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Hercolubus is coming – Carlos Muñoz Ferrada & the comet planet

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#21 Botanic

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Posted 20 October 2013 – 09:15 PM

Cannot believe that I only found this thread yesterday. I strongly feel that the system Carlos Ferrada is talking about is the same that the 00SkyViewteam has been warning us about for some time. They were hounded, hacked and generally abused and bolted to S America for some time. Marshall Masters calls the system “Blue Bonnet”, some call it Tyche, Nemesis etc. Skyteam have said from day one it’s a brown dwarf, Sol’s binary partner, moving in from Aquarius, with friends, and one of Masters vids explains the apparent figure of eight orbit, along with it’s companions.


This is what I was alluding to in the “Planck Telescope” shutdown thread. How convenient it has been to shut most of the planets eyes and ears off if Hercolubus was visible for a short window. Anyway, thanks Nex for finding Carlos Ferrada’s video.


I was under the impression that the 00skyviewTeams vids were only available to members of a closed forum but an email today told me they’re back on the public domain, so please start with “Fire In The Sky 1” and go from there.


This could be what NASA’s been hiding for 30 years, call it what you like, but from now, it’s Hercolubus to me.


I’m sure there’s more vids, but start with these- and be enlightened and warned once again. It’s been a long time. Best to you all.


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#22 Botanic

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Posted 21 October 2013 – 12:51 AM

Here is the vid where Marshall Masters gives his interpretation of the figure of eight orbit of the Turrialba object (Blue Kachina, maybe Hercolubus) or whatever-else you’d like to call it/them. If you want to go straight to the orbital stuff, start at about 17 minutes into it.


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#23 Botanic

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Posted 23 October 2013 – 05:36 AM

New from the 00SkyViewTeam


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#24 Panther

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Posted 23 October 2013 – 05:54 AM

Sadly the Skyview team has been exposed for copyright infringements in that video and a complaint has been made to Youtube. Don’t be surprised if they get banned.

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#25 Botanic

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Posted 23 October 2013 – 07:27 AM

Panther, on 22 Oct 2013 – 10:54 PM, said:

Sadly the Skyview team has been exposed for copyright infringements in that video and a complaint has been made to Youtube. Don’t be surprised if they get banned.


Thanks for that Panther, but someone tried to pull the same trick on the Thunderbolt crew. It was an astronomer and youtube was forced to reinstate them. Obviously they hit a nerve, or they maybe dodgy.


Here is email from Dave talbot
The recent YouTube takedown of the Thunderbolts Project “Electric Comet” documentary has provoked a remarkable response, suggesting that a large and growing community understands very well the issues at stake.


The takedown was due to a single complaint of copyright infringement by astronomer Travis Rector at the University of Alaska.  Prompted by astronomer Sean Walker, Rector filed a complaint with YouTube, in disregard for both fair use and fair play.  Unwittingly, he provoked an outpouring of criticism that caused him to hide the story he’d published on his own Facebook page as criticism continued to pour in.


On matters such as this, public consciousness has come a long way in recent years. Take away the fair use principle and the same people who manage taxpayer funding within the sciences will also control the flow of information and ideas.  When foundational theory is thrown into question, a publicly supported jobs program will typically resort to science by news release. Its advocates will seek to maintain an illusion, to suggest that “all is well in our science.”   But what if facts discovered by their own scientists challenge the cover story from start to finish? That’s when the program’s Inquisitors will resort to “copyright infringement” claims, seeking to deny public access to data and images gathered at taxpayer expense.


YouTube is a huge enterprise, and it’s understandable that copyright and fair use issues are left almost entirely to an automated system. To move beyond the automated process may require litigation. Our own intent is to go to court if necessary. The essential contribution of fact-based criticism in the sciences REQUIRES the fair use principle, and the documentary in question is the poster child for fair use—an ideal opportunity to test well-established but often-ignored provisions of the law.  (See our forthcoming report within the next ten days.)


In the meantime, we’ve now placed the documentary on Vimeo, which is the leading alternative to YouTube, particularly for communities exploring challenges to institutionalized theory:



If you have any doubt as to the objective value of the “Electric Comet” documentary, we invite you to review this factual presentation (still in its original form for critical review prior to the final edit).  Please speak up for the essential principles of fair use and fair play—wherever you can reach people who care about truth first and not the preservation of cherished dogma in the sciences.



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#26 Guest_Tony_*

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Posted 27 November 2013 – 08:20 PM

All I can say is that not so long ago it was believed that Jupiter sized planets could not orbit a star as close as what mercury could orbit our sun but several such hot jupiters have been discovered recently and not only that but also a hot Jupiter sized planet or larger that does follow a kind of elliptical orbit moving way far away from its star so that it freezes and then approaching its star so close that it is scorched.


So my reasoning about nibiru hercolobus etc  is yes it may not rxist but it appears its orbital model once deemed impossible really exists


I have to hand it to real astronomy though, Carlos Ferrada may have predicted some or a lot of events correctly etc but what I don’t get is why he calls Hercolobus’ orbit elliptical.


Any astronomer worth his weight will tell you that a comets orbit is not elliptical but rather PARABOLICAL. if its orbit was elliptical it would not be able to escape the suns gravity its speed not only allows it to escape the sun but also alter its orbit which is parabolical not elliptical.

The earth and other planets have an elliptical orbit NOT COMETS.


If the comets escaped and were never ever seen again then their orbits would be HYPERBOLICAL the shape of the orbit is related to the bodies speed.


I believe Carlos Ferrada did predict some events correctly although he was a self taught scientist apparently but with all that accuracy with all due respect, if you are capable of predicting an earthquake within the time frame of a day how come you can’t predict when ol Hercy will make its closest approach there at 14 million km or thereabouts? Granted it may be impossible to calculate accurately but hey you say there is a dead star a few billion km away that Hercolobus orbits and that it then swings around the sun as well and say it has 3 speeds just like an old Chevy and second gear is 300km/hour then that’s is a lot of detail and accuracy so why no more accuracy pertaining to the closest approach? ???



#27 Guest_Guest_*

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Posted 27 November 2013 – 08:25 PM

Sorry I meant 300km/second not per hour yikes that’s quite fast!!

#28 Rab

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Posted 28 November 2013 – 04:45 AM

Botanic, on 22 Oct 2013 – 10:36 PM, said:

New from the 00SkyViewTeam



Botanic, this link isn’t working — the other stuff from SkyViewTeam was great!  Thanks

#29 Botanic

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Posted 28 November 2013 – 11:15 PM

rabej, it seems the team has pulled a few vids from their YT site, hmmm, four are left atm.



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#30 Rab

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Posted 29 November 2013 – 03:05 AM

Bummer–   as for the last vid, could we be looking at some type of resonant entanglement from afar? by superluminal particles which are unknown to us?  Just thinking out loud

#31 Tetragramatron


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Posted 01 December 2013 – 08:53 AM



Pictures of a planetary body. Pretty interesting pictures. 😛

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#32 Prismatic Eye


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Posted 01 December 2013 – 11:20 AM

Can you post direct links? Wide scale ban in operation or at least I’ve been caught in a ip dragnet.

#33 Tetragramatron


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Posted 01 December 2013 – 11:32 AM

Prismatic Eye, on 01 Dec 2013 – 04:20 AM, said:

Can you post direct links? Wide scale ban in operation or at least I’ve been caught in a ip dragnet.


Dang sorry for that, jtfuture told me about it before and I still forgot.








Also, http://s1073.photobu…602216.gif.html

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#34 breezy

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Posted 04 December 2013 – 09:45 PM

Hercolubus. WHAT? ????



Published on Dec 3, 2013

UPDATE. Solar and Quake Links http://www.bpearthwatch.com
Hercobulus would be found in a solar system called Tilo course, that would be closer to the Earth and in the twentieth century prophesied that produce catastrophe of apocalyptic end times , the 11 of August of 1999 .
The writer cited Rabolú supposedly astronomical data considered relevant to consider the alleged threat of Tilo. 4 5 6 These data would be his size, 6 times larger than Jupiter in July and that the action of its huge gravitational field would be the producer of a major disaster. Affirms that Hercobulus is about 500 AU (astronomical units: the average distance between Earth and the Sun, about 150 million kilometers) from Earth and when approaching to 4 AU from Earth, generate a catastrophe. Also mentions that in 1999 and the planet would be observed as a major star at dawn. 8
According Rabolú in his book, Hercobulus would have passed through the Earth some 13,000 years ago, destroying the ancient civilization of Atlantis .
Hercolubus or Red Planet has aroused curiosity in many followers of the philosophies pertaining to the current New Age , however lacks the slightest scientific basis . Rabolú follower of the doctrine Gnostic touted by the late Samael Aun Weor (Víctor Gómez Rodríguez), argues that the goal of the approach is the assumption Hercobulus purification earth aura.

tx robert

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#35 breezy

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Posted 09 December 2013 – 03:10 AM

7 Days Later. Hercolubus 2


Published on Dec 7, 2013 

One of the most brilliant astronomers in the world confirms that Hercolubus is very real and is coming.

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#36 luk3

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Posted 09 December 2013 – 03:14 PM

Could this be a planet we are seeing popping in/out of different dimensions or something that is not normally in our visible light spectrum? Just thinking out loud here as the solar flares seem to be the key to seeing this thing, maybe it has quantum properties or exists outside our 3rd density realm..

I have also heard talk of Venus lens flare that happens every year, can anyone confirm if this is it or is that just disinformation?

#37 Blue ET

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Posted 09 December 2013 – 09:04 PM

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Nothing truly new can come into our consciousness while fear dominates. Deny fear its power, deny it any right to control you, and the magickal universe becomes a place of endlessly unfolding wonders. Embrace the unknown and it will reward you by opening up its unspeakable, astonishing variety.

#38 Blue ET

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Posted 10 December 2013 – 01:38 AM

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Nothing truly new can come into our consciousness while fear dominates. Deny fear its power, deny it any right to control you, and the magickal universe becomes a place of endlessly unfolding wonders. Embrace the unknown and it will reward you by opening up its unspeakable, astonishing variety.




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  1. blessedistruth Says:

    The brown dwarf is incoming – Godlike Productions
    Sep 3, 2013 – 9 posts – ‎1 author
    Interviewer: “So here in this chart you show us that on this side is the Earth, our Earth’s orbit around the Sun.” Carlos Ferrada: “Yes sir.”

    Hercolubus is coming – Carlos Muñoz Ferrada & the comet planet …
    forums.thechaniproject.com › … › General Discussion
    Sep 4, 2013 – 20 posts – ‎7 authors
    Interviewer: “So here in this chart you show us that on this side is the Earth, our Earth’s orbit around the Sun.” Carlos Ferrada: “Yes sir.”

