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America’s Iron Curtain By Xavier Lerma

February 9, 2015

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America’s Iron Curtain


By Xavier Lerma

We see that behind the American Iron Curtain they have not been able to understand that Obama admitted the US “Brokered” a coup in Ukraine. The “uh” video was not enough even with US troops in Yavoriv, Ukraine. Kiev’s General Viktor Muzhenko’s statement was not made public. Regarding the fighting in Ukraine, Americans are not aware of the fact that Russian troops have never been and do not exist there. The OSCE confirms it but the sanctions continue against Russia even though they are trying to bring peace in the Ukraine crisis. In the tradition of Cato, the war rhetoric continues, “Russia must be destroyed!” The US government beats their war drums louder than before.

“What else is new?” they ask. Everyone knows the US has the reputation of overthrowing governments for business reasons. Their media shrouds their people in dark ignorance. Past wars are burnt ashes but new ones exhibit flames burning higher and brighter so the evil is obvious to almost everyone in the world except most Americans. Obama’s confession still does not change the course of US policy. Like throwing wood onto a bonfire, Obama throws trillions into the US war machine. Burning bodies like a sacrificial satanic rite. Lucifer laughs as Obama’s government does his bidding. When is the anti-Christ coming?

I thought he was already here. It’s not Obama but the one who gave him power. Who else can mesmerize people and have them vote for him for 2 terms? Only 2 parties are allowed to debate for the presidency in America. Obama renewed laws that promote abortion which kills mostly minorities that he supposedly defends. He gave free arms to Mexican gangs, promotes racism, destroyed the US economy and tried to destroy Russia’s with the media covering for him. When it comes to foreign policy, his lies are the best. He commits genocide in Ukraine while making it look justifiable. “Putin invaded Ukraine”, “We must promote democracy”. The reality is genocide in Ukraine.

McLean’s song from 1971 can be used to describe America today. “Oh, and as I watched him on the stage, My hands were clenched in fists of rage. No angel born in Hell, Could break that Satan’s spell. And as the flames climbed high into the night, To light the sacrificial rite, I saw Satan (Obama) laughing with delight, The day the music died. He was singin’ bye-bye, Miss American Pie…” The epitaph will show America turned its back on God, so God left America.

“And the three men I admire most, The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. They caught the last train for the coast, The day the music died.” 1776 had churches filled with praise. Today, even the people of Sodom and Gomorrah would be shocked at the American culture. The land of the free turned into the freedom to raise Hell. Freedom of expression allows this evil. It is their right they say. “I will not serve”, was Lucifer’s cry and so it is in America’s government. It does not serve the people or God. They turn away from God with the so-called “separation of church and state” as though they hate God. Do they hate the Holy Spirit? Yes they do. The fruit of the Holy Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Try and find this in countries the US has invaded.

There are Americans who have pierced America’s Iron Curtain and have chosen alternative media like Pravda.Ru. A typical reader of Pravda.Ru from the United States is a well-educated male aged 35+. Nearly 50 percent of Pravda.Ru readers are specialists and managers with income higher than average. The majority of Pravda.Ru readers view 3.5 pages when visiting the site, which indicates people’s interest in the content of the website. In other words some Americans still use their brain. My readers tell me Pravda.Ru and other alternative media outlets, such as RT, gives them an alternative view that does not parrot the US government’s line of BS. They were impressed with RT as President Putin was in this video. Pravda.Ru backs their news with articles with different viewpoints.

Thankfully, there are America citizens who do not believe the TV news. Many citizens love God and do not want their government to be God as the Obama Zombies would prefer. There are people who love their country and hate Obama and have written their congressman many times to stop the madness. I know because they have emailed me about it. They say the politicians are afraid to be called racists. Their logic is if a man who has darker skin is killing millions in the world they will still fail to act otherwise they will lose the next election. So, the politicians signed a deal with the devil.

The acceptance of the US and EU proposals invited Hell to Ukraine and thus the Church was attacked. Is it reported in America? No. Donetsk Republic Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko from Novorossia argued with Kiev army officer in this powerful video. He said that the Kiev army succumbed to the coup, “To give away our own country to be looted by Americans and other European countries”. Last May a priest was killed. Fr. Paul Zhuchenko was shot in the Donetsk region.  In early August, Archpriest Vladimir Kreslyansky was killed during the bombing of Lugansk.  August 9th in Lugansk another Orthodox priest was killed during the bombing.  “The witnesses say that he died praying. While he was praying the dropping bombs blew up in the air before they reached the ground, and no other people got wounded.” His prayers miraculously saved his people. More priests are missing and assumed dead. Again, I saw Satan (Obama) laughing with delight calling it propaganda and his people said “Amen”.

Rep. Rohrabacher (President Reagan’s speechwriter) is the only congressman inside the iron curtain to speak the truth. Outside, we hear Sahra Wagenknecht imploring Angela Merkel in her speech, June 2014, “to speak out clearly against Obama’s appalling war rhetoric and the deployment of American forces in the East of Europe! …and therefore, Mrs. Merkel, free yourself from the USA’s war politics. Maybe the German Chancellor was finally persuaded. She has already spoken with Putin and Hollande (video) last Feb 6. They wisely left out the destructive US politicians. Kerry was in Kiev chanting the usual mantra of blaming Russia while wanting to give more weapons to Ukraine so they can commit genocide. Most European countries are against giving weapons to Kiev. We pray that the meeting in Minsk this Wednesday will stop Satan’s laughter and stop the slaughter of innocent people.

