Dated, but interesting.

Earth Changes, Evolution of The Solar System, and Planet X

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For thousands of years people were aware of earth changes.


They knew that the Earth was in a constant state of change. They knew that sometimes the rivers would overflow and therefore they did not build their homes in the flood plain. They knew that building at the base of a volcano could be dangerous because sometimes the volcano would erupt and spill lava and spout ash that would devastate their community.


They also knew from stories told by their elders that massive earth changes were a natural occurrence and they lived in close harmony with the land so that they would be prepared for the most traumatic earth changes.

Today we have forgotten much of the history of our planet and depend upon science and scientists to interpret the signs for us. Until the mid 1800’s we looked at the Earth changes through the ancient awareness of cycles of catastrophe and relative quietude… Charles Lyell changed that with his Law of Uniformitarianism.


Lyell posited the belief that life on Earth proceeds, to a large degree, with uniform change and the rate of earth changes observed today must have been the rate of change in the past. Thus, knowing how fast water erodes today would give the scientist a way to determine how much time it would take to erode a plain or a mountain. Using currently accepted rates of erosion, we could ascertain how long it would take to dig a Grand Canyon or a Mississippi River Valley. We lost contact with the teachings of our ancestors who knew better.

On the walls of a cliff in Green River, Idaho, is a remarkable display of scientific expertise beyond the limited understanding of NASA astronomers.

Almost comically an animal stares bug-eyed at two comets, spreading its “arms” wide to emphasize the size of what it is seeing. Similarly the human spreads its arms wide to emphasize the size of what it sees in the sky, its eyes wide in amazement.

One of the comets depicted does not show the core through the coma, but through the coma of the other comet on the right the core can be seen. This is an amazing detail that belies our usual prejudice about the primitive nature of ancient civilizations. Even more amazing is the unusual spiral appendage of the comet reaching toward the sun. Modern scientists had not seen such a structure until the last decade. Professor James McCanney had predicted that such a feature would be seen and that it would be X-rays spiraling toward the sun. This further substantiates his Plasma Comet Discharge Theory.

Presented in 1979, this electrical model of the universe had further predicted,

  1. that NASA would find sweeper moons in the rings of Saturn
  2. that comets are not “dirty snowballs”
  3. that the electrically charged solar capacitor would be excited when a large celestial body approaches the solar system

All have been proven.


Planet-X, Comets and Earth Changes

by Professor James M. McCanney

This book will tell you what to look for as well as the wide range of earth-changes you may see or experience as an large celestial body encroaches on our solar system.


Learn why it will ignite into a huge comet as it enters the solar system and the “actions-at-a-distance” that could drastically affect life on Earth.


Learn why the information NASA will tell you is disinformation based on incorrect archaic astronomical theories.

“A must for understanding past and future events. “

An alternative comet model was developed circa 1979 which predicted the existence of x-rays to the sunward side of cometary nuclei, among other effects, not anticipated in theory by the Dirty Snow Ball Comet Model.


Both models explain many commonly observed cometary phenomena, but subtle differences such as a non-snowy asteroid nucleus, sunward bremsstrahlung x-rays, a variable red shift given off by the nucleus, a concentration of electrons moving upstream near the comet nucleus from the sun, a mathematically predictable shrinkage of the comet coma as the comet approaches the sun, a surrounding H+ Debye shielding cloud, and the formation of true sunward spikes are effects which when observed will prove the correctness of the alternative theory.

Many of these effects have already been observed. Additionally, the model has spurred the realization of other important processes including an excess proton current in the solar wind creating a “solar capacitor” holding back dust and gases (which is one source of comet tail material) as well as the return current sheet which maintains the balance of charge in the solar system.


The star-like nature of Jupiter and Saturn (also with surrounding H+ cloud) implying low level fusion in their planetary atmospheres has been identified as well as the source of this fusion.


This generated the prediction of similar plasma discharge and related effects such as the predicted “sweeper moons” found within Saturn’s rings which cause the outer ring edges to be well defined with the inner ring edges to fade gradually. Another observed explainable effect is the radial spokes in Saturn’s rings with related radio noise.

Plasma discharge effects are observable for any object moving in a non-uniform plasma. Other observable effects include the Space Shuttle Glow, electrical charging of near earth orbiting satellites and related effects around asteroids which exhibit halos, and last but not least the cause of serious storm activity on our planet Earth.




The Kolbrin Connection

McCanney’s third book,

Atlantis to Tesla – the Kolbrin Connection

The Science of Atlantis and Tesla is Rediscovered Giving a Unique Untold View of Life on the Lost Continent, Ancient Space Craft Design, Unlimited Electrical Power and the Secret Societies,

…is an amazing collage of ideas and connections worth a close look given the confirmed scientific predictions based on his Plasma Discharge Cometary Model, a theory that will likely revolutionize science (if we have enough time before the “time of the Destroyer”).


The first book is essential to understanding the otherwise outrageous revelations about Atlantisancient space craft and, unlimited electrical power.


Not only does McCanney posit free electricity generated in huge surplus by the Sun, but that the use of that power would significantly reduce the fury of storms, since weather is driven by the solar electrical capacitor.


The power source tapped by Nikola Tesla and presumably by the Atlanteans was/is the earth’s capacitor, the charged ionosphere, the oppositely charged Earth, and the non-conducting air between. If a discharge can be induced by bridging this gap, enormous quantities of energy will flow abruptly as in lightning or under control by the use of existing technologies such as the diode.

Although the book is peppered with errors I gleaned useful new ideas to explore and to fill in the details.

The Kolbrin manuscripts compiled of manuscripts saved before the burning of Glastonbury Monastery and safe-guarded by a group called “The Culdians” is a parallel bible, but interestingly has more detail on certain accounts such as The Flood and Exodus.


It names “THE DESTROYER” as precipitating both events and there are many pages describing the terrible events. The Kolbrin manuscripts were published in 1994 in Thames by the Culdians and the translation appears in modern English.

Chapter Four, titled THE DELUGE from The Book of Gleanings Paragraph 24

“Then, with the dawning, men saw an awesome sight. There, riding on a black rolling cloud came the Destroyer, newly released from the confines of the sky vaults, and she raged about the heavens, for it was her day of judgment.


The beast with her opened its mouth and belched forth fire and hot stones and a vile smoke. It covered the whole sky above and the meeting place of Earth and heaven could no longer be seen. In the evening the places of the stars were changed, they rolled across the sky to new stations, then the floodwaters came”

“The floodgates of Heaven were opened and the foundations of Earth were broken apart. The surrounding waters poured over the land and broke upon the mountains. The storehouses of the winds burst their bolts asunder, so storms and whirlwinds were loosed, to hurl themselves upon the Earth.


In the seething waters and howling gales all buildings were destroyed, trees were uprooted and mountains cast down. There was a time of great heat, then came a bitter cold. The waves over the waters did not rise and fall but seethed and swirled, there was an awful sound above.”

Four more paragraphs to the end of the chapter, describe how the stars were loosened in the Heavens. A ship that had been built was borne up by the waters. The waters filling the valleys, going over the mountain tops in huge surging torrents.


The Destroyer then passes, the flood remains for seven days and the ship finally comes to rest in the mountains of Ashtar.

Book of Manuscripts: The Destroyer Part 3

from the scroll of Adepha

Chapter 5, Para 1

“The Doomshape, called the Destroyer, in Egypt, was seen in all the lands thereabouts. In colour it was bright and fiery, in appearance changing and unstable. It twisted about itself like a coil, like water bubbling into a pool from an underground supply, and all men agree it was a most fearsome sight. It was not a great comet or a loosened star, being more like a fiery body of flame.”

Para. 4

“This was the aspect of the Doomshape called the ‘Destroyer,’ when it appeared in days long gone by, in olden times. It is thus described in the old records, few of which remain. It is said that when it appears in the Heavens above, Earth splits open from the heat, like a nut roasted before the fire. Then flames shoot up through the surface and leap about like fiery fiends upon black blood. The moisture inside the land is all dried up, the pastures and cultivated places are consumed in flames and they and all trees become white ashes.”

Chapter 6 Para. 31

” There was a strange silence and then, in the gloom, it was seen that the waters had parted, leaving a passage between. The land had risen, but it was disturbed and trembled, the way was not straight or clear. The waters about were as if spun within a bowl, the swampland alone remained undisturbed. From the horn of the Destroyer came a high shrilling noise which stopped the ears of men.”

