Kolomoisky threatens to hang all of Tsarov’s relatives in the public square and informs him that he has put out a 1 million dollar price tag on his head

16 May, 13:34
US coup failed in Ukraine: Kiev junta’s days are numbered

US coup failed in Ukraine: Kiev junta's days are numbered

The western backed junta in Kiev, installed in February of this year after years of planning by the US/CIA/USAID/NATO/EU and billions of dollars spent on NGOs, destabilization teams, installing and paying for puppets and training, arming and backing far right nazi paramilitary groups and paying mercenaries from the Greystone private CIA army, may finally be showing the first signs of what has to be its imminent demise. Unless the breakup of Ukraine was the plan all along (which may be a possibility) the imminence of that demise should have been forecasted as well as the fact that the Ukrainian people would never support nazis in power. Knowing US foreign policy and their disasters all over the world one might then assume that Ukraine was just another failed US operation of historic proportions carried out by ignorant myopic planners delusional in their own invincibility.

Killing of Civilians Continues Despite Protests

The nazi junta’s military operations against civilians and those opposed to them continue without a break or a hint of letting up in Ukraine. The junta has refused to listen to the people of Ukraine, international bodies, human rights organizations, Russian officials and even other members in the coup’s own Rada who have become more and more vocal in their protests against the brutal regime of Turchinov, Yatsenyuk and the Right Sector.

The outrage in Russia, Ukraine and other countries where access to real reports and footage of Right Sector paramilitaries and what are supposed to be Ukrainian regular army forces gunning down unarmed civilians in the street is growing. The crimes of the junta continue to multiply on an hourly basis as they desperately attempt to force their stay in power against a people who want nothing to do with them. The television footage of Right Sector nazis beating to death civilians who are attempting to crawl away in pools of their own blood and the of fully armed and equipped soldiers shooting unarmed civilians cowering in terror is almost too much to stomach.

Entire Regions Flee Ukraine (Banderastan)

The nazis of Svoboda and the Right Sector and their leaders Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, Klitschko and the like have done nothing but bring misery and destruction to the Ukrainian state and the Ukrainian people. In their drive to fulfill the orders of their western paymasters and backers to enslave Ukraine to the IMF/NATO/EU/US, Nuland’s triumvirate and the Banderavites and to attempt to maintain their desperate hold on power, the junta is bringing Ukraine to a state of all out civil war and complete and total economic collapse.

So far as a result of the nazi junta’s illegal takeover of the Ukrainian Government Crimea has left Ukraine and reunified with Russia and the Donetsk and Lugansk regions have held democratic referendums and declared their independence with many more neighboring regions soon to follow.

Murder of Civilians by Right Sector in Ukraine

More details continue to come out regarding the horrible deaths at the House of Trade Unions in Odessa with the head of the Emergency Services Vladimir Bodelan, who was at the scene being dismissed for publishing his eyewitness version of the events on his Facebook page. According to the eyewitness account of the veteran rescuer, who has seen his share of bodies and death, what he saw at the House of Trade Unions was so horrible that it “cannot be real”.

In his expert opinion he says the people in the House of Trade Unions all died in seconds and not the slow death of smoke inhalation. He also accounted how people were beaten to death and how the Right Sector brutally killed the people as well as how many people were able to successfully escape the burning building on their feet and then died suddenly on the spot.

He writes that even before the fire and smoke began pouring out of the House of Unions, on floors where there was no fire people were running to the windows trying to get fresh air to breathe. Again this was before the fire. He is 100% certain they were not affected by smoke from the fire. The head of the Emrgency Services says that his rescuers saved more than 350 people, and according to unofficial accounts there were more than 100 people killed in the fire.

oleh tsariov 5 Олег-Царев

Igor Kolomoisky Behind Odessa Tragedy Order Murder of Tsarov

In telephone conversations released on the internet even more details are coming out about the real situation in Ukraine. This time a conversation between former Ukrainian presidential candidate Oleg Tsarov, who was publically beaten and the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. During the conversation Kolomoisky threatens to hang all of Tsarov’s relatives in the public square and informs him that he has put out a 1 million dollar price tag on his head.

In the second conversation that was released between Jacob Epstein the counsel of Israel in Ukraine and Oleg Noginsky, during which Noginsky speaks about the above mentioned conversation, Kolomonsky’s role in Odessa is revealed. The most chilling aspect of the conversation is the revelation that in the 72 hours before the conversation took place 16 of the people who had been arrested or rescued from the Odessa fire had already been killed with Noginsky saying that 2 of them were “cut” near their home. The name of the Igor Palitsa, the head of the Odessa region was also mentioned as being involved. Noginsky says Palitsa sees himself as a new Hitler and there will be a new nazi Germany in part of Ukraine.

According to Tsarev yesterday three buses of people in black paramilitary uniforms arrived at what they thought was his home (actually his neighbors) and destroyed everything inside and then set it on fire.

Turchinov and nazi Junta Finally Face Resistance in Rada

Alexander Efremov the Chairman of the Party of Regions faction openly stated that the current situation in the Verkhovna Rada is the height of hypocrisy as he led a demarche of the faction out of the Rada. The move was supported by the Communist faction.

The Party of Regions MP protested the fact that in eastern Ukraine innocent people are being killed and blamed what he called Turchinov’s team. He stated that when asked to suspend the anti-“terrorist” operation the Rada pretends that nothing is happening.

Most likely such honest and brave shows of resistance to the junta will multiply as the junta continues to kill and terrorize the civilian population of Ukraine.

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    #Kolomoisky #референдум #Россия #Путин #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк

    Kolomoisky threatens to hang all of Tsarov’s relatives in the public square and informs him that he has put out a 1 million dollar price tag on his head


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    #Kolomoisky #референдум #Россия #Путин #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк

    The third richest man in the country Ihor Kolomoisky,

    appointed by the government of Kiev governor of Dnipropetrovsk,

    from where Unleashes “1st Army of the Dnieper” which fund

    offers cash rewards for anyone captive “saboteurs” of surrender and

    threatening telephone, as leaked,

    despite the pro-Russian candidate Oleg Tsarov

    little that has been outlawed for 12 million dollars.

    Ο τρίτος πλουσιότερος άνθρωπος της χώρας Ihor Kolomoisky, διορίσθηκε από την κυβέρνηση του Κιέβου κυβερνήτης του Ντνιεπροπετρόφσκ, απ΄ όπου εξαπολύει την “1η Στρατιά του Δνείπερου” την οποία χρηματοδοτεί, προσφέρει χρηματικά έπαθλα για όποιον αιχμάλωτο “σαμποτέρ” του παραδοθεί και απειλεί τηλεφωνικά, όπως διέρρευσε, τον φιλορώσο παρ΄ ολίγον υποψήφιο Oleg Tsarov ότι έχει επικηρυχθεί για 12 εκατ. δολάρια.

    Source: http://www.capital.gr


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    #ОлегаЦарева #OlegTsarev #Kolomoisky #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк

    Armed men burned a garage and a car Oleg Tsarev in Dnepropetrovsk
    May 21, 2014 9:57

    A group of unidentified burned in the village of Kodak near Dnepropetrovsk car garage and a member of parliament , former presidential candidate of Ukraine Oleg Tsarev , “Interfax ” , the press service of the regional department of the State Service for Emergency Situations .

    According to local police , a group of 8-9 persons unknown entered the territory of the home Tsarev and threatened reprisals against the guard set fire to the basement garage and machine using a flammable liquid .

    On this fact openly criminal proceedings po.ch.2st.194 Penal Code ( arson ) .

    Tsar himself on his page on ” Facebook ” wrote about the incident as follows:

    “Tonight burned my house in Dnipropetrovsk.

    Arrived in two buses by armed men in two in the morning and threw Molotov cocktails house .

    Forwards felt confident .

    How burned – filmed on camera , probably to account for the work done.

    Near the house is full of shell casings . ”

    He also said that his family left from Dnepropetrovsk , so no one was hurt .


    Вооруженные люди сожгли гараж и машину Олега Царева в Днепропетровске
    21 мая 2014 года 09:57

    Группа неизвестных подожгла в поселке Кодаки под Днепропетровском гараж и машину депутата парламента, бывшего кандидата в президенты Украины Олега Царева, сообщили “Интерфаксу” в пресс-службе облуправления Госслужбы по ЧС.

    По данным местной милиции, группа неизвестных из 8-9 человек проникла на территорию дома Царева и под угрозой расправы над охранником подожгли подвальный гараж и машину с помощью легковоспламеняющейся жидкости.

    По данному факту открыто уголовное производство по.ч.2ст.194 Уголовного кодекса (поджог).

    Сам Царев на своей страничке в “Фейсбуке” написал о произошедшем так:

    “Сегодня ночью сожгли мой дом в Днепропетровске.

    Приехали на двух автобусах вооруженные люди в два часа ночи и забросали дом коктейлями Молотова.

    Нападающие чувствовали себя уверенно.

    То, как сжигали – снимали на камеру, наверное, чтобы отчитаться за проделанную работу.

    Возле дома полно стреляных гильз”.

    Он также отметил, что его родные уехали из Днепропетровска, поэтому никто не пострадал.


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    #ОлегаЦарева #OlegTsarev #Kolomoisky #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк

    AS BURNED my house my house tried to set fire to and before.

    But then mistakenly burned the House of the neighbors (https://www.facebook.com/oleg.tsarov/posts/469640123168359).

    Even earlier, on May 7, burned my parliamentary office in Dnepropetrovsk


    And yesterday night after 2.00 pm, drove cars, went out armed men in camouflage and wearing


    They climbed over the fence, opened the gate and stormed into the yard. Alarms did not work-you can see it was spoiled.

    The weapons did not exist. So they threw him to the ground and was advised not to twitch, if want to live.

    The attackers were confident and brazen. When the dog jumped on them, fired shots in the air.

    Entered through a broken window and a side staircase at home.

    Very good it focused.

    Then came down into the underground car park and threw a Molotov cocktail machine there.

    A fire broke out. Completely burned garage, machine and most of the houses. Affected and the neighbouring garage.

    The House started to build still my father. Once there was just wasteland. I finished the construction.

    I was told the police that the site works laboratory.

    Upon investigation by the investigation unit of the POLICE DEPARTMENT of the Dnepropetrovsk-h. 2 article 194 of the Criminal Code (intentional destruction of property).

    Source: http://www.facebook.com/TsarovOleg/posts/1488489661362435

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    dark star darkstar andy lloyd chem trails chemtrails roxy lopez james gilliland eceti friendship paola harris hildegarde staninger one cell one light Walter Cruttenden binary research institute edgar cayce nibiru holograph hologram ascension dimension nick begich haarp ufo ufos ovni ovnis kolbrin

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    #chemTrails #GMO #Monsanto

    4-30-14- Dr. Hildy®-Dr. Marvin Anderson – Dr. Don Huber – GMOs AUTISM GLYPHOSATE


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    #chemTrails #GMO #Monsanto

    4-30-14- Dr. Hildy®-Dr. Marvin Anderson – Dr. Don Huber – GMOs AUTISM GLYPHOSATE



    [Audio clips here if BTR not cooperating.]

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    #GRAS #GMO #DelaneyClause

    While the 1958 Delaney Clause, an amendment to the Food
    Drug and Cosmetics act, required the FDA to ban any food
    additives shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals,
    Congress grandfathered nearly 1,000 chemicals “generally
    regarded as safe” (GRAS).

    (If GRAS sounds familiar, it is the
    same standard that allowed Genetically Modified Organisms
    (GMO’s) to be approved with little or no testing.)