“AMERICAN instructors explained how social networks and Internet technologies can be used for targeted manipulation of public opinion as well as to activate protest potential to provoke violent unrest in the territory of Ukraine… American instructors presented examples of successful use of social networks used to organize protests in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. Recent conference took place Nov 14-15, 2013, in the heart of Kiev in the Embassy of the United States of America!.”, said Oleg Tsarov, who was then the People’s Deputy of Ukraine. His speech (never shown on US TV) talked about US preparations for civil war in Ukraine, November 2013 in Kiev parliament. What is funny, is that “manipulation of public opinion” and violent unrest has been going on in America for decades. The US government’s iron curtain controls not only America but the West as well as other countries. US bases are all over the world as shown in this concise video. Not even Hitler had that many military bases outside of Germany. The Fourth Reich is alive and well.

“Stop the deployment of any U.S or NATO troops to the Ukraine and END all funding to the Ukraine government”

One of my friends in America asked me to include this. He said this could only be promoted outside of “America’s Iron Curtain”. “We as Americans have the largest responsibility in preventing another war in our name, on the pretense of training other country’s solders on how to more effectively kill their own people. And as we witness the start up of new wars, the U.S. creates a fake crises to start new wars as they did with Vietnam, Iraq, the endless drone wars, on and on it goes. Here they are again setting the stage for a war that could bring the world to a Nuclear Holocaust. With this level of danger, you must act. Please help stop this march to the death of billions. If not for you do it for the children.” Americans please sign the petition . Not only sign the petition, you can call the congressional switchboard 202-224-3121 (24hrs) and the White House 202- 456-1414 (9-5 EST, M-F) demand there be zero funding.” 100,000 signatures must be added by February 24, 2015.

Xavier Lerma

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MH17 / B777 was shot down in a classic fighter jet attack from the rear semi-sphere.

November 17, 2014

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UPDATE: #MH17 Russian Union of Engineers rocket & cannon was used by armament of another aircraft NOT missile from the ground


George Bilt’s Letter On MH17 Crash Sent To The Russian Union of Engineers (Full Text) Posted by princepsip on

© “The Ukraine Collapse Magazine” November 15, 2014 Dear readers, finally I got a full text of George Bilt’s e-mail sent to Ivan Andrievsky, the first vice president of the very respectable Russian Union of Engineers that can prove Ukraine Air Forces responsibility for MH17 crash. Thus, to avoid any speculations I decided to publish its FULL version with an attached satellite shot also sent by George Bilt: On Sun, Nov 9, 2014 at 6:38 AM, George Bilt Dear Mr. Andrievsky, I fully agree with your attached analysis on what brought MH-17 down. I am an MIT graduate and expert in aviation with more than  two decades of professional experience. MH17 /B777 was shot down in a classic fighter jet attack from the rear semi-sphere. First, the crew was targeted by cannon fire and air-to-air missile from some optimum 400 meters (to silence them killing instantly — not even a scream) — aiming right and sharp at the pilots’ abdomen region. So that the cockpit fell off (confirmed both by the Dutch Safety Board report and eyewitnesses). Then the B777 aircraft right engine and wing section was shot off by a heat-seeking missile and the aircraft started to roll out of control (again confirmed by eyewitnesses). Until it crashed. First, killing the crew in cockpit, second, aerodynamically killing the aircraft shooting off the right engine. This is a classic fighter jet attack pattern. Thanks and Best Regards, George Bilt. This entry was posted in Новости, Россия, Украина, European Union, Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, MH17, Military, News, Politics, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine Collapse, Ukrainian Nazis, United States, US Propaganda, World,World News and tagged , , , , , .

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American general wounded, 3 officers killed by militia – Sick at heart Americans dying in defense of Kiev criminals

August 2, 2014

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voice of Sevastopol » News » The South-East of Ukraine » American general was wounded, three officers killed by militia

American general was wounded, three officers killed by militia

Author: Ayre от Yesterday, 22:01



American general Kee Randy Allen

Slavyansk militants are conducting operations both inside their region and beyond its borders. Last night they shelled an all-road military truck GAZ-66 carrying a punitive troop of the Kiev junta. Militias are also fighting on the territory of Kharkov oblast (province). Shelling of the mechanized column with US military men has been their first major success.
This operation has been executed near the town of Izyum (52 km. to the north-west from Slavyansk). A reconnaissance and sabotage group of Slavyansk militants attacked a mechanized column of the US military instructors. Three US officers were killed. One of them allegedly was a woman – the fragment of a skull with bleached hair has been found on the spot. Besides, an American general Key Randy Allen who actually handles the punitive troops in Novorossiya was wounded. Taking into account that a sniper shot the US military adviser on the Mariupol beach on July, 30, already 10 of 180 US military men who had come to Ukraine were killed. Note that that the week has not ended yet.
General Major Key Randy Allen studied in the Reserve Officer Training Corps (University of Oregon). He was a navigating officer in the B-52 jet-powered strategic bomber’s crew and a pilot on the military transport plane. Kee Randy Allen took part in the Pentagon operations in SouthWest Asia, Balkans, and Afghanistan. Afterwards he worked in the US Ministry of Defense and the Headquarters US Air Force, Mobile Air Response Center (Deputy Commander-in-Chief), Directorate of Strategic Plans and Politics of the Joint Staff (Deputy Director for Politics in Western Hemisphere).


“Voice of Sevastopol” asks for help in breaking the information blockade

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Military expert Viktor Myasnikov, ‘U.S. supplies Ukraine information from the satellites’

July 21, 2014

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[Note: There was a time when I wouldn’t give a story like this the time of day. Now I’ve good reason to believe U.S. government lies, lies, lies …]

Military expert Viktor Myasnikov, ‘U.S. supplies Ukraine information from the satellites’

13:29 July 21, 2014

July 17 in the Donetsk region crashed Boeing 777 airline Malaysia Airlines. Victims of the disaster were 298 people.

