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The Sleeping Giant Wakes Up. Ben Garrison Cartoon

July 22, 2014

Wake Up To The Matrix

Great new cartoon from Ben. Many thanks for letting us publish it here.

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Kerry’s Poor Record for Veracity

July 22, 2014

Kerry’s Poor Record for Veracity.

Military expert Viktor Myasnikov, ‘U.S. supplies Ukraine information from the satellites’

July 21, 2014

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[Note: There was a time when I wouldn’t give a story like this the time of day. Now I’ve good reason to believe U.S. government lies, lies, lies …]

Military expert Viktor Myasnikov, ‘U.S. supplies Ukraine information from the satellites’

13:29 July 21, 2014

July 17 in the Donetsk region crashed Boeing 777 airline Malaysia Airlines. Victims of the disaster were 298 people.

Statement by the head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on evidence from satellite rocket launch from the territory controlled by the host of the DNI, which resulted in crashed “Boeing – 777”, “Evening Moscow” commented columnist of the weekly “Independent Military Review”, a military expert Viktor Myasnikov.

– Victor A., ​​there is great probability that the satellite system of Ukraine to launch fixed “Boeing”?

– First, Ukraine has no satellites that take pictures the earth’s surface. Therefore Poroshenko can only talk about the pictures taken by the Americans, and provided to the government of Ukraine. Secondly, for some reason these pictures no hurry to disclose to confirm charges against militias, which from the first moment of the tragedy with “Boeing” they began to crumble?

– American satellites were able to take pictures of a missile launch, which could bring down the Malaysian passenger plane?

– Yes, both American and Russian satellites capable of making such pictures. But remember the story in 2001, when Ukrainians during exercises missile shot down Russian S-200 TU-154 of airline “Siberia”. Then, too, the Americans presented evidence in the form of images from space showing the rocket launch from the territory of Crimea struck airliner. Years have passed, but Ukraine still has not confessed to the crime, not to mention compensation. Ukrainian authorities for 23 years of an independent state is lying, they say, at every step.

– The world needs to call those responsible for the crash. Is the head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko not so knowledgeable in military affairs, making such serious allegations? Poroshenko or bluffing?

– In my opinion, this provocation was prepared in advance is to accuse the militia DNR and Russia in heinous crime, to bring to bear on them and on us all the rage the world, and to tighten sanctions against Russia from the West.

– Russian satellite system gives U.S. satellites?

– The United States is the most powerful satellite constellation in the world. When appears on the planet “hot spot” America “instantly tightens” it their satellites that are round the clock surveillance. Americans often share satellite-derived information with its allies. It is likely that U.S. supplies Ukraine satellite information. Unfortunately, our satellites sometimes inferior to American.

– Victor A., ​​really nothing we can present to the world as proof of his innocence to the collapse of the Malaysian “Boeing”?

– I think that our military does not disclose all of the cards. Judging by the questions asked by the Ministry of Defense of Russia to the U.S. president, Russia has the answers to all charges. Naive to think that we dutifully waiting how events will unfold in Ukraine? We also operate the system and radio intercepts, and AWACS aircraft, which record the information received, in particular from the territory of New Russia. Another thing is that Russia could in this situation to behave more aggressively, without giving the right of “first mover” enemies. Apparently, this strategy has its reasons?

– Do not rule out the possibility that the militia because of their lack of military training, so to speak, accidentally knocked a plane?

– Three weeks before the tragedy took Novorossia militia base defense with a broken launcher and three missiles may also inoperable. Error militia leadership was that they trumpeted to the world based on this defense. In fact, from this plant are of no use. At a minimum, it should have a machine control assault, as well as station radar target detection and tracking, test equipment. But this is nothing. Without all this complex base defense – not working.

– Your version of disaster?

– My version of the tragedy of the “Boeing – 777” – Kiev provocation organized by Washington to discredit the Russian government. Neither Russia nor Novorossia this tragedy with civil aircraft does not benefit. But if Russia and New Russia “dump” all the blame for the catastrophe that greatly benefit the United States and Ukraine.



Military expert Yuri Knutov: Catastrophe “Boeing-777” over the Donbas reminds American provocation 1983

The story of the investigation into the causes of the collapse of the Malaysian ship continues to gain momentum. The basic version: the plane was shot down. And consider the possibility of defeat its missiles “air-land”, issued the anti-aircraft missile system “Buk” or “air-air”, which was launched on board the interceptor.
On the possible causes and versions correspondent “Evening Moscow” spoke with a military expert, Defense Forces veterans, and now – a museum director Yury Knutova defense.

– What do you think can be version wreck of the liner?

– If you take a whole, there are several versions of the crash. This could be, for example, a terrorist act. And the fact that he fell over the area of ​​the fighting – a coincidence. There is the question of competition between companies «Boing» and «Airbus», especially as it first wins. But, of course, the most basic version of the crash – that the board was shot down. And then the most important question – how and by whom.

– How does a complex “Book”? It is interesting primarily because of the accusations against Ukraine Donetsk militias that this plane they shot down.

– Ukraine is now abuts on the presence of militia air defense missile system “Buk”. And not a single machine, and a complete system. Because this complex without radar or additional guidance to find the target is simply impossible to shoot down the plane. Especially at such a height. There is, of course, has its own built-in station, but it forms a narrow beam that, in principle, to ten thousand meters, it just does not find the target. “Book” is somewhat reminiscent of the complex “C-200”, which Ukrainians knocked our TU-154, in 2001, also highlighted the goal seeker captures purpose on earth and the rocket goes to her. ( read more … )

Ex-CIA officer Ray McGovern: I do not exclude sinister scenario in which the U.S. and Poroshenko conspired to bring down the plane

British Prime Minister David Cameron said that if a crash Malaysian liner militias involved South-East of Ukraine, the responsibility will fall on Russia.

“Evening Moscow” phoned to former CIA officer Ray McGovern, the intelligence to do more for Reagan and Bush. Intelligence analyst make conclusions about the disaster that is fundamentally different from the official position of the West.

In Washington, DC, late in the evening. But despite the inconvenience, Mr. McGovern kindly shared with us his point of view.

– How do you think that is why Prime Minister Cameron so readily blames Russia for the death of a Malaysian “Boeing”?

– Well, in essence, the same as before President Obama said. And do not expect that the British minister says something that deviates even an inch from the statements Washington. UK – State vassal of the United States. And their prime minister receives orders from Washington.

– In the case of Western countries support the rebels in third countries, and these rebels are doing something unseemly – it’s the fault of the rebels. And in a situation with Ukraine – for some reason, always blamed for all the ills Russia …

– You pointed out a very interesting logical inconstancy. Fruits of the corporate media propaganda of the United States are the same as in the case of flight KAL-007 that was shot down 1 сентября 1983, South Korea. Plane that illegally crossed the border between the USSR and several hours flying over the Russian Far East, not responding to alarms. This denigration of Russia. ( read more … )


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Images “Epiphany Angels and quetzalcoatl quetzal-bird snake″ Angels? Fairies? Avatars? #ShapeShifters good hashtag?

July 9, 2014

Images “Epiphany Angels and quetzalcoatl quetzal-bird snake″ Angels? Fairies? Avatars? #ShapeShifters good hashtag?.