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Attempted murder for the development of an Ebola remedy? M. T. Keshe reported – Part 2

December 11, 2014

Keshe - Sierra Leone Ebola 5

Captured CO2

Photo of solid CO2 at room temperature. This mastic-like substance is not “dry ice”, which is the state we would normally consider solid CO2 to be. Therefore we consider it to be in GANS-state (GAs + Nano + Solid state).

Part 1
Attempted murder for the development of an Ebola remedy? M. T. Keshe reported


Hier finden Sie Zusatzinformationen kesche.

Die Informationen sind nicht in einer bestimmten Reihenfolge.

Ich bin sehr interessiert in seiner Arbeit über Ebola-Sanierung in Sierra Leone.

Auch interessiere ich mich für seine anderen Gesundheits-Hilfsmittel.

Ich frage mich, ob er “Morgellons” Patienten helfen könne.

Ich frage mich, was über die Domain-übergreifende Bakterien (CDB) von Carnicom kesche sagen würde.

-“Das kesche Foundation-CO2 Capture KIT” wie wird das erreicht? Ist es wirklich sicher, aufgenommene CO2 verbrauchen?

Mit anderen Worten, versuche ich zu folgenden Satz zu verstehen.

“Einige der aktuellen Themen haben Fukushima-Strahlung-Bereinigung, Ebola-Sanierung, dynamische Reaktor-Konfigurationen und Wechselwirkung von GANS Feldern für Energie aufgenommen.”

GANS – state (GAs + Nano + Solid-State)


Here you will find additional information Keshe.

The information is not in a specific order.

I am very interested in his work on Ebola rehabilitation in Sierra Leone.

Also I am interested in his other health remedies.

I wonder if he could help “Morgellons” patients.

I wonder what would Keshe say about that cross-domain bacteria (CDB) of Carnicom.

“The Keshe Foundation-CO2 capture KIT” – How is this achieved? Is it really safe to consume captured CO2?

In other words, I’m trying to understand about the following sentence.

“Some of the current topics have recorded Fukushima radiation cleanup, Ebola-rehabilitation, dynamic reactor configurations and interaction of GANS fields for energy.”

GANS – state (GAs + Nano + solid state)




5. Method by which in a plasma reactor chamber at
least one metallic material vapour (20)(i.e. K, Na,
Ca, Mg) or liquid metallic element layer is brought
by injection means between at least two layers of
inert gasses (i.e. H, He, Ne, Xr), what will create –
without rotation or adjustable speed of rotation and
if the correct element combinations are used – a magnetic
field by the added metallic type layer(s) (in example:
element Sodium between Neon20 and Argon
40, or 41) causing a recurring process of creation of
magnetic field, where for example if atomic Potassium
is used in the reactor, this element through beta
decay lead to creation of Argon and the by-product
of scintillation for example Neon gas or the Argon
itself leading to ionization of the gasses (i.e. Hydrogen)
leading to creation of free electron for creation
of current and establishment of plasma within the
inner (caroline) core (29);




Vielen Dank an und James Gilliland für den Austausch von Folgendes, die mich auf diesem Weg begonnen haben.

Many thanks to and James Gilliland for the exchange of the following, which have started me on this journey.

#Keshe, his wife&staff poisoned
Who behind these attempts?

Free #Energy – Captured CO2

Keshe - The Structure of the Light - GANS 1

Keshe book 2 The Structure of the Light


Chapter 3

The conversion of light rays to the GANS of the matter

Considering the transition of the light into matter in the outer boundaries in the Oort clouds environment of the heliosphere of the Sun,

there is a further process which occurs to these newly created tangible mafs from light rays of the Sun as

these newly born neutron goes through its nuclear decay (1) and become an elementary atom of the hydrogen in possession of an electron and the proton.

This atomic matter in the coldness and in low gravitational and Magnetic fields of the Oort clouds and Kuiper belt become in atomic or nano state of matter of hydrogen rather than atomic hydrogen

and hence

sometimes due to the weak gravitational field forces in these zone these lights become the gans (5) of the same element.

The gans of the matter is the state of matter, where the atomic gas of matter becomes the single solid atom of itself or what we have called “the gas in nano state of matter” in short or “gans” of the

same element (5).

Where, the gans of the matter is internal gravitational and Magnetic field strength dependent and at the same time where the gravitational and Magnetic fields of the matter is stronger than its environment’s Magnetic and gravitational fields strength.