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    #chemTrails #GMO #Monsanto

    GMO Health Impacts
    Don M. Huber, Professor Emeritus, Purdue University


  10. blessedistruth Says:

    #chemTrails #GMO #Monsanto

    Letter to Secretary Vilsack from Dr. Huber – Roundup May Be Causing Animal Miscarriages and Infertility

    A team of senior plant and animal scientists have recently brought to my attention the discovery of an electron microscopic pathogen that appears to significantly impact the health of plants, animals, and probably human beings.

    Based on a review of the data, it is widespread, very serious, and is in much higher concentrations in Roundup Ready (RR) soybeans and corn—suggesting a link with the RR gene or more likely the presence of Roundup.

    This organism appears NEW to science!

    This is highly sensitive information that could result in a collapse of U.S. soy and corn export markets and significant disruption of domestic food and feed supplies.


  11. blessedistruth Says:

    #chemTrails #GMO #Monsanto

    “Some of our scientists are the ones who are the most difficult
    —and the biggest impediment to better research—

    because they’re funding is dependent on the very same agrichemical companies like Monsanto that are producing Roundup,”

    says Dr. Don Huber, professor emeritus of plant pathology at Purdue University

    (who for years consulted with Monsanto scientists).


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    #chemTrails #GMO #Monsanto

    Dr. Don Huber, Emeritus Professor of Plant Pathology at Purdue University, is known for his research about Roundup’s® hazards.

    Dr. Huber has several publications on agricultural bioterrorism and supports an increase of research on glyphosate’s effects on humans, animals, and the environment.

    In his unpublished work titled,

    “Is Glyphosate a Contributing Cause of Bee Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)?,”

    Dr. Huber hypothesizes,

    “The focus on insecticides and their acute toxicity may have resulted in over-looking the direct and indirect chronic effects of glyphosate as a contributing factor to bee colony collapse disorder.”


  13. blessedistruth Says:

    #chemTrails #GMO #Monsanto

    Prof. Don Huber


    Professor Huber gave me permission to post his 70.9 MB power point presentation for this talk. HERE it is.

    (Don’t click unless you want to download ppt – Link below)

    The battle lines are drawn over safety of genetically modified plants and animals between the corporations that make them, and farmers and consumers expected to handle and eat them.

    Don Huber is Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology.

    He taught, researched and published at Purdue University for thirty-five years on plant physiology, microbiology, pathology and soil-borne disease control.

    Huber came out of retirement to speak out on the dangers of glyphosate and genetically modified plants.

    Monsanto already launched a campaign to discredit him in spite of his impeccable credentials that even include his work, from 1963 to 1971, at the U.S. Army Edgewood Proving Ground and Ft. Detrick Biological Laboratories in Maryland.

    There he did research on chemical and biological warfare, qualifying him well for his current work on GMOs.

    Don Huber came from the land. He grew up on a citrus and poultry farm in Arizona and later a dairy farm in Idaho.

    He worked his way through college at a sawmill, in construction, washing pots and pans, and janitorial jobs.

    Huber came to the second annual Heirloom Seed Expo in Santa Rosa, California, in September 2012, to present his research.

    Recorded 9/12/2012

    For a broadcast quality mp3 version of Part ONE click HERE

    [audio src="http://archive.today/o/S3Zpv/http://www.tucradio.org/DonHuberONE.mp3" /]

    For a broadcast quality mp3 version of Part TWO click HERE

    [audio src="http://archive.today/o/S3Zpv/http://www.tucradio.org/DonHuberTWO.mp3" /]



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    [audio src="http://www.jmccanneyscience.com/JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_May_22_2014.mp3" /]

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    Louis A. Frank, known for comet theory, dies at 75


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    #chemTrails #climateEngineering #jamesMcCanney #plasmadischargecometmodel #HAARP

    May 23, 2014 posting …

    this week i am concentrating on

    a long series of discoveries over the past 60 years dealing with solar system physics that were completely unknown and unexpected and

    give an honorary review of the work of Dr Louis A. Frank who died this past week …

    listen as i relate it to climate issues as an extension of last week’s radio show … jim mccanney

    [audio src="http://www.jmccanneyscience.com/JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_May_22_2014.mp3" /]

    Louis A. Frank, known for comet theory, dies at 75



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    #Jupiter Great Red Spot Now Just Pretty Good

    Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, once estimated to be 41,000 kilometers across, is just 16,500 kilometers wide in the latest Hubble Space Telescope observations, and the shrinking seems to be accelerating. Clara Moskowitz reports

    May 22, 2014



    See also:

    … McCanney’s book focuses on the alignments with comets and planets and their apparent influence on Earth in the form of cyclone and hurricane storms.

    On the subject of hurricanes, McCanney writes:

    … the reason hurricanes lost power when they approached land was that the powering electrical current from the ionosphere to the cloud tops and to the Earth’s surface had no connection (anode) while over the ocean…

    so it drew up vast surface areas of ionized air from the ocean surface and sucked them up a central column

    (the spinning vortex was caused by the moist air rising “up the drain”)…

    whereas the land provided a “ground” for the current and therefore it shunted out the storm’s power source…

    the Great Red Spot on Jupiter

    (and the many smaller storms as well as the “sun spots” on the sun)

    are nothing more than ongoing hurricanes,

    but since there are not land masses to “stop them”,

    they keep going on forever, and continue to circle in these giants in their huge stormy atmospheres.

    The giant gas “planets” and the Sun [have] many counter-rotating rings of electrical currents that are just like the three “jet streams” that circle Earth.
    (pp. 71 – 72)



    @ 21:50

    Why does Jupiter’s Great Red Spot diminish in size?

    The solar electrical activity is way down

    We’re seeing that on Earth

    We’re seeing that in the actual cooling of Earth

    The tremendous cold winters we’ve had in the past years

    The solar energy output is diminished

    The solar energy spectrum is very strange

    We’re actually getting more UV light

    Less of the visible Light

    The Light part of the energy equation is diminished

    AND the Electrical part (EE)

    The comets we’ve seen lately are not as vibrant

    They’re not as powerful as other comets in the past

    The solar energy, the electrical solar energy has been diminished

    THAT is the real reason for the diminishing size of the GREAT Red Spot of Jupiter

    It’s connecting to the ionosphere

    Why is it red?

    It’s pulling up that heavier Sulfur Dioxide

    The chemicals that are deeper down in the atmosphere of Jupiter

    It’s pulling them up the column just like a hurricane and spilling out and over

    We’re looking down the eye of a hurricane on Jupiter

    The lower level chemicals being ushered up into the upper level chemicals which are mainly the lighter Hydrogen compounds.

    It’s a system that is basically driven by solar energies, Electrical Energy (EE)

    Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is highly electrical

    A lot of magnetic field activity related to it

    That is connected to outer space, it’s like a long cometary tentacle attached to Jupiter

    Just like on Earth we have long plasma tentacles in outer space that connect down to the regions of the upper atmosphere which then connect down into the severe storm systems down below

    A hurricane will have a commensurate path all the way up to the ionosphere

    That extends out into space as a plasma sheath that is connecting to our upper atmosphere

    Remember that when I talk about Lou Frank … That is something that he physically measured

    That’s the issue with Jupiter’s Great Red Spot …

    [This is from McCanney’s most recent radio show, which I’ll have more on later.]

  19. blessedistruth Says:

    @ 21:50

    Why does Jupiter’s Great Red Spot diminish in size?

    The solar electrical activity is way down

    We’re seeing that on Earth

    We’re seeing that in the actual cooling of Earth

    The tremendous cold winters we’ve had in the past years

    The solar energy output is diminished

    The solar energy spectrum is very strange

    We’re actually getting more UV light

    Less of the visible Light

    The Light part of the energy equation is diminished

    AND the Electrical part (EE)

    The comets we’ve seen lately are not as vibrant

    They’re not as powerful as other comets in the past

    The solar energy, the electrical solar energy has been diminished

    THAT is the real reason for the diminishing size of the GREAT Red Spot of Jupiter

    It’s connecting to the ionosphere

    Why is it red?

    It’s pulling up that heavier Sulfur Dioxide

    The chemicals that are deeper down in the atmosphere of Jupiter

    It’s pulling them up the column just like a hurricane and spilling out and over

    We’re looking down the eye of a hurricane on Jupiter

    The lower level chemicals being ushered up into the upper level chemicals which are mainly the lighter Hydrogen compounds.

    It’s a system that is basically driven by solar energies, Electrical Energy (EE)

    Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is highly electrical

    A lot of magnetic field activity related to it

    That is connected to outer space, it’s like a long cometary tentacle attached to Jupiter

    Just like on Earth we have long plasma tentacles in outer space that connect down to the regions of the upper atmosphere which then connect down into the severe storm systems down below

    A hurricane will have a commensurate path all the way up to the ionosphere

    That extends out into space as a plasma sheath that is connecting to our upper atmosphere

    Remember that when I talk about Lou Frank … That is something that he physically measured

    That’s the issue with Jupiter’s Great Red Spot …

    [This is from McCanney’s most recent radio show, which I’ll have more on later.]

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    #plasmadischargecometmodel #Jupiter Great Red Spot Now Just Pretty Good

    Why does Jupiter’s Great Red Spot diminish in size?

    The solar electrical activity is way down

    We’re seeing that on Earth

    We’re seeing that in the actual cooling of Earth

    The tremendous cold winters we’ve had in the past years

    The solar energy output is diminished

    The solar energy spectrum is very strange

    We’re actually getting more UV light

    Less of the visible Light

    The Light part of the energy equation is diminished

    AND the Electrical part (EE)

    The comets we’ve seen lately are not as vibrant

    They’re not as powerful as other comets in the past

    The solar energy, the electrical solar energy has been diminished

    THAT is the real reason for the diminishing size of the GREAT Red Spot of Jupiter


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    Thought of the Day – Sub Page – jmccanneyscience.com …

    the following video is REAL regarding the US military and “chem trails” ….. flu just like SARS and other mil versions of the “flu” virus) … all of this to cover the real …… near a remote beach looking for old mayan ruins … i will remember the exact …

    Weekly Radio Show – jmccanneyscience.com : How to …

    Special update on the link between chem trails and SARS: about a year ago i was … x history and my archaeology surveying of Mayan ruins as well as SARS) .

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    Hi oz! Has it occurred to you that these “Planes” “Helicopters” etc are actually shapeShifting creatures? If so, how do you know for sure they are evil? If I had to I’d guess Spirit just trying to get your attention, maybe even departed loved ones. Spirit Avatars so to speak. Something is fundamentally different about our 3D reality, maybe we’re experiencing both 3D AND 4D at same time. Have you seen them pop into reality, seemingly out of nowhere? Also I do believe I’ve imaged them – what they really look like

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    #ОлегЦарев #OlegTsarev #Kolomoisky #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк

    WE MUST NOW ENGAGE in CREATING a very important component of the past

    today in Donetsk the popular front began to focus on what we have already started working on

    the rehabilitation of social and economic environment in new Russia and are prepared to step up its efforts in this direction.

    The Manifesto highlights a few areas that we consider to be priorities:

    education, medicine, new technology, modern industry and infrastructure.

    In addition, we see our new State legal and social, so special attention will be given to the poor and vulnerable.

    It may seem odd that in a civil war, we are thinking about such things as poor or new technologies, but that is exactly what we ask people in the South-East.

    I talk to lots of people in all parts of the new Russia, and everywhere I am asked not about win or not is no doubt that we will win.

    Ask about how we will live in the future?

    What we will do with the oligarchs, as we will raise the level of social protection of the population, and what priorities in economic development, we will see how to upgrade an existing economic infrastructure, in General, fairly archaic?

    Why do people ask?

    They want to know whether or not the future we want to build, the hardships that people are going today.

    That is, you have to understand that our position on issues that many seem ill-timed victory depends on nothing less than success in armed confrontation between troops of the junta.

    After all, the answers to these questions only and can provide support, without which all of our efforts will be futile.