    What Is Hercolubus ? – UnifyLore
    May 27, 2014 – Interviewer: “So here in this chart you show us that on this side is the Earth, our Earth’s orbit around the Sun.” Carlos Ferrada: “Yes sir.”.

    UnifyLore – Channeling Multidimensional Knowledge …
    4 days ago – Interviewer: “So here in this chart you show us that on this side is the Earth, our Earth’s orbit around the Sun.” Carlos Ferrada: “Yes sir.”.

    20131124_Sunday_Summary.pdf (17346KB)
    Translate this page
    Nov 24, 2013 – So here in this chart you show us that on this side is the Earth, our Earth’s orbit around the Sun. 圖中這邊是地球,是地球環繞太陽的軌跡。

  2. blessedistruth Says:

    06 02 14 heavy spray day @0752 11 min worth


    White Peak 512 m

    United States US » Arizona AZ » Maricopa County
    33.77226, -112.35239 N 33°46′20″ W 112°21′09″


  3. blessedistruth Says:

    Additional images:



  4. blessedistruth Says:

    There can be only 2 explanations.

    Either governments around the world are complicit.

    Or they are powerless to stop the “chemTrail” spraying.

    The former we must fight.

    The latter we must be told.

    We must protect all life on Planet Earth as best we can.

  5. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople ОБСЕ признала, что администрацию в Луганске бомбили с воздуха запрещенными бомбами OSCE recognized that administration of the bombed from the air of illicit bombs

    Такое заключение сделали эксперты организации после осмотра места ЧП

    Сегодня в 19:33
    Украинские власти заявляют, что авиация не бомбила Луганск, а взрыв у администрации города устроили сами ополченцы. Однако специалисты миссии ОБСЕ. Осмотрев место, заявили, что удар был нанесен с воздуха. Кроме того, на месте найдены осколки кассетных зарядов, которые запрещены во всем мире.

    Здание областной госадминистрации в Луганске в понедельник, 2 июня, было обстреляно ракетами с самолета, сообщает ИТАР-ТАСС.

    “Второго июня, около 15:00 по местному времени ракеты попали в здание областной госадминистрации. По данным наблюдателей, удар был нанесен неуправляемыми ракетами, выпущенными с самолета”, – сообщается в ежедневном докладе специальной наблюдательной миссии ОБСЕ на Украине.

    В свою очередь, премьер-министр самопровозглашенной Луганской народной республики Василий Никитин в интервью латвийской радиостанции Baltkom заявил, что эксперты, которые работали на месте обстрела здания обладминистрации в Луганске, смогли идентифицировать кассетные заряды, запрещенные международной конвенцией, передает РИА Новости.

    «На месте обстрела работали эксперты, военные, милиция, прокуратура. Они смогли идентифицировать заряды, которые не разорвались. Это осколочно-кумулятивные-кассетные заряды С-8-КОМ. Именно такими снарядами, пушками и крупнокалиберными пулеметами и было обстреляно наше здание», — сказал он.

    Напомним, в понедельник 2 июня в результате ракетного удара с воздуха по зданию обладминистрации в Луганске погибли 7 человек и несколько получили ранения.

    Представитель «Партии регионов» Александр Ефремов на заседании Рады назвал произошедшее “беспрецедентным по своей жестокости преступлением” и напомнил, что здание обладминистрации находится в самом центре города, в окружении жилых районов. “Власти до сих пор не предприняли ни одного шага для расследования преступления”, – подчеркнул он, призвав депутатов поддержать проект резолюции о признании юрисдикции Международного суда в Гааге в расследовании этого дела.

    В ответ на это предложение депутат от националистической партии “Свобода” Александр Мирный предложил “удалять из зала и лишать слова” за такие высказывания.

    Власти Украины заявили, что в здании АГА Луганска взорвалась ракетно-зенитная установка, причем по вине самих ополченцев.

    В городе объявлен трехдневный траур по погибшим в результате авиаудара. Глава ЛНР в очередной раз обратился к президенту РФ Владимиру Путину с просьбой ввести миротворцев. А теперь ЛНР просит закрыть воздушное пространство на Луганской областью.

    Смотрите видео по теме “Авиаудар по зданию областной администрации Луганска”

    [В США у нас любителей республиканского НАТО и демократов не будет критиковать Obama. Это очень опасная ситуация.]


    OSCE recognized that administration of the bombed from the air of illicit bombs

    This conclusion made the UN experts after an inspection of the site …

    Today in 19:33

    Ukrainian authorities say the aircraft bombed Lugansk, and the explosion in the city staged by the militia.

    However, experts of the OSCE mission.

    After seeing the place, said that the strike was caused from the air.

    In addition, the site found fragments of cluster munitions, which are prohibited in the whole world.

    Lugansk regional State administration building on Monday, 2 June, was attacked by rockets from the plane, ITAR-TASS reported.

    “The second of June, approximately 15:00 local time rockets hit the building of the oblast State administration.

    According to observers, the blow was dealt a rockets launched from an aircraft, ”

    said the daily report of the ad hoc OSCE observation mission in Ukraine.

    In turn, the Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Luhansk national Republic Vasily Nikitin in an interview with Latvian radio stations Baltkom said that

    experts who worked on the ground firing at the building of the oblast administration building in Luhansk, were able to identify the cluster munitions prohibited by International Convention,

    RIA Novosti reports.

    “The shelling were experts, military, police, Prosecutor’s Office.

    They were able to identify charges that did not explode.

    This is a high-heat-cluster munitions with-8-com.

    Such missiles, cannons and mounted heavy machine guns and was hit our building, “he said.

    As we have informed, on Monday 2 June as a result of the missile attack on the building of the oblast administration building in Luhansk 7 people were killed and several were wounded.

    The representative of the party of regions Oleksandr Yefremov at the session of the Council called the events

    “unprecedented in its cruelty”

    and recalled that the regional administration building is located in the heart of the city, surrounded by residential areas.

    “The authorities still have not taken any steps to investigate the crimes,”

    he said, calling on the deputies to support the draft resolution on the recognition of the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice at the Hague in investigation of the case.

    In response to this invitation, the Deputy from the nationalist party Svoboda Alexander Peace suggested “delete from the Hall and the words” for such statements.

    Ukrainian authorities have said that in the building of AGA Of exploded rocket and anti-aircraft system, and by the militias.

    The city declared a three-day mourning for people killed in the air strike.

    Head of the LNR has once again appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin to peacekeepers.

    LNR now requests to close airspace in the Luhansk region.

    Watch the video on an airstrike on the building of the regional administration of Lugansk ”

    [In USA we have Republican NATO lovers and Democrats will not criticize Obama. This is very dangerous situation.]


  6. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople #NoFlyZone Зона не летать

    Давайте посмотрим на развитие ситуации в Украине. Что вы думаете, что произойдет там? Это напряжение собирается диффузного в ближайшее время или это будет продолжаться?

    Я полагаю, что если иностранных игроков, что означает США, с одной стороны и Россией, с другой стороны, не будет предпринимать никаких действий или не изменится, в случае США, их отношение, конечно, ситуация и кризис будет углубляться.

    Мы все прекрасно знаем, что там были подтверждены некоторые польские журналисты много новостей что есть наемников там воюют на стороне украинского правительства.

    Мы слышали о форме наемников США.

    Мы слышали о технической и материально-техническую поддержку в США для самых экстремистских сил в Украине, которые готовят так называемой антитеррористической операции.

    С другой стороны мы по-прежнему придется ждать реакции на российские предложения,

    Во-первых, когда речь заходит о создании коридоров для гуманитарной помощи и

    Во-вторых, предложение, которое сделал лидер Коммунистической партии Геннадий Зюганов о бесполетной зоне над восточной частью Украины.

    В противном случае конфликт будет оставаться, как это, по крайней мере, или он станет даже более трагичной.

    Матеуш Пискорский, руководитель Европейского центра геополитического анализа, основанный в Польше


    Let’s look at the development of the situation in Ukraine. What do you think is going to happen there? Is the tension going to diffuse in the nearest future or will it continue?

    I suppose that if the foreign players, which means the US, on the one hand, and Russia on the other, will not take any action or will not change, in the case of the US, their attitude, of course, the situation and the crisis will deepen.

    We all perfectly know that there have been much news confirmed by some Polish journalists that there are mercenaries fighting there on side of the Ukrainian Government.

    We have heard about the mercenaries form the US.

    We have heard about the technical and logistical support of the US for the most extremist forces in Ukraine which are preparing the so-called antiterrorist operation.

    On the other hand, we still have to wait for the reaction to the Russian propositions,

    first, when it comes to creating corridors for the humanitarian aid and,

    second, the proposition which was made by the leader of the Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov concerning the no-fly zone over the eastern part of Ukraine.

    Otherwise, the conflict will stay as it is, at least, or it will even become more tragic.

    Mateusz Piskorski , Head of the European Center for Geopolitical Analysis, based in Poland


  7. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople #NoFlyZone бесполетную зону

    4. События в России

    На территории Республики Крым сотрудниками ФСБ России задержаны члены диверсионно-террористической группы «Правого сектора». Как выяснили российские контрразведчики, основной целью преступной деятельности группы являлось совершение диверсионно-террористических актов в городах Симферополь, Ялта и Севастополь, а в последующем уничтожение ряда объектов жизнедеятельности, железнодорожных мостов, линий электропередач.

    2 июня, лидер российский коммунистов Геннадий Зюганов на встрече с журналистами высказался за введение над Донбассом бесполётной зоны:

    «Мы имеем полное право как член Совбеза объявить бесполетную зону над этой территорией и способствовать тому, чтобы любые объекты военного назначения, которые появятся над этой территорией, были ликвидированы». По мнению Зюганова, это необходимо сделать для безопасности местного населения:

    «Смотреть, как они с самолетов расстреливают города и мирных жителей, смотреть на лица стариков, глаза детей невозможно без содрогания и ужаса».


    4. events in Russia

    On the territory of the Republic of Crimea by Russia’s FEDERAL SECURITY SERVICE detained members of subversive and terrorist group “the right sector.”

    Russian counter-intelligence discovered, as the main purpose of the Group was to commit sabotage and terrorist acts

    in the cities of Simferopol, Yalta and Sevastopol,

    and later the destruction of several facilities of the railway bridges, power lines.

    on June 2, the leader of the Russian Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov told journalists suggested the introduction of Donbass bespolëtnoj zone:

    “We have every right as a member of the Security Council to declare

    a no-fly zone

    over the area and help to ensure that any military objects that will appear over the territory, have been eliminated.

    According to Zyuganov, you must do this for the safety of the local population:

    “Watch them from planes and shot civilians, looking at the faces of old men, eyes of children is impossible without a shudder and horror”.


