U.S. Broadcast Exclusive: Star Wars in Iraq: Was the U.S. Using New Experimental Tactical High Energy Laser Weapons in Iraq?


Guerre stellari in Iraq è una nuova inchiesta di Maurizio Torrealta e Sigfrido Ranucci.

Star Wars in Iraq is a new investigation of Maurizio Torrealta and Sigfrido Ranucci.

Il lavoro parte dall’ inquietante testimonianza di Majid Al Ghezali, primo violinista dell’ orchestra di Baghdad, che ha assistito ai duri combattimenti per la conquista dell’aeroporto da parte dell’esercito Usa.

The work starts from ‘disturbing testimony of Majid Al Ghezali, first violinist of the’ orchestra of Baghdad, who witnessed the fierce fighting for the conquest of the airport by the US Army.

Al Ghezali racconta di aver visto i corpi delle vittime della battaglia ridotti nelle loro dimensioni e di aver sentito parlare dell’utilizzo di armi al laser.

Al Ghezali said he saw the bodies of the victims of the battle in their reduced size and had heard about the use of laser weapons.


TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2006

In November, a documentary from Italy’s RAI Television accusing the United States of illegally white phosphorus during its attack on Fallujah. A new documentary says the United States is now using experimental laser weapons against Iraqi civilians. We play an excerpt. [includes rush transcript]

From illegal weapons in Lebanon we turn to Iraq. In November, Democracy Now aired a documentary from Italy’s RAI Television accusing the United States of illegally white phosphorus during its attack on Fallujah. The Pentagon was forced to admit to the charge after more than a week of denials. The same Italian team has produced a new documentary. It says the United States is now using experimental laser weapons against Iraqi civilians. Today, in another U.S. broadcast exclusive, we bring you an excerpt. It’s called “Star Wars in Iraq”, produced by Maurizio Torrealta and Sigfrido Ranucci for RAI Television.

  • “Star Wars in Iraq”-documents US use of experimental weapons in Iraq, produced by Maurizio Torrealta and SigfridoRannuci for Italy’s RAI TV
    TRANSCRIPTThis is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.

AMY GOODMAN: Today, in another U.S. broadcast exclusive, we bring you an excerpt. It’s called Star Wars in Iraq, produced by Maurizio Torrealta and Sigfrido Ranucci for RAI Television.

MAJID AL GHEZALI: They used incredible weapons, absolutely.

PATRICK DILLON: Experimental weapons?

MAJID AL GHEZALI: Yes. Yes, I think. Yeah, they shoot the bus. We saw the bus like a cloth, like a wet cloth. It seems like a Volkswagen, a big bus like a Volkswagen.

NARRATOR: This testimony was reported to American filmmaker Patrick Dillon a few weeks after the battle for the airport. The person interviewed, Majid al Ghezali, is a well-known and respected man in Baghdad, who is the first violinist in the city orchestra. In addition to describing the battle, Majid al Ghezali wanted to show Patrick Dillon the site near the airport where the mysterious weapon was used, along with the traces of fused metal still visible, and the irregularly sized ditches where the bodies were buried before they were exhumed. We sought out Majid al Ghezali to hear more details of his story. We met up with him in Amman, and he pointed out some inexplicable peculiarities on the bodies of the victims of the battle for the airport.

MAJID AL GHEZALI: Just the head was burnt, and the other parts of the bodies wasn’t anything happened on it.

NARRATOR: Al Ghezali reported that he had seen three passengers in a car, all dead, with their faces and teeth burnt, the body intact, and no sign of projectiles.

MAJID AL GHEZALI: There wasn’t any bullet. I saw the teeth, just the teeth and no eyes, all of them. With the body, nothing for the bodies. Just the teeth, and all the — I mean, the heads were burnt.

NARRATOR: There were other inexplicable aspects. The terrain where the battle took place was dug up by the American military and replaced with other fresh earth. The bodies that were not hit by projectiles had shrunk to just slightly more than one meter in height.

MAJID AL GHEZALI: Except the bodies killed by the bullets, most of them became very small. I mean, it’s like that. Something like that.

NARRATOR: We asked Majid what weapon he imagined had been used.

MAJID AL GHEZALI: One year later, we heard that this is updated technology they used, a unique one. It’s like lasers.

NARRATOR: We found another disturbing document on the use of mysterious weapons in Iraq, which referred to episodes taking place almost at the same time as those described by Majid al Ghezali.

SAAD AL FALLUJI: Twenty-six in the bus. About twenty of them, some of them have no head. They had been cut. Some of them, the arms, the legs. The only one who didn’t injure was the driver, and really I don’t know how he reached our hospital, because one hand, one arm was in his lap, one head beside him. It was a very, very strange, horrible thing. In the roof of the car there was parts of the bodies: omentum, intestines, brains, all parts of the body. It was miserable. Very, very, very, very miserable.

GEERT VAN MOORTER: Do you have idea with what kind of weapons they attacked that bus?

SAAD AL FALLUJI: This bus, we didn’t know what kind of weapon hit. Really what we saw cut arms, cut legs, cut head, abdomen, open abdomen, viscera outside.

DOCTOR NO. 2: It seems to be a new weapon.

SAAD AL FALLUJI: Yes, a new weapon.

DOCTOR NO. 2: They are trying to do experiments on our civilians. Nobody can identify what the type of this weapon.

NARRATOR: We went to Belgium to find the filmmaker of this sequence, Geert Van Moorter, a doctor working as a volunteer in Iraq.

GEERT VAN MOORTER: Here in this footage is taken in the hospital, the General Teaching Hospital in Hilla, which is about 100 kilometers from Baghdad and close to the historical site of Babylon. Here, we had a talk with the colleague doctor Saad al Falluji, which is the chief surgeon in that hospital. Doctor al Falluji said me that from the survivors that he operated, that they said they did not hear any noise. So there was no explosion to hear, no metal fragments or shrapnels or bullets in the bodies, so they themselves were thinking of some strange kinds of weapon, which they did not know.

NARRATOR: Let’s hear Dr. Saad al Falluji’s story about this more in detail.

SAAD AL FALLUJI: This bus was very crowded. They went from Hilla to Kifil to see their families, but before they reached the checkpoint of American checkpoint, they returned back. They said to them, “Please return.” The villagers, they said to them, “Return back. Return back.” When he tried to return back, they shoot him from the checkpoint.

GEERT VAN MOORTER: No gunshot wounds?

SAAD AL FALLUJI: No, no, I don’t know what it was. We are here, ten surgeons. We couldn’t decide what was the weapon which hit this car.

GEERT VAN MOORTER: But inside the bodies, you did not discover ordinary bullets?

SAAD AL FALLUJI: All of them being — we didn’t find bullets. We didn’t find bullets. But most of the passenger people been dead, so they took them immediately to the refrigerator. We couldn’t dissect and see. But those who were alive, we couldn’t find any kind of shells. We didn’t find shells inside their bodies.

DOCTOR NO. 2: Something cutting organs, cutting limbs, attacking the neck, attacking the abdomen, it goes out.

NARRATOR: Dr. Falluji also ended up speaking about a laser weapon.

SAAD AL FALLUJI: But I don’t think the bombing and the cluster bombs and the laser weapons could bring democracy to our country.

NARRATOR: As in any war, the war in Iraq left us a dreadful gallery of horror, images of mutilations that not even doctors can explain. The witnesses referred to laser weapons, arms with mysterious effects. We do not know what kind of weapons could produce such terrible effects. We tried to learn more about it by asking for interviews to members of companies manufacturing laser and microwave weapons, yet the U.S. Defense Department prevented any information from being released to us. They also did not answer, up to the time the film was edited, the questions we had sent them in order to know whether or not experimental weapons had been tested in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We tracked down the Pentagon press conferences from before the beginning of the second Gulf war to see if they spoke about any new weapons being tested. The words of the Secretary of Defense and General Myers indicate a willingness to try weapons that had never been used before. And the questions from the press about direct energy and microwave weapons made them visibly uncomfortable.

JOURNALIST: Mr. Secretary, can I ask you a question about some of the technology that you’re developing to fight the war on terrorists, specifically directed energy and high-powered microwave technology? Do you — when do you envision that you can weaponize that type of technology?

DONALD RUMSFELD: Goodness, it is in — for the most part, the kinds of things you’re talking about are in varying early stages. Do you want to — do you have anything you would add?

GEN. RICHARD MYERS: I don’t think I would add much. I think they are in early stages and probably not ready for employment at this point.

DONALD RUMSFELD: In the normal order of things, when you invest in research and development and begin a developmental project, you don’t have any intention or expectations that one would use it. On the other hand, the real world intervenes from time to time, and you reach in there and take something out that is still in a developmental stage, and you might use it. So the — your question’s not answerable. It is — it depends on what happens in the future and how well things move along the track and whether or not someone feels it’s appropriate to reach into a development stage and see if something might be useful, as was the case with the unmanned aerial vehicles.

