Jesus had a secret prayer that he repeated to himself, Others, Lord, others.


Fourth Center ­ Thymus Gland ­ Heart Chakra


Jesus presented love on different levels, identifying the highest love in this often quoted passage: “No greater love has a person, than to give up his or her life for another” ­ not literal death, but giving up self’s desires for another’s.

It is thinking more of what another may need than what self may want.

Cayce said that Jesus had a secret prayer that he repeated to himself, “Others, Lord, others.”

This kept the Father’s power that flowed through Jesus on the right track ­ not glorifying himself but revealing the Light and Love that flowed through him ­ God’s love, our Father’s and Mother’s love.

Jesus used this to do good and glorify the Father rather than himself. Selfless loving is the ideal ­ giving and caring without expectation of getting something in return.

Yet this must not be self-destructive. No one could accuse Jesus of being a doormat of self-deprecating love. He often radiated a tough love.

Those around Him often needed truth, justice, and a clear position on God’s ways, not pampering. Jesus cared so much for others that he would not let them remain in their darkness or misunderstandings. Yet he never condemned them. Rather, He called their mistakes to their attention.

He also showed a remarkable sense of their inability to handle the full truth, choosing to be patient: “I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now,” John 16:12.

Achieving ideal love in the heart center is important to soul growth.

SOUL LIFE. LOVE. by John Van Auken.


A mature love requires that we “rightly divine and divide the truth.” Cayce often referred to this teaching, as in this example:

“First, study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman not ashamed, rightly divining – or dividing – the words of truth; that is, giving proper evaluations to the material, the mental, and the spiritual relation-ships, the economic, the social, the orders of things in their proper form. Be not hasty in decisions but know that the answers may come from within,” 189-3.

In our personal search for spiritual understanding, nothing will empower and illuminate us more than love. But its way is subtle, gentle, choosing to work in the background, quietly. Its workshop is our own hearts and minds; its testing grounds, everyday life and everyday relationships.

Prayer and meditation can enhance our ability to understand and practice love in daily life. Supplicant prayer followed by a rising sense of entering into God’s presence, and abiding there in loving at-onement, will yield our better self.

This loving presence will be in little things throughout the day — little things that usually only God and our individual soul know.

These loving experiences often leave us humbled but happy and content. Marriage, parenting, friend-ship, work, and self-esteem all improve when love is carried in one’s heart and mind.

God truly is love. And abiding in God’s love is transcending, lifting us beyond our normal perspective. “Seek ye first His kingdom (Love), and all else will be added to you.”

Giving of Ourselves. by John Van Auken.


… according to Edgar Cayce’s reading of the Universal Wisdom, real power only comes through giving.

The laws of the universe are simply arranged this way by an all-wise, loving Creator. In a rather involved reading, Cayce explains the dynamics of this arrangement:

“The power comes in giving the expression of the inner self, letting the soul manifest while letting the personality of self become less and less in its desires, letting His desire be the ruling force.

As He gave out, so was the power, the ability, the experience His that He is, was, and ever will be the concrete expression of love in the minds, the hearts, the souls of men.

Then, broaden your field of activity. For the more and more that you have many [people] giving praises and thanks for the hope that you create in their minds and their hearts, greater is the experience and the ability of expression.

For the law, the love holds as He gave; one may cry aloud and long for self and yet never be heard, but where two or three are gathered in His name there is He in the midst of them. So, as you give out, the power is received.

“You may enter into your own closet and there meet your Savior within, but – as given – when you cry for self, and self alone, you close the door, you stand as a shadow before the altar of your god within yourself.

Give, then, in broader fields of activity, in every channel where those that are seeking may find; that are wandering, that are lame in body, lame in mind, halt in their manner of expression, that are blind to the beauties in their own household, their own hearts, their own minds. These you may awaken in all your fields.

And as you do, greater is your vision — and He will guide you, for He has given His angels charge concerning those that seek to be a channel of blessing to their fellow man; that purge their hearts, their bodies, of every selfish motive and give the Christ — crucified, glorified — a place in their stead.” 696-3.

The Secrets of the Golden Flower

Hugh Lynn Cayce served his father’s Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc. (A.R.E.), as chairman of the board before his death. He was also author of the book Venture Inward, an examination of safe and unsafe methods of exploring personal psychic experiences and The Outer Limits of Edgar Cayce’s Power which explores the relatively small number (200) of readings that appeared to be inaccurate.

Take a magical journey with Herb Puryear and Hugh Lynn Cayce to learn The Secrets of the Golden Flower. Based on an ancient esoteric tradition recorded on a series of wooden tablets in the eighth century, learn about the secret with excerpts from this lecture series. Review key teaching that symbolizes the path of awakening mind and blossoming into full potential as taught in Buddhism and Taoism and paralleled in the work of Edgar Cayce.

– or –

The Secret of the Golden Flower (“Tai Yi Jin Hua Zong Zhi”,《太乙金華宗旨》), a Chinese Taoist book about meditation, was translated by Richard Wilhelm (also translator, in the 1920s, of the Chinese philosophical classic the I Ching). Wilhelm, a friend of Carl Jung, was German, and his translations from Chinese to German were later translated to English by Cary F. Baynes.

According to Wilhelm, Lü Dongbin was the main originator of the material presented in the book. More recently (1991), the same work has been translated by Thomas Cleary, a scholar of Eastern studies. The text has also been considered as written by the Quanzhen School founder Wang Chongyang, student of Lü Dongbin.

