct means of stimulating psychokinetic ability is thus suggested: simply place the

subject to be developed or stimulated in a room with a number of television

receivers, all tuned to the same visual program, and place the stimulus material on

the receivers. The person should visually watch one receiver and should be wearing

very abbreviated clothing, such as a skimpy swim suit, to expose the acupuncture

plexuses. Also, normal light in the room should be very dim.

At any rate, this and many other schemes are available to produce direct stimulation,

and enhance and greatly speed up psychic development.

The effect could also be used to produce an effective treatment device for cancer.

Samples of the particular cancer in the body of the patient could be taken, and

the invisible psychotronic radiation pattern from the cancer witness could be introduced

on the input of a Hieronymus-type device, shielded against ordinary light,

The output of the Hieronymus device could then be fed to a bank of phase

inverters, which covered in total a broad band (the cancer band, which would have

to be established by laboratory experiment). By inverting the cancer pattern, we

now have a cancer-extinguishing type of radiation that is specific for the cancer the

patient in fact has.

Then by introducing this quenching pattern as a modulation onto the correct

tup of electromagnetic frequencies (again this group would have to be demined

for the specific frequency plexus that would produce an effect in the local-


ity of the body in which the cancer is located), the proper acupuncture plexus would

be stimulated, stripping off the cancer-quench psychotronic pattern and sending it

to the specific location of the cancer. Over a period of time (say several very weak

microwave radiation periods of two to four hours each), the cancer could be killed

completely, down to the last malignant cell. Whole body or spread cancers could

be treated simply by increasing the number of frequencies modulated, to hundreds

in some cases. Other similar diseases could be treated likewise. As an example, a

Curative psychotronic radiation pattern complex could be worked for hydrophobia

and such presently incurable diseases, and these could also be effectively treated.

The same tool will yield almost unbelievable medical benefits if the scientists can

ever be convinced to start the development.


Jacques Chaban-Delmas, Mayor of Bordeaux and later Prime Minister of France, symbolically starts the Prioré machine


Dr. Tom Bearden is interviewed by Greg Caton (Nov., 2002) at Bearden’s home in Huntsville, Alabama concerning the properties of H3O / HRx (products carried by Alpha Omega Labs) and the brave new world of applied scalar wave technology.



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    Tom Bearden Cancer and “Scalar Electromagnetic Healing”

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  6. blessedistruth Says:

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