CIA agents right now busy in Ukraine – Christoph Hörstel – Government Consultant and Publicist in Germany

5 May 2014, 23:01Huge population of CIA agents right now busy in Ukraine – expert

There is no evidence of Russia’s involvement in the Friday massacre in Odessa, US Ambassador in Kiev, Geoffrey Pyatt had to admit Sunday as he spoke by telephone on a CNN program. “We don’t have evidence of the Russian role in the tragedy that transpired on Friday”, Pyatt said, answering the anchor’s downright question on whether Moscow was what’s been widely dubbed as the bloodiest day in the Ukrainian crisis. The Voice of Russia talked to Christoph Hörstel – Government Consultant and Publicist in Germany.

US Ambassador to Kiev Geoffrey Pyatt has said earlier today there’s no evidence of Russia’s involvement in the Friday’s massacre in Odessa. Do you think it could be a sign the West starts to reevaluate Russia’s role in the Ukrainian events?

Unfortunately, not. All the news I get is that the Western position is hardening. They are supporting the illegal

government in Kiev with all its actions and there is a double-tongued policy when the Yanukovich government tried to restore order, there was a blast from the West side. And now we have in fact fascist groups being incorporated in a so-called anti-terror mission, which is for my feeling is terror mission against the people’s defense forces, for example, in Slavyansk, and Odessa as well. And that means we have a double-standard policy in the West which is so crazy now because it is very aggressive and the aggression is not only against the Ukrainian people. The aggression is directed against Russia. That must be clear.

Over the weekend it was reported in both the Guardian and the BBC some very interesting language. The language that they used was very ambiguous. They didn’t want to place any blame on actually who was throwing the Molotov cocktails. In the videos that we can see people were actually shouting some of the neo-Nazi slogans that they are known for and yet according to the BBC nobody knows who actually did it or even better Russians themselves threw the Molotov cocktails into the building and burn themselves up because they were trying to make a point, which I don’t know what point they are trying to make. But it is a very strange phenomenon. What is your opinion on that?

Spiegel reported on the mass killings in Odessa, which are gruesome, terrible, uncivilized and yet the West is not answering to that challenge, that this was happening in the Labor Union House. Now Spiegel in Germany is the post influential paper and website. They said that was a house, they didn’t say which kind of house. They didn’t say it was a Labor Union House. Do you think there was any reaction from the Labor Union that in their House the mass murder has been achieved by Nazi forces? No, nothing. So, this is the situation we have. My feeling is that the West is now trying to push down Russia at a time when they feel, this is not a European story, this is enforced from Washington on Europe, if they kick Russia right now, they might have a better chance that in one year or two years because Russia obviously is developing very well and too well for Washington’s feeling, and what is more, the very good relation between Russia and Europe is something which is in fact adverse to present Washington interests. And that is a very dangerous situation. Now they are creating this kind of bloodletting in Ukraine. They try to blame it on Russia and the problem with Russia is that in this kind of fighting, Russia is not strong enough in the media. Fortunately we have RIA Novosti, fortunately we have Voice of Russia. Fortunately we do have Russia Today but that is not enough to tell the people who are definitely completely misinformed by our media on the real situation in Ukraine, to wake them up and make them withdraw their political support of these warmongers sitting in Berlin, Paris and London today and of course mainly in Washington. That is the danger of the situation and that is how I interpret this kind of complete mispresentations of news happening in Ukraine.

Yesterday, Germany’s Bild newspaper reported that US CIA and FBI agents are consulting Kiev authorities on its crackdown on pro-autonomy activists in eastern Ukraine. What do you make of it? Do you think it could really be the case?

We have very credible news that the foreign Maidan story a few weeks ago was in fact directed from the US Embassy and for insiders in politics this is not news at all. This is very boring. People are making jokes why there is no revolution in the US and no regime change. The reason is very simple, there is no American Embassy in the US. What we see here is Maidan leaders were staying for hours each and every day in the US Embassy. There is a huge population of CIA agents right now busy in the Ukraine and the problem is again that in all these things that happened Washington is accusing Russia of having the agents in Ukraine while it is the other way around. So, my interpretation of this is we have in fact a pre-running media war with lying against Russia and this is just a cover-up for a kind of economic war that is going on. They are pushing down the ruble, they are pushing down the important economic activities, they are trying to hurt Russia financially, economically, and that is all we can do very efficiently from the Western side to push down Russia because that is what we are talking about and that is being done already. So, they are getting more bloodletting in Ukraine through the agents, through spending more money. McCain has just called yesterday for 100 million dollars military aid and be sure this is not for the defense of Ukraine against anybody coming from outside. This is in fact meant to foster civil war in the Ukraine against their own population. We had New York Times reporting that Slavyansk where the mass killings started, that there is no Russians inside peoples’ defense force. So, what else do we need?


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#NATO #Луганск #референдум #Россия #Путин #Харьков #Донецк

Why are Moscow’s arguments being widely debated in Germany, but not in America?

It may already be too late for the democratic debate the US elite owes our nation.

If so, the costs to American democracy are already clear.

Katrina vanden Heuvel and Stephen F. Cohen

May 1, 2014

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    #CIA #Луганск #референдум #Россия #Путин #Харьков #Донецк

    CIA agents right now busy in Ukraine – Christoph Hörstel – Government Consultant and Publicist in Germany

  2. blessedistruth Says:

    “can anyone confirm this info?” Hi Stephen! No, not really. Here’s what I think. It’s quite possible this woman really was / is a victim of “noexoticwarfarezone” That was name of her website, i.e., a victim of “exotic warfare” But if you are a victim, then it’s really hard to know what’s real, what isn’t real. She may be absolutely spot on in some of her conclusions, but it’s hard to separate. I feel for this woman, I really do. I’d look at what she says about NATO. There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence NATO may be the culprit, or whoever NATO answers to.

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    #randPaul #hillaryClinton #benghazi #CIA

    “They were sent to various parts of the world”



    “I’ve actually always suspected that, although I have no evidence, that maybe we were facilitating arms leaving Libya going through Turkey into Syria.”

    “Were they trying to obscure that there was an arms operation going on at the CIA annex?”

    “I’m not sure exactly what was going on, but I think questions ought to be asked and answered, and I’m a little curious when employees of the State Department are told by government officials they shouldn’t testify and then they are sort of sequestered and kept away from testimony, so I think there may be more to this.”