Edgar Cayce’s Tour of Egypt

edgarcaycetv | January 10, 2011

Take a tour of Egypt from the Cayce perspective with A.R.E.’s most popular tour leader and head of Research, John Van Auken, in this A.R.E. DVD presentation available at



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  2. blessedistruth Says:


    Few people are aware, that there is in existence today, in the Archives in Rome, a description of Christ. It is contained in a report written nearly two thousand years ago, by a Roman, Publius Lentulus, to his Emperor, Tiberias. It reads:

    “There has appeared in Palestine a man who is still living and whose power is extraordinary. He has the title given him of Great Prophet, his disciples call him ‘Son of God’. He raises the dead and heals all sorts of diseases.”He is a tall, well proportioned man, and there is an air of severity in his countenance which at once attracts the love and reverence of those who see him. His hair is the colour of new wine from the roots to the ears, and thence to the shoulders it is curled and falls down to the lowest part of them. Upon the forehead, it parts in two after the manner of Nazarenes.

    “His forehead is flat and fair, his face without blemish or defect, and adorned with a graceful expression. His nose and mouth are very well proportioned, his beard is thick and the colour of his hair. His eyes are grey and extremely lively.

    “In his reproofs, he is terrible, but in his exhortations and instructions, amiable and courteous. There is something wonderfully charming in this face with a mixture of gravity. He is never seen to laugh, but has been observed to weep. He is very straight in stature, his hands large and spreading, his arms are very beautiful. “He talks little, but with a great quality and is the handsomest man in the world.”


    Rasa — Devotion


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    Dr. Stan
    « Reply #167 Today at 2:23pm »

    For those who have been following the wording we use, they will understand how coded messages underneath real stories are being transmitted via the media, as things move forward with the power of the societies in the background.

    In this case, with the New Guard (the Eagles) leading with power,

    instead of the Old Guard (J, LJ, and even the Illumes), THE OLD WAY OF DOING THINGS.

    One of the reasons behind Dr. D’s “experiment” to show the public who are “tuned in” to what’s real, is to show them how messages are passed, how power is moved, and what the real Majestic is like.

    All of us around the Eagles hope that all this is beneficial to the public, helping their understanding.

    We are working hard for your best interests in a really hard arena. We hope you understand.

    Love, truly, Stan (ADC, DotC, Maj)


    Jan 27, 2011, 1:51pm, majvisitor wrote:

    “Well, this public experiment of Dan’s, essentially dragging the non-direct NatSec issues into the light of day is showing the real face of Majestic and the links between what are said ahead of time and what happens afterward. I have to give him that!

    As a member of the Old Guard, who will be the next ADC to the DotK or DotC (undecided), I warn the members of Maj that it was ONLY

    the direct actions of the two (Dan and Marci)

    who just held Majestic’s possibilities to go to Charter, together.

    Had they not acted in the completely warlike fashion that they did, wreaking quick terrible damage on the Illuminati, we would be in deep trouble.

    The horrible consequences in the videos we have witnessed in the NIC, prevented the same group from the Illuminati from using

    its still unknown moles

    to attempt a power challenge.

    The limited losses on the Illuminati’s side would have translated to millions dead due to policies enacted in the wake of a successful power struggle against us.

    Just read what the ADC to the Desk of the Keystone wrote 5 days before the threat arrived on Dan’s doorstep, and 6 days before Dan and Marci filed their “walk” video where they discussed what must be done.

    They were right from the moment the threat was received, and the actions they took could just have saved millions of lives in policymaking.

    Today, instead of Davos having its focus on economic readjustment through arms negotiations, they are talking about INEQUALITY OF WEALTH AND HUMANITARIAN CONDITIONS. LJ”

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    Dr. Stan
    « Reply #169 Today at 3:05pm »

    “The Consistory of the Majestic, in its New Charter, is dedicated to, amongst other things, the advancement of human rights across planet earth. Make no mistake, be under no alternative allusions, it will use that influence it possesses in such advancements, and will, where necessary, apply its gravitas to the enforcement of such where ever necessary.”

    – Dr. Dan Crain (a.k.a. Burisch), Desk of the Compass, Majestic, 013111, 0600 Eastern Time, during “Negotiations relating to Egyptian Political and Social Outcomes.”

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    Dr. Marci
    « Reply #175 Today at 4:24pm »

    As long as I don’t have to listen, over PA or other, to the d**ned boring lectures with all the “what ifs” of “laws” leading to the opus, we’ll all get through this alive. M

  6. blessedistruth Says:

    Dr. Dan
    « Reply #176 Today at 4:45pm »

    I don’t believe that the average (yet wonderful) person reading here understands what is about to happen…regarding the opus.

    I am not sure if I have sufficiently, openly, expressed my feelings about the coming process or not?

    Simply put: the greatest obstacle to my completion of the opus is YOU…and for good reason. (Marcia)

    Honestly so…and that “YOU” isn’t meant in any “bad” way, what so ever!

    Your portions will not only provide easier descriptions of what I write…

    but we have agreed on a structure of point-counterpoint which will bring into stark relief

    the differing opinions, for both of us based in deep study, experience, and reflection, on the larger issue of “evolution.”

    Your significant history in field archaeology and paleontology, together with your mysticism and low tolerance for sci-babble and probability-speak, will be confronting

    my specific training in the Sciences and Maths, and

    while my cross-training in mystical teachings I believe are relevant to the issues at hand, your knowledge of the occult gives pause.

    I have no choice but to be forewarned that your willingness to confront positions will likely place us at odds on a few fronts, and that you will NOT back down just because I am the Scientist.

    Not only do I respect this situation, but I treasure it as one of the hardest confrontations I am likely to have during my life.

