Super typhoon haiyan yolanda microwave pulse beam anomaly – HAARP The new Shiva Capable of generating plasma toroids Other RADAR / RF facilities move toroids Dutchsinse michael janitch


“Weather Modification 101″ = Dutchsinse video response to Dr. Mahar Lagmay and ABS-CBN News

“Capable of generating the plasma torroids”

[I know it’s hard to fathom — that some of our fellow humans really are this evil.]

November 12, 2013

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Here is the very long post (2 very long pages) , that should take a few months to go over… regarding weather modification:

I’ve produced a 1.5 hour long MAGNUM OPUS video response , to the Philippines National News CBN , and Dr. Mahar Lagmay (Executive Director of the Philippines NOAH , their version of NOAA).

Titled “Weather Modification 101″, it is a point by point response to each question raised, also I address their ad-hominem attacks,

while using their attempted ‘smears’ to bring forth the data from .gov and .edu sites, showing military releases, along with LABORATORY EXPERIMENTS,

current Main Stream Media coverage, and then finishing with the current Typhoon examples prior to Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda

(as the doctor asked for in their attempted/failed debunk news piece).

I had to request, and receive permissions of use from main stream media outlets, thus the delay on this video.

Links will be provided for each, as well as permissions.

This is more or less a documentary on the subject now, my original video had ALL the same information below it (in the video description field), literally every link provided PREVIOUSLY.

However, it appears some people , or most people it seems, do not check anything, or read anything provided.

I wouldn’t have to make this video if the Doctor or the Philippines news had followed even one single links to verify.

Instead, met with total denial, labeled as a quote ‘conspiracy theorist’, and they even went so far as to make the FALSE claim that I am “anonymous” , saying no one knows who I am etc.. which is totally false.

EVERYONE knows my name, its on my website , beneath my most popular post, my “who is”.

They also could have checked my facebook, or just searched even the TROLL pages to find out who I am. LOL @ searching troll sites to find someone, but even then they would have found my name at least.

Seriously, news media doing ZERO investigation before spouting off.. need someones name, he has a facebook page.. lol.. why not check it??!!

Video forthcoming when it finishes processing, and uploaded to youtube, hope you all find useful information.

This video should really open up doors , and prove to the science community that (for a long while now) this information has been obfuscated / hidden .

Hidden for good reason!

Due to the power of the devices, their cheap construction, their EASY operation, and the ‘new’ physics doors opened up by generating zero-point / zero-vector energy at a distance.

It throws certain aspects of the inverse square / thermodymanics laws into an “x – factor” , in essence, moving the goal posts on what is “possible” through the use of “radio waves”.

Radio frequency (RF) , is now proved to be capable of generating energy at the distance from the transmitter (energy means heating or plasma).

The plasma is generated via a literal “stripping” of electrons from the earths magnetosphere / ionosphere / or atmosphere.

This is called “electron precipitation”. The electron precip accumulates rapidly into what we would call a “precursor” to plasma.

The same thing that happens before a lightning bolt developing, electrons building up to the point of a ‘static discharge’ , however, with a targeted beam of RF, electrons precipitate in a controlled area, and quickly forms into VISIBLE plasma.

The plasma , once it is formed, has been experimented with.

They have found that using ANOTHER targeted beam of High Frequency(HF) Radio Frequency, that this 2nd beam can “control” the area of plasma generated.

Using the 2nd beam, the plasma area can be MOVED, it can be INCREASED in size / power, through a process called a “frequency pump” or “pumping”.

Quite literally, using devices like RADAR, HF or VHF, to target the plasma generated, and “pump it” to thousands of degrees Fahrenheit.

There are other experiments done, where the reverse is performed, and what is called a “cold plasma” can be “pumped down” , to make a cooler area

(relative cooler compared to surrounding areas in the upper atmosphere into ionosphere where temps are measured in Kelvin rather than Fahrenheit or Celcius).

The heated or cooled “pumped” plasma can be “moved”, as demonstrated (and talked about by the director of HAARP in Alaska) through Project Shiva.

Shiva was the use of what are called plasma Torroids , which could really just be called “fast moving balls of controlled plasma”.

Like ball lightning, but not electric, plasma. These “torroids” can be moved at speeds nearing the speed of light (speed of magnetism).

Bragged about by the US Military as a missile defense weapon that has already been tested , and is ready/capable along with HAARP.

Furthermore , the director of HAARP claimed HAARP itself would now function as the “new” Shiva.

Capable of generating the plasma torroids.

Then, using other RADAR / RF facilities to move said torroids across the Atmosphere / Space.

The other use for this heated, or cooled plasma, is weather modification.

The US Aiforce, US Navy, NASA ..

just to name a few agencies, the list actually numbers in the MULTIPLE dozens of groups involved…..

all these agencies have done fully documented experiments, and now, deployments of these practices ..

specifically for the purpose of weather modification.