Para. 29

” Pharaoh fought against the hindmost of the slaves and prevailed over them, and there was a great slaughter amid the sand, the swamp and the water.”

Para. 37

” The great surge of rocks and waters overwhelmed the chariots of the Egyptians who went before the footmen. The chariot of the Pharaoh was hurled into the air as if by a mighty hand and was crushed in the midst of the rolling waters”

There is much description of massive upheaval in this chapter caused by the Destroyer leaving no doubt that the Slaves only managed to escape during a time of great chaos in the fermenting landscape.

Chapter 3 The Destroyer

Part 1 From the Great Scroll


“Men forget the days of the Destroyer. Only the wise know where it went and that it will return in its appointed hour”


“When ages pass, certain laws operate upon the stars in the Heavens. Their ways change, there is movement and restlessness, they are no longer constant and a great light appears redly in the skies.”


“When blood drops upon the earth, the Destroyer will appear and mountains will open up and belch forth fire and ashes. Trees will be destroyed and all living things engulfed. Waters will be swallowed up by the land and seas will boil”

The timing for this event will be when “women will be as men and men as women” “men will fly in the air as birds and swim in the sea as fishes” “then shall the high strive with the low” etc, etc. There follows a depiction of the effects of the Destroyer this time around which is poetic and terrifying, i.e. “when children will turn grey headed”

It is interesting to note that Glastonbury Abbey, the place where the Kolbrin manuscripts were kept was burnt down with the hope of destroying this “heretical” version.

Fire and Ice. Some things are absolutely certain. The sun will rise in the east. The tide will ebb and flood. The moon will wax and wane. And summer always comes. Human civilization at its base relies on these certainties. Such absolutes have driven our agriculture, biology, calendars, and our poetry. But what happens if one of these totally reliable, completely certain events one day didn’t happen? It would be as if the world had come to an end.

When the sun disappeared from the morning sky during the solar eclipse in the year 1230 AD, peasants left the fields and went back to bed, where they prayed for God to save the world. When, at the end of the last great ice age 12,000 years ago, the glaciers began to retreat and the oceans rise…. it might well be that a man named Noah set off on ark, hoping to save the last living creatures on earth. And when one year in Alaska summer never came, a tribe of Eskimos nearly died out and a creation myth was born.

Today scientists have the tools to explain some of the massive disruptions in nature’s normal cycles. But surviving them is still a life and death struggle. Producer Daniel Grossman examined an Eskimo creation myth about the “year of two winters,” and found that the Alaskan tale may actually have its roots thousands of miles away in Iceland.


He called the story “Fire & Ice.”


James presents scientific evidence of sudden periodic climate change caused by celestial events not long ago
posted August 2, 2003

At NASA we are the brains, the CIA is the brawn. As a member of an elite team, we were given different scenarios, one what if situation presented to us, was, if a rogue asteroid threaten life on Earth, what would be our solution?


The group, one of the best in the world came to the conclusion that panic throughout the world population would result in a higher death toll than the impact itself. You should get the picture, the government secretly pushed [the movies] Deep Impact and Armageddon to prepare the public sub-consciously.


So we put together a plan just in case, and if this did not work we were under the impression Mission Control in Houston would go public in order the preserve as many lives as possible.

One day, the military inquired about this plan stating concern, and the meeting did not sit right with me. We are the leaders in space technology so why were they prepping us of a threat?


The plan was instituted and designed to coincide with a normal space operation just incase a cover story was needed, but targeting did not work. Our new infrared satellite failed unexpectedly and we were blind. We had to depend upon the space station staff by a scientist well briefed in nuclear technology, SOHO and Houston for accurate guidance.

So in late September, the cover story was released as normal into the general population, and now I am worried, because stray meteorites breaking away from the main object have been impacting Earth within the last couple of weeks. Details, sketchy at best, are spread by rumors only, so my confidence is low and team was given orders to muzzle all information officially under national security.

When members of NASA resigned recently, it struck me as odd. Are they running from an incident that we had under control that is now out of hand. My kids are the apple of my eye, if the worst happens, do I take my chances in the field among the coarse or stay with the pack, my co-workers, whom I loathe? They think only of themselves.

I want to apologize to America. It was my intention to protect you, spare you the pain and worry. It has been weighing on my mind. Others would like to come forward, but intimidation and visions of David Kelly and the Wilsons bring them to reality; no one wants to volunteer for a suicide mission, let someone else save this planet.


I thought we would have a solution, but that will not happen. After watching the posts here on GLP transpire during recent months, my advice to you, is to follow the facts and your instincts, gauge the words by the intensity of backlash and the percentage of an element of truth. Could a scenario be true even though you don’t have all the pieces? The higher the confrontation against certain posts exhibiting a common theme, the closer you may be to the reality.


The inbound object is odd, the slight glimpse I had during the briefing, due to security and a need to know basis, showed an object masked within a dust cloud. I asked myself, what kind of an asteroid has its own dust cloud? I have a bad feeling about this. If you want to know, I did this for my kids and unofficially my fate is sealed. I have nothing to lose if you detect who I am.


Although, I really would like to visit them just in case, but all the vacation days until the end of the year have been taken. I never had a problem before except for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but this year is different. I want our country to return to what the forefathers expected out of this land, the truth, personal freedom and trust in God.


As the months progress, what few there are, I will put my faith in God, not man’s religion; it is only here will my spirit find true peace. This is a one time post. I will not respond to questions. If anybody does use my post name, NASA Scientist, it is not me.


Godspeed to all who live on this world, one of many that have life forms.


Return to Earth Changes
Return to Nibiru – Planet X




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  1. blessedistruth Says:

    #EarthChanges #NASA #NikolaTesla #Destroyer

    Tags: Earth Changes, NASA, Nikola Tesla, the Destroyer

    Dated, but interesting.

    Earth Changes, Evolution of The Solar System, and Planet X

    Aug 2, 2003

  2. blessedistruth Says:

    May 28, 2014 posting … CLIMATE CHANGE … is a fact of life … but how can it change rapidly by natural causes … listen to my show this week for a detailed explanation … jim mccanney

    [audio src="" /]

    [Waiting for McCanney to post this link.]

  3. blessedistruth Says:

    THE NEW 2 CD SET (all lectures in MP3 Format)


    18 hours total of lectures with 21 topics discussed on CD #1 and 12 topics discussed on CD #2 … for the first time and from the only source that can really discuss this topic in depth … detailed discussions in terms you will understand of the science of Planet X and Ancient Celestial Disasters … here is the breakdown and for only $11.95 you really need this information in your library … jim mccanney

    CD #1 … (13 hours total)

    01 INTRODUCTION – 02 Planet X Objects – 03 A Brief History of Celestial Disasters – 04 The Noah’s Flood Event – 05 The Moses Event – 06 Ancient Egyptians – 07 The Tale of Atlantis – 08 Physics of the Kolbrin – 09 The Ancient Mayans – 10 The Modern Mayans – 11 Mexico and the Ancient Americas – 12 Modern Myths and Quacks – 13 The Physics of Telsa – 14, 15, 16 and 17 is a four part series Science of the Many Planet -X Objects one hour each segment – 18, 19, 20 and 21 is a four part series The Psychology of Planet-X one hour each segment

    CD #2 … (5 hours total)

    01 Velikovsky – 02 The Physics of the Venus Event – 03 Credibility – Why Velikovsky had to be Buried – Secret Societies and Control – 04 Warner Sizemore Interview March 22, 2008 Part I (personal assistant to Velikovsky) – 05 Warner Sizemore Interview March 22, 2008 Part II – 06 Warner Sizemore Interview April 28, 2008 additional people – 07 What Did Velikovsky Really Say – 08 The Axioms of Astronomy – 09 Of Calendars and Time Scales – 10 The Physics of Earth Changes (an extensive scientific analysis of over 20 Earth Changes explained in detail) – 11 Summary Conclusions – 12 Epilogue Was the Venus Event Related to the Noah or Moses Event

    i produced this extensive CD series of lectures so everyone would have this in case we are ever beset now or in the future of a planet X type of object coming into the solar system …

    remember that these objects have an extremely low probability of hitting earth directly …

    but just their presence in the solar system can spell disaster for the planets including Earth by dozens of “Earth Changes” that happen at a distance …

    the ancients tell us in their own words as best they could of what they saw and witnessed …

    now for the first time there is a COMPLETE ANALYSIS of the stories of the ancients explained in terms you will understand …

    understanding what you might see and witness will also give you the understanding of how to survive …

    for example what was the real reason the ancient mayans and Israelites sealed their doors and painted animal blood over their doors as the events unfolded ???

    there is a scientific reason that allowed them to survive …

    that kind of ancient knowledge has been lost until now …

    imagine 18 hours of detailed lectures and information …

    at only $11.95 for the 2 CD set you really need this in your library and a hard copy with your storage and survival supplies …

    jim mccanney

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    [[[To those of you reading this on or about January 16, 2005, it is noteworthy that Licia Davidson later predicted, (saying that she had been shown} three major cataclysms prior to a “mass landing event” near Mojave, CA, that:

    1) A major disaster involving the burning and collapse of several huge skyscrapers would occur. (WTC/ 9-11?)