    Our agreement to make sure that both our positions are clearly published is both the best decision as well as one which will provide a balance to the work which many others seem to lack.

    Once Tier 1 opens, I am prepared to begin what will be at least a few-year-long process with you.


  7. blessedistruth Says:

    As mentioned briefly, the celestially aware companions entered in five different races.

    This was originally accomplished more in consciousness than in form, for their bodies did not immediately reflect true, pure human qualities but had to be developed toward this aim.

    At this early stage in man’s entry into the Earth, human qualities were more mental images than physical forms, and in order to convert them into physical reality,

    it was essential to work within the laws of evolution and genetics native to the earth.

    Ra Ta and his companions had finally achieved the perfected white body (originating in the Caucus and Carpathian areas, perfected in Egypt).

    The red had already been perfected (Atlantis and North America),

    as well as the brown (Lemuria and the Andes),

    the black (Sudan and Congo) and

    the yellow (Gobi area).

  8. blessedistruth Says:

    Page 4/8
    Page 5/8

    With the turning-back to the Creator’s plans and the turning-within to creative impulses, the creation of Eve was made necessary as a helpmate and a balance in the long struggle back to God which was to ensue.

    Eve was created by God and drawn in an instant from the soul-entity already in existence. “God said, Let there be life,” and there was life.

    Through Eve, the perfect complement to Adam, there was the channel for reproduction of the perfect race.

    Cain was born of physically perfect parents. Adam and Eve, with their contemporaries, were special creations and not evolu- tions from that which had already been created.

    Man did not descend from the monkey.

    Everything in the earth had been prepared for the coming of man.

    The immutable laws of nature were established for his life and sustenance.

    Through the law of relativity, the positive and the negative, man and woman experience earth;

    night and day, hot and cold, good and bad

    -all realized through the five physical senses via the reasoning of the mind.

    Yet always man retains-even unknowingly-the sixth, seventh and eighth senses.

    These are the psychic or extra- sensory factors of the soul which have gradually receded into the background as man has entered more and more into matter.

    The projection of the perfect race into matter occurred not only in the Garden of Eden-which the readings say was

    in Iran and the Caucasus

    -but in five different places in the earth at the same time.

    These five occupations in the world represented the five physical senses which are to be conquered before spiritual perfection can again be attained.

    There were 133 million souls in the earth at this time.

    The white race was in Iran, the Caucasus area along the Black Sea, and the Carpathian Mountains of Central Europe.

    The yellow race was in what was later to become the Gobi Desert of East Asia.

    The black race was in the Sudan and upper West Africa.

    The brown race was in the Andes and Lemuria, the continent lying then in the area of the Pacific Ocean.

    The red race was in Atlantis and America.

    The environment and climatic conditions determined the colour of the race.

    For all peoples, regardless of colour, were of one blood and members of the “perfect” race.

    Colour of the race merely adapted man to the conditions which were to be met, and symbolized the chief attribute of the people of that race.

    In the white race, sight or seeing was predominant or emphasized;

    in the red, feeling or emotion;

    in the yellow, hearing;

    in the black, gratification of the appetites; and

    in the brown, the emphasis on the sense of smell.

    The Jews, as a people, developed at a much later date.

    The Egyptians also came later, as a result of the mixture of red, black, and white races, in about 10,000B.C.

  9. blessedistruth Says:

    “Adam and Eve, with their contemporaries, were special creations and not evolu- tions from that which had already been created.”

    Yes, but even for a Loving Creator

    “it was essential to work within the laws of evolution and genetics native to the earth.”

    So both Creationists AND evolutionists are correct.

    (I read this book a long time ago, and can’t find the specific passage I’m looking for.)

  10. blessedistruth Says:

    “Go into the Chapel of Isaac, you will find Me there.”

    Starting on the Tuesday before Pentecost of
    the year 1405, the Lord appeared covered
    with His wounds to John of Huldenberg,
    master of the place. Only at the third apparition
    did our Lord speak ordering John “Go into the
    Chapel of Isaac, you will find Me there.” At the
    same time, the parish priest, Peter Ost, heard a
    voice instructing him to offer the Mass of the
    Holy Cross in the Chapel of Isaac. The following
    day the pastor summoned all the faithful to
    assist at Mass at the Chapel of Isaac.
    John of Huldenberg was among those present.
    The priest began the Mass, and when he unfolded
    the corporal he saw there a Particle of the large
    Host that had been consecrated the preceding
    Tuesday. He sought to receive the Host but the
    Eucharist clung to the corporal and began to

    Bleed. The priest turned white and John, who
    had observed everything, comforted him by
    saying: “Do not fear, this marvel comes from
    God”, and related his visions.
    For four days, that is until Tuesday
    after Pentecost, the Blood continued to flow,
    reaching the length of a finger in three breadths.
    Then, having stained the entire corporal, the
    Blood co-agulated little by little and dried up.
    The miracle was seen and attested to by many.
    The Bishop of Cambrai, Peter d’ Ailly, was
    informed of what happened and he decided to
    investigate personally and had the corporal
    in his care for some two years. Every attempt
    to remove the stains of Blood on the corporal
    were useless.

    The Bishop opened an investigation where testimonies
    were gathered regarding the prodigies
    wrought by the reliquary of the precious Blood.
    On June 16, 1410, the Bishop granted an indulgence
    of 40 days to those who visited the Chapel
    at Bois-Seigneur-Isaac. On May 3, 1413, he
    allowed the corporal to be venerated as a relic and
    established a solemn procession in honor of the
    miracle, along with public exposition of the
    Blessed Sacrament. Even today, every year on the
    Sunday following the Feast of the Birth of Mary,
    the citizens of Bois-Seigneur-Isaac come together
    in prayer to celebrate the memory of this
    Eucharistic miracle.