Full documents, going back to the late 1990′s, showing the intended use for such RF producing facilities to

aid in the battlefield,

generate cloud banks,

instantly move fog onto airfields,

shoot down incoming missiles,

look into the earth,

search out submarines in the ocean,

search for tunnels under ground,

search for oil / natural gas, and even to

take down aircraft / generate large EMP (electromagnetic pulse blasts).

Capable of generating actual lightning, plasma (heated or cooled), and capable of generating VLF in addition to all other aforementioned capabilities.

You might ask, how can a HF facility generate LOW frequency. There is a natural process, known as “efficiency scaling”.

Experiments have been done by Stanford along with HAARP, and the US Navy, which proved that when a High Frequency pulse is emitted from a facility

(such as HAARP for instance, but could be any facility on earth),

when that HF pulse goes out into the upper atmosphere / ionosphere .. this HF pulse NATURALLY cross modulates into VLF.

Simply put, the HF turns into VLF when it reaches a high point in its “arch” of transmission.

I say “arch of transmission”, because the signal, when sent out —

travels out to a point (determined by the power of the antenna transmitting the signal), once it reaches its zenith, the HF pulse (along with its electromagnetic potential) travels to a “conjugate point” on the south pole.

A conjugate point , they have found via experiments at HAARP, is a corresponding point, magnetic point, on the opposite pole from the transmission source.

Again, simply put, if you send out a signal from the north pole, it goes up into space, and then goes back down to a point on the south pole.

HOWEVER, they have found that when the signal reaches the South pole, that planet earth actually REPELS the charged signal back to the North pole !

This happens before the signal actually reaches the planets surface.

This all happens at the speed of light / magnetism, and the signal ‘bounces’ on this magnetic ‘string’ back and forth for several days.

Assuming that no more “pumping” is done into the “string”, the “resonance” happening on this string eventually settles out to electromagnetic ground, which in essence is the core of the Earth.

The VLF and HF waves have different effects.

HF for plasma, heating, missile defense, weather modification. VLF, for earth penetrating tomography, long range communications, even as far as inducing earthquake activity, volcanic eruptions, and even the potential for influencing objects in space.

Summed up, weather modification is a large aspect of the potential uses for RF devices.

A high frequency , or microwave pulse can surely be counted in as a culprit for inducing tropical storms / typhoons / tornadoes / flooding storms / Hail and Damaging winds.

Also generation of physical lightning, aurora borealis, animal disruptions, and negative health effects on the human body.


Everything I’ve said is an indisputable fact.

Hope this description of the series of discoveries helps you understand my thinking going into making videos on this touchy subject, weather modification via frequency.

I want everyone involved to know, I’ve put a couple years, and all my spare time into researching this, I don’t take any of this lightly, it is NOT a popular topic to discuss

(people literally laugh and shun the discussion of the aforementioned topics).

I’ve literally put all I am into finding out all I can on this. I hope my words are not falling upon empty ears (eyes in this case lol)

Cheers to all,

Michael Janitch


The above is read out loud to you here:

See also:


See also:


MARAUDER is, or was, a United States Government research project. It is an acronym of Magnetically Accelerated Ring to Achieve Ultra-high Directed Energy and Radiation. It was first reported on August 1, 1993.

The objective appears to be the firing of 1 meter diameter toroids of magnetically contained plasma. The toroids behave in a similar manner to spheromak plasma reactors. As of 1993[update] the project appeared to be in the early experimental stages. The weapon was able to produce doughnut shaped rings of plasma and balls of lightning that exploded with devastating effects when hitting its target. The project’s initial success led to it becoming classified and no more details of how it developed after 1993 are available.

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Don’t stumble on chemtrails unawares

[Not trying to alarm — I know the following is controversial. Let me tell you why I believe at least part is true. Look around you. Wouldn’t you agree that if the intent was to keep us napping, then it has worked? Most have already been caught unawares.]

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  1. blessedistruth Says:

    #chemTrails #geoEngineering #climatechange #globalwarming

    Super typhoon haiyan yolanda microwave pulse beam anomaly – HAARP The new Shiva Capable of generating plasma torroids Other RADAR / RF facilities move torroids Dutchsinse michael janitch

    [Power, Profit, Prestige … Who profits from “man-made” global warming?]

  2. blessedistruth Says:

    If this isn’t Dark Star, then what is it? Revisited

    Thu 10 27 11 the day I discovered WHY my Friends wished me to image our Sun

    music test, images oldies but goodies

    soon I’ll post new images here:

  3. blessedistruth Says:

    Hi! Back in 2007 2008 I was “sisterrosetta” at DB forum. “Canopy” is author of letter (Rand Paul?) Actually I hope I’m wrong about that. Senators Flake AND Paul Majestic? And Hatch? Well, it’s just too much. When there’s so much that is wrong (chemTrails, Weather Wars, etc) I mean why can’t they do more? Unless they’re just as corrupt.