JOURNALIST: But you sound like you’re willing to experiment with it.

GEN. RICHARD MYERS: Yeah, I think that’s the point. And I think — and it’s — we have, I think, from the beginning of this conflict — I think General Franks has been very open to looking at new things, if there are new things available, and has been willing to put them into the fight, even before they’ve been fully wrung out. And I think that’s — not referring to these particular cases of directed energy or high-powered microwave, but sure. And we will continue to do that.

NARRATOR: But what is meant by direct-energy microwave weapons? We went to ask ex-colonel John Alexander, former program director in one of the most important military research laboratories in the U.S., Los Alamos National Laboratory.

COL. JOHN B. ALEXANDER: The research and certainly the concepts for direct-energy weapons go back many decades. What is happening is that the technology has now advanced sufficiently that we’re starting to see the weapons come into fruition. In other words, they’re becoming real.

There are several types of directed-energy weapons, and basically what they do is they’re known as “speed of light,” because they shoot electrons very fast over very long distances. Lasers, of course, are in the light range. Then there’s microwave weapons that are operating at other frequencies, but basically they’re beam weapons, in which nothing physical goes out. The electrons move, but the kinetic weapons we talk about, you’re shooting big bullets to go out and physically hit and destroy something. These work because the energy is deposed on the target and causes some effect.

NARRATOR: These images document one of the THEL tests. THELstands for Tactical High Energy Laser. In the sequence, you can see the laser beam hit and destroy missiles and mortar rounds as they are about to hit the objective.

In this other test, we see the laser beam identify and destroy two missiles at the same time.

GEERT VAN MOORTER: They don’t make any noise, and they are invisible?

COL. JOHN B. ALEXANDER: Some are visible, some are just outside. You have, you know, in the infrared range, what’s emerging now are laser weapons where the effect is that that of the laser. And they can be hole-burners, what we call very high energy lasers, because with the concentrated energy you can literally drill holes, you know, in a target.

NARRATOR: Former Pentagon analyst William Arkin, who presently works as a journalist for the Washington Post, also confirms this revolutionary change from kinetic weapons to energy weapons.

WILLIAM ARKIN: For thousands of years, the way in which you’ve killed someone is you have hit them with a sword, a sphere, an arrow, a bullet, a bomb. It’s kinetic. You’re killing them by hitting them. And now, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you have a completely new physical principle being applied in killing people, in which they don’t know that they’re being killed because their skin and body is being heated by high power microwaves or they are being shot at by a laser which would have an instantaneous effect.

NARRATOR: There are other types of weapons made with lasers, such as the device we can see in this sequence. The target is not hit by a projectile, but rather by an impulse of energy that manages to bore through the armor of a tank.

Apart from acoustic weapons, so far the only sign of the use of energy weapons in a war scenario is a laser device known as Zeus. According to official Pentagon sources, military vehicles equipped with this laser device have been used in Afghanistan to explode mines or IEDs. According to two reliable military information sites, Defense Tech and Defense Daily, at least three such vehicles are being used in Iraq, as well, and some people report having seen them.

GEERT VAN MOORTER: When you showed me the pictures of what you described that is a laser weapon, it reminds me that I was with some American soldiers talking in August 2003, and there was some kind of box on their tank with a blue light like this. I recall it very well, not because of the soldiers told me what it was used for, but because I was teasing a translator, which was a female Iraqi translator, by telling, “Look, this is some kind of thing where they can look through and see somebody without clothes.” That’s why I remind it, but this kind of thing I have seen for sure on that tank.

NARRATOR: William Arkin is one of the American experts who follows the Pentagon activity most closely. So what does Arkin think about the possibility of the use of direct-energy weapons in battle in Iraq?

WILLIAM ARKIN: I can imagine that there could be some, what we call, “black use” of these weapons, but not in any significant way and certainly not in such a way that one would conclude that they’ve had any impact.

NARRATOR: But let’s look at the Pentagon budget figures to see how important the outlay is for direct-energy weapons.

WILLIAM ARKIN: So, right now you have about $50 million a year being spent on non-lethal weapons. You have about another $200 million or so being spent on high power microwaves, active denial-type systems. You’ve got probably another $100 to 200 million being spent on secret black laser programs. And then you’ve got the big lasers, the high energy laser of the Air Force and the other tactical lasers. So probably, when you add all of that up, you know, the United States is probably spending a half of a billion dollars a year right now on directed-energy weapons, you know, probably somewhere in the order of 300-400 million euros. So this is a significant amount of money. This is the size of the defense budgets of some countries in Europe.

AMY GOODMAN: That was William Arkin in the documentary, Star Wars in Iraq, produced by RAI Italian television. It was produced by Maurizio Torrealta and Sigfrido Ranucci.

Source: http://www.democracynow.org/2006/7/25/u_s_broadcast_exclusive_star_wars



Transcript (cont’d)

You might think that energy weapons only pose a danger for the countries involved in a military conflict, but that’s not the case. One particular weapon called the Active Denial System – better known as the pain ray – has been built specifically for use in maintaining public order. Given its claim to be non-lethal and the suffering it produces, this weapon could become a very controversial one.

Retired Colonel John B. Alexander The Active Denial System is a Millimeter Wave System, operates at about 93 GHz. It sends out a beam for a very long distance, and what’s important about it is that when it hits the skin it penetrates only a very slight, for a few millimeters under the skin and it hits the pain receptors and causes, you know, people to be adverse to the pain. It hurts, it hurts a lot.

The tests that had been run they were to go for 3 seconds, each individual was given a kill switch and nobody made 3 seconds. The answer to the pain is extremely rapid, and you don’t have to do it very long, I mean, it gets your attention instantly.

To understand the consequences this new weapon could have for human rights we went to the Empire State Building in Manhattan, home of the offices of Human Rights Watch, one of the most important human rights organizations.

Marc Garlasco: We can see the effects of a gun very easily and understand them, but when you cannot see the effect of a weapon because it is not visible and because the science is not very well understood because technology is so new, then it becomes a grievous concern that enrages the states for potential human rights violations and abuses. And that is something that we have to understand about the Active Denial System, that it exists to create pain and is very different in most other non-lethal weapons where the desire is either to immobilize someone or make it so that they cannot walk in the area.

With the Active Denial System the main desire is pain, and we have to be very careful because in international law is very clear that devices created solely for the creation of pain can eventually lead to torture and are therefore illegal, and it’s very critical that the United States does a careful legal review of the Active Denial System and is open with their findings. To date they have not been open.

William Arkin: Some people say “ooh acoustic weapons, or High Power Microwave weapons, the Active Denial System, we can use it for crowd contro…”

What crowd control? What does that mean?

It pretends that anyone in the crowd is eighteen years old, and male and in good health, and we’re just going to shoot these microwaves or shoot these acoustic weapons on this crowd, and it’s going to be carefully calibrated at a power level, in the intensity and at a range to affect all these eighteen years old men in the crowd.

Well, what crowd is made up of just eighteen years old men?

Look at the Intifada, look at any riot in Iraq today: children, women, pregnant women, old people, and so the effect… the effect that you would need in order to have an impact on a healthy male, your target, would be too much for a child or a pregnant woman or an old person.

Marc Garlasco There’s been a lot of discussion also about the potential for eye damage. They have done some tests on the skin to show that is not harmful, but where is the eye test? And there are concerns raised by scientists about potential harm to the eyes. And we also have concerns about the effects to children, to the infirm, to the elderly… Why are they not producing the data? Why are they not sharing it with us?

As regards the use of the pain ray in the field of war, the military review Defense Industry Daily reports that three Sheriff vehicles were ordered at a price of about 31 million dollars, and that approval has been requested for another 14 vehicles by Brigadier General James Haggin, chief of staff of the multinational forces in Iraq.

Retired Colonel John B. Alexander: In my view, the next global conflict has already begun and we don’t have an understanding of what that conflict looks like. Because of the issues of terrorism, for instance the adversaries are going to be, I think mixed in with civilian populations. We need weapons that allow us to be able to sort, minimize what they call “collateral casualties”. I think the battlefields are going to be in urban areas.

William Arkin If you look at the Active Denial System, or the High Power Microwaves, or the LRAD, the acoustic weapon, what you see is enthusiasm for those are being displayed by the Us Northern Command, which is the homeland defense command of the United States, or other counter-terrorism organizations, which are looking at them like, “Oh well, maybe, in some special circumstances we can take these secret weapons, boutique weapons, you know, we have only 10 or 20 of them somewhere in a secret place and if we need them we can pull them out and use them in this kind of specialty warfare”.