    2) A meteor impact would occur on or near the Japanese mainland destroying a major city on the coast of Japan, with extensive Tsunami damage around the Pacific.

    3) A 9.2 earthquake would occur with an epicenter near the Salton Sea, in southern California, leveling Los Angeles.

    — Then “they” would arrive. REMEMBER- THIS WAS PREDICTED IN 1989, and up until recently, 9.0 or higher earthquakes were unheard of.]]]

  5. blessedistruth Says:

    This is the previous post to which I referred:


    [Me: Not sure, but I think this author has got this wrong. I thought it was the Salton Sea in California that was referenced in this reading.]

    Actual Text

    “If there is the greater activities in the Vesuvius, or Pelee then the southern coast of California

    and the areas between Salt lake and the southern portions of Nevada may expect within the

    three months following same, an inundation by the earthquakes.”

    My understanding is these are the areas in question, Sea of Cortez north to the Salton Sea, then further north to the southern portions of Nevada.

  6. blessedistruth Says:

    In the second hour, Mark shares an interesting story of one contactee who was then abducted by the military who was trying to acquire alien technology found inside of the contactee. This abductee also predicted future events that have all come to pass, except for one.

  7. blessedistruth Says:

    Mark McCandlish

    Superluminal Travel/ Physics Papers

    Hi There, James.
    Thank you for the lengthy response. I am preparing an answer for you on
    most of the points you made, but I have a question. Are you able to access the
    American Physical Society’s website and review papers that have been published
    in Physics A, B, “Essays”, etc.? There are a number of publications I would
    like to cite that I believe will show you (with regard to Einstein’s light speed
    limitation of GR) that it isn’t so much that it CAN’T be violated as much as it
    is a case of just finding the correct modality of accomplishing this. And I
    think it can be done without violating GR and the time dilation/ causality
    phenomenon you speak of.
    Incidentally, I believe your assertion that the Doppler Effect is the
    primary cause of
    a “sonic boom” is incorrect. The Doppler Effect (as far as I am aware), is a
    frequency shift that is perceived by the stationary observer in the passing of
    an object, generally one that is producing sound. (Such as a jet aircraft, a
    train blowing its horn etc.). On approach, the rate of interaction with the
    stationary observer is higher, (perceived as a higher frequency of the parent
    sound) and drops to a lower frequency with the passing of the sound source as
    the rate of interaction is reduced. But to the observer within the
    sound-producing vehicle, the frequency has remained constant.
    I believe that you are asserting, (correct me if I am wrong), that as a
    vehicle approaches Mach, the vehicle essentially “catches up” with the sound
    waves it is producing, folding them back as a shock wave as it exceeds Mach -1.
    This produces
    the so-called sonic “boom” often associated with aircraft traveling above Mach.
    But did you know that silent objects traveling at a velocity above Mach
    also produce a super sonic shock wave? The simplest example I can give you is a
    personal observation, that can be confirmed by any firearms expert. While
    firing a high-powered rifle at a distant target in a sandy desert area, I
    observed the sand below the projectile’s trajectory
    “jump” in a wave that followed the path of the bullet out to the target. The
    velocity of the projectile produced a shock wave that was audible, even when
    techniques were applied. (This is why assasins use sub-sonic ammo).
    The true source of the “sonic boom” is the energy transfer from the
    moving object to the surrounding air that is being displaced. Since that energy
    transfer only occurs at the velocity that sound passes through the medium,
    (air), anything exceeding that velocity will produce a bow wake or shock wave
    demarcating the event horizon of that energy transfer moving away from the
    object. At Mach-1 or above that energy tranfer forms a shock wave, folded back
    from the point of initial contact, that is perceived by the stationary observer
    as a “boom” in the case of a jet aircraft and as a loud “crack” in the case of a
    (silenced gun) hyper-sonic bullet.
    With regard to the abduction phenomenon, and various sleep disorders, I
    agree with you that many of these folks are probably experiencing Sleep
    Paralysis, night “terrors” and other such problems. I don’t think that was the
    case with Cindy Vodovoz Bradley or Licia Davidson. I was cognisant of the cold
    reading technique you suggested might have been the underlying method by which
    Melinda Leslie sorted out my stable of cars, prior to the time of the first
    phone interview with her. I was very careful about my tone of voice, or any
    other verbal cues that might have given away the accuracy or inaccuracy of any
    of her “guesses”. Where psychic ability is concerned, I believe that she is the
    genuine article. An abductee? No.
    It may interest you to know that Dr. Roger Lear did in fact remove one
    “artifact” from Licia Davidson’s body, you can read about it after a Google
    Search on her name. I personally saw the first implant she had in one ear, and
    the two replacement implants a year or two later after her alleged military
    abduction and subsequent damage to the first implant. There was a police report
    filed in the community of Sierra Madre where she lives, and there were more than
    seven complaints filed by local residents of a military helicopter and
    paramilitary activity occurring on the night of her military abduction with the
    local police department. The physical damage I saw was real, and it could not
    have been done by a disgruntled ex-boyfriend. (She doesn’t have one out of a
    “lifestyle choice”, which is about the most discrete way I can say it).
    I will continue with my response after I hear back from you on the
    Physical Society access issue I asked you about.

    Mark McCandlish

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  9. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople from #NATO #chemTrails

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    High-Speed Solar Wind Triggers Lightning Strikes

  11. blessedistruth Says:

    #plasmadischargecometmodel #Tesla #jamesMcCanney #tornadoes

    Thanks once again for my great listener base … here is an email exchange …

    i want you to read this twice because there are many concepts here

    (my response is first followed by the listener email to me that prompted me to make this posting) …

    read this twice …

    then listen to my show archive of this past thursday evening (posted below) AND listen to the 2 hour interview of me on the joyce riley show this past wednesday may 29th … (starts approx 9:30)

    [audio src="" /]

    also you should be aware of my book THE DIAMOND PRINCIPLE in which i continually point out the absolute necessity of the world leaders to promote BAD SCIENCE AND ASTRONOMY in the government supported tier II science

    (NASA and the alphabet soup gov agencies)

    and tier III outreach programs … as a standard diet for the public …

    this latest work i have done to point out the flaws in “standard meteorology” regarding the cause of tornadoes is paramount to understanding the greed and control of the public by the world banking community

    which controls now our water and in the case of the current topic ENERGY …

    jim mccanney

    Dear (Listener – name removed to protect listener) … wow thanks for this email !!! this hits the point exactly and thanks for the link …

    wednesday i was on the joyce riley show and a woman called in saying that when she was a little girl they always told them to open the windows in the house when a tornado was coming to reduce the pressure and save the house …

    i said that is true as it is the vacuum in the center of the tornado that causes the house to be blown apart from the inside out

    (more pressure in the house and near vacuum outside) …

    BUT the woman then added that she was watching the national weather service and they said that was an old “myth” and was not true once again implying that it is the WIND that destroys the houses completely ignoring the vacuum concept or component of tornadoes !!!

    i also i mentioned on my show this past thursday night that

    the weather “models” for the creation of tornadoes given on the TV have shown two opposing storm systems rubbing clouds and this supposedly creates rotating motion that somehow creates tornadoes …

    BUT this does not explain the real properties of tornadoes especially the vacuum produced and the electrical discharges observed in the central part of the tornado and

    WHAT SUSTAINS this energy system plus the fact that there is not enough energy to create a tornado from solar energy sources AND

    there is no way to “organize” this energy into small composite units like tornadoes …

    something very different is going on …

    all of the standard explanations like you say point to “rotating wind” which is the physical outward appearance of tornadoes as its ONLY property …

    so returning to the main point … YES YES YES …

    why is the Rothschild owned weather reporting industry harboring BAD SCIENCE and meteorology and pawning this off on the public ???????????????