Statement by the head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on evidence from satellite rocket launch from the territory controlled by the host of the DNI, which resulted in crashed “Boeing – 777”, “Evening Moscow” commented columnist of the weekly “Independent Military Review”, a military expert Viktor Myasnikov.

– Victor A., ​​there is great probability that the satellite system of Ukraine to launch fixed “Boeing”?

– First, Ukraine has no satellites that take pictures the earth’s surface. Therefore Poroshenko can only talk about the pictures taken by the Americans, and provided to the government of Ukraine. Secondly, for some reason these pictures no hurry to disclose to confirm charges against militias, which from the first moment of the tragedy with “Boeing” they began to crumble?

– American satellites were able to take pictures of a missile launch, which could bring down the Malaysian passenger plane?

– Yes, both American and Russian satellites capable of making such pictures. But remember the story in 2001, when Ukrainians during exercises missile shot down Russian S-200 TU-154 of airline “Siberia”. Then, too, the Americans presented evidence in the form of images from space showing the rocket launch from the territory of Crimea struck airliner. Years have passed, but Ukraine still has not confessed to the crime, not to mention compensation. Ukrainian authorities for 23 years of an independent state is lying, they say, at every step.

– The world needs to call those responsible for the crash. Is the head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko not so knowledgeable in military affairs, making such serious allegations? Poroshenko or bluffing?

– In my opinion, this provocation was prepared in advance is to accuse the militia DNR and Russia in heinous crime, to bring to bear on them and on us all the rage the world, and to tighten sanctions against Russia from the West.

– Russian satellite system gives U.S. satellites?

– The United States is the most powerful satellite constellation in the world. When appears on the planet “hot spot” America “instantly tightens” it their satellites that are round the clock surveillance. Americans often share satellite-derived information with its allies. It is likely that U.S. supplies Ukraine satellite information. Unfortunately, our satellites sometimes inferior to American.

– Victor A., ​​really nothing we can present to the world as proof of his innocence to the collapse of the Malaysian “Boeing”?

– I think that our military does not disclose all of the cards. Judging by the questions asked by the Ministry of Defense of Russia to the U.S. president, Russia has the answers to all charges. Naive to think that we dutifully waiting how events will unfold in Ukraine? We also operate the system and radio intercepts, and AWACS aircraft, which record the information received, in particular from the territory of New Russia. Another thing is that Russia could in this situation to behave more aggressively, without giving the right of “first mover” enemies. Apparently, this strategy has its reasons?

– Do not rule out the possibility that the militia because of their lack of military training, so to speak, accidentally knocked a plane?

– Three weeks before the tragedy took Novorossia militia base defense with a broken launcher and three missiles may also inoperable. Error militia leadership was that they trumpeted to the world based on this defense. In fact, from this plant are of no use. At a minimum, it should have a machine control assault, as well as station radar target detection and tracking, test equipment. But this is nothing. Without all this complex base defense – not working.

– Your version of disaster?

– My version of the tragedy of the “Boeing – 777” – Kiev provocation organized by Washington to discredit the Russian government. Neither Russia nor Novorossia this tragedy with civil aircraft does not benefit. But if Russia and New Russia “dump” all the blame for the catastrophe that greatly benefit the United States and Ukraine.



Military expert Yuri Knutov: Catastrophe “Boeing-777” over the Donbas reminds American provocation 1983

The story of the investigation into the causes of the collapse of the Malaysian ship continues to gain momentum. The basic version: the plane was shot down. And consider the possibility of defeat its missiles “air-land”, issued the anti-aircraft missile system “Buk” or “air-air”, which was launched on board the interceptor.
On the possible causes and versions correspondent “Evening Moscow” spoke with a military expert, Defense Forces veterans, and now – a museum director Yury Knutova defense.

– What do you think can be version wreck of the liner?

– If you take a whole, there are several versions of the crash. This could be, for example, a terrorist act. And the fact that he fell over the area of ​​the fighting – a coincidence. There is the question of competition between companies «Boing» and «Airbus», especially as it first wins. But, of course, the most basic version of the crash – that the board was shot down. And then the most important question – how and by whom.

– How does a complex “Book”? It is interesting primarily because of the accusations against Ukraine Donetsk militias that this plane they shot down.

– Ukraine is now abuts on the presence of militia air defense missile system “Buk”. And not a single machine, and a complete system. Because this complex without radar or additional guidance to find the target is simply impossible to shoot down the plane. Especially at such a height. There is, of course, has its own built-in station, but it forms a narrow beam that, in principle, to ten thousand meters, it just does not find the target. “Book” is somewhat reminiscent of the complex “C-200”, which Ukrainians knocked our TU-154, in 2001, also highlighted the goal seeker captures purpose on earth and the rocket goes to her. ( read more … )

Ex-CIA officer Ray McGovern: I do not exclude sinister scenario in which the U.S. and Poroshenko conspired to bring down the plane

British Prime Minister David Cameron said that if a crash Malaysian liner militias involved South-East of Ukraine, the responsibility will fall on Russia.

“Evening Moscow” phoned to former CIA officer Ray McGovern, the intelligence to do more for Reagan and Bush. Intelligence analyst make conclusions about the disaster that is fundamentally different from the official position of the West.

In Washington, DC, late in the evening. But despite the inconvenience, Mr. McGovern kindly shared with us his point of view.

– How do you think that is why Prime Minister Cameron so readily blames Russia for the death of a Malaysian “Boeing”?

