Ukraine 2: Why Biden flew to Turkey by Stanislav Tarasov

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So lined up trehsubektnaya scheme of intrigue: Turkey, jihadists and the United States in the role of facilitator.
Biden – no stranger to politics and so the question arises about the motivation of intrigue through which Washington introduced Turkey and LIH into a single political plane.
In addition to this series of articles in the American and European media about the tacit support of the Turkish jihadists and deployment of manipulative political game, which ended with the agreement of Ankara to pass through its territory of military units of the Iraqi Kurds (“Peshmerga”) to help the besieged forces LIH Kobanov city in northern Syria.
However, in the interim President Recep Tayyip Erdogan denied allegations Biden, threatening that “relationship with him will last if the US side will not follow an apology.”
After that Washington seems to be followed by reports that Biden apologized “for his reckless statements.”
But Biden himself said: “I will never give up their words, even if they are offensive to others.” Thus, in marked intrigue began to introduce new subjects.
Ankara has begun to make the establishment of “no-fly zone and the security zone” in Syria, there to move the camp Syrian refugees begin reconstruction of the so-called Syrian Free Army (SSA) and, possibly, the structures of power of the opposition in Syria.
Washington did not support this idea.
In response, Erdogan said that if the Americans do not accept the Turkish project for the training and arming fighters PAS, creating a buffer zone on the Syrian-Turkish border and mark the main aim of the struggle – the Assad regime, Turkey will not take part in the international coalition, and if they take it is not in the form as we would like it to Washington.
That is, Turkey refused to directly fight against the jihadists, even despite the fact that US President Barack Obama has hinted that the coalition will fight “in parallel” with LIH and the Assad regime.
In Ankara saw that the Americans have no intention to abandon their goals, although they spend endless negotiations and pretend that they are willing to sign any agreement.
However, those that have the old priorities.
US take into account the fact that in Syria there is hardly noticeable, but still moderate opposition, and the Kurds have combat troops LIH.
The White House is trying to separate them one from another, thus exposing LIH as the main combat target.
Turks also advantageous to use jihadists as “main weapon” against Damascus, and against the Syrian Kurds, since the SSA training take time and does not guarantee success.
In addition, Ankara has repeatedly stated that the air strikes US and its allies militants LIH in Iraq and Syria is not enough.
It also stands ready to participate in ground combat operations, but only in alliance with the countries of the coalition, leaving them with a military base in Incirlik.
The US and its allies refuse to participate in a ground operation, Washington began to create a military base in Iraqi Kurdistan (military airfield Harir), when suddenly an unexpected political somersault:
during an official visit to Iraq, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that
“Turkey will take measures to strengthen the security of the Kurdish region, including training the forces opposing LIH “,
at the time when the south-east of Turkey intensified troops Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).
If Bashar Assad gave Syrian Kurds actual autonomy and built an alliance with them, Ankara is trying to build a similar alliance with the Iraqi Kurds,

leaving the rear of the military structure is banned in Turkey, the PKK, which it wishes to withdraw from the “game” through an agreement with visiting conclusion of the party leader Ocalan.

That is why it seems that Turkey is preparing a civil war among the Kurds, and the United States through the “phony war” with LIH continue their excellent intentions of Ankara’s geopolitical operation.
And demonstrated that the results of the visit to this country Vice President John Biden.
“We have been friends for a long time, and one of the big advantages that I’m back in Turkey among friends and allies in NATO – that’s what we always talk to each other without equivocation. Friends do not force each other to guess what they have in mind, “- pointedly told US Vice President.
But what is really on the minds of Washington and Ankara have not learned.
Biden held talks with Erdogan and Davutoglu. According to reports, the two sides agreed to continue to work together to combat LIH (!).
How exactly – is unknown, and no one knows whether this visit made “a note of calm” in relations between the US and Turkey, although the parties said they would “support the national security forces in Iraq and will continue to help moderate the Syrian opposition.”
Also stated that the US will allocate $ 135 million through the channels of the World Food Program for the purchase of food for Syrian refugees in Turkey.
At this stage, countries such as Turkey, Syria and Iraq – and just to the north, on the opposite shore of the Black Sea, Ukraine – are in some kind of “co-field” external interests of regional players.
It is in this extraordinary geopolitical paradigm Turkey is trying to strategize their actions, but to escape from the pressure the United States it is not possible.
Operation “LIH” continues.
Stanislav Tarasov – Editor in Chief of the Eastern version of a REGNUM

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Related: Excerpt Meanwhile, on the ground, only now has Ankara allowed roughly 200 peshmergas from Iraqi Kurdistan – whose slippery leaders do business with Turkey – to cross the border to, in theory, help Kobani. No soldiers, weapons or supplies are allowed for the Kurdish PKK/PYD forces which have been actually defending Kobani all along. Sultan Erdogan’s endless procrastination will be judged by any independent investigation as the key element in allowing the possible fall of Kobani. Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu once again has laid down the “conditions” for his country to help with the – so far spectacularly innocuous – US campaign against The Caliph; the possible liberators of Kobani must only be Iraqi peshmergas, and remaining FSA goons, not “terrorists” (as in PKK/PYD). In the end, Kobani – precisely on the border between southeast Anatolia and northern Syria – is highly strategic. CrossTalk: Empire of Chaos (ft. Pepe Escobar) Serena Shim, a US citizen, was killed in a car crash on October 19, following her reports of accusations from Turkey’s intelligence agency that she had been “spying.” [….] Shim had been reporting that IS militants had crossed the border from Turkey into Syria in trucks apparently affiliated with NGOs, some of which allegedly bore World Food Organization symbols. She claimed that she had received images from Islamic State militants crossing the Turkish border and was one of the few reporters focusing on the matter. serena-shim 1 serena-shim 2 serena-shim 3 +++


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