So ironically, even though the Americans would probably think “Oh yeah, special new weapon, it would make sense because Iraq is such a mess and maybe we can do something to turn that corner in some way, with the use of this weapon, the truth is that the only real way in which they, the military, sees the prospects for the deployment of these is in their domestic use. And you know quite well, that if the United States adopts these weapons for their domestic defense, NATO in Italy are not far behind…

Found here:


Also here:



This is one of those stories Billy Hayes that really should have been picked up by MSM. I guess I’ve learned the hard way I can’t rely on media to tell me the truth.

Star wars in Iraq
Maurizio Torrealta and Sigfrido Ranucci


Guerre stellari in Iraq
di Maurizio Torrealta e Sigfrido Ranucci


H/T http://www.facebook.com/BillyHayes67548



A Rare Event: Tom Bearden Talks About Weaponry


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    Star Wars in #Iraq: Was the U.S. Using New Experimental Tactical High Energy Laser Weapons in Iraq? #maddow #GOP

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    How’s investigative journalism in Italy?

    December 30, 2014
    Di Chiara Caprio

    Photo courtesy of the Ilaria Alpi Prize. Via .

    Ilaria Alpi and Miran Hrovatin are a trademark. Today it is almost impossible not to have heard at least once pronounce their name. When they died , in 1994 in Mogadishu, were investigating the trafficking of weapons and waste between Europe and Somalia. Shortly after the return of remains in Italy, the parents of Ilaria and some colleagues have founded an association and a prize for the search for truth, the direct and indirect responsibility for this death. In 2015, twenty years will have passed since the first edition, but the death of Ilaria Alpi remains a story now empty of the central element.

    This is why the mother of Ilaria wrote a letter to the organizers of the prize, with one request: close it , because “this commitment with the passing of the years has become particularly onerous, even for the bitterness that I try to see that, despite our efforts, the investigation in court have not brought any results. ”

    Missing responsible true of that performance summary. Lacking a sense final last thought will have had Ilaria and Miran. I wonder if they thought it would be worth it anyway. To figure out if you still have a sense the work of the true journalist in Italy I contacted Maurizio Torrealta, former colleague of Ilaria Alpi to TG3 and former director of investigations RaiNews. I contacted him because, unlike so many others, has written that “the name of Ilaria has become a brand. He’s right Luciana Alps. A mark of quality, ethical values, of professionalism. A brand, however, that was not enough to get justice. ”

    VICE: Once the work of the journalist looked like it could change the world. Do not you think that it has become useless?
    Maurizio Torrealta: Be ‘, not really. But he’s right when he says Ilaria’s mom that, after 20 years without truth, prefers to withdraw its name from the prize because there is a risk that no longer represents the battle that has been made, the real case of Ilaria Alpi, but becomes simply a pretext for which all have a clear conscience.

    Although civil society’s awareness of what were the reasons that led to commit this murder and hide them deeply, the problem is that the truth has never been clearly established formally in terms of justice. So Luciana Alpi is right to reach out to recover this name, the name of his daughter, otherwise a prize in honor of Ilaria Alpi becomes just window dressing. I think that you could set up an award dedicated to all the journalists who have been killed doing their jobs, because the investigative journalism, when you do it well, it is a serious, difficult, risky and extremely important. An international award would be an opportunity to broaden our horizons and thus defend the memory of all journalists who have done and are doing this job with dedication and courage.
    This is all very nice, but a truth goes even sought on the case Ilaria Alpi.

    And how can we do for you?
    For me, and for many other people, seek truth was a personal commitment, but I know that it must also be an institutional awareness. If Ilaria was killed is because there was a reason that has not yet been revealed and political forces that have made ​​a choice, to eliminate witnesses uncomfortable.

    So are the political forces that hide the truth?
    Ships to which Ilaria was interested were ships that were built and donated to Somalia by the Foreign Ministry, in particular by the Department of International Cooperation Italian. If it were true, as we suspect, that these ships were doing arms trafficking and toxic waste is not clear that this would make Italy a horrible figure, because it would mean that, pretending to cooperate with Somalia, in reality our country bore weapons and poisons. This would be the unvarnished truth. I do not believe that no institution of our country would never do such a step to admit. On closer inspection the most common attitude among institutional representatives was to hide the problems and let the toxic waste of our country were dumped in some landfill small African states, although 20 years have passed, although the responsibilities are not more direct. There were political forces-more or less aware-that somehow participated in this activity that was to remain secret and illegal. But a journalist and an operator you are put in the middle and they did find this gear. And what did they do? Made them out. Here, we think that it is enough an award with his name to get the truth? No, not enough.

    Ok. Is not the case that they move journalists to seek the truth through?
    We will always do everything possible but it is clear that individuals implicated are institutional. We have met and interviewed several officials of the cooperation that they said that they knew that the ships were arms trafficking. Mogadishu was flooded with weapons. Some officials have asked the Italian Cooperation to call and examine the companies that were involved, because they received public funds. They asked to open investigations but, to be understood, one of them was shot exactly as they shot to Ilaria and former SISMI agent Vincenzo Li Cause. You understand that the reaction has been very clear?

    There is no intention at the institutional level to investigate these matters, although I hope that sooner or later we create the political conditions because we speak. But in the end it always has been in Italy. With all the massacres that have been, are never able to bring someone in the dock? Only for a massacre, that of the Bologna train station, condemned to life imprisonment by a final judgment three people found guilty, but now I’m off and running quietly for punishment extinct . Valerio Fioravanti in particular had been sentenced to eight life sentences and 134 years and eight months in prison This is pretty emblematic of how things are proceeding.
    What sense today keep trying to tell stories hidden, make inquiries, if you do not see the truth?
    Investigative journalism is not dead. I personally teach journalism in a school that has existed for ten years and all the guys that make this school make the exercise of studying how to track ships to which it was affecting Ilaria. Let their international identification, as they changed the name, in which one port, which routes they do, so that is always carried on the work started by Ilaria. I believe that those ships do the same things they did in the days of Ilaria and why I believe that following this line, creating methodologies, teach a practice not to have an investigative journalism casual and offhand, but serious and constant, is a target to reach.

    The teachings of Ilaria, is that there is a judicial recognition or not, must not be lost and will not get lost. Should produce the standards of investigative work to be adopted internationally in Italy to raise the bar and also have on our networks more professionalism. Otherwise we will continue to make news only government where foreign disappear and investigative there is nothing.

    That is, you do not save any program of investigative journalism in Italy?
    I mean take Report, for example. All we look at it, but it is not investigative journalism itself. The assumption of how they should be solved certain problems, often inspired as were settled abroad, makes good surveys to understand how, on the given topic, our country and then tells all he was. An important job, clean and precise, but investigative journalism claims to go further.

    Is to discover what is being kept secret, not only going to check what should be done and not done, and so it is even more challenging and more risky. It’s a different logical process: inductive rather than deductive. We must start from small clues and then confront, be able to go over to the clues, reconstruct the history, discovering it. I am convinced that we can do and there are many good journalists who try to do it

    There is always a need for that journalist who refuses to do the copy-paste from the agencies and looking for new stories to tell and unexplored ways. It is an extraordinarily beautiful work, but it takes time: you have to work for several months on an investigation. Never alone, always at least in two, so that one controls the other and vice versa. But who has the opportunity today to pay for this effort? We should help those few journalists who work well, giving them visibility, helping the warheads they work to support them. But now unfortunately in Italian newspapers everything is political, everything is picture, talk, chitchat …

    Perhaps because there is a perception that in Italy never change anything thanks to journalistic investigations. A Watergate in Italy it seems difficult, right?
    Look, I think that journalism can have an effect as strong as that of the Watergate, you should create many other conditions. It is clear that the days of the Vietnam War, Watergate was at the limit of tolerability for the entire nation, that she was tired of seeing their children sent to die, so there were special conditions. And above all there was a cornerstone of investigative journalism, we must not forget: the internal sources.

    The internal sources are important, internal sources is only one if located on the street, you have to create them, and to create them you have to have staff who work with time, continuously. And in addition to internal sources it also takes a director who you support, you’re next and that will guarantee the legal cover if you are accused of defamation, because when you do investigative journalism true then you can be sure that sooner or later you will meet a reaction articulated in so that massacrarti.

    Even in preparing to judge the more petite, there is always a good journalist who is trying to do their jobs well. You have to help him, support him, we want directors and editors who have the knowledge that for their same newspaper there is most precious value, and who have the desire to do good journalism.

    Follow Chiara Caprio on Twitter: ChiaraCaprio

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    Di Sigfrido Ranucci e Giulio Valesini. Mentre le tangenti scorrono lungo il Po, si pone un problema al Premier Renzi e al Ministro Orlando.

    Siegfried Ranucci and Giulio Valesini. While bribery run along the Po, it poses a problem to the Premier and the Minister Orlando Renzi.