    Today we got a huge mandate of trust from the residents of the new Russia, but we have this mandate to confirm all the time!

    We should not forget another aspect of our socio-economic programme.

    We insist on preserving and restoring economic cooperation with Russia.

    Furthermore, we look forward to the expansion of this cooperation.

    And this direction of development of economy of the new Russia is part of the mandatory requirements, prepare for peace talks with Kiev.

    But we must now define our proposals of Russia and understand what her interests are and what our capabilities,

    to ensure that our plans were not just prekrasnodušnymi gusts,

    and filled with real proposals of the development strategy.

    Thus, today, reformatting that its basis is resistance movement, that is,

    that even this morning merâlos′ negative characteristics,

    and just responded to the question “who?” is becoming a new movement of development and building a new future.


    Очень важной составляющей прошедшего сегодня в Донецке съезда Народного фронта стал акцент на то, что мы уже сегодня начали работать над восстановлением социально-экономической среды в Новороссии и готовы наращивать усилия в этом направлении. В принятом Манифесте указаны некоторые области, которые мы считаем приоритетными: образование, медицина, новые технологии, современная промышленность и инфраструктура. Кроме того, мы видим наше новое государство правовым и социальным, а потому особое внимание будет уделено помощи малоимущим и социально незащищенным.
    Кому-то может показаться странным, что в условиях гражданской войны мы думаем о таких вещах, как помощь малоимущим или новые технологии, но это именно то, о чем нас спрашивают люди на Юго-Востоке. Я общаюсь с огромным количеством людей во всех регионах Новороссии, и везде меня спрашивают не о том, победим мы или нет – никто не сомневается, что победим. Спрашивают о том, как мы будем жить дальше? Что мы сделаем с олигархами, как мы будем повышать материальный уровень и социальную защищенность населения, какие приоритеты в экономическом развитии видим, как будем модернизировать существующую экономическую инфраструктуру, в целом достаточно архаичную? Почему люди об этом спрашивают? Они хотят знать, стоит ли то будущее, которое мы хотим построить, тех лишений, на которые люди идут сегодня. То есть, надо понимать, что от нашей позиции по таким вопросам, которые многим кажутся несвоевременными, победа зависит не меньше, чем от успехов в вооруженном противостоянии войскам хунты. Ведь ответы на эти вопросы только и могут обеспечить поддержку населения, без которой все наши усилия будут бесполезными. Сегодня мы получили огромный мандат доверия от жителей Новороссии, но мы должны этот мандат все время подтверждать!
    Нельзя забывать и еще об одном аспекте нашей социально-экономической программы. Мы настаиваем на сохранении и восстановлении экономического сотрудничества с Россией. Более того, мы рассчитываем на расширение этого сотрудничества. И такой вектор развития экономики Новороссии входит в пакет наших обязательных требований, предваряющих мирные переговоры с Киевом. Но мы должны уже сегодня определиться с нашими предложениями России и понимать, в чем ее интересы и каковы наши возможности, для того, чтобы наши планы были не просто прекраснодушными порывами, а наполненной реальными предложениями стратегией развития.
    Таким образом, сегодня, переформатирование того, что своей основой имеет движение сопротивления, то есть, то, что еще сегодня утром мерялось отрицательными характеристиками, и просто отвечало на вопрос «мы против кого?» – становится новым движением развития и созидания нового будущего.

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  34. blessedistruth Says:


  35. blessedistruth Says:

    #ОлегЦарев #OlegTsarev #Kolomoisky #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк

    24.05.2014 city Donetsk, Donetsk People’s Republic

    Document about merge of Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics into state “Novorossia” signed.

    Representatives of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic signed a document to merge their states into a federate state “Novorossia” .

    On behalf of the People’s Republic of Donetsk document was signed by Alexander Boroday, Prime Minister of Republic.

    On behalf of the Lugansk People’s Republic document signed Alexei Karjakin, the head of the republic.

    Besides the two republics to the Novorossia are expected to include 6 regions of Ukraine. These are the future republic :

    Kharkov ,


    Kherson ,

    Odessa ,

    Dnipropetrovsk and

    Zaporoje .

    Delegates from these regions of Ukraine supported the creation of new state Novorossia .

    These regions will be separated from the Ukraine as well as the Donetsk and Lugansk republic did, by referendums.

  36. blessedistruth Says:

    #ОлегЦарев #OlegTsarev #Kolomoisky #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк

    Donetsk, Lugansk merged in one state: Novorossiya


  37. blessedistruth Says:

    #ОлегЦарев #OlegTsarev #Kolomoisky #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк

    Elections, only the beginning

    To Pogrebinsky, the problem is that the Kiev government does not negotiate with representatives of the rebellion in the east.

    Moreover, both Europe and the United States want to have preponderance over the Kiev government, but do not understand

    “the whole military industry of Ukraine is aimed at Russia, and if Ukraine enters the zone of influence of NATO, this means that the Most of these factories are closing because of the Soviet Union were many things that just makes Ukraine and Russia Buy “.

    “Crimea is a closed chapter but you can still lose territory in eastern Ukraine. Half of Ukraine is aimed at Russia and half to the West, so the country can not be monopoly area of ​​influence of one or the other, has to be an area of ​​compromise, agreement, or divided, which is what is happening. ”

    “The government believes it can beat the protesters, but I assure you that will not happen.

    Poroshenko will have to find a compromise and if he does, can be president for long, but if not, the Russians are going to defend the protesters in different ways, encouraging the rebels.

    This is going to be very ugly, must be stopped, but only by way of compromise.

    Ukraine may remain a united country, whether to grant autonomy to the regions, if maintained as a neutral country, following the example of Spain, which is a federal country, where Catalonia has more power than Bavaria in Germany, “says the analyst.

    He concludes:

    “The problem is that the Kiev government does not want to discuss, talk about decentralization,

    but in the new Constitution there is no real autonomy,

    still hope to regain control throughout the country,

    but that time has passed.

    It is no longer possible to maintain a centralized state.


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  39. blessedistruth Says:

    [audio src="http://www.jmccanneyscience.com/JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_May_22_2014.mp3" /]


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  41. blessedistruth Says:

  42. blessedistruth Says:

    #chemTrails #climateEngineering
    Geoengineering Watch
    Dane Wigington, Russ Tanner & Richard Sacks
    Sat 5-24-2014 after intro silence til 3:00
    [audio src="http://www.ucy.tv/Streams/2295/GeoEngineering_Watch_with_Dane_Wigington-5-24-2014.mp3" /]

  43. blessedistruth Says:

    #chemTrails #climateEngineering #GMO #Monsanto
    Bears repeating.

  44. blessedistruth Says:

    #chemTrails #climateEngineering

    Tuesday, May 20, 2014

    We’ve spoken with Dane Wigington of GeoEngineeringwatch.org on a few occasions, and his message is as important as any you will hear today.

    Friends, while we were sleeping, as a nation and a world, there have been massive efforts underway to manipulate and control climate.

    You’ve all heard the climate change arguments, and while there are some certifiable KOOKS out there on the far left, it doesn’t mean that everything is OK.

    We will discuss major developments which the mainstream media has glossed over.

    Tune in at the top of the hour, and prepare to be shocked by the news.


    Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says that Western countries are plotting to generate drought in some areas of the world, including Iran.

    “According to reports about climate, whose authenticity has been verified, the European countries have used certain equipment to discharge clouds and prevent rain-bearing clouds from reaching regional countries such as Iran.”


    [We’ve been programmed not to believe a word certain individuals say. And we’ve been programmed NOT to look up at chemTrails. Don’t be a slave!]


  45. blessedistruth Says:

    Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says that Western countries are plotting to generate drought in some areas of the world, including Iran.

    “According to reports about climate, whose authenticity has been verified, the European countries have used certain equipment to discharge clouds and prevent rain-bearing clouds from reaching regional countries such as Iran.”


    [We’ve been programmed not to believe a word certain individuals say. And we’ve been programmed NOT to look up at chemTrails. Don’t be a slave!]

  46. blessedistruth Says:

    #ОлегЦарев #OlegTsarev #Kolomoisky #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк

    Как я и предсказывал, “референдум” Коломойского оказался репетицией фальсификации выборов президента Украины. Пан Охендовский сообщает, что на территории Донецкой и Луганской народных республик открыты свыше 700 украинских избирательных участков.
    Но активисты на местах сообщают, что подавляющее большинство этих участков закрыто. А на тех немногих, которые всё-таки открыты, просто нет бюллетеней, поэтому голосование всё равно невозможно. Между тем, ЦИК Украины уверенно рисует явку непонятно кого непонятно куда.
    Более того, сегодня в интернете появились фотографии с избирательных участков, на которых в урнах замечены аккуратные пачки заполненных бюллетеней. Эти пачки даже не потрудились для видимости рассыпать.
    Есть также сообщения, что солдат армейской группировки, согнанной в Луганскую и Донецкую народные республики, массово принуждают одевать гражданскую одежду и, выдавая себя за местных жителей, изображать и фальсифицировать голосование.
    Как говорил Черномырдин, “Хотели как лучше, а получилось, как всегда”. Вместо “самых честных” выборов получились самые грязные и кровавые. Признавать их легитимность в таких условиях просто невозможно.


    WONDER who DID NOT UNDERSTAND where VOTING is UNCLEAR for WHOM as I predicted,

    “referendum” Kolomoisky is a rehearsal of the falsification of the elections of the President of Ukraine.

    Pan Okhendovsky reports that on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics opened more than 700 Ukrainian polling stations.

    But activists on the ground report that the vast majority of these stations closed.

    And on the few that are still open, there is simply no ballots so voting is impossible.

    Meanwhile, the CENTRAL ELECTION COMMISSION of Ukraine was concerned attendance draws confidently unclear where.

    Moreover, today appeared on the Internet pictures of the polling stations, where they spotted a neat packet of completed ballot papers.

    These bundles don’t even bother for visibility and spilling.

    There are also reports that soldiers of army group, sognannoj in Luhansk and Donetsk people’s Republic massively forced to wear civilian clothes and posing as local residents, depict and rig the vote.

    Chernomyrdin said, “we tried our best, but it turned out as always”.

    Instead of the “most honest” elections were the most dirty and bloody.

    Recognize their legitimacy in such circumstances.

  47. blessedistruth Says:

    Not peace, but war.

    Punitive operations “AFTER ELECTIONS ” want to legalize

    From several cities receive information about creating new illegal punitive battalions

    (eg , in Kherson battalion began to form a straight 25 , the day of illegal presidential elections )

    as well as information about regrouping and concentration of security forces in Kiev , Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

    Despite the fact that in Donetsk airport is a full-scale battle in which security forces used mortars Kiev and aircraft – fighter 2 and 4 military helicopters , which cause the missile attacks on militias Donetsk People’s Republic.

    All this confirms the information that we get from Kiev.

    Despite calls by the international community , ” the newly elected ” poluprezident Poroshenko did not disappoint .

    He really is going to put the country in “peace and order.”

    The only question is , what methods .

    Now it becomes obvious that Poroshenko ready to restore order by destroying the resistance movement in the east , that is literally all (!) , Who has his own opinion about the future of the country.

    And then among the survivors will come “peace.”




    Сразу из нескольких городов поступает информация о создании новых незаконных карательных батальонов

    (например, в Херсоне такой батальон начал формироваться прямо 25 числа, в день незаконных выборов президента),

    а также информация о перегруппировке и концентрации киевских силовиков в Донецкой и Луганской областях.

    Это притом, что в Донецке в аэропорту идет полномасштабный бой, в котором киевские силовики используют минометы и авиацию – 2 истребителя и 4 боевых вертолета, которые наносят ракетные удары по ополченцам Донецкой народной республики.