  8. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople Обнародованы имена погибших при обстреле Луганской ОГА The names of those killed in the shelling of the Luhansk Regional State Administration

    На официальном сайте армии приводится полный список имен:


    Акимов Антон, (погранотряд)
    Кулиш Дмитрий Николаевич, 1975 г.р. (погранотряд)

    Костюков Владимир Андреевич, 1971 г.р. (обладминистация)

    Кукурудзв Инна Александровна (обладминистация)

    Гизай Александр Александрович (обладминистация)

    Неопознаная женщина (обладминистация)

    Долженко Нина Александровна, 1955 г.р. (обладминистация)

    Полежаев Сергей Николаевич, 1964 г.р. (обладминистация)

    Архипова Наталья Викторовна (обладминистация)

    Черкез Галина Анатольевна, 1967 г.р. (обладминистация)

    Ур Андриян Владимирович (погранотряд)

    Булатов Виталий Юрьевич, 1961 г.р. (погранотряд)

    Бородин Николай Васильевич, 1961 г.р. (погранотряд).

    «Родственникам погибших просьба обратиться в пресс-центр Луганской Народной Республики по телефону 099-032-69-63 для оказания материальной и технической помощи в организации похорон», – сказано в сообщении.

    В понедельник украинские силовики нанесли авиаудары по Луганску, один из них– по зданию администрации в центре города.

    Ополченцы заявляют, что при нанесении авиаудара по зданию Луганской ОГА использовались кассетные бомбы.
    В результате удара погибли восемь человек, 28 пострадали, большинство раненых находятся в реанимации.

    Глава ЛНР Валерий Болотов считает, что целью бомбардировки здания областной администрации были лидеры ЛНР. Во вторник он попросил ввести на территорию ЛНР миротворцев и объявить бесполетную зону.

    Вместе с тем, украинские силовики заявили, что не совершали авианалет на здание Луганской обладминистрации.


    The names of those killed in the shelling of the Luhansk Regional State Administration

    On the official website of the army is the full list of names:

    Anton Akimov (border guard)
    Dmitry Kulish, born in 1975 (Border guard)

    Kostjukov Vladimir A., ​​born in 1971 (Obladministatsiya)

    Kukurudzv Inna (obladministatsiya)

    Giza, Alexander (obladministatsiya)

    Neopoznanaya woman (obladministatsiya)

    Dolzenko Nina, born in 1955 (Obladministatsiya)

    Polezhaev Sergei Nikolaevich, 1964 DOB (Obladministatsiya)

    Natalia Arkhipova (obladministatsiya)

    Cherkez Galina, born in 1967 (Obladministatsiya)

    Ur Andrian V. (border guard)

    Bulatov, Vitaly Yu, born in 1961 (Border guard)

    Borodin Nikolai, born in 1961 (Border guard).

    “Relatives of the victims, please contact the press center of the People’s Republic of Lugansk phone 099-032-69-63 for providing financial and technical assistance in the organization of the funeral,” – said in a statement.

    On Monday, the Ukrainian troops inflicted airstrikes in Lugansk, one of them is on the administration building in the city center.

    Militias claim that the air strikes on the building of Luhansk Regional State Administration used cluster bombs .
    As a result, hitting eight people were killed, 28 injured, most of the injured are in intensive care.

    Chapter LC Valery Bolotoff believes that the purpose of the bombing of the regional administration building were the leaders of the LC . On Tuesday, he asked to enter the territory of the LC peacekeepers and declare a no-fly zone.

    However, the Ukrainian security officials said they did not commit an airstrike on the building of Lugansk regional administration.


  9. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople мы-таки не позволим Вашингтону сесть на газопровод и манипулировать через него Россией и Германией We do not let Washington take the pipeline and manipulate through Russia and Germany

    Одно общее дело
    Эдуард Биров, журналист

    Не надо их противопоставлять – тех, кто воюет с хунтой в Донбассе с огнестрельным оружием в руках, и тех в Москве, кто пытается дожать хунту по газовому вопросу с планшетниками на рабочих столах.

    На самом деле, как бы это ни резало душу и ни казалось дико, но и те и другие делают одно дело, пусть и на столь разных фронтах. Российское руководство не предало ополченцев и ведет переговоры по газу не ради чисто меркантильной выгоды топ-менеджеров Газпрома (как это принято подавать в профпатриотической и западной пропаганде), но для того, чтобы не позволить США прервать энергопоток между Германией и Россией и тем самым иметь еще один рычаг давления на нас.
    Обратите внимание, Москва пытается договориться с ЕС в обход США и при противодействии хунты. Важна будет даже не столько цена, сколько выплата долгов Киевом (а это фактически все кредиты, выданные МВФ) и последующие гарантированные поставки ресурсов Европе.

    К сожалению, мы не успели полностью обнулить значение украинской трубы и вынуждены теперь во временном цейтноте и при военных действиях на Юго-Востоке искать решение этой проблемы вместе с континентальной Европой.

    Молчаливое поведение хунтовского энергетика Продана намекает на то, что Киев-транзитер прогибается под требованиями продавца и покупателя, и мы-таки не позволим Вашингтону сесть на газопровод и манипулировать через него Россией и Германией. И немалую роль в этом играет активность ополченцев Донбасса, что, впрочем, не делает менее горьким убийства мирных жителей в Луганске.

    Сейчас очень важно не скатиться в очернительство власти по мотивам песенки «всё сдали» и, понимая горечь ситуации и сочувствуя страданиям людей, тем не менее видеть вынужденные и сложные маневры российской власти, даже если о них не говорится вслух.

    Да, сейчас сложно, очень сложно, но справедливость обязательно восторжествует. И месть будет сладка не жестокостью, а неотвратимостью наказания.

    [Так что Украина, как Сирия, это все о трубопроводов? Obama не заботится, сколько умирают. Маккейн и Romney не волнует, либо.]


    One common cause
    Edward Birov, journalist

    No need to oppose them –

    those who fight with the junta in the Donbass with firearms in hand,

    and those in Moscow who are trying to press the junta brawls with tablet devices to desktops.

    In fact, no matter how it cut the soul and may seem wildly, but both are doing one thing, albeit on a much different fronts.

    The Russian leadership is not reported on the militia and negotiates on gas, not for the sake of purely mercantile benefits top-managers of the Company

    (as is common in profpatriotičeskoj and Western propaganda)

    but not to allow the United States to suspend thanks between Germany and Russia and thus have one more lever of pressure upon us.

    Please note, Moscow is trying to negotiate with the EU, bypassing the United States in opposing the junta.

    Important is not so much the price, how much the payment of debts by Kiev

    (which is virtually all of the loans the IMF)

    and subsequent guaranteed supply of resources.

    Unfortunately, we did not have time to fully nullify the value of Ukrainian pipes and must now

    in a temporary time

    trouble and when hostilities in the South-East to seek a solution together with continental Europe.

    The silent behavior of huntovskogo energy Sold implies that Kiev-caves-

    under the requirements of the seller and the buyer,

    and we did not let Washington take the pipeline and manipulate through Russia and Germany.

    And a major role in this is

    the activity of the militias of Donbass, which, however,

    does not make the less bitter the killing of civilians in Lugansk.

    Now it is very important not to slip into očernitel′stvo power based on the songs “all pass” and,

    realizing the grief and suffering

    they still see internally and complicated maneuvers of the Russian authorities,

    even if they don’t say it out loud.

    Yes, now is difficult, very difficult, but justice must prevail.

    And revenge is sweet not cruelty, but the inevitability of punishment.

    [So Ukraine, like Syria, is all about pipelines? Obama doesn’t care how many die. McCain and Romney don’t care, either.]


  10. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople Мы призываем EU чтобы заблокировать Южный поток Яценюка We call on the EU 2 block South Stream Yatsenyuk http://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2014/06/03/yats-wants-eu-to-nix-russian-pipeline http://www.tagesschau.de/wirtschaft/southstream114.html

  11. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople Они одеваются раны мои бедные люди, как будто они ничего не They dress the wounds of my poor people As though they’re nothing

  12. blessedistruth Says:

    Governments are complicit or powerless to stop the “chemTrail” spraying

    06 02 14 heavy spray day @0752 11 min worth


    White Peak 512 m

    United States US » Arizona AZ » Maricopa County
    33.77226, -112.35239 N 33°46′20″ W 112°21′09″


    Additional images:



    There can be only 2 explanations.

    Either governments around the world are complicit.

    Or they are powerless to stop the “chemTrail” spraying.

    The former we must fight.

    The latter we must be told.

    We must protect all life on Planet Earth as best we can.

  13. blessedistruth Says:

    #chemTrails #climateEngineering #Arizona

    Governments are complicit or powerless to stop the “chemTrail” spraying

    06 02 14 heavy spray day @0752 11 min worth


    White Peak 512 m

    United States US » Arizona AZ » Maricopa County
    33.77226, -112.35239 N 33°46′20″ W 112°21′09″

    Additional images:



    There can be only 2 explanations.

    Either governments around the world are complicit.

    Or they are powerless to stop the “chemTrail” spraying.

    The former we must fight.

    The latter we must be told.

    We must protect all life on Planet Earth as best we can.


  14. blessedistruth Says:

    #chemTrails #climateEngineering #Arizona
    Governments are complicit or powerless to stop the “chemTrail” spraying
    06 02 14 heavy spray day @0752 11 min worth

  15. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople #pipeline Болгарские Социалистической правительство выступает против Европейского союза, чтобы построить Южный поток несмотря на санкции Bulgarian socialist government opposes European Union, to build South Stream in spite of sanctions


  16. blessedistruth Says:



  17. blessedistruth Says:


    Убиты девять активистов самообороны возле Славянска в последние 24 часа – Донецк Народной Республики

    Nine self-defense activists killed near Slavyansk in past 24 hours – Donetsk People’s Republic


  18. blessedistruth Says:

    один самолет и один вертолет был сбит Александр Бородай
    one aircraft and one helicopter have been shot down Aleksandr Borodai

  19. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople самолеты, летающие в и бомбардировки людей planes flying in and bombing people

    Но самолеты, летающие в и бомбардировки людей и все ужасы, которые идут с ним и ростом расходов может привести лишь к опасности новой войны, завтра может быть где-нибудь еще.

    «Расширение НАТО не нужно, поскольку Есть нет врагов, которые пытаются вторгнуться в Западной Европе» Великобритания труда MP Джереми Corbyn


    But planes flying in and bombing people and all the horrors that go with it and the increasing expenditure can only lead to dangers of another war, maybe somewhere else tomorrow.

    ‘No NATO extension needed as there are no enemies trying to invade Western Europe’ UK Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn

  20. blessedistruth Says:


    Следственный комитет России намерен выдвинуть обвинения против Украины карательные операции

    Russia’s Investigative Committee intends to bring charges against Ukraine’s punitive operations


  21. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople Пепе Эскобар – и теперь у нас есть совершенно сумасшедший повествование, которое более 200 или 300 гражданских лиц убиты в Восточной Украине являются террористами. У нас есть жертвы обвинил. Это совершенно сумасшедший. Это следует обсудить на президентском уровне в той же комнате.