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    #Луганск #референдум #Россия #Путин #Харьков #Донецк

    “those who indulge the ideology and the practice of fascism cannot be justified”

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    #CatherineAustinFitts #UFO #controlgrid #blackbudget

    Catherine Austin Fitts – Hour 1 – Secret Space Program & The Black Budget
    April 11, 2014

    Catherine Austin Fitts is the Founder and President of Solari.

    She served as Managing Director and Member of the Board of Directors of the Wall Street investment bank, Dillon, Read & Co., Inc.

    She also served as Assistant Secretary of Housing/Federal Housing Commissioner at HUD in the first Bush Administration and was the President and Founder of Hamilton Securities Group, Inc.

    We’ll discuss if financial fraud and market manipulations are actually mechanisms for financing the black budget and if centralized governance is necessitated by high-tech secrecy.

    There may be as much as $100 trillion dollars worth of hardware flying the skies powered by anti-gravity and field-propulsion technologies.

    This has significant implications for the ownership and design of manufacturing and energy infrastructure on planet earth.

    It also has connections to trillions of dollars which are “missing” from defense and domestic agency accounts (as reported by official financial reports of the US government).

    To the extent that the US taxpayer has financed this technology (or its reverse-engineering) why should private corporations own it on a secret basis?

    The financial fortunes and geopolitical power involved are significant.

    If you control these technologies, you possess weaponry sufficient to engineer a financial coup d’Etat and to centralize control of the entire global financial system.

    In the member’s hour, we’ll speak more on UFOs, the expansion of the control grid and trails of the black budget.

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    #CatherineAustinFitts #UFO #controlgrid #blackbudget

    Catherine Austin Fitts – Hour 1 – Secret Space Program & The Black Budget
    April 11, 2014

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    #Chemtrails #Pathogen #Xenobiology #Morgellons #transHumanism

    Vincent Freeman – Hour 1 – Chemtrails Pathogen, Xenobiology & Engineered Bacteria
    April 4, 2014

    Vincent Freeman is a molecular biologist and artificial intelligence scientist who has worked on classified programs at some of the top-50 defense contractors.

    He has also conducted genetic and biological analysis for the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

    Vincent is currently volunteering his time as a senior consultant to the Carnicom Institute, a non-profit research organization whose goal is to identify and expose covert geo-engineering and bio-engineering.

    Vincent will discuss his current project that involves ‘reverse-engineering’ the fundamental structural biology involved in the ‘chemtrails’ pathogen.

    He is working closely with Clifford Carnicom to accomplish this task.

    Vincent will explain the biological evidence they have and explain the eerie properties of cross domain bacteria, a type of genetically engineered bacteria / nanomachine.

    In the second hour, we’ll discuss Morgellons disease and how the population is already exposed and infected regardless of whether they have symptoms or not.

    He explains how infection can be proven via multiple scientific methods and what can be done to inhibit Morgellons growth.

    Also, Vincent discusses where CI is going in terms of research.

    Later, we discuss the evidence of covert bio-engineering and nanotechnology and how it works, as well as how these factors might play into the trans-humanist agenda.

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    #Chemtrails #Pathogen #Xenobiology #Morgellons #transHumanism

    Vincent Freeman – Hour 1 – Chemtrails Pathogen, Xenobiology & Engineered Bacteria
    April 4, 2014

    Vincent Freeman is a molecular biologist and artificial intelligence scientist who has worked on classified programs at some of the top-50 defense contractors.

    He has also conducted genetic and biological analysis for the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

    Vincent is currently volunteering his time as a senior consultant to the Carnicom Institute, a non-profit research organization whose goal is to identify and expose covert geo-engineering and bio-engineering.


    How infection can be proven via multiple scientific methods and what can be done to inhibit Morgellons growth.

    [I’ll try to find more on Freeman’s Morgellons info.]

  10. blessedistruth Says:

    Principally, the operation involved spraying large areas with zinc cadmium sulfide. The U.S. Air Force loaned the Army a C-119, “Flying Boxcar”, and it was used …

  11. blessedistruth Says:

    a high degree of certainty that the external casing of the environmental filament samples are composed of keratin or a keratin-like material.

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  13. blessedistruth Says:

    Carnicom Institute – Biofilm, CDB and Vitamin C‎
    Apr 22, 2014 – Note: I am not offering any medical advice or diagnosis with the presentation of this information. I am acting solely as an independent researcher providing the …

    Carnicom Institute Fundraisers Page‎
    Apr 23, 2014 – The Carnicom Institute is a non-profit health and environmental educational and research organization serving the public welfare. We do not advocate any …

    Carnicom Institute – CDB – Growth Progressions‎
    Apr 26, 2014 – Note: I am not offering any medical advice or diagnosis with the presentation of this information. I am acting solely as an independent researcher providing the …

    Carnicom Institute – CDB – General Characteristics‎
    Apr 10, 2014 – Note: I am not offering any medical advice or diagnosis with the presentation of this information. I am acting solely as an independent researcher providing the …

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    #Chemtrails #Pathogen #Xenobiology #Morgellons #transHumanism 201404 201403 chemTrails Morgellons Disease – Vincent Freeman Carnicom Institute

    “How infection can be proven via multiple scientific methods and what can be done to inhibit Morgellons growth.”

    [I’ll try to find more on “what can be done.” — Rose]

  15. blessedistruth Says:

    A sufficient time period has elapsed to allow for the identification, classification and designation of a novel and ubiquitous life-form that is known to exist in association with the so-called “Morgellons” condition.

  16. blessedistruth Says:

    CI Successfully Raises Funds for Bacterial Analysis


    The Carnicom Institute has successfully raised funds for API Test Strips in near-record time. These API test strips will allow us to analyze the Cross-Domain Bacteria (CDB) which have been isolated by Clifford Carnicom. The CDB are very peculiar bacterial-like forms which have been isolated from the filament structures of the pathogen under study — found in both the aerosol and biological forms. The CDB appear to be the smallest self-replicating form of life yet discovered in the filament pathogen, and appear key to it’s growth and development. Additionally, the presence of CDB in human blood makes them top priority for analysis.

    Since the CDB appear to play such a key role in the organism’s life cycle, we have chosen to focus our research efforts towards identifying and ‘reverse-engineering’ them. The CDB forms appear to be a new classification of life, and to confirm this , we wish to test the CDB in conventional bacterial test kits. The money we have successfully raised for API Test Strips will allow us to compare our unidentified CDB against all the major known strains of bacteria.