– Well, in essence, the same as before President Obama said. And do not expect that the British minister says something that deviates even an inch from the statements Washington. UK – State vassal of the United States. And their prime minister receives orders from Washington.

– In the case of Western countries support the rebels in third countries, and these rebels are doing something unseemly – it’s the fault of the rebels. And in a situation with Ukraine – for some reason, always blamed for all the ills Russia …

– You pointed out a very interesting logical inconstancy. Fruits of the corporate media propaganda of the United States are the same as in the case of flight KAL-007 that was shot down 1 сентября 1983, South Korea. Plane that illegally crossed the border between the USSR and several hours flying over the Russian Far East, not responding to alarms. This denigration of Russia. ( read more … )


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Kolomoisky threatens to hang all of Tsarov’s relatives in the public square and informs him that he has put out a 1 million dollar price tag on his head

May 22, 2014

16 May, 13:34
US coup failed in Ukraine: Kiev junta’s days are numbered

US coup failed in Ukraine: Kiev junta's days are numbered

The western backed junta in Kiev, installed in February of this year after years of planning by the US/CIA/USAID/NATO/EU and billions of dollars spent on NGOs, destabilization teams, installing and paying for puppets and training, arming and backing far right nazi paramilitary groups and paying mercenaries from the Greystone private CIA army, may finally be showing the first signs of what has to be its imminent demise. Unless the breakup of Ukraine was the plan all along (which may be a possibility) the imminence of that demise should have been forecasted as well as the fact that the Ukrainian people would never support nazis in power. Knowing US foreign policy and their disasters all over the world one might then assume that Ukraine was just another failed US operation of historic proportions carried out by ignorant myopic planners delusional in their own invincibility.

Killing of Civilians Continues Despite Protests

The nazi junta’s military operations against civilians and those opposed to them continue without a break or a hint of letting up in Ukraine. The junta has refused to listen to the people of Ukraine, international bodies, human rights organizations, Russian officials and even other members in the coup’s own Rada who have become more and more vocal in their protests against the brutal regime of Turchinov, Yatsenyuk and the Right Sector.

The outrage in Russia, Ukraine and other countries where access to real reports and footage of Right Sector paramilitaries and what are supposed to be Ukrainian regular army forces gunning down unarmed civilians in the street is growing. The crimes of the junta continue to multiply on an hourly basis as they desperately attempt to force their stay in power against a people who want nothing to do with them. The television footage of Right Sector nazis beating to death civilians who are attempting to crawl away in pools of their own blood and the of fully armed and equipped soldiers shooting unarmed civilians cowering in terror is almost too much to stomach.

Entire Regions Flee Ukraine (Banderastan)

The nazis of Svoboda and the Right Sector and their leaders Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, Klitschko and the like have done nothing but bring misery and destruction to the Ukrainian state and the Ukrainian people. In their drive to fulfill the orders of their western paymasters and backers to enslave Ukraine to the IMF/NATO/EU/US, Nuland’s triumvirate and the Banderavites and to attempt to maintain their desperate hold on power, the junta is bringing Ukraine to a state of all out civil war and complete and total economic collapse.

So far as a result of the nazi junta’s illegal takeover of the Ukrainian Government Crimea has left Ukraine and reunified with Russia and the Donetsk and Lugansk regions have held democratic referendums and declared their independence with many more neighboring regions soon to follow.

Murder of Civilians by Right Sector in Ukraine

More details continue to come out regarding the horrible deaths at the House of Trade Unions in Odessa with the head of the Emergency Services Vladimir Bodelan, who was at the scene being dismissed for publishing his eyewitness version of the events on his Facebook page. According to the eyewitness account of the veteran rescuer, who has seen his share of bodies and death, what he saw at the House of Trade Unions was so horrible that it “cannot be real”.

In his expert opinion he says the people in the House of Trade Unions all died in seconds and not the slow death of smoke inhalation. He also accounted how people were beaten to death and how the Right Sector brutally killed the people as well as how many people were able to successfully escape the burning building on their feet and then died suddenly on the spot.

He writes that even before the fire and smoke began pouring out of the House of Unions, on floors where there was no fire people were running to the windows trying to get fresh air to breathe. Again this was before the fire. He is 100% certain they were not affected by smoke from the fire. The head of the Emrgency Services says that his rescuers saved more than 350 people, and according to unofficial accounts there were more than 100 people killed in the fire.

oleh tsariov 5 Олег-Царев

Igor Kolomoisky Behind Odessa Tragedy Order Murder of Tsarov

In telephone conversations released on the internet even more details are coming out about the real situation in Ukraine. This time a conversation between former Ukrainian presidential candidate Oleg Tsarov, who was publically beaten and the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. During the conversation Kolomoisky threatens to hang all of Tsarov’s relatives in the public square and informs him that he has put out a 1 million dollar price tag on his head.

In the second conversation that was released between Jacob Epstein the counsel of Israel in Ukraine and Oleg Noginsky, during which Noginsky speaks about the above mentioned conversation, Kolomonsky’s role in Odessa is revealed. The most chilling aspect of the conversation is the revelation that in the 72 hours before the conversation took place 16 of the people who had been arrested or rescued from the Odessa fire had already been killed with Noginsky saying that 2 of them were “cut” near their home. The name of the Igor Palitsa, the head of the Odessa region was also mentioned as being involved. Noginsky says Palitsa sees himself as a new Hitler and there will be a new nazi Germany in part of Ukraine.

According to Tsarev yesterday three buses of people in black paramilitary uniforms arrived at what they thought was his home (actually his neighbors) and destroyed everything inside and then set it on fire.