    exactly that …

    as i said on the joyce riley show (and many times on my own show) historically the leaders always have understood that

    keeping the public in the dark about real science is essential and in this case is essential to control …

    in this case hiding the real cause of tornadoes as

    it is one of the most visible physical manifestations of tesla power and that

    we certainly can power our society from the enormous amounts of power passing by earth every day in outer space …

    this is also why the “leaders” also set up and support

    phony “green energy” projects that will never work …

    that is why they support and promote ludicrous “free energy” people who propose putting a box on a table and sucking energy out of a worm hole or some such nonsense

    all to divert

    the one and only real solution that could replace coal – nuclear – big oil …

    i will be posting this on my web page along with your email (name removed) …

    thanks again … jim mccanney

  12. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople “Hide responsibility for civilian casualties” Олег Царев ПОТЕРИ ЕСТЬ. БОЕВЫХ ДЕЙСТВИЙ НЕТ…

    Спикер АТО Владислав Селезнев заявил, что никаких военных действий силовики АТО в Славянске и Краматорске сегодня не ведут.
    Но в это же время «военный аналитик» Дмитрий Тымчук пишет, что «Террористы несут тяжёлые потери». Интересно, как они научились «делать потери» без боевых действий?
    Одновременно целый ряд других изданий со ссылками на очевидцев и журналистов на местах пишет про активные боевые действия не только в Славянске и Краматорске, но и в ряде других мест.
    Более того, карательная армия потеряла целого генерала Кульчицкого вместе с личной охраной.
    Очевидно, что руководство АТО банально искажает информацию, чтобы скрыть свою ответственность за жертвы среди мирного населения.



    Speaker ATO Vladislav Seleznev said that any military action by the siloviki ATO slovyansk and Kramatorsk today do not lead.

    But at the same time, “military analyst Dmytro Tymčuk writes that the Terrorists had heavy losses. I wonder how they have learned to make losses “without fighting?

    at the same time, a number of other publications, with links to eyewitnesses and local journalists wrote about the active hostilities not only in slavyansk, Kramatorsk, but also in several other places.

    Moreover, punitive army lost a general Kulchytskyy together with personal protection.

    It is clear that the leadership of ATO banal distorted information to hide its responsibility for civilian casualties.


  13. blessedistruth Says:


    Два часа назад в Днепропетровской области произошел рейдерский захват предприятий, которые я когда-то отстраивал, вытягивал из убытков. Последнее время бизнес вела моя супруга Лариса.
    Около 20.00 к Днепропетровской бумажной фабрике на ул. Каспийской, 2, подъехало два микроавтобуса и автомобиль “Вольво”. Порядка 30 человек в масках и камуфляже перелезли через забор и попытались уложить на землю охрану. Пообещали пристрелить собаку, если ее не уведут.
    С целью избежать жертв директор фабрики Сергей Кучеренко попросил не трогать никого из людей. Нападавшие вскрыли админздание, изъяли электронный ключ, заставили директора показать территорию фабрики. Искали систему видеонаблюдения. Директору было сказано, что они новые хозяева фабрики и что завтра в 12.00 нужно прийти для переговоров с новыми хозяевами.
    Сейчас злоумышленники полностью контролируют Днепропетровскую бумажную фабрику. Директор вызвал милицию и прокуратуру, но они ничего не предприняли.
    По похожему сценарию произошел захват и Днепропетровского хлебокомбината № 2 по улице Ростовской, 141. Его директор Ирина Рыбальченко уже была дома, когда охрана сообщила, что предприятие оккупировано чужими людьми в камуфляже. На комбинат ей попасть не удалось. Захватчики назвались охранным агентством. Единственное, что объяснили захватчики директору – это то, что завтра в 9.00 будут юристы и с ними ей нужно будет говорить. Милицию новые “охранники” на территорию не пустили.
    Рассказ Анатолия Ещенко, директора Агропредприятия “Дзержинец” (село Украинка Криничанского района) похож на два предыдущих. Неизвестные ворвались на территорию предприятия и оккупировали его. Директор вызвал милицию из РОВД Баглейского района Днепродзержинска, но ему ответили, что это новые хозяева.



    Two days ago in Dnipropetrovsk region occurred Raider seizure that I once restored, has pulled out of loss.

    Recently, the business has been my wife Larissa.

    At about 8 p.m. to the Dnepropetrovsk paper factory on UL. Caspian, 2, reached two minibuses and a car a Volvo.

    About 30 people in masks and camouflage uniforms climbed over a fence and tried to lay on the ground.

    Promised to shoot a dog if it is not taken away.

    In order to avoid victims director Sergei Kucherenko asked not to touch any of the people.

    The attackers have opened administrative building, seized electronic key, forced the Director of the show into the factory.

    Looking for a video surveillance system.

    The Director was told that they are the new owners of the factory and that tomorrow at 12.00 to arrive for talks with the new owners.

    Now the attackers full control of the Dnepropetrovsk paper factory.

    The Director called police and the Prosecutor’s Office, but they did nothing.

    A similar scenario occurred the taking and Dnepropetrovsk bakery No. 2 Street, Rostov, 141.

    Its Director Irina Rybalchenko already was at home when the guard reported that the company was occupied by strangers in camouflage.

    To combine her get failed.

    The invaders introduced themselves as the Security Agency.

    The only thing that explained the invaders to it that tomorrow at 9 am will be lawyers and with them she will say.

    To the new “guards” were not allowed into the territory.

    The story of Anatoly Yeshchenko, Director of the farming enterprise “follower of Dzerzhinsky” (village of Ukrainka Krynychanka district) is similar to the previous two.

    Unknown people broke into the company and occupied it.

    The Director of the POLICE DEPARTMENT called police Baglejskogo district of Dneprodzerzhinsk, but he was told that the new owners.


  14. blessedistruth Says:


    Сразу после звонка мне Коломойского на всех трех предприятиях начались интенсивные проверки и обыски. Только за один день девятнадцатого мая сотрудники прокуратуры провели двадцать четыре обыска у руководителей и сотрудников Бумажной фабрики, хлебокомбината, и сельхозпредприятия «Дзержинец». Каждый день приходили из прокуратуры, СЭС, экологической инспекции и т.д.
    Прокуратура во время обыска на Каспийской, 2 изъяла уставные документы вышеуказанных предприятий. Двадцать четвертого мая, используя уставные документы изъятые прокуратурой, замы Коломойского Корбан и Филатов организовали подделку протоколов учредителей и меняют руководителей этих предприятий. Через два дня после этого в Едином госреестре, который им подконтролен как официальным лицам, они поменяли директоров предприятий. При этом были грубо сфальсифицированы подписи и печати. Сейчас ими зарегистрированы свои фирмы с такими же названиями для того, чтобы в дальнейшем перебросить активы захваченных предприятий на свои фирмы с теми же названиями.
    Дальше произошло то, что произошло. Вчера силовым методом новые “хозяева” захватили все предприятия заведя охраной на их территорию новых директоров (
    Фабрика выпускает бумажную продукцию – от офсета до тетрадок.Там работает около 500 человек. Хлебокомбинат – это около 350 сотрудников и сорок тонн хлеба в сутки. Агропредприятие «Дзержинец» – это 350 работников, восемь тысяч гектар земли и сорокатысячный свинокомплекс.
    Сегодня же уничтожили бизнес у моего товарища по борьбе, члена движения “Юго-Восток” и Народный Фронт Вячеслава Бедняка (



    Kolomoisky me after a call on all three enterprises began intensive checks and searches.

    Just for one day on 19 May the Department of public prosecutions had twenty-four search managers and staff paper mill, bakery, and agricultural enterprises “follower of dzerzhinsky”.

    Every day come from the Prosecutor’s Office, SANITARY, environmental inspection, etc.

    The Prosecutor’s Office during the search on the Caspian, 2 removed the statutory documents of the above companies.

    The twenty-fourth of may using the statutory documents seized by the public prosecutor’s Office, Deputy Kolomoisky Korban and Filatov organized forgery the protocols of the founders and leaders of these enterprises are changing.

    Two days later, in the single State register, which is under control as officials, they changed the Board of Directors of enterprises.

    If this were blatantly falsified signatures and seals.

    Now they have registered their firm with the same name in order to transfer the assets seized on their firm with the same name.

    Then something happened that happened.

    Today the power by the new “owners” captured all enterprises having protection on their territory of new directors

    The factory produces paper products from offset to journals. employs approximately 500 people There.