The difference between the atomic gans or a nano gas material is in the fact that gans of an atom is its solid three dimensional free state of matter due to its internal gravitational field interaction.

As the Gans is the solid state of atom of gas in its natural three dimensional structures that its mafs of this matters are interlocks

due to their internal Magravs strength of its own and their internal

mafs loose bindings,

and not rigid binding as in solid atomic state of matter as in the form of ice state of matter of the same entity of the same atom,

which ice state of matter is due to and dependent upon external magnetic fields’ strength of the environment

which are exerted up on the binding structure of atoms that become creates the state of the ice of the same atom.

Fig. 17 The structure of gans of neutron

Where, at the same time it has to be noted that the light in becoming in state of gans it can create the fundamental plasma of the gans (Fig. 17);

in the same region as it does create the fundamental plasma (of neutron) too.




Keshe Links und Hinweise

Keshe links and notes

Aus Skandinavien – From Scandinavia

perjantai 21. marraskuuta 2014

Keshe: Clean up your own CO2 mess!

Keshe Foundation offers you solution how you can clean up your own CO2 mess and use it for recharging your batteries. And it costs for you only few bucks.

Leaves are collecting CO2 and it is solution for extra CO2. Keshe Foundation has managed to replicate the functioning of the leaf. One side of leaf is different than the other, between the layers there is magnetic gravitational field. Keshe does similar system as the leaf has, by creating nano layers with copper plates… In the leaf there is water and salt between the layers, so they replicate that also. When they connect the two plates electrically (practically inside a container), it will absorb the CO2 from the air. Then from that container you can extract the CO2 to separate jar. So simple…you try. Buy the package and put it in your own house – as you are responsible to clean up your own mess. Then the collected waste CO2 can be used to make energy. They offer this package, with all parts, to every man of the planet, with total 23 euro. After 2-3 weeks you can buy the recharger system to use the collected CO2 material to recharge your batteries; The Keshe Foundation CO2 Capture KIT (part1);

Beautiful… but is the global warming caused only by CO2 as he seems to claim? Anyhow I suppose he might have given other reasons too in some context. Then someone says that the container uses as much electricity as it produces CO2 for recharging batteries??? Depends how long you need to use electricity for collecting the CO2. And I think it is good for everyone to learn the process, and may be somehow make it really free energy as he calls it.

Keshe family and their co-workers were again under murder attacks. One of their volunteers tried to poison them with arsenic and belladonna. When they came to know finally that they were poisoned, they are able to clean up their bodies with Keshe’s healing system. Keshe says that when you get a gift and you don’t want it, it goes back to that person who gave it…poor guy. Keshe says it is not karma, but something magnetic…

Japanese are cleaning up Fukushima mess and Chinese applying his technology for farming. Keshe is teaching every day for different groups his technology such as healing cancers, alzheimers, addictions etc, making reactors, cleaning environment, peace… He also gave Ebola clean up system, but WHO didn’t want it, then some doctors in Sierra Leone tested it and found it curing 98-100 % of cases. So soon Ebola is gone also, cabal has soon nothing to do.

But people are still angry because Keshe promised and sold some plasma reactors some years ago and they never got the reactors. I suppose that might be true, as the reactors didn’t get ready at time and then they started to make them in Italy as a study group, but nothing is yet ready for selling. I hope finally Keshe will explain at least what is happening with promised reactors. Otherwise people shouldn’t take the “gift” and it will go back to Keshe…that is what he is teaching.

Anyhow I hope all the best for Keshe, he is doing extremely great and important work…. I think it is very difficult for him to get his inventions materialized in this world situation, where the cabal is trying to stop any progressive people or truthers. DA. Recent interview;



Written instructions and Instructional video to set up your own CO2 Cleanup Kit

keshe GANS-state (GAs + Nano + Solid state)

29th Knowledge Seekers Workshop to be on Thursday September 25th, 2014

09-23-2014, 11:31 AM

The 29th Knowledge Seekers Workshop will be held on Thursday September 25th, 2014, starting at 8 am Euro time (Wednesday September 24th at 11 pm Pacific time).

Mr Keshe promises to reveal some very interesting information in this next session of the Knowledge Seeker Workshops. Some of the latest topics have included Fukushima radiation cleanup, Ebola remediation, dynamic reactor configurations, and interaction of GANS fields for energy.

Livestream live video of the Workshop will be available as before at:

GoToMeeting will be available for those who need to connect to the Skype call (contact Rick or Vince).