  4. blessedistruth Says:

    hmmm …

  5. blessedistruth Says:

    In his newest book,

    Life at the Speed of Light: From the Double Helix to the Dawn of Digital Life

    out Oct. 17, Venter explains the history of the synthetic field and describes how biological engineering could lead to drastic advances in energy generation, food production, and even evolution.

  6. blessedistruth Says:

    In 1962 Plumlee was assigned to Task Force W which operated at the time from the JM/WAVE station in Miami.

    Plumlee claimed that in November, 1963, he was a co-pilot on a top secret flight supported by the CIA.

    Plumlee’s flight left Florida on 21st November and stopped in New Orleans and Houston before reaching Dallas in the early morning hours of 22nd November.

    On board was Johnny Roselli.

    Plumlee testified that their assignment was to stop the planned assassination of John F. Kennedy.

  7. blessedistruth Says:

  8. blessedistruth Says:

    Incredible Latest NASA / ISS UFO Footage – July 2012

  9. blessedistruth Says:

    #syria #iran #saudiarabia Syrian conflict: ‘We demand a stop to foreign interference’ – Qadri Jamil

    [1 more Syria article which won’t be picked up by MSM]

    Leader of the Syrian Popular Front for Change and Liberation Qadri Jamil

    “Today, tens of thousands of foreign mercenaries are fighting in the SAR on the side of the opposition”, he said today at a press conference in Moscow.

    “It’s dangerous for the region as a whole, because after that these people will go to other countries to spread destruction and murder there.”

    [YOUR tax dollars are partially funding this!!!]

  10. blessedistruth Says:


    last night.. before they even read my response.. they had MULTIPLE scientists write hit articles on me yesterday during the day (obviously before they saw my video)

    LOL… so now we have MULTIPLE “scientists” denying Microwaves can do anything..

    hahaha… how much more blockheaded could they get !!!

    They then bring up the “credentials” arguement …. seriously…. saying I have no credentials to discuss such things?!

    The “appeal to authority” is a common LOGICAL FALLACY that is used when someone is totally losing a debate.

    🙂 Credentials. yeah.. right.

    Since when do youtube video makers need credentials? Notice that these “doctors” haven’t provided ONE piece of proof that I’m wrong. Nothing.

    Just a bunch of blathering about me personally.. thats all they’ve got. And its not much quite frankly.

  11. blessedistruth Says:

    When the shots rang out, I had the impression of 4 or 5 shots, with one being fired from behind and to my left on the South Knoll, near the underpass and south parking lot.

    While leaving via the south side of the underpass near the train tracks, Sergio and I smelled gunpowder.

  12. blessedistruth Says:

    robert tosh plumlee ranch mexico Caro Quintero

  13. blessedistruth Says:

    #CIA #Drug Money Funds #Chemtrails After the high-profile 1985 assassination, a CIA pilot helped Mexican drug kingpin Rafael Caro Quintero escape to Costa Rica, new reports claim.

    Mexican drug kingpin Rafael Caro Quintero, who allegedly tortured and killed DEA agent Enrique Camarena in 1985 and was later arrested in Costa Rica, is released from a Mexican prison on a technicality last August in in Jalisco, Mexico. He has since vanished.

    [How long will it take before MSM gets a clue re chemTrails – I mean MSM appears to finally have gotten a clue re CIA Drug Money.]

    The CIA’s Inspector General issued a report that denied agency responsibility in the drug trafficking, but acknowledged that the CIA-contracted pilots and other “assets” used by the CIA were involved in drug trafficking.

    According to Fox News, “In 1998, CIA Inspector General Fred Hitz told Congress he ‘found no evidence … of any conspiracy by CIA or its employees to bring drugs into the United States. However, it worked with a variety of … assets [and] pilots who ferried supplies to the Contras, who were alleged to have engaged in drug trafficking activity.’

    “Hitz said the ‘CIA had an operational interest’ in the Contras. And while aware the rebels were trading ‘arms-for-drugs’ the CIA ‘did nothing to stop it.’ ”

    The author of the San José Mercury News series, Gary Webb, drew widespread criticism for linking the CIA to the proliferation of crack cocaine in the United States, and three major newspapers, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post published stories ostensibly debunking the series.

    Webb’s editors acknowledged flaws in the reporting and assigned the reporter to a lesser post covering a northern Californian suburb.

    Webb eventually quit the newspaper and, unable to find a job with any other major news outlet, committed suicide in December 2004.