    Bakery-it’s about 350 employees and forty tons of bread per day.

    Agricultural enterprise “follower of Dzerzhinsky” is 350 workers, eight thousand hectares of land and sorokatysâčnyj pig farm.

    Today destroyed the business my friend, a member of the South-East, and the popular front Vyacheslav Poor


  15. blessedistruth Says:


    Почти каждый день украинские СМИ распространяют информацию о том, что жители Донецкой и Луганской областей якобы «глубоко обеспокоены ситуацией, сложившейся в результате деятельности преступных антиукраинских организаций на территории Донбасса» и просят защитить их от «террористов».
    Так это или нет? Послушайте, что говорят простые жители Луганска.


    Almost every day, Ukrainian mass media disseminated information that the inhabitants of Donetsk and Lugansk regions “are deeply concerned at the situation created by the activities of criminal organizations in the territory of Donbass anti-Ukrainian and seek shelter from” terrorists “.

    Like it or not? Listen to what they say ordinary citizens of Lugansk.

    [DonBass People – Do not trust Mass Media. Here in United States. They have abandoned us.]

    [Донбасса люди – не доверяют средствам массовой информации. Здесь, в Соединенных Штатах. Они покинули нас.]

  16. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople Павел Губарев Donetsk, Ukraine Спасибо за помощь, друзья! Thanks for the help, guys!

    Владислав Бриг added 5 new photos.
    Спасибо всем за вашу помощь!

    Отправка и доставка гуманитарной помощи для Народного Ополчения Донбасса на Славянск 29.05.2014.

    Напоминаем – Народному ополчению срочно требуются волонтеры в Гуманитарный Батальон Новороссии. Всем желающим оказать помощь обращаться по телефонам 095-216-46-34, 063-959-67-04.

    Всем, кто хочет оказать помощь Славянскому ополчению:


    Thank you all for your help!

    Dispatch and delivery of humanitarian assistance to the people’s militia in Slavyansk Donbass, 29.05.2014.

    Recall-the people’s militia volunteers are urgently needed in Humanitarian Battalion of Novorossiya.

    All wishing to help please call 095-216-46-34, 063-959-67-04.

    Anyone who wants to help Slavic militia:


  17. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople Crises in Syria, Ukraine were created for changing regimes – Russian FM

  18. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople Civilians being killed by Ukrainian military & Right Sector extremists

    Ukrainian authorities cannot be trusted – expert

    Robert Oulds, Director of the Bruges Group, an independent all-party think tank, expressed his opinion about the current situation in Ukraine and how it could possibly develop.

    So, do you think this whole operation only took some kind of impulse just because Russia agreed to withdraw its troops from the border?


    No doubt.

    The Ukrainian authorities think that they can get away with attacking the civilians who’ve expressed their desire to have autonomy.

    Ukraine was a unitary state until, of course, the West supported the overthrow of President Yanukovych.

    He was someone who wanted to have a balanced position between the EU and Russia.

    He wanted to have a trade agreement with both entities.

    That was not accepted by the EU, by NATO and the West. He was then removed from power.

    And, of course, Ukraine is a divided society.

    Some people did not want to be in the association agreement with the EU, they wanted to look towards Russia, they wanted to have a balanced relationship.

    That was not tolerated.

    So, it was inevitable that this crisis would have come about, if the regime change is enacted.

    That is the history of what we learnt from regime change, that it always has unintended consequences and the society becomes further divided, and a conflict begins.

    The east of Ukraine has expressed its will to go its own way, to have self-determination, they’ve applied to join the Russian Federation

    (and Russia hasn’t actually responded to that request as yet),

    but we are left in the situation where there is a conflict and, unfortunately,

    the civilians are being killed by, in some cases the Ukrainian military, in other cases by the Right Sector extremists.

    The Ukrainian authorities cannot be trusted.

  19. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople Europe can hardly afford isolating Russia

    Do you observe any, perhaps, budding trends showing that people start realizing it and, moreover that they are starting to search for ways out?


    No, I don’t see anything. People are looking for a leader.

    They are looking for a leader in Greece, they are looking for a leader in the European Commission.

    We are desperate to find a leader, because most of the people that we now have in the governments are just doing the everyday work.

    There is no strategy, there is no vision.

    And then, when you come to Vladimir Putin – he makes a decision.

    He is one man, but he makes a decision.

    The leader is to make a decision now and tomorrow you implement it, and then you go to the next step.

    And even though they criticize Russia, they know that they need energy. So, they have to sit down and discuss it with him.

    So, sooner or later the EU-Russia relationship will be restored.

    And I hope the US-Russia relationship will be restored sooner, because they are two countries that need to collaborate on issues like terrorism, like illegal migration, like Islamic networks.

    There are so many things to share together and stop being separated on the issues like the EU.

    We need to join forces in order to combat problems that cannot be solved unilaterally.


    John Nomikos,the Director at the Research Institute for European and American Studies, Chairman of the Mediterranean Council for Intelligence Studies (MCIS), Chairman of the European Intelligence Academy (EIA).

    [The problem – NOT what Obama does overtly. What Obama does covertly.]

    [Проблема – не то, что Obama делает открыто. Что Obama делает скрытно.]

  20. blessedistruth Says:


    Россия: Украина нарушения Женевской конвенции о защите гражданского населения
    Украина обвиняется в убийстве невинных гражданских лиц с пророссийских мятежников

    Russia: Ukraine breaches Geneva Convention on civilian protection
    Ukraine is accused of killing innocent civilians while at war with pro-Russian insurgents


    «Виновных в гибели мирных граждан и детей по всем канонам международного права должны нести ответственность за это»,-говорится в заявлении.

    “Those guilty of the deaths of peaceful civilians and children according to all the canons of international law must bear responsibility for this,” the statement said.

  21. blessedistruth Says:

  22. blessedistruth Says:

    [audio src="" /]

  23. blessedistruth Says:

    @ 21:10

    The Crux of the Issue – whether it’s climate, weather, solar wind linking to lightning

    We have vast amounts of energy

    available to us Earthlings

    We can tap into that at anytime

    We should have been for over a 100 yrs

    Tesla had the towers built

    He was extracting energy from the atmosphere

    He didn’t know about the solar wind

    He didn’t know about the vertical electric field

    other than

    [ … this ionosphere is powered from the electrical energy that is passing by the earth via the solar wind all the time. At any rate Tesla, at least empirically, knew that there was a vertical electric field and he knew how to tap into it. So he took the power from the power grid for a short period of time, tapped into the vertical electric field, and then he could release the energy input that he got off the Westinghouse grid and electrical current began to flow into his power, and he was then able to put it back out on the grid, basically for free, putting power back into the electrical grid. We all know the story. They came down, tore his tower down and shut it down.]

  24. blessedistruth Says:

    #plasmadischargecometmodel #chemTrails #climateEngineering

    The Electric Universe with James McCanney, M.S.

  25. blessedistruth Says:

    Jim McCanney – transcript May 15 radio show – much info re Tesla tech, etc


    James McCanney Science Hour “At the Crossroads” May 15, 2003

    We have a tremendous amount of information tonight. A very important night. We have a total eclipse of the moon. There is a lot of political activity tonight associated with the eclipse. I’m going to try to diffuse that and throw it back in NASA’s lap. A couple of announcements first. Tomorrow night, May 16th, at midnight Central time I’ll be the guest on the I’ll be the guest on the George Nurey Show, Coast to Coast AM show. I’ll be talking a little bit about the Planet X issue and about the ongoing research about objects coming into the solar system. So I want to Make it clear that this research has been going on for decades and it will continue to go on. We’ll just try to iron out the difficulties that have arisen due to the misinformation campaign that has been going on.

    Also as previously announced starting next week I will be adding an hour to my radio show starting next week Friday at 9 PM EST on this same network I’ll be hosting a show called the Electric Universe with James McCanney. The Electric Universe is a term I defined in my early papers in 1979, It kind of got borrowed and passed around and used by some people. I’m basically taking it back. That’s Friday night, May 23rd at this same time slot. It will interface with the satellite down link which will allow me to progress onto short wave and possibly other frequencies – we don’t know yet. At any rate the show is expanding and due to popular demand (the network has gotten a tremendous number of requests and I have gotten a tremendous number of requests) and I am racing to get the material in the show each week and I never have enough time to get all the material in so we are moving to that second hour.