Turchinov and nazi Junta Finally Face Resistance in Rada

Alexander Efremov the Chairman of the Party of Regions faction openly stated that the current situation in the Verkhovna Rada is the height of hypocrisy as he led a demarche of the faction out of the Rada. The move was supported by the Communist faction.

The Party of Regions MP protested the fact that in eastern Ukraine innocent people are being killed and blamed what he called Turchinov’s team. He stated that when asked to suspend the anti-“terrorist” operation the Rada pretends that nothing is happening.

Most likely such honest and brave shows of resistance to the junta will multiply as the junta continues to kill and terrorize the civilian population of Ukraine.

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CIA agents right now busy in Ukraine – Christoph Hörstel – Government Consultant and Publicist in Germany

May 5, 2014
5 May 2014, 23:01Huge population of CIA agents right now busy in Ukraine – expert

There is no evidence of Russia’s involvement in the Friday massacre in Odessa, US Ambassador in Kiev, Geoffrey Pyatt had to admit Sunday as he spoke by telephone on a CNN program. “We don’t have evidence of the Russian role in the tragedy that transpired on Friday”, Pyatt said, answering the anchor’s downright question on whether Moscow was what’s been widely dubbed as the bloodiest day in the Ukrainian crisis. The Voice of Russia talked to Christoph Hörstel – Government Consultant and Publicist in Germany.

US Ambassador to Kiev Geoffrey Pyatt has said earlier today there’s no evidence of Russia’s involvement in the Friday’s massacre in Odessa. Do you think it could be a sign the West starts to reevaluate Russia’s role in the Ukrainian events?

Unfortunately, not. All the news I get is that the Western position is hardening. They are supporting the illegal

government in Kiev with all its actions and there is a double-tongued policy when the Yanukovich government tried to restore order, there was a blast from the West side. And now we have in fact fascist groups being incorporated in a so-called anti-terror mission, which is for my feeling is terror mission against the people’s defense forces, for example, in Slavyansk, and Odessa as well. And that means we have a double-standard policy in the West which is so crazy now because it is very aggressive and the aggression is not only against the Ukrainian people. The aggression is directed against Russia. That must be clear.

Over the weekend it was reported in both the Guardian and the BBC some very interesting language. The language that they used was very ambiguous. They didn’t want to place any blame on actually who was throwing the Molotov cocktails. In the videos that we can see people were actually shouting some of the neo-Nazi slogans that they are known for and yet according to the BBC nobody knows who actually did it or even better Russians themselves threw the Molotov cocktails into the building and burn themselves up because they were trying to make a point, which I don’t know what point they are trying to make. But it is a very strange phenomenon. What is your opinion on that?

Spiegel reported on the mass killings in Odessa, which are gruesome, terrible, uncivilized and yet the West is not answering to that challenge, that this was happening in the Labor Union House. Now Spiegel in Germany is the post influential paper and website. They said that was a house, they didn’t say which kind of house. They didn’t say it was a Labor Union House. Do you think there was any reaction from the Labor Union that in their House the mass murder has been achieved by Nazi forces? No, nothing. So, this is the situation we have. My feeling is that the West is now trying to push down Russia at a time when they feel, this is not a European story, this is enforced from Washington on Europe, if they kick Russia right now, they might have a better chance that in one year or two years because Russia obviously is developing very well and too well for Washington’s feeling, and what is more, the very good relation between Russia and Europe is something which is in fact adverse to present Washington interests. And that is a very dangerous situation. Now they are creating this kind of bloodletting in Ukraine. They try to blame it on Russia and the problem with Russia is that in this kind of fighting, Russia is not strong enough in the media. Fortunately we have RIA Novosti, fortunately we have Voice of Russia. Fortunately we do have Russia Today but that is not enough to tell the people who are definitely completely misinformed by our media on the real situation in Ukraine, to wake them up and make them withdraw their political support of these warmongers sitting in Berlin, Paris and London today and of course mainly in Washington. That is the danger of the situation and that is how I interpret this kind of complete mispresentations of news happening in Ukraine.

Yesterday, Germany’s Bild newspaper reported that US CIA and FBI agents are consulting Kiev authorities on its crackdown on pro-autonomy activists in eastern Ukraine. What do you make of it? Do you think it could really be the case?

We have very credible news that the foreign Maidan story a few weeks ago was in fact directed from the US Embassy and for insiders in politics this is not news at all. This is very boring. People are making jokes why there is no revolution in the US and no regime change. The reason is very simple, there is no American Embassy in the US. What we see here is Maidan leaders were staying for hours each and every day in the US Embassy. There is a huge population of CIA agents right now busy in the Ukraine and the problem is again that in all these things that happened Washington is accusing Russia of having the agents in Ukraine while it is the other way around. So, my interpretation of this is we have in fact a pre-running media war with lying against Russia and this is just a cover-up for a kind of economic war that is going on. They are pushing down the ruble, they are pushing down the important economic activities, they are trying to hurt Russia financially, economically, and that is all we can do very efficiently from the Western side to push down Russia because that is what we are talking about and that is being done already. So, they are getting more bloodletting in Ukraine through the agents, through spending more money. McCain has just called yesterday for 100 million dollars military aid and be sure this is not for the defense of Ukraine against anybody coming from outside. This is in fact meant to foster civil war in the Ukraine against their own population. We had New York Times reporting that Slavyansk where the mass killings started, that there is no Russians inside peoples’ defense force. So, what else do we need?


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#NATO #Луганск #референдум #Россия #Путин #Харьков #Донецк

Why are Moscow’s arguments being widely debated in Germany, but not in America?

It may already be too late for the democratic debate the US elite owes our nation.