Previous Knowledge Seeker Workshops as audio mp3 files are available at:

Notice: The Knowledge Seeker Workshops are now live on a different new.Livestream channel:

Thursdays 8 am CET time, (Wednesday 11 pm Pacific time)

We have landed!”

40th Knowledge Seekers Workshop Dec 10 2014

35th Knowledge Seekers Workshop Nov 6 2014

Topics and Approximate Times in this Workshop:
00:00:00 Mr. Keshe talking about security and the poisoning of his wife

00:40:00 Explaining how CO2 GANS can cure Ebola and protect from other

01:00:00 Talking more about security and playing part of an American
radio show that mentioned Mr. Keshe

01:10:00 Explaining again how Keshe defense technology works, and
giving another warning to the royal families and leaders

01:30:00 Answering questions

02:45:00 Talking about problems with the book orders

03:05:00 Answering more questions and talking about the CO2 Kit orders

03:25:00 End of workshop

keshe GANS CO2 ebola e coli

He issued a warning that gans CO2 is very powerful. …. listening to an interview and hearing Dr. Keshe speak of using the Gans to eliminate Ebola and e. coli.


12-01-2014, 03:13 AM

I agree with you, this is an excellent thread. But the important point here is: has any of you ingested some GANS yet? Does anybody knows if Mr. Keshe or the Knowledge Seekers have already ingested GANS? It would be interesting to find out, don’t you think ? : )

gas material is in the fact that gans of an atom is its solid three dimensional free state of matter due to its internal gravitational field interaction.

According to very reliable research studies, it’s highly probable that Ebola, AIDS, and many other diseases that we keep on hearing about are man-made, …

The University of Sierra Leone

is the name of the former unitary public university system in Sierra Leone, which, as of May 2005, was reconstituted into the individual colleges of

Fourah Bay College (FBC),

Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) and

College of Medecine and Allied Health Sciences(COMAHS).

The Keshe Foundation CO2 Capture KIT”

GANS – state (GAs + Nano + Solid state)

Martin Delanoye

MT Keshe – Mike Harris First Interview March 14, 2014

MrfixitRick keshe




AEGIS Fail in Black SEA, Ruskies Burn Down USS Donald …

Nov 13, 2014 – There is much more we can write here but suffice it to say that Keshe and his wife were poisoned. Seemingly he has the technology to overcome even that.

Veterans Today Radio just got an amazing update on some incredible Keshe free energy technology from Mike Harris’ producer, Brett who was reporting from a conference in Italy. Kesha’s team had been presenting some of their latest findings and successes. Some of the stuff they are doing is far beyond your wildest science fiction fantasies! Here’s just some of the topics covered in this Keshe update. This is a MUST LISTEN to interview!

Free energy devices than can power your home and vehicles


Flying Cars

Something you can put in a car to make it weightless

Communication blocking systems that shut down all electronics in an area

Antigravity technology that can make anything float

Health benefits such as age regression and growing new limbs

Ability to cure paralysis

Brett also reported that the evil ones have tried to kill Keshe with poison and smart dust. The Japanese and Chinese are working on systems now so they aren’t going to be able to stop it!

New Keshe Technology Discussed at 49:00 Mark on this Veterans Today Radio Interview


keshe solid_CO2_L 1 keshe solid_CO2_L 2 keshe solid_CO2_L 3 keshe solid_CO2_L 4 keshe solid_CO2_L 5

Keshe - Sierra Leone Ebola 6

Ich bin fertig. Vielen Dank für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit.

I’m done. Thank you for your attention.


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Keshe – No google results for separate pages, only home page?



Attempted murder for the development of an Ebola remedy? M. T. Keshe reported

December 9, 2014

keshe attempted-murder-investigation

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Screenshot aus dem Youtube Video “PROJECT CAMELOT: KESHE UPDATE NOV13”

Was passiert, wenn man ein potentiell wirksames Ebola-Heilmittel herstellen kann?
Created at 14.11.2014 17:52 by Manuel Schmidt

Screenshot from the Youtube video “PROJECT CAMELOT: Keshe UPDATE Nov13”