    Всё это подтверждает ту информацию, которую мы получаем из Киева.

    Несмотря на призывы мирового сообщества, «вновь избранный» полупрезидент Порошенко не обманул.

    Он, действительно, собирается навести в стране «мир и порядок».

    Вопрос только в том, какими методами.

    Сейчас становится очевидным, что Порошенко готов навести порядок путем уничтожения движения сопротивления на востоке страны, то есть буквально всех (!), кто имеет своё собственное мнение о будущем страны.

    И потом среди оставшихся в живых наступит «мир».

  48. blessedistruth Says:

    #ОлегЦарев #OlegTsarev #Kolomoisky #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк



    From several cities reported a new illegal punitive battalions

    (for example, in Kherson the battalion began to form right 25 number, day of illegal election of President)

    as well as information about the regrouping and concentrations of security officials in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

    The fact that the airport is a full-blown fight in which security forces used mortars and Kiev aviation-2 fighter planes and 4 helicopters, which are the Donetsk militia rocket attacks on the people’s Republic of China.

    All of this confirms the information that we receive from Kiev.

    In spite of appeals by the world community, “newly elected” poluprezident Poroshenko was not deceived.

    He really is going to bring the country peace and order “.

    The only question is how.

    Now it becomes clear that Poroshenko is ready to impose order through destruction of the resistance movement in the East of the country, that is literally all (!), who has his own opinion about the future of the country.

    And then among the survivors is “peace.”

    As in Odessa after the burning alive and hammering to death hundreds of federalists, or in Dnepropetrovsk where Kolomoisky has arranged “daily terror”.

    There’s already a “Mir”, which is more like a “rest”. eternal.

    Information from Kiev is that “newly elected” poluprezident is going to legalize the punitive operation in the southeast of the country, that is, a State of emergency.

    Before the “elections” Kievskaya junta could not do so because elections held under EMERGENCY SITUATIONS.

    “The elections were held and, rejoice, neo-Nazis! now Kiev will kill the inhabitants of the South-East to the “legal” basis.




    Сразу из нескольких городов поступает информация о создании новых незаконных карательных батальонов

    (например, в Херсоне такой батальон начал формироваться прямо 25 числа, в день незаконных выборов президента),

    а также информация о перегруппировке и концентрации киевских силовиков в Донецкой и Луганской областях.

    Это притом, что в Донецке в аэропорту идет полномасштабный бой, в котором киевские силовики используют минометы и авиацию – 2 истребителя и 4 боевых вертолета, которые наносят ракетные удары по ополченцам Донецкой народной республики.

    Всё это подтверждает ту информацию, которую мы получаем из Киева.

    Несмотря на призывы мирового сообщества, «вновь избранный» полупрезидент Порошенко не обманул.

    Он, действительно, собирается навести в стране «мир и порядок».

    Вопрос только в том, какими методами.

    Сейчас становится очевидным, что Порошенко готов навести порядок путем уничтожения движения сопротивления на востоке страны, то есть буквально всех (!), кто имеет своё собственное мнение о будущем страны.

    И потом среди оставшихся в живых наступит «мир».

    Как в Одессе после сожжения заживо и забивания насмерть сотен федералистов, или в Днепропетровске, где Коломойский устроил «повседневный террор».

    Там уже наступил «мир», который больше похож на «покой»… вечный.

    Информация из Киева заключается в том, что «вновь избранный» полупрезидент собирается легализовать карательную операцию на Юго-Востоке страны, то есть ввести режим чрезвычайного положения.

    До «выборов» киевская хунта сделать этого не могла, так как выборы проводить в условиях ЧС нельзя.

    «Выборы» прошли и – радуйтесь, неонацисты! – теперь Киев будет убивать жителей Юго-Востока на «законных» основаниях.

    See also:

    Tsarev: special operation to be legalized by introducing state of emergency

    26 May 2014 – 6:49pm
    The special operation in the east of Ukraine, according to a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Oleg Tsarev, is intended to be legalized after the presidential election by introducing a state of emergency.

    “The Information from Kiev states that the “elected” semi-President is going to legalize insurgency operations in the south-east of the country, that is, to impose a state of emergency. Prior to the “election”, the Kiev junta could not do that, since the election cannot be conducted in emergency situations,” RIA Novosti quotes Nikolai Tsarev. According to him, the so-called “elections” have passed and “Kiev will now kill the inhabitants of the south-east on ‘legitimate’ grounds.”

    Renewing special operations in the east of Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, would be a colossal mistake. He stresses that the chance to establish “mutually-respectful dialogue with the consideration of the will expressed, the results of which Russia is ready to respect,” should not be missed.


  49. blessedistruth Says:

    #ОлегЦарев #OlegTsarev #Kolomoisky #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that after the presidential elections in Ukraine, the resumption of hostilities, which Kiev authorities carried out in the south-east of the country, would be a colossal mistake.

    According to him, Moscow hopes that the leader of the presidential race Poroshenko will do everything to ensure that radical and extremist tendencies in Kiev towards the southeast, not resumed.

    Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the DNI Dennis Pushilin said that from 26 May at the DNR introduced martial law.

    The main task – to clear the territory of the Republic of Ukrainian military units. ”

    Head of the People’s Republic of Lugansk Valery Bolotov also announced the introduction of martial law and “full mobilization” throughout the country.

    Public Chamber member Maxim Grigoriev said that the Public Chamber in conjunction with known human rights organizations to establish a committee to provide humanitarian assistance southeastern regions of Ukraine, where, according to human rights activists, problems with drugs and food.

    Ukrainian security officials this afternoon with helicopters and fighter was shot airport “Donetsk” named after Sergei Prokofiev.

    At the airport lit one terminal.Takzhe attacks were conducted at a checkpoint near the village Karlivka.

    According to the latest information on the attack on the city there are two fighter SU.

    During the battle at the airport with a helicopter was fired upon by a group of journalists in capes with the words “press”, the helicopter opened fire deliberately.

    Do it now appears affected.

    Live broadcast from the outbreak of hostilities in Donetsk Alexander drove our streamer.

    During the broadcast of our equipment was damaged by shrapnel streamer and disabled.


    Глава МИД РФ Сергей Лавров заявил о том, что после президентских выборов возобновление на Украине военных действий, которые киевские власти проводили на юго-востоке страны, будет колоссальной ошибкой. По его словам, Москва надеется, что лидер президентской гонки Пётр Порошенко сделает всё для того, чтобы радикальные и экстремистские настроения в Киеве по отношению к юго-востоку, не возобновились.
    Председатель президиума Верховного совета ДНР Денис Пушилин заявил о том, что с 26 мая на территории ДНР вводится военное положение. Главная задача — очистить территорию республики от украинских военных подразделений». Руководитель Луганской народной республики Валерий Болотов также объявил о введении военного положения и “полной мобилизации” на всей территории республики.

    Член Общественной палаты Максим Григорьев заявил, что Общественная палата совместно с известными правозащитными организациями создают комитет по оказанию гуманитарной помощи юго-восточным районам Украины, где, согласно информации правозащитников, проблемы с лекарствами и питанием.

    Сегодня днём украинскими силовиками с вертолётов и истребителей был обстрелян аэропорт «Донецк» имени Сергея Прокофьева. В аэропорту горит один терминал.Также атаки велись на блокпост вблизи села Карловка. По последней информации в атаку на город идут два истребителя СУ.

    Во время боя в аэропорту с вертолета была обстреляна группа журналистов в накидках с надписью «пресса», вертолет открыл огонь целенаправленно. Есть ли пострадавшие сейчас выясняется. Прямую трансляцию с начала боевых действий в Донецке вел наш стример Александр. Во время трансляции оборудование нашего стримера было повреждено осколками и выведено из строя.


  50. blessedistruth Says:

    #ОлегЦарев #OlegTsarev #Kolomoisky #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк

    Russian Foreign Ministry comment in connection with the events in Donetsk


    In connection with the receipt of information on armed clashes on the outskirts of Donetsk and existing victims urgently appealed to the leadership of the OSCE and Ukraine deployed special monitoring mission of the Organization requested to provide detailed information about the events taking place there and the measures taken to de-escalate tension

    in accordance with the mandate of the mission and “roadmap” of the Swiss Chairmanship of the OSCE.

    Expect the OSCE objective and comprehensive data on this subject, and from Kiev authorities – termination of military operations against its own population.

    Are also concerned that the actions of Ukrainian security officials in Donetsk,

    closing the airport to fly to the city difficult decision, in collaboration with the Italian side of humanitarian issues

    associated with the removal of bodies of a Russian citizen and A. Mironov A.Rokelli Italian journalist who died under the Slavonic by gunfire military.

    We hope that the necessary conditions for this will be provided.


    Комментарий МИД России в связи с событиями в Донецке

    В связи с поступающей информацией о вооруженных столкновениях на окраинах Донецка и имеющихся жертвах срочно обратились к руководству ОБСЕ и развернутой на Украине специальной мониторинговой миссии этой Организации с запросом о предоставлении подробных сведений о происходящих там событиях и предпринимаемых мерах по деэскалации напряженности в соответствии с положениями мандата миссии и «дорожной картой» швейцарского председательства ОБСЕ. Ожидаем от представителей ОБСЕ объективных и исчерпывающих данных на сей счет, а от киевских властей – прекращения войсковой операции против собственного населения.
    Обеспокоены также тем, что действия украинских силовиков в Донецке, закрытие для полетов аэропорта этого города затрудняют решение во взаимодействии с итальянской стороной гуманитарных вопросов, связанных с вывозом тел российского гражданина А.Миронова и итальянского журналиста А.Рокелли, которые погибли под Славянском в результате обстрела военными. Рассчитываем, что необходимые условия для этого будут обеспечены.


  51. blessedistruth Says:

    #ОлегЦарев #OlegTsarev #Kolomoisky #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк
    26.05.2014 Urgent! New Russia: Appeal to Putin and the entire Russian people. 2:20

  52. blessedistruth Says:

    #ОлегЦарев #OlegTsarev #Kolomoisky #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк

    #SaveDonbassPeople on Google +


  53. blessedistruth Says:


  54. blessedistruth Says:

    #ОлегЦарев #OlegTsarev #Kolomoisky #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк #SaveDonbassPeople


  55. blessedistruth Says:


  56. blessedistruth Says:

    #Донецк #SaveDonbassPeople

    In his speech, the evening before the captured knowledge of RSA commented Denis Pushilin events of today.
    Pushilin said that in connection with the ATO in Donetsk, he appealed to the Russian President Vladimir Putin.
    – I am forced to appeal personally to Putin and the Russian people around to provide any possible assistance – Pushilin said, noting that today in Donetsk used military aircraft, which destroys the infrastructure of Donbass.
    He also said that the confrontation continues in Donetsk airport and said ve who can carry a gun, already out with him to protect the DNI.
    In addition, he said that “republic” goes to the Russian legislation.
    – We continue to build civil institutions, and I am announcing that we are moving to the Russian legislation. This is a forced and emergency measure – said in his address Pushilin.


    В своём вечернем выступлении перед захваченным знанием ОГА Денис Пушилин прокомментировал события сегодняшнего дня.
    Пушилин сообщил, что в связи с проведением АТО в Донецке, он обратился за помощью к президенту России Владимиру Путину.
    – Я вынужден обратиться лично к Владимиру Путину и всему русскому народу оказать любую посильную помощь, – сказал Пушилин, отметив, что сегодня в Донецке применялась военная авиация, которая разрушает инфраструктуру Донбасса.
    Также он сообщил, что противостояние в аэропорту Донецка продолжается и сказал, что ве, кто могут носить оружие, уже вышли с ним защищать ДНР.
    Кроме того, он сообщил, что “республика” переходит на российское законодательство.
    – Мы продолжаем строить гражданские институты, и я объявляю о том, что мы переходим на российское законодательство. Это вынужденная и неотложная мера, – сказал в своем обращении Пушилин.