  11. blessedistruth Says:

    In 1405, on Tuesday before Pentecost, Knigh Jean de Huldenberghe (aka Jean du Bois) had a nightly vision.

    Christ appeared to him and asked him to find a doctor to heal his wounds.

    Jean did not understand the symbolic of the request and answered he was not aware of any doctor able to heal the wounds.

    Christ appeared again a month later with the same request; the next night, Jean and his brother locked themselves in the room but Christ appeared once again.

    Jean answered that he would not know where to send the doctor because he had no idea of whom the patient was (!).

    Christ told him to go to the chapel, where he would find and recognize him.

    Jean saw there Christ hanging on the cross and shedding a flood of blood down to the altar, and eventually recognized him.

    A few days later, Pierre Ost, the priest of Haut-Ittre was ordered by a voice to go to the chapel and celebrate mass there with Jean du Bois, still puzzled by his adventures.

    When trying to pick up a portion of a big consecrated host, he could not do it because of a strong resistance; then he saw blood droplets forming out of the host.

    Jean du Bois, eventually understanding what was happening, encouraged him to carry on the mass.

    At the end of the celebration, the host was releasing more and more blood without being altered in any way.

    Blood formed a film of liquid on which the host floated. After five days, blood stopped and started to coagulate and dry.

    The miracle was assessed by the famous Bishop of Cambrai Pierre d’Ailly, who did for two years a lot of experiments with the altar cloths stained by the miraculous blood.

    The altar was officially dedicated to the Miraculous Holy Blood, the Blessed Virgin and St. John the Baptist on 3 May 1411.

    Pierre d’Ailly, then appointed Cardinal, was required by Jean du Bois to confirm the miracle.

    Very careful, the Cardinal ordered a “process” (we would today say an audit) on 23 September 1413.

    On 18 October 1413, Pierre d’Ailly released a bull, still kept in the archives of Bois-Seigneur-Isaac, confirming the authenticity of the miracle and certifying the altar cloths to be a true relic.

    The Cardinal encouraged the set up of a pilgrimage, which was suppressed during the French Revolution and reestablished in 1896.

  12. blessedistruth Says:

    Pierre d’Ailly would not rule before exhausting all measures of prudence, which s’mposent in a matter of such importance: it ordered a trial information.

    Par lettre datées du 23 septembre 1413, il nomma commissaires de l’enquête, trois personnages ecclésiastiques de Nivelles.

    By letter dated September 23, 1413, he appointed commissioners of the investigation, three ecclesiastical personages of Nivelles.

    Le Doyen de Ste-Gertrude, le Prieur des Guillemins et le Révérend Père Gardien des Cordeliers.

    The Dean of St. Gertrude the Prior Guillemins and the Reverend Father Superior of the Franciscans.

    Les témoins furent choisis parmi les plus dignes de foi.

    The witnesses were chosen among the most reliable.

    Après avoir prêté serment sur les saints Evangiles, ils dirent ce qu’ils avaient vu lors de l’effusion du sang miraculeux; ils racontèrent les autres faits extraordinaires, qui étaient venus corroborer le caractère surnaturel du prodige: châtiments terribles infligés aux esprits forts qui s’en étaient raillés, secours merveilleux obtenus par les pieux fidèles en récompense de leur foi au Saint-Sang.

    After being sworn on the Holy Gospels, they said they had seen at the outpouring of the holy blood and they told other extraordinary events, who came to corroborate the nature of supernatural wonder: terrible punishment inflicted on thinkers who it was ridiculed, wonderful relief obtained by the pious believers as a reward for their faith in the Holy Blood.

  13. blessedistruth Says:

    Rebellion in the Land of the Pharaohs

    A man who places himself at the helm for three decades inevitably becomes the target of all



    Revolts of this kind are always a gamble on the unknown.

    At bottom, they are an attempt at self-purification, a society wishes to be done with the stain of submission to a dictator’s transgressions.

    Amid the tumult, what is so clear today is the hatred felt for the ruler and his immediate family.

    Reigns like Mr. Mubarak’s devour the green and the dry, as a favored Arab expression has it.

    The sycophants come to the fore and steal what they can.

    Those with heart and character and pride are hauled off to prison, or banished to the outer margins of public life.

    Mr. Mubarak has been merciless with his critics. For this isolated, aging man of the barracks, dissent is always treason.

    There remains, of course, the Muslim Brotherhood. It was in Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood was born in the late 1920s.

    The Brotherhood has been the alibi and the bogeyman with which Hosni Mubarak frightened the middle class at home and the donors abroad in Washington and Europe, who prop his regime out of fear that Egypt would come apart and the zealots would triumph.

    In one of the novels by the late Egyptian novelist and Nobel Laureate Naguib Mahfouz, a pharaoh is told by his lovely mistress Rabudis of rumors of pending rebellion, of popular disaffection.

    “And they say the priests are a powerful group with control over the hearts and the minds of the people.”

    But he smiles and answers. “But I am the stronger.”

    “What of the anger of the people my lord,” she asks?

    “It will calm down when they see me on my chariot.”

    We shall see if and how this modern-day pharaoh copes with a people determined to be rid of him.

    “out of fear that Egypt would come apart and the zealots would triumph”

    it depends on Egypt’s military, no?

    given what happened in Iran and elsewhere, we’d be foolish NOT to fear certain outcomes

    what do we have to lose by being fence sitters?

    if things go well we’ll be considered “on the wrong side of history”

    if things go south we’ll be better positioned to deal with the status quo or something much worse

  14. blessedistruth Says:

    Oldies, But Goodies

  15. blessedistruth Says:

    Egypt’s False Prophet


    … a poll last year shows strong support for an Islamist agenda.

