The pitfalls of Regulation in Syria Les écueils du règlement en Syrie by Mario Sommossa

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The pitfalls of Regulation in Syria
© Photo: REUTERS / George Ourfalian

By Voice of Russia | Aleppo is a Syrian city that over the centuries has become Istanbul Turkish as a place of coexistence of many ethnic groups, religions and cultures. But if Istanbul, located on the sea and representative geographic point of view, a bridge between East and West, was originally dedicated to the fate of a cosmopolitan city, Aleppo has become so thanks to the magic and the wisdom of the Arabs, Europeans, Azeris, Armenians, Jews and representatives of other ethnic groups coexisted peacefully there without any problems.

Today, almost four years after the start of the Civil War, the city was virtually destroyed and its famous markets and places have become the battlefield.

This is probably due to the reflections on the wonderful Aleppo past that the UN envoy for Syria Staffan De Mistura had a project called “freezing” the conflict at the local level.

Himself sees this project as “practical and realistic.”

He came to this conclusion after a series of three-day meetings with Syrian leaders, President Bashar al-Assad understood.

Staffan De Mistura we know as a man with rich experience and excellent diplomat and we do not doubt his good intentions.

He says that if it works in Aleppo, it will begin the process of political settlement in Syria and other regions as a basis for the judgment of the Civil War.

Unfortunately, in every war, the agreement can be reached only if all parties are ready to sign it.

In Syria, such parties are numerous.

On November 26, the Minister Walid Moallem Syrian Foreign goes to Moscow where he will meet with President Putin.

We discuss the conditions at the beginning of the negotiations.

But Damascus, Moscow and Tehran have good advance the peace process, the major problems concern the relationship between many groups of opponents of the regime, and those between the sponsors of the opposition.

At present, the United States and most of the Arab world are almost entirely focused on the fight against the extremists of IE.

A special position is occupied by Turkey whose president recently said that his country would not join the anti-Western coalition EI because the Americans had not fulfilled all the conditions of Ankara.

In other words, the Turkish leader is willing to enter the war against terrorists on condition that it will also be one for the overthrow of Assad.

The same spirit prevails in Saudi Arabia, which has joined the Western coalition, but strives to overthrow Assad to weaken Iran.

Following the failure of a new round of negotiations, the Vice President of the United States Joe Biden has begun a visit to Ankara to persuade the Turks to cooperate or at least allow to use the air base of Incirlik to conduct raids against terrorists.

To facilitate its task, President Obama said again a few days before the visit that although Damascus has been informed in advance about the actions of the air forces of the United States to Syria, cooperation with the regime was undesirable or impossible and that the power of al-Assad remained “illegitimate”.

Meanwhile, Americans can not afford to topple the regime of al-Assad as they understand that the bombing and sending 3,500 so-called “instructors” are not sufficient to eliminate the jihadists in Syria and Iraq.

As to the regime will cause the growth of the terrorist threat throughout the region. But that’s not all.

The United States and, in particular, President Obama need any success in foreign policy, while the war against al-Assad will cross out any negotiations with Iran.

Tehran is not only an ally of the US in the fight against EI, essential for maintaining stability in Iraq.

An agreement between the two countries would have allowed Washington to weaken the positions of the allies of Russia.

In this way the old adage that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” does not work.

The United States are not prepared and can not afford to act in this way would be contrary to the historical agreements with Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

On the other by, they are unable to impose their will.

In Syria, everyone plays their game and if, in some cases, old alliances remain relevant, there are other situations in which the key players are looking for new solutions.

The question remains open, although we hope that optimism Staffan De Mistura for is not unfounded.

Unfortunately unable to gather around the table the key players

– the government of Damascus, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the United States and the small Gulf countries funding armed gangs –

all “freezing” of the conflict, even if an agreement on it intervenes, will be very limited both in space and in time.

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    The pitfalls of Regulation in Syria Les écueils du règlement en Syrie by Mario Sommossa

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