  57. blessedistruth Says:

    #Донецк #SaveDonbassPeople

    Просьба перепост максимальный!
    Хунта окончательно и бесповоротно стала на путь преступлений против человечности.
    На Путиловском мосту бой, правосеки стреляют из минометов по всему что движется. Массовые жертвы среди гражданского населения.
    В Донецке на ТОЧМАШе из РПГ подбита грузовая машина батальона “Восток”, которая перевозила раненых из аэропорта под флагом медицинской помощи.
    По предварительным данным, 35 погибших, 15 ранены.


    Please perepost the maximum!

    The junta has finally and irrevocably on the path of crimes against humanity.

    The Putilov bridge battle, pravoseki shoot mortars around that moves. Massive casualties among the civilian population.

    In Donetsk on the TOČMAŠe of the RPG knocked out truck battalion “Vostok”, which transported the wounded from the airport under the banner of health care.

    According to provisional data, 35 dead, 15 wounded.

  58. blessedistruth Says:


  59. blessedistruth Says:

    #ОлегЦарев #OlegTsarev #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк #SaveDonbassPeople


    Today Ukrainian media was circulated false statement Bolotova, in which he allegedly “declares war on the DNI.”

    I am now in Lugansk. I met Bolotov, got on the phone with Pušilinym.

    The statement is not true.

    In fact, the people’s Republic of Lugano today has sent reinforcements of militia to Donetsk.

    Today Valery Bolotov expressed his condolences to the families of those killed as a result of the actions of the Ukrainian army.

    Kyiv punitive regime we want to sow the seeds of discord between the republics, but to do so they will not work.


    Вчера украинскими СМИ было распространено фальшивое заявление Болотова, в котором он якобы «объявляет войну ДНР». Я сейчас нахожусь в Луганске. Я встретился с Болотовым, созвонился с Пушилиным. Заявление не соответствует действительности.
    На самом деле Луганская народная республика вчера отправила подкрепление из ополченцев на помощь Донецку. А сегодня Валерий Болотов выразил соболезнование семьям погибших в результате действий украинской армии. Киевскому карательному режиму очень хочется посеять семена раздора между молодыми республиками, но сделать это у них не получится.

  60. blessedistruth Says:

    #ОлегЦарев #OlegTsarev #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк #SaveDonbassPeople

    “Now comes the units planned replacement of Army National Guard units, equipped with the Right sector” and former activists of the Maidan. These are all local people as enemies ”

    «Сейчас происходит плановая замена подразделений именно армии на подразделения Нацгвардии, укомплектованные «Правым сектором» и бывшими активистами Майдана. Эти рассматривают все местное население в качестве врагов»

  61. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople #ОлегЦарев #OlegTsarev #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк

    #‎SaveDonbassPeople В Интернете запустили клич о помощи гибнущему от пуль неофашистов Донбассу

    New hashtag # SaveDonbassPeople, launched in the night of Monday to Tuesday, approaching topu Russian twitter correspondent On the eve .

    Such action people from all over Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other former Soviet countries are trying to attract the world’s attention to the brutal murders that organized fascists in the Donbas.


    Новый хэштег #‎SaveDonbassPeople, запущенный в ночь с понедельника на вторник, приближается к топу российского твиттера, передает корреспондент Накануне.RU.

    Подобной акцией люди со всей России, Украины, Белоруссии и других стран бывшего СССР пытаются привлечь внимание всего мира к зверским убийствам, которые организуют неофашисты на Донбассе.


  62. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople on Google +


  63. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople #ОлегЦарев #OlegTsarev #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк

    Donetsk residents built barricades in anticipation of a new assault natsgvardii

    Жители Донецка построили баррикады в ожидании нового штурма нацгвардии


  64. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople #ОлегЦарев #OlegTsarev #Одесса #Мариуполь #Донецк
    Could Poroshenko halt bloodshed in Ukraine?

  65. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople ‘Slaughterhouse’: Civilians die in Kiev’s ruthless military attacks one day after vote (GRAPHIC) http://rt.com/news/161772-eastern-ukraine-attack-deaths

  66. blessedistruth Says:


    The PM of Donetsk People’s Republic, Aleksandr Boroday, meanwhile claimed that as many as 50 civilians and over 50 members of the self-defense were killed in clashes with the Ukrainian troops on Monday.


  67. blessedistruth Says:


    “We have lost more than 50 militiamen. A lot of people were injured when the Ukrainian army attacked two Kamaz [trucks] transporting the injured from the area of clashes near the airport. At least 15 people died then,” Alexander Borodai told journalists who gathered outside a city morgue.


  68. blessedistruth Says:


    Kiev Issues Surrender-or-Die Ultimatum to Donetsk Federalists


  69. blessedistruth Says:


  70. blessedistruth Says:

    Mr. Putin risks losing face with his inaction #SaveDonbassPeople

  71. blessedistruth Says:

    VLADIMIR RADYUHIN site:thehindu.com

  72. blessedistruth Says:


  73. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople “namely through an inclusive political dialogue”

  74. blessedistruth Says:

    #Ukraine regime forces mass executing wounded #NovoRossiya resistance w controlled close-range head shots #warcrime

  75. blessedistruth Says:

    LifeNews публикует новые доказательства непричастности Марата Сайченко и Олега Сидякина к преступлениям, в которых их обвинили украинские силовики.

  76. blessedistruth Says:


  77. blessedistruth Says:


  78. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople from #NATO
    Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine to establish joint military unit

  79. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople from #Monsanto the Toxic Face of Globalization

    Even in Ukraine, Monsanto’s influence can be seen in the wake of intervention.

    A looming food crisis hangs over Ukraine, as the fighting brought on by the EU-backed ”opposition” impeded the planting of around 20 percent of spring grains—11 tons of grain.

    Monsanto, however, is taking the opposition’s accession to power in stride, having announced plans last summer to build a $150 million non-GM seed plant in the strife-ridden country

    (part of a drive to spend more than half a billion dollars updating and expanding plants in France, Romania, Hungary, and Turkey).

    Dupont already has a seed plant in Ukraine, and Cargill has jumped into the agricultural business in Ukraine as well, purchasing a 5 percent share in the largest agricultural company worth $200 million.

    Ukraine has suffered from climate conditions leading to export bans on grain in recent years.

    The country remains instrumental in the supply chain of global food products, and significant declines in food production could lead to export bans, significantly disturbing global food prices—particularly for the EU.

    It is unlikely that the new neoliberal regime will lift Ukraine’s recent GM ban, but Monsanto’s shift to non-GM seeds in Europe has allowed them to avoid the negative attention that such a move would draw.

    Russia is far more difficult;

    Putin warned Obama last year of a possible global war over Monsanto’s bee-killing, breast cancer-causing GM products.

    China, too, has banned GM products, and their significant investment in agricultural land throughout Central and Southeast Asia has caused consternation in their North Atlantic counterparts.


    [Every single individual on Earth needs for Putin and other leaders to push back against NATO and MONSANTO!]

  80. blessedistruth Says:

    Sticking by the sidelines and doing nothing will risk a public backlash at home

  81. blessedistruth Says:

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declared that a visit by Poroshenko was “not being considered”

  82. blessedistruth Says:



  83. blessedistruth Says:


  84. blessedistruth Says:


  85. blessedistruth Says:

    Donbass People Slaughtered for wanting Federal States like us.


  86. blessedistruth Says:

    Donbass People Slaughtered for wanting Federal States like U.S. #SaveDonbassPeople

    Soldiers! Don’t fight for slavery! Fight for liberty!


  87. blessedistruth Says:

    Donbass People Slaughtered 4 wanting Federal States like US #SaveDonbassPeople Soldiers! Fight 4 liberty Not Slavery! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kZ-MPxt4lk

  88. blessedistruth Says:

    Inhibition of growth of the so-called Morgellons condition Ascorbic acid vitamin C, N-Acetyl Cysteine NAC and glutathione A sub-micron cross-domain bacteria CDB extremely resistant to extinction Morgellons – A Working Hypothesis

    Inhibition of growth of so-called Morgellons condition Ascorbic acid vitamin C, N-Acetyl Cysteine NAC and glutathione A sub-micron cross-domain bacteria CDB extremely resistant to extinction Morgellons A Working Hypothesis Part 2

  89. blessedistruth Says:

    #vincentFreeman #carnicomInstitute #Morgellons #crossDomainBacteria #Ascorbicacid #NAC #glutathione #henrikPalmgren

    Inhibition of growth of so-called Morgellons condition Ascorbic acid vitamin C, N-Acetyl Cysteine NAC and glutathione A sub-micron cross-domain bacteria CDB extremely resistant to extinction Morgellons A Working Hypothesis Part 2

    [Hi DarkSkyWatcher74, your theory may have some validity, but other effects to be sure.]

    [Above is link to Part 2, but link to Part 1 can be found in scribd doc and other pertinent links. I haven’t posted Part 3 yet.]

  90. blessedistruth Says:

    #chemTrails #climateEngineering

    “It’s happening right above you, and it’s called “geoengineering”.”


    See also:


  91. blessedistruth Says:


    It is unfortunate … operation to take control of the airport in Donetsk, as reflected in the mirror all the major problems of today Novorossia.

    Крайне неудачная операция по взятию аэропорта под контроль Донецка, как в зеркале отразила все основные сегодняшние проблемы Новороссии.


  92. blessedistruth Says:


    Russia ready to provide humanitarian aid to Eastern Ukraine — Foreign Ministry

    Russia May 28, 15:44 UTC+4

    Citizens and organizations in Eastern Ukraine, where casualties were reported as a result of the armed actions, asked for urgent humanitarian aid, primarily medications

    “On May 28 the Russian Foreign Ministry sent a note to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry informing the authorities in Kiev that citizens and organizations in Eastern Ukraine, where casualties were reported as a result of the armed actions, asked for urgent humanitarian aid, primarily medications,” the ministry says.


  93. blessedistruth Says:


    TREATMENT of the POPULAR FRONT in connection with crimes AGAINST HUMANITY

    in the Donbass reprisal raid against the junta of Kyiv,

    Donetsk, Luhansk, and the people’s Republic of China the people’s Republic of China has reached a new level.

    The death toll of civilians and militiamen per day measured in tens, not hundreds.

    Against the peaceful city used heavy artillery and military aviation, which has rocket attacks on civilian facilities and residential areas.

    There is every reason to talk about the genocide of the Kiev authorities against the people of Donbass.

    The popular front appeals to those people of the South-East and other regions who are willing to speak out against neo-Nazi revanchism in Ukraine.

    Call on you to rally around Donetsk and Luhansk, which abandoned all power structures of the regime and a gang of nationalist-radicals.

    The question of our right to talk in their native language, honor their ancestors and build a future for their children, which we believe is right, is now on the battlefields in the East of the country.

    We call upon our colleagues from across the country to assist struggling Donetsk, Lugansk, Mariupol, Slavânsku, Kramatorsku and other cities in the East.

    Under the Kiev power structures, in addition to direct military action against residents of Donbass,

    destroy infrastructure, arrange blockade of the territories and thereby violate the system of medicine and necessities.

    The entire South-East should rally around the Donbass region fighting!

    Need people need humanitarian assistance, needs public support of all anti-fascist organizations.

    If we do not break down the spine of neo-Nazism,

    the entire South-East into Odessa home unions-

    we simply destroy to free up land for the “true Aryans of Ukrainian origin.

    The popular front called on all to unite in the fight against neo-Nazi revenge.

    The victory will be ours, because the truth is on our side!

    God is with us!


