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Kiev authorities afraid Ukraine’s centre and west could arise along with its southeastern regions, Oleh Tsariov, running for Ukrainian president

April 27, 2014

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Kiev afraid Ukraine’s center and west may arise along with southeast — president nominee

April 25, 21:01 UTC+4 DONETSK 
According to Tsariov, the crisis in Ukraine could be resolved in “just a few days,” if the Kiev authorities lend an ear to the demands of people living in southeastern regions of Ukraine

Oleh Tsariov
© ITAR-TASS/Valery Matytsin

DONETSK, April 25. /ITAR-TASS/. Kiev’s authorities are afraid that Ukraine’s “centre and west could arise” along with its southeastern regions, Oleh Tsariov, who is running for Ukrainian president, said on Friday.

Oleh Tsaryov

“People used to come to Maidan [Kiev’s central Independence Square] to speak up for democracy and a better life, against corruption of oligarchs and the authorities,” he said. “Now, we do not have more democracy. Some of Russian channels are banned in Ukraine, journalists are detained, political repression is underway, army is engaged in a punitive operation against the people.”

Living standards are degrading and “there are no conditions for their improvement,” he stressed. “All that is going on is not what they promised to the people.” That is why, in his words, Kiev is afraid that Ukraine’s central and western regions might follow the lead of the country’s southeast and “arise.”

According to Tsariov, the crisis in Ukraine could be resolved in “just a few days,” if the Kiev authorities lend an ear to the demands of people living in southeastern regions of Ukraine. He said he had offered his candidature as a mediator between the authorities and protesters. “There is a very simple way out of the current situation. I can speak with any protesters, I am welcome everywhere,” he said.

The authorities, he stressed, must show readiness “to stop the army, to take the troops back to their permanent garrisons, to disband illegal armed groups, to conduct amnesty and close cases against protesting officers of the riot police [Berkut], and to lend an ear to the demands about the status of the Russian language and the federalization of the country.”

To deescalate the conflict, in his words, the government should sit down at a roundtable and take a decision on amnesty and troops pullout. After that, it must adopt a roadmap on amendments to be made to the constitution. “We have out edition of the constitution and we are ready to present it to the government,” Tsariov said.

“It is much easier to try to reach an agreement than to kill own citizens,” he stressed.

Earlier on Friday, Tsariov said that the Kiev authorities were subordinate to the US administration. “When in a span of two weeks the CIA director, the US vice president and the head of the US Senate armed service committee pay visits to Kiev, one has an impression that Ukraine is subordinate to the American administration,” he said.

“International cooperation is a good thing. But I don’t want Ukraine to lose its political and economic independence,” he stressed.

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SAIC shared the spotlight of corrupt practices with Siemens, Building the case they are victims of corrupt transactions associated with Olympic security contracts

April 21, 2014

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Archimedean Theorem III – Obscurity’s Reign is Ending

[….] didn’t receive much press but one day will come back to haunt our collective conscience.

When Standard & Poor’s added SAIC to the S&P 500 Index officially on December 18, 2009, they rounded out the week of moral carnage.

Those familiar with SAIC should recall that the company had difficulty going public in 2006 due to “accounting irregularities”.

Among the most tedious and opaque were the mysterious missing funds surrounding the Greek Olympic security contracts – a matter that in its most recent 10-Q filing is still unresolved.

Are you listening?

A public company, now a component of the S&P 500, is still failing to have accountability for a contract entered in 2003 for work for the Greek Olympic security.

Six years later and they’re protecting WHAT???

Where is the “missing” $120 million?

What security did it purchase?

And what do AIG, the recent awards, SAIC’s entry onto the S&P 500, and Greece’s impending bankruptcy all have in common?
Let’s just say that bankruptcy has a remarkable and negative impact on intentional obscurity – particularly those associated with missing money.
The government couldn’t let AIG fail, not because it was vital to the economy.
Rather, it was vital to preserving secrecy of transactions that the government and its shareholders never wanted in the light of day.
SAIC, in their most recent financial statement (page 16 and following) has conveniently shared the spotlight of corrupt practices with Siemens building the case for the fact that they are potentially the victims (clearly not the perpetrators) of corrupt transactions associated with Olympic security contracts.
And, when the EU has to review the financial transactions of the Greek government per euro policies, won’t it be interesting to see where SAIC’s $120 million showed up on the books?
I wonder if one of this weekend’s editorial writers has more knowledge of the contents of e-mails then first meets the eye.
After all, Eliot Spitzer was New York State’s Attorney General on October 20, 2005 when Bulf Oil, that mysterious oil-for-food company was convicted of grand larceny.
For those of you not familiar with it, the “Romanian Company” Bulf Oil – is one of the most fascinating untold stories of the run-up to the Iraq war.
Even more fascinating is the Reston, Virginia trading company, Midway Oil Trading Inc., which wired funds through one or more New York banks to subsidize the oil-for-food scam.
Midway Oil Trading Inc. reportedly had offices in Virginia, Switzerland and Greece.
Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out whether any of the folks implicated in the web of obscurity actually were outed by bankruptcy?
Let me be blunt.
The real story of the bailout is not one of “too-big-to-fail”. Rather it is one of “too-many-skeletons-in-the-closet”.
So we arrive at Archimedean Theorem III – Accountability and Transparency are the ultimate arbiters of public good.
As we have seen with carbon credit indulgences, Olympic security for games 5 years over, oil-for-food, peace through war, and Copenhagen’s absurd conclusion, when subterfuge and obscurity are utilities of choice, no public good will follow.
Yes, we need the AIG bailout records.
Yes, we need the Federal Reserve audit.
Yes we need genuine accountability for the propagation of a war that has NOTHING to do with freedom.
Obscurity’s days are numbered as long as you, the reader, decide to wake up.
If not, this blog, and my efforts serve as an epitaph on us all.
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Trickle Down Morality

The Occidental policy failure was to mistake the counterparty who would accept our deal – the puppet autocrat who we’d promote into political supremacy – as an evidentiary party to the acquiescence of a country to our values and our proposed terms of engagement.

We didn’t build alliances, we bribed malleable characters. And now, we’re watching as the façades fall.

While the covert abuses

– from Reagan’s Nicaraguan Iran-Contra illegal activity to Bush-Cheney’s Bulf Oil and Greek Olympic “Security” financing of the weapons which are killing coalition forces

accelerate the failure of our misguided ideology, the overt, reported financing of moral exceptions to our stated values shows a level of hypocrisy which undermines any honor or credibility we might otherwise have.

In the minds of an Asian or African observer, our willingness to place expediency as a paramount value when it comes to ideology amplifies the instability in countries around the world and erodes our ability to have any significant impact on transitions which are breaking out across the globe.