    The homeland security just made an announcement that they want everybody to go to the schools if there is some kind of national emergency. Well, people have put 2+2 together and figured out that the Columbine incident (it’s now been recognized that) in fact it was the federal agencies that shot the students, not the other students. Clearly that was a staged event to get this in order. Also an aside from the Columbine incident was that it’s a law that in public schools you can not have firearms. Isn’t that an interesting little twist? Isn’t it interesting how this little chess game they are playing with the public is proceeding? So at any rate, be your own guide, but when the call goes out you may want to head in the other direction. By the way it has also been determined that they know that they can not contain a Code Red Alert. There is no way that they have enough civil servants to contain a Code Red on a national level. So they are trying some secondary maneuver here and I would guess that they would probably do this during the school day when people would want to go to the school and find their kids. It’s also been suggested that they would motor the kids to some other location. Anyway you are your own bests guide on that but just a little warning of what’s to come.

    A note on the dollar. Since we deal with science the dollar is economic which is somewhat of a crude science. In the last three months the dollar has lost 16% of its value worldwide and some are touting the fact that the price of gold is going up. Well it is going up relative to the U.S. dollar. It is not going up relative to any other currency. So the fact that you can buy gold at the price differential today, means that you should have bought gold three months ago. If you are buying now you are hedging on the fact that the dollar is up more than on the International Currency Scene.

    I want to mention something too and that is that the birthright of the stars belongs to everybody. This is not something that is granted by a government or NASA or somebody else. This came up in a show I did this week with ??. I’ve been on his show a number of times. This show is really directed to the youth of the world. This show is broadcast in 143 countries, the Tree of Life show with (Hanya Basha McGee ?). He asked me to end the show with a thought and I said that stars are the birthright of the children which does not belong to some government or government agency. This birthright has basically been robbed from them.

    I want to proceed with the lecture part of the show with a gift to the people listening, those out there who can take this gift and show how we can prosper and move away from the direction that the world is moving in right now. So stay tuned for the lecture. I think it’s going to open your eyes. Other people are having little dog and pony shows right now…the dog and pony show from the government and the disinformation crew regarding Planet X. They are hoping like crazy that they could bury the planet X issue, but thanks to you people you are smarter than they think and you are aware of their little game. But at any rate since they are having a little dog and pony show, I’m going to also put on a little dog and pony show and put out information which will literally change to direction that this planet is moving in relative to how the civilization is progressing.

    Another announcement, the Spectrum Magazine interview with Rick Martin. This is about a two hour interview that we did and then it appeared in Spectrum magazine. The article with Rick was extensive and I pulled just the interview part out of that and it is now posted on my home page, I would encourage everyone to go to the link for the Spectrum interview. I would like everyone to read that interview. It’s one of those things that really clicked. A lot of really good information came out. It really directs us to see the past, to see the present and to see the future. I’d encourage you to send the link to as many people as you can. Pass that URL on, because I think it has very important information in it. Thanks, Rick. Many times it is the interviewer that is able to drag the information out of the person being interviewed. Thanks Rick for that. The full 88 page article was too long to put on my home page so to see the full article I encourage you to get the May issue of Spectrum magazine. Rick did a tremendous job of putting the article together—a tremendous amount of information.

    Also an upgrade to my system: The archives will now be available 2 to 3 hours following my show. The show will be on my site by about 2:00 EST the morning following the programs on Thursday and Friday nights.

    You can begin pulling up the notes #5 on for tonight’s lecture. It will be on Tesla technology. This is a gift I’m giving to you and the world, which the poor countries desperately need. It will bring them up to a level with the developed countries very quickly. I also mean to talk, and I hope I can get this in at the end of the lecture. If not it will be coming in on one of the upcoming lectures. It will be the electronic propulsion system I developed in the 80s and that will be given for free also on my radio show and on my home page.

    I just want to say something…I get emails all the time from hostile professionals, let me call them that. They are very angry at what I’m doing and at the fact, I guess that I’m succeeding, that I’m reaching the public and making a dent in what is typically their holy domain. When somebody gets a PhD and they go to work for an aerospace corporation or NASA or the government and they get on committees and they referee journal papers, etc. it’s kind of a holy grail. It’s kind of a very dignified position and it’s a place where nobody has been able to make inroads. Well, I’m making inroads in that I’m reaching the public without going through them. You see the problem? And they’re very frustrated because they are worried that somehow I’m making money doing this. Well, that’s not true. But the point is that I’m reaching the public in my classroom. When I sit down at this microphone I have many times many hundreds and thousand of people all over the world. That’s my classroom. It’s a great classroom and I’m really making inroads. There is something I can do, I’ve learned over the decades, and that is how to communicate with people on many levels. I can be in a room with 50 of the world’s top plasma physicists and hold them in their chairs for 4 or 5 hours like I did at Los Alamos. I can also sit in a room with average people that same length of time and speak to them on that very same topic. I can talk to them on their level so that they also understand the very same principles. Maybe using less mathematics and fewer physics terms involved, but I can explain it to them so that they equally understand. It’s something that is making an inroad that has never been done before. I also have a medium of communication which is this radio show, and other radio shows that I’m a guest on and it’s something that these professionals are very aggravated about.

    The thing that I want to say about that is that we are involved here in a scientific revolution. It reminds me of the scene in the movie Dr. Zavago. The Russian troops are all beaten and tattered and they are coming back into their Russian front, back into Russia. There are literally miles and miles of these shoulders trying to carry each other. Fresh recruits are coming out at the command of this big red-faced general. He pulls out a sword and he orders these men back to the front line to fight. They basically say “no, we are not going to” and he gets totally upset, because he’s the commander and he’s going to tell them and he’s got the rank. They shoot him and he falls in a barrel. The narrator of the movie comments that this was the beginning of the revolution. It’s very much like that in the scientific world. Not that we are going to shoot people, that’s certainly not the case, but we are shooting their dignity. This has to happen. Revolutions are never nice to the people who resist. The revolution is there because those people have not allowed the new information to be processed in the normal manner. It’s their fault that there is a revolution. It’s their fault that I’m on this microphone and not publishing in the scientific journals to get my information out. Be that as it may. It’s not going to be a pretty sight, but I am winning in getting this information out to the public.

    An announcement on the lunar eclipse tonight. This is a very strange incident. Being an astronomer I think I keep up on astronomy quite well compared to your average amateur astronomer and I did not realize until it was announced in the amateur astronomical media that the full moon on May 15th that this would be a very unusual red full moon. Isn’t it interesting that this would occur on May 15th, the date that was chosen by our government friends in the Planet X disinformation campaign begun back in the mid nineties. Now isn’t that interesting, because that proves one thing, that professional astronomers who were very attuned to this kind of thing were an integral part of the planning of the planning of the Planet X disinformation campaign that is now unfolding. The other night on the George Murray show there was a guy that called in and I don’t think that this guy was real, I think he was a plant. He claimed that he knew someone who was going to commit suicide on the 15th based on Nancy Lieder’s Zetatalk home page, and then they got into the statement that there were 4 or 5 Japanese people for whom there was a mention of suicide. This is what I have been saying all along, that the whole plan for the May 15th government disinformation, was that they wanted to make some big splash – crazy people committing suicide. The final seed for that scenario was planted the other night on that show. The situation became more bizarre when it became clear that there would be a total lunar eclipse (that is where the earth gets in between the light from the sun and blocks the moon’s light that we would normally see.) But what is more interesting is because of the way the light would move through the atmosphere on this particular eclipse, it would be a red looking moon as it rose over the United States. For people east of the Mississippi the moon would already be up in the sky supposedly when the eclipse began. However people west of the Mississippi and toward the west coast of the United States and on to Japan would see a large red moon rising on the horizon as the total eclipse proceeded. This I didn’t know before but it makes it all the more bizarre that they picked this date of May 15th. That tells me that professional astronomers were integrally involved in the planning of the May 15, 2003 date for the disinformation campaign and identified it long ago because of the way they do things. They’d have a big event. There would be suicides. The word cults came up many times. What they are trying to do is drag everybody involved in this who has mentioned Planet X to try to drag them down. It was mentioned by our astronomer, who by the way is a NASA employee, who works for an outreach program whose fiduciary remuneration does come from NASA for that particular job. (He) states that this is all due to Planet X hype. So you can see the scenario that’s being built here for the 95% of the people in this country who have never heard of Planet X before. I just want to make that clear.