    Карательная операция киевской хунты против Донецкой Народной Республики и Луганской Народной Республики вышла на новый уровень. Количество погибших со стороны мирных жителей и ополченцев в сутки измеряется уже не десятками, а сотнями. Против мирных городов применяется тяжелая артиллерия и боевая авиация, которая наносит ракетные удары по гражданским объектам и жилым кварталам. Есть все основания говорить о геноциде киевских властей против народа Донбасса.
    Народный Фронт обращается к тем жителям Юго-Востока и других регионов, которые готовы выступить против неонацистского реваншизма на Украине. Призываем вас сплотиться вокруг Донецкой и Луганской республик, против которых брошены все силовые структуры киевского режима и банды национал-радикалов.
    Вопрос о нашем общем праве говорить на родном языке, почитать своих предков, строить для своих детей то будущее, которое мы сами считаем правильным, решается сейчас на полях сражений на востоке страны. Мы призываем наших соратников со всей страны оказать помощь борющимся Донецку, Луганску, Славянску, Мариуполю, Краматорску и другим городам на востоке.
    Подчиняющиеся Киеву силовые структуры, помимо прямых военных действий против жителей Донбасса, разрушают инфраструктуру, устраивают блокаду территорий и, тем самым, нарушают систему обеспечения жителей медикаментами и продуктами первой необходимости. Весь Юго-Восток должен сплотиться вокруг сражающегося Донбасса! Нужны люди, нужна гуманитарная помощь, нужна общественная поддержка со стороны всех антифашистских организаций.
    Если мы все вместе не сломаем хребет неонацизму, то весь Юго-Восток превратится в одесский Дом профсоюзов – нас просто уничтожат, чтобы освободить земли для «истинных арийцев украинского происхождения».
    Народный Фронт призывает всех к объединению в борьбе против неонацистского реванша. Победа будет за нами, потому что правда на нашей стороне! С нами Бог!

  94. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople Павел Губарев Donetsk, Ukraine


  95. blessedistruth Says:

    Павел Губарев призывает поддержать В. Коровина в Общественной Палате РФ.
    28.05.2014. Донецк
    Paul Gubarev calls for support to the public Chamber of RUSSIAN FEDERATION in Korovin

  96. blessedistruth Says:


  97. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople from #VictoriaNuland

    Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland, who pushed for the Ukraine coup and helped pick the post-coup leaders.

    Anatol Lieven of King’s College, London, has noted:

    “Whether in the Euro-Atlantic or the Asia-Pacific, great power relations are becoming more contentious, with a loose Eurasian coalition emerging to reduce the U.S. domination of global politics. …

    The consolidation of Russia’s pivot to Asia is an important result of the first phase of the Ukraine crisis, which will continue to reshape the global strategic landscape.

    “The U.S. has no other than Victoria Nuland, and Hillary Clinton who installed her as Assistant Secretary of State for Europe, to thank for this foolish mess.”

    As the folks from the old People’s Daily used to say, this could “come to a no-good end.”


    [Nuland and her superiors guilty of deaths of innocents.]

    [Obama says one thing, does another. “Russian propaganda” ? What about anti-Russian propaganda?]

  98. blessedistruth Says:


    Ukrainian people pushed into fratricidal war – FM Lavrov

    The Ukrainian people are being pushed into a fratricidal war, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

    “The West tried to use Ukraine not as a uniting link on European territory, but as a watershed,” Lavrov noted.

    “Those who advocated such a policy did not worry about it that much,” he added. (Victoria Nuland)

    “The elections in Ukraine should put an end to violence and serve as a start of dialogue,” the foreign minister stressed, TASS reports.


  99. blessedistruth Says:


    Poroshenko plans to hold talks with Putin ‘to ease’ situation in Ukraine


  100. blessedistruth Says:

    You’re wrong, Glenn. You’re just flat out wrong.

    You mean well, but your discernment isn’t what it should be.

    You don’t even realize you’re a slave.

    Donbass People Slaughtered for wanting Federal States like U.S. #SaveDonbassPeople

    Soldiers! Don’t fight for slavery! Fight for liberty!

  101. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople #RonPaul

    Strong, non-aligned federalist Ukraine is best outcome for everyone – journalist

    In his take on Ukrainian crisis Congressman Ron Paul came up with the solution to reorganize Ukraine into confederation of regions in order to reduce tensions.

    What do you think of this proposal? Will it be a solution?


    Yes, in fact, Paul’s proposal is very similar to Moscow’s proposal.

    It is a strong federalized Ukraine with strong autonomy for the regions.

    And this means respect for their economic interests and respect for the Russian, as an official language – all these things that were immediately cancelled when the regime changed in Kiev.

    Now, with the new president, especially because he is from eastern Ukraine, he is not dumb enough not to see that this is the only possible solution.

    But so far, he hasn’t sent any strong signal that he is willing to sit down and talk.

    He just vaguely said – okay, I will talk to Moscow.


  102. blessedistruth Says:


    Moscow’s reaction to elections in Ukraine in interest of peace

    On a final note: the West loves to demonize Russia and blame everything it has done in Ukraine on Russia, but that will not stand for long.

    There cannot be any justification for supporting a regime that is committing atrocities and war crimes against its own people.

    And by supporting an election

    where entire regions did not even take part,

    where ballot boxes were stuffed with thousands of neatly stacked ballots and

    which was called on exit poll data paid for by the junta,

    the West is seriously bringing its own legitimacy into question.

    It is seriously questionable how much longer the world will support the further killing of civilians

    in order to bring about the geopolitical goals of US/NATO to place missiles in Ukraine, because at the end of the day, that is what this is all about.

    Moscow has allowed the junta and the West a very long rope and continues to do so,

    the question is just how soon will they hang themselves or be hung by the Ukrainian people (metaphorically speaking of course).


  103. blessedistruth Says:


    Ukraine’s Poroshenko, Russia’s Putin to attend D-Day anniversary


  104. blessedistruth Says:


    Pro-Moscow gunmen have declared the city of a million people capital of an independent Donetsk People’s Republic.

    On Wednesday their leader Denis Pushilin appealed again for Russia’s help.

    “The residents of the Donetsk People’s Republic are on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe,” he said.

    “We are Russians and this is precisely why they are killing us. We want to become part of Russia.”


    [They are killing you because you refuse to be slaves.]



    Промосковские боевики объявили город миллиона людей столица независимой Донецк Народной Республики.

    В среду их лидер Денис Пушилин вновь призвал на помощь России.

    «Жители Донецка Народной Республики находятся на грани гуманитарной катастрофы»,-сказал он.

    «Мы — русские и это точно, почему они убивают нас. Мы хотим стать частью России.»

    [Они убивают вас потому что вы не хотите быть рабами.]

  105. blessedistruth Says:


  106. blessedistruth Says:


    EDS NOTE; GRAPHIC CONTENT – A man covers a body of an unidentified woman killed by shrapnel following a shelling from Ukrainian government forces, outside railway station in Donetsk, Ukraine, on Monday, May 26, 2014. Exit polls from Sunday’s first round of the new presidential election predict Petro Poroshenko will be elected president in this bitterly divided country, and he vowed “to bring peace to the Ukrainian land”, yet he described the separatists as “Somali pirates” and authorities in Kiev launched strikes against the militants. (AP Photo/Max Vetrov)

    We want to know.

    Who is this woman?

    What is her name?

    Who is her family?


    ОБРАТИТЕ ВНИМАНИЕ, ЭЦП; ГРАФИЧЕСКИЙ контент – мужчина покрывает тело неизвестной женщиной, убит осколком после обстрела из украинских правительственных сил, за пределами железнодорожного вокзала в Донецке, Украина, на понедельник, 26 мая 2014 года. Экзит-полы от воскресенье первый раунд новых президентских выборов предсказать Петр Порошенко будет избран президентом в этой горечью разделенной страны и он поклялся, что «для установления мира на украинской земле», все же он описал сепаратистов как «Сомалийские пираты» и власти в Киеве начали забастовки против боевиков. (Фото ап/Макс ветров)

    Мы хотим знать.

    Кто же эта женщина?

    Как ее зовут?

    Кто является ее семья?

  107. blessedistruth Says:


    “There have been losses both in the ranks of the military unit and the attacking side”

    Ukraine’s volunteer National Guard says gunmen sprung a surprise raid on their barracks in the flashpoint Lugansk region near Russia.


    «Было потерь как в ряды военного подразделения и атакующей стороне»

    Добровольцев национальной гвардии Украины говорит, что боевики балетный сюрприз налет на их казармы в Луганской области вспышки у России.

  108. blessedistruth Says:

    I don’t believe he’s lying, I believe he’s blind. As in mind-controlled blind. Probably elite military brass, NATO etc lying to him. He repeats their lies. No one in their right mind would want to believe this, but something happens and we snap out of it.


  109. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople e-petition No to #Nato military exercises in Ukraine Ministry of Defence We note with great concern that UK and US troops are scheduled to participate in joint military exercises in Ukraine in July as part of NATO’s Rapid Trident manoeuvres

  110. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople “all the dead from the trucks carrying wounded had head wounds” http://www.globalresearch.ca/east-ukraine-report-from-the-front-lines-heavy-civilian-casualties/5384352

  111. blessedistruth Says:


    Independent observers around the world agree that there are serious questions regarding the legitimacy of the Ukrainian elections.

    Nebojsa Malic the Director of the Reiss Institute for Serbian Studies in Washington, District of Columbia


    That is what has happened in the US as well, especially with all the crimes committed by the Bush Administration and all the people involved in it

    from outing CIA agents,

    to writing and approving torture methods,

    to illegal invasions, aggressive war, etc., etc..

    I think it is the same thing only it is on a more massive / major scale.


    And again far more subtle than being so open because they (the US) have had a couple of hundred years to perfect the practice as I mentioned before.

    Now as far as the militias in Ukraine, again Right Sector is only part of the equation,

    you have other private militias loyal to oligarchs,

    you have the national guards,

    you have the regular army units that have by and large either refused to fight or defected to the federalists.

    Just last week a unit that had refused to attack civilians was attacked by an oligarch militia and massacred.

    They were people who essentially refused to commit a war crime and the private militia loyal to an oligarch attacked and killed them.

    A similar thing happened in Odessa.

    They wanted to send a message:

    that anybody who disagrees with them, anybody who dare resist them, would be gruesomely murdered.

    The people in Odessa were a warning, they were also an atrocity

    (the whole burning people alive in a building was a horrific crime!),

    but it was also a warning to everybody else: you will either obey us or else!

    Here they are saying it was clashes!

    Every time there is an atrocity by someone that the US government supports, that is explained as:

    Oh! Clashes between two communities!

    Or some abstraction in passive voice!


    Независимые наблюдатели во всем мире согласны с тем, что есть серьезные вопросы, касающиеся легитимности украинских выборов.

    Небойша яблочная директор Института Рейсс Сербский исследований в Вашингтоне, округ Колумбия


    Вот, что произошло в США, а также, особенно с всех преступлений, совершаемых администрацией Буша и всех людей, участвующих в нем

    от агентов ЦРУ, пикник,

    в письменной форме и утверждении методов пыток,

    незаконных вторжений, агрессивной войны и т.д. и т.д…

    Я думаю, что это то же самое, только это более массивные / крупных масштабах.


    И снова, гораздо более тонкие, чем так открыто, потому что они (США) имели пару сотен лет, чтобы усовершенствовать практику, как я упоминал ранее.

    Теперь насколько ополченцев в Украине, снова право сектор является лишь частью уравнения,

    у вас есть другие частных военизированных формирований, лояльных олигархов,

    у вас есть национальной гвардии,

    у вас есть регулярные армейские подразделения, которые в общем и целом отказался сражаться или перешел на федералов.

    Только на прошлой неделе подразделение, которое отказались нападать на мирных жителей напали милицией олигарха и убиты.