    Over 80 percent support stoning adulterers;

    over three-fourths support whippings and the cutting off the hands of those that commit robbery;

    84 percent favor the death penalty for apostates and

    59 percent would vote for “Islamists” over “modernizers,” who would get only 27 percent of the vote.

    One-fifth express a favorable view of Al-Qaeda,

    30 percent view Hezbollah favorably, and

    49 percent view Hamas favorably.

    The other problem with Diehl’s analysis is that the opposition coalition has not stated how long of a period there would be before elections.

    The Brotherhood would push for a minimal delay so its opponents could not organize effectively.

    ElBaradei has tried to ease concerns about his alliance with the Brotherhood by estimating they would only have the support of “maybe 20 percent of the Egyptian people.”

    This is unlikely given the results of the aforementioned poll, but even if it were true, the Brotherhood would still be in a position to have a significant say over the direction of the government.

    The decision by the Brotherhood to rally behind ElBaradei is a trick to win power without bringing scrutiny that could derail its agenda.

    El-Baradei may not share the Brotherhood’s ideology, but his advent will empower the group and he will make Egypt an opponent of the U.S. and Israel and a friend to their enemies.

    With Hezbollah taking over Lebanon and Mubarak likely on his way out in Egypt, the balance of power has shifted in favor of Iran and its Islamist allies.

    The pro-American Arab regimes may feel they have to cave to Iran after having lost their powerful Egyptian ally.

    The fall of the Mubarak regime may pave the way for a Middle East whose future is dictated from Tehran.

    (A pessimistic interpretation to be sure, perhaps Egypt’s military won’t support ElBaradei.)

  16. blessedistruth Says:


    China invades U.S. with ‘free-trade zones’

    Will nation demand American assets in return for subsidizing Obama deficits?

    Posted: January 30, 2011


    A key argument of Corsi’s book, “America for Sale: Fighting the New World Order, Surviving a Global Depression, and Preserving USA Sovereignty,” is that China will not long continue to subsidize the Obama administration’s trillion-dollar annual federal budget deficits without demanding U.S. assets in return.

  17. blessedistruth Says:

    « Reply #188 Today at 11:00am »

    As stated before, the beta testing will take place at two locations in late February in Ft. McDowell, Arizona.

    The beta testing rounds (first in Ft. McDowell) will be for FREE.

    KNOWN MEMBERS of such science-fiction groups as Project Camelot are not invited to the beta testing.

    Members of selected other groups, and select individuals of known negative agendas will also be refused entry and participation with the Isis beta testing.

    So, if the Eagles know you are a person of negative agenda, you will simply be wasting your time trying to participate.

    Once the final product goes to market, and the service is available to the public with a fee attached, while Dr. Marci will maintain the right to refuse service to ANYONE, refusal will be CONDUCT-BASED, not AGENDA-BASED.


    “KNOWN MEMBERS of such science-fiction groups as Project Camelot are not invited”

    I do not wish to know all that transpired between EDO and PC.

    Isn’t it enough to say PC is wrong about this or wrong about that?

    And not generalize.

    Had it not been for PC, I may not have ever found Dan and Marcia.

    Why be so hurtful? It doesn’t seem godly to me.

  18. blessedistruth Says:

    « Reply #196 Today at 11:43am »

    The A-team will continue from Phoenix via air with the KING-11-2 to the New Consistory for filing.

    (If it reads as we all think it will, it spells the end of real infomation from behind the veil into organized ufology for as long as we can think.)

    After it is filed, the A-team will return to Phoenix, and prepare to be dropped the Eagles by the C-team, after the IUFOC and Isis is done.

    The A-team and the Eagles will then escort ISIS-P with the tiny ISIS-B back to Las Vegas.


    “the KING-11-2”

    I think that’s doc we’ve been waiting for.

    “the end of real infomation from behind the veil”

    what does that mean?!

  19. blessedistruth Says:

    Today at 11:52am, Dr. Stan wrote:

    Fran, I am confirming that K-11-2 will be transmitted from D to me, then transported from me to you for M, on Saturday, February 12, 2011.

    Part “A” (K11-2a) will be separately printed so the insider friends who will be with D and M in Ft. McDowell will get to see the determination.

    D has agreed to allow K11-2a unsealed, on top of the pouch, so that the core team can read it, but K11-2b, must be sealed and escorted under armed guard until it reaches M.

    As you know, she will cut open the pouch, review it and add her signature and report, then reseal it into a new pouch for transmittal to Washington, DC.

    At the DotK, the unsealed K11-2a is to be scanned/copied without a preserved file before entry to the pouch, and the single hardcopy is to be returned to D, at the DotC.



    2/12, gotcha. F

  20. blessedistruth Says:

    Dr. Dan
    « Reply #200 Today at 12:37pm »

    WHILE I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU, to understand this post in its entirely, please take notice to the TONE.

    We have been asked if this meeting of the IUFOC will bring the last time EVER Marcia and I (albeit most of the “myopics” simply say “Dr. Dan” ) will be seen at a “UFO Convention.”

    I was recently chided by a journalist about the appearance at all!

    I let him chide me, because I didn’t have sufficient interest in the conversation to engage his error.

    He said, “Well that was said before”…speaking about a time when he interviewed me. I look at specifics.

    I was SCHEDULED as an interviewee for that previous setting. I am not scheduled, nor is Marcia, as interviewees at this meeting of the IUFOC.