    Now I’m going to give the time frame for the total lunar eclipse…………

    This is posted on my webpage. Do not confuse this with Planet X. There is no known information with regard to a Planet X type of object coming and doing any damage to Planet Earth on May 15th. There is simply no information and I am very opposed to this kind of misinformation that’s being propagated on the internet or wherever on radio shows. That is based on false information or contrived information other than real observation. (which would be) someone seeing it on equipment and verifying it with observations of second parties. And I also said—now this is the catch and I want you to listen carefully to this—NASA has known about this potential for suicide prior to the 15th, in fact it was brought up and made public by one of their outreach people, whose job is to contact the public. So, if there are any suicides related to this misinformation it rests squarely on the shoulders of NASA for not using their power of the press (their ability to go to the press) and make a national announcement that there is no expected Planet X today, and do not confuse the red moon total eclipse with a Planet X rising on the horizon and coming to do imminent damage to Earth.

    …if NASA waits until afterwards to say “shame on these people. See how crazy they are.” Then actually the blame goes right back to NASA because they knew about it – it was on the airwaves – one of their former employees, a NASA outreach person was fully aware of it and so they failed to inform the public. It’s just another example of NASA’s failure to inform the public of something that would be of public interest. Comet NEAT is another perfect example. I don’t want to dwell on this but it is a very important point.

    Moving on…I want to do the weather and then we will get to the Tesla technology in the second half. BTW, in the past two weeks we have had no fewer than 434 tornados, 1190 damaging wind storms and 2,269 hail storms, mainly occurring in the Midwest and the south from late April to May 11th in about a 10 day period. I’ve heard people say “Oh, records are set all the time.” These are not records. This is phenomenal! This is beyond records. This is more than a degree higher than the previous record. One thing I want to mention too is that I watch the sun, of course, on a daily basis. The SOHO feeds of data have turned up missing over and over again. You’ll see on the May 2nd radio show I post the X-Ray data for 11 of 14 consecutive 3 hour periods. The X-Ray count is in the M-Class. That is that we are being bombarded by an incredible amount of X-Rays and nobody is telling you about this. The other thing that I want to mention is that the normal solar wind speed is about 350 Kilometers per second. In the past three weeks the solar wind speed has been about 650 to 800 K/sec. Steady state. Now a good solar flare would possibly get up to the 500 range, so we have been from a steady flowing state, extreme, extreme solar wind speed for a period of three weeks. This is not normal, fans. This is not normal. We have had our magnetic field reversed repeatedly over the past three weeks, The solar magnetic field has reversed to the point it has gone to the southerly direction. We have had the magnetic field totally zeroed out and the radiation has been enormous.

    Station break

    I want to mention a few things here. I’ve posted a weather dial from the SOHO satellite showing a wind speed of nearly 800 K/sec and this is what has been going on for weeks. It’s just incredible, totally unusual. The sun is way beyond normal and of course nobody is telling you about that. I have seen many, many weathermen standing on local news with a very funny look on their face trying to explain to people how 434 tornados in a week period is pretty much normal. Just a repeat, you’ll see a picture of Comet Neat once again with that giant flare coming out of the sun. That’s the kind of thing that affects our weather. That particular flare went away from us, did not affect us tremendously, but those are the kind of flares that if they do come at us, you’re going to know it in a big way. I also have a picture from the Hubble Space Telescope of a nebula and this once again is a view of what I call the solar capacitor—a huge capacitor wall that surrounds a star being held back by solar wind pressure (or stellar wind pressure) from the proton wind I talked about. That’s the capacitor that the comets discharge and BTW there are many currents flowing back and forth between the star and that ring surrounding the star. It’s a very complex plasma interaction. Also, another three pictures of a comet coming in on January 22nd of this year passing close to the sun.

    Now I want to go on to this week’s lecture. It’s going to be on Tesla technology. This is my gift to you. It is my own personal little dog and pony show. This is what the people in the oil industry and the people in the power industry, the people that like to believe that they control the world, this is what they don’t want you to see.

    To start out with a little bit of a story here: When Tesla was fully developed in his technology he sold off the generator in AC, that is the alternating technology for generating power that is transmitted on what we today call the grid. In fact the elements of today’s grid system, the diodes that pass between grid elements around the country, the generators, the power plants and transformers, all of this is Tesla’s technology. He sold it for about 4 million dollars to Westinghouse around the turn of the century. Under the contract, he said eventually in that time I would like to use as much power as I can off the grid and just for a brief amount of time. Then I will not use it anymore. For experimentation I need at times to derive lots and lots of power out of the power grid—because he sold all the rights of this power basically to Westinghouse. Westinghouse didn’t know what he was doing and said OK. But what Tesla was doing is something we are going to talk about here. 35.48

    He was taking the power off the grid to power a very large Tesla coil which became known as the Tesla tower. There are two elements to the Tesla tower. One is a Tesla coil which is a big coil of wire wrapped around a metal, let’s say an iron central rod with a fine tip at the very top. This is not a Van de Graf type of Tesla coil. There are a couple of kinds of Tesla coils. The one we have here is the one with the fine point at the top. What it does is provide a very high voltage, very high frequency alternating voltage at the tip. Possibly you have seen these where they will cause a light bulb across the room to light up. At any rate, what he realized was that there was a vertical electric field in the atmosphere. He did not know where it came from. Of course the information published in my book, Planet X, Comets, and Earth Changes at a general public level, and of course at a theoretical level papers which are plasma physics papers on a more technical level, explain how this ionosphere is powered from the electrical energy that is passing by the earth via the solar wind all the time. At any rate Tesla, at least empirically, knew that there was a vertical electric field and he knew how to tap into it. So he took the power from the power grid for a short period of time, tapped into the vertical electric field, and then he could release the energy input that he got off the Westinghouse grid and electrical current began to flow into his power, and he was then able to put it back out on the grid, basically for free, putting power back into the electrical grid. We all know the story. They came down, tore his tower down and shut it down.

    Well, what I am going to tell you today is that anybody in the world—especially those in the poor equatorial countries can use this technology. At the end I’ll tell you what it can be used for.

    Go to slide 1. This is a picture of a Tesla coil. This is a little classroom model of a Tesla coil. It’s just windings of wire around a central core. They are very easy to design once you understand how they work. On the actual Tesla tower there was a metal tower that surrounded this Tesla coil that when the current began to flow from the ionosphere, it actually flowed to the surrounding tower and then out on the power grid. You can see that in my crude drawing here. So at any rate, the area you see has a dielectric constant. Whenever you have a capacitor and that’s what we have between the ionosphere and the surface of the earth, you can increase the capacitance (i.e. its ability to hold charge) by including a dielectric, and it turns out that the atmosphere is a very good dielectric. In o9ther words there is a much greater storage device in our ionosphere to earth capacitor because the air is in the middle and it is due to the small dielectric dipoles of the air atoms and molecules. What Tesla realized was that if you could break down the dielectric just above the tower and get the current to flow, which is stored in the ionosphere down to his tower, he had an individual path, from that storage device, the ionosphere, down to his device, the tower, and he could distribute it on the grid. By the way, this is the same technique that storms use to develop tornados and hurricanes. Many of the equatorial countries that are plagued by large storms could use this device to extract energy out of these storms and use the energy in the storms and reduce the energy in the storms. That’s a whole other subject.

    The basic Tesla technology is illustrated in figure 1. The point in slide 2, phase one of using the Tesla technology is to break down a vertical path to the ionosphere using the Tesla Coil, so you power up the Tesla coil. What it will do is that it will start to rotate the dipoles in the atmosphere above the pole, essentially extending its vertical effect in the vertical direction and breaking down the dielectric above the tower. This requires power input and that’s why you need power from a grid for example. This would take not a lot of power, but a certain amount. Of course, this is the mistake they are making with the HAARP instrument. These guys don’t understand what they’re playing with—a lot of energy here. It’s like playing with matches around a gasoline can. You have to be very careful with this. So anyway, you break down the dielectric from the earth’s capacitor to the ionosphere.

    Going to slide #3. You can see that the electrons in the ionosphere in this (BTW, the electrons I’m showing here would be in the equatorial westward moving electron belt that surrounds the equator of the earth. If you are in the mid latitudes or the temperate latitudes, we have an ion belt that moves in the easterly direction, so it’s a little bit different. So what I have pictured here is for the tropical countries near the equator underneath the westward moving electron belt.) Anyway picture #3 shows the dielectric atoms moving, backed up in a somewhat normal manner. That’s what increases the capacitance of the ionosphere.