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    Ora spunta la «cricca del Po»
    sette indagati per lavori inutili
    Nei guai funzionari dell’Agenzia per il fiume e imprenditori rodigini e padovani

    Now check the “clique of the Po ‘
    seven suspects for unnecessary work
    Agency officials in trouble for the river and entrepreneurs Rodigini and Padua

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    Brian: I have a plan.

    Following the Angel Eagles meeting, Marcia and I will travel with you to the workroom. You will assist her as she sets the acoustics to the last 200 of the latest request. Watch as we want to involve ourselves with “Eigen” and not be ‘puttin’ on the “Ritz.” ‘ While she completes that work, I will be producing the 3 tubes of the “push-out” TauChlor as she has requested. Once done, she will address the bottles of the transdermal while I fire-up the laser and ready the crystals into the sleeves. From there, I will depart with Steve to the storehouse and load planning location, as Marcia completes the crystals’ pouch preps in the workroom.


    O.K. Heya, just browsing M’s last briefing to us? http://www.dropbox.com/ Interesting. 2007, MIT and M’s investments. Really fine! Bri

    Dan, it’s all well and good but how did you handle all this from hospital? Furlough? You need to rest. truly,..

    O.K. Heya, just browsing M’s last briefing to us? http://www.dropbox.com/ Interesting. 2007, MIT and M’s investments. Really fine! Bri

    Dan, it’s all well and good but how did you handle all this from hospital? Furlough? You need to rest. truly,..
    Furlough. That’s almost how it’s done. D was admitted due to his seizure condition and will be back on the job Wednesday. In between tests he travelled both to the Condo and to the workroom where necessary work was completed. He returned to the hospital and remains overnight for tests. He will be leaving the hospital by Tuesday night.

    D’s take on the life of Jesus: next week.
    D is scheduled to start responding (audio) to PRAYER REQUESTS, next week.

    Keither, GT Host

    Amid cautious optimism for all 3 cases where DM quickly produced TauChlor for members of the public, each person for whom it was made is in a life threatening state, Angel Eagles and the entire Eagles Team remain on the streets working to benefit the homeless and needy. The main objective: emergency warmth. Snow flurries dominate the concerns. CM-OPS STRETCH FROM LAS VEGAS, NEVADA-TO-NEEDLES, CALIFORNIA-TO-KINGMAN, ARIZONA.



  10. blessedistruth Says:


  11. blessedistruth Says:


    @ 5:15 chemTrail Spraying

    @ 21:00 Green comet ‘Lovejoy’ lights up the New Year sky
    The Independent-Jan 1, 2015
    Video: A green-glowing comet will reach its closest position to Earth on January 7.

    @ 35:45 world wide CO2 in the atmosphere – NASA
    “THIS IS A NASA SATELLITE MEASUREMENT OF CO2 from between oct 1 to nov 11 world wide … NOTE that the high concentrations have NOTHING to do with the high industrial or population areas that would be associated with global CO2 production from man made sources … in fact the hightest concentrations are over none other than the AMAZON JUNGLE where supposedly CO2 is converted to O2 by all the plants there … clearly this shows conclusively that CO2 has nothing to do with man made sources … not to mention the death of the concept that the jungles create our oxygen supply or that man made CO2 has anything to do with temperature rise or alleged global warming … and a long list of other issues” [Me: “clearly this shows” something – Let’s not jump to conclusions.]

    @ 46:00 The reality is if you burned all tar oil Venezuela’s Orinoco Valley you would consume all the oxygen on earth

    @ 50:15 The oil that is found down deep in the earth could not possibly have been from fern forests.

    @ 54:00 Big Bang? b-mode polarization – they’re seeing the residue of something else


    January 02, 2015

    the planet Uranus has displayed some heavy storm activity that has astronomers scratching body parts … they do not understand …

    my plasma Discharge model of the solar system explains that this is due to the planets discharging the solar capacitor and these are hurricane like storms that develop and attach electrically to the space environment …

    my books explain this in detail … but no surprise here …

    I will be covering this and other topics on my show this coming week …

    jim mccanney




    Rosetta may have spotted comet’s primordial ingredients
    Science News-Dec 18, 2014
    The images quickly revealed that 67P violates the conventional wisdom of comets resembling smooth dirty snowballs, said Holger Sierks, …


    Earth grows a new layer under an Icelandic volcano
    Space Daily-Dec 17, 2014
    New research into an Icelandic eruption has shed light on how the Earth’s crust forms, according to a paper published in Nature. When the Baroarbunga volcano …





  12. blessedistruth Says:

    #Pushilin: Talking with #Kiev on a common political space is no longer possible #SaveDonbassPeople

  13. blessedistruth Says:

    Gerasimov noted that there were

    “up to 70,000 militants of various nationalities”

    fighting with Islamic State.

    The rapid growth of ISIS would not have been possible without the financial and technical assistance provided by the U.S. to fight and topple the Syrian government.

    The Russian general described the air strikes by Washington and allies in Syria and Iraq as inadequate and ineffective.

    He also expressed doubts about a hidden agenda behind the recent White House statements, harping on the need for a ground war to crush the ISIS group.

  14. blessedistruth Says:

    #Obama want peace in #Syria?
    #Герасимов #Gerasimov
    White House statements “significant blow 2 #ISIS only possible w
    ground operation”

  15. blessedistruth Says:

    #Morgellons Culture and identification of Borrelia spirochetes in human vaginal and seminal secretions
    “The culture of viable Borrelia spirochetes in genital secretions suggests that Lyme disease could be transmitted by intimate contact”

    Marianne J. Middelveen
    Jennie Burke
    Eva Sapi
    Cheryl Bandoski
    Katherine R. Filush
    Yean Wang
    Agustin Franco
    Arun Timmaraju
    Hilary A. Schlinger
    Peter J. Mayne
    Raphael B. Stricker



    Middelveen MJ, Mayne PJ, Kahn DG, et al.: Characterization and evolution of dermal filaments from patients with Morgellons disease. Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol. 2013a; 6: 1–21.

    Middelveen MJ, Burugu D, Poruri A, et al.: Association of spirochetal infection with Morgellons disease [v1; ref status: indexed.
    F1000Res. 2013b; 2: 25.

    [Some contend Morgellons Disease is assoc w Clifford Carnicom’s cross-domain bacteria (CDB) and that same CDB can be found in “chemTrail” aerosols. Governments and militaries around the world deny they are “spraying” but the people have observed and documented said spraying for many years.]

  16. blessedistruth Says:

    #Morgellons Culture and identification of Borrelia spirochetes in human vaginal and seminal secretions

  17. blessedistruth Says:

    #plasmadischargecometmodel #McCanney Jan 01 #chemTrails #opChemTrails #climatechange #bigbang
    Bears repeating I don’t always agree w McCanney I respect his sci


    January 02, 2015

    I do a quick review of 2014 and make a prediction for the upcoming 2015 hurricane season …

    I also discuss a litany of topics including the rosetta mission from comet 67P …

    world economic issues …

    world banker greed backfiring …

    the Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland …

    some issues regarding recent false reporting on planet X …

    the US police state and Ferguson MO mob rule …

    the loss of water and oceans of mars …

    a NASA CO2 map proving there is no such thing as man made CO2 …

    the disinfo regarding “B-Mode polarized light” and more Big Bang monopoly science …

    I introduce the word “cloistopoly” that i made up …

    and also I discuss the currently naked eye visible comet C/2014 Q2 …

    jim mccanney

    [audio src="http://www.jmccanneyscience.com/JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_January_01_2015.mp3" /]

    [Me: I took a few notes. Sorry, this is somewhat convoluted.]

    @ 5:15 chemTrail Spraying

    @ 21:00 Green comet ‘Lovejoy’ lights up the New Year sky
    The Independent-Jan 1, 2015
    Video: A green-glowing comet will reach its closest position to Earth on January 7.

    @ 35:45 world wide CO2 in the atmosphere – NASA


    “THIS IS A NASA SATELLITE MEASUREMENT OF CO2 from between oct 1 to nov 11 world wide … NOTE that the high concentrations have NOTHING to do with the high industrial or population areas that would be associated with global CO2 production from man made sources … in fact the hightest concentrations are over none other than the AMAZON JUNGLE where supposedly CO2 is converted to O2 by all the plants there … clearly this shows conclusively that CO2 has nothing to do with man made sources … not to mention the death of the concept that the jungles create our oxygen supply or that man made CO2 has anything to do with temperature rise or alleged global warming … and a long list of other issues” [Me: “clearly this shows” something – Let’s not jump to conclusions.]

    @ 46:00 The reality is if you burned all tar oil Venezuela’s Orinoco Valley you would consume all the oxygen on earth

    @ 50:15 The oil that is found down deep in the earth could not possibly have been from fern forests.