    Private interviews were taken by OMtv, and a large publication was completed, but if you look specifically, carefully, at the meeting’s agenda…you will see the name “SCHRATT.”

    The last time I looked, my name wasn’t Schratt. So…I let the person banter around…with little real interest.

    Marcia and I, per an internal verbal contract, agreed to make ourselves available for 15-20 minutes of Q/A following someone else’s (Schratt’s) scheduled presentation…NOT OUR OWN.

    Specifically…the agreement was that she would make me available, IF we are called for any Q/A on the decision of Michael Schratt.

    That IF is important. IF he doesn’t, we have somewhere else to be.

    Calls to us, given our status within Maj, will not magically cease because some (any) ufologist believes he has a line on any given truth.

    If an emergency call arrives to us on our secure cells while we may be standing on the stage, WE WILL TAKE THE CALL.

    Our Oath isn’t to ufology, it is to the PEOPLE.

    My prime focus at Ft. McDowell, aside from assisting Marcia in any way she asks relative the Isis beta testing, is spending some personal time with friends, showing them some inside things that the public will likely never see, and maybe even doing some work on ARGGO.

    The question is thus begged: the LAST EVER TIME? Marcia will make a statement from the stage, IF we are called to it.

    The statement will be clear, coherent, and unambiguous.

    Thank you.


  21. blessedistruth Says:

    Today at 12:54pm, majvisitor wrote:

    The self-absorbed loose cult leaders of organized ufology has had too much time, with too much information. If they can’t or refuse to put truth together by now, forget them. LJ


    Don’t play games, though…just to scare them. If the call comes in, God forbid, but if required…make it real.

    I have properly assessed where and what “they” are…and where and what we should do. I have made up my mind. M is in agreement. D

    (Abductees, esp MILABs, have suffered the most.)

    (I know there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that cannot be made public, but just how is revealing who the disinformers are going to help those who need the most help?)

  22. blessedistruth Says:

    This is my son, who turned 29 yesterday.

    Deconstructing Your Drum Beat

  23. blessedistruth Says:

    Cool song!


  24. blessedistruth Says:

    I found the passage I was looking for earlier.

    “the higher developed species of primates”

    Accordingly, the Sons of God set themselves to working at creation also (in accord with Divine guidance) and fashioned or evolved the flesh bodies which were intended to be the channels for man’s eventual release from – his material being.

    This was done by thought form projection

    through the glandular centers of the higher developed species of primates

    that were chosen as the most advantageous of the animals then inhabiting the earth (for the purposes and problems involved).

    Then the earth brought forth seed in her season, and man appeared in five places at once

    the five senses, the five reasons, the five spheres, the five developments, the five nations. (5748-1)

    Q. Did the appearance of what became the five races occur simultaneously ?

    A. Occurred at once.

    Q.. Are the places designated for the beginning of the five races correct?

    A. As we find-those in the Gobi, the yellow;

    the white in the Carpathians;

    the red in the Atlantean and in the American;

    the brown in the Andean;

    the black in the plain and the Sudan or in the African. (364-13)

    This emergence of the five races was parcel to the essential plan whereby the Sons of God could assist the Sons of Man in a return to consciousness of being with and through the Creator.

    And so the stage was set for the entering into Atlantis of Jesus as Amilius – the At-Man or First Adam.

    In the period then some 198,000 years before the entry of Ram into India,

    there lived in this land of Atlantis one Amilius,

    who had first noted the separations of the beings as inhabited that portion of the earth’s sphere or plane of those peoples,

    into male and female as separate entities or individuals.

    As to their forms in the physical sense, these were rather of the nature of thought forms,

    or able to push out of themselves in that direction in which development took shape in thought

    much in the way and manner as the amoeba would in the waters of a stagnant bay or lake in the present. (364-3)

  25. blessedistruth Says:

    The above passage can be found here:

    pp. 36 — 37

  26. blessedistruth Says:


    Gaining Momentum for Health Care Repeal?

    Feb 1, 2011

    – 6:10 –

    Sen. Jim DeMint says he has 44 Republican senators to support his ‘Obamacare’ repeal bill

  27. blessedistruth Says:

    ‘Obamacare Opt-Out’ Option Proposed

    Feb 1, 2011

    – 6:25 –

    Sens. Lindsey Graham and John Barrasso introduce bill that gives states the opportunity to opt out of health care reform mandates

  28. blessedistruth Says:

    Gov. Brewer on Health Care and Undercover Gun Stings

    Feb 1, 2011

    – 6:26 –

    Arizona governor applauds ruling against ‘Obamacare’ and reacts to New York Mayor Bloomberg’s investigation of guns sales in her state

  29. blessedistruth Says:

    Vulnerable Senate Dems under pressure to vote yes on repeal

    All 47 Republicans in the Senate are expected to vote for the repeal amendment when it comes to the floor. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said the vote will take place between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.

  30. blessedistruth Says:

    Muslim leaders nervous about congressional hearing

    January 19, 2011

    Possible witnesses, according to King, include Dutch critic of Islam Ayaan Hirsi Ali and M. Zuhdi Jasser, president and founder of Arizona-based American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

    Jasser is a sharp critic of leading American Muslim groups, whose agenda he calls “Islamist.”

    “We have to admit as Muslims that we need a 12-step program,” Jasser told POLITICO. “The first step is acceptance.”

    “If they don’t see us leading a charge for reform, they’re going to see us as part of the problem,” he said.

    Jasser is a rare Muslim voice welcoming the hearings.

