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The Mainstream Media Is Again Aiding Ethnic Cleansing In Eastern Europe

February 26, 2015

The Barricade

The humanitarian catastrophe in Donbass (Novorossia) is one that can be framed by the definition of ethnic cleansing. The ‘mass expulsion or killing of members of one ethnic or religious group in an area by those of another’ is something that is currently underway in the former eastern Ukrainian region. Thousands of civilians have been killed and up to 2 million have fled their homes to find refuge in Russia.

Refugees flee their village with the aid of the NAF. Uglegorsk was flattened by the Ukrainian army.Refugees flee their village with the aid of the NAF. Uglegorsk was flattened by the Ukrainian army.

The Ukrainian army which is currently composed of soldiers who are mainly from the western regions of Ukraine has inflicted death and destruction on a grand scale in the eastern regions. The president of Ukraine, Poroshenko, has repeatedly proclaimed that the country will only have one official language and one official culture. This ultra-nationalist standpoint is a blatant appeal to the fascist politicians…

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America’s Iron Curtain By Xavier Lerma

February 9, 2015

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America’s Iron Curtain. 54538.jpeg


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America’s Iron Curtain


By Xavier Lerma

We see that behind the American Iron Curtain they have not been able to understand that Obama admitted the US “Brokered” a coup in Ukraine. The “uh” video was not enough even with US troops in Yavoriv, Ukraine. Kiev’s General Viktor Muzhenko’s statement was not made public. Regarding the fighting in Ukraine, Americans are not aware of the fact that Russian troops have never been and do not exist there. The OSCE confirms it but the sanctions continue against Russia even though they are trying to bring peace in the Ukraine crisis. In the tradition of Cato, the war rhetoric continues, “Russia must be destroyed!” The US government beats their war drums louder than before.

“What else is new?” they ask. Everyone knows the US has the reputation of overthrowing governments for business reasons. Their media shrouds their people in dark ignorance. Past wars are burnt ashes but new ones exhibit flames burning higher and brighter so the evil is obvious to almost everyone in the world except most Americans. Obama’s confession still does not change the course of US policy. Like throwing wood onto a bonfire, Obama throws trillions into the US war machine. Burning bodies like a sacrificial satanic rite. Lucifer laughs as Obama’s government does his bidding. When is the anti-Christ coming?

I thought he was already here. It’s not Obama but the one who gave him power. Who else can mesmerize people and have them vote for him for 2 terms? Only 2 parties are allowed to debate for the presidency in America. Obama renewed laws that promote abortion which kills mostly minorities that he supposedly defends. He gave free arms to Mexican gangs, promotes racism, destroyed the US economy and tried to destroy Russia’s with the media covering for him. When it comes to foreign policy, his lies are the best. He commits genocide in Ukraine while making it look justifiable. “Putin invaded Ukraine”, “We must promote democracy”. The reality is genocide in Ukraine.

McLean’s song from 1971 can be used to describe America today. “Oh, and as I watched him on the stage, My hands were clenched in fists of rage. No angel born in Hell, Could break that Satan’s spell. And as the flames climbed high into the night, To light the sacrificial rite, I saw Satan (Obama) laughing with delight, The day the music died. He was singin’ bye-bye, Miss American Pie…” The epitaph will show America turned its back on God, so God left America.

“And the three men I admire most, The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. They caught the last train for the coast, The day the music died.” 1776 had churches filled with praise. Today, even the people of Sodom and Gomorrah would be shocked at the American culture. The land of the free turned into the freedom to raise Hell. Freedom of expression allows this evil. It is their right they say. “I will not serve”, was Lucifer’s cry and so it is in America’s government. It does not serve the people or God. They turn away from God with the so-called “separation of church and state” as though they hate God. Do they hate the Holy Spirit? Yes they do. The fruit of the Holy Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Try and find this in countries the US has invaded.