In contrast, Chinese success in Nigeria, Afghanistan, Southeast Asia and even “liberated” Iraq, comes complete with good old-fashioned trading – not on ideology but on assets – the way it’s always been done.

The Chinese are no more amenable to theocracies than their democratic, capitalist competitors.

However, in commodity value exchanges, ideology is subservient to transactive interest.

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MAY 16, 2004

The United States is among a seven-nation security advisory group assisting Greek authorities. Greece also has asked NATO to help safeguard the Olympics, mainly with aerial surveillance, sea patrols and protection against a chemical, biological or nuclear attack.
“We all understand it is a difficult environment,” Miller said. “It’s a big challenge, but cooperation is excellent.”
Caramanlis will also meet with Vice President Dick Cheney. Secretary of State Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, Bush’s national security adviser.

Originally Posted – October 21, 2005

Firm Guilty Of Kickbacks In Oil-For-Food Program

In September, 2001, Midway acquired the remainder of Bulf Oil’s allocation of oil, at a purchase price of $22 million, under the Oil-for-Food Program.

clinton iraq war wmd 3

clinton iraq war wmd 2 That indeed was a Vice President residence plan 1 That indeed was a Vice President residence plan 2



Putin – It’s all nonsense. No Russian units. No special services. No instructors. All local citizens. And the best proof is … their masks.

April 17, 2014

putin 1

“Straight line” with Vladimir Putin. Online coverage


“Direct Line” with Putin – 2014 (120)

11:4517.04.2014 (updated: 17.04.2014 16:02) 12245744091
President of Russia for the twelfth time communicated with the Russians in central air television and radio stations. Interesting questions, comments and statements by key experts in the “straight line” Vladimir Putin – online reportage RIA Novosti.
Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with Russian citizens in the program Direct Line with Vladimir Putin


  • 17:17″Direct Line” Russian President Vladimir Putin lasted 3 hours 55 minutes. During this time, the President had to answer question 81, 35 of which concerned the Crimea and Ukraine. Details presidential communication with the Russians and the comparison of the “straight line” with the previous – in infographics
    A Conversation with Vladimir Putin. Statistics

    “Direct Line with Vladimir Putin” in figures

    17.04.2014 17:27 Annual “Direct Line with Vladimir Putin” was held on April 17. Details presidential communication with the Russians and the comparison of the “straight line” with the previous – in infographics

  • 15:56Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama would have saved him if he was drowning.”I think he’s a decent man, brave and would do it,” – said the president during the “straight line” with the Russians on Thursday when asked how he thinks Obama would have saved him if he was drowning.
  • 15:55

    Putin hopes to resume contacts with the U.S.

    “We were scheduled contacts with them, but our American colleagues have decided to suspend them. But I hope that with time everything will fall into place,” – said the president.

  • 15:54Leading the “straight line” Putin has read the question whether he considers that after the events of the Crimean “playground” of the liberal opposition in Russian society has become very narrow.”I think that in our society, and it was not so wide. It just seemed like it mighty. But it is an important component in our society. Important” – said the president.”We need to focus on the majority opinion and the basis of this opinion, make decisions, build domestic policy and foreign policy, but never forget the views of those people who are in the minority and have their own point of view on what is being done in the country and in the international arena. And keep in mind, listen. I can not say that the state purposefully something here reduces “- said Putin.
  • 15:51The President promised to compensate deposits 700,000 Crimeans in Ukrainian banks in case of their loss.
  • 15:50

    Putin said he was not going to be president for life

  • 15:48Russian President Vladimir Putin will check how satisfied the government’s decision on the allowable amount of the salaries of heads of public institutions.During the “straight line” with the citizens, he recalled that the Government has taken a decision that the relevant wage management of public institutions should not be more than eight times the salary of the institution.”It is sufficient difference to provide high wages for managers and pay tribute to their managerial abilities and qualifications, but more should be. Not rule out that there may be irregularities in this area, be sure to come back to this and look at the field” – said Putin.
  • 15:44

    Putin: Europe is moving toward a more conservative values

    “Another sound accept so-called conservative values, which I also repeatedly said. And the victory of Viktor Orban in Hungary, the success of the more extreme forces in the last elections in Hungary, the success of Marine Le Pen in France – she got the third position in the municipal elections. Increase here these trends in other countries “, – Putin said during the” straight line “on Thursday.

    According to the President, it is connected with the desire to strengthen the sovereignty and with the understanding that “at the national level, some issues that are critical for these countries can be solved more efficiently than at Brussels.”

  • 15:37The President urged the residents not to worry because Sochi annexation of the Crimea on the eve of the tourist season: these regions different potential tourists.”Would Crimea within the Russian Federation or not, there is still a category of people by income, which in Sochi luxury hotels can not relax, it must be clearly aware of this report,” – said the president.
  • 15:19The President explained why appealed to the European people, and not to governments before signing a contract to join the Crimea to Russia.”The format was chosen because of the significance of the event. This extraordinary event in the life of our people. Modern world, especially the Western world, it is very monopolized. Many countries of the Western world, they have voluntarily given up a significant part of its sovereignty, including as a result of bloc politics. We with them can be very difficult to agree on geopolitics, “- said the president.The president also said that Russia does not aspire to a deterioration of relations with European partners and hopes for a similar position in Europe.
  • 15:15

    Putin: trust between Russia and the United States is largely lost

    Confidence in relations between Russia and the United States was undermined after the overthrow and murder of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, as the result of actions by the West, the Russian President said.

    “It’s not that it’s over now due to the Crimea. I think it ended earlier, immediately after the events in Libya,” – said Putin.

    Putin recalled that Dmitry Medvedev, then acting president, has agreed to establish a no-fly zone over Libya.

    “What does it really lead to? By shocks in the territory, to the overthrow of Gaddafi himself, his murder, then the murder of the U.S. ambassador and the collapse of the country. From here and there is mistrust,” – he said.

    Also, speaking of trust, the president recalled how during a personal meeting with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who secretly recorded their conversation.

    “Today, NATO Secretary General, Mr. Rasmussen … At one meeting, when he was Prime Minister of Denmark, he asked me about the meeting, it was not planned, it turns out, took a tape recorder, secretly recorded on tape, and then published in the press. I could not believe my ears and eyes, some nonsense, “- said Putin.

    Rasmussen explained by the fact that this conversation recorded for history, the president added. “I’m flattered, of course, but I had to at least prevent or at least ask for permission to publish these talks. Which trust is possible after such incidents?” – Said the president.

  • 15:05

    Putin responded to a question about the first lady

    President, when asked when Russia sees new first lady said, you must get to marry his ex-wife, and then think about yourself.