What happens when you can make a potentially effective Ebola remedy?
Was wäre, wenn dieses Mittel noch darüber hinaus eine Art Allzweckmittel für viele viralen und bakteriellen Erkrankungen ist? Dann unterstützen die großen internationalen Institutionen die Entwicklungen und stellen den Hilfsbedürftigen vor Ort schnell alle Mittel bereit, die sie zur Heilung benötigen, würde man meinen. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, Gründer der Keshe Stiftung, hat das Gegenteil erlebt, seine Entdeckung wurde, wie er sagt, aus „höchster Ebene“ geblockt und vertuscht und zudem gab es allem Anschein nach erneute Mordversuche gegen den iranischen Nuklearphysiker und seine Familie.
What if this means beyond is a kind of panacea for many viral and bacterial diseases? Then the major international institutions support the development and make the needy quickly all means available, they need to heal on site, one would think. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, founder of Keshe Foundation, has the opposite experience, his discovery was, as he says, blocked from “highest level” and covered up and also there was apparently re assassination attempts against Iranian nuclear physicist and his family.

Er behauptete in der Vergangenheit unter anderem, dass es dem Iran durch Keshes Erfindungen möglich war, eine amerikanische Drone im Dezember 2011 an der Grenze zu Afghanistan zu erbeuten. Im März 2012 hat er bereits mitsamt seiner Stiftung Belgien wegen Angriffen und Morddrohungen gegen sich und seine Familie verlassen müssen. In den neuen Räumlichkeiten der Stiftung in Italien und über Lifestreamsendungen im Internet bietet er sogenannte „Wissenssucher-Lehrgänge“ an.

He claimed in the past, among other things, that Iran by Keshes inventions was possible to capture an American drone in December 2011, on the border with Afghanistan. In March 2012, he has been forced to leave along with his foundation Belgium for attacks and death threats against himself and his family. In the new premises of the Foundation in Italy and on Lifestream broadcasts on the Internet, it offers so-called “Knowledge Seeker courses” on.

Kürzlich wurde Keshe mit Schwermetallen vergiftet. Eine enorme Menge dieser Stoffe in Blut und Haaren wurden als Ergebnisse von Untersuchungen eines unabhängigen Labors in Deutschland detektiert. Der mutmaßliche Täter habe interessanterweise unter dem Vorwand, für eine Woche Urlaub zurück in sein Heimatland nach Belgien reisen zu wollen, nach 8 Monaten Mitarbeit im Labor komplett alle seine Utensilien Hals über Kopf mitgenommen, was für Keshe den Anschein erweckt, dass dieser schon wusste, dass er nicht mehr wiederkommen würde. Er habe sich außerdem nicht verabschiedet und es soll noch viele weitere Auffälligkeiten gegeben haben, die darauf hindeuten, dass der Täter damit gerechnet haben dürfte, dass die Opfer den Anschlag allesamt nicht überleben, so Keshe.

Recently Keshe was poisoned with heavy metals. An enormous amount of these substances in blood and hair were detected as results of tests by an independent laboratory in Germany. The alleged perpetrators have to want to travel interestingly, on the pretext for a week’s vacation to his home country after Belgium, complete all its utensils neck taken after 8 months of participation in the laboratory head, which gives the impression of Keshe that this already knew that he would not come back. He had also not been adopted and it should have been many more abnormalities, suggesting that the perpetrator might have expected that the victims of the attack all of them do not survive, so Keshe.

Verdächtigt wird einer der „Wissenssucher“, die er in Italien unterrichtet hat. Dieser war mehr oder weniger bei den belgischen Behörden angestellt, will der Nuklearphysiker nun herausgefunden haben. So soll der Belgier laut eigenen Angaben auch bereits einmal wegen terroristischer Aktivitäten für die belgische Regierung aus einem afrikanischen Land ausgewiesen worden sein. Zufälligerweise wurde Keshes Frau an dem Tag der Abreise des Verdächtigen ebenfalls sehr schwer krank, was nun als eine starke Vergiftung eingestuft wurde. Insgesamt haben ein weiterer aus dem Kreis der Wissenssucher, seine Frau und eine Frau aus Belgien, die während der Vergiftungsaktion in Italien vor Ort waren, alle die gleichen Symptome. Seine Frau beschreibt starke Schmerzen. Sie versuchen sich so gut es geht vor solchen Angriffen zu schützen, aber er habe nie gedacht, dass einer seiner Schüler zum Mörder werden könnte. Nun wird daher die Keshe-Technologie auch zum Entgiften eingesetzt.