    Pepe Escobar – And now we have the completely crazy narrative that over 200 or 300 civilians killed in Eastern Ukraine are terrorists. We have the victims being blamed. This is completely crazy. This should be discussed at the presidential level at the same room.


  22. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople РОВИНГИ ГЛАЗА Возвращение (нео con) живых мертвецов По Пепе Эскобар Pepe Escobar

    На фоне много истерии понятие было широко распространяемой в Соединенных Штатах, что президент Obama «новых» внешнеполитическая доктрина, объявил на прошлой неделе в Вест-Пойнте, отвергает нео консерваторы и нео либералы и является, по сути, post-imperialist и демонстрация реальной политики.

    Не так быстро. Хотя еще отступая от излишества режима Чейни – как и бомбардировки целые народы на «демократия» – «желание вести» кристаллизуется может это право.

    Кроме того «исключительности» остается нормой. Сейчас не настолько грубое, но по-прежнему реализовано через неприятную набор инструментов, от финансовой

    война для кибер войны, от Национальный фонд содействия демократии стиль «демократии» по инициативе Объединенного командования специальных операций борьбы с терроризмом, беспилотный войны и все оттенки теней войн.

    В начале 2000-х модель была физическое уничтожение и оккупации Ирака. В 2010-х годов модель является уничтожение медленно Пн, по доверенности, Сирии.

    И тем не менее, те, кто «концептуально» уничтожение Ирака держать воспитания их иностранцев, как слизистый головы. Их икона, конечно, Роберт Каган – один из основателей апокалиптически похоронным проекта для нового американского века (PNAC) и муж крипто украинский ад Райзер Виктория Нуланд «F**k ЕС» (таким образом их мечты Украины как каганата Nulands, или просто Nulandistan.)

    Каган был сокрушительно ошибочной, на все, как и его бестселлер 2003 года рай и власть: Америка и Европа в новый мировой порядок, панегирик «доброкачественные» американцев стоял охранник против «угрозы» (как и мусульманского фундаментализма), вытекающих из Гоббсу мир далеко за пределы уютный кантианский участковых, населенной Европе.

    Затем, в возвращение истории и конец мечты (2008), «зло» не мусульманского фундаментализма больше (слишком потрепанный), но появляются эти огромные автократий, Россия и Китай, наносил западных демократий. Но с мира Америки сделали (2012), райские сияющий город на холме еще раз восторжествует, более чем способны увидеть те автократий в конце концов только надежной гарантией мира является американской исключительности.

    Каган еще команды внимание даже в противном случае стороне главнокомандующим, который жадно потребляется мира Америки сделали перед его 2012 государство союза адрес, в котором он объявил, что «Америка возвращается».

    Это поучительно для флэш обратно к Каган, писать в Weekly Standard в марте 2011 года, звучание как благоговейно школьник, хваля Obama; «Он тщательно отвергла подход так называемой реалист, превозносил американской исключительности, говорил о универсальных ценностей и настаивал на том, что американские власти должны использоваться, когда это необходимо, от имени этих ценностей».

    Действительно, любое сходство с Obama в «новых» внешнеполитическая доктрина является умышленным.

    Кетфайт в Сингапуре Коррал
    Теперь приходит последний опус Каган, «сверхдержав не получают пенсию: наши усталые страна по-прежнему обязана мира», извините беспорядок уже встроенные в названии (он никогда не читал Пол Кеннеди после всех). История говорит нам, что сверхдержавы на пенсию из-за чрезмерного растяжения-не только военные, но главным образом экономических и фискальных, как на грани банкротства.

    Тем не менее это безнадежно ожидать от Каган и нео con туманность ничего, кроме слепоты на уроки истории – специальные, трагические упоминания о шок и трепет, попрание Женевских конвенций и институционализировать пыток. Их узкие дихотомия — вечный американской глобальной гегемонии или полного хаоса.

    Прогрессивные в США все еще пытаются сохранить день, отчаянно вызовом для основной «восстановление» американских экономических и демократических здоровья; довольно невозможно проведение когда правила казино капитализма и США в настоящее время для всех практических целей олигархия. Эти мечтатели на самом деле считаю, что этот «реставрации» является то, что Obama делает или пытается сделать; и что бы проект США еще раз как глобальную модель – и таким образом «поощрять» демократии во всем мире. Извините, что разорвать новости, но для подавляющего большинства подлинный, то на земле «международное сообщество», понятие содействия демократии США теперь D.O.A.

    Так под лозунгом исключительности – по сравнению с конкурирующими рождение Евразийской века – это было увлекательное упражнение свидетелем кетфайт в ходе диалога Шангри-Ла в Сингапуре, который я описал в прошлом году как Spielbergs и Clooneys в военной сфере все заперты в комнате Звездные войны (на самом деле бальных с люстрами в отеле Shangri-La.)

    Все началось с Синдзо Абэ, премьер-министра милитаристской что американский протекторат, Япония, осуждая «односторонние усилия» для изменения стратегического статус-кво в Азии. Генерал Мартин Демпси, Председатель Объединенного комитета начальников штабов, свалили, сказав Азиатско-Тихоокеанского региона становится все менее стабильным из-за «принуждение и провокации» Китая. И Пентагон supremo Чак Хейгел также взорвали Пекин, обвинив его в «дестабилизирующим, односторонних действий» в Южно-Китайском море.

    Но затем Lt Gen Ван Guanzhong, заместитель начальника Генерального штаба НОАК, в натуре, counterpunched говоря, Хейгел разговор был «полной гегемонии, полный слов, угроз и запугивания» и частью «провокационный вызов против Китая».

    Генерал-майор Чжу Chenghu даже позволил себе быть снисходительным (ах, эти варвары…); «Американцы делают очень, очень важные стратегические ошибки прямо сейчас… Если взять Китай как врага, Китай будет абсолютно стать врагом США.»

    Генерал-майор Чжу также обвинил Хейгел лицемерия; «Все китайцы делают является незаконным, и что бы американцы делать это правильно.» Чжу был быстро зарегистрировать Хейгел угрозы, как и «США не будет выглядеть по-другому, когда подвергаются сомнению основополагающие принципы международного порядка». Перевод: Не связывайтесь с exceptionalist. Мы являемся международный порядок.

    Это как если бы все чтение из Каган playbook. Разница заключается в том, что Пекин не Багдада и не будет отвечать на угрозы, лежа. Вместо этого он является развертывание селективный, смекалка, тактические ходы во всем шахматном западной части Тихого океана. Азиатская сеть Вашингтона вассалами/клиенты/протекторатов и будет медленно, но верно подрывает. И на вершине, Пекин ясно видит, что Хейгел и Керри – кто почти ничего не знаем о сложности Азии – явно паниковать.

    Те дни изречение Дэн Сяопина – от «пересечение реки, чувствуя камни», чтобы «нести низкий профиль» – в прошлом. Сейчас мы говорим о неминуемой номер один экономической власти, уже торговой нации и топ кредитором Америки в лучших в мире.

    Шоссе до Хиллари
    Россия – и не в США – в настоящее время ключевым партнером или посредника в переговорах хардкор международных конфликтов. Последние шквал энергии и торговых соглашений Россия-Китай, неотъемлемой частью их стратегического партнерства; постепенной интеграции и согласованной экономической/финансовой стратегии стран БРИКС; и даже медленное перемещение процесс интеграции Латинской Америки все точки направлении многополярного мира.

    Который вернуть нас в «новых» Obama’s внешнеполитической доктрины. Давайте быстро обследования последние записи.

    Obama только воздерживается от проводит его безрассудным, добровольном красная линия и бомбардировки Сирии, потому что он был спасен (от себя) в одиннадцатом часу российской дипломатии.

    В досье Ирана остается уязвимым для неустанным давлением лобби нео Конс/Израиль/секторов индустрии weaponizing, с администрацией Obama, представляя посторонних факторов, неизбежно уклониться от переговоров.

    Obama в санкции на Россию из-за Украины были не только незаконным; они являются периферические, как проницательный бизнес лидеров Европейского союза, которые быстро признали.

    Симулякр вывода помещается в Афганистане – должны быть заменены тотальной тень войны.

    И администрация Obama – тайно и не так тайно – поддерживает неонацистов в Украине и джихадистов в Сирии.

    Все это до сих пор не достаточно для Каган пучок – «концептуальные» архитекторов войн, 9/11, которые всегда хотели Obama бомбить Сирию; бомба Ирана; начать войну с Россией за Крым; и даже, рано или поздно Китай бомбу чтобы предотвратить его возвращение к номер один. Hobbesians сошел с ума – валяться в их психотических смысле многолетние права – остановится на ничего для предотвращения возникновения многополярного мира. Это Exceptionalist империи с Организацией Североатлантического договора как глобальные Робокоп, или ад.

    Москва и Пекин, по меньшей мере, точно не впечатлил; скорее они обнаруживают отчаяния. Еще вещи могут – и должны получить много неприятна, независимо от того, взрывается Khaganates. Просто ждать Хиллари доктрины.

    Пепе Эскобар

    [Возможно США нуждается в республиканский президент, который демократы будут держать в узде. Ни один проверяет Obama.]


    Return of the living (neo-con) dead
    By Pepe Escobar

    Amid much hysteria, the notion has been widely peddled in the United States that President Obama’s “new” foreign policy doctrine, announced last week at West Point, rejects neo-cons and neo-liberals and is, essentially, post-imperialist and a demonstration of realpolitik.

    Not so fast. Although stepping back from the excesses of the Cheney regime – as in bombing whole nations into “democracy” – the “desire to lead” still crystallizes might is right.

    Moreover, “exceptionalism” remains the norm.

    Now not so blatant, but still implemented via a nasty set of tools, from financial warfare to cyber-war, from National Endowment for Democracy-style promotion of “democracy” to Joint Special Operations Command-driven counter-terrorism, drone war and all shades of shadow wars.

    In the early 2000s, the model was the physical destruction and occupation of Iraq. In the 2010s the model is the slow-mo destruction, by proxy, of Syria.

    And still, those who “conceptualized” the destruction of Iraq keep rearing their Alien-like slimy head.

    Their icon is of course Robert Kagan – one of the founders of the apocalyptically funereal Project for a New American Century (PNAC) and husband of crypto-Ukrainian hell raiser Victoria “F**k the EU” Nuland

    (thus their dream of Ukraine as the Khaganate of Nulands, or simply Nulandistan.)

    Kagan has been devastatingly misguided on everything, as in his 2003 best-seller

    Of Paradise and Power: America and Europe in the New World Order,

    an eulogy of “benign” Americans standing guard against the “threats” (as in Muslim fundamentalism) emanating from

    a Hobbesian world way beyond the cozy Kantian precinct inhabited by Europe.