    The API Strips are essentially little cardboard cards, with about 20 plastic wells apiece. We put drops of our target bacteria in the plastic wells. Depending on the bacterial strain and it’s properties, the wells color change to positive or negative, giving us critical information about the bacteria, including it’s metabolic and structural properties.

    We can then convert the API Strip color results result to a numeric code, plug this code into a web site, and get back the most probable ‘matches’ in terms of known bacterial strains. Thus, the API Strips are critical to our immediate research needs, and will help us analyze and understand the CDB — whether they are bacterial, fungal, a combination, or perhaps something else entirely.

    Thank you to all that have so generously donated. We will keep you updated on the progress that we make with our bacterial analysis, which the public has enabled us to do.

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    #Chemtrails #Pathogen #Xenobiology #Morgellons #transHumanism

    Biofilm, CDB and Vitamin C

    Clifford E Carnicom
    Apr 22 2014


    Readers may also wish to review a paper entitled “Growth Inhibition Achieved” (Jan 2014) that examines the role of ascorbic acid and various antioxidants in the culture growth process.

    Articles under this same topic exist several years prior to the currrent studies of antioxidants.

    In addition, the Morgellons : A Working Hypothesis (Neural, Thyroid, Liver, Oxygen, Protein and Iron Disruption) (Dec 2013) also extensively discuss the role of antioxidants within the studies of the growth process.

    [I’ll have more on this later, but I wanted to get something up right away as I know how desperately those with Morgellons are seeking simple solutions.]

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  19. blessedistruth Says:

    Senior consultant Vincent Freeman from Carnicom Institute ….

    of a culturing process which has been subjected to these antioxidants and their impact upon growth; the effects are rapid and repeatable.

    The source of this culture …

  20. blessedistruth Says:

    The Carnicom Institute
    February 8 ·

    Growth inhibition of the Morgellons fiber has been achieved by Clifford Carnicom.

    Inhibition of growth of the so-called “Morgellons” condition in a cultured environment has been achieved. The primary agents of reduction here, both literally and chemically, are a series of powerful antioxidants. These include ascorbic acid (vitamin C), N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) and glutathione. The photograph below shows the result of a culturing process which has been subjected to these antioxidants and their impact upon growth; the effects are rapid and repeatable. The source of this culture is the result of a series of incubation, collection, isolation, extraction and purification processes applied to previous cultures. The original cultures are based upon the use of a variety of human, animal and plant samples, each of which produces identical growth forms. One of many precedents for this work is contained within a previous paper entitled, “Morgellons : A Discovery and A Proposal” (Feb 2010). The basis of the current work is a significant advancement in the development of culture methods.
    At the heart of this “condition”, from the perspective of this researcher, is the presence of a sub-micron cross-domain bacteria that is extremely resistant to extinction. This postulated bacteria has the property of developing the growth of an enclosing sheath, or filament which further serves to house, protect and transport these same bacteria. This sheath, or enclosing filament, also exists in its most primitive form at the sub-micron level. This protective and resilient sheath appears to be composed largely of a keratin (protein) construct, but it also remains impervious and inpenetrable in comparison to other keratin structures such as hair. It is also known that iron is a core constituent of the bacteria composition, as well as amino acids. A more detailed analysis of the organic nature of the life form is available and has been presented within the paper, “Morgellons – A Working Hypothesis” (Dec 2013). Additional important health considerations and strategies are integrated within that paper, and the issue of antioxidants are one of many central themes presented therein. Readers are seriously advised to become familiar with that work; many equally important issues beyond that of oxidative stress are discussed in detail there.
    DNA from this life form has been isolated and it exists as a priority of research for Carnicom Institute; please see the paper, “DNA Isolated” (Jan 2014).
    It has been stated that the term “Morgellons” is completely insufficient to describe the nature of this life form and its ubiquity in the environment and biology of the planet. The scientific community will be forced to address this deficiency in our future and adequate nomenclature will need to be developed. Ubiquity within biological domains and permanence of existence, even under adverse conditions, will be central to the more complete and scientific characterization and understanding of the life form. Please refer to the paper entitled, “The New Biology” (Jan 2014).

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  22. blessedistruth Says:

  23. blessedistruth Says:

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    #Chemtrails #Pathogen #Xenobiology #Morgellons #transHumanism #antioxidant

    [I’ll have more on this later, but I wanted to get something up right away as I know how desperately those with Morgellons are seeking simple solutions.]

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    All-trans retinoic acid (to use its full name) helps your cells grow and develop into healthy, mature cells. All-trans retinoic acid (ATRA) has made headlines for its potential to fight cancer. –

    Chinese TCM herbs

  26. blessedistruth Says:

    This study shows that consumption of

    carrot juice containing high concentrations of the pro-vitamin A carotenoid beta-carotene

    results in

    slightly, non-significantly increased plasma ROL concentrations and

    strong, significantly increased (almost double, from 1.2 +/- 0.3 to 2.0 +/- 0.31 ng/mL) plasma concentrations of ATRA,

  27. blessedistruth Says:

    Date: Sat, 01 Jul 2006
    To: Editor
    Subject: Morgellons


    Is there any way that a message can be passed on to anyone who may be interested? Has anyone tried using carrot poultices, drinking carrot juice and eating carrots as a way to rid the body of this disease?

    It’s a reoccurring intuition I’ve been having and I have nothing else to back it up. 🙂 If I had the disease I’d try to go with “organic” carrots.

    Kind regards,

  28. blessedistruth Says:


    Cross-Domain Bacteria (CDB)

    The term “cross-domain bacteria” (CDB) has been given to the smallest identifiable living organism that has been under extensive study for several years in association with the so-called “Morgellons” condition.

  29. blessedistruth Says:

    Note to myself:

    Possible connection?

  30. blessedistruth Says:

    It wasn’t a real study, it was totally rigged.

  31. blessedistruth Says:

  32. blessedistruth Says:

    We can connect it back with the aerosol spraying

    through a few different mechanisms

    But we don’t really know why some people manifest Morgellons

    and why some don’t

    genetic, environmental, who knows?

  33. blessedistruth Says:


    do justice to the people who suffer from it

    chemTrails – chemicals, biologicals

    Morgellons Syndrome a side-effect of CDB ?

    evidence from environmental source

    and then we have this infection

    infectious disease (ID) with fibers and CDB

    appears to be from same environmental source (chemTrails?)

    We have a commonality

    We have strong circumstantial evidence

    But not absolute proof that Morgellons is directly linked.