    @ 54:00 Big Bang? b-mode polarization – they’re seeing the residue of something else


    Rosetta may have spotted comet’s primordial ingredients
    Science News-Dec 18, 2014
    The images quickly revealed that 67P violates the conventional wisdom of comets resembling smooth dirty snowballs, said Holger Sierks, …


    Earth grows a new layer under an Icelandic volcano
    Space Daily-Dec 17, 2014
    New research into an Icelandic eruption has shed light on how the Earth’s crust forms, according to a paper published in Nature. When the Baroarbunga volcano …




    January 02, 2015

    the planet Uranus has displayed some heavy storm activity that has astronomers scratching body parts … they do not understand …

    my plasma Discharge model of the solar system explains that this is due to the planets discharging the solar capacitor and these are hurricane like storms that develop and attach electrically to the space environment …

    my books explain this in detail … but no surprise here …

    I will be covering this and other topics on my show this coming week …

    jim mccanney




  18. blessedistruth Says:

    [Me: The thing about paranoia is that when someone is truly paranoid, there truly is an exclusionist group, i.e., McCanney has good reason to be paranoid.]

    Bears repeating I don’t always agree w McCanney I respect his sci


    January 04, 2015 posting … some good year end humor …

    if there is one thing that the world numerology swooning satanic worshipper european bankers do NOT want the public to know about is … prime numbers …

    they have successfully used these throughout history to plan secret events to screw you the public and enact traps that empower themselves … 911 is just one example … the march 11 attack on the reactor at Fukushima is another …

    i did a radio show interview on this topic …

    the prime numbers have been also used to provide computer security in firewalls and transmission of secure data …

    they also harbor some of the most difficult unsolved problems in mathematics and physics …

    HOWEVER all this changed when my work Calculate Primes was published on march 5th 2007 and further changed when i published the additional work Breaking RSA Codes for Fun and Profit exactly 7 years later to the day (a nice prime number) …

    part of the ruse is the employment of a group of mathematicians in universities in several countries who work in the field of what is called Mathematical Analysis …

    just one of the multitude of mathematical course topics i taught as my history of professor (in a foreign country in a foreign language) …

    the problem is … as i announced at the end of my December 18th show there is a little problem in the world of higher mathematics …

    first of all mathematicians still do not understand prime numbers and have put blinders on regarding my release of Calculate Primes which gives order and many mathematical properties to the prime numbers …

    the same people have literally blocked my work while pretending they are “searching for results” …

    using techniques that are based on unproven “conjectures” …

    proof that people in high places are listening to my program and very worried about my message came on christmas day as

    WIRED magazine (that disinfo controlled trecky mag for engineers and geeks of all comings) published a strange disinformation article entitled “Mathematicians make a major discover about prime number math” …

    front and center are the entourage of math analysis ivory tower “cloistopoly” (a new word i made up combining “cloistered” and “monopoly” …

    i think you get the picture … insiders guarding their holy grail) …

    at the heart of this is a major error in the publication of a mathematical result … prior to my work being made public …

    what is not exactly public knowledge is that Terry Tao and Ben Green …

    who produced a 60 page mathematical octopus paper claimed that prime numbers are random and claimed they had proven this …

    problem is they did not see any patterns and neither did anyone else so their paper was deemed “proof” and they won the coveted Field Prize for this paper …

    only trouble is that while they were being honored for this proof .. they were blocking my work from publication …

    i thus had no other option than to publish the work in the public domain in the book Calculate Primes … the story gets more complex …

    but the short version is that these people are still pursuing solutions of complex mathematical problems based on unproven conjectures and claiming “proofs” that have lose sand as their foundation …

    but also below this is the fact that the prime number based encryption schemes being sold to the public

    (which allows the government to probe your computer freely and which allows hackers into commercial sites like Target and Home Depot)

    are being sustained by the illegitimate work of these same mathematicians … this is a complex story …

    so why the completely dishonest and distorted story being released on christmas day that there was a major math discovery on prime numbers ???

    the reality is that the world of mathematical analysis is in real trouble and it looks like they are grabbing at straws …

    even Terry Tao admits they do not understand prime numbers and their result has hit the limit of available techniques without really solving it …

    is he hedging knowing that someday his pristine reputation in history will have a giant black mark for which he will be remembered rather than his many other valuable contributions ???

    is he hedging that the cloistopoly will protect him ???

    there is a lot more to this story so stay tuned because the story i am presenting to you about prime numbers is very different from the “officialdom” cloistopoly story …

    just remember that if the public en-masse discovered that their computer antivirus and firewall protection was in fact a gateway for gov snoopers and demanded real protection …

    the snoopers would have to retool and they certainly distain the very thought of that !!!

    this is a story with many facets so stay tuned for more developments …

    jim mccanney


    January 04, 2015 posting … i have been reading about myself on the disinfo pages of the internet …

    they ALL state that i am a massage therapist … I HAVE NEVER MADE MY LIVING BEING A MASSAGE THERAPIST …

    when i was 50 i gave myself a present to enter the medical field and i chose massage therapy to learn how to be healthy …

    i took a night course and it helped me greatly to understand health and expand my horizons including the electrical nature of our bodies related to the universe …

    in the mid 90s i worked with psychologists from russia who established by direct measurements that the human body reacts to planetary alignments and the reaction is ELECTICAL …

    they used my work to understand the causes and effects …

    i refer to this and my knowledge of health regularly BUT I HAVE NEVER ACTIVELY WORKED AS A MASSAGE THERAPIST … my bio is on this web page …

    whoever is spinning these lies and then it is copied and copied by people who clearly do not know me and have never even seen me let alone talked to me and

    certainly have no knowledge of my professional background which is extensive not only in the USA where these mental midgets hang out but in many foreign countries …

    not just in academia but in the computer industry …

    the disinfo pages try to get at me by name calling and slander … only trouble is no one signs their names to this dribble …

    but clearly everyone is learning that the James McCanney Plasma Discharge Comet Model is correct along with every other aspect of my complex description of the physics of the universe …

    every piece of data rings with my predictions from every comet, planet, star and galaxy …

    my success is irritating a lot of people out there …

    their shills are sent to fight the McCanney dragon but they are failing miserably as you the public can see for yourselves and no longer need rows and columns of government paid PhDs to parade their garbage science in front of you …

    they also send fleets of copy cats to distort my message … wow is it every nuts out there …

    wikipedia (the peer reviewed “open” encyclopedia) claims i do not exist …

    keep listening to me and learning …

    2015 will be a more difficult year for me than ever as they are using every trick in the book to discredit and distort my work … which spans many many fields …

    but this is standard fare for me … my work in the background continues …

    and you will be benefiting from it as i release new information on a constant basis directly to you the public and without the “cloistopoly”

    (a term i coined recently)

    government sponsored standard science and mathematics …

    jim mccanney


  19. blessedistruth Says:

    #chemTrails #opChemTrails #GOP
    It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Maddow World

  20. blessedistruth Says:

    One of James Gilliland favorite people Laura Magdalene Eisenhower unique take on #chemTrails #opChemTrails #HAARP

  21. blessedistruth Says:

    Do U C what I C? Or am I just seeing things again?
    #Nibiru #PlanetX #Nemesis Binary Twin?

    Do U C what I C? Or am I just seeing things again?
    #Nibiru #PlanetX #Nemesis Binary Twin?

  22. blessedistruth Says:

    #RandPaul answer 2 what replaces #Obamacare
    Regina Herzlinger
    Can the United States provide health care for all? Of course.
    [But not without individual mandate.]

  23. blessedistruth Says:

    I have no idea what the following quote means:

    photograph taken on the 16th of September, Derbyshire, England. Nancy commented:
    “This guy DarkSkyWatcher is a good guy, spouting the facts/truth. He has captured a Moon Swirl (not likely Nibiru corpus itself) in the Monster Persona, which means the light rays spreading outward bend back toward Earth, thus it looks huge and pale. He makes much of the Monster standing behind clouds, which is one way to discern from ghosts and lens flares. It is not a ghost in the camera lens (copy of the Sun) as the cloud cover is not identical to the cloud cover on the Sun.”


    But images in video similar to images here:


    And I must say, I THINK I’m seeing 2nd Sun popping up in television commercials more and more.