    Then, in The Return of History and the End of Dreams (2008), the “evil” was not Muslim fundamentalism anymore (too shabby), but the emerging of those vast autocracies, Russia and China, antithetical to Western democracies.

    But with The World America Made (2012), the paradisiacal shining city on the hill would once again triumph,

    more than capable to see those autocracies off; after all, the only reliable guarantee of global peace is American exceptionalism.

    Kagan still commands the attention even of the otherwise aloof Commander-in-Chief, who avidly consumed The World America Made before his 2012 State of the Union Address, in which he proclaimed “America is back”.

    It’s enlightening to flash back to Kagan writing in the Weekly Standard in March 2011, sounding like an awestruck schoolboy praising Obama;

    “He thoroughly rejected the so-called realist approach, extolled American exceptionalism, spoke of universal values and insisted that American power should be used, when appropriate, on behalf of those values.”

    Any similarity with Obama’s “new” foreign policy doctrine is, indeed, intentional.

    Catfight at the Singapore corral

    Now comes Kagan’s latest opus,

    “Superpowers Don’t Get to Retire: What our tired country still owes the world”,

    with a sorry mess already inbuilt in the title

    (he’s never read Paul Kennedy after all).

    History tells us that superpowers do retire because of over-extension – not only military but mostly economic and fiscal, as in facing bankruptcy.

    Yet it’s hopeless to expect from Kagan and the neo-con nebula anything other than blindness to the lessons of history –

    with a special, tragic mention of Shock and Awe, trampling of Geneva Conventions, and institutionalized torture.

    Their parochial dichotomy is either eternal American global hegemony or outright chaos.

    Progressives in the US still try to save the day, frantically calling for a core “restoration” of American economic and democratic health;

    a rather impossible undertaking when casino capitalism rules and the US is now for all practical purposes an oligarchy.

    These dreamers actually believe this “restoration” is what Obama has done or is trying to do; and that would project the US once again as a global model – and thus “encourage” democracy everywhere.

    Sorry to break the news, but for the overwhelming majority of the genuine, fact on the ground “international community”, the notion of the US promoting democracy is now D.O.A.

    So under the banner of exceptionalism

    – versus the competing birth of a Eurasian century –

    it’s been a fascinating exercise to witness the catfight at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore,

    which I described last year as the Spielbergs and Clooneys of the military sphere all locked up in a Star Wars room

    (actually a ballroom with chandeliers at the Shangri-La Hotel.)

    It all started with Shinzo Abe, the militaristic prime minister of that American protectorate, Japan, denouncing “unilateral efforts” to alter the strategic status quo in Asia.

    General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, piled up, saying Asia-Pacific was becoming less stable because of “coercion and provocation” by China.

    And Pentagon supremo Chuck Hagel also blasted Beijing, accusing it of “destabilizing, unilateral actions” in the South China Sea.

    But then Lt Gen Wang Guanzhong, the deputy chief of general staff of the PLA, counterpunched in kind, saying Hagel’s talk was

    “full of hegemony, full of words of threat and intimidation”

    and part of “a provocative challenge against China”.

    Major General Zhu Chenghu even allowed himself to be condescending (oh, those barbarians … );

    “The Americans are making very, very important strategic mistakes right now … If you take China as an enemy, China will absolutely become the enemy of the US.”

    Major General Zhu also accused Hagel of hypocrisy;

    “Whatever the Chinese do is illegal, and whatever the Americans do is right.”

    Zhu was quick to register Hagel’s own threat, as in

    “the US will not look the other way when fundamental principles of the international order are being challenged.”

    Translation: Don’t mess with the exceptionalist. WE are the international order.

    It’s as if everyone was reading from Kagan’s playbook.

    The difference is that Beijing is not Baghdad, and will not respond to threats by lying down.

    Instead, it is deploying selective, savvy, tactical moves all across the Western Pacific chessboard.

    Washington’s Asian network of vassals/clients/protectorates is and will be slowly but surely undermined.

    And on top of it, Beijing clearly sees that both Hagel and Kerry – who know next to nothing about the complexities of Asia – are clearly panicking.

    Those Deng Xiaoping dictum days – from “crossing the river by feeling the stones” to “carry a low profile” – are in the past.

    Now we’re talking about the imminent number one economic power, already the world’s top trading nation and America’s top creditor.

    Highway to Hillary

    Russia – and not the US – is now the key partner or broker in negotiating hardcore international conflicts.

    The recent flurry of China-Russia energy and trade agreements, an essential part of their strategic partnership;

    the progressive integration and concerted economic/financial strategy of the BRICS;

    and even the slow moving process of Latin American integration all point towards a multipolar world.

    Which bring us back to Obama’s “new” foreign policy doctrine. Let’s quickly survey the recent record.

    Obama only refrained from pursuing his reckless, self-imposed red line and bombing Syria because he was saved (from himself) at the eleventh hour by Russian diplomacy.

    The Iran dossier remains vulnerable to relentless pressure by neo-cons/Israel lobby/sectors of the weaponizing industry, with the Obama administration introducing extraneous factors bound to sidestep the negotiation.

    Obama’s sanctions on Russia because of Ukraine were not only unlawful; they are peripheral, as astute European Union business leaders quickly recognized.

    A simulacrum of withdrawal is being pushed in Afghanistan – to be replaced by all-out shadow war.

    And the Obama administration – covertly and not so covertly – has been supporting neo-nazis in Ukraine and jihadists in Syria.

    All this is still not enough for the Kagan bunch –

    the “conceptual” architects of the 9/11 wars, who always wanted Obama to bomb Syria; bomb Iran; start a war with Russia over Crimea; and even, sooner rather than later, bomb China to prevent it from getting back to number one.

    Hobbesians gone mad – wallowing in their psychotic sense of perennial entitlement – will stop at nothing to prevent the emergence of a multipolar world.

    It’s Exceptionalist Empire with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as global Robocop, or hell.

    Moscow and Beijing, to say the least, are not exactly impressed; rather, they detect desperation.

    Yet things could – and should – get much nastier, irrespective of imploding Khaganates.

    Just wait for the Hillary doctrine.

    Pepe Escobar

    [Perhaps USA needs Republican president, who Democrats will keep in check. No one checks Obama.]


  23. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople Сергей Лавров: Воздействие кризиса на Украине будет ощущаться ещё долго Sergei Lavrov: impact of the crisis in Ukraine will be felt for a long time

    Кризис на Украине «серьёзно встряхнул» международную ситуацию, и его воздействие будет ощущаться ещё длительное время, заявил глава МИД РФ Сергей Лавров. Случившееся на Украине «стало не проявлением принципиально новых тенденций, а кульминацией курса, осуществлявшегося западными партнёрами многие годы по отношению к России», добавил он.

    Sergei Lavrov: impact of the crisis in Ukraine will be felt for a long time

    The crisis in Ukraine “seriously shaken” the international situation and its impact will be felt for a long time, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. What happened in Ukraine “was not a manifestation of a fundamentally new trends, and the culmination of the course, asking for foreign partners for many years in relation to Russia,” he added.


  24. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople смене режима в соседней стране regime change in neighboring country

    ЛАВРОВ: “Россия отреагировала на это единственно возможным способом, продемонстрировав, что мы ни при каких обстоятельствах не будем наблюдать за осуществлением очередной операции по смене режима в соседней стране”, – отметил глава МИДа. Россия “неизменно стремилась” и до сих пор готова участвовать в совместной “честной работе по содействию украинцам в преодолении кризисной ситуации в этой братской стране”.

    LAVROV: “Russia’s reaction to, this is the only possible way, demonstrating that we do not, under any circumstances, will monitor the implementation of regular operations for regime change in the neighboring country,” said the head of the Foreign Ministry. Russia “has always sought to” and still is ready to participate in the joint “honest work to support the Ukrainians in overcoming the crisis in this sister country.”


  25. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople “Лугансктепловоз” частично приостановил работу из-за боевых действий “Luganskteplovoz” partially suspended operations because of the fighting http://delo.ua/business/luganskteplovoz-priostanovil-rabotu-iz-za-boevyh-dejstvij-237948/

  26. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople де-факто гражданская война a de facto civil war Центральные западные средства массовой информации, говорится о грубых нарушениях прав человека в Украине – политический аналитик

    Тогда люди в Донецке и Луганске и в других городах, где продолжается военный карательной операции, то, что они могут надеяться для?

    Я думаю, что единственная надежда, что Россия будет защищать их.


    Не которые создают еще больше насилия между двумя странами?

    Я не уверен, что это нужный момент говорить об этом, но я знаю, что люди, которые защищают себя в Донецке и Луганске, они могут многое сделать, но у них непреодолимой силы против них.

    Так в этом случае я вижу затяжной войны.

    Люди воздерживались от называя его гражданской войны, но я думаю, что это де-факто гражданской войны.


    Какие виды защиты Россия может предложить в восточных районах в Украине?

    Потому что это одна вещь, например, для предоставления оружия для людей иметь возможность защитить себя.

    Но мне кажется, что, если вы слушаете все заявления из Западной Украины, они хотят бороться до победного конца.

    Таким образом будет единственный выбор – что? – распространять формы этих регионов и фактически захватить власть в Киеве?

    Я думаю, что Российская позиция была что Киева правительство должно остановить этот карательных мер и что находится в Женевском соглашении.

    Йон Хеллевиг, политический комментатор и соавтор книги «Путина в новой России»

    Mainstream Western media silent on gross violations of human rights in Ukraine – political analyst

    Then people in Donetsk and Lugansk, and in other cities where the military punitive operation is ongoing, what can they hope for?

    I think the only hope is that Russia will protect them.


    Wouldn’t that create even more violence between the two nations?

    I’m not sure it is the right moment to speak about that, but I know that the people who are protecting themselves in Donetsk and Lugansk, they can do much, but they have an overwhelming force against them.

    So, in this scenario I see a protracted war.

    People refrain from calling it a civil war, but I think it is a de facto civil war.


    What kind of protection Russia can offer to the eastern regions in Ukraine?

    Because it is one thing, for example, to provide arms for the people to be able to defend themselves.

    But it seems that, if you listen to all the statements coming from the west of Ukraine, they want to fight till the bitter end.

    Therefore, the only choice would be – what? – to spread out form those regions and actually recapture power in Kiev?

    I think that the Russian position has been that the Kiev government should stop this punitive action and that is in the Geneva agreement.

    Jon Hellevig, political commentator and the co-author of the book “Putin’s New Russia”


  27. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople Итоговая сводка за 4 июня от Игоря Ивановича Стрелкова Summaries for June 4 from Igor Ivanovich Strelkova

    «За два дня. 2 „сушки“ и 3 „вертушки“.