Suspected of having the “knowledge seekers”, he has taught in Italy. This was more or less employed by the Belgian authorities will now have found the nuclear physicist. Thus, the Belgians should also have been reported according to information already once for terrorist activities for the Belgian government from an African country. Coincidentally Keshe’s wife on the day of departure of the suspect also was very ill, which has now been classified as a strong poisoning. Overall, another from the circle of knowledge seekers, his wife and a woman from Belgium who were on site during the poisoning action in Italy, all the same symptoms. His wife describes severe pain. They try as much as possible to protect against such attacks, but he had never thought that one of his students could be a murderer. Now, therefore, the Keshe technology is also used to detoxify.

In einem am 13. November auf der investigativ-journalistischen Internetplattform Project Camelot veröffentlichten Interview mit Mehran Tavakoli Keshe fragte die amerikanische Reporterin Kerry Cassidy, ob es Aktionen in der nahen Vergangenheit gab, die zu diesem Angriff geführt haben könnten.

In a November 13 on the investigative-journalism Internet Platform Project Camelot interview published with Mehran Tavakoli Keshe asked the American reporter Kerry Cassidy, whether there were actions in the recent past, which could have led to this attack.

Die Keshe Stiftung habe vor wenigen Wochen Wissenschaftler in einer Universität in Süd Sierra Leone über die Möglichkeiten bei dem Ebolaproblem mit Nanomaterialien im Plasmazustand, die die Stiftung entwickelt hat, aufgeklärt. Die Materialien habe Keshe versucht nach Afrika zu schicken, damit sie dort Anwendung finden, aber die Lieferung wurde durch „hochrangige Leute“ verhindert (Anmerkung der Redaktion: Ähnliches passierte auch dem Toxikologen Dr. Uwe Häcker, der zur Hilfe bei Ebola wichtige Materialien nach Afrika senden wollte, was er in diesem Interview mit einem schweizer Fernsehsender beschreibt: ).

The Keshe Foundation had in a university in South Sierra Leone on all the opportunities the Ebola problem with nanomaterials in the plasma state, which has developed the foundation, enlightened scientists a few weeks ago. The materials have Keshe tries to send to Africa, so they are used in applications, but the delivery was “high class people” prevented (Editor’s Note: The same thing happened the toxicologist Dr. Uwe hackers , to help with the Ebola important materials to Africa wanted to send what he describes in this interview with a Swiss TV station: ).

Da er allerdings eine sehr gute Verbindung nach Sierra Leone hat und auch seinerzeit auf Video aufgenommen und somit beweisbar das „Abkommen zum Weltfrieden“ der dortigen Regierung übergab sowie Lesungen in der Universität abhielt, kontaktierte er die Professoren der Universitäten und gab bekannt, dass sie die Lösung für Ebola hätten. Live via Skype erklärte er den interessierten Wissenschaftlern, wie sie die Materialien selbst herstellen könnten und daraufhin gaben die Universitätsführungen eine Präsentation vor dem Präsidentschaftsamt mit der Aussage, dass sie nun die Materialien bekommen hätten, mit denen man Ebola bekämpfen könne. Direkt danach wurde in den Büros des Präsidenten vor Wissenschaftlern, worunter auch einige der Harvard Universität gewesen sein sollen, dieser Fortschritt erklärt. Die Forscher von Harvard sollen den Afrikanern sogar dafür gratuliert haben, ein solches “Werkzeug” erlangt zu haben.

Since, however, he has a very good connection to Sierra Leone and the time recorded on video and thus proved the “Agreement to world peace” handed the local government as well as readings held in the university, he contacted the professors of universities and announced that they solution for Ebola had. Live Skype he explained to interested scientists, as they could produce the materials themselves and then gave the UniversityVisits a presentation to the presidential office with the statement that they would now get the materials with which they could fight Ebola. Right after this progress was in the offices of the President before scientists, among some Harvard University should have been explained. Researchers from Harvard to have the Africans even congratulated for having obtained such a “tool”.

Als dann die Regierung beziehungsweise Leute, die mit der Weltgesundheitsorganisation zu tun haben, die Materialien angefordert hatten, bekamen sie diese am zentralen Regierungslabor auch ausgehändigt und erklärten angeblich kurzerhand, dass sie die angeblichen Resultate nicht nachweisen könnten. Diese Angaben wurden nicht von den Doktoren und Professoren der Universitäten akzeptiert, da diese bereits ihre eigenen Ergebnisse gesehen hatten und wussten, wie wirksam die Materialien waren.

Then, when the government or people who have to do with the World Health Organization, the materials had requested, they got this also handed out at the central government laboratory and declared allegedly summarily, that they could not prove the alleged results. This information has not been accepted by doctors and professors of universities, as they had already seen their own results and know how effective were the materials.