  34. blessedistruth Says:

    The broader question – What is Morgellons?

    a higher-order manifestation of this core form (I think that’s what he said)

    an educated guess

    aerosol – fibers, heavy metal salts


    can make synthetic erythrocytes (red blood cells)



    PART III – Carnicom Institute

    … side chain in the heme (hemoglobin) molecule coupled with the observation of the extensive breakdown in the integrity of the red blood cells (erythrocytes).

    An additional powerful antioxidant identified in the research is that of glutathion. The role of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in the inhibition of the culture growth has …


  35. blessedistruth Says:

    synthesize them inside the filaments

    designed to go in through the lungs

    we inhale these in

    we get these cross domain bacteria (CDB) in the blood

    we get filament networks in our tissue

    not Morgellons filaments, but keratin-encased much smaller filaments

    that are usually not colored

    some subset of the population

    then gets these Morgellons lesions, fibers that are coming out (of the skin)

  36. blessedistruth Says:

    Morgellons is a higher-order manifestation

    if you look at Sofia Smallstorm’s presentation

    at the bottom of the nanotech pyramid


    as you go up you get




    “industries nano tech pyramid materials structures processes devices artificial materials processes ground processes override natural biology”


    Morgellons is more like devices

    higher order, more complex structure

    one interesting circumstantial piece of evidence

  37. blessedistruth Says:

    analysis on these Morgellons fibers

    very, very strange elements

    wouldn’t expect in a piece of cotton, a piece of nylon

    very high amounts of sulphur, very high amounts of aluminum

    very high amounts of strontium

    it depends on sample

    all the fibers seem to be a bit different

    but they also contain carbon and oxygen

    as well as these transition metals or heavy metals

  38. blessedistruth Says:

    Barium and strontium in there, too.

    energy disbursement spectrography

    a beam, find out what elements and what percentage

    Morgellons fibers – colored type fibers

    [Dr. Stricker told me my fibers are black. IDK what that means.]

    There are all sorts of elements that would not normally be in there

    Lots of sulphur, lots of strontium, barium, some even lead in them

    That may be one explanation for why they keep spraying

    Not exactly floating around in the air

    so if it needs it for growth, gotta get it from somewhere (organism)

  39. blessedistruth Says:

    Can anything grow like that naturally out of the body?

    How do we classify it?

    There’s nothing in the literature

    Just from the analysis – There is no natural process that’s going to produce Morgellons fibers

    that resist degradation

    that are fluorescent

    that contain Carbon, Oxygen as well as various heavy metals

  40. blessedistruth Says:

    a very complex structure, almost a crystalline lattice within the fiber

    categorically, it can’t be natural

  41. blessedistruth Says:

    one link of many links between Morgellons and the aerosols

    the Morgellons later stage of this that some people get

    less than 50% of public obviously

    excreting these fibers that contain a lot of the elements, especially the trace elements

    you would not be able to get from your diet

    these fibers that contain those

    they had to come from somewhere

    where’d they get them?

  42. blessedistruth Says:

    the most logical explanation is they inhaled that raw material

    There’s other explanations as well

    Morgellons is linked with this whole life cycle

    Whether it’s a genetic thing whether some people have a genetic mutation

    the NIH posted something about a chromosome 1 abnormality

    listed it with the search term “Morgellons”

    went a little bit viral, and they deleted it

    now it’s only available on or whatever

    there may be a genetic component that some people have a genetic mutation which makes them … produce these fibers

    the more frightening X-files explanation is that we all are producing the fibers at some level

    internally, the Morgellons fibers

    in some people, they’re manifesting as skin lesions

  43. blessedistruth Says:

    I don’t think we can get a definitive answer, at least not yet

    the Morgellons is a higher-order manifestation of things like this cross domain bacteria (CDB)

    then we get filaments

    these filaments seem in the micro photographs

    THEY’RE RELEASING Erythrocytes

    we have those bacteria in the blood

    through whatever syndrome or process

    the Morgellons fibers are produced

  44. blessedistruth Says:

    they’re very closely linked, but exactly how we don’t know

    but I do think it has to do with Transhumanism

    sort of the merging of man and machine

    and done covertly

    that’s my personal opinion

  45. blessedistruth Says:

    credit to Sofia Smallstorm

    that’s something that’s happening

    I think that the Morgellons has got a lot to do with Transhumanism

    less to do with a reaction

    in some people’s genetics, whatever’s supposed to happen went wrong

    and they get lesions with fibers

    the core purpose I do believe is Transhumanism

    [I’m not so sure I agree with this, there may be another plausible genetic explanation, i.e., yes genetics may be reason some exhibit symptoms some don’t. But to then jump to conclusion that vast majority who DON’T display symptoms are doing just fine being fundamentally transformed? No, I don’t think so. If I had to guess, I’d venture aerosols have to do with suppressing evolution, not fostering it.]

  46. blessedistruth Says:

    planetary GMO, almost like controlling the genetic expression and evolution of all species on the planet

    they might have a passive role at the current mode of operation

    but at some stage they might be activated

    we’ve heard speculation about nanobots – what they might be doing in the future

    repairing things in the body

    quote on quote

    wonderful things that they’re promising us

    might have a very detrimental effect on the human body, human tissue

  47. blessedistruth Says:

    The closest thing I have seen to a nanobot has been these cross domain bacteria (CDB)

  48. blessedistruth Says:

    in terms of the way that they form and assemble and resist

    seem able to construct tissue, change form and all of this

    I do think that technology is here

    when people think of nanobots, they think of a tiny little robot

    in reality, your cells are nanobots

    made out of stuff that was already here for however long

    4,000 years to millions of years

    depending on who you ask

    Who’s driving the evolution?

  49. blessedistruth Says:

    So far it’s only in the blood of humans that these (bacteria) have been found as well. Correct?

    Blood, also it appears to be the gums

    Red wine spit test

    15 mL to 20 mL red wine

    (3 or 4 Tablespoons)

    add a little hydrogen peroxide to that

    swish it around spit it out

    filled with these fibers

    put it under microscope

    same spectral characteristics in analysis machines as the fibers that are sprayed (chemTrails)

  50. blessedistruth Says:

    Positive identification in what appears to be saliva / gum tissue

    as well as in the blood

    but we’re expecting to find it elsewhere considering it’s in the food we eat

    the evidence isn’t there yet, but I suspect we’ll find it in other organs in the body

  51. blessedistruth Says:

    The process has to do with the pigments in the wine and probably the ethanol

    The pigments are called


    colored pigments which have complex structure

    they seem to pull the fibers out of the gums

  52. blessedistruth Says:

    fibrous, reddish material

    we take those and put them in a scientific instrument

    like a spectrophotometer

    both in visible range and infrared range

    which are two different types of analysis

    they both come back as almost an exact match

    to the fiber samples that have come off trees 10 years ago

  53. blessedistruth Says:

    That evidence is very strong to link back to the atmospheric aerosol

    The data is just too compelling

    This fibrous material is … almost an identical spectral match to the environmental filaments (chemTrails)

    that come down from the air

  54. blessedistruth Says:

    Purge, i.e., detox this from the body


    I’m not a medical doctor, I’m not offering medical advice.