  • 15:03

    “Direct Line” Vladimir Putin

    17.04.2014 15:50

    Direct Line with Vladimir Putin Direct Line with Vladimir Putin Direct Line with Vladimir Putin Direct Line with Vladimir Putin Direct Line with Vladimir Putin Broadcast Direct Line with Vladimir Putin

    Russian President Vladimir Putin on April 17 held a traditional annual dialogue with the Russians in the “straight line”. First it was attended by residents of the new Russian region – Crimea.

  • 15:00

    Question asked President Edward Snowden

    Ex-CIA officer asked the Russian president about whether Russia is engaged in the interception, storage and analysis of information about people and believes negotiations whether Putin fair and justified mass control.

    “Dear Mr. Snowden you – a former agent, I had to do with intelligence. So we’ll talk to you in the professional language. First of all, we have a strict legal regulation of the use of special services of special funds, including wiretaps, surveillance on the Internet. This regulation is associated with the need to obtain permission from a court in respect of a particular individual. So massive, indiscriminate, we have, in accordance with the law, can not be “, – Putin said.

  • 14:44

    Putin: Moscow is ready to suffer another month for non-payment situation Ukraine gas

    “If over the next month, no payment will not, then we are in accordance with the contract to move the so-called pre-payment”, – Putin said.

    Work on gas distribution station, archive photo

    Decision on gas for Ukraine will be subject to the reply to the letter of EU Putin

    17.04.2014 14:46 Putin sent messages to the heads of Eastern and Western Europe in connection with the problem of Ukraine’s debt for gas. He offered to hold consultations to work out coordinated action to stabilize the economy of Ukraine and ensure the supply and transit of Russian gas in accordance with the contracts.

  • 14:32

    Putin: Moscow will not insist on staying in the international structures

    “We will not insist on staying in some international organizations, especially if they are not able to show independence and to formulate their own views on the key issues of international development. But some specially demarches also will not commit. We quietly, rhythmically work” – the president said.

    He noted that Russia in international organizations are often faced with a lack of understanding of their position or even unwillingness to understand it. Present in the auditorium of parliament proposed a reduction in contributions Russian Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly after the decision to solve Russia the right to vote. “As PACE we pay back fees and rather big. But they do not want us to see – do not lose anything from us” – said Putin.

    PACE: history, structure, finance

    PACE: history, finance and relations with Russia

    15.04.2014 12:47 The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) – a consultative body of the Council of Europe and the oldest Parliamentary Forum of the Old World. Currently, the international structure unites 636 parliamentarians from 47 countries.

  • 14:30Russian President, responding to a question about the rehabilitation of the Crimean Tatars, said that the government and the presidential administration is preparing a presidential decree on the rehabilitation of people affected by the Stalinist repression.”We certainly need to do everything we can to make the process of entering the Russian Federation has been associated with the rehabilitation and restoration of the legitimate rights and interests of the Crimean Tatar people”, – Putin said.
  • 14:23

    Putin on gas supplies to Europe, there is only one problem – the transit

    “We in Europe are talking about increasing independence from the Russian supplier (gas), as well as we begin to speak and act in the direction of independence from our customers. But while it is in a certain balance of consumers and suppliers”, – the president recalled.

    “There is only one problem – the transit, and the most dangerous element – this transit through the territory of Ukraine, with which it is very difficult to agree on energy issues. Hopefully, that here we all bring to the desired state, with an operating contract signed and working” – said Putin.

    Distribution station. Archive photo

    Putin – the leaders of Europe debt situation in Kiev for gas critical

    10.04.2014 16:48 In a letter to Putin contains proposals aimed at to take emergency measures, but they are not yet disclosed.

  • 14:01President called scam attempts by some municipalities in the country to justify the reduction of teachers’ salaries annexation of Crimea.”This, of course, a rogue application that has nothing to do with reality. I want people to hear. We then analyze all incoming information and we’ll investigate,” – said Putin.Thus the president commented on the issue that came to the “straight line”, which reported that in one of the schools plan to cut teachers’ salaries by 20% due to the alleged annexation of the Crimea.”We do not need to cut any whatsoever social programs and guarantees,” – he stressed.The president also said that Crimea will soon become self-sufficient Russian region, as the Ukrainian authorities have made it artificially subsidized territory.

    “In the long term, and in the short medium term, I am absolutely sure, even I have no doubt, the Crimea will become a donor. Not subject that requires the use of federal subsidies, it will be self-sufficient, and then donor” – said the president.


  • 13:58The President asked whether the position of the West because of the situation in Ukraine affect the Russian oil and gas revenues. Try to harm Russia in the oil market can only Saudi Arabia, but it is not profitable to itself, Putin said.”Real opportunities to increase production and thus lower the price on the world markets, can only Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has counted budget, in my opinion, of 85-90 dollars per barrel, and we have – 90. That is, if go below 85, that Saudi Arabia itself will burnout and she will have problems “, – Putin said.As for gas, Europe can not abandon its purchases from Russia, the President believes.”European countries somewhere in the 34-35% of its gas balance close supplies from Russia. Can they stop buying Russian gas? In my opinion, it is impossible”, – Putin said.
  • 13:57

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said jokingly offers to join after the Crimea Alaska, which in the XIX century belonged to the Russian Empire.

    “We have a northern country – 70% of our territory belong to the areas of the North and Far North. Alaska – it does the southern hemisphere? Too cold out there. Let’s not get excited.’ll Have them there” northern “pay should be considered low costs,” – Putin said with a smile. However, he admitted that he knew the name of a popular humorous Native – “ice-Crimea”.

    Question about Alaska asked the pensioner, which Putin said in response: “Faina Ivanovna, my dear, why do you Alaska?”.

  • 13:54

    Putin on NATO Enlargement: no fear

    “We are all strangled. What are you so afraid?” – Putin said, answering a question of general director of “Russia Today” Dmitry Kiselev, as it relates to the expansion of the alliance.

    Speaking about the negotiations with the U.S. on missile defense, Putin said that Russia will continue to run them, but will do everything to protect their territory.

    “When these elements are located in Europe, we have a lot of time talking about it, we have to do something in response. It – swelling of the arms race. Why do this? Much better to look at this problem, if there are any missile threats together to address these issues. Identify these missile direction. Identify system to manage the system, access control, do it together, “- he added.

    Expert comment:

    Alexander Mikhailenko, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor of Russian foreign policy of RANHiGS:

    “As to whether we are afraid of NATO. Speaking about the organization as such, we have the concept of foreign policy says that the NATO threat to us is not. Threat to us may be certain actions of NATO. Absolutely unacceptable to us that here were moving bases and so forth.

    NATO has, to put it mildly, not in the best shape. All countries, including the U.S., are reducing military spending. Personally, I have very big questions about the future of NATO. Perhaps, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Meant that hardly any of the NATO countries would like to join in the war. “

  • 13:47Russian President explained the radical anti-Russian statements former Prime Minister, presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko nervous breakdown.”Ms Tymoshenko, I personally know her well, though, and encourages shot of Russian nuclear weapons, I think it’s done, most likely during some emotional breakdown”, – Putin said.
  • 13:46President of Ukraine asked not to be “cursed land.””I can not agree with the fact that Ukraine – cursed land. I just beg you not to use such expressions in respect of Ukraine”, – Putin turned to science fiction writer Sergey Lukyanenko, who asked the question to the President.”Ukraine – suffering land, is a complex and long-suffering community in the truest sense of the word. Look where nationalism is thriving today, and even neo-Nazism reborn, what is this? It – Western part of Ukraine. And you know very well the historical past of the area, this land and these people. Partially they were in Czechoslovakia, partly in Hungary, partly in Austria-Hungary, partly in Poland and elsewhere, and they were never full citizens of these countries. Today, some people think that it is in these circumstances, Facilities in force once these territories today EU countries, it fills them with a special European content. fact that they were second-class citizens in these states, it is forgotten. But historical memory in the subcortex, somewhere deep in my soul is buried . Hence, I think, and the origins of this nationalism, “- said Putin.
  • 13:44Desire to embroil Russia and Ukraine have very long been the subject of international politics, this trend is observed to this day, the president said.”Here is this modern politics section, stripping, and weakening one, and another component of the common folk, she continues,” – said the president.

    Asked about Transnistria, Vladimir Putin said that the blockade of the unrecognized republic should be immediately removed.

    “Ultimately, I proceed from this, it is immediately necessary to lift the blockade, the negative consequences that people living in Transnistria, and experience on the part of Moldova, and the part of the way, Ukraine. On the border between Transnistria and Ukraine have tightened nationalist militias and this situation is certainly as soon as possible, should be discontinued, but the end result-that people should be allowed to decide their own fate. Here’s what we work with all partners and will work “, – said Putin.

    Expert comment:

    Head of General Political Science Graduate School of Economics (HSE) Leonid Polyakov:
    “I think a very important point that the Russian president has responded to the situation in Transnistria. There really is half the population – are Russian citizens, there’s just Russian. And people really are in a very a difficult situation. This call immediately lift the blockade, which established Moldova and Ukraine – is a very important signal to those States. position of Russia is unambiguous and consistent. And as I understand the president, he insists that living in Transnistria were allowed to decide their own fate . I think that Russia will defend the right to self-determination Transnistrians up to form an independent state. most important thing today – to provide for the people living there, the normal conditions of life. This primary task. I understand that Russia is ready to take decisive steps precisely this direction and will work in the 5 +2 format, and will work independently. “

  • 13:43

    Putin sanctions West: under them really got my friends

    In March, U.S. authorities disagree with the annexation of Crimea to Russia, announced a series of sanctions against the Russians, among them businessmen, according to the Americans, members of the inner circle of Putin.

    “I am not ashamed of my friends. About events in the Crimea, they, as well as, I am sure, many Russian citizens, learned from the TV screens, but was met with tears in the truest sense of the word. If they are punished for it, then there is something to be punished, “- said the president.

    The president also talked about the fact that his wife Gennady Timchenko, who is in the U.S. sanctions list, could not pay for the operation because of the blockage accounts.

    The president believes that the West attempts to make it the main object of the sanctions.

    White House photo archive

    Obama punished for Crimea “Putin’s friends”

    00:17 03/21/2014 The new document, signed by Obama on Thursday, allows the United States to impose additional measures – not only for individuals, but also against the key sectors of the Russian economy: financial, energy, defense and others.

  • 13:37Vladimir Putin urged to withdraw military forces from civilians in eastern Ukraine.”Now, we hear calls for the people to the south-east (Ukraine) laid down their arms. Their partners I say it right, great call. Army But then drag away from the civilian population. Absolutely crazy? Tanks, armored vehicles, guns pulled – against whom pulled a gun? Absolutely stunned? ” – Putin said.
  • 13:32Moscow considers illegitimate the current authorities in Kiev, but refuses to engage in dialogue, Putin said.The president also stressed that if the presidential race in Ukraine will be held from attacks on candidates as of now, Russia will not recognize the election results.
    Protest rally supporters Evromaydana on Independence Square in Kiev

    Two Ukrainian presidential candidate attacked

    15.04.2014 12:07 Presidential candidate Oleg Tsarev night was locked in the building of ICTV channel in Kiev, where he came to participate in the live broadcast. Policemen managed to take away from an angry crowd Tsarev, but he was severely beaten. It was also an attack on Mikhail Dobkin. Unknown smashed car policy, Dobkin poured green paint and sprinkled with flour.

  • 13:29Resolution of the crisis in Ukraine does not depend on the sequence in which presidential elections and a referendum on the state system of the country, and from guarantees provided to residents south-eastern regions of the country, the president of the Russian Federation.”The question is how to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of Russian citizens and Russian-speaking south-east of Ukraine”, – Putin said.
  • 13:19

    Putin about the possibility of entering the Russian contingent in the east of Ukraine: do not fall into euphoria after Crimea

    The Russian president believes that we must proceed from the fact that the ethnic composition of the Crimea differs from the south-east of Ukraine. The president expressed hope that he would not have to use the right to use the Russian armed forces in Ukraine.

    “We must admit that after all national and ethnic composition of Crimea differs from the south-east of Ukraine and the territories, I just said, were transferred to the Ukraine in the mid-20s, and then up to the 54th year, when for some reason gave Crimea to Ukraine. Ethnic composition of approximately 50 to 50. And I have already said that the final decision on the return of the Crimea in the Russian Federation was adopted only on the results of the referendum, “- explained the president.

    “I remind you that the Federation Council of Russia granted the president to use the armed forces in Ukraine. Really hope that I do not have to exercise this right, that the political and diplomatic means we will be able to solve all the sharp, if not the most pressing problems of today Ukraine “- said Putin.


    Armed forces, archive photo

    Legislation about the possibility of the Russian Armed Forces abroad

    01.03.2014 17:36 The order of the Russian armed forces outside its territory – Help RIA Novosti.

  • 13:09″Can be found on the Ukrainian question compromise between the U.S. and Russia? Compromise must be found between the third is not the players, and between the different political forces within Ukraine itself. This is extremely important, the key question,” – said the president.
  • 13:05For the first hour the president was asked 18 questions, 15 of them – about the Crimea and Ukraine.
    What Vladimir Putin said on straight lines of previous years

    The main topics that sounded straight lines Putin’s 2001-2013

    26.04.2013 12:23 From 2001 to 2013, Vladimir Putin spent ten straight lines, answering a total of more than seven questions Russians. Although the division into thematic categories rather arbitrary, yet topics these issues we can get an idea of what problems worried our compatriots in a given year.