    Они были люди, которые по существу отказался совершить военное преступление и частных вооруженных формирований, лояльных олигарх напали и убили их.

    Нечто подобное произошло в Одессе.

    Они хотели, чтобы отправить сообщение:

    что кто-нибудь, кто не согласен с ними, кто осмеливаются противостоять им, будет gruesomely убит.

    Люди в Одессе предупреждение, они были также злодеяние

    (весь сожжение людей заживо в здании было ужасное преступление!),

    но это было также предупреждением для всех остальных: вы либо будет слушаться нас или другое!

    Здесь они говорят, что это было столкновения!

    Каждый раз, когда кто-то, что правительство США поддерживает есть жестокость, что объясняется как:

    Oh! Столкновения между двумя общинами!

    Или некоторые абстракции в пассивный голос!


  112. blessedistruth Says:


    Олег Царев

    Руководитель пресс-службы АТО Владислав Селезнев заявил про возможность нанесения высокоточных ракетных ударов по территориям Донецкой и Луганской народных республик.
    Я даже не говорю, что расстреливать людей ракетами – это предел бесчеловечности. Я беседовал со специалистами-ракетчиками. В Вооруженных силах Украины у ракет, которые используются в таких ракетных комплексах – “Точка”, давно истек срок эксплуатации зарядов твердого ракетного топлива.
    Заряды используются для обеспечения необходимой реактивной тяги и в газовой турбине электроснабжения системы управления ракетой.
    Все помнят, как в 2002 году из-за этой проблемы ракета во время учений попала в жилой дом в Броварах? Тогда погибло 3 мирных жителя и пострадало еще 5.
    Упала учебная ракета, без заряда. Страшно подумать, что произойдет, если подобное случится с нормальной боеголовкой с фугасным зарядом.
    Любой пуск такой “высокоточной” ракеты может привести к сотням смертей мирных жителей. Ведь ракета может взорваться еще в полете или попасть в другую цель – жилой дом, школу, детский сад.



    spokesman ATO Vladislav Seleznyov said about the possibility of applying high-precision missile strikes on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics.

    I’m not even saying that shoot people launch is the limit of inhumanity.

    I spoke with raketčikami.

    In the armed forces of Ukraine have rockets that are used in such missile systems-“the point”, long expired service life of solid rocket propellant charges.

    Charges are used to provide the required reactive power and energy in a gas turbine control system of the missile.

    Everyone remembers how, in the year 2002 because of this problem the missile during a training exercise hit a residential house in Brovary?

    Then 3 civilians were killed and another 5.
    Fall training rocket, without charge.

    Scary to think what will happen if this happens with a normal warhead with the explosive charge.

    The start of any such “high-definition” missiles could lead to hundreds of deaths of civilians.

    Because the rocket could explode in flight or get into another goal-residential house, school, kindergarten.




  113. blessedistruth Says:


    Теперь уже ясно, что карательная операция в Донбассе будет идти по нарастающей. И не надо строить иллюзий – по жилым домам, школам и больницам каратели попадают не потому, что плохо умеют стрелять, а потому, что их целью является не только физическое уничтожение нескольких тысяч жителей Донбасса, но и подавление духа всех жителей Юго-Востока.
    Первый итог активизации карательных действий: то, что происходит в Донбассе – это геноцид.
    Второй: Запад в целом и США в частности не просто знают об этом, они санкционировали ЭТО.



    Now it is already clear that the reprisal RAID in the Donbass region will go on increasing.

    And no need to build illusions-houses, schools and hospitals, the effaceurs fall not because bad can shoot,

    but because their goal is not only the physical destruction of a few thousand residents of Donbass and suppression of spirit all the inhabitants of the South-East.

    The first result of renewed repression: what happens in the Donbass is genocide.

    Second: the West in General and the United States in particular, not just know about it, they sanctioned IT.

  114. blessedistruth Says:


    Вчера в крымский санаторий для реабилитации приехали бойцы “Беркута”, пострадавшие во время событий в декабре-феврале в Киеве. Я рассказывал, что мы создали фонд “Мы все – “Беркут” (http://myvse-berkut.su/), он помогает пострадавшим ребятам, в том числе и в лечении, и в реабилитации.
    …Для старшины Николая Костюкова из донецкого Беркута события в Киеве начались с 24 ноября. До 19 января было терпимо, а потом резко ужесточились действия со стороны протестующих, они начали применять коктейли Молотова. Как говорится, в мире нет оружия против коктейля Молотова. С его помощью во время войны танки жгли – и до сих пор его используют. Задача подразделения, где служил Николай, была нести охрану общественного порядка возле Кабмина.
    18 февраля он был ранен при остановке прорыва майдановцев к Верховной Раде. До этого было объявлено так называемое двухнедельное перемирие. Но все понимали, что за это время стягиваются силы с двух сторон. Николай тогда ребятам сказал: “Завтра будет что-то страшное”. Так и получилось. Он с огнетушителем бегал – спасал, тушил наших ребят- беркутов. До Николая ранили четверых бойцов с донецкого подразделения, раненых только успевали уносить. Медицинский пункт находился на территории столовой возле Кабинета Министров.
    Потом он оказался в первых рядах, взял щит у раненого бойца – и тут выстрел. Сначала он подумал, разорвалась свето-шумовая граната. Его подхватили с харьковского подразделения “Беркут”, оттянули к солдатам, которые оказали первую медицинскую помощь.
    Скорая отвезла в первый госпиталь МВД Украины, где Николая прооперировали первый раз. Пуля повредила пучок нервов под мышкой и пробила сосуд. Он мог умереть от потери крови. Спасибо врачам – спасли его жизнь! Пуля прошла в миллиметре от большой артерии…
    После недели, проведенной в первом госпитале МВД, сняли дренаж, за Николаем приехала мама и забрала его. Дальнейшее лечение проходил в Донецке, там была проведена повторная операция по удалению нерва.
    Николаю повезло: угроз и преследований не было. Как и помощи со стороны нового правительства. В госпитале лечение предоставляли в полном объеме, ни в чем не отказывали. Николай удивляется, сколько все же неравнодушных людей вокруг! Лечение сейчас недешевое. Помогают из России, звонят волонтеры… Большую помощь оказал председатель совета Донецкого областного фонда ветеранов ОМОН, Беркута и спецназов правоохранительных органов Юрий Сивоконенко.
    Большая помощь была от обычных людей. Кто сколько мог, что мог – приносили волонтерам, которые оказывали помощь. Помогали и предприниматели.
    Николай до сих пор удивляется: людям, применявшим против них оружие, присвоили статус “участник боевых действий”. А про них – раненых, погибших даже никто и не вспомнил… Спасибо российским телеканалам, они показывают события объективно, вспоминают. А украинские считают их врагами!
    В Крыму Николай Костюков в первый раз. Надеется, что реабилитация пойдет на пользу. У него практически не работает рука. Будут ее разрабатывать. Да просто подышать крымским воздухом – уже хорошо! Особенно после дыма от паленых колес, от которого ребята задыхались в Киеве. Как назло, каждый день ветер был в их сторону! У Николая в щитовидной железе после этого образовались узлы. Еще не знает, доброкачественные или нет.
    В санаторий старшина Костюков приехал с женой на поезде Луганск-Симферополь. Жена всю жизнь с ним, – натерпелась, напереживалась. В Симферополе их встретил бывший сотрудник “Беркута”. Довезли до Ялты на машине. Здесь все ему понравилось, все прекрасно. Ошеломил вид из номера – море, горы.
    Вот только приехали, разложили сумки, сегодня к физиотерапевту, который назначит реабилитационное лечение.



    Today in Crimea health resort/Sanatorium for rehabilitation “berkut” fighters arrived, suffered during the December-February in Kiev, Ukraine.

    I told them that we have created the Foundation “we” Berkut “(http://myvse-berkut.su/), it helps the affected children, including treatment and rehabilitation.

    For foremen Nicholas Kostukova from Donetsk Golden Eagle event started in Kyiv with 24 November.

    Until 19 January, it was tolerated, and then sharply increased by the protesters, they began to use Molotov cocktails.

    As the saying goes, there is no weapon against the Molotov cocktail.

    The tanks were burnt during the war-and still use it.

    The task unit, where he served as Nicholas was carrying public order near the Cabinet.

    on February 18 he was injured when the breakthrough majdanovcev to the Verkhovna Rada.

    Before that, it was announced the so-called two-week truce.

    But everyone understood that pulled together the forces on both sides.

    Nicholas then the guys said: ‘ tomorrow will be something terrible. ” And so it happened.

    He ran around with a fire extinguisher-rescued, putting our guys-Golden Eagles.

    Up to four wounded fighters with Nicholas Donetsk branch, only able to carry out the wounded.

    Medical clinic was in the dining room near the Cabinet.

    Then he found himself in the lead, took the shield from a wounded soldier and then shot.

    At first he thought the light-noise grenade exploded.

    It picked up with the Kharkov branch “berkut”, withdrew Government for soldiers that had first aid.

    The ambulance took me to the first hospital of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, where Nicholas underwent surgery for the first time.

    The bullet damaged the nerve bundle under his arm and broke the vessel. He could die from loss of blood.

    Thank you doctors saved his life! Bullet went in mm from the great arteries.

    After a week in hospital, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, removed the drain, Nikolai came and took away his MOM.

    Further treatment was held in Donetsk, there had been repeated surgery to remove a nerve.

    Nicholas was lucky: threats and harassment. As aid from the new Government. In the hospital treatment provided in full, is not denied.

    Nicholas marvels at how many still caring people around! Treatment now is a rather expensive. Help of Russia, calling volunteers …

    Great help provided the Chairman of the Donetsk regional fund veterans SWAT POLICEMEN, Golden Eagle and Yuri Sivokonenko law enforcement agencies but also for special forces.

    A big help was from ordinary people. Who could that could have brought the volunteers who assisted. Help and entrepreneurs.

    Nicholas still wonders: people who have used the weapons against them, was given the status of a “party to the fighting”.

    And about them-of the wounded, the dead even and no one remembered …

    Thanks to the Russian TV channels, they show the events objectively, remember. And consider them enemies!

    Nikolai Kostyukov in Crimea for the first time. Hopes that rehabilitation will benefit. He almost did not work. Will it develop.

    Yes just breathe the air of the Crimean-already well!

    Especially after the smoke from the palenyh wheels from which the boys suffocated in Kiev.

    As luck would have it, every day the wind was in their side! Nikolai in the thyroid gland then formed sites.

    Do not yet know, benign or not.

    In sanatorium the foreman and his wife arrived at Kostyukov train Lugansk-Simferopol.

    The wife of a lifetime with him-naterpelas′, napereživalas′.

    In Simferopol, the former worker met them “Golden Eagle”. Drove to Yalta by car. Everything he liked, everything is fine.

    Stunned by the view from the room-sea, mountains.

    That’s just arrived, put bags, today to the physiotherapist, who will appoint a rehabilitation treatment.

  115. blessedistruth Says:


    Порошенко для граждан Украины на украинском языке заявил, что подпишет соглашение об Ассоциации с ЕС сразу после инаугурации – где-то в районе 10-12 июня


    Но в «Уолл-стрит Джорнал» в тот же день на английском вышла статья, в которой говорится, что
    а) подписание планировалось на 27 июня;
    б) Порошенко на встрече с Ромпеем и Баррозу попросил об отсрочке подписания


    Получается, что олигарх Порошенко еще не успел вступить в президентскую должность, но уже обманывает своих избирателей. Причем по тому вопросу, который стал причиной майдана.