    Neither is the Carnicom Institute.

    in petri dishes

    it seems the growth of these CDB is inhibited by a couple of things

    Vitamin C as well as glutathione

    ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and glutathione


  55. blessedistruth Says:

    glutathione is a sulphur-containing compound

    the body’s super trash can, if you will

    it mops up toxins or molecules in the body

    if someone overdoses on acetaminophen in the hospital

  56. blessedistruth Says:

    The glutathione (GSH) precursor N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is used to treat patients with APAP overdose for up to 48 hours.


  57. blessedistruth Says:

    That’s what saves people from liver failure.

    an internal detoxifier

    in petri dish, inhibits CDB from doing anything

    It doesn’t kill them, prevents them from functioning

    And the 2nd is Vitamin C

    at a particular concentration


    ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate

    that also seems to have the same property

    they seem somewhat synergistic


    Double Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling, argued that ascorbate could prevent or cure heart disease, stroke, cancer and infections.


  58. blessedistruth Says:

    Sodium ascorbate
    Chemical Compound
    Sodium ascorbate is one of a number of mineral salts of ascorbic acid. The molecular formula of this chemical compound is C₆H₇NaO₆. As the sodium salt of ascorbic acid, it is known as a mineral ascorbate. Wikipedia
    Formula: C6H7NaO6

  59. blessedistruth Says:

    they seem somewhat synergistic

    glutathione and Vitamin C

    so there are already avenues that could be explored in terms of research

  60. blessedistruth Says:

    #GMO #Monsanto #Fascism #corporatism

    Secret emails reveal how ministers plotted with the GM lobbyists: Documents show how two worked together on campaign to win over sceptical consumers

    Contacts were part of strategy to relax regulations on controversial crops

    They involved civil servants asking for ‘eye-catching’ ways to plug GM

    Pro-GM lobbyists evens sent Government department a ‘blacklist’ of critics

    Behind-the-scenes deal revealed by pressure group GeneWatch

    PUBLISHED: 5 May 2014

    “Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussolini

  61. blessedistruth Says:

    #NATO #TPP #FastTrack #PacificPivot

    The TPP: “Strategic Economic” Partnerships
    Veröffentlicht am 20. Oktober 2013 von kristine
    11 October, 2013

    At present, there are two little words left dangling off the title of a free-trade agreement that the U.S. has been involved with negotiating since 2009.

    The Trans-Pacific “Strategic Economic” Partnership Agreement, or what we generally call the TPP, has been mostly framed as a secret free-trade agreement that is being advised by 600 of the largest corporations

    undermining government regulations on the environment, labor, finance and other regulatory industries;

    a 21st-century neoliberal assault that aims to streamline the global supply chain and undermine the sovereign integrity of states.

    What has received less attention is that this strategic economic partnership has in large part, taken the form of

    a policy initiative called the Pacific Pivot, a shifting of military resources into the Pacific.

  62. blessedistruth Says:

    in terms of Vitamin C, there are precedents for that

    most every mammal besides humans manufacture Vitamin C

    humans and guinea pigs are the only ones that don’t

    we lost an enzyme in a chain

    we have it, but it’s broken

    intravenous (IV) Vitamin C in high doses

    50 grams

    (not a suggestion for cancer therapy)

    case studies, lots of evidence

    Vitamin C can kill cancer cells through a reaction with catalase


    Mechanism of Action:
    Cancer cells are different than normal cells. The most recognizable difference is the lack of self control that cancer cells exhibit. In fact, cancer is defined as a disease of uncontrollable cellular division. Another less known difference between cancer cells and normal cells is the content of an enzyme known as catalase that these cells possess. There is a 10-100-fold greater content of catalase in normal cells than in cancer cells (4).
    Catalase is an enzyme found throughout the body that has the ability to turn hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into water (H2O) and molecular oxygen (O2) (5). H2O2 + H2O2 à Catalase à H2O + O2

  63. blessedistruth Says:

    Vitamin C – water soluble, very non-toxic, good for you

    in petri dish, seems to inhibit the cross domain bacteria (CDB) from doing much

    glutathione used to detoxify your body

    if you’re a cigarette smoker, drug toxins, byproducts of acetaminophen (Tylenol)

    are detoxified by glutathione

    Those are two promising therapies.

  64. blessedistruth Says:

    The problem

    glutathione (GSH)

    You can’t just eat it as a pill.

    It’s not bio available orally (I think that’s what he said)

    You have to take the precursor

    N-acetylcysteine (NAC)

  65. blessedistruth Says:

    FYI (I have no way of knowing if the items displayed here alleviate Morgellons symptoms. Just sharing what I found.)

  66. blessedistruth Says:

    You have to take the precursor

    N-acetylcysteine (NAC)

    which then replenishes glutathione

    Vitamin C – your gut will only absorb 5 or 10 grams in a day

    There’s that hurdle as well in terms of getting enough of it in you

    Those are all avenues for research

    If there’s anyone out there that’s an MD, please contact me.

    We would love to try to fuse this research and get it out to the medical community.

    But at this point it’s in a (petri) dish, We can’t really take it to the medical level

  67. blessedistruth Says:


    How to do the Vitamin C flush test

    Several hours are required for test completion. Plan to have close access to the bathroom throughout testing. It is easier to do the test with the powdered form of buffered Vit C. You will need to keep notes each time you take Vit C. Start the dose on an empty stomach.

    Start taking 1/2tsp of Vit C powder diluted in water or juice, every 15 minutes and record the time of each dose. If after 4-5 doses there is no diarrhea, start taking 1 tsp of Vit C powder. When you have repetitive loose bowel movements, your intestines are signaling that they have reached a critical tolerance level of Vit C absorption. Give your body a rest for a few days.