    Thank you,

  24. blessedistruth Says:



  25. blessedistruth Says:

    Images in video similar 2
    I THINK I’m seeing 2nd Sun popping up in television commercials more & more

    #eceti #Nibiru
    Images in video similar 2
    I THINK I’m seeing 2nd Sun popping up in television commercials more & more

  26. blessedistruth Says:

    2 Interviews Might B Worth a Listen “When #PlanetX is imminent” Bob Fletcher #Nibiru

    [audio src="http://blogtalk.vo.llnwd.net/o23/show/7/163/show_7163501_2014_12_08_18_31_25.mp3" /]


  27. blessedistruth Says:

    #eceti James Gilliland
    visited by UFOs, ETs, Fairies, Sasquatch, Black helicopters, MIB, Military Aircraft

  28. blessedistruth Says:

    Hours before meeting on Tuesday with some of the nation’s most influential and well-heeled Jewish GOP donors—including billionaire Sheldon Adelson—Paul introduced his second bill in as many years to cut off American foreign aid to the Palestinian government.

  29. blessedistruth Says:

    Egypt President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
    “It’s inconceivable that the thinking that we hold most sacred should cause the entire umma [Islamic world] to be a source of anxiety, danger, killing and destruction for the rest of the world.”

  30. blessedistruth Says:

    “We appeal 2 German people & govt 2 stop fin & pol support 4 criminal #Kiev regime”

  31. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople #Ukraine
    Tues 1/6/15 Hr 2 JBS: Stephen F. Cohen, NYU, Princeton University

  32. blessedistruth Says:

    Stephen F. Cohen, NYU #Ukraine
    NY Times piece “an astonishing piece of media malpractice”

  33. blessedistruth Says:

    Billy Hayes shares information about what #HAARP really is, what it does & how it just might be used against humanity
    [audio src="http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-75476/TS-595960.mp3" /]

  34. blessedistruth Says:


  35. blessedistruth Says:


  36. blessedistruth Says:


    Some things that anyone receiving my cellphone number should know:

    Marcia and I have a “procedure” (habit, of sorts) regarding my private cellphone. When she, myself, or both are not at our place of residence, we both have our individual cellphones and they are “on.” Our contact with each other is facilitated 24/7. But…

    When we arrive home, unless there is an active issue requiring my immediate access, my cellphone is passed to her and she holds it and her own. If calling at one of those times, she may answer it, or it may be necessary for the caller to leave a voice/text message? It happens. The reason behind it is nothing more than the following:

    I usually enter our household first, when she and I approach the doorway. We have a nice message table inside the doorway, and I started doing “something.” After our departure from Majestic (oh, well…I failed at some things but did my best)…I began sliding my private cellphone across the table, backwards, toward her, as we entered. She would scoop it up and that became a symbol of my not being in 24/7 access to the world.

    There is no other telephone or external access into my Private Office, nor to “my side of bed” in our bedroom/suite. She retained her bedside phone for certain reasons. Me? Once I was pulled from Majestic, HAPPILY so was my phone!



    That’s fine.

    Wednesdays: Lotus Crystal orders
    Thursdays: TauChlor orders
    Fridays: Receipt of Prayer Requests (save Emergencies of course)
    Saturdays (evening): Recording prayers (as requested)

    D / NNTR

  37. blessedistruth Says:


    Please a po box or snail mail for donations.

  38. blessedistruth Says:

    Jan 4, 2015 at 8:36pm

    Post by GT ADMIN/TOS on Jan 4, 2015 at 8:36pm

    Rev./Drs. Crain have minute by minute updates with 2 families.

    as Host here, please let me know (Family Member) if we are not following any confidentiality issues you may wish.

    These are the first of what will be a large number of images and updates as we move through this difficult process.

    Rev./Drs. Crain have shift everything on this end into a “slow motion” mode because lives and quality of live are at stake.

    Everything (as best as can be) is being watched closely.

    These are real people we are again talking about and they and their lives must and will be respected.

    Please remember that the stated use of the product is for WELLBEING.

    The direct family member (not named here) who was responsible for taking video of the man in the images.

    That person has been given an account here under the name “Family Member” should that person ever wish or need to make any comment about what is being presented.

    Any such comments will remain as untouchable save unless the person making it wishes to alter anything.

    The Admin/ToS is under strict orders that no such comments are to be touched by us, except maybe if we reply to them.

    This man is suffering from metastatic cancer.

    He is applying material from a spray bottle and from a jar.

    Instructions to him, blurred, sit on his lap.

    The jar contained over 3lb of TauChlor and

    the bottle, a special transdermal liquid,

    direct as a gift from DM.

    When the product becomes available it will usually be provided in much smaller amounts.

    The liquid and its packaging passed under D’s hands and D himself was the person who prepared the TauChlor.

    The material in the jar is the “centerpiece.”

    Both families have reported that the affects of the TauChlor product has had a huge impact on their family members.

    Both report that their family members are “BACK ON THEIR FEET” following use of the product.

    Keither, Host

  39. blessedistruth Says:

    UPDATE dec 11 14: From Billy Hayes,

    here is one of the megawatt microwave transmitters that may have caused the California drought.
    Just paste this into Google Maps: 39° 8’11.04″N 121°21’6.37″W

    This is definitely a megawatt transmitter. The building next door has TEN, huge, natural gas turbine generators!
    Note the safety fence, that is 1,000 feet from the transmitter. This is to prevent anyone from getting cooked.

    Also, there are two sets of large power transmission lines, that go back to the high voltage substation, in Smartsville, here: 39.208978,-121.303246

    One of the main power lines comes from a hydroelectric generating station at New Bullards Bar Reservoir, here: 39.330974,-121.191696

    The other main power line is coming from the hydroelectric station at Englebright Lake, here: 39.235203,-121.268732

  40. blessedistruth Says:

    #chemTrails #opChemTrails #skyderAlert Billy Hayes #HAARP megawatt microwave transmitter #California drought

  41. blessedistruth Says:

    #chemTrails #opChemTrails Billy Hayes #HAARP megawatt microwave transmitter #CA drought #GOP

  42. blessedistruth Says:

    Mainstream Announcement regarding Planet X

    January 05, 2015 posting … YIP KAWOW WATUSI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    december 01 none other than weather dot com published an article stating that professional astronomers were on the verge of discovering not one but TWO planet X objects


    that they are now sure exist beyond the orbit of pluto …

    weather dot com of course is the Rothschild owned weather mouthpiece … something must be up here … to allow these controlled owned tier II scientists to make such an announcement …




    [“LUNATIC NUT CASE” – I resemble that remark!]

    they are talking about planets forming in a manner that they do not understand …


    (a purely McCanney construct since my innovative work on solar system formation from when i was at cornell) …

    unknown orbits

    (could any or future discoveries show inner solar system bound planet Xs ???) …

    admitting there were search programs all along that

    in their infancy have just started to discover LOTS of planet X type objects


    and gosh darn this is touted as front line “astronomy” …

    hey everyone go wake up phil plaite out of his moronic stupor and tell him he is out of a job …

    WHOO HEEE KAZAM THIS IS MORE THAN HILARIOUS … MORE ON THIS TO COME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jim mccanney

    [audio src="http://www.jmccanneyscience.com/JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_January_08_2015.mp3" /]

  43. blessedistruth Says:


  44. blessedistruth Says:

    Are We Close to Discovering #PlanetX?
    Dec 1, 2014
    “So we suspect something more massive is shepherding these.” A planet, to be exact. They called it 2012 VP113 or VP for short

  45. blessedistruth Says:

    #Nibiru #Biden
    Are We Close 2 Discovering #PlanetX?
    “Something more massive is shepherding these” A planet 2012 VP113

  46. blessedistruth Says:

    Warmonger & Fearmonger #McCain sez #Obama “propping up Bashar #Assad” #maddow #GOP
    NO regime change in #Syria

  47. blessedistruth Says:

    #plasmadischargecometmodel #McCanney #Wing Generator Distributed #Energy Nat’l Grid WORLD PROJECT Oct 23

  48. blessedistruth Says:
  49. blessedistruth Says:


  50. blessedistruth Says:


  51. blessedistruth Says:


  52. blessedistruth Says:

    The Main topic was my lecture on The Christmas Star … but there are many aspects to this story that you have to understand. … jim mccanney …

  53. blessedistruth Says:



  54. blessedistruth Says:

    Even in colour, Comet 67P is grey
    BBC News-Dec 12, 2014
    That suggests that its surface composition is fairly uniform and shows no sign of ice patches, which would appear bluish. The comet’s ice is presumably hidden …


  55. blessedistruth Says:


  56. blessedistruth Says:

    “Did it form in our solar system or did it actually get captured from another solar system?”

  57. blessedistruth Says:

    Scott Sheppard gave a presentation
    at the Asteroids, Comets, Meteors
    conference in Helsinki in June.
    Sheppard, along with colleague Chad
    Trujillo, discovered a comet, now named
    Sheppard-Trujillo, using the Cerro Tololo
    Inter-American Observatory (CTIO)
    4-m telescope.


  58. blessedistruth Says:

    Trujillo and Sheppard have been hunting for distant objects with the Dark Energy Camera, a 520-megapixel camera on the 4-metre Blanco telescope at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile.