  14. blessedistruth Says:

    Chemtrails in the Air Causing Cancer and Other Illness

    Added by Lucille Femine on October 17, 2013

  15. blessedistruth Says:

  16. blessedistruth Says:

    RT News / Bloggers / Illuminating Consciousness
    Chemtrails and Climate Change.
    Published: December 8, 2009 | 15:45 GMT

    Illuminating Consciousness
    by Francisco Luna

    Have you ever wondered cloud contrails those appearing in our skies, product turbine commercial aircraft that ply the spaces of Moscow and the world?

    I remember more than a child, my father would take me to air shows where risky maneuvers performed aerobatic squads, as they cast white smoke to emphasize the skill of the air exercise, signing off with some chemical figures in appearance and to my knowledge, is harmless.

    For this reason, and many years later, great was my surprise when in the summer of 1997, I landed at the airport in Stockholm, Sweden.

    The skies were Swedes cuadriculares subdivided into segments, resembling a sort of gigantic chessboard.

    As different countries visited, I realized that the event was repeated again and again.

    In this sense, the airspace of Moscow is not exempt from this unique show.

    I have had the opportunity to travel to many countries in America, Africa and Europe, and I can assure you that this event is repeated systematically in every capital of the world … all day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty- five days of the year. 

    Like many of you, I also need to know the why of things. I guess it’s our human nature to be curious.

    So I started my research. What I found amazed me.

    We know that commercial airplanes constantly liberated “emanations” or white gas, apparently resulting from the combustion of fuel oil and within their turbines and at higher altitudes, occurs the phenomenon of condensation of water vapor or contrails are actually formed by aircraft under certain conditions of pressure, humidity and altitude.

    Soon after, I met the word you happen to call the peculiar phenomenon … “Chemtrail” .

    The word comes from the mix of their English similes chemical (chemical) and trail (trail or road) and first used in 1997 to describe the chemical fumes harmful agents deliberately,

    would be illegally sprayed through world for work and assumptions by occult groups of the governments of the major powers and granted absolute power, as the military and intelligence agencies.

    Its main objective would systematically and progressively poison people in their struggle to control the mind, cause disease, climate change and exterminate as many humans due to the increasingly worrying rise in the population of the world …

    all of the above , according to the conspiracy theories that many think, conducts behind-course-of the public and that abound on the Internet.

    I imagine that this, in many of you, provoke a smile of incredulity or verbal gesture while raising hands saying: –

    “Please …!, Will they think that these crazy invent in order to sell “.

    However, there are many people who think otherwise. First of all, we need to have clear what we mean by chemtrails .

    Where once we watched the gases goodbye aircraft engines, we were able to say that the smoke was gray color or blackish, as a logical consequence of combustion.

    The chemtrails in contrast, are long and white clouds, and they seem to have “weight”, ie not dissolved within five minutes of arising, but remain as witnesses and researchers, for more than an hour on the heavens, expanding and falling slowly to earth.

    On the other hand, the antithesis of the chemtrails , are called ” contrails ” or h2o, ie water vapor or contrails.

    This is the official position response and challenged governments, as well as critics of the subject when ordinary people try to inquire some response to this unusual spectacle on our skies.

    According to studies by independent researchers like Dr. Stephen D. McKay or Clifford E Carnicom have concluded that chemtrails would consist of barium, aluminum and other heavy metals.

    Funny how in fumigated areas have increased cases of allergies in people who never had suffered; spontaneous bleeding from the nose, apnea, impaired balance (vertigo) and chronic fatigue.

    They also increase disease and epidemics of flu, asthma, conjunctivitis cases and loss of short term memory, constant headaches, itchy eyes, brain swelling, muscle weakness, stomach irritation, among others.

    As if this were not enough, there are reports of sudden weather climate change and rising temperatures in areas that for generations were accustomed to harsh winters.

    Apparent summed and consequences follow.

    However, the official positions of the governments concerned are the usual: –

    “There is no spraying of any kind on the atmosphere. Aircraft Contrails are condensation completely normal and fully explained by science, “” Everything is fine and there is nothing to fear. ”

    Perhaps it is this last phrase that has increased my surprise for two.

    First, is that as American, snow in the capital of Chile is almost nil and expected to feel and enjoy here in Moscow.

    And second, that the current Moscow winter and I are so similar as temperatures bearable Santiago, which winter on average are around 4-5 ° C.

    If this speaks of our climate intervene independent of positive or negative consequences may have, remember that not long ago,

    the mayor of Moscow , Yury Luzhkov, announced to the press that

    “the population of Moscow, would enjoy a winter without snow for just a few million dollars” …

    understood, for the cost to implement the solution.

    However, we have not received official confirmation that the initiative of the mayor, has been implemented.

    The project proposes to hire the Russian Air Force to spray a chemical mist over the clouds before they reach the capital.

    If this “solution” would be successful for Muscovites, even know the opinion of the inhabitants of the outskirts of the capital of the Russian Federation, who would increased their annual product of this measure snow.

  17. blessedistruth Says:

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