    Each tsp contains 3000 mg (3 gms) of Vit C. If you are taking pills, it is easier to dose but takes much longer for absorption and for your body to respond. Your Vit C body requirements can vary between 5ooo mg and 40000 mg.

    For the next week or so you will need to take 75% of the achieved dose per day, in divided doses. For example, if you began running to the bathroom after taking 10,000mg Vit C, then your daily dose for the next week should be 7500mg/day divided into 3 doses making it 2500mg/dose. You can ingest the Vit C as pills or dissolved powder. Keep the dissolved powder with water in a dark bottle. Keep refrigerated and sip it all day long.

    You may need to repeat the Vit C flush test weekly or every other week. In due time your tolerance will decrease and you will require less dosage.


  68. blessedistruth Says:

    Are there any estimations on what amount we’re talking about

    to inhibit the growth process?

    Linus Pauling – a lot of what he said turned out to be correct

    Based on Clifford’s research

    Growth Inhibition Confirmed – Carnicom Institute

    Inhibition was achieved

    ? per mL of ascorbic acid

    equating that out to a person

  69. blessedistruth Says:

    Again, not medical advice

    1 mg / 1 mL ascorbic acid ?

    translating to a human body roughly 70 kg

    “Approximately 30 mg. of ascorbic acid has been added to the volume of 30 ml of white wine (approx. 1000 mg. / kg of solution).

    Equating this roughly to the human body (assume 70 kg.), this translates to a single dosage of approximately 70 gms.

    Assuming an ingestion of 1000 mg per day, this equates to distributing the above dosage over a period of approximately 70 days to reach the equivalent result.

    An ingestion rate of 10,000 mg. of ascorbic acid per day leads to a time period of approximately 7 days to reach an equivalent result.”

    [Yes, but I don’t believe that’s how it works. It’s a matter of saturating the body with Vitamin C. See “Vitamin C flush test” above. If memory serves, the sicker you are, the more Vitamin C your body can tolerate. So, for me, the question is — whatever amount of Vitamin C your body can tolerate or when your body is saturated with Vitamin C, would that level, whatever it is be ENOUGH to inhibit growth of cross-domain bacteria (CDB)?]

  70. blessedistruth Says:

    via the IV route, that could be achieved.

    That’s actually using the entire human body

    If we were to normalize it for the concentration just in blood

    it could be a little bit less

    2nd paper

    not just Vitamin C, but two other things

    N-acetylcysteine (NAC)

    as well as glutathione (GSH)

    NAC produces glutathione in your body

  71. blessedistruth Says:

    I didn’t want to forget to include this:

    For Morgellons Disease Patients Dr Stricker in San Francisco Prescribed

    [As Vincent states, Morgellons is a syndrome like A.I.D.S. While Clifford and Vincent have inhibited growth of CDB, others like Dr. Stricker treat other aspects of this syndrome, like Lyme Disease and co-infections which appears to inhibit these higher-order manifestations of Morgellons, such as skin lesions.]

    See also:

  72. blessedistruth Says:

    so if you were to eat an (NAC) capsule

    it is transferred in your body to glutathione

    There’s something called bioavailability


    In pharmacology, bioavailability (BA) is a subcategory of absorption and is the fraction of an administered dose of unchanged drug that reaches the systemic circulation, one of the principal pharmacokinetic properties of drugs.

    By definition, when a medication is administered intravenously, its bioavailability is 100%.[1]

    However, when a medication is administered via other routes (such as orally), its bioavailability generallyTH[›] decreases (due to incomplete absorption and first-pass metabolism) or may vary from patient to patient.

    Bioavailability is one of the essential tools in pharmacokinetics, as bioavailability must be considered when calculating dosages for non-intravenous routes of administration.


  73. blessedistruth Says:

    It just means that more of it can be absorbed.

    The glutathione (GSH) precursor N-acetylcysteine (NAC)

    [Neither Vincent nor Carnicom Institute give medical advice, he’s just pointing out the medical fact that taking the precursor (NAC) will result in higher absorption rates.]

    If we got the right medical personnel and the right resources, that could be explored.

    Just getting the information out to the public,

    if they have the resources and the ability to do the research and the paperwork and all that goes with it

    We would love to see a study on this.

  74. blessedistruth Says:

    That’s the basic information.

    It’s not entirely hopeless

    We do have indications thanks to Clifford on things that inhibit the growth of this stuff.

    At least in an in vitro environment


    In vitro

    Studies that are in vitro are performed with cells or biological molecules studied outside their normal biological context; for example proteins are examined in solution, or cells in artificial culture medium.


  75. blessedistruth Says:

    Deep into the Weirdness Forest

    Is there anything in the makeup right now

    of the CDB that suggest they can be remotely-controlled?

    [I’m going to stop here @ approx 30:00 of 1:09:30, finish later. Thanks, Rose]

  76. blessedistruth Says:


    Part 2 of 2

    Part 1 of 2

    Hat Tip: and James Gilliland

  77. blessedistruth Says:

    I share in pdf format for two reasons:




    Read Out Loud

    Activate Read Out Loud



    Read Out Loud


    I find I can decode the text, making it my own, so to speak, more easily if I can read and listen simultaneously.

  78. blessedistruth Says:

    Dr. Garry Gordon agrees, suggesting,

    “IV Glutathione is at the top of the list for effective detoxification for virtually every toxic exposure.

    Those who are already showing serious symptoms need IV glutathione and vitamin C and extra magnesium – often called a MYER’s cocktail.

    The doses of C we like are from 8 to 16 grams a day and there are specialized products that most people can tolerate in those higher levels without upsetting the intestine too much.

    When we give vitamin C IVs we use from 25 to 100 grams in a slow drip and do this 2-4 times a week for as long as needed;

    but always use high dosages of oral C too.

    I am very impressed with NAC (N-acetyl cysteine);

    take 500-600 mg capsules at least twice a day for a few months.