    See also:

  31. blessedistruth Says:


    Page 14 of 14

    I am very fond of Dan and apparently today is his birthday!

    BORN: 02/02/64 – GROUNDHOG DAY!
    DATE: 02/02/2011

    Also, if you go here

    and here

    click on most recent post then scroll down to comments to see Dan Marcia and other Eagles posts of late

    I’ve been hard-pressed to find anyone discussing recent developments, which seem of the utmost importance.

  32. blessedistruth Says:

    I just posted the above here:

    So, we’ll see.

  33. blessedistruth Says:

    For example:

    Within The Majestic, it’s called “The Compass.”

    Dr. Dan
    « Reply #151 on Jan 3, 2011, 7:00pm »

    This is one of those (hopefully rare) occasions where Maj is interacting not necessarily “easily” with Eagles Disobey.

    There is NO DOUBT that you are in control of Eagles Disobey, that is unquestioned.

    Now…listen to me for a moment. Just as M has the right to overlook my ADC (Stan), I have the same right with M’s ADC (you).

    My job, this Desk is the hardest job I have ever had in my LIFE. That, too, is unquestionable.

    Part of my responsibilities is to overlook the ENTIRE OPERATION, AND EVERYONE IN IT, in almost a Fatherly way.

    That’s why, within The Majestic, it’s called “The Compass.”

    On receiving that Title, I carry a VERY OLD Compass that has been carried by every one before me…which isn’t too many people.


    People may see me with that Compass in my hand, as a “reminder of responsibilities” when we do what no other Compass or Keystone holders have EVER done before, or may EVER do again:

    speak openly in public with everyone’s knowledge of the responsibilities under which we labor.

    Inside that Compass is inscribed a statement which gives the care of this Organization to it’s Holder, and in a very special way…with the use of prose…arrowing to the times in which we live.

    While people may see me with it, I will not offer it to further inspection without Posted Armed Security.

    (I am speaking to other Agents, carrying things other than what M and I WILL be carrying, for our own self defense. What that may be, I will not say.)

    That could be frightening to people, and so we are still choosing to keep people as undercover and specially placed as possible.

    Unlike some others, whose letters people recently read, people with power of this kind do not wish to frighten anyone.

    I suspect that’s why certain individuals are carefully chosen.

    I have NO INTEREST in acting like others who would “get their rocks off” with power plays.

    I will do as I must and determine for the best, but it will remain balanced. THAT IS MY JOB.


    Now…I am doing a small cut of what would have been Clip 9.

    It speaks to what you (FRAN) did, because I want the public to see and hear how we feel about you and your work.

    Please standby as you wish.


  34. blessedistruth Says:

    Apr 2008?

    “Much reference is made to a couple of timelines apparently operating simultaneously with the occupiers of each trying to do things which justify/ensure their existence (P45s & P52s).

    Each group is trying to manipulate events now in order to get this done.

    Exactly what is it that happened just down our own timeline a little bit which initially gave rise to these two alternate timelines?

    (And can it really be possible that after all those millenia have passed, we apparently NEVER learned not to mess around with timelines in the first place?)

    Seems to me the only thing more fragile than life itself is the potentiality of a timeline. I would surely appreciate any explanation.”


    mongraal wrote:









    (it makes me a little crazy that almost no one is discussing this publicly. I mean I know about the Cycle Cross or whatever it’s called. We survived it according to Dan and Marcia and Fran and Stan and the rest of the Eagles Team. If memory serves, DonDep said he never bought into the future human theory. So I know how he feels and how others feel who believe Dan is either a nutter or a liar or who believe Dan was misled.)

    (Call me crazy but I believe Dan. I believe he would never deceive us. But he’s only human and he only knows what he knows. The Pope’s not infallible, and neither is Dan.)

    (So few are even aware of Dan’s story or what he and Marcia are doing now, which is fascinating.)

    (I want to believe that we survived the Cycle Cross, but I want to hear what others believe. Even some who are not friendly with Dan believed his testimony. This is too important not to discuss.)

  35. blessedistruth Says:

    “To: The Most Honorable Dr. Danny B Catselas Burisch, Majestic ID# H-6196-E

    From: The Most Honorable MJ#1, for the Consistory of the Majestic 12, Washington, D.C.

    Within and for the Consistory of this Majority assembled;

    by order of the Majestic 12, in Formal High Session, Thursday, October 12, 2005 A.D.,

    you are hereby instructed, ordered, and enjoined to the best of your abilities and talents

    to present the truth of the extraterrestrial reality, as you have personally known it, on dates yet to be established, to the population of the world.

    You will conduct this disclosure with the application of your sacred honor, without regard for personal security, and in an unwavering manner

    rely upon the Truth and the countenance of Almighty God as your personal defense.

    Know now that you have the personal assurance of the Majestic 12 that none shall prevail against you, that your message shall be

    for the unity of humanity during the time of the cycle’s cross.

    Such supremacy of word, but subordinate to God, is established by Treaty with the future extraterrestrial intelligences.

    You are hereby held to all ethical and moral boundaries, as in keeping with the standards set forth for Senior Agents of the Majestic 12.

    May God be with you, O’ Son of the Majestic!

    We will stand, unanimous and adjourned to your purpose.

    Your acceptance of this order is hereby requested forthwith.”

    ——————–~ addendum ~——————–

    We have also been reporting for a number of years now, that the space in which our solar system is floating, contains attributes described in the prophetic writings of many cultures, not least among which – the Mayan Prophecies for 2012.

    Dan’s final orders from Majestic, on October 12, 2005, contained the words,

    “…that your message shall be for the unity of humanity during the time of the cycle’s cross.”