Ein afrikanischer Wissenschaftler, der Keshe diesbezüglich per Email schrieb, beschwerte sich über die seit kurzem sehr schlechte Internetverbindung und darüber, dass er versucht habe, die Stiftung telefonisch zu erreichen, was für ihn aus dem afrikanischen Staat heraus nicht möglich war, da der Anruf nicht durchging. Einige der Nanopartikel hätten sie unterdessen in Afrika gegen E. Coli getestet und 98 bis 100 Prozent der Bakterien damit hemmen können.

An African scientist Keshe this regard wrote via email, complained about the recently very bad internet connection and the fact that he was trying to reach the Foundation by phone, which was not possible for him out of the African state out because the call is not went through. Some of the nanoparticles, they have meanwhile tested in Africa against E. coli and it can inhibit 98 to 100 percent of the bacteria.

Keshe kommentierte die Ergebnisse im Interview mit den Worten: „Es kostet weniger als einen Cent, 50, 60, vielleicht sogar 100 Menschen zu retten.” Es sei eine freie nicht patentierte und nicht patentierbare Technologie, welche von den Universitätsdoktoren aus Afrika unabhängig geprüft wurde. Laut Keshes Angaben soll diese gänzlich natürliche Substanz sofort, wenn sie kontaminiertes Wasser, ein Virus oder ein Bakterium berühre, durch das dynamische Plasma die Energie beispielsweise vom Virus „einsperren“, so dass dieses keinen Einfluss mehr auf den Menschen habe. Der Erfinder fragt sich in diesem Zusammenhang: „Warum blockt die Weltgesundheitsorganisation einen solchen medizinischen Durchbruch?“

Keshe Commenting on the results in the interview by saying: “It costs less than a penny, 50, save 60, maybe 100 people.” It is a free non-patented and non-patentable technology, which has been independently reviewed by the University of doctors from Africa . According Keshes information to this completely natural substance immediately if they touch contaminated water, a virus or a bacterium, “locked up” for example of the virus through the dynamic plasma energy, so this had no influence on the people. The inventor asks In this context, “Why blocks the World Health Organisation such medical breakthroughs?”

Zwischenzeitlich kam es zufälligerweise zu einer Veröffentlichung von Harvard Wissenschaftlern, die die gleichen Forschungsergebnisse bestätigt, aber mit keiner Silbe die Keshe Stiftung als Ursprung dieses Quantensprungs in der möglichen Ebolaheilung erwähnt.

Meanwhile, there was coincidentally to a paper by Harvard scientists , confirms the same research results, but no mention of the Keshe Foundation origin of this quantum leap in the possible Ebola healing.

Auf ähnliche Art und Weise soll es auch möglich sein, mit diesem Nanomaterial Radioaktivität zu mindern, was in mehreren Ländern bereits erfolgreich getestet worden sein soll, wie unter anderem in Japan (Fukushima), wo eine Probe auf 0 % Gammastrahlung in kürzester Zeit verändert worden sein soll, was jedoch die herkömmliche Wissenschaft nicht verstehen kann. Auch in Italien und Belgien sollen diese Ergebnisse von den offiziellen Atomzentren mit ähnlichen Ergebnissen getestet worden sein.

In a similar way it should be possible to reduce this nanomaterial radioactivity, which should already have been successfully tested in several countries, where a sample was changed to 0% gamma radiation in a very short time as including Japan (Fukushima) should be, but what conventional science can not understand. In Italy and Belgium, these results should be tested by the official atomic centers with similar results.

So weit die Schilderungen von Mehran Tavakoli Keshe. Ob hier die Gründe für die vermeintlichen Mordanschläge auf ihn und seine Familie liegen, ist unklar. Zwei Tage bevor er vergiftet wurde, gab es auch einen Einbruch in sein Haus. Die italienische Polizei untersuchte diesen Vorfall vor Ort. Mit Hochfrequenz-Mikrowellen sei er gezielt bestrahlt worden, schildert er. Um dagegen vorzugehen, habe er vor Kurzem ein Gerät in der Mitte des Hauses platziert, das ihm und seiner Familie nun ermöglicht, ungestört durchzuschlafen, was vorher nicht möglich gewesen sei, auch aufgrund des Lärms der nahegelegenen gut befahrenen Autobahn, der nun ebenfalls nicht mehr im Haus zu hören sei. Das Gerät soll zu einem Armee-Verteidigungs-System gehören.

