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Former Nokia Technology Chief: Mobile phones wrecked my health

October 21, 2014

BRHP - Between a Rock and a Hard Place

This is translation of the one of the articles published in the Finnish newspaper Satakunnan kansa. Translation provided generously by Henrik Eiriksson.

For links to Finnish language texts, see earlier blog.


Updated on Oct. 20, 2014 – story continues in the next blog “Former Nokia CTO’s multiple sclerosis and… Nokia’s patents to prevent it?


Former Nokia Boss: Mobile-Phones wrecked my health

by Anne Nikka

[English translation Henrik Eiriksson]

Nokia’s former Technology Chief, Matti Niemelä, was involved in the development the world’s first mobile phones, but fell seriously ill himself from mobile-phone microwave radiation.

In addition, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Some studies suggest that radiation may increase the risk of even MS.


For Tampere-based Matti Niemelä, age 44, life was like in the movies when he as a young man was recruited to work for Nokia in 1997. The…

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D. Faisal al-Miqdad, Deputy Foreign Minister of Syria – Zero morals … the fall of the Turkish politics

October 18, 2014

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[I’m interested in what he has to say.]

D. Faisal al-Miqdad, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Syrian regime is authoritarian Turkish public relations campaign in various parts of the world in defense of himself and his policies of terrorism and supporting terrorism.

And manifested this campaign through statements and declarations which became head system and his Prime Minister Eddlean by late morning, to justify the fiasco faced by Turkish politics.

It seems that the instructions had been issued to the system hardware, including the media loyal to her, to move to salvage what remains of the credibility of the system.

has unfolded deadly game practiced by Erdogan and Davutoglu over the past three years, from the age of the crisis in Syria, and show to the whole world, peoples and officials

The notification and international organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations, the Turkish regime’s involvement in the massacres perpetrated by terrorist groups throughout the region starting from Syria through to Iraq, Egypt and Libya.

Will not be surprised by the issuance of subsequent reports confirm support for Erdogan and his party of the Muslim Brotherhood to the terrorists of Boko Haram in Nigeria and terrorist groups in China and countries several African.

that our return to the topic of policy-terrorist Turkish against Syria and against the Turkish people and the interests and reputation of regional and international reflect the controversy revolves around the destructive role and reckless for Erdogan and his party inside and outside of Turkey.

More importantly, he reached the international community and a lot of Turks are convinced that the Turkish regime was and still is an integral part of the terrorist acts that hit Syria and Iraq over the past years and it is not part of the solution, but an essential part of the problem.

Had it not been reached Turkey’s friends in particular, especially in the American administration and its security institutions, but does not reach colleagues and friends of Erdogan and Davutoglu Europeans and Arabs to fully convinced that

he can not continue supporting the involvement of the Turkish leadership in support of terrorism, including the so-called «organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant» and branches « Al-Qaeda »other,

what was the current campaign of diplomatic and media to lead the charge to keep the Turkish practice of terrorism, which reflects the confidence of the leadership shake themselves and their positions and policies and misleading the world will not continue endlessly.

The scandal resounding defeat awful that hit the Turkish diplomacy in the General Assembly of the United Nations on Thursday 10/16/2014, when defeated Turkey in the elections of non-permanent members in the UN Security Council,

is an expression of a raucous rejection of the world to Turkey’s policies against Syria and Iraq and its alliance with «Daash» and the failure of public relations policies carried out by the Erdogan government to mislead world opinion globally.

This defeat had to Erdogan and Davutoglu rethink Bsaasathma and infer lessons and lessons.

Faced with a public relations campaign carried out by the Turkish regime, it is no longer a secret to anyone who wants access to the truth to recognize the reasons for the spread of terrorism in Syria, Iraq, and

do «Daash» Bgzoadtha and Sbhe and its crimes, that the role played by Erdogan and devices equivalents at stud «Daash» Balbaadin sectarian and political, which are based on them Muslim Brotherhood government in Ankara.

Here, it is necessary to confirm that the demands of Ankara from some Western countries to stop their support for »Daash» and other terrorist organizations are not angels, those are the ones who encouraged Turkey to what was done.

However, these know when to throw their tools and their stooges in the bins when Infdh ordered them, and when they do not continue their puppets success in serving the goals of their masters and become a burden on them.

since the beginning of the war on Syria, the clique Erdogan to host terrorists and murderers, the so-called army of free and brigades of slaughter and terrorism, the other carried out Erdogan and Netanyahu’s policies and the Saudi regime and supporters of other murderers from the Gulf states and Europe.