    Один уже сгорел, второй лежит на боку и никуда больше не полетит, а третий (Ми-24) к ним добавился сегодня утром — упал и сгорел в районе Славянского Курорта.

    Подтверждаю сбитие вчера ДВУХ штурмовиков Су-25. Один упал по направлению к Красному Лиману, второй — севернее Славянска (видели, как катапультировался летчик).

    Вчера в бою под Семеновкой погиб командир батальона 95-й аэромобильной бригады.

    Сегодня Семеновку обстреливали и бомбили весь день. Применили даже гаубицы калибра 240-мм. Попеременно долбили то гаубицами, то штурмовиками.

    У нас двое раненых. Стреляют укры из пушек очень плохо, а штурмовики после вчерашнего ниже 3 км не опускаются и, соответственно, попасть тоже никуда не могут.»


    Summaries for June 4 from Igor Ivanovich Strelkova

    “For two days. 2 “drying” and 3 “pinwheel”.

    One is burned, the second lies on its side and nowhere else will not fly, and the third (Mi-24) added to them this morning – fell and burned near Slavic Resort.

    Confirm downing yesterday TWO Su-25. One fell toward the Red Liman, second – Northern Slavic (seen as pilot ejected).

    Yesterday, in the battle of the battalion commander was killed Semenivka 95th airmobile brigade.

    Today Semenovka shelled and bombed all day. Applied even caliber howitzer 240 mm. Then alternately hollowed howitzers, the stormtroopers.

    We have two wounded. Harboring shoot cannons very bad, and after yesterday’s storm troopers below 3 km and not fall, respectively, too, will get can not. ”


  28. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople Штурмовики Су-25 расстреляли Семеновку Su-25 shot Semenovka неуправляемые авиационные ракеты unguided rockets

    Украинские военные нанесли массированный авиаудар по двум селам вблизи Славянска. Помимо штурмовиков Су-25, применивших запрещенные международными конвенциями неуправляемые авиационные ракеты, в атаке на Семеновку и Николаевку участвовала тяжелая артиллерия.

    “Вооруженные силы Украины применяют штурмовую авиацию в боях за стратегически важный населенный пункт Семеновка. Для обстрела села противник также применяет тяжелую артиллерию, в частности, самоходные артиллерийские установки “Нона” и гаубицы “Акация”, – сообщили в пресс-службе самопровозглашенной Донецкой народной республики.

    Как рассказали в штабе защитников Славянска, “истребители Су-25 несколько раз обстреляли Николаевку и Семеновку, выпустив НАРы (неуправляемые авиационные ракеты)”.

    Этот авианалет на Семеновку стал уже восьмым за последние два дня. Последний раз истребители и вертолеты бомбили поселок утром 4 июня. После этого один вертолет ВВС Украины был сбит.


    Ukrainian military struck a massive airstrike on two villages near Sloviansk. In addition to Su-25, who used banned by international conventions unguided rocket attack on Semenovka Nikolayevka participated and heavy artillery.

    “Armed Forces of Ukraine attack aircraft used in the battle for the strategically important town Semenivka. Shelling of the village to the enemy heavy artillery also applies, in particular, self-propelled artillery” Nona “and howitzers” Acacia “, – the press-service of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk .

    As described in the headquarters Sloviansk defenders, ” Su-25 fired several times and Nikolayevka Semenovka releasing bunks (unguided rockets). ”

    This airstrike on Semenovka became the eighth in the last two days. Last fighter jets and helicopters bombed the village in the morning on June 4. After that one helicopter was shot down by the Ukrainian Air Force.


  29. blessedistruth Says:



  30. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople Владимир Путин: У Порошенко есть шанс остановить карательную операцию Vladimir Putin: We have a chance to stop Poroshenko punitive operation

    У нового президента Украины Петра Порошенко есть возможность остановить начатую Киевом карательную операцию против своего же населения на востоке Украины. Об этом заявил президент России Владимир Путин во время интервью французским СМИ.

    04 июня 2014, 22:38
    «Считаю, что у господина Порошенко есть уникальный шанс: у него пока руки не испачканы кровью, и он может приостановить эту
    карательную операцию и начать прямой диалог со своими гражданами на востоке и юге своей страны», – заявил Владимир Путин.

    Vladimir Putin: We have a chance to stop Poroshenko punitive operation

    The new president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko can be stopped begun Kiev punitive operation against its own population in eastern Ukraine. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, during an interview by the French media.

    June 4, 2014, 22:38
    “I think that Mr. Poroshenko have a unique chance: he still hands stained with blood, and he may suspend this
    punitive operation and start a direct dialogue with their citizens on the east and south of the country “, – said Vladimir Putin .


  31. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople Путин считает, что у Порошенко есть шанс, потому что руки не испачканы кровью

    Среда, 04 июня 2014, 21:13

    Версия для печатиКомментарии31
    Президент России Владимир Путин считает, что у нового президента Украины Петра Порошенко еще есть шанс наладить диалог с гражданами на востоке и юге своей страны.
    “Считаю, что у господина Порошенко есть уникальный шанс: у него пока руки не испачканы кровью, и он может приостановить эту карательную операцию и начать прямой диалог со своими гражданами на востоке и юге своей страны”, – сказал он в интервью французским СМИ.
    При этом Путин призвал не называть войной то, что происходит в Украине.
    “Там идет карательная операция центральных властей против своего народа. Это не война между государствами, это разные вещи”, – считает он.
    Всё о: Порошенко, Путин

    Putin believes that Poroshenko have a chance because the hands are not stained with blood
    Wednesday, June 4, 2014, 21:13

    Print version Comments 31
    Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the new president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko still have a chance to establish a dialogue with the citizens of the south and east of the country.
    “I believe that Mr. Poroshenko have a unique chance: he still hands stained with blood, and he may suspend this punitive operation and start a direct dialogue with their citizens on the east and south of the country,” – he said in an interview with the French media.
    Thus Putin urged not to call the war what is happening in Ukraine.
    “There is a punitive operation of the central authorities against their own people. This is not a war between the states, are two different things,” – he said.
    All about: Poroshenko , Putin


  32. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople Вопрос если он думал, официальные лица США лежали, Путин ответил: «нет никаких вооруженных сил, не российских инструкторов в Украине–и там никогда не были.»

    Г-н Путин — встретиться с лидерами Великобритании, Франции и Германии, во Франции, завтра или в пятницу, но Barack Obama президент США снизилась предлагать ему официальное заседание.

    Российский лидер сказал, что он не мог понять, что позиция, но настаивал, чтобы он был открыт для встречи со своим американским коллегой.

    «Это его выбор, я готов к диалогу,»-сказал господин Путин.

    Он также обвинил США в лицемерии в своей «агрессивной» попытки наказать Россию по Украине.

    «У нас практически никаких вооруженных сил за границей, но смотри: повсюду в мире есть американские военные базы, американские войска тысячи километров от своих границ.

    «Они вмешиваться во внутренние дела той или иной страны, поэтому трудно обвинить нас в нарушениях.»


    Asked if he thought US officials were lying, Mr Putin replied: “There are no armed forces, no ‘Russian instructors’ in Ukraine — and there never were any.”

    Mr Putin is to meet with the leaders of Britain, France and Germany in France tomorrow or Friday, but US President Barack Obama has declined to offer him a formal meeting.

    The Russian leader said he could not understand that stance, but insisted he was open to a meeting with his American counterpart.

    “It is his choice, I am ready for dialogue,” Mr Putin said.

    He also accused the US of hypocrisy in its “aggressive” attempts to punish Russia over Ukraine.

    “We have almost no military forces abroad, yet look: everywhere in the world there are American military bases, American troops thousands of kilometres from their borders.

    “They interfere in the interior affairs of this or that country, so it is difficult to accuse us of abuses.”


  33. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople США несут определенную ответственность за продолжающееся насилие Что запланировано для Украины? USA does bear some responsibility for the ongoing violence What’s Next for Ukraine?


    Д-р Стивен Коэн, ученый России и давний пишущим редактором в The Nation, сетует, что он воспринимает отсутствие дискуссии над политикой США в отношении Украины.

    «Средствах массовой информации удалила людей таких как я, которые спорили за изменение политики»,-говорит он.

    Оказавшись здесь, на программе Thom Hartmann, Коэн Отзывы конкурирующих повествования о том, что вызвало кризис в Украине и что он будет принимать его.

    Он утверждает, что мы должны отказаться от черно-белого позерство и взаимодействовать с возможностью, что США действительно несут некоторую ответственность за продолжающееся насилие.

    Заставляя вопрос о виновности США в общественный дискурс имеет важное значение, говорит он, «потому что если мы половину вины и половина России виноват, что это начало переговоров.»

    Dr. Stephen Cohen, a Russia scholar and longtime contributing editor at The Nation, laments what he perceives to be the absence of debate over US policy towards Ukraine.

    “The mainstream media has deleted people such as myself who are arguing for a change of policy,” he says.

    Appearing here on The Thom Hartmann Program, Cohen reviews the competing narratives as to what sparked the crisis in Ukraine and what it would take to end it.

    He argues that we should desist from Manichean posturing and engage with the possibility that the US does indeed bear some responsibility for the ongoing violence.

    Forcing the question of US culpability into public discourse is essential, he says, “because if we’re half at fault, and Russia’s half at fault, that’s the beginning of a negotiation.”


  34. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople Противоядие от дезинформации на Украине Antidote to Misinformation on Ukraine

    Противоядие от дезинформации на Украине: A Primer Стивен Коэн в интервью Джон Батчелор

    Когда-нибудь помпезной Джон Керри ужас и возмущение, состояние его базальной казалось бы, призрак американцев чтения RT и, хуже того, решить для себя то, что верно!

    Antidote to Misinformation on Ukraine: A Primer by Stephen Cohen interviewed by John Batchelor

    The ever pompous John Kerry is horrified and outraged, his basal state it would seem, by the specter of Americans reading RT and, worse, deciding for ourselves what is true!