If so, the costs to American democracy are already clear.

Katrina vanden Heuvel and Stephen F. Cohen

May 1, 2014

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Kiev authorities afraid Ukraine’s centre and west could arise along with its southeastern regions, Oleh Tsariov, running for Ukrainian president

April 27, 2014

oleh tsariov 9a

Kiev afraid Ukraine’s center and west may arise along with southeast — president nominee

April 25, 21:01 UTC+4 DONETSK 
According to Tsariov, the crisis in Ukraine could be resolved in “just a few days,” if the Kiev authorities lend an ear to the demands of people living in southeastern regions of Ukraine

Oleh Tsariov
© ITAR-TASS/Valery Matytsin

DONETSK, April 25. /ITAR-TASS/. Kiev’s authorities are afraid that Ukraine’s “centre and west could arise” along with its southeastern regions, Oleh Tsariov, who is running for Ukrainian president, said on Friday.

Oleh Tsaryov

“People used to come to Maidan [Kiev’s central Independence Square] to speak up for democracy and a better life, against corruption of oligarchs and the authorities,” he said. “Now, we do not have more democracy. Some of Russian channels are banned in Ukraine, journalists are detained, political repression is underway, army is engaged in a punitive operation against the people.”

Living standards are degrading and “there are no conditions for their improvement,” he stressed. “All that is going on is not what they promised to the people.” That is why, in his words, Kiev is afraid that Ukraine’s central and western regions might follow the lead of the country’s southeast and “arise.”

According to Tsariov, the crisis in Ukraine could be resolved in “just a few days,” if the Kiev authorities lend an ear to the demands of people living in southeastern regions of Ukraine. He said he had offered his candidature as a mediator between the authorities and protesters. “There is a very simple way out of the current situation. I can speak with any protesters, I am welcome everywhere,” he said.

The authorities, he stressed, must show readiness “to stop the army, to take the troops back to their permanent garrisons, to disband illegal armed groups, to conduct amnesty and close cases against protesting officers of the riot police [Berkut], and to lend an ear to the demands about the status of the Russian language and the federalization of the country.”

To deescalate the conflict, in his words, the government should sit down at a roundtable and take a decision on amnesty and troops pullout. After that, it must adopt a roadmap on amendments to be made to the constitution. “We have out edition of the constitution and we are ready to present it to the government,” Tsariov said.

“It is much easier to try to reach an agreement than to kill own citizens,” he stressed.

Earlier on Friday, Tsariov said that the Kiev authorities were subordinate to the US administration. “When in a span of two weeks the CIA director, the US vice president and the head of the US Senate armed service committee pay visits to Kiev, one has an impression that Ukraine is subordinate to the American administration,” he said.

“International cooperation is a good thing. But I don’t want Ukraine to lose its political and economic independence,” he stressed.

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There must be a national dialogue leading towards federalisation – Russian Permanent Rep to EU Vladimir Chizhov

April 9, 2014

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
Crisis in Ukraine result of wrong EU policy – Russian envoy

April 09, 18:56 UTC+4 BRUSSELS 
“The model of unitary state in which Ukraine lived for the past 23 years has failed and this must be admitted,” Russian Permanent Representative to the European Union says

© AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert

BRUSSELS, April 09. /ITAR-TASS/. The current crisis in Ukraine is largely a result of the erroneous EU policy, Russian Permanent Representative to the European Union Vladimir Chizhov said on Wednesday, April 9.

“The crisis was obviously caused by the underestimation of two factors: external and internal ones. Speaking of the present-day situation, the external factor is largely a result of the erroneous EU policy,” Chizhov said at a roundtable discussion held in the European Parliament to explore ways to deescalate the crisis in Ukraine.



The discussion was organised by Fiorello Provera, Deputy Chairman of the EU Foreign Relations Committee in the European Parliament.

Chizhov noted that the authors of the Eastern Partnership and association agreement concepts “underestimated, first, the depth of the problems Ukraine was facing, and second, serious differences and disagreements between different regions and different political forces in the country”.

“The attempt, notwithstanding these differences, to draw Ukraine into association with the European Union without the promise of EU membership led to the division of society, the consequences of which we can all see today,” he said.

According to the diplomat, the freedom of choice for the people of Ukraine, as EU institutions understood it, “basically boiled down to two options: there can be a correct choice in favour of integration and the wrong one in favour of cooperation with Russia”.

Chizhov expressed concern about the fact that the interests of people living in the east and south of Ukraine “have been completely ignored by the Kiev administration”. “There must be a national dialogue leading towards federalisation, which the Kiev administration has flatly rejected. After all, what matters is not the term but the meaning. Decentralisation of government, the model of unitary state in which Ukraine lived for the past 23 years has failed and this must be admitted,” he said.



The political split in the Ukraine corresponds to the location of two relevant shale gas deposits in the country – The city of Kharkiv is central to a shale gas reservoir in the Dnieper-Donet basin

March 18, 2014
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  • Basin-centered gas evaluated in Dnieper-Donets basin, Donbas foldbelt, UkraineUkraine — fracking for natural gas goes globalMarch 12, 2014
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By Drs. Robert & Sonia Vogl
President and Vice President, Illinois Renewable Energy Association

A long-standing goal of the European Union (EU) has been to reduce its dependence on Russia for natural gas. In previous years, Russia cut off supplies in the middle of winter in a pricing dispute with Ukraine, adversely impacting much of Europe. Reducing gas imports has not occurred, and Europe continues importing 40 percent of its gas from Russia.

David Herron sees Ukraine involved in a geopolitical power struggle between the U.S., the EU and Russia over the control of natural gas supplies to Europe and which interests gain the right to frack for gas.