In this context, embraced Turkey’s so-called coalition, the political arm of the terrorists, and then all of the bear of mercenaries and haters on Syria, including the «Front victory» and »MILF» and brigades and battalions of terrorism and down to grab «Daash» which embodies the history of the Ottoman Empire Erdogan and the legacy of shame in all its dimensions and meanings.

And after all that comes out Erdogan to the media to say he respects the will and the right of the Syrians, and he did not interfere in the internal affairs of Syria, and that he does not have a violation of international law and the UN Charter and Security Council resolutions on counter-terrorism,

especially given safe passage to terrorists length of 1,200 kilometers, is the distance of the border Turkish-Syrian – Iraqi up all the killers easily and safely to Syria and Iraq from more than eighty countries.

relationship sting between the Turkish regime and »Daash» is no longer hidden,

especially the smell of the deal between «Daash» and Turkish intelligence about the release of the diplomats and staff at the consulate Honorary in Mosul, who is rumored to have «Daash» has stopped as soon as he entered the gut-wrenching to Mosul is no longer a secret.

Diplomats Turks who came out of «arrest» full Onaguethm and health and fitness were the largest expression of relations «love and loyalty and fidelity» linking «Daash» with his allies, the Turks and the security of politicians.

The maneuvers failed to justify the Turkish position colluding with «Daash» around the city of Ain ​​Arab Syrian,

many of the officials of the world and the international media do not talk to them these days,

but the subject of cowardice Turkish attack «Daash» words and false statements in the day and provide them with weapons and training, finance and hotels for the night and heals the wounded «Daash» group of hospitals in «short».

The Turkish regime did not deny the documented information that confirms Turkish Labor continuing to rehabilitate «Front victory» listed on the list of terrorist organizations in the Security Council,

including agrees orientations of some of the countries participating in the so-called International Alliance, joined by some of them,

especially France, Britain and the United States to vote in favor of the UN Security Council Resolution 2170, which states in its title and in all the stipulations of the anti «Daash» and »Front victory» and branches «Al-Qaeda» other in Syria and Iraq.

‘s approach organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is led by Erdogan and Davutoglu within the framework of the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, in the change systems of countries across the conspiracies and terrorism,

especially as happened in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, failed to finally achieve the change that has worked management Erdogan and the AKP on its creation and enable it to reach its objectives,

which explains the feelings of hatred exercised by Erdogan against Syria and its achievements as well as his declared against the Revolution June 30 in Egypt,

which has shattered the dreams of Erdogan and his brothers «non-Muslims», never to return, including the threat of these policies for the unity of the land of Turkey and its people.

said fad establish buffer zones inside Syria, which emerged from the Turkish leadership, led by Erdogan, and replaced them with his prime minister, the owner of the theory of «zero problems with neighboring countries Turkey »,

which went bankrupt and failed through his policies foolish, proverb safe areas, is a blatant violation, whatever her name was, of international law

because it ignores the national sovereignty of Syria and the inviolability of its territorial integrity and violate the principle on which the United Nations established the primary on the basis of private and non-interference in the affairs internal states, not to mention directing a blow to the principle of good neighborliness and friendly relations among nations.

has forced policies Erdogan reckless Vice President Joe Biden to declare his disgust of poor services provided by Erdogan and the Saudi royal family and other Americans through their support for terrorist groups,

including the «Daash» which in the eventually cut the throats of the Americans and the British, and the fear, not artificial, this time, by the Western countries about the possibility of the return of these terrorists to these countries.

Pain knocks bells arrival terrorist threat to the capitals like Canberra in Australia, and London in the UK, and Paris in France, and many American cities, including New York and Washington, DC?

have received the Syrian leadership firmly and responsibility of attitudes hostile to the leadership of the Turkish,

where the distinction between terrorist crime practiced this leadership and Ttaulha the interests of the two peoples,

the Syrian and Turkish and good neighborly relations that achieve the interests of the peoples of the two countries on the one hand, and between the ties of affection that bind the Syrian people with the Turkish people,

which emerged in the often challenging the various categories of the Turkish people for directions Erdogan and exit of tens of thousands of Turks from all walks of this people and its parties and its organizations

anti orientations of Erdogan and his statements and positions demagoguery and policies sniffer how mouths and killing of peaceful demonstrators in the streets of Istanbul and Ankara and the Turkish cities mainly,

on the other hand. proverbial common: «if not ashamed, then do whatever you want»

This is the case with Erdogan, who shed his troops to kill peaceful demonstrators Turks and touring in Turkey and fro pregnant Staúmh obscene that does not know of an alternative to them talk and outrageous lies exposed by Turkish public opinion «and his loved ones» in Washington and other Western capitals.