    They captured 2012 VP113 during their first observing run, in November 2012, on the fifth image of the hundreds they would eventually snap.

    “We got lucky right away,” says Sheppard.


  59. blessedistruth Says:


  60. blessedistruth Says:

    Dark Energy Survey: photos & videos

  61. blessedistruth Says:

    HD documentary 1st Italian professional film on illegal #geoengineering aka #chemtrails

  62. blessedistruth Says:

    How bad does the sky have to look before people start to awaken en mass?
    Twitstorm Fridays & Saturdays
    #Geoengineering #Chemtrails

  63. blessedistruth Says:

    Strong geomagnetic storm hits Earth
    [No wonder I’m so grouchy!]

  64. blessedistruth Says:

    Have #chemTrails turned u into an anarchist?
    Abolish armed central authority? A world of peaceful voluntary communities?

    Free Monthly Documentary Screening/Open Discussion Hosted by Free Your Mind Az

    Sunday, Jan 18, 2015, 4:00 PM

    Loop 101
    Broadway Tempe, AZ

    1 Concerned Citizens Attending

    Come join us for our free monthly documentary screening. The film for this month will be “Mark Corske’s Engines of Domination”.This documentary makes a powerful argument that there is only one way to save the future.  Come see the film to find out how this might be done.Following the film, stay for open discussions and feel free to bring friends …

    Check out this Meetup →

  65. blessedistruth Says:

    BTW IF anyone trying to reach me, best way is to “Message” me here. Almost never happens but I thought I’d put that out there, esp for local AZ folks who anticipate gathering in the future.

  66. blessedistruth Says:

    Esta Noche Federico Aubele on Gran Hotel


  67. blessedistruth Says:

    The Next Step You’ll Take Club 8 on Strangely Beautiful

  68. blessedistruth Says:


  69. blessedistruth Says:


  70. blessedistruth Says:

  71. blessedistruth Says:

    Dolly Parton e Willie Nelson cantam feliz feliz aniversário bebê

  72. blessedistruth Says:

    Some of my friends of the mysterious past….

    Phil Schneider,

    Ron Rummel,

    Ron Johnson,

    Ann Livingston,

    Mae Bussell,

    Alistair Beckham,

    Dr. James McDonald,

    MIL Jessup (my dads friend),

    Bill Cooper,

    Jim Keith,

    Ron Bonds,

    Fred Bell,

    Ted Gunderson,

    Lee Oswald,

    Tim McVeigh, ………………………

    Other friends of the mysterious past ….

    Regina Kahoe,

    Roger Grooters,

    Dr. Geoffrey Gardner,

    Chitra Chaunhan,

    James Patrick Black,

    Dr. Thomas B. Manton,

    Miguel (Mike) Moreno,

    Sean Hoare,

    Melissa Ketunuti,

    Dr. Richard Crowe,

    Zach Warfield,

    Rodger Dickey (HAARP),

    Gregory Stone,

    Gerald Bull,

    Joe Joe Morrissey,

    Nasser Talebzadeh Ordoubadi,

    Dr. Yoram Kaufman,

    Todd Kauppila,

    Matthew Allison,

    John Mullen,

    Dr. Eugene Mallove,

    Michael C. Ruppert,

    Steven Mostow(Dr. Flu),

    Dr. Benito Que,

    Paula Hayes, …………..

  73. blessedistruth Says:

    Quit blocking the sun with your effing #chemtrails, and superheating the ionisphere with #HAARP! #GOP

  74. blessedistruth Says:

    Body in Río Grande Gorge identified as scientist
    Wednesday, March 23, 2011
    By Chandra Johnson
    Taos County Sheriff’s Office stated Tuesday (March 22) that they have identified the body found in the Río Grande Gorge last Friday (March 18) as belonging to a nuclear scientist from Washington state.
    Undersheriff Ed Romero said that Rodger Lynn Dickey, 56, died after he jumped from the Gorge Bridge. Dickey, a scientist working on contract with Sandía Laboratory, was originally from Richland, Wash.
    “He’d been working in New Mexico for a while,” Romero said. “He did leave a note, but it does not specifically give his intentions.”
    Romero said that a vendor setting up at the bridge for the day called the police when Dickey’s rental car was found parked in the middle of the bridge in the westbound lane.

  75. blessedistruth Says:

    U.S. wants pipeline not peace #GOP
    Qadri Jamil talks a glimmer of hope
    #Syria opposition groups divided #Moscow talks

  76. blessedistruth Says:

    Jan 11th Dempsey tells Wallace #Obama hasn’t decided whether 2 “confront” #Assad
    Sep 11th meeting Kerry & Abdullah in exchange 4 Obama backing Saudis in toppling Assad

  77. blessedistruth Says:

    #GOP & #Obama scare us into another regime change
    @ 6:15 “confront” #Assad
    General Martin Dempsey

    “toppling” Assad

  78. blessedistruth Says:

    Haven’t listened yet!
    “globalists using the contemptuous intolerance inherent in Islam against us”

  79. blessedistruth Says:

    #charliehebdo #maddow #GOP
    Oh c’mon! Every tragedy is NOT a false flag.
    The Boy Who Cried Wolf
    But #McCain warmongers will exploit nonetheless.

  80. blessedistruth Says:

    #charliehebdo #GOP
    Oh c’mon! Every tragedy NOT false flag
    The Boy Who Cried Wolf
    BUT #McCain warmongers will exploit

  81. blessedistruth Says:

    Solaris BlueRaven
    Elana Freeland
    #Chemtrails #HAARP & Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth
    Billy Hayes aka the “HAARP Man”


  82. blessedistruth Says:

    Aug 29, 2014

    Billy Hayes:

    HAARP Gakona is no longer a question. I have not seen any direct electronic assisted manipulation from the northeast.

    What I do know is that a friend of mine (Sgt. J. Kendziorek) was on-board several sorties with the 53rd WRS and the 403rd flying out of Oahu during both of the last major storms.

    They dropped more than 50 sounding packets and chembombs along the eye-wall of both storms.

    As follows is a portion of the story:

    8/11/2014 – JOINT BASE PEARL HARBOR-HICKAM, Hawaii — As Hawaii recovers from the one-two punch from Hurricanes Iselle and Julio, the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, an Air Force Reserve unit assigned to the 403rd Wing at Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi, is packing up their operating base at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

    The “Hurricane Hunters” arrived Aug. 5 and flew their last mission Sunday.

    The squadron launched aircraft from the Island of Oahu during the threats of the storms and flew eight reconnaissance missions into Iselle and five into Julio.


    It is also my understanding that the jet stream made a (weird) sudden drop of very cold air in response to an energy factor at or near the Okida, Japan Station at the same period.

  83. blessedistruth Says:

    #chemTrails #opChemTrails #skyderAlert airCrap org #climateChange September 28, 2014
    Wow! It’s been eight months since our last newsletter.
    After our last newsletter (in January), Aircrap.org was attacked on YouTube by some dude for posting one of his previous videos.

    Most people (99.9999%) are happy to have their videos shared.

    In fact, I get about a half-dozen requests per day from people asking me to post an article or video on one of my sites.

    So while it was odd, it’s not the first time a geoengineering/chemtrail activist has publicly attacked others in the movement.

    When I first created Aircrap.org several years ago, my first thought was to get some of the leaders together to work towards a solution.

    I suggested that idea to a lovely woman who runs a fairly prominent chemtrail site.

    She contacted others and within a week a group of 25-30 activist leaders was quickly assembled. Everything was well organized and we had two productive group calls.

    Then everything imploded from the inside with fighting amongst the members. It was disheartening.

    Yesterday, I spoke on the phone for about an hour with Rusty (who currently runs Aircrap.org).

    She told me about more (recent) fighting amongst activist leaders.

    They can’t even agree on whether global warming is happening or a hoax.

    The evidence is in plain sight for people who care to do their own research. I suggest you do that.

    Look at the scientific evidence (especially global temperature vs CO2 data over the last 15-20 years), not opinions. Draw your own conclusions.

    I believe that the best way to stop the spraying is for people to get involved locally.

    The Thrive Solutions Hub is the best platform that I know of to facilitate that.

    See: Kimberly Gamble: “Chemtrails” — How They Affect You and What You Can Do.

    I admit that I signed up to lead a hub in Santa Monica, CA – but never actually did anything.

    Between my full-time job and running ConsciousLifeNews.com, I was never able find time.

    The good news is that I am retiring from my job in two days and moving to Sedona, AZ.

    I’ll likely see about establishing a hub there if there isn’t already one in place. I’ll have much more time to get involved.

    Two days ago, I spoke with Anthony Hilder (the founder of Aircrap.org).

    Health-wise he seems to be doing OK, but he still has not fully recovered from the stroke he had a year ago.