A report from the U.S. State Department’s “Unconventional Gas Technical Engagement Program” sheds more light on developments in the Ukraine. The program was developed by the Barack Obama administration and is charged with exporting hydraulic fracturing technology around the globe. The intent is to maintain the dominance of fossil fuels in global energy supplies.

According to Heron the political split in the Ukraine corresponds to the location of two relevant shale gas deposits in the country. One in the western portion leans toward Europe and the second in the eastern portion is more aligned with Russia.

In the eastern portion, the city of Kharkiv is central to a shale gas reservoir in the Dnieper-Donet basin. In the western portion, the city of Lviv is the second major shale formation in the Carapthian basin.

According to F. William Engdahl, shortly before Ukrainian President Vicktor Yanukovich was driven from office, EU delegates from Germany, France and Poland met with him, three opposition leaders and a Russian representative to reach an agreement to end the strife in Kiev. The negotiations did not include the United States. The agreement broke down a short time later as rooftop snipers began killing street demonstrators and riot police; soon after that, the opposition gained control over Kiev.

Democracy Now interviewed retired Professor Stephen Cohen regarding the involvement of an intercepted phone call among U.S. diplomats planning which opposition leaders would be put in power and how the Ukraine is a fulcrum in the geopolitical struggle between the West and East.



AMY GOODMAN: That’s the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Pyatt, speaking with Victoria Nuland. The significance of what she is saying? She also had gone to Ukraine and was feeding protesters on the front line.

STEPHEN COHEN: Cookies, cookies. Well, here again, the American political media establishment, including the right and the left and the center—because they’re all complicit in this nonsense—focused on the too sensational, they thought, aspect of that leaked conversation.

She said, “F— the European Union,” and everybody said, “Oh, my god! She said the word.” The other thing was, who leaked it? “Oh, it was the Russians. Those dirty Russians leaked this conversation.” But the significance is what you just played. What are they doing?

The highest-ranking State Department official, who presumably represents the Obama administration, and the American ambassador in Kiev are, to put it in blunt terms, plotting a coup d’état against the elected president of Ukraine.

Now, that said, Amy, Juan, you may say to me—neither of you would, but hypothetically—”That’s a good thing. We don’t like—we don’t care if he was elected democratically. He’s a rat. He’s corrupt.” And he is all those things. He is.

“Let’s depose him. That’s what the United States should do. Then the United States should stand up and say, ’That’s what we do: We get rid of bad guys. We assassinate them, and we overthrow them.’” But in Washington and in Brussels, they lie: They’re talking about democracy now.

They’re not talking about democracy now; they’re talking about a coup now.


AMY GOODMAN: But explain the names. Who is Klitsch, Yats?

STEPHEN COHEN: All right. And notice the intimacy with which the Americans deal with the two leading so-called “moderate”—and these are big shots, they both want to be president—Ukrainian opposition.

Klitschko is Vitali Klitschko, a six-foot-eight former—he resigned his title two months ago to enter politics—heavyweight champion of the world. His residence has been Ukraine—I mean, Germany. He plays—he pays taxes in Germany. He’s a project of Merkel.

He represents German interests. I’m sure he’s also faithful to Ukraine, but he’s got a problem. Yatsenyuk, however—not Yatsenyuk, but the other guy she calls “Yats” is a representative of the Fatherland Party. It’s a big party in Parliament. But Washington likes him a lot.

They think he’ll be our man. So you could see what they’re saying. We don’t quite trust Klitschko. Now, if you want to get esoteric, that’s the tug between Washington and Berlin. They’re not happy with Merkel, the chancellor of Germany.

They don’t like the role Merkel is playing, generally. They think Germany has gotten too big for its britches. They want to cut Merkel down. So you noticed Klitschko, the boxer, is Merkel’s proxy, or at least she’s backing him.

You notice that they say, “He’s not ready for prime time. Let him do his homework.”

Now, this guy—I’m bad on Ukrainian names. Tyagnybok, that they say has got to play a role, he’s the leader of the Freedom Party, the Svoboda Party, but a large element of that party, to put it candidly, is quasi-fascist. And they’re prepared to embrace this guy.

This is the guy, by the way, that Senator John McCain in November or December went to Kiev and embraced. Either McCain didn’t know who he was, or he didn’t care.

The United States is prepared to embrace that guy, too—anything to get rid of Yanukovych, because they think this is about Putin. That’s all they really got on their mind.


Another connection, according to Herron, is “Energy and Security from the Caspian to Europe,” a report from the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations with Chairman John Kerry.

As head of the U.S. State Department, Kerry now leads efforts to export hydraulic fracturing technology. The Senate report discussed ways to bring oil and gas supplies from the Caspian Sea area to Europe without crossing Russian territory. Building pipelines across the Caspian into Turkey would accomplish that goal.


They’re building pipeline(s) across the Caspian Sea into Turkey in order to do so, making Turkey a key ally to NATO and the European Union.

The pipeline will also allow Iraqi gas to make it to Europe, that is if the Iraqi’s can settle issues about distribution of the wealth. According to the report, several countries in Eastern Europe are saddled with importing 60% or more of Natural Gas from Russia.

The Caspian pipeline will allow those countries to be supplied by different remote countries than Russia.  Further it discusses how the US natural gas boom (thanks to Fracking) is letting the US supply LNG to Europe, freeing them from dependency on Russia.

The overthrow of a Russian-backed government in Ukraine through a a popular upraising is extremely historically significant.  However, we see that it’s just one aspect of a larger political struggle between Russia and Europe and the US.

Despite President Obama’s assertion otherwise, Ukraine is just a square on a global chessboard.