Erdogan, who is no longer, even in front of his friends, a source of confidence and do what he says and claims.

Look, for example, to talk about the Palestinian issue, to discover in the end that what he had done in Davos was only representative silly, as well as attitudes about the problem of the Turkish ship that killed «Israelis» deliberately number of Turks them on their way to solidarity with the people of Gaza

Following the aggression «Israel» in the years 2008-2009, they are all in contradiction with the fact that the strategic relationship between Turkey and the warm »Israel» and magnitude of large commercial exchanges and tourism between the booming «Israel» and Turkey.

And most of that is his claim neutrality to build advanced relations with several developing countries at the time was still a Turkey a key member of NATO! said Erdogan,

who gave priority in its relations with internal and external for his loyalty to the groups of the Muslim Brotherhood

at the expense of the interests of the Turkish people and at the expense of dimension principled and moral bilateral and international relations, it is with the person who did not leave a terrorist and a criminal, but Syria and insert it into the country in which he claimed falsely that he loves and seeks to serve his people, did not receive the Syrian people from this «love» nothing but destruction and murder.

If this is love, terror felt by Erdogan about Syria and other countries, the question is:

Who is the people or the next country that will be on the list of Erdogan and his policies and … love?

have confirmed the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic in their positions and messages addressed to the world public opinion and to the Security Council of the United Nations, said that the Syrian people,

who faces murder and destruction that comes from abroad, especially by Erdogan and some of the leaders of the GCC families, presidents and leaders of pro-Zionism in Europe and the United States,

would not stand watching what was perpetrated by the Turkish leadership and the parties of the massacres against him and that he will survive and resists even conquer the plot.

said the Syrian people, which has been linked strongly and still allies loyal and faithful to the values ​​and ethical principles agreed humane, and they are many,

will fight for every inch of soil Tahir including support his brothers heroes in the eyes of the Arabs in particular, and who is proud of their steadfastness

will not be allowed Erdogan regions to establish buffer or safe or no-fly zone on the Syrian land and in the skies, and is designed to support the army and armed forces and stand behind them to achieve victories no matter how great the sacrifices and increased the numbers of martyrs.

Syria and its people that he believes that the owner of the exclusive right to determine his options and his future will not be making a decent living, but under the sky and above the ground.


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Hillary Clinton “Queen of Monsanto”

October 14, 2014

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Hillary Clinton “Queen of Monsanto”

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

“I stand in favor of using seeds and products that have a proven track record.”

“There is a big gap between what the facts are, and what the perceptions are.”

“Genetically modified sounds ‘Frankensteinish’ – drought resistant sounds really like something you want.”

begin @ approx 29 min

“We talk about drought-resistant seeds, and I’ve promoted them all over Africa.

By definition, they have been engineered to be drought-resistant, I mean that’s the beauty of them. [She actually said “beauty.”]

Maybe somebody can get their harvest done and not starve, and maybe there’s some left over to sell.

And yet I’ve been involved in a lot of the political debates in other countries about whether or not to accept certain kinds of seeds.”

“We created a program called Feed the Future, which is trying to help the…

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Murphy v Wigington – Determining your compensable losses in a defamation case Any lost wages or lost earning capacity?

October 8, 2014

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I honestly do not understand how some can’t see the heartless and predatory manner in which Dane attacked Michael. A public apology is warranted.

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I find it a bit odd that BOTH articles referenced in this image have disappeared

twitter not scrubbed 5

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“I removed the post here from public view as it seemed of a private and libelous nature.”

twitter not scrubbed 7twitter not scrubbed 8twitter not scrubbed 9twitter not scrubbed 9atwitter not scrubbed 9b

Michael Murphy responds to Dane Wigington “Substance Addiction” accusations SEP 30, 2013


[Me: I didn’t see this until today, Wednesday, October 8, 2014.]

Big Red Sez Don’t Mess With Rosie !!! - img_5447

[I do not like it when my stuff gets scrubbed. Now leave me alone, or I’ll sick my Friends on you. Just…

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