    Slide #4 shows the Tesla tower activated, breaking down the dielectric above the tower, and you can see that the current begins to flow from the ionosphere down to the tower and it starts to move the current off to the grid, the current electric power grid.

    Slide #5 shows the steady state current. That is the input power is reduced or turned off to the tower, i.e. the power that was powering the Tesla coil can now be removed because the current from the ionosphere has found a single path down to the tower and it is being drawn off and distributed on the grid, on the electrical grid that powers your house, your factories, your cars or whatever. So this would be a technology that would allow developing nations to go to a very inexpensive, very clean power source, stop burning fossil fuel, stop cutting down their forests, and would allow the earth to be replanted and to grow back to a normal healthy earth.

    We know for a fact that certain ancient cultures knew about this technology, and BTW, that’s one of the big reasons why the Bush Administration wanted to get into Iraq, because they knew that Iraq was excavating one of the old sites where it was believed that this Tesla technology was in use. There is another location in the south China Sea where I am convinced the location of the original city of Atlantis, the five ring city with the four golden horse chariot being pulled out with Neptune on the chariot that was surrounded by the five rings. The original city of Atlantis. And of course Atlantis was aware why nations, so to speak, culture or whatever, but its home base was in what is now the South China Sea. Of course it went under in the great devastation. But they were using Tesla technology.

    In fact Tesla got his technology (most of his technology) from his father who learned it from the Bible. Most of it has been removed from the Bible of course, and now it is being kept under wraps by people who keep this as a secret form of knowledge. It’s something that’s really needed by the world. You’ll see at the end the uses for this power—the things it will do for the people of the world, especially the developing countries would be tremendous—a very socially beneficial thing. But of course the people who are leading this world today are not interested in those kinds of things.

    There is suspicion also that the Egyptian pyramids—it is known that at one time they were capped with a layer of gold at the top—it’s very likely that they were used also as Tesla generators, to draw current out of the ionosphere to power civilization long before what we now consider the ancient Egyptians and the pharaohs.

    In slide 6 it talks about glass and metal fabrication using electricity from a Tesla tower. The reason that is important is because glass and metal fabrication are the primary elements of the spacecraft that the ancients also used. You don’t need computers to go into space. That’s a total fallacy. In fact, NASA has done nothing but make it difficult to get into space. They have developed chemical rockets and its just absolutely absurd how difficult they have made it to get into space. Of course, if they made it easy to get into space then they would probably be out of business.

    I jst want to reiterate that glass, high tensile strength glass and the fabrication of metal—metal composites, very pure metals—can be accomplished with the electrical furnaces that you would build using the energy derived from the Tesla towers.

    I want to go through a list of benefits here for developing countries and clearly energy is one of the limiting factors in any of these countries. What do people really need? They need clean water. They need water for irrigation to plant crops. They need clean living conditions that once again takes a tremendous amount of water as you know from living in the United States to live in a clean environment. So water is one of the essential ingredients and we know that the earth is going through an incredible desertification, in other words, deserts are expanding at an incredible rate. We have to reverse this trend. We are surrounded by oceans and that water is basically useless unless we can desalinate the ocean water.

    Or another possibility is to build big ocean going vessels, and instead of using them to truck oil across the ocean, we should be trucking the ice and fresh water that is locked in the polar ice caps. There is an incredible amount of fresh water that is there for the taking if we could simply move it a piece at a time into the inland areas of the developing nations, especially around the Sahara Desert, Africa, India, those regions, there would be so much fresh new land that it would be incredible. What are our leaders trying to do? They are trying to kill off the population of the world because they say it is too crowded. Well, there are other solutions.

    So I want to reiterate that the Tesla technology has incredible benefits in that it can be used to move water from the polar ice cap regions to the temperate regions where it can used. The energy can be used to desalinate water. And of course water is an essential element in any manufacturing process. This would allow technology to use both solar power in glass lenses. We know the Atlanteans had tremendous lenses and they knew how to use them. The sun is a tremendous source of power just for optical light that comes off the sun. If you can concentrate that with a big lens you can form a furnace and basically eliminate the need for burning coal and oil and nuclear fuel, which we have to stop doing. Absolutely there is no future in any of that.

    Reversing the desertification, fresh water, the ice caps, and replanting the earth—putting fresh water back on the earth and getting green areas. Now the Sahara Desert at one time was a green lush area. Once the desert starts forming it creates heat, the rain won’t come there anymore and the whole Sahara Desert could be a beautiful tropical area, but it has literally lost all of its moisture and its impossible for it to rain there. So once again reversing that process is possible but it must be done on a global scale with global efforts from mankind. We have to stop this process of burning oil, burning nuclear fuel, and burning coal, and cutting down forests for building products. That is another thing. Not everybody in the world is going to have a wooden house anymore, it’s just not possible. We have to start fabricating housing from the materials in the earth itself. The one essential element here is fresh water and the Tesla technology would allow that in abundance.

    So that is my gift to you and that is how it works. This is what Tesla was doing. This is the information that the powers that be do not want you to know. I know this show is going all over the world so I would invite people in foreign countries to start developing this technology. Of course if you tried to build one of these in the United States, a small army of little men and little trucks with black suits would come out and rip it down and arrest you and beat the shit out of you (excuse the expression, but that’s what has happened in the past). So I encourage people in the underdeveloped countries who can do this to proceed with this.

    Now I would like to move into some other areas and that is the use of this type of technology for space travel. In 1982 I developed a propulsion system and there’s no question that it is a working propulsion system. The point is here that the way you move around in outer space, the way you get into outer space, is not with chemical rockets, but with electromagnetic propulsion. I’d like to talk about this for just a minute. The use of electromagnetic propulsion depends on the existence of a magnetic field. There is a way using essentially what one might call a half-circuit. In other words the current moves through glass tubes in a similar direction and the return current moves around the outside of the spacecraft. You basically strap this onto a space craft and you can move through a magnetic field. There are many modes of motion that you can accomplish with this type of propulsion system. The point is where are there magnetic fields iin the universe or in the solar system, for example that would allow wthis type of propulsion system to be used? The earth of course has a significant magnetic field. We have many layers of a magnetic field. My book talks about the layering of the magnetic field. Most of the earth’s electric field is in the form of currents, either electrical currents that flow in the ionosphere, or above the ionosphere in radiation belts or in the solar wind as it passes around earth on its way outbound from the sun. This is what powers the ionosphere. This is what powers the Tesla technology. Now with the solar wind, it is known that the solar wind has a magnetic field but it’s very small. The point is that there are electrical currents that are flowing through outer space and one has to locate these just like you locate rivers flowing across a piece of land, and these rivers are your easiest mode of transportation. Electrical currents would move between the stars and amongst the galactic arms. So the trick is to find these currents, these electrical currents that are flowing and move with those.

    Now, of course, comets are not dirty snowballs. They have electrical discharges of the solar capacitor, so it is no surprise that when ships using electric propulsion systems want to brake, i.e. slow down or move out of a solar system, they would do it accompanying a very large comet. A comet is not a dirty snowball. It is a high energy electrical discharge of the solar capacitor and that means there is a tremendous amount of electrical current passing through that comet. So that gives one an opportunity over the space of millions of miles because the electrical currents extend for millions of miles in a radial direction from the sun. The space ships could literally ride those magnetic fields that surround these currents and push one out of a solar system, or brake as one moved into a solar system. Once you are out of the solar system you would have to locate the rivers of electrical current that flow in the galactic arms and literally ride these to and from throughout the galactic star system. Now, one thing that’s interesting is that there must be quite a bit of traffic along these, just as there would be along sea lanes. We know that there are certain lanes where the ships go because of certain conditions and so it would be just like a shipping lane. You would see a spacecraft coming and going along these current paths because that would be the way you would get to someplace. But of course they would be coming by you at very high velocities so its not like you would stop and wave at them.

    At any rate, there must be super highways of space craft moving, if there is intelligent life in this universe. There must be huge paths where these current paths exist and the electromagnetic space craft, as I say, are moving to and from. In fact we probably either have a right hand rule or a left hand rule, wouldn’t you say, so they wouldn’t collide? Going in a certain direction there’d be rules of the road out there even. I guess we’d have to learn those if we became a space faring civilization. But with the petty wars that are going on in the world right now, it’s very clear that they are never going to let us off this planet.

    We are out of time. This is Jim McCanney. This is my science hour. And we are at the crossroads.

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