  79. blessedistruth Says:

    Inhibition of growth of the so-called “Morgellons” condition Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) and glutathione A sub-micron cross-domain bacteria (CDB) extremely resistant to extinction “Morgellons – A Working Hypothesis”

  80. blessedistruth Says:

    #vincentFreeman #carnicomInstitute #Morgellons #crossDomainBacteria #Ascorbicacid #NAC #glutathione #henrikPalmgren

    Inhibition of growth of the so-called “Morgellons” condition Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) and glutathione A sub-micron cross-domain bacteria (CDB) extremely resistant to extinction “Morgellons – A Working Hypothesis”

    red ice radio henrik palmgren

  81. blessedistruth Says:

  82. blessedistruth Says:

  83. blessedistruth Says:

    May 08, 2014 posting …

    tonight i will be talking about GEO ENGINEERING and the myriad of topics surrounding this issue …

    join me on my weekly radio show … jim mccanney

    May 08, 2014 posting …

    THE NEW SALES PAGE IS UP AND OPERATIONAL PLEASE GO LOOK (see link below this notice) …

    i made a complete web page revision and added

    the two new travel/sports/personal/emergency water filters (two sizes … a one and a two liter size) PLUS

    i posted a 10% sale on almost everything on the sales page (all the big expensive stuff !!! ) … click on the link below to go see !!! jim mccanney

    PS NOTICE – the Universal Chem/Rad/Oil Pre-filter accessory set price will be increasing by $20.00 in the next week due to increases in all related costs so if you plan to buy one (or more) do it now

    P.S. a listener just contributed a great idea …

    in emergency you can make a water filter out of any container IF YOU HAVE THE FILTER ELEMENTS …

    in fact when i go to the jungles i ALWAYS carry a couple extra filter elements and even once made a filter out of a coconut shell !!!

    BUT ALSO … the listener comment …

    in case of emergency water filter elements would be one of the best bartering items around …

    check out my bulk pricing on the sales page and remember my name branded GF filter elements are

    THE ONLY FILTER ELEMENTS THIS SIDE OF JUPITER THAT TAKE OUT lead – chloramines – fluoride and arsenic

    all WITHIN the filter element (no add on filters needed) …

    this is super important also in

    the mini 5″ short filter in

    my new line of travel sport personal emergency size water filters (in one and two liter sizes) which come with 2 extra tight seal caps

    so you can travel to anywhere including hotels and be sure to have your own clean water

    plus it comes with 3 containers to store your water after filtered (3 liters total for the one liter model and 6 liters for the two liter model) …

    you can even filter water in these personal water filters in a horse saddle bag or in the car while moving …

    innovation like this you will not find anywhere else … see the secure web ordering page for details …

  84. blessedistruth Says:

    #chemTrails #geoEngineering #climateEngineering

    May 08, 2014 posting …

    tonight i will be talking about GEO ENGINEERING and the myriad of topics surrounding this issue …

    join me on my weekly radio show … jim mccanney

    [audio src="" /]

  85. blessedistruth Says:


    Meria Interviews Physicist and Mathematician James McCanney M.S.

    The Electric Universe and how it really works and affects us;

    sleepless night? Meteor storm;

    the Sun controls our climate;

    Obama is not president he’s middle management;

    the bankers control the world;

    climate change or climate control?

    does the Sun turn off at night? What happens if it turns off altogether?

    long term climate change -absurd;global cooling is more like it;

    weather is being controlled and steered;

    recent “storms”; Katrina;

    Sun’s heat comes from fusion at it’s surface and the energy is variable;

    HAARP & chemtrails are real;

    his work in Russia in the 90′s;

    laser satellites and how they are used for weather warfare;

    controlling water – control everything;

    Was California’s water blocked?

    Peak oil and fossil fuel theories are absurd;

    oil is not finite;

    the human body as an antenna in a vertical electrical field;

    Oklahoma earthquakes manmade;

    Gates-Clinton-New Orleans;

    President elections are a dog and pony show;

    the hierarchy of control;

    “action at a distance” is all it took for the global flood;

    comets and comet tails;

    be prepared for anything and nothing; and

    lots more.

  86. blessedistruth Says:

  87. blessedistruth Says:

  88. blessedistruth Says:


    What Does Putin Want?

    Still, the U.S. narrative – blaming the crisis almost entirely on Putin – has proven powerfully resistant to facts. And that makes Obama’s job of laying out a truthful narrative, which could invite Putin’s cooperation in resolving the crisis, that much harder.

    From my reporting on Putin, I have concluded that Official Washington’s analysis of him is seriously off-target. He is not particularly interested in taking over the economic basket case that is Ukraine. Crimea was a different story because of its strong historic ties to Russia, the presence of a Russian naval base at Sevastopol, and the overwhelming secession vote by the Crimean people. But even the expense of administering Crimea, including building a new bridge or tunnel from the Russian mainland, will tax the Kremlin’s treasury.

    What Putin wants more than anything, I’m told, is to have Russia accepted as a member of the First World and be afforded the accompanying respect and respectability. That was one reason why he invested so much in the Sochi Winter Olympics. He also appears to have had a fondness for President Obama and was eager to work with him in finding diplomatic answers to crises in Syria and Iran.

    But Putin is also a proud man who has been stung by his vilification over the Ukraine crisis which he feels was forced on him, not something he sought. The insults from Secretary of State John Kerry and other U.S. diplomats have been extremely offensive to him – and he feels betrayed by Obama’s unwillingness to rein in the excessive rhetoric of his subordinates.

    Putin is on the verge of forsaking his First World aspirations, I’m told, as he has come to view the U.S. government and the EU as sources of endless double standards and double talk, places without honor. So, as part of any summit or cooperation with Obama over Ukraine, Putin first wants to hear an American “statement of intentions,” i.e. a recognition of how valuable U.S.-Russian cooperation has been and can be.

    But the prospect of Obama somehow finding the courage to rise to this occasion can’t be considered high. He would have to do something like President John F. Kennedy did in his famous address at American University on June 10, 1963, when – near the height of the Cold War – Kennedy had the courage to assert the common humanity of Americans and Russians.

    In perhaps his most important words, Kennedy said, “For in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s futures. And we are all mortal.”

    Kennedy followed up his AU speech with practical efforts to work with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev to rein in dangers from nuclear weapons and to discuss other ways of reducing international tensions, initiatives that Khrushchev welcomed although many of the hopeful prospects were cut short by Kennedy’s assassination on Nov. 22, 1963. [See’s “Can Obama Speak Strongly for Peace?”]

    The question now regarding Ukraine and the possibility of a new Cold War is whether Obama can pick up Kennedy’s torch of peaceful understanding – and see the world through the eyes of the ethnic Russians in Donetsk as well as the pro-European youth in Kiev – recognizing the legitimate concerns and the understandable fears of both.

  89. blessedistruth Says:

    #референдум #Россия #Путин #Одесса #Мариуполь

    What Does Putin Want?

    Putin is on the verge of forsaking his First World aspirations, I’m told, as he has come to view the U.S. government and the EU as sources of endless double standards and double talk, places without honor.