  35. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople Такой сценарий является исключительно плодом воображения партия войны Вашингтон Such a scenario is purely a figment of the Washington War Party’s imagination


  36. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople Повстанцев захватить 3 базы правительства в Восточной Украине Rebels seize 3 government bases in eastern Ukraine http://www.theitem.com/news/ap_news/rebels-seize-government-bases-in-eastern-ukraine/article_41adf32d-dbba-559f-9fc3-ae20e4c1e2dc.html

  37. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople Vladimir Putin’s interview with Radio Europe 1 and TF1 TV channel

    QUESTION (via interpreter): Good afternoon Mr President. Good afternoon, President Putin. Thank you very much for agreeing to give this exclusive interview to Radio Europe 1 and the TF1 TV channel at your Sochi residence. On Thursday evening you will meet with President Francois Hollande in the Elysee Palace, and the next day you will attend the D-Day 70th Anniversary Commemoration. This will be your first trip to the beaches of Normandy, and you will be the first Russian President to attend the ceremony. What do you as a Russian citizen think about being invited to this exceptional ceremony?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: This will be an important event for Europe and the rest of the world. We will pay tribute to those who prevented Nazism from enslaving Europe, and I believe that Russia’s attendance is a momentous event. The thing is that Russia and the anti-Hitler coalition countries, including France, were allies in that struggle for freedom, and my country played a vital and maybe even the decisive role in defeating Nazism. But we’ll never forget the French Resistance fighters and the French soldiers who fought side by side with us on the Soviet-German front, which is also called the Eastern front. I believe that this should not only remind us about our history, but also help to promote our relations now and in the future.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): Of course, you and Russia will take your rightful place on the beaches of Normandy. You lived in the Soviet Union until you were 40, you saw its collapse, and now you are actively contributing to Russia’s revival. What would you like to see happen now? What are your goals? Is Russia’s strategy a path of dialogue or expansion and conquest?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Well, a policy of expansionism and conquest has no future in the modern world. We’re confident that Russia can and should be a partner with its traditional allies, in the broad sense, now and also in the future.

    This is what we want, and this is what we will keep working towards. We see no other way to develop relations with our neighbours and all other countries.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): Do you want to defend the Russian nation or to become the symbol of Russian nationalism and the Russian Empire? We remember what you said about the Soviet Union’s dissolution. You said that it was the worst geopolitical disaster of the 20th century. You also said that those who do not regret the collapse of the Soviet Union have no heart, and those who want to restore it have no brains. You have brains. What do you propose: Russian nationalism, or the restoration of the Russian Empire to its previous borders?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: We will not promote Russian nationalism, and we do not intend to revive the Russian Empire. What did I mean when I said that the Soviet Union’s collapse was one of the largest humanitarian – above all humanitarian – disasters of the 20th century? I meant that all the citizens of the Soviet Union lived in a union state irrespective of their ethnicity, and after its collapse 25 million Russians suddenly became foreign citizens. It was a huge humanitarian disaster. Not a political or ideological disaster, but a purely humanitarian upheaval. Families were divided; people lost their jobs and means of subsistence, and had no means to communicate with each other normally. This was the problem.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): And what about the future?

    Do you want to restore the empire within the former borders or do you want to continue developing your country within your own borders?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: We want to develop our country within our own borders, of course. But – and this is very important – like other countries in other parts of the world, we want to use modern policies to improve our competitive advantage, including economic integration. This is what we are doing in the post-Soviet space within the Customs Union and now also within the Eurasian Union.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): Mr Putin, we are now talking about why a neighbouring country, Ukraine, is being torn apart by war. There is no other word for it. Now pro-Russian forces want to breach Ukraine’s borders. Who can stop them and what is your policy?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I wouldn’t call them either pro-Russian or pro-Ukrainian. They are people who have certain rights, political, humanitarian rights, and they must have a chance to exercise those rights.

    For example, in Ukraine governors are still appointed by Kiev. After the anti-constitutional coup in Kiev last February, the first thing the new authorities tried to do was deprive the ethnic minorities of the right to use their native language. This caused great concern among the people living in eastern Ukraine.

    QUESTION: You did not let this happen but are you saying that we are on the verge of another Cold War?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I hope we are not on the verge of any war. Second, I insist that people – wherever they live – have their rights and they must be able to fight for them. That’s the point.

    QUESTION: Is there any risk of a war? Now, as we see tanks on their way from Kiev, many people in France are asking this question. Were you tempted to send troops to eastern Ukraine?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: This is an interview, which implies short questions and short answers. But if you have patience and give me a minute, I will tell you how we see it. Here’s our position. What actually happened there? There was a conflict and that conflict arose because the former Ukrainian president refused to sign an association agreement with the EU. Russia had a certain stance on this issue. We believed it was indeed unreasonable to sign that agreement because it would have a grave impact on the economy, including the Russian economy. We have 390 economic agreements with Ukraine and Ukraine is a member of the free trade zone within the CIS. And we wouldn’t be able to continue this economic relationship with Ukraine as a member of the free trade zone. We discussed this with our European partners. Instead of continuing the debates by legitimate and diplomatic means, our European friends and our friends from the United States supported the anti-constitutional armed coup. This is what happened. We did not cause this crisis to happen. We were against this course of events but after the anti-constitutional coup – let’s face it, after all…

    QUESTION: But now we see so much tension in politics. Yet despite this, you will be in Normandy speaking about peace while Barack Obama keeps urging Europe to arm itself.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Well, we must always talk about peace but we should understand the causes and nature of the crisis. The point is no one should be brought to power through an armed anti-constitutional coup, and this is especially true of the post-Soviet space where government institutions are not fully mature. When it happened some people accepted this regime and were happy about it while other people, say, in eastern and southern Ukraine just won’t accept it. And it is vital to talk with those people who didn’t accept this change of power instead of sending tanks there, as you said yourself, instead of firing missiles at civilians from the air and bombing non-military targets.

    QUESTION: But, Mr President, the United States and the White House claim they have evidence that Russia intervened in the conflict, sent its troops and supplied weapons. They claim they have proof. Do you believe that?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Proof? Why don’t they show it? The entire world remembers the US Secretary of State demonstrating the evidence of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, waving around some test tube with washing powder in the UN Security Council. Eventually, the US troops invaded Iraq, Saddam Hussein was hanged and later it turned out there had never been any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. You know, it’s one thing to say things and another to actually have evidence. I will tell you again: no Russian troops…

    QUESTION (via interpreter): Are you saying the US is lying?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: There are no armed forces, no Russian ‘instructors’ in southeastern Ukraine. And there never were any.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): So you do not want to annex Ukraine and you never tried to destabilise the situation there?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: We never did that. The Ukrainian government must now sit down and talk with their own people instead of using weapons, tanks, planes and helicopters. They must start the negotiating process.

    QUESTION(via interpreter): The new Ukrainian president was elected on May 25 through a democratic vote. Do you recognise Mr Poroshenko as a legitimate president?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I’ve already told you and will say it again: we will respect the choice of the Ukrainian people and we will cooperate with Ukrainian authorities.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): In other words, if you meet him on 6 June on the beaches of Normandy, and if President Hollande helps to make this meeting possible, will you shake hands with him? Will you talk with him?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, I don’t plan to evade anyone. President Hollande kindly invited me as the representative of Russia to attend this commemoration, even though the event it will commemorate was tragic. I was pleased to accept his invitation, and I’m grateful to the President for inviting me. There will be other guests, and I’m not going to avoid any of them. I will talk with all of them.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): But will you meet with Poroshenko? You said you would only work with him on the condition that he would not totally yield to US influence.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I didn’t say that he shouldn’t yield to US influence. He is free to accept any influence he wants. Ukrainians voted for him, and he is free to develop a policy. If he chooses to accept anyone’s strong influence, let him. But I wouldn’t…

    QUESTION (via interpreter): Do you recognise Ukraine’s sovereignty and its neutral stance with respect to relations between Russia and the West?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Yes, we recognise its sovereignty. Moreover, we’d like Ukraine to act as a sovereign state. Joining any military bloc or any other rigid integration alliance amounts to a partial loss of sovereignty. But if a country opts for this and wants to cede part of its sovereignty, it’s free to do so. Regarding Ukraine and military blocs, this is what worries us, because if Ukraine joins, say, NATO, NATO’s infrastructure will move directly towards the Russian border, which cannot leave us indifferent.

    QUESTION: Mr President, Russian troops annexed Crimea recently. Will you ever give it back?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: It’s a delusion that Russian troops annexed Crimea. Russian troops did nothing of the kind. Frankly…

    QUESTION: But Crimea has been included on the map of Russia, the kind of maps we used in school. It’s part of Russia now. What was it, annexation or reunification? Which word should we use?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: If you’ll let me finish, I think you’ll see what I mean.

    Russian troops were in Crimea under the international treaty on the deployment of the Russian military base. It’s true that Russian troops helped Crimeans hold a referendum on their (a) independence and (b) desire to join the Russian Federation. No one can prevent these people from exercising a right that is stipulated in Article 1 of the UN Charter, the right of nations to self-determination.

    QUESTION: In other words, you will not return Crimea [to Ukraine]? Crimea is Russia, is that it?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: In accordance with the expression of the will of people who live there, Crimea is part of the Russian Federation and its constituent entity.

    I want everyone to understand this clearly. We conducted an exclusively diplomatic and peaceful dialogue – I want to stress this – with our partners in Europe and the United States. In response to our attempts to hold such a dialogue and to negotiate an acceptable solution, they supported the anti-constitutional state coup in Ukraine, and following that we could not be sure that Ukraine would not become part of the North Atlantic military bloc. In that situation, we could not allow a historical part of the Russian territory with a predominantly ethnic Russian population to be incorporated into an international military alliance, especially because Crimeans wanted to be part of Russia. I am sorry, but we couldn’t act differently.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): So, Francois Hollande has invited you to France, to Paris and Normandy. You know him very well. Can you move further forward, and can you describe your relations as confidential?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Yes, I think so.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): Do you think so, or are you sure?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I’ve always thought so. I see no reasons to think otherwise. We have very good interstate relations, but we have much to do yet to promote our economic ties.

    But our personal relations have always been trust-based, which helps in work as well. I hope it will stay this way.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): You are talking about trust-based relations – both in defence and the economy. You have paid over a billion euros for two Mistral-class amphibious assault ships, and Russian naval officials are to visit Saint-Nazaire in a few days. Have you given them special permission to go to France?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I believe we are living in a civilised world and we will all continue to fulfil our obligations and contractual commitments. I’ve heard a lot of talk about these ships going to Russia and some people believe that Russia shouldn’t get them. You know, here in Russia we had a lot of opposition to this contract. France is entitled to decide against selling the ships, but in that case we should get out money back. This would mean that out countries won’t have an opportunity to develop ties in the defence sector – but overall we are ready to expand our cooperation and even to place new orders, if our French partners are interested.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): Despite external pressure, you have asked France to supply these assault ships – and if France does it you may place other orders as well, right?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: We expect our French partners to fulfil their contractual obligations, and if everything goes as we agreed, we will not rule out the possibility of further orders – and not necessarily in naval shipbuilding; they may concern other sectors as well. Overall, our relations in this area are developing well, and we would like to continue strengthening them – in aviation, shipbuilding, and other sectors. We have successful cooperation experience in space exploration, at the Guiana Space Centre near Kourou.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): Do you think France is a sovereign and independent state whose opinion is respected? What do you think of Germany? You speak with Angela Merkel in both Russian and German, while François Hollande doesn’t speak Russian and you don’t speak French. Do you have a common language of communication?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: The fact that I don’t speak French and Mr Hollande doesn’t speak Russian is not a barrier for us. It does not prevent us from speaking a common language, and we understand each other well even via an interpreter.