    Poroshenko for citizens of Ukraine in the Ukrainian language, said that he would sign an association agreement with the EU immediately after his inauguration-somewhere in the region of 10-12 may


    But in “the Wall Street Journal on the same day in English published an article stating that a signing was planned for 27) June;
    b) Poroshenko with Rompuy and Barroso had asked to postpone the signing


    It turns out that the Tycoon Petro Poroshenko had not yet had time to come to the Presidential post but already cheating on their constituents.

    And on that question, which resulted in independence.

  116. blessedistruth Says:


    Депутат из «Удара» Сергей Каплин подготовил изменения к закону, которые позволят провести инаугурацию Петра Порошенко на несколько дней раньше – уже 2-3 июня.
    «Ранее между объявлением официальных результатов выборов и вступлением в полномочия должно было состояться 10 дней. Сегодня мы не можем ждать так долго. Мы получили сигнал от народа, который проголосовал за единого кандидата в первом туре. Поэтому теперь дело за Верховной Радой», – заявил он, напомнив о сложной ситуации на востоке Украины.
    По Конституции, президент Украины, избранный на внеочередных выборах, приносит присягу в пятидневный срок после официального объявления результатов выборов. На установление результатов ЦИК дается 10 дней, то есть до 4 июня включительно. После этого – еще 3 дня объявления результатов.
    Официальным объявлением считается день обнародования результатов в газетах «Голос Украины» и «Урядовый курьер», а не с момента объявления результатов на заседании ЦИК.
    Петр Порошенко получил приглашение на церемонию празднования 70-й годовщины высадки союзников в Нормандии 6 июня. Там будут все европейские лидеры, а также президенты России и США. Наверное, Порошенко хочется поехать туда уже в качестве президента. И ради этого он готов менять несчастную Конституцию Украины.



    Member of the “strike” Sergey Kaplin has prepared amendments to the law that would hold the inauguration of Petro Poroshenko for few days earlier-already 2-3 June.

    “Previously between the announcement of the official results of the election and assumption of authority was to be held in 10 days.

    Today, we cannot wait that long. We got a signal from the people who voted for the Democratic candidate in the first round.

    So now it’s up to the Parliament, “he said, referring to the difficult situation in the East of Ukraine.

    Under the Constitution, the President of Ukraine, elected at the extraordinary elections shall take the oath within five days after the official announcement of the election results.

    The results of the CEC is given 10 days, i.e. until 4 June. After that, another 3 days of the announcement of the results.

    The official announcement is considered the day of the publication of the results in the “voice of Ukraine” and “uryadovyi Kurier”, and not from the time of announcement of the results at a meeting of the CEC.

    Petr Poroshenko has been invited to a ceremony to commemorate the 70-th anniversary of the allied landings in Normandy on June 6.

    There will be all European leaders, as well as the Presidents of Russia and the United States.

    I want to go there already Poroshenko as President.

    And for that he is prepared to change the unfortunate Constitution of Ukraine.

  117. blessedistruth Says:


    Украинцам нужен мир. Это было одно из первых заявлений лидера президентских выборов Петра Порошенко. В этот же день была усилена антитеррористическая операция против жителей Донецкой и Луганской народных республик. Как могут сочетаться слова о мире с массированной военной операцией? Что ждет Украину? Об этом мы говорили на программе Первого канала “Политика”:

    The WORLD in words WAR in PRACTICE

    Ukrainians need peace.

    It was one of the first statements of the leader of the presidential elections, Petro Poroshenko.

    On the same day was strengthened anti-terrorist operation against the inhabitants of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics.

    As word about the world can be combined with the massive military operation?

    What is?

    We talked about it on the first channel of the “politics”

  118. blessedistruth Says:


  119. blessedistruth Says:


    “The Kiev Junta” offense.

    Slavyansk in focus.

    TV programme “In point of fact”

    An interview with Dmitry.

    Today, as always began with shelling. Were broken homes. City is under siege, periodically exposed mortar and artillery fire. I’m trying to shoot everything which happens. Children are strongly intimidated. Recently there was a case, I walked on the spot with the equipment, carried the tripod. Towards was walking woman with a boy. Seeing me, kid got scared and began to hide behind its grandmother, thinking that I have a weapon. You should have seen his eyes.

  120. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople If u r anti #chemTrails then u r anti #NATO

    Павел Губарев
    Donetsk, Ukraine
    Для понимания ситуации
    To understand the situation


    Владислав Бриг

    Для понимания уровня профессионализма.

    За все время карабахской войны (конец 1991 – 1994) обеими сторонами было сбито всего 12 вертолетов. На Донбассе менее, чем за месяц, уже семь.

    Причем у одной из сторон вертолетов вообще нет.

    Поэтому сегодня происходит тупо набор пушечного мяса на Украине и полуголодные, без бронежилетов пацаны отправляются на смерть.
    Существует информация и по набору студентов и по задержке тех, у кого закончился срок службы. Формируются части нацгвардии из абсолютно неподготовленных даже для несения службы в мирное время и все идут на Восточный фронт.

    Конец нацистского государства всегда будет один,независимо от местоположения Восточного фронта и столицы Рейха.


    To understand the level of professionalism.

    During the Karabakh war (the end of the 1991-1994) by both sides was shot down just 12 helicopters.

    In the Donbass region in less than a month, is now seven.

    With one of the parties has no helicopters.

    Today, therefore, is bluntly set the cannon fodder in the Ukraine and half-starved, without body armor boys are sent to their deaths.

    There is information and student recruitment and retention of those who ended the term of service.

    Formed part of the National Guard from absolutely unprepared even to serve in peacetime, and all go to the eastern front.

    The end of the Nazi state will always be one, regardless of the location of the eastern front and the capital of the Reich.

  121. blessedistruth Says:


    ВНИМАНИЕ Отряд АЮВ ‘ Народный Фронт’ соболезнует семьям погибших ополченцев!

    Отряд Армии Юго-Востока “Народный Фронт” с Алексеем Чмиленко, принёс свои соболезнования семьям погибшим ополченцам. 27 мая представителями отряда, в присутствии активистов из Стаханова, многодетной семье погибшего Карханова, была передана материальная помощь, собранная активистами из г.Артёмовска Луганской области.

    ВНИМАНИЕ ‘ Народный Фронт’ соболезнует семьям погибших ополченцев! Украина 29.05.2014


    Army Detachment Southeast “Popular Front” with Alexei Chmilenko brought his condolences to the bereaved families militia.

    May 27 members of the order, in the presence of activists from Stakhanov, a large family of the deceased Karhanova, was assigned to material aid, gathered activists from Artemovsk Luhansk region.

    ATTENTION ‘Popular Front’ condolences to the bereaved families of militia! Ukraine 5/29/2014

  122. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople EU&US 2 blame If u get in bed w #NATO U get in bed w Devil #Ukraine helicopter down at least 12 dead

  123. blessedistruth Says:


    Int’l community should throw its weight behind agreements on Ukraine – Lavrov

    The first agreement “was thrown away the day after it had been signed and the state coup had been carried out,” he said.

    The second document provided a foundation for the OSCE Swiss presidency’s roadmap, supported by all participants, except the Ukrainian government.

    The Ukraine-OSCE memorandum on the OSCE staff security was not ratified, Lavrov said.

    “We cannot achieve compliance either with the agreements of February 21 and April 17 or the roadmap and the document on the status of international observers in Ukraine,” he said.

    “More effective mediation efforts are indispensable to cease violence in Ukraine and immediately start a mutually respectful dialogue with regions,” Lavrov said.

    “The investigation into the tragedy in Ukraine is one of the priorities. The Council of Europe set up a group for investigating the events of February 18-20 on Maidan,” Lavrov said.

    The Russian top diplomat quoted Ukraine’s Petr Poroshenko as saying he was ready to expand the powers of the group and invite EU, Russian and Israeli experts. “But nothing happens,” he said.


  124. blessedistruth Says:


    Russia urges West to prevent ‘national disaster’ in Ukraine – Moscow

    “We will repeat once again: the international community expects Kiev to immediately stop combat operations in the country’s east and withdraw troops,” the ministry said.

    “It is impossible to achieve peace in Ukraine without that. We are again calling on our Western partners to use all their influence on Kiev in order to stop Ukraine’s descent into a national disaster,” it said.

    “Regular shelling of cities and civilian facilities, including with the use of aviation and artillery, brings pain and suffering to civilians. Elderly people and underage children are among those hurt,” the statement said.

    “We again demand that the Kiev authorities stop the fratricidal war and start a real national dialogue with all the political forces and representatives of the country’s regions to search for ways for Ukraine to overcome the deepest crisis,” the statement said.


  125. blessedistruth Says:


    29 of May
    The column of the Ukrainian security forces fired in the Kharkiv region, have lost

    In the Kharkiv region of the Ukrainian army convoy was attacked from, on one of versions, supporters of the Donetsk national Republic, one military killed, injured, according to the journalist Arkady Babchenko.

    ” right now the soldiers DND fired on a convoy of security forces.

    Twenty minutes before our journey.

    It is understood that shot trailing KAMAZ. How big column was – I do not know.

    Declare that we got from a grenade launcher,

    But this I KAMAZ saw broken glass not,

    But went on their own and traces of burning is not essential.

    So I think that was Only small, ”

    wrote Babchenko private Facebook.

    ” The ambush was already organized in Kharkiv region, near Raisins, – he said.- one information – one person was killed and three wounded, on the other – one person was killed and one wounded.

    But focusing on what machines of ” first aid ” has passed several wounded rather three.

    But I don’t know – the official information as long as no “.

    ” in the brilliant green left group, currently working there. Fight until’t hear, only single shots, ”

    wrote Babchenko.

    In Eastern Ukraine continues active phase punitive operations deployed by Ukrainian law-enforcers against the self-proclaimed supporters of the referendum Donetsk and Lugansk national republics.

    Security forces are actively using heavy artillery and combat aircraft.

    Mentions numerous victims among the peaceful residents and the destruction of houses and infrastructure.

    On Thursday in the battles of Slavonic militia managed to shoot down two Ukrainian helicopter.

    In the 1st of them, according to various data, lost his life from 12 to 14 fighters nazvanii, including the head of the combat training of nazvanii General Sergei Kulchytsky.

    On Thursday evening, the national guard under said about a fierce battle at the military unit in Lugansk Ukraine.

    They say that in a shootout there detonated ammunition depot.


  126. blessedistruth Says:


    LNR announced 14 prisoners of the militias

    In captivity under the Kyiv security forces are 14 Lugansk militia, said the Commissioner of the administration of Lugansk national Republic (LNR).

    ” Our captive is 14 people, ” He said, adding that now work on ways to release the prisoners, ”

    RIA ” Novosti “.

    He did not disclose, how many Ukrainian soldiers are in the hands of Lugansk militia.

    Remember, the national guard under said about a fierce battle in Lugansk Ukraine.

    According to witnesses, on the area of the military unit, which was surrounded by militiamen, there was an explosion.

    On the last working day of the week it was declared about the fact that soldiers of 2 units in Lugansk sent home, one of the parts came under the supervision of the Lugansk Republic.

    Remember, the Ukrainian authorities have launched a large-scale punitive operation in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, proclaimed the independence after the referendum.

    Security forces are actively using heavy artillery and combat aircraft.

    Mentions numerous victims among the peaceful residents and the destruction of houses and infrastructure


  127. blessedistruth Says:

    #SaveDonbassPeople If u r anti #chemTrails then u r anti #NATO

    Everybody sleeps while Donetsk burns. Where is Putin?

    Why haven’t the American people reigned in their dark empire?

    Their ignorance and apathy will come with a price.

    We have responsibility for what we allow our leaders to foist on the rest of the planet.

    It is our responsibility to reign in these crusading sociopaths.


  128. blessedistruth Says:

    [audio src="http://www.jmccanneyscience.com/JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_May_29_2014.mp3" /]

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