As far as the descriptions of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe. Whether the reasons for the alleged assassinations are here for him and his family, is unclear. Two days before he was poisoned, there was a break in his house. The Italian police investigated the incident on site. With high-frequency microwave it had been deliberately irradiated, he describes. To counter this, he had placed recently a device in the middle of the house, which now allows him and his family, undisturbed sleep through, which was not possible before, also because of the noise of the nearby well-traveled highway, which now also no longer was heard in the house. The device is to belong to an army defense system.

Außerdem will Keshe über eine Technologie verfügen, mit der es für ihn möglich sei, Angreifer direkt unschädlich zu machen, indem Körper und Seele getrennt werden würden, was er aber nicht einsetzen werde. Er weiß, dass das, was man aussendet wieder zurückkehrt. Keshe: „Wenn jemand dir ein Geschenk des Todes sendet und du es nicht benötigst, geht dieses Geschenk durch einen natürlichen Prozess wieder zu dem Ursprung dieser Gedanken zurück!“ Daher ist er sich sicher, dass derjenige, der seine Mitarbeiter und Familienangehörigen vergiftet hat nun ähnliches zu erwarten habe.

In addition Keshe will have a technology with which it was possible for him to make attacker directly harmless by the body and soul would be separated, which he would not use. He knows that what you send out returns. Keshe: “If someone sends you a gift of death and you do not need it, this gift goes through a natural process back to the origin of these thoughts back!” So he is sure that he who has his staff and family members poisoned now I expected something similar.

Was Keshe noch über die Hintergründe und vielfältigen Einsatzmöglichkeiten der diversen Keshe-Technologien zum Beispiel bei Problemen mit Drogen- und Nikotinsucht, zur Entgiftung, zur Hilfe bei Krebserkrankungen, Parkinson, Alzheimer, Autismus, Komapatienten oder Vergiftungen und vielem mehr gesagt hat, kann man in folgendem englischsprachigen Videointerview nachhören:

What Keshe has said yet about the background and various application possibilities of various Keshe technologies, for example in case of problems with drug and nicotine addiction, detoxification, to help with cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, autism, coma patients or poisoning, and more, can be seen in Anybody in the following English-language video interview:


Keshe - Sierra Leone Ebola 1 Keshe - Sierra Leone Ebola 2 Keshe - Sierra Leone Ebola 3 Keshe - The Structure of the Light - GANS 1 keshe solid_CO2_L

Photo of solid CO2 at room temperature. This mastic-like substance is not “dry ice”, which is the state we would normally consider solid CO2 to be. Therefore we consider it to be in GANS-state (GAs + Nano + Solid state).

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Attempted murder for the development of an Ebola remedy? M. T. Keshe reported – Part 2


Reckless Congress Declares War on Russia by Ron Paul

December 5, 2014

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Reckless Congress Declares War on Russia

By Ron Paul | December 4, 2014

Today the US House passed what I consider to be one of the worst pieces of legislation ever. H. Res. 758 was billed as a resolution “strongly condemning the actions of the Russian Federation, under President Vladimir Putin, which has carried out a policy of aggression against neighboring countries aimed at political and economic domination.”

In fact, the bill was 16 pages of war propaganda that should have made even neocons blush, if they were capable of such a thing.

These are the kinds of resolutions I have always watched closely in Congress, as what are billed as “harmless” statements of opinion often lead to sanctions and war. I remember in 1998 arguing strongly against the Iraq Liberation Act because, as I said at the time, I knew it would lead to war. I did not oppose the Act because I was an admirer of Saddam Hussein – just as now I am not an admirer of Putin or any foreign political leader – but rather because I knew then that another war against Iraq would not solve the problems and would probably make things worse. We all know what happened next.

That is why I can hardly believe they are getting away with it again, and this time with even higher stakes: provoking a war with Russia that could result in total destruction!

If anyone thinks I am exaggerating about how bad this resolution really is, let me just offer a few examples from the legislation itself:

The resolution (paragraph 3) accuses Russia of an invasion of Ukraine and condemns Russia’s violation of Ukrainian sovereignty. The statement is offered without any proof of such a thing. Surely with our sophisticated satellites that can read a license plate from space we should have video and pictures of this Russian invasion. None have been offered. As to Russia’s violation of Ukrainian sovereignty, why isn’t it a violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty for the US to participate in the overthrow of that country’s elected government as it did in February? We have all heard the tapes of State Department officials plotting with the US Ambassador in Ukraine to overthrow the government. We heard US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland bragging that the US spent $5 billion on regime change in Ukraine. Why is that OK?