    The future of Aircrap.org is in his hands because he owns the domain (while I’ve been paying to host the site since day one).

    I’m trying to work out a deal with Anthony to keep the site going. In any case, please pray for his complete recovery.

    Much love,
    Ross and Rusty
    900 Euclid, Santa Monica, CA 90403, USA




  84. blessedistruth Says:

    Admin Phone: +1.3109950862



    Ross Pittman is Founder and Chief Editor of Conscious Life News (CLN), a Reconnective Healing Practictioner, and a Certified Ontraport Consultant. For 30+ years, he worked as a computer software engineer and manager, mostly in the aerospace industry. But, his day job was never his passion. Ross, who has been a spiritual seeker most of his adult life, got the idea for CLN while attending the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo in February 2010. The event was jam-packed with attendees seeking knowledge on spirituality, health & wellness, longevity, and a myriad of other consciousness topics.
    After witnessing this thirst for new age knowledge, Ross built the CLN website and began disseminating alternative, conscious, and inspirational news. He is incredibly grateful for the growth of the site (both content and traffic-wise) since its inception and the tremendous support he has received. The best part: Ross met the love of his life, Vicki Howie, via CLN. Ross and Vicki now live together in beauriful Sedona, Arizona.


  85. blessedistruth Says:


  86. blessedistruth Says:

    A community activist group, Skywatch, in Sedona, Ariz. to collect, assess, and disseminate credible facts to inform the public on the matter of man-made clouds and geoengineering


  87. blessedistruth Says:


  88. blessedistruth Says:


  89. blessedistruth Says:

    Oldie but Goodie
    Eastlund #HAARP
    using phased array antennas 2 steer powerful beams of tightly-focused radio waves
    “I had looked at using this intense beam…in terms of guiding the jetstream”

  90. blessedistruth Says:

    As if u didn’t already have good reason 2 despise #Kiev de facto govt
    George #Soros 2 Meet Ukrainian Officials #GOP

  91. blessedistruth Says:

    Based on research by scientist Clifford Carnicom and author Elana Freeland
    1. WEATHER AND ENVIRONMENTAL MODIFICATION: The physical atmosphere has been changed. Includes political blackmail and political pressure on various nations, at least in NATO. Environmental modification would be like what happened with Hurricane Sandy/Katrina, where our coasts and our ports are being restructured and redone;
    2. ELECTROMAGENTIC OPERATIONS: Ionization of the upper atmosphere is drawing charged particles into our lower atmosphere; barium particulates are being spread for more conductivity. HAARP works by microwaving the ionosphere, you bubble it out. Our atmosphere including the jet stream is sucked into it. Many electrons are forced from their atoms and it’s all astir, astir, astir, and they slide down the fireman’s pole of our magnetic lines, of which there are billions and that’s cyclotron resonance. They are all pulsed for various uses and steered for various uses once they come down into our lower atmosphere;
    3. MILITARY OPERATIONS: Weapons! Our weather is used as a weapon. Creating an atmosphere through which you can communicate with ease 24/7, gives you the advantage of weaponizing your communication systems and giving instructions to drones, etc.;
    4. BIOLOGICAL OPERATIONS: Bio-technical delivery of bio-warfare components via nanotech. Morgellons, although not the only biological experiment going on, and being piggy backed on the polymers, or however it is being locked into the chemtrail components; certainly nano technology and smart dust are a huge factor in biological weapons. If you have the frequency of a disease, you don’t need to broadcast the virus or the bacteria, you simply broadcast frequency;
    5. PLANETARY GEOPHYSICAL OPERATIONS: Altered plasma, which is what they are deriving from the ionosphere. They are making plasma. The plasma is able to keep our atmosphere thickened, it’s a medium, it’s something that electrons can be move around in. Altered plasma means dramatic earth changes via the troposphere and magnetosphere. The magnetosphere is weakened, and we are being told it’s only because of a certain solar cycle. (Elana has her doubt’s about this). It’s very difficult to tell how much is actual real science coming from NASA and NOA, and what is being disseminated as a disinformation cover story that’s coming online.
    6. SURVEILLANCE: Everyone on earth is now under surveillance for the sake of what the military calls the C4: Command, Control, Communications and Computers;
    7. BUILD AN ATMOSPHERE IN WHICH YOU CAN DETECT EXOTIC PROPULSION SYSTEMS: Those exotic propulsion systems can be earth created, in other words, when we brought the Nazis over under Project Paperclip we brought over their plans for antigravity exotic propulsion.


  92. blessedistruth Says:

    blessedistruth Says:
    October 31, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    http://neweaglesforum.proboards.com/post/28072 [Original Source]


    During this life I never met Mr. Cooper. I know more of him now than before I took the Seat.

    Immediately prior to my being temporarily “taken” to Mississippi (1998)…a potential meeting was proffered via a man Marcia and I both respect.

    Through “sideways” (lateral) information checks I learned that Mr. Cooper’s “case” was more complex than it sometimes respected.


    For the same reasons, I attempted no clandestine visit.

    Mr. Cooper was visited by both “informational” and “disinformational” sources…

    some internal to his military history…some CIA, some DIA…some AFOSI…some street Maj…

    and some Maj Psychological Operations…operations then under the control of our present Chief of Psychological Operations (W): Dr. Stan Goldstein.

    I wish to stress that this was long before Marcia/I and then I took the First Seat and had any sort of policy input.

    At that time, Dr. Goldstein was running a host of Offensive Psychological Operations, all meant to confuse the targeted individuals and groups, and some meant to cause the mental implanting of psychological stressor tags meant to do harm to an individual who “crossed the line”.

    [Me: “crossed the line” my ass!]

    Dr. Goldstein’s life was spared by MY Order. Not all were so fortunate.

    If that order attaches his culpability for actions he took during that time period, then I accept an appropriate level of Responsibility.

    In many ways much of what Mr. Cooper said was “correctly relayed” from what he learned from sources.

    That doesn’t mean everything he relayed was the truth.

    In the mix, he learned a “truth” about a certain subgroup of individuals…years before Marcia and I did.

    This all happened in a time of great internal policy confusion, culminating just a few months after his death (Nov.2001) with the schism within the Committee of the Majority (2002).

    Mr. Cooper was a victim of a disgusting political time, and whose victimization came about by his willingness to proceed to the public after he was told that he would be placing himself in grave danger.

    That doesn’t make what happened to him, relative PsyOps, “right” in any way.

    The other side of this whole issue was his (Mr. Cooper’s) negative contacts with law enforcement.

    Now…some are always going to say that the law enforcement units were part of some “conspiracy.” They weren’t.

    To those repeating the same crapola about ufologists being targeted by law enforcement, Mr. Cooper’s true testimony about their (pervasive in ufology) sexual perversions rests their own cases as a bunch of B.S.

    i.e. they know not their rear ends from holes in the ground.

    I was a member of Nevada State law enforcement and was part of teams and sometimes acted alone to “serve warrants.”

    By the time the disinformation specialists and PsyOps people finished with Mr. Cooper, it remains clear that his mental state was abnormal, including well documented threats to ‘not be taken alive’ and use immediate force where (in my interpretation) he would have been wrong to do so.

    The terrible incident in November, 2001, left Mr. Cooper dead and a member of law enforcement shot in the head.

    I can promise you, knowing what I know, means at one’s hands, and who I know that

    (1) the law enforcement officer who had been shot was not set up to be shot…it happened in the course of the exchange of gunfire and

    (2) had it been determined to REMOVE Mr. Cooper, there are any number of “near easy” means where that could appear everything from natural causes to an accident to suicide.


    The actions of Maj may have played a part but what was done to him by Maj was not strictly enough to put him over the edge.


    His own personality and other personal problems added in large measure.)

    I am also versed in the identities of the law enforcement professionals involved, and none were involved with the mental-molding (if you will?) of Mr. Cooper.

    Having ratcheted up his own mental state via application of certain other’s “mental outlook” on society and that cause from his being manipulated by Maj and other sources…

    he committed what we would often sickly refer to as “suicide by cop.”

    For that…I am saddened…but we cannot bring him back and make all well.


    (text not yet spell checked)

    Rcvd@desk. 1030131430 truly,..

    Stan Goldstein, Doctor of Psychology (Clinical) / Doctor of Science


  93. blessedistruth Says:

    ?= Super Nano Thermate

    Now ya know why the fires on the west coast burn so hot … why there is an increase of Sprites … why they are using lasers with the new HAARP technologies …. Why there is a new Space Fence … Just one of the many rabbit holes involved with ChemTrails
    so they’re spraying super nano thermite Why?

    oops I thought that was spelling error

    Thermate is RF reactive

    Thermite is less thermal burn… aprx. 2100 degrees….. Super nano thermate burns up to 3500 degrees and can also be used as radar Chaft electronic counter measures

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