There are Americans who have pierced America’s Iron Curtain and have chosen alternative media like Pravda.Ru. A typical reader of Pravda.Ru from the United States is a well-educated male aged 35+. Nearly 50 percent of Pravda.Ru readers are specialists and managers with income higher than average. The majority of Pravda.Ru readers view 3.5 pages when visiting the site, which indicates people’s interest in the content of the website. In other words some Americans still use their brain. My readers tell me Pravda.Ru and other alternative media outlets, such as RT, gives them an alternative view that does not parrot the US government’s line of BS. They were impressed with RT as President Putin was in this video. Pravda.Ru backs their news with articles with different viewpoints.

Thankfully, there are America citizens who do not believe the TV news. Many citizens love God and do not want their government to be God as the Obama Zombies would prefer. There are people who love their country and hate Obama and have written their congressman many times to stop the madness. I know because they have emailed me about it. They say the politicians are afraid to be called racists. Their logic is if a man who has darker skin is killing millions in the world they will still fail to act otherwise they will lose the next election. So, the politicians signed a deal with the devil.

The acceptance of the US and EU proposals invited Hell to Ukraine and thus the Church was attacked. Is it reported in America? No. Donetsk Republic Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko from Novorossia argued with Kiev army officer in this powerful video. He said that the Kiev army succumbed to the coup, “To give away our own country to be looted by Americans and other European countries”. Last May a priest was killed. Fr. Paul Zhuchenko was shot in the Donetsk region.  In early August, Archpriest Vladimir Kreslyansky was killed during the bombing of Lugansk.  August 9th in Lugansk another Orthodox priest was killed during the bombing.  “The witnesses say that he died praying. While he was praying the dropping bombs blew up in the air before they reached the ground, and no other people got wounded.” His prayers miraculously saved his people. More priests are missing and assumed dead. Again, I saw Satan (Obama) laughing with delight calling it propaganda and his people said “Amen”.

Rep. Rohrabacher (President Reagan’s speechwriter) is the only congressman inside the iron curtain to speak the truth. Outside, we hear Sahra Wagenknecht imploring Angela Merkel in her speech, June 2014, “to speak out clearly against Obama’s appalling war rhetoric and the deployment of American forces in the East of Europe! …and therefore, Mrs. Merkel, free yourself from the USA’s war politics. Maybe the German Chancellor was finally persuaded. She has already spoken with Putin and Hollande (video) last Feb 6. They wisely left out the destructive US politicians. Kerry was in Kiev chanting the usual mantra of blaming Russia while wanting to give more weapons to Ukraine so they can commit genocide. Most European countries are against giving weapons to Kiev. We pray that the meeting in Minsk this Wednesday will stop Satan’s laughter and stop the slaughter of innocent people.

“AMERICAN instructors explained how social networks and Internet technologies can be used for targeted manipulation of public opinion as well as to activate protest potential to provoke violent unrest in the territory of Ukraine… American instructors presented examples of successful use of social networks used to organize protests in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. Recent conference took place Nov 14-15, 2013, in the heart of Kiev in the Embassy of the United States of America!.”, said Oleg Tsarov, who was then the People’s Deputy of Ukraine. His speech (never shown on US TV) talked about US preparations for civil war in Ukraine, November 2013 in Kiev parliament. What is funny, is that “manipulation of public opinion” and violent unrest has been going on in America for decades. The US government’s iron curtain controls not only America but the West as well as other countries. US bases are all over the world as shown in this concise video. Not even Hitler had that many military bases outside of Germany. The Fourth Reich is alive and well.

“Stop the deployment of any U.S or NATO troops to the Ukraine and END all funding to the Ukraine government”

One of my friends in America asked me to include this. He said this could only be promoted outside of “America’s Iron Curtain”. “We as Americans have the largest responsibility in preventing another war in our name, on the pretense of training other country’s solders on how to more effectively kill their own people. And as we witness the start up of new wars, the U.S. creates a fake crises to start new wars as they did with Vietnam, Iraq, the endless drone wars, on and on it goes. Here they are again setting the stage for a war that could bring the world to a Nuclear Holocaust. With this level of danger, you must act. Please help stop this march to the death of billions. If not for you do it for the children.” Americans please sign the petition . Not only sign the petition, you can call the congressional switchboard 202-224-3121 (24hrs) and the White House 202- 456-1414 (9-5 EST, M-F) demand there be zero funding.” 100,000 signatures must be added by February 24, 2015.