The resolution (paragraph 11) accuses the people in east Ukraine of holding “fraudulent and illegal elections” in November. Why is it that every time elections do not produce the results desired by the US government they are called “illegal” and “fraudulent”? Aren’t the people of eastern Ukraine allowed self-determination? Isn’t that a basic human right?

The resolution (paragraph 13) demands a withdrawal of Russia forces from Ukraine even though the US government has provided no evidence the Russian army was ever in Ukraine. This paragraph also urges the government in Kiev to resume military operations against the eastern regions seeking independence.

The resolution (paragraph 14) states with certainty that the Malaysia Airlines flight 17 that crashed in Ukraine was brought down by a missile “fired by Russian-backed separatist forces in eastern Ukraine.” This is simply incorrect, as the final report on the investigation of this tragedy will not even be released until next year and the preliminary report did not state that a missile brought down the plane. Neither did the preliminary report – conducted with the participation of all countries involved – assign blame to any side.

Paragraph 16 of the resolution condemns Russia for selling arms to the Assad government in Syria. It does not mention, of course, that those weapons are going to fight ISIS – which we claim is the enemy — while the US weapons supplied to the rebels in Syria have actually found their way into the hands of ISIS!

Paragraph 17 of the resolution condemns Russia for what the US claims are economic sanctions (“coercive economic measures”) against Ukraine. This even though the US has repeatedly hit Russia with economic sanctions and is considering even more!

The resolution (paragraph 22) states that Russia invaded the Republic of Georgia in 2008. This is simply untrue. Even the European Union – no friend of Russia – concluded in its investigation of the events in 2008 that it was Georgia that “started an unjustified war” against Russia not the other way around! How does Congress get away with such blatant falsehoods? Do Members not even bother to read these resolutions before voting?

In paragraph 34 the resolution begins to even become comical, condemning the Russians for what it claims are attacks on computer networks of the United States and “illicitly acquiring information” about the US government. In the aftermath of the Snowden revelations about the level of US spying on the rest of the world, how can the US claim the moral authority to condemn such actions in others?

Chillingly, the resolution singles out Russian state-funded media outlets for attack, claiming that they “distort public opinion.” The US government, of course, spends billions of dollars worldwide to finance and sponsor media outlets including Voice of America and RFE/RL, as well as to subsidize “independent” media in countless counties overseas. How long before alternative information sources like RT are banned in the United States? This legislation brings us closer to that unhappy day when the government decides the kind of programming we can and cannot consume – and calls such a violation “freedom.”

The resolution gives the green light (paragraph 45) to Ukrainian President Poroshenko to re-start his military assault on the independence-seeking eastern provinces, urging the “disarming of separatist and paramilitary forces in eastern Ukraine.” Such a move will mean many more thousands of dead civilians.

To that end, the resolution directly involves the US government in the conflict by calling on the US president to “provide the government of Ukraine with lethal and non-lethal defense articles, services, and training required to effectively defend its territory and sovereignty.” This means US weapons in the hands of US-trained military forces engaged in a hot war on the border with Russia. Does that sound at all like a good idea?

There are too many more ridiculous and horrific statements in this legislation to completely discuss. Probably the single most troubling part of this resolution, however, is the statement that “military intervention” by the Russian Federation in Ukraine “poses a threat to international peace and security.” Such terminology is not an accident: this phrase is the poison pill planted in this legislation from which future, more aggressive resolutions will follow. After all, if we accept that Russia is posing a “threat” to international peace how can such a thing be ignored? These are the slippery slopes that lead to war.

This dangerous legislation passed today, December 4, with only ten (!) votes against! Only ten legislators are concerned over the use of blatant propaganda and falsehoods to push such reckless saber-rattling toward Russia.

Here are the Members who voted “NO” on this legislation. If you do not see your own Representative on this list call and ask why they are voting to bring us closer to war with Russia! If you do see your Representative on the below list, call and thank him or her for standing up to the warmongers.

Voting “NO” on H. Res. 758:

1) Justin Amash (R-MI)
2) John Duncan (R-TN)
3) Alan Grayson, (D-FL)
4) Alcee Hastings (D-FL)
5) Walter Jones (R-NC)
6) Thomas Massie (R-KY)
7) Jim McDermott (D-WA)
8 George Miller (D-CA)
9) Beto O’Rourke (D-TX)
10 Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA)