Neocons hastened demise of US empire – Prof Kevin Barrett

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Neocons hastened demise of US empire – Prof Kevin Barrett

As the US attempts to rule the world from Washington through the use of force and a policy of aggressive war the neocon architects have overlooked the fact that the military depends on the economy and the US economy is hallowed out and on the verge of collapse. Countries such as Russia and China with strong economies will rise while the US neocons who came into power in the 9-11 coup d’état have only hastened the demise of the very empire that they were intended to prop up. This was stated in an interview with Professor Kevin Barrett, who characterized Zbignew Brzezinski and the neocons as complete fanatical militarists zio-nazis that want to attack anybody and are even happy to attack Russia and threaten the world with WWIII.

Hello! This is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett. He is a Doctor and a Professor in Arabic and Islamic studies, and the cofounder of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for Truth. He is also the owner and manager of This is part 2 of an interview in progress.



Robles: 400,000 Nazis found refuge in the US after WW II. They started all the MK-Ultra programs and all that stuff. That’s one thing I’d like you to comment on. It shows the hypocrisy.

Another thing, you may not have heard and I would like to get this out there as much as possible, one of the first things, other than banning the Russian language in Ukraine, that these Nazis did, they went to the UN. Their so-called UN Ambassador, which was somebody they picked from the mob on Maidan Square when they chose their government. They go in there and he says – the Nuremberg trials were illegitimate. Basically, this amounts to Holocaust denial, which I thought would have resonated in the US with all the stories of the Holocaust. Have you heard about that at all?

Barrett: They really haven’t been reporting that here. It is just like in Syria. They don’t report that we are supporting not just al-Qaeda, but we are supporting this group ISIL, that is even too radical for al-Qaeda, it is too extreme. They got kicked out of al-Qaeda for being too extreme.

[I haven’t the faintest idea.]


[I don’t see what good using these terms does – Israelis and Zionists. As if they were all of one mind, which they’re not. Israel has a healthy opposition, just as we do here in the United States. I just heard Rand Paul make that exact point with Sean Hannity, and he’s right.]

The Israelis and Zionists have thrives on provoking opposition, and then casting themselves as the good guys against that opposition. But there is a limit to how far you can push that.

Right now the US and the Zionists are not very popular around the world and there is a lot of resistance, both below the surface and rising up above the surface. So, I don’t think they are going to be able to keep this level of aggression going for all that long.

Robles: Now, a couple of things. A few minutes ago you’ve mentioned the rising power, that the threat to the US is China. What about Russia? You don’t count on that? Russia is leading the world right now economically. It is forming alliances – the BRICS countries, the Eurasian Union which is coming up, more European-Russian integration.

Barrett: Brzezinski’s strategic doctrine at least is to try to prevent the rise of any kind of united front in the Eurasian heartland. He recognizes that his project is trying to rule the world from a base in North America. And the problem with that is that the grand chessboard of the world has as a center of the chessboard the heart of Eurasia. And that is kind of in there between Russia, China and the Islamic world and India.

And so, that’s where the majority of the world’s people and resources, and wealth are. The English used this as their rule-the-world-technique as well. Divide and conquer the continental powers and this gives you the opportunity to divide and conquer the Eurasian heartland powers.

So, the rise of China as a very-very powerful single nation state that is going to have GNP way beyond the US GNP pretty soon and a much greater population and so on, that is one thing. But I think that the coalition of these Eurasian entities is also what threatens this project of trying to rule the world from North America or from Britain another island. They want to divide and conquer basically.

Robles: Brzezinski’s plan for Russia was 68 autonomous regions.

Barrett: Something like that, yes. He is a fanatic about smashing up every country into little pieces and especially Russia that seems to be his biggest target.

Robles: Do you know that the entire upper echelon of the US foreign policy establishment, including Obama’s advisors, they are all Brzezinski acolytes.

Barrett: Yes, I think Brzezinski is kind of the dean of the “realists’ school” an heir to Kissinger, in a lot of ways. And in some respects Brzezinski and his people have split from the neocons. But the neocon element is much more Zionist and I think kind of more ideologically fanatical, whereas Brzezinski is basically sort of a pragmatic realist everywhere, except for when it comes to Russia, which he hates.

So, they’ve actually been disagreeing about Middle East policy and especially Iran. The neocons wanted to smash every Muslim country, destroy all the enemies of Israel and, ultimately, Iran is the biggest target. Whereas Brzezinski says in his book the Grand Chessboard that the single biggest US strategic imperative is to be friends with Iran. So, there’s been a conflict around that.

But now it seems that the neocons and Brzezinski are on the same side, because the neocons are just complete fanatical militarists zio-nazis, they want to attack anybody. So, they are happy to attack Russia. And Brzezinski hates Russia because of his background, as you suggested. So, now we have Brzezinski teaming up with the neocons.

You were listening to an interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett. That was part 2 of a longer interview.


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    Neocons hastened demise of US empire – Prof Kevin Barrett

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    The Hoboken City Council voted on Wednesday night to waive its attorney-client privilege with Joseph Maraziti, who the city has retained as a land use lawyer in several cases, so that he can be interviewed by federal and state authorities investigating allegations by Mayor Dawn Zimmer against the administration of Gov. Christopher Christie.

    Maraziti, who represented the city last year as it moved forward with a plan to rehabilitate a section in the northwest of town, is now free to speak openly about any knowledge he has relating to Zimmer’s allegations against the governor’s top aides.


    The resolution states that Maraziti will now be free to speak to the U.S. Attorney and the state legislature regarding the independent investigations being conducted by both.

    Despite voting in favor of the resolution, 3rd Ward Councilman Michael Russo blasted Zimmer’s administration for keeping the council “in the dark” about the substance of Maraziti’s potential testimony. Mason and Castellano both echoed Russo’s statements.

    Councilman-at-Large David Mello, one of the people Zimmer told about her alleged conversation with Guadagno prior to going public, said the step was an important one for the city in order to show that it “in no way is obstructing the progress of a neutral investigation.”–Hoboken-City-Council-votes-to-waive-attorney-client-privilege-so-Maraziti-can-testify-in-Christie-Zimmer-matter

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    NATO foreign ministers met Tuesday in Brussels, where they resolved to enhance collective security in response to Russian aggression toward Ukraine.

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