    Speaking of the level of sovereignty, I will say it again – any country that becomes a member of a military alliance gives away some of its sovereignty to a supranational body. For Russia, this would be unacceptable. As for other countries, it has nothing to do with us. They have to decide such matters for themselves. In this regard, I think of the Gaullist tradition and General Charles de Gaulle, who protected France’s sovereignty. I think this deserves respect. And there’s another example: François Mitterrand, who spoke of European confederation, with Russia as its member. I think this opportunity still exists and we will have it in the future.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): My next question concerns the United States. You will meet with Barack Obama in a few days, you will sit a few metres away from him. But he doesn’t seem to be willing to speak to you. What will this meeting be like and how will relations develop between the world’s richest country and its largest country? How can you avoid speaking to each other when there’s a real need for this since the war is not too far off?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Well, you’re exaggerating about the war being not far off. You seem to be feeling aggressive. Whatever gave you this idea, and why are you determined to frighten us all? As for…

    QUESTION (via interpreter): Because Ukraine is near Russia.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: So what?

    QUESTION (via interpreter): And this is where the war is going on. When he mentioned the war, he said it is not far off.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: There is a punitive operation launched by Kiev’s government against the country’s own citizens. It is not a war between states, it is something entirely different. As for…

    QUESTION (via interpreter): Do you think it should be stopped immediately?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I think Mr Poroshenko, who has no blood on his hands so far, has a unique chance to halt this punitive operation now and start a dialogue with people in southeastern Ukraine.

    As for my relations with Barack Obama, I have no reason whatsoever to believe he is not willing to talk to the President of Russia. But ultimately, it is his choice. I am always ready for dialogue, and I think that dialogue is the best way to bridge any gaps. We have been in contact until now, we have talked on the telephone regularly.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): Russia and the United States are experiencing some problems. Are these problems between two powers or between two people, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Problems between countries always exist, especially between such big countries as Russia and the United States. There have always been some issues, but I don’t think we should go to extremes. At any rate, it wouldn’t be our choice. I’m always willing to talk to any of my partners, including President Obama.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): So you are willing to talk and you regret what is happening? But don’t you think the United States is trying to surround Russia, to make you weaker as a leader and perhaps isolate you from the world? You are being very diplomatic now but you know the facts.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Facts? You’ve said it yourself: Russia is the biggest country in the world. It would be very difficult to surround it, and the world is changing so fast that it would basically be impossible, even in theory.

    Of course, we can see attempts by the United States to pressure their allies by employing their obvious leadership in the Western community, in order to influence Russia’s policy.

    Russia’s policy is based solely on its national interests. Of course, we take the opinions of our partners into account but we are guided by the interests of the Russian people.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): Mr President, it is very convenient that you are meeting with Mr Obama on June 6. Perhaps, it would be worse if you were meeting with Hillary Clinton. Only a few days ago, she said that what Russia is doing in Eastern Europe resembles what Hitler was doing in the 1930s.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: It’s better not to argue with women. But Ms Clinton has never been too graceful in her statements. Still, we always met afterwards and had cordial conversations at various international events. I think even in this case we could reach an agreement. When people push boundaries too far, it’s not because they are strong but because they are weak. But maybe weakness is not the worst quality for a woman.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): Women must be respected, of course, and I’m sure you respect them. Do you think she went too far? There is a lot of mockery and cartoons in the media – including those showing you. What was your first reaction? Were you angry? Did you want to get back at her or laugh? We have never seen you laugh.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Someday I will indulge myself and we will laugh together at some good joke. But when I hear such extreme statements, to me it only means that they don’t have any valid arguments. Speaking of US policy, it’s clear that the United States is pursuing the most aggressive and toughest policy to defend their own interests – at least, this is how the American leaders see it – and they do it persistently.

    There are basically no Russian troops abroad while US troops are everywhere. There are US military bases everywhere around the world and they are always involved in the fates of other countries even though they are thousands of kilometres away from US borders. So it is ironic that our US partners accuse us of breaching some of these rules.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): But you have taken some decisions regarding your defence budget. Are you as President taking any special decisions on security and defence now, because the general environment is more risky?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Regarding the defence budget. I’d like to say, for reference’ sake, because only the analysts know this, that the defence budget of the United States, which we talked about only yesterday, is larger than the combined military budgets of every country in the world – every country – combined. So who’s pursuing an aggressive policy?

    As for our [defence] budget, it has hardly grown in terms of percent of GDP, barely by one-tenth of a percent. But we want to rearm our army and navy based on modern, advanced technology, by reducing quantity and improving quality. We have a relevant rearmament programme, and it was not adopted yesterday or in response to the Ukrainian crisis. It has been our policy, which we will continue to implement.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): Mr President, Syrian leader Bashar Assad has been re-elected president without much effort. Can you influence him? Can you ask him to order his army to stop its atrocities, to stop fighting their own people?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: All sides are guilty of atrocities there, but primarily the extremist organisations that are thriving in Syria. We are mostly worried about…

    QUESTION (via interpreter): Religious, Islamic [organisations]…

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: …those organisations that are directly connected with Al Qaeda. There are many of them there, which no one tries to deny any longer. It’s a general fact. But we are mostly worried that the wrong action could turn Syria into another Afghanistan, a completely uncontrollable spawning ground for the terrorist threat, including for European countries. All the terrorists who are operating there now would eventually move to other countries, including in Europe.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): We don’t quite understand why you, Vladimir Putin, the man who wants to modernise Russia, support a person who is killing his own people, who is covered in their blood. How can this be?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I’ll explain very simply and clearly, and I hope that the majority of the French people who are watching and listening to this interview will understand me. We very much fear that Syria will fall apart like Sudan. We very much fear that Syria will follow in the footsteps of Iraq or Afghanistan. This is why we would like the legal authority to remain in power in Syria, so that Russia can cooperate with Syria and with ours partners in Europe and the United States to consider possible methods to change Syrian society, to modernise the regime and make it more viable and humane.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): I’d like to ask you about your country, Russia. How would you describe its current political regime? Some describe it as a democracy, while others argue that Russia is so huge that it needs an iron hand. How does Vladimir Putin define the Putin regime?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: The current regime is not connected to any particular person, including the incumbent President. We have common democratic state institutions, although they reflect Russia’s needs. What are they? The overwhelming majority of Russian citizens tend to rely on their traditions, their history and, if I may say so, their traditional values. I see this as the foundation and a factor of stability in the Russian state, but none of this is associated with the President as an individual. Moreover, it should be remembered that we only started introducing standard democratic institutions recently. They are still in the process of evolving.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): Can a person stand in opposition to the authorities in Russia without fear of losing his ties and reputation, without being punished?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: We have many opposition parties, and we have recently liberalised the procedure for registering political parties. We have dozens of parties that participate in municipal and regional elections.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): But is it possible to be a personal opponent of Vladimir Putin without exposing oneself to risks?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: If you listen to some of our radio stations and watch some TV shows, I assure you, you are unlikely to find anything similar to this kind of opposition in France.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): There have always been periods of strict order and authoritarian power in Russia. But in the age of the Internet, can a country develop by restricting freedoms?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: It is impossible and we are not restricting the Internet. We have certain… You know, whatever we do, someone tries to find something that goes against democratic principles, including the Internet. Are there any restrictions in Russia? I don’t believe so. Some of our opponents say there are unacceptable restrictions. What kind of restrictions do we have? For example, we have banned the promotion of suicide, drugs and pedophilia. These are our restrictions. What’s wrong with that?

    QUESTION (via interpreter): And homosexuality. It is not pedophilia, it’s a different story.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: That’s not true, we did not ban homosexuality. We banned the promotion of homosexuality among minors. You see, these are two different things. In the United States, since we talked about it, homosexuality is illegal in some states. We impose no criminal liability whatsoever. We banned only promoting homosexuality among minors. It is our right to protect our children and we will do it.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): We would like to talk about the end of your term in 2018. We would like to talk about labour camps. We find such things surprising in the West. For example, Pussy Riot were sentenced to a term in labour camps, and it wasn’t just an ordinary prison. Will you close those camps by the end of your term?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: These are not camps. These are places where the inmates’ freedom is limited but they can live a more or less normal life. These are not prisons where people are not allowed to work.

    Prisons where people can’t even work is the worst punishment you can think of. And I don’t think we should put all convicts in such facilities where people are deprived of their freedom. I think it is much worse than what you are describing.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): Who convinced you that you are carrying out a special mission for Russia?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Why do you think that I believe I’m carrying out a special mission? I have the trust of my voters. Over 63% of Russian citizens voted for me. I believe I hold a national mandate to carry out domestic and foreign policy, and I will fulfil my obligations under this mandate.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): Do you have a role model in the Russian history? Are you guided by Soviet or Russian politics?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I have great love and respect for Russian history and culture. But the world is changing and Russia is too. Russia is part of the modern world, not the world of the past but the modern world. And I believe it has an even greater future than some other countries that can’t take care of their young people, of the new generations, of their children, and believe that they can just let things slide.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): And the last question, Mr President. In 2013, Forbes rated you as the most powerful person in the world. Were you flattered by this title?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, I’m an adult and I know what power means in the modern world. In the modern world, power is mainly defined by such factors as the economy, defence and cultural influence. I believe that in terms of defence, Russia is without any doubt one of the leaders because we are a nuclear power and our nuclear weapons are perhaps the best in the world.

    With regard to cultural influence, we are proud of the Russian culture – literature, the arts and so on.

    As for the economy, we are aware that we still have a lot to do before we reach the top. Although lately, we have made major strides forward and are now the fifth largest economy in the world. It is a success but we can do more.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): We don’t know yet how Vladimir Putin’s era will go down in history. What would you like to be remembered for? And would you like to be seen as a democrat or an authoritarian leader?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I would like to be remembered as a person who did his best for the happiness and prosperity of his country and his people.

    QUESTION (via interpreter): Thank you very much. Have a good trip to France, Mr President. Good-bye.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: Thank you.


  38. blessedistruth Says:


    Интервью Владимира Путина радио «Европа-1» и телеканалу TF1

  39. blessedistruth Says:

    Эксперт: Франция пойдет на сближение с РФ даже вопреки давлению США Expert: France will go on rapprochement with Russia, even in spite of U.S. pressure http://ria.ru/world/20140604/1010736735.html

  40. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople Эксперт: Франция пойдет на сближение с РФ даже вопреки давлению США http://ria.ru/world/20140604/1010736735.html

  41. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople Прошли панихиды и похороны погибших вследствие авиаудара по Луганской ОГА Gone funeral dirge and died as a result of air strikes on the Luhansk Regional State Administration


  42. blessedistruth Says:


  43. blessedistruth Says:



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