    The words, “…the cycle’s cross.” are the operative terms for the conditions we have reported, just above.

    A single longer cycle, may contain many smaller ones.

    Many cycles: celestial, human-induced, and prophetic are crossing at this moment, and so we are better served to have our awareness raised of the changes being wrought upon our world.”


  36. blessedistruth Says:

    Posted: Mon May 15, 2006 9:47 pm

    Hi, Fita!

    There is a dual thing to this- the trigger for the catastrophe is being handled.

    That trigger is a variety of technology which would perturb the earth as we experience higher energies from the Cosmos and our Sun.

    Those items are being handled, around the globe, by force of arms.

    Know this- we are presently in the position from whence the catastrophe came for the J-Rods and Orions.

    It’s here…it’s now…and we are handling it. The threat will remain in our presence for a few years to come.

    The real upside to this is where your question comes in!

    The natural energies in this section of the galaxy are very conducive (if what I have been told is thoroughly accurate) to positive enhancements to our gene pool.

    As previously stated to John…the appearance of a higher than normal incidence of special children (so called Indigo children) acts, in some ways, as testimony to that as fact.

    There is a long history of wisdom supporting the position that when one orients oneself to the positive…their energies…and I think positive energies drawn from the Cosmos (God if you will) increase!

    The orders under which I am bound…and they are good orders…say exactly the following:

    “To: The Most Honorable Dr. Danny B Catselas Burisch, Majestic ID# H-6196-E

    From: The Most Honorable MJ#1, for the Consistory of the Majestic 12, Washington, D.C.

    Within and for the Consistory of this Majority assembled; by order of the Majestic 12, in Formal High Session, Thursday, October 12, 2005 A.D., you are hereby instructed, ordered, and enjoined to the best of your abilities and talents to present the truth of the extraterrestrial reality, as you have personally known it, on dates yet to be established, to the population of the world. You will conduct this disclosure with the application of your sacred honor, without regard for personal security, and in an unwavering manner rely upon the Truth and the countenance of Almighty God as your personal defense. Know now that you have the personal assurance of the Majestic 12 that none shall prevail against you, that your message shall be for the unity of humanity during the time of the cycle’s cross.

    Such supremacy of word, but subordinate to God, is established by Treaty with the future extraterrestrial intelligences. You are hereby held to all ethical and moral boundaries, as in keeping with the standards set forth for Senior Agents of the Majestic 12.

    May God be with you, O’ Son of the Majestic! We will stand, unanimous and adjourned to your purpose.

    Your acceptance of this order is hereby requested forthwith.”

    The above words were read to me on October 12, 2005, they are to what I am bound, and they are the words as part of a much longer speech read to my team on Sunday, May 14, 2006.

    They say something very important, and something that the naysayers, prophets of doom (whomever they may be), and the opponents who would wish us all ill, should well read-

    “…that your message shall be for the unity of humanity during the time of the cycle’s cross.”

    The wisdom of the ancients, in support of orienting ourselves to the positive, are clearly heard in that statement, aren’t they?

    On the last day before the LookingGlass at S4 and Tw-NTS were dismantled, and the same day they were also dismantled in India,

    many of the J#’s and senior line agents (of which Marcia and I are two)

    gathered at a special session, at S4, with the senior operators of Project LookingGlass.

    What we first saw were two visions, projected from recorded film, of the future which began oscillating back and forth, from one set of scenes to another…from catastrophe to surival, back to catastrophe, and back to survival.

    As the last couple of years have passed (as evidenced by time/date stamps on the film), the pace of the oscillation so increased, that by the time we were watching it live that day, after watching the films, the pace oscillated back and forth so fast we could no longer determine a coherent scene.

    We then viewed the confidence data, suggesting that the amount of time spent in one scene, versus the amount of time spent in another scene, indicated mathematically that there remains a LOW LIKELIHOOD of catastrophe.

    (The predominance of one and the minor in the other were obscured by the very pace of the oscillation…only able to be discerned by computer.)

    The statistically computed time-lengths are apparently how they determine such matters, and have been (as I understand it) proven through prior controlled tests.

    The project managers then moved the equipment and changed the settings to a time past the very rapid oscillation, to a time just beyond the point of the “fork in our collective road”…which also oscillated back and forth…catastrophe to survival, back to catastrophe, and back to survival…

    but as those events were farther off…the oscillation was slower and we could watch the individual scenes.

    We watched the devastation events (T2), and earth changes accompanying a time of survival (T1)…a time we are in now.

    What stuck out in the T2 scenario, was what we heard of other people (scientists) in another facility, underground, saying, “They had it in their hands and they let it go!”

    Another yelled, “We could have had unity, but they swayed, and now we’re all dead!”

    Following that visit to S4, on October 12, 2005, I was provided the orders above.

    So, after experiencing that…and actually watching J#’s weeping in the same room… …well…you can see the critical necessity for me to stay to my orders,

    and if for nothing else, that I will be able to say I did everything I could…for the UNITY OF HUMANITY DURING THE TIME OF THE CYCLE’S CROSS.

    To answer your question then…YES!

    Stay positive, accept the positive energies that this beautiful portion of the Cosmos has to offer us…and we shall move forward…in UNITY…to the future intended the Children of God.

    Love, Dan

  37. blessedistruth Says:

    I’m kinda right in the middle of something, so I was looking for some music I could play in the background.


  38. blessedistruth Says:


  39. blessedistruth Says:

    New Thread:

    The Unofficial Dan Burisch Chronicles Part One

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  41. blessedistruth Says:


    New Thread:

    The Unofficial Dan Burisch Chronicles Part One

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