Shipping LPG obtained from the U.S. boom in fracking natural gas helps reduce European dependence on Russian gas. Dependency could also be reduced by allowing fracking in Europe and increasing the use of renewable energy, which would also help the EU reach its carbon reduction goals.

Six new U.S. LPG export facilities have been approved since 2010, and another 24 applications are in the pipeline. Increasing consumption of natural gas accelerates pollution and climate change and slows the growth of renewables.

Drs. Robert and Sonia Vogl are founders and officers of the Illinois Renewable Energy Association (IREA) and coordinate the annual Renewable Energy and Sustainable Lifestyle Fair. E-mail

From the March 12-18, 2014 print edition



Recently I’ve written several reports about efforts to initiate hydraulic fracturing (fracking) operations in shale deposits in Ukraine, and Romania.

What emerged is a US State Department program, the Unconventional Gas Technical Engagement Program, whose mission is to facilitate the export of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) techniques around the world.

The State Department of course isn’t doing the fracking, but is facilitating the entry of Western oil companies like Chevron into countries so that Chevron (and other companies) can set up fracking operations.

Ukraine has two large shale deposits, plus easy access to pipelines which already supply Europe with natural gas.

That means Ukraine is well positioned to become rich supplying Europe with natural gas (which requires fracking the shale), while helping Europe diversify away from dependence Russia.  If, that is, Ukraine remains independent enough to do all that.

kharkiv 2Crimea Goes To The Polls In Crucial ReferendumPeople carry a giant Russian flag during a pro-Russian rally in KharkivA woman holds a Russian flag as she prepares to cast her ballot during a referendum on the status of Ukraine's Crimea region at a polling station in SevastopolUkrainian servicemen guard a checkpoint as a Ukrainian MI-24 military helicopter flies near the village of StrelkovoUKRAINE-RUSSIA-POLITICS-CRISIS-REFERENDUMUkrainian servicemen guard a checkpoint near the village of Strelkovo


The people tend to agree with that sort of perceived non-interventionism of Ron and Rand Paul – Kevin Barrett, Doctor and Professor in Arabic and Islamic Studies

March 14, 2014

neocon 11

Robles: I am sure there is many people who would not support what is going on if were allowed to know what is going on.

Barrett: No, they just support it anyway. This propaganda is so extreme, it is just not working. They couldn’t get their war on Syria with their false flag gas attack last August, and they just couldn’t mobilize people at all. They show horrible pictures and nobody really believes it anymore, and I think the same things happening with Ukraine.

I don’t see any mobilization of American public opinion that wants war in Ukraine; that even wants to be involved in Ukraine. The American people thinks it’s to stay home and mind our own business and rebuild our infrastructure and let the world take care of itself. And I don’t see them succeeding in changing that. So, I think it is all a big sort of puppet theatre that’s been put on by these lunatics. 

If you believe media, then you might think that Americans actually buy all this interventionism. But I don’t think they do. They are going to have hard time keeping Rand Paul down in the next presidential elections, mainly because the people tend to agree with that sort of perceived non-interventionism of Ron and Rand Paul. So I don’t really know if American people are eager for continued intervention in Ukraine. 


Robles: If I could. What I see there about a strategic necessity, it is NATO. Now I don’t know if it is NATO controlling the US anymore, or the US controlling NATO, of course it has always been the US controlling NATO and the Pentagon controlling NATO, but NATO wants a base in Crimea. They want to get rid of Russian influence in Crimea. They have continued even since the end of the Soviet Union to fight this great secret war, which is not so secret, against the Soviet Union. They haven’t stopped. 

Barrett: Right. Yes, I guess that must be it. And they are probably sort of trying to give Putin some payback for his very successful diplomatic maneuvers in Syria, and one way that would be to try to go after the fleet that can support the Syrian government. Still it is a very dangerous and I think short-sighted game to play.

I think the neo-cons could be playing an outsized role in this, and part of what drives the neo-cons is I think a love of mischief, for the sake of mischief, and also they love creating enemies and their philosophy is that politics is based on enmity. So, if you don’t have good enough enemy, you’d better create one. And maybe they decided that the Muslim world isn’t a big enough enemy right now, so they need to have Russia as an enemy du jour as well.

And they thrive on this, and of course they get money for it, it is a business for so many people. Victoria Nuland and these people are drawing nice salaries, and living in posh parts of DC, and hobnobbing with the elite, and jet setting around, and trying to create these new puppet governments, and things like that. I guess that is just what they do. They don’t want to get a real job.

Robles: You know about Nuland, right? I mean her husband is a Bilderberg.

Barrett: Her husband is that arch neo-con. What’s her husband’s name?

Robles: Robert Kagan.

Barrett: That is right. Yes. PNACer.

Robles: So, to the neo-conservatives, and we have to bring up I think, since you brought up that word in this group of people, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and Wolfowitz told Wesley Clark that they were in the business of destroying nations. Do you remember that?

Barrett: Yes, that was a post 9/11. They, apparently, immediately after 9/11 Wesley Clark was told that they were going to get ready for Iraq, and then a little later he was told ‘Oh it’s even worse that’, they are going to overthrow 7 countries in 5 years.

Robles: In 5 years, right. They said that before the next world power rises up to challenge us.

Barrett: Right, and it’s interesting that the most likely prospect for the next big world power is China, and though there is some strategic encirclement of China. It seems that they are facing towards the Islamic world and they are facing towards Russia, demonizing these other countries even though the likely challenger is China.

You were listening to an interview with Dr Kevin Barrett. That was part 1 of a longer interview. Thank you very much for listening and I wish you the best wherever you may be.


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