  • 12:52

    Putin: “We will expand cooperation with China”

    Putin noted that China is gradually becoming economically power number 1.

    “Of course, we will develop our relations with China. We have never had such a relationship of trust in the military sphere. We began to conduct joint exercises at sea and on land, and in China, and the Russian Federation. All this gives us reason to believe that Russian-Chinese relations will be a significant factor in world politics and will significantly influence the modern architecture of international relations “, – said Putin.

    The president stressed that Russia is not going to create a China military-political alliance.

    “We did not raise the question of the formation of any political and military alliance (with China). Actually, I think that the bloc system of the world has long outlived its usefulness,” – he said.

  • 12:47How Ukraine came from a special unit “Berkut” backfire state security forces can not be put on the knees, the Russian President said.”The soldiers honestly and adequately performed their duties – is a matter of respect. But ultimately what happened to them, and how to deal with the soldiers now in Kiev – it will backfire for most of the Ukrainian state. Because it is impossible not to humiliate or put on his knees fighters who defend the interests of the state, “- said the president said.
  • 12:44

    Putin about Yanukovych: he performed his duty as thought possible

    “As for Viktor Yanukovych, he performed his duty as deemed possible and necessary. I talked to him, of course, many times, and during the crisis, and after Viktor Yanukovych was in the Russian Federation, including talking about the use of force. can to treat this as anything but the essence of his answer was that, as he told me more than once thought about the need to use force, but as he told me hand was raised to sign an order to use force against its citizens “, – Putin said, answering the question of the commander of the Crimean” Berkut “that it always Yanukovych” was such a weakling and a traitor. ”

    “Always a person makes a decision in a critical situation, based on the life experiences and values. Did you know that my first job was in foreign intelligence, and brought us there in a certain way. And that education is absolute loyalty to his people and the state” – said Putin.

    Vladimir Putin believes that the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych was ready to go to any demands of the opposition, including to hold early presidential elections in December not, but much earlier.

    “Basically, it all already agreed. But no, as soon as he gave the Ministry of Internal Affairs division of the capital, immediately went ahead and seized the administration building and a coup in the classical sense of the word,” – said the president.


  • 12:42Putin said that he was confident that the people of Crimea feel tangible benefits from joining the Russian Federation. Existed in Crimea social preferences remain by subsidies from the budget, plus they added the Russian, the president said.”We proceed from the fact that all the perks and benefits that had residents of the Crimea as part of Ukraine, they must not be lost, and even if something is not in Russia, we are using additional subsidies Crimean budget keep these preferences,” – Putin said during the traditional annual dialogue with the Russians live.The president also said that because of the reluctance of Ukraine to make contact Russian expedite the creation of a private bank payment network in the Crimea. According to him, it will take about a month.
  • 12:40Russian President Vladimir Putin said that behind self-defense forces to ensure open Crimean referendum got the Russian military, which acted properly and professionally. According to him, Russia’s task was to ensure the conditions for the free expression of the will of Crimeans, and it was necessary to take measures to avoid the development of events as they are now developing on the south-east of Ukraine.

    “Nothing prepared, everything was done, they say, with the wheels on the basis of the current situation and the actual requirements of the moment. But be filled with really highly professional”, – Putin said.

    He stressed that Russia did not set ourselves the task to act in the Crimea with the help of their armed forces, and set the task to ensure the safe will Crimean residents in a referendum.

  • 12:30Ukrainian people must respect to the choice of the Crimea, Vladimir Putin said.

    “If we treat each other with respect, we have to recognize each other’s right to choose their own. People who live in Ukraine, have to respect the choice of those who live in Crimea”, – the president said.

    Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that in the framework of interstate relations between Russia and Ukraine will be able to find common ground.

    “I hope that Ukraine will understand what otherwise in the Crimea, Russia could not do” – he added.

    Expert Comments:

    Nikolay Mironov, CEO of the Institute of priority regional projects:
    “I wish that these statements were heard and in the Ukraine and in the international community. But there are several factors that can prevent this. Firstly, in Kiev, now the government is set up strictly anti-Russian. Given their action, it is difficult to imagine that this appeal will be heard. This is worth only regret, especially since Russia’s line to protect his countrymen quite natural. ”

    Political analyst Alexander Kon’kov:
    “Actually, it’s not important to hear this promise Ukrainian authorities or not. Most importantly, it will be so. Because people who live on both sides of our border, imbibed with mother’s milk, they were born together and grew up living together. Interaction of Russia and Ukraine – at the gene level in the population. Ukrainian authorities come and go, and people are friends and relatives. ”

    Referendum on the status of Crimea

    18.03.2014 15:36

    Referendum on the status of Crimea in Simferopol referendum on the status of Crimea in Simferopol referendum on the status of Sevastopol in Crimea referendum on the status of Crimea in Simferopol referendum on the status of Crimea in Simferopol referendum on the status of Sevastopol in Crimea

    Crimean residents choose between increasing the powers of the region within Ukraine and accession to the Russian Federation.

  • 12:14

    Live from Sevastopol

    Primorsky Boulevard near Sevastopol, where monitors are installed, which is translated “straight line” with the president, gathered about a thousand people.

    The first question asked of Sevastopol, was the fate of the Black Sea Fleet. “We will reinforce and build on this potential of the Crimea”, – said the president. “Sevastopol – a city of Russian naval glory, precisely because of this, we will proceed, it is this guide,” – said Vladimir Putin.

    According to the President, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has already placed an order for one of the shipyards in the Crimea in the amount of 5 billion rubles.

  • 12:13

    Vladimir Putin: Russia never planned any military action against any annexation of the Crimea

    “Russia has never planned any annexations, no military action in the Crimea, never. Instead, we proceeded from the fact that we will build our bilateral relations with Ukraine on the basis of today’s geopolitical realities. But we always thought and hoped that our people, Russian, Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine will live in comfortable conditions for themselves and comfortable atmosphere and will not in any way oppress “- said the president.

    Russian President said that until recently did not have any in the text of his address to the people the words that he would submit to the Federal Assembly Act annexation of the Crimea, as waiting for the results of the referendum.

  • 12:11President called nonsense statement of the West and Kiev that in eastern Ukraine are allegedly divisions of Russian troops and trainers from Russia.”It’s all nonsense. Out of eastern Ukraine, no Russian units. There are no special services, there are no instructors.’s All local citizens. And the best proof of this is that the people that called in the truest sense of the word, their masks,” – said Putin.
  • 12:06The first question asked by the president leading in the studio was about his attitude towards the events in the south-east of Ukraine. Using tanks and aircraft against civilians – another crime of the Ukrainian authorities, Putin said.

    “Rather than to realize that there is something wrong in the Ukrainian state and make attempts to dialogue, they began to threaten even more power and reached the point that moved on civilians tanks and aircraft. This is another very serious crime Kiev today’s rulers” – the president said.

    “I hope that there will still understand what the pit and what an abyss current government moves and drags the country. In this sense, I think a very important start talks today, because today it is very important to reflect together on how to get out of situation and offer people real, not ostentatious dialogue, because leaders come Kiev today to the east, but with whom they meet? They meet with their appointees “- said Vladimir Putin.

  • 12:02

    President appeared in a television studio

    Phone calls with questions to Vladimir Putin will be accepted throughout the ether by phone 8-800-200-40-40 (calling from urban and mobile phones – free) or SMS-message on the number 0-40-40 (Russian only from phones operators) in a single processing center posts. For residents of the new Russian region – Crimea – a special toll-free number: +7 (495) 539-24-42.

  • 11:52Who and what problems have helped to cope president during the traditional communication with the Russians live, read the Help RIA Novosti.
    What Vladimir Putin said on straight lines of previous years

    The main topics that sounded straight lines Putin’s 2001-2013

    26.04.2013 12:23 From 2001 to 2013, Vladimir Putin spent ten straight lines, answering a total of more than seven questions Russians. Although the division into thematic categories rather arbitrary, yet topics these issues we can get an idea of what problems worried our compatriots in a given year.

  • 11:48Traditional television “straight lines” are established during the first presidency of Vladimir Putin. The first of these took place on 24th December 2001. Record for the duration of communication with the Russians was installed last year, while “direct shedding” lasted 4:00 47 minutes. During this time, the President had to answer 85 questions, including 24 buyout issue, eight of which Putin himself selected.About how in the country there was a tradition of “straight lines” and how the past 13 years held a conversation with Vladimir Putin Russians, read the help RIA Novosti .
  • 11:48

    Russia in the twelfth time preparing for the “straight line”

    In addition to traditional issues – housing, social security – this year the Russians are interested in international issues and, in particular, the situation in Ukraine. Thus, in the first days of a single call center was leading Ukrainian theme, but then came the social problems in the first place. Among the popular appeals to the President of the Russians – complaints on the condition of roads, expensive gas, high mortgage rates, corruption, school problems and problems in the treatment of children in Russia. In second place in popularity of the Crimean population issues.

“Direct Line” with Putin – 2014


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Ukraine Scenario Has CIA Modus Operandi Written All Over It – George Mapp, investigative journalist

April 14, 2014

cia 2


OPINION: Ukraine Scenario Has CIA Modus Operandi Written All Over It
© REUTERS/ Maks Levin

13:42 14/04/2014

Tags: protestsCIAUkraine

MOSCOW, April 14 (RIA Novosti), Daria Chernyshova – The events unfolding in Ukraine are in line with other international Central Intelligence Agency operations, George Mapp, an investigative journalist and a contributor to the Daily Journalist, told RIA Novosti on Monday.

“The Ukraine scenario that has developed over the last several months has the CIA’s modus operandi written all over it,” Mapp told RIA Novosti.

“As far as the Central Intelligence Agency being involved in the protests, yes it is extremely likely that they have not only been involved but also engineered and orchestrated the protests from the onset,” he added.

Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has said CIA director John Brennan met with Kiev authorities over the weekend.

A source close to Ukraine’s security agencies confirmed the CIA director visited the country under a false name and might have travelled to the city of Slaviansk in Eastern Ukraine, where Kiev authorities suppressed pro-federalization demonstrations by force. The decision to sanction the use of weapons and provoke bloodshed might have been influenced by the CIA chief.

“Yes, I do believe that CIA director Brennan was in Kiev on Saturday,” Mapp said.

“I have not as of yet received direct confirmation from any of my sources. Not only is the CIA extremely experienced in political coups, they have a history and thus experience in Ukraine. I am referring to the ‘Orange Revolution’ in 2004 and 2005,” he added.

At least three people, including a pro-federalization supporter, were killed in the clashes between forces loyal to Kiev, including Right Sector fighters, and the local protestors, who had seized a local government building, a district police department and a security service office.

On Sunday, Ukraine’s acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said on his Facebook page that an operation was underway in the city involving “all the country’s law enforcement agencies.”

CIA veterans, who wished to remain anonymous, told RIA Novosti they were skeptical about Brennan’s visit to Ukraine. The political standoff between the West and Russia over Ukraine “is an extremely important and delicate chess match,” according to Mapp, so a visit of a high-ranking US official would be quite possible.

“The huge importance and implications depending on the outcome of this multi-faceted political chess match – it makes perfect sense that CIA director John Brennan would himself go to Ukraine,” Mapp said.

“Also, I don’t think that director Brennan would mind a bit of time away and a temporary distraction from Senator Feinstein and the Senate Intelligence Committee due to the current situation in Washington,” he added.

The US Embassy in Kiev hosted several training sessions for young digital enthusiasts known as “TechCamps” across Ukraine over the past two years. A TechCamp in Warsaw last October was attended by representatives of Polish NGOs and “socially active students from Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Belarus.”

The workshop in October 2012 in Kiev was kicked off by US Ambassador to Ukraine John F. Tefft, who expressed America’s commitment to youth development and said that technology in the hands of teachers, librarians, and youth advocates “gives hope for the future.”

On Monday Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia is not interested in interfering in Ukraine’s domestic affairs. “It contradicts our interests,” he said at a press conference with the Sudanese foreign minister in Moscow. He also condemned the decision to use force, including army troops, against protesters in eastern Ukraine as extremely dangerous.

13:42 14/04/2014 The events unfolding in Ukraine are in line with other international Central Intelligence Agency operations, George Mapp, an investigative journalist and a contributor to the Daily Journalist, told RIA Novosti on Monday.>>


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There must be a national dialogue leading towards federalisation – Russian Permanent Rep to EU Vladimir Chizhov

April 9, 2014

russia 3

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
Crisis in Ukraine result of wrong EU policy – Russian envoy

April 09, 18:56 UTC+4 BRUSSELS 
“The model of unitary state in which Ukraine lived for the past 23 years has failed and this must be admitted,” Russian Permanent Representative to the European Union says

© AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert

BRUSSELS, April 09. /ITAR-TASS/. The current crisis in Ukraine is largely a result of the erroneous EU policy, Russian Permanent Representative to the European Union Vladimir Chizhov said on Wednesday, April 9.

“The crisis was obviously caused by the underestimation of two factors: external and internal ones. Speaking of the present-day situation, the external factor is largely a result of the erroneous EU policy,” Chizhov said at a roundtable discussion held in the European Parliament to explore ways to deescalate the crisis in Ukraine.



The discussion was organised by Fiorello Provera, Deputy Chairman of the EU Foreign Relations Committee in the European Parliament.

Chizhov noted that the authors of the Eastern Partnership and association agreement concepts “underestimated, first, the depth of the problems Ukraine was facing, and second, serious differences and disagreements between different regions and different political forces in the country”.

“The attempt, notwithstanding these differences, to draw Ukraine into association with the European Union without the promise of EU membership led to the division of society, the consequences of which we can all see today,” he said.

According to the diplomat, the freedom of choice for the people of Ukraine, as EU institutions understood it, “basically boiled down to two options: there can be a correct choice in favour of integration and the wrong one in favour of cooperation with Russia”.

Chizhov expressed concern about the fact that the interests of people living in the east and south of Ukraine “have been completely ignored by the Kiev administration”. “There must be a national dialogue leading towards federalisation, which the Kiev administration has flatly rejected. After all, what matters is not the term but the meaning. Decentralisation of government, the model of unitary state in which Ukraine lived for the past 23 years has failed and this must be admitted,” he said.



SCARY – Koch Industries and Monsanto Team up to End Your Right to Know – One Green Planet

April 6, 2014

pompeo 7

“American consumers want the right to know what is in the food they eat, plain and simple,” said Rebecca Spector, who spearheads Maine’s GE labeling legislative efforts at Center for Food Safety.

[Linking to this news article proved problematic on my iPhone, but important content, so reposting here. Thank you.]

The power of the real food movement has gained steam over the years, with customers demanding more organic and non-GMO food as they learn about the risks of eating GE ingredients. We want these frankenfood ingredients obviously labeled, but Koch industries and Monsanto have teamed up to end your right to know about whether your food contains GMOs!

Representative Mike Pompeo (R-KS) plans to introduce legislation to prevent states from enacting laws requiring the labeling of genetically engineered food. He is sponsoring the Grocery Manufacturers Association’s (GMA) plan to pursue federal legislation to block states from enacting “right to know” law.

It’s pretty scary to see just how far companies like Monsanto are willing to go to keep consumers in the dark. According to the Center for Food Safety, between Washington State and California, Monsanto, GMA (including Georgia-Pacific), and others, have contributed over $67 million to keep consumers in the dark about GE foods!

“GMA’s selection of Congressman Pompeo as their champion shows how extreme the proposal really is,” said Colin O’Neil, director of government affairs for Center for Food Safety.

pompeo 8

Biggest Fool in Congress?

“Selecting Pompeo creates an unholy alliance between Monsanto and Koch Industries, two of the most reviled corporations in America. With Vermont, Oregon and other states poised to take action this year, it is clear that GMA is scared of what’s ahead,” added O’Neil. “They know that the food movement’s power is growing and that labeling is not a matter of if but when. They are afraid of state action and now they’re trying to steal away consumer choice in Congress.”

The power of the movement is indeed growing, so keep speaking your mind and demanding GMOs be labeled!


thehill and russiatoday “have our backs”

The bill includes a “prohibition against mandatory labeling,” according to The Hill, echoing powerful interest groups that have already declared war against such “right to know” labeling laws around the nation.

pompeo 1

Russian Officials Propose New Restrictions on Genetically-Modified Organisms

Tags: GMOMinistry of Education and ScienceWorld Trade Organization (WTO)Russia

MOSCOW, April 3 (RIA Novosti) – The certification of non-agricultural genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) could be restricted to ten years, according to a draft law by Russia’s Ministry of Education and Science revealed on Thursday.

Previously, such certification was unlimited in duration. Certificates of state registration of GMOs, as well as products containing GMOs, will be valid for up to ten years under the legislation.

The draft document proposes a separate system of registration for GMO crops.

In February, the State Duma introduced a bill banning the cultivation of GMO food products. Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said that a government decree legalizing GMO crops would be corrected.

President Vladimir Putin has ordered Russian citizens to be protected from genetically modified foods. He noted that this could be done while complying with obligations of the World Trade Organization.

Russia’s Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance has repeatedly stated that the health of seeds is the basis of food security of the Russian Federation. The Office notes that the development, testing and seed production of GMO crops were monopolized by multinational corporations, that may be artificially restricting access to data on the adverse effects of the widespread of such products.

Stop Pompeo from Supporting the Food Industry’s Bill to Preempt GMO Labeling Laws!

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Neocons hastened demise of US empire – Prof Kevin Barrett

April 2, 2014

1 shot 2 kills 1

Image Source:

A spokesman for the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) told Sky News Online, the t-shirts were printed on the private initiative of the soldiers and their designs “are not in accordance with IDF values and are simply tasteless. This type of humour is unacceptable and should be condemned”.



Neocons hastened demise of US empire – Prof Kevin Barrett

As the US attempts to rule the world from Washington through the use of force and a policy of aggressive war the neocon architects have overlooked the fact that the military depends on the economy and the US economy is hallowed out and on the verge of collapse. Countries such as Russia and China with strong economies will rise while the US neocons who came into power in the 9-11 coup d’état have only hastened the demise of the very empire that they were intended to prop up. This was stated in an interview with Professor Kevin Barrett, who characterized Zbignew Brzezinski and the neocons as complete fanatical militarists zio-nazis that want to attack anybody and are even happy to attack Russia and threaten the world with WWIII.

Hello! This is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett. He is a Doctor and a Professor in Arabic and Islamic studies, and the cofounder of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for Truth. He is also the owner and manager of This is part 2 of an interview in progress.



Robles: 400,000 Nazis found refuge in the US after WW II. They started all the MK-Ultra programs and all that stuff. That’s one thing I’d like you to comment on. It shows the hypocrisy.

Another thing, you may not have heard and I would like to get this out there as much as possible, one of the first things, other than banning the Russian language in Ukraine, that these Nazis did, they went to the UN. Their so-called UN Ambassador, which was somebody they picked from the mob on Maidan Square when they chose their government. They go in there and he says – the Nuremberg trials were illegitimate. Basically, this amounts to Holocaust denial, which I thought would have resonated in the US with all the stories of the Holocaust. Have you heard about that at all?

Barrett: They really haven’t been reporting that here. It is just like in Syria. They don’t report that we are supporting not just al-Qaeda, but we are supporting this group ISIL, that is even too radical for al-Qaeda, it is too extreme. They got kicked out of al-Qaeda for being too extreme.

[I haven’t the faintest idea.]


[I don’t see what good using these terms does – Israelis and Zionists. As if they were all of one mind, which they’re not. Israel has a healthy opposition, just as we do here in the United States. I just heard Rand Paul make that exact point with Sean Hannity, and he’s right.]

The Israelis and Zionists have thrives on provoking opposition, and then casting themselves as the good guys against that opposition. But there is a limit to how far you can push that.

Right now the US and the Zionists are not very popular around the world and there is a lot of resistance, both below the surface and rising up above the surface. So, I don’t think they are going to be able to keep this level of aggression going for all that long.

Robles: Now, a couple of things. A few minutes ago you’ve mentioned the rising power, that the threat to the US is China. What about Russia? You don’t count on that? Russia is leading the world right now economically. It is forming alliances – the BRICS countries, the Eurasian Union which is coming up, more European-Russian integration.

Barrett: Brzezinski’s strategic doctrine at least is to try to prevent the rise of any kind of united front in the Eurasian heartland. He recognizes that his project is trying to rule the world from a base in North America. And the problem with that is that the grand chessboard of the world has as a center of the chessboard the heart of Eurasia. And that is kind of in there between Russia, China and the Islamic world and India.

And so, that’s where the majority of the world’s people and resources, and wealth are. The English used this as their rule-the-world-technique as well. Divide and conquer the continental powers and this gives you the opportunity to divide and conquer the Eurasian heartland powers.

So, the rise of China as a very-very powerful single nation state that is going to have GNP way beyond the US GNP pretty soon and a much greater population and so on, that is one thing. But I think that the coalition of these Eurasian entities is also what threatens this project of trying to rule the world from North America or from Britain another island. They want to divide and conquer basically.

Robles: Brzezinski’s plan for Russia was 68 autonomous regions.

Barrett: Something like that, yes. He is a fanatic about smashing up every country into little pieces and especially Russia that seems to be his biggest target.

Robles: Do you know that the entire upper echelon of the US foreign policy establishment, including Obama’s advisors, they are all Brzezinski acolytes.

Barrett: Yes, I think Brzezinski is kind of the dean of the “realists’ school” an heir to Kissinger, in a lot of ways. And in some respects Brzezinski and his people have split from the neocons. But the neocon element is much more Zionist and I think kind of more ideologically fanatical, whereas Brzezinski is basically sort of a pragmatic realist everywhere, except for when it comes to Russia, which he hates.

So, they’ve actually been disagreeing about Middle East policy and especially Iran. The neocons wanted to smash every Muslim country, destroy all the enemies of Israel and, ultimately, Iran is the biggest target. Whereas Brzezinski says in his book the Grand Chessboard that the single biggest US strategic imperative is to be friends with Iran. So, there’s been a conflict around that.

But now it seems that the neocons and Brzezinski are on the same side, because the neocons are just complete fanatical militarists zio-nazis, they want to attack anybody. So, they are happy to attack Russia. And Brzezinski hates Russia because of his background, as you suggested. So, now we have Brzezinski teaming up with the neocons.

You were listening to an interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett. That was part 2 of a longer interview.


About “blessedistruth”

BlessedIsTruth has a degree in International Relations with an Area of Concentration: The Middle East and North Africa. This doesn’t make her an expert, but it can at times make her furious.

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It is a mistake on part of NATO to continue to push for enlargement – Hall Gardner, Professor of Political Science at The American University of Paris

April 1, 2014

nato 4

‘It is a mistake on part of NATO to continue to push for enlargement’ – expert

NATO enlargement process will continue through the Eastern Europe. Thus, cooperation with Ukraine will be activated. That is according to NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. “Now Ukraine has stated in the past that it would not join NATO, that it is neutral and I think it is a mistake on the part of NATO to continue to push for what is called “open enlargement”, Hall Gardner, Professor of Political Science at The American University of Paris, told The Voice of Russia.

The current Ukrainian authorities repeatedly stated that NATO membership was out of question.

The Secretary General stressed that any European state that is able to promote compliance with the basic principles of the alliance and ready to contribute to security in its area, may apply for membership in NATO. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Georgia are reportedly seeking to become NATO members.

Mr.Rasmussen also stressed that the partnership with Ukraine would continue to strengthen. Next week Ukrainian Foreign Minister Andrey Deshchytsa is to discuss cooperation with the alliance.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s office term as Secretary General of NATO expires in September 2014. He will be replaced by the former prime minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg.

Ukrainian Prime Minister designate Arseny Yatsenyuk repeatedly stated that the question of joining NATO was not on the agenda. This was also confirmed by Foreign Minister Andrey Deshchytsa. He reminded that in accordance with country’s laws, Ukraine is a non-aligned state.

Hall Gardner, Professor of Political Science at The American University of Paris, comments:

How do you expect NATO’s relations with Ukraine to develop?

I think it is absolutely crucial at this point that neither NATO nor Russia do anything to aggravate the situation. I think we have to calm down, think about this, after the annexation of Crimea they have to do everything to calm it down. Now Ukraine has stated in the past that it would not join NATO, that it is neutral and I think it is a mistake on the part of NATO to continue to push for what is called “open enlargement”. That is to say that we need really joint NATO, Ukraine and Russian cooperation in calming the situation down. And that is going to take some time to achieve because of the annexation of Crimea. But in my view as the dust settles, we can begin to think about new ways to establish European security. This is going to take a while to negotiate but I believe it is possible.

Where do you think NATO is going to be expanding in Eastern Europe? What does that entail?

It is looking to the Balkans right now and of course this is one of the factors that created the tensions with Russia to begin with when NATO intervened in Serbia and split off Kosovo, this led the Russians to push for the separation of South Ossetia from Georgia, that was kind of tit for tat relations where both sides are competing with each other for control over Black Sea, Caucuses and Balkans region. And that rivalry has to end, if it is not going to end in a disaster. In other words, the possibility of conflict generated particularly if Ukraine doesn’t remain neutral, or Ukraine is divided, becomes more possible that the divided Ukraine would generate a new cold war. So, with the tensions in the Caucuses and over the Black Sea and Balkans area begins to generate tensions between Russia and NATO. My point is that, as Kissinger said, Ukraine is absolutely essential that it remains neutral, we begin to discuss what this Crimean annexation means and look towards ways to bring both sides together as opposed to split them apart.

Could NATO’s policy change when Jens Stoltenberg takes the reins from Anders Fogh Rasmussen as NATO’s leader?

I think he is a little bit more neutral on the NATO enlargement question. I don’t think he wants to do anything that will really antagonize or exacerbate the crisis that we are already facing. As I said, it is most important that we need to calm down. The present Secretary of NATO for example has offered to provide NATO assistance to Ukrainian military but that is really posturing. There is not much that NATO can do in support of Ukraine’s arms forces at this point. The Ukrainian army has been obliterated since Yanukovich took control. And what I am worried about here is that NATO is sending a long message that if there is a hope that Ukraine might shift towards NATO at some point, that is going to divide the population between the pro-NATO side and the pro-western side. That is precisely the signal that we can’t afford to generate at this time. We have to find ways that the Europeans, the US and Russians work together on these questions.


nato 1 nato 2 nato 3 nato 5