Xavier Lerma

Contact Xavier Lerma at


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The Cats and Dogs of War – Ukraine crisis Frontline diary peace philologist Александр КОЦ , Дмитрий СТЕШИН

February 8, 2015

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  1. The dogs of war
  2. In English, the dogs of war is a phrase from Act 3, Scene 1, line 273 of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: “Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war”. Wikipedia


Frontline diary peace philologist

Electronic notes Elena Lavrov, a resident of the besieged Gorlovki, in tone remarkably similar blogs Leningrad-blockade[video, photos, updated]

August 2014go.

“… Every evening, a group of believers bypasses perimeter our neighborhood with icons and prayers. Defenders of the local scale. But touching! .. Today … suddenly wanted to cry. Had to suppress this stupid desire, because it is pointless and unproductive. The desire to cry will not appear in the house water is not available in stores food for cats and for themselves. It remains to grit your teeth and endure … … When the Ukrainian army shells smashed system, feed water, the whole neighborhood went builder with large plastic bottles on the springs. The closest to my house – 3 kilometers each way. 2 times per day. Total 12 km. 6 of them with a big load … “

It’s a line from an ordinary resident of Facebook Gorlovki Elena Lavrov.

For the past few months for almost a thousand of its subscribers, it tells the news. Cruel, tragic, but not without irony and undercurrent of optimism. It would seem that from him to take in the city, which since August, with short intervals truce shelled almost daily? But Elena Leonidovna amazing faith in the best. And wide by today’s cynical times the soul. For several years she nursed collects and abandoned cats. Today, at her home, which stands almost on the front, more than 30 animals. In recent months, they were joined by the military and “broshenki.”

Distinct “Builder” August is haunted Ukrainian artillery. Here all blocks of flats with hits. With dozens of hits … shells smashed all the stops and shops. Elena Lavrov still on the phone advised us to hide the car in the courtyard, put it somewhere near the wall and be prepared for the fact that at any moment will start firing.

Mongrel Chara meets us in the corridor, happily waving his tail. Underfoot – trays for cats.Whiskered muzzle curious look at us from everywhere – from the kitchen, with a mezzanine, a window sill, with pillows and ottomans. In this amazing house clean and tidy. Tall, powerful cat lay down on the windowsill kitchen, stove guards. The window itself, taped crosswise, as in the besieged Leningrad, shrapnel pierced three days ago. Cats meet us cautious, but we are doing well, and by the end of the interview, each Correspondent “KP” sat on the three cats. They carefully and silently listened to our conversation. The main activity of Elena Leonidovna, by the way, far from the animal world. She – philologist, teacher Gorlovka faculty of foreign languages. A woman sits at desk with closed laptop. There is no light in the morning, and Facebook updates without temporarily. And students who now teaches Elena remotely sudden “window”.

Alexander KOTS Dmitry Steshin
Distinct “Builder” August is haunted Ukrainian artillery. Here all blocks of flats with hits. With dozens of hits …
Photo: Alexander KOTS Dmitry Steshin

– Our Language Institute broke into two parts – tells us Elena Lavrov. – Our former rector did his best to carry the Institute in Artemovsk. Part of the teachers said, “We’re not going anywhere, stay here.” A part decided to go to the Ukrainians. Institute broke into two approximately equal halves. And both of each other instantly hated though like people from one place.

Alexander KOTS Dmitry Steshin
Our Language Institute broke into two parts – tells us Elena Lavrov.
Photo: Alexander KOTS Dmitry Steshin

– And you had the opportunity to go to Russia?

– How much you want. I have a lot and invited strangers, and grandson. He lives in Moscow, Anton, too, by the way, a journalist. Three days ago, called, saying that he is a man who can take me away. But … How do I throw? I can not leave them.

September 2014-th.

“No pensions or salaries, and platёzhki for electricity, rent and other already paying.

A small part of the population (I, for example) in a fun ironic disbelief.