    So, as part of any summit or cooperation with Obama over Ukraine, Putin first wants to hear an American “statement of intentions,” i.e. a recognition of how valuable U.S.-Russian cooperation has been and can be.

  90. blessedistruth Says:

    #референдум #Россия #Путин #Одесса #Мариуполь

  91. blessedistruth Says:

  92. blessedistruth Says:

    GeoEngineering Watch with Dane Wigington 5-3-2014

  93. blessedistruth Says:

    Show: Geoengineering Watch
    Host: Dane Wigington, Russ Tanner & Richard Sacks
    Airs: Saturday 3 PM ET/12 PM PT

  94. blessedistruth Says:

  95. blessedistruth Says:

    So entstehen die vom DWD genannten Schleierwolken.

    Schaut mal auf die FB-Seite vom DWD was die für einen Müll die schreiben, und das Schlimmste, die blinden Leut glauben es!

    Was für eine kranke Welt!

    So are the cloud referred to by the DWD.

    Look what that write for a waste, and the worst on the FB page of the DWD, the blind people believe it!

    What a sick world!

  96. blessedistruth Says:

    Dagmar Neubronner unterhält sich mit Haral Kautz Vella über die Morgellon-Krankheit und Bestrebungen, den Menschen zu verändern.

    Dagmar Neubronner talks to Haral Kautz Vella on the Morgellon’s disease and efforts to change people.

  97. blessedistruth Says:

    #chemTrails #climateEngineering

    Ethical, Legal, Social implications #ELSI

    real-time technology assessment #RTTA

    The future of federal funding of technological fixes must include ELSI analyses more like the aforementioned RTTA program, that contrary to being an addendum to technical programs are fully integrated in the decision structure of research and development efforts.

    Whenever emerging technologies such as

    additive manufacturing,

    synthetic biology,

    big data, or

    climate engineering

    are considered as the kernel of a technological fix, developers must understand that engineering the artifact itself does not suffice.

    An effective solution requires also the careful analysis of unwanted effects and a serious effort for stakeholder engagement, lest the solution be worse than the problem.

    [This is mentality we are up against. The solution IS worse than the problem.]

    See also:

    [This was an early attempt I made at understanding, also around the same time I became aware something was seriously wrong with my health, i.e., Morgellons.]

    [Carnicom has come a long way since then.]

  98. blessedistruth Says:

    “one of the prime areas for free-range cattle grazing near the Oregon/California border has been turned into a desert wasteland”

  99. blessedistruth Says:

  100. blessedistruth Says:
  101. blessedistruth Says:

  102. blessedistruth Says:

    #chemTrails #climateEngineering #RussTanner #RichardSacks

    GeoEngineering Watch with #DaneWigington 5-10-2014

  103. blessedistruth Says:

    #референдум #Россия #Путин #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк

    The leaders of the Donetsk People’s Republic plan to “begin talks on at least civilized divorce with Kiev’s central authorities”

  104. blessedistruth Says:

    #референдум #Россия #Путин #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк #ViktoriaSyumar

    Kiev says ready for dialogue with Ukraine’s federalization supporters

    Deputy Secretary of Ukraine’s Council for National Security and Defense Viktoria Syumar made this statement on Thursday.

    “Everyone is tired of war: both law enforcers and civilians.

    Therefore, where it is possible to solve the conflict through a dialogue, the Ukrainian authorities are ready to do this,”

    she is quoted as saying by Ukraine’s UNIAN news agency.

  105. blessedistruth Says:

  106. blessedistruth Says:

    At the same time there was a considerable decrease in household savings deposits with banks compared with last year.

  107. blessedistruth Says:

    “They have very important implications for tax policy regarding the choice of income and consumption taxation in tax systems when promoting savings is an important policy objective” “household savings” “united states”

  108. blessedistruth Says:

    #StephenCohen #референдум #Россия #Путин #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк

    JUDY WOODRUFF: Stephen Cohen, how do you read these other new declarations by Putin, whether the troops are moving or not?

    STEPHEN COHEN: Well, that’s why. We have to read the whole statement. It’s not very long. It looks like he spoke for about five or six minutes.

    But he said many important things.

    First, he reiterated the Russian position that we, the United States, created this crisis, along with Europe, and that Russia is aggrieved.

    Then he went on to say, though, I watched the video, the footage of what happened in Odessa on Friday. And that was a horrific event.

    And you have to remember for people who live in Russia and Ukraine in particular, it evokes memories of people burning during World War II, not just Jews, but the fact that the Nazis in those territories locked people in buildings and burned them to death.

    I have talked to Russian friends in Crimea and in larger Russia.

    They’re all horrified by what they saw. And so was Putin.

    And so he said, I’m going to take a step to try to stop this.

    We have withdrawn our troops, or pulled them back from Ukrainian border.

    I think we have to assume that’s true, unless surveillance says he’s not telling the truth.

    And then he clearly wants two things in return, which need to be mentioned. And we will see if he gets them.

    He wants the United States to tell Kiev to pull its military forces out of Eastern Ukraine.

    And then he revealed something I didn’t know. Maybe Angela knew it, maybe you folks knew it.

    But he said that in a phone call with German Chancellor Merkel, she had proposed a roundtable of all the aggrieved parties in Ukraine

    — that’s Kiev, that’s Western Ukraine, that’s Eastern Ukraine —

    to talk about the future of Ukraine,

    which means a new constitution.

    And he says that he agrees where that and he will support that.

    So, you have, it appears, if he’s telling the truth, Germany, Europe more generally, and Russia in favor of this roundtable.

    Now, the United States, so far as I know, is silent, and, in fact, when Merkel was here — wasn’t it just a few days ago?


    STEPHEN COHEN: I don’t recall it being part of what they reported they discussed.

    So, if Putin is telling the truth, the United States seems to be dragging its feet.

    I don’t know, but that’s the impression we have.


    Academi was known as Blackwater and then Xe following its involvement in the murder of 17 Iraqis in Nisour Square, Baghdad, in 2007.

    Academi’s board of directors includes

    former Attorney General John Ashcroft,

    Bobby Ray Inman, the former director of the NSA, and

    the company’s CEO is

    a retired Brigadier General, Craig Nixon.



    разумная жизнь

    в Соединенных Штатах Америки?

    [For all intents and purposes, it’s a waste of time to look to cable news for any truth. The Republicans criticize Obama because of what he’s not doing overtly. When he should be criticized for what he’s doing covertly.]

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