Most of the population simply at a loss. But there are those who are furious …

… From time to time I kept going over the fate of other novorossiyan, especially in the days and nights of shelling, and I think what I would do if would have destroyed my house, would have deprived me of favorite books, loves cats?

Would weep and wring their hands? – No!

Would run to his beloved Russia, my homeland? – No!

Would ask the poorhouse? – No!

Would do away with them? – No!

I went to the militia and would ask the weapons that I could hold in their hands. We did not have to be purely be for them potatoes. And read them to his short lecture on the history, culture and world literature … “

Alexander KOTS Dmitry Steshin
Funnel in place of the playground.
Photo: Alexander KOTS Dmitry Steshin

– How do they perceive the war? – A nod to the cat, who had gathered around us in full force.

– The dog is afraid of course. And cats are pressed to the floor, too afraid.
You can not imagine what we have going on in the summer. People went home, threw apartments, and here were worn packs of dogs, dozens.

– People Many have left?

– I think the third. Many remained. Even with the children I have colleagues in the basement now live. Summer left, but then returned. Force, to be honest, at the end. Nerve force. When the shelling, we hide the dog and the neighbors on the stairs. A cat I leave here to fend for themselves. We were sitting on the stairs, tell each other jokes, distract each other … But the last fire, the worst already people were silent. And I said nothing, though I usually all looking. Forces were gone.

Alexander KOTS Dmitry Steshin
A familiar sight in the area of ​​fighting – broken windows, walls riddled with shrapnel.
Photo: Alexander KOTS Dmitry Steshin

October 2014-th.

“… What do you think, which runs an experienced person when begun shelling? That’s right! In the bathroom – to draw water into the tub. Then he ran to the kitchen – domyt nedomytuyu dishes. Along the way, inserts a flashlight and phone sockets – to recharge.

And then begins to think about whether to run out onto the landing. Or, you can wait a little …

… In our city, most sellers in shops and markets will never say “UAH”, but always – “ruble” … “

Alexander KOTS Dmitry Steshin
“Every cat has his own destiny, sometimes very severe”
Photo: Alexander KOTS Dmitry Steshin

– How Uglegorsk took, did not become easier? – Outside something boomed loudly. Far.

– Yes, you! They are gone mad. There was a horror week I did not leave the house. Already they have agreed today about something (we met on the day of visit, Merkel and Hollande in Moscow). But we also want to drive back to Ukraine. How will it be after what they did to us? I can not imagine. People hate Ukraine. Perhaps there are all sorts of Ukrainians, someone sympathizes with us, but can not say it openly. A deep rift in society.

– Background to him before the war?

– No like, we have – no. I saw one on the wall inscription “UNA-UNSO.” Another surprise – really Gorlovka there are people that can write it. The so-called “fifth column” in the Donbass still there.Kiev put us in difficult conditions. How to live without pensions, without wages? Our pensioners were forced to go to Artemivs’k, Kramatorsk, there restructure documents …

Alexander KOTS Dmitry Steshin
Teens Gorlovki show where they hit debris.
Photo: Alexander KOTS Dmitry Steshin

– Have you been?

– Of course, and as I live and nourish this mob? We have to go there, stand in line in the cold for three hours. Then design, then it is necessary to go there under fire. Then they came up with registration, that supposedly you live in Artemovsk. Now they have come up missing from the area ATO. Everything is done to complicate, to strangle, to destroy …

Purposeful policy against the elderly, women and children. Our children – a “larvae of Colorado.”

November 2014-th.

“… I produced a piece of fish. So wanted! Fire and went to FB, anticipating dinner about 15 minutes in the kitchen there was a terrible roar. I thought that flew round and legs were paralyzed with fear. When I came to myself, jumped into the kitchen. Frying pan on the floor and has licked to a shine. No fish! In the corner of the champs and growl. Well, maybe not terrorists ?!

… As one of my student: faculty and students choose between Ukraine and the DNR.This is a top pick. And those who chose Ukraine, tacitly agreed with the crimes that she committed in the territory of DNR … “

Alexander KOTS Dmitry Steshin
“In the corner of the champs and growl. Well, maybe not terrorists ?!”
Photo: Alexander KOTS Dmitry Steshin

– How did you get to “the other side” treated as reissued went?

– Normally, it’s our people, it is the Donbass. My students, those who went to the other side, are well aware that things can change. The Army will continue our, they will be with us. This Donbass is the Russian people. Descendants civilize “Wild Field”. I have lived here 20 years and never heard of the Ukrainian language. I remember, was blamed for that I do not teach Ruthenian. With whom I will be on this Move to communicate? It is enough that I know English, French, German.But such was the policy of the authorities – to replace Russian Ukrainian. Why Yanukovych was elected? And because he had promised to make Russian the Donbass – state. Another reason to vote for him was not.

– And did not do anything …

– I do not think I could. There is all this seething in Kiev around him.

December 2014-th.

“… Some people believe that the policy does not concern them. And what she touch something! She never trifle. It all – without exception – keeps the throat …

… It would be nice, waking up in the morning and sipping coffee, rejoice that your house has not got a bomb in your apartment flew into a shell that you are alive and well, not injured. It is impossible to enjoy! Because someone’s house is destroyed, and in someone’s apartment flew round, and someone no longer alive, and someone is injured. And all the others – donbasstsy … “

– Humanitarian aid comes to you? Specifically, you get something? Could get?

– I saw a huge queue … And there was no money then. I decided that I better shoot myself than be killed in this crowd. But I have to gumantirka from Russia, from friends, acquaintances, just sympathizers readers.

– A week ago Gorlovka one day not fired, and we were amazed – how many people in the city!Why do not they leave?

– People think: “This is my home, where I’ll run out of it?” And I also think, though born in Russia and lived there for a half-life. Here ideological considerations. There are many people who survived the Great Patriotic War. And they compare. And they say that this war is terrible, because its shoot their. We also have all Ukrainian passport!

Alexander KOTS Dmitry Steshin
People think: “This is my home, where I’ll run out of it?”
Photo: Alexander KOTS Dmitry Steshin

January 2015-th.

“… Here I go again! I’m alive! Builder for these two days terribly battered. No gas, no electricity, no telephone, no Internet, no water. There is not a single house. But as soon as the next shelling ends heard everywhere hammer. People immediately begin to repair the damage.

I removed the shards of glass from the balcony to the right hammer dislocated frame nailed the curtains to partially protect the balcony from the weather. Nothing, break through! .. “

– How did you start collecting animals?

– First there was the cat, then another … Because of leap years. Here people superstitious and believes that in these years can not drown kittens. They just throw. I collect them. Each cat has its own destiny, sometimes very heavy. Many have died, who of old age, who could not bear it easy.

– During the war many throw animals?

– Dogs ran dozens of cats too. People were leaving in a panic. Here Chara, its me someone threw up. Came out in the morning to fetch water at a spring three kilometers went … And she lies on the porch. Rope tail, ears helicopter … I was born three days after the Victory Day parade. So, I – a child of the war, and Chara – a child of this war.

February 2015-th.

“… Taking a walk in the morning with Charco, found on the lawn dud length from fingertip to elbow and thick with my wrist. Stood over him and wondered what to do?Children or teenagers find. How long will into trouble! Got up and went with this crap at the checkpoint. Went and thought, and suddenly explode? But since his leave – not!Came to the guys. Given.


– And could explode?

Answer, laughing:

– Could! Without hands would just stayed …

… Walk with Charco’s not happened. In the morning began to fire intermittently. And throughout the day postrelivat. Chara brought leash. How to explain the dog that walks dangerous? ..

… Half an hour ago a shell fell near my house. Euro-windows stood only because the kitchen is already slit from the previous stroke, and the balcony door I do not hold on constipation. She swung from the blast, and I was thrown on the couch. Landed softly.At Charco … “

Alexander KOTS Dmitry Steshin
“Chara brought leash. How do you explain the dog that walks dangerous? ..”
Photo: Alexander KOTS Dmitry Steshin


